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Quick hitters from Carroll press conference

Post by Dave Boling / The News Tribune on Oct. 3, 2012 at 1:01 pm with 44 Comments »
October 3, 2012 1:29 pm

Carroll opened with an overall evaluation of the Panthers. “This is a loaded offense we’re looking at.”

He pointed out that Carolina led the NFL in explosive plays (20 yards or more) last season, averaging 10 or 11 a game. Panthers’ quarterback Cam Newton is a huge part of this. “He’s a big stud who likes to run the football and he’s a big, big man.” The Panthers are one of the few NFL teams willing to adopt a version of the read-option offense so popular in colleges because Newton is such a physical runner, the Panthers are not so worried he’s going to be hurt.

He cited an obvious shortcoming on both sides of the ball — third-down efficiency. They’re 27th on offense on third downs and 24th on defense — their lowest ranking in any defensive category other than fourth-down conversions (26th).

Russell Wilson was a topic of a number of questions. Carroll said they’re still trying to find plays that will complement the things they do well (run the ball). “It’s a day-to-day process” to find plays that fit, and it involves more than just finding things that suit Wilson, but also the receivers. He noted that they’ve thrown the ball fewer times than any other team in the league, but their production with first- and second-down passes has been reasonable.

He said Wilson is very hard on himself “but he has great resolve and believes in himself … he’s very steady.” He was asked about the pressure placed on rookie quarterbacks in the NFL. He said that “it’s enormous” but “he’s really equipped to deal with it.” The conventional problems rookie face, Carroll said, are on third downs and in the Red Zone. Wilson is last in the NFL in third-down rating.

Backup quarterback Matt Flynn is healthy enough (elbow) that if they needed he could play.

Carroll said he’d like to see Golden Tate get more passes in his direction.

Third quarterback Josh Portis will be used to replicate Cam Newton in practice this week.

Carroll touted the play of rookie middle linebacker Bobby Wagner. “We don’t have anything he can’t do right now. That’s a major statement.”

On the team’s issues on the road: They have not created turnovers. They have played from behind. They haven’t converted on opportunities.

On Marshawn Lynch’s league-leading rushing. “He’s a ferocious competitor, he’s so strong, he’s remarkably tough to get down.”

On the injury situation: G John Moffitt (knee), DT Jaye Howard (foot) and CB Marcus Trufant (back) were not expected to practice Wednesday


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  1. FleaFlicker says:

    Who knows what this game is going to be like. Could be the Panthers that almost beat the Falcons on the road, or could be the Panthers that could barely muster a TD versus the Bucs and the Giants.

    I just want to see our offense get aggressive for once. Not crazy. But a couple big time throws on first down to keep everybody honest. That would be a welcome change.

  2. mindnbrad says:

    Don’t know what to believe about Flynn’s condition anymore.

  3. I think Pete should catch everyone off gaurd and throw a go route to Rice on the first play of the game (opposed to catching our own D offgaurd with an onside kick), that would be cool, then smash the rest of the way with Lynch.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    Listening to the presser myself, Carroll said that until Flynn plays in a game and then returns to practice, he won’t know for sure how his elbow is. (Or words to that effect.) However, the overall tone is that Flynn is ready to go.

    On a more general note, Carroll really does sound like he realizes just how good this team can be. I got a sense of urgency out from him. It reinforced my gut feeling that if Wilson doesn’t take steps forward Sunday, he’s willing to play Flynn vs the Pats. Pure speculation, of course. But this is not a throw away season for Carroll, as some here have thought. For what its worth…

  5. If Wilson dosen’t get a win, the Flynn chants will start up at Quest as soon as anything remote to a mistake happens, plain and simple. Hopefully they win, otherwise Pete better make the change or Wilson will have a rough time at home.

  6. Southendzone says:

    It’s a shame Seattle doesn’t have the “Almost Live” show around anymore that used to come on late Saturday Nights.

    Pete Carroll NEEDS to have someone doing an impersonation of him, he is too quirky and funny for us not to have this.

