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Morning links: Lynch thrives in first year of new deal

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 3, 2012 at 7:06 am with 62 Comments »
October 3, 2012 7:09 am
Seattle Seahawks' Marshawn Lynch (24) rushes as Dallas Cowboys' Danny McCray tries to tackle during the second half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Sept. 16, 2012, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Kevin P. Casey)

In my story today, some folks believed Marshawn Lynch would turn soft and unproductive after inking a four year, $32 million deal this offseason, but take a look at the NFL rushing leaders.

Lynch is at the top of the list.

The Seattle Seahawks running back has 423 yards on 92 carries and has scored two rushing touchdowns. Lynch is averaging a robust 4.6 yards per carry, has twice run for more than 100 yards in a game and is on pace to rush for a career-best 1,692 yards this season.

Last season, Lynch posted career highs of 1,202 yards and 12 rushing touchdowns, earning his second Pro Bowl selection.

If Lynch finishes with at least 1,000 yards this season, he’ll be the first Seattle runner since Shaun Alexander in 2004-05 to run for at least 1,000 yards in back-to-back seasons.

“The effort he plays with is infectious,” tight end Zach Miller said. “It makes all of the linemen want to block harder for him, and a lot of times he is carrying a lot of guys, breaking I don’t know how many tackles he breaks – but I know it’s at least one a play.”

Michael Lombardi of argues why it’s time for Seattle to start Matt Flynn. Lombardi: “No, current Seahawks backup Matt Flynn did not ask me to write this column. But he has to be sitting on the sideline, counting the money he received in the deal he signed this offseason and wondering what Wilson does that he cannot do. He has to be thinking that he might be better for the Seahawks right now, considering his level of experience and understanding of the pro game.
“Let’s face it, the Seahawks are never going to have an explosive offense, whether it’s led by Flynn or Wilson, but they have to score more points somehow. Would Flynn help them do that? My guess is he would.”

Former Seahawks quarterback Warren Moon says that it’s time to loosen the reins on Wilson. Moon: “If you want to get the most out of Russell Wilson, get him more involved in what you’re doing offensively, let him throw the football, let him play action, let him get outside, let him do some of those things that he does best, that he was doing in the preseason. They’re not doing that right now.”

Adam Schein of takes a look at all 10 teams sitting at 2-2 heading into Week 5. He believes the Seahawks will compete for a wild card spot, but finish out of the playoffs around .500 this season.

Steve Kelly of The Seattle Times writes that Pete Carroll’s decision to start Russell Wilson has painted the team into a corner that he can’t wiggle out of. Kelly: “Carroll said Monday that there still is a quarterback competition. But, if at some point he does make a change, he has made the transition very difficult for Flynn. He should have started with Flynn. A quarter of the season is gone. The NFC West is markedly improved, but the promising Seahawks have been mediocre. When we look back on this season, will Carroll be considered a visionary or a villain? Will he win forever, or be .500 forever? “

Danny O’Neil of The Seattle Times attempts to decode Pete Carroll’s comments on the Matt Flynn injury situation.

Clare Farnsworth of takes an early look at this week’s opponent for Seattle – the Carolina Panthers.

The National Football Post moves Seattle down to No. 16 in their power rankings.

Brandon Schulze, a member of the Military Sea Hawkers, defends Pete Carroll staying with Russell Wilson, comparing this year’s team to the 2009 New York Jets when they were led to the AFC Championship game with a rookie quarterback in Mark Sanchez.

Chris Case of USA Today reports a man in Ontario won $725,000 in a pick ‘em contest on Seattle receiver Golden Tate’s debatable, game-winning touchdown catch against Green Bay, giving him a perfect 15 for 15 in a Canadian lottery game on a $5 wager.

Looks like former Seahawks head coach Jim Mora is back at it again, according to this article in Deadspin. He better learn how to get on the good side of Los Angeles Times columnist T.J. Simers. Maybe Carroll could offer a few tips.

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  1. pabuwal says:

    Somehow last year Lynch took off weight, regained his college speed and still kept his trademark power. Then to top it off, he took Cable’s coaching to heart.

    I don’t know how he did it, but he should bottle up his secret and start to sell it.

  2. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    i think what is even better when lynch is done turbin will be ready to step right in .

    i also think moon is spot on take off the training wheels and let the guy make it happen. if they can’t do that maybe it is time for flynn. personally i still think it’s a coaching problem. coaches need to get out of the way and let this team fly

  3. Lynch is a stud, hopefully he doesn’t end up getting used and abused for nothing like what STL did with Jackson.

  4. montanamike2 says:

    Totally, power rb’s have shortened careers.

  5. Dukeshire says:

    This is the beauty of having Turbin here, he’s a perfect compliment to Lynch.

    And pabs is right, whatever went on in Buffalo is behind him, he’s playing with a passion that’s a joy to watch.

  6. DICKSHIRE says:

    Lynch was great at USC

  7. Lynch is the only positive thing Ive seen from our offense this year, and he is a total stud. Without him, we have the worst offense in the history of the NFL, and thats not hyperbole.