  7. sluggo42 says:

    yup yup.
    something has to change, or a change will happen…
    that was brilliant…

  8. Hammajamma says:

    “So we’ll see how that fits and all that.”

  9. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Steve Kelley’s right, Pete Carroll has backed himself into a corner with the asinine decision to a start a 5’10” QB over a veteran who’s actually shown ability at the NFL level.

  10. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Also, if our defense struggles a bit against Cam Newton and the Carolina offense while Russell Wilson continues to drown the offense, Wilson slurpers are gonna be like “HURR BUT THE DEFENSE ISN’T DOING THEIR JOB DURR”. Shut up. You cannot expect the defense to shut out every single opponent every single week. Our offense is the reason we have lost 2 games, because our QB can barely lead us to a single TD drive each game at best.

  11. Even though I was a pup, I loved Almost Live, nice reference dude. Some people on here need to listen to Billy Quan and “Mind There Manners”.

  12. ruminator1 says:

    the ugliness of the “curry is a bust” chant now becomes “Wilson is a bust.” how enjoyable.

  13. bird_spit says:

    I’m let down on every defensive play that hawks don’t win the ball. It is up for grabs…they need to fight for it.

  14. chrisj122 says:

    I believe Sunday’s game will either sink or swim for Pete Carroll. I know it sounds extreme but if we lose the Hawks will likely be out of the playoffs.

    If we fall to 2-3 we are done and if it’s because of the passing game Pete will be under fire and rightly so. If this is the case it won’t matter what changes if any are made because are season will be toast!

  15. ACIB – No need to get angry about things that haven’t happened yet. It seems like you fantasize on all the bad things that are going to happen and get angry at your fantasies. What could possibly be the use of that?

  16. The best thing to happen would be for Wilson to throw for about 250 yards and a couple of TDs (against no picks; or 3 TDs if there’s a pick) so he’d get a little confidence and, more importantly, for the team to get confidence in him, too.

    The second best thing, if he struggles in the 1st half, would be for Flynn to take over in the 2nd half if the game is something like 3-10 or 6-14. If he’s struggling mightily in the 1st half, I hope he makes the change in the 2nd half to try to salvage the game. I don’t want this to be a lost season either.

  17. The best thing would be for Kam to meet Cam.

  18. Southendzone says:

    Hey TruBlu, glad someone remembers. Isn’t there a place for Pete Carroll in the High Fivin White Guys?

  19. Skavage says:

    ACIB is a bust. Period. Why the &%$!! did we trade back for him on this blog? :)

  20. twillis says:

    Agree with Bobby. RW either has to take a step forward and show improvement or he needs to perform poorly enough that it forces the staff to put Flynn in and see what he can do. Worst thing would be a middling game that gives PC cover to drag things out another week.

    With NE and SF coming up next, being 2-3 with an 0-2 NFCW record and AZ/SF ahead of us and playing well is going to make reaching the playoffs a serious climb. The Hawks need to find a way to win on the road this week be that with RW or MF. I’d really hate to see this D and running game sitting home come next January.

  21. GeorgiaHawk says:

    If we can be 4-4 at the half, I think we can go 6-2 the rest of the way. Remember we have all our division rivals at home in the second half of the season.
    10-6 is a realistic record for this year, imo. However it may not be enough to make the playoffs because of how much better the NFC has become.
    I see 8-8 or worse if this team doesn’t clean up the bone head mistakes.

  22. chrisj122 says:

    I don’t like the idea of switching QB’s during a game unless absolutely necessary. I don’t want to see a QB go in cold, not having had practice time or reps during the week.

    Although it worked for AZ and Kolb.

  23. chrisj122 says:

    If we end up at the end of the season at 8-8 record, while having a top 5 defense and are in the top 5 in rushing but still in the bottom 5 in passing it will very frustrating to say the least.

  24. 250 yds and 2 TDs? I’d take that. That would be a good day for Wilson against the Panthers, and I’ll bet he does it. But I don’t care whether he throws for any TDs as long as the team scores more than 21 pts. There were a ton of little mistakes on third downs by several offensive players the past two weeks – Breno, Okung, Tate, McCoy… I don’t see that continuing. If it does continue then Wilson will pay the price and get benched. Carroll is in no position to be patient.

    Its time for this whole offense to grow up a little bit and cut the mistakes.

  25. Hammajamma says:

    Best line of the day: Kam meets Cam.

    Some smart announcer will steal that line, Canfan.

  26. I want Wilson to tank it. 6/17, 130 yards, 1 td and 2 picks. Oh, wait… that’s an average performance for him.

    I have a feeling this game is going to get out of hand. West coast team on the east coast, sucky rookie quarterback. Hell, if Marshawn, Rice, Baldwin, and the defense come out of this game without an injury, I’ll consider this a moral victory, even if Seattle loses handily.

  27. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    RADEoN, how is that average? so much utter trash on here now.

  28. TomlPDX says:

    Man, this place has really hit the bottom. I don’t agree with RW as our QB but it isn’t my call and I will support him as long as he is out there giving it his all. I certainly don’t wish anything bad on him or anyone playing this game for that matter.

  29. Ewalters7354 says:

    For all the RADEon bashers I’ll stand and say that most get mad just simply because the guy tells the truth.I understand some live in a world where the hawks are so perfect and Russ Wilson was already ROY based on preseason.But aside from RADEon being my buddy I will say I agree with majority of everything he says cause it actually makes sense to me.

  30. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    Ewalters. how are the numbers he put up right? friend or not he is crude in making his points. rude to anyone who argues against it and one of the most negative people i have ever seen post. he is spouting what may be valid points but stating them like an angry child. all anyone is asking is clean it up a bit and act like he has been to town before. hell i even agree with some what he says but the negativity get’s old.

  31. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Ewalters7354- RADEoN speaks his truth, not the truth. Sad that you and others like Dukeshire continue to support his crap!

  32. Georgia – You have “your” truth, too. Right? You pretty much had Wilson taking over game one and winning rookie of the year honors, as well. And you wouldn’t accept anyone else thinking, writing, or saying otherwise.

    I still think Wilson can/will become a good player but based on what I’ve seen so far, he doesn’t seem as ready as I hoped he’d look. Guys like Hasselbeck were benched early in their careers and they came back to become really good players. Kolb is another good example. The part about Wilson that I feel bad for is that he seems a bit overwhelmed right now (which is understandable) and he never had time to sit and develop mentally the way guys like Hasselbeck/Kolb did (who still failed early in their careers after getting some starts).

    I now think we’re expecting too much, too soon from Wilson and I feel bad for him because of this. As I said, I do like him in the long run, but I don’t know about continuing down this path if he has another rough outing on Sunday. If he’s going to have a coming out game, this should be it. He’s going against a team with a terrible run defense and who also doesn’t have the best secondary in the world either. He’s sitting pretty as far as being in a team situation to succeed this weekend there.

    It’s probably for the best that he’s playing on the road, too, as I’m sure there would be Flynn chants if it were in Seattle.

    I’d really like to see him throw for 250+ yards with multiple scores so we can get these QB debates over (or for Flynn to light it up if he gets a chance in the 2nd half or next week). Either scenario must be a win. I don’t want them to be comparable to each other in terms of production so the debate rages on… of which I’d be in the Wilson camp just due to the fact that he’s younger, even though I think Flynn would outplay him this year).

    This debate is not bringing out the best in most of us.

  33. DanielleMND says:

    “Our offense is the reason we have lost 2 games, because our QB can barely lead us to a single TD drive each game at best.”

    If Baldwin made that catch in the end zone at the end of the Arizona game, we win that game. In St. Louis, if McCoy didn’t get tripped by the turf, who knows what would have happened on that final drive.

    Absolutely, the offense must do better if this is to be more than our fifth straight losing season, but you can’t put all of that on RW.

  34. Ewalters7354 says:

    Georgia,what you call crap is base on your opinion not everyone else’s.I’m not trying to stir up anything but at the sane time you do you expect a person to respond when guys like you constantly bash and always tell a person all they post us trash?Let’s be fair here Bro.You are one of my more respected posters but I have seen times you have gone over the to.Just saying …

  35. Ewalters7354 says:
  36. chrisj122 says:

    Maybe Baldwin should have caught the TD pass in AZ but Wilson definitely should thrown a more catchable pass and maybe he would still have his teeth!

  37. WiscCory says:

    Many people in, or close to, the league say it takes 4 games to know where a team stands.

    So, after 4 games, the Hawks are 2-2. Some argue that the team is 2 plays away from being 4-0. Others might argue that the team is 1 play away from being 1-3.

    Regardless, the reality is the team is 2-2. So, that would put the Hawks in the 7-9 to 9-7 range by the end of the season. This is where the Hawks have been for the past many seasons, for the most part.

    So, what’s different this season? Well, fo rone the defense is holding opponents under 20 points on a weekly basis. However if the offense can’t score more than a single touchdown, who cares what the defense can do.

    Last year, we had TJax as the QB. This season is a rookie. Carroll can talk about how well Wilson prepares, however as far as I’m concerned, we’ve seen a QB that plays a lot like a rookie. Passes are a little off mark, and when we need a TD to win, he’s 1 for 3. Not good enough. BUT, he’s a rookie, so should we hang him over that record?

    I fear that as long as Wilson continues to be the QG, this 2-2 trend will likely continue. The D is good enough to keep the Hawks int he game almost every week, especially is they can figure out this 3rd down thing.

    However, the O is bad enough to lose almost any given week.

    I guess what I’m getting at is we’re once again destined for 8-8. I dont’ see what is going to change that trend….except if Carroll will shorten that lease and play Flynn. If the Hawks are still .500 after 6 or 8 weeks, what’s to lose?

    I just hope Pete takes his head our of his behind, and realized the current offensive scheme is just that….offensive. GEt with it, open it up, and let Wilson thrive or fail. When it’s the latter, get Flynn in there and see if the $24M man can get it done.

    As out buddy Berman always said…C’Mon Seattle.

    I love the Hawks, but I hate continuing to be average. 8-8 sucks. Get us off this friggen path Carroll!!!!!

    ~ Cory

  38. VNHLNFAN says:

    0-2 in the division.

  39. DICKSHIRE says:

    DIVER DOWN —best album

  40. bbnate420 says:

    Skavage, I totally agree. I didn’t sign off on that trade! I suggest we trade ACIB, and throw in RADEoN, to any takers for a warm bucket of piss. :-)

  41. bbnate420 says:

    The problem with posters like RADEoN and ACIB is that they post their speculations as if they’re fact. Hyperbolic speculation at that. Some of us know the difference between “our truth” and actual objective facts. That said, they have the right to post whatever they want as far as I’m concerned. I should have the right to post my opinion about it as well though. I haven’t seen anyone trying to censor or report them.

  42. ewalters, if you agree with everything RADEoN says, you are agreeing with a lot of bull dookie my friend. 1 td and 2 int’s per game for 4 games would mean Wilson would have 4 td’s and 8 int’s for the season. Sorry, wrong, wrong and wrong. Do your math and bring your A game. ACIB, RADEoN, whoever whoever, you can post whatever you want. But it doesn’t mean it’s logical, rational, or true. And the folks on this blog that are intelligent will counter with logic,facts and rationale.
    Game On!

  43. Ewalters7354 says:

    I don’t think he meant the 2picks as an actual fact.Look at the numbers and you’ll see that those numbers are right on the money(not counting the picks).But let’s face reality people.Russ has tey to throw for more than one td in a game.Please don’t bring me that GB crap either trying to prove exactly how right some try and be.

  44. Ewalters7354 says:
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