    I really love watching Lynch run, and run OVER people. I just wish they would give him the ball in the red zone more often, and stop throwing only on third down.

    I know it makes no sense to run the entire offense each week with Wilson, nor am I advocating throwing the ball like Cam Newton did last year; but Carrol and Bevell MUST loosen the reins, and let Wilson do what he does best: throw the ball off play-action on first or second down, and scramble and do rollouts; let him throw the damned ball downfield! No more late-developing routes, just get the ball to receivers via slants, posts, curls, drags, etc..

    Despite his poor game last week, I still think Wilson is ready to play at a higher level–he just needs to opportunity to throw the damned ball! Call some pass plays that arent so damned predictable allready!

    Too many here insist (as if a lie told often enough becomes the truth) that our line is doing a fine job of pass pro; they are not. They occasionally block well, but often the pocket is collapsing before it even forms. I believe Flynn would get killed out there, but when upright he would do a better job than Wilson. He got the shaft, but part of that is his own fault for always taking the safe play and not throwing a TD as a starter in preseason until late. He got beaten out.

    I think Seattle HAS to let Wilson sling the ball a little bit, and play him at least one more week. Which is too bad for Flynn, I know. But I have faith in both qb’s, and will support whoever is playing.

    Bevell and Carrol share much more of the blame for Wilsons poor stats than Wilson himself; seriously, no one could play well with their crap game plan and tired predictable play-calling. Not to mention the qb sneak and other brain farts where they tried to get cute.

  8. DICKSHIRE says:

    Sttbm I agree YES!u get it

  9. Skavage says:

    I rarely agree with Warren Moon this strongly, but I think he is spot on. Turn WIlson loose. Give him a chance to fail. So far all we’ve done is hamstring him and pamper him. Take the training hweels off and let him go. If he pulls a bad day Dave Krieg, them move on to Flynn. But if he pulls a good day Dave Krieg…keep throwing him out there!

  10. Adam Schien and I (gulp) agree. 8-8 and out of the play-offs is the current Seahawk trajectory.

  11. pabuwal says:

    Last year Jackson started out slowly in the passing game and picked it up in terms of production and QB rating in the second half of the year.

    Bringing a new QB in a run first offense without any stud pass catching playmakers is frequently going to see a startup period with very low production.

    Obviously fans are impatient because Carroll has now attempted to rebuild the passing game 3 years in a row, each year having a bump in the road period.

    The irony here is it sounds like the Seahawks fans just want to see 220 yards passing + 1 TD/0 INTs a game which is exactly where Jackson would be at this point. He may not ever improve from there, but he would at least meet current expectations.

  12. Vegas56 says:

    STTBM…I don’t know, this week might be must-win (as far as the playoff chances are concerned). If Flynn is put in for the next game at 2-3, with very long odds for the playoffs, it might both hurt Wilson’s confidence and development AND leave both Flynn and the rest of the team angry at Carroll for hurting their chances with his “experiment.” Given what has happened in the QB competition, the statements that have been made by Carroll and the circumstances in the suddently-strong NFC West, the die may already have been cast. We may be in the position already of having a ticked-off Flynn, whom we will need to trade in the off-season.

  13. MEhawkfan says:

    Well, I am one Seahawk fan who just wants to see W’s. I don’t care how they get it done. But I do agree, at this point, turning Wilson loose seems like a good option. As others have stated, let him show what he can do without being hamstrung by the coaching staff.

  14. boycie99 says:

    Last year everyone moaned about Tjack
    Then Whitehurst got his shot and we all moaned because he was worse than TJack
    Pre-season Flynn had a chance but just didnt shine
    Now Wilson is struggling.

    The common theme seems to be more to do with the scheme and the play calling and the run first offense that makes pass plays very predictable.

    I guess if Flynn gets a go and struggles we can finally nail it down to Bevel who I firmly believe is the problem.

    I guess if it is Bevel then we will see Flynn in the very near future and can out the argumnets to bed one way or the other

  15. DICKSHIRE says:

    Ok time to stop acting like the first part of my name!STTBM THE FIRST ACCURATE ASSESMENT I’VE read since last weeks game. Thank you for that !

  16. I think Danny O’Neill’s article is really good in deciphering what Carroll was saying. If you thought of Carroll as a student in a class, he would be the one who is smart, but whose mind is moving so fast that he doesn’t really articulate his thoughts well. He articulates them in fragments that have meaning for him, but are not the kind of precise, sculpted sentences that a public relations person would have prepared. To expect a “public relations” type response from the head coach would be both unfair to the coach and ultimately unsatisfying to the audience, because PR is built around the idea of saying the same idea over and over and over again and never letting the audience in on any secrets. I don’t have a problem with Carroll speak, but for those who do, I think Danny O’Neill’s interpretation is good. As long as Carroll is head coach, Danny’s got a gig.

  17. pabuwal says:

    Bevell is the last guy I would blame here. If you are looking for someone to blame today, than it would be the guy who assembled the pass catching “weapons” as well as the guy who is making the decision to reconstruct the passing game every year.

    However, the guy you are blaming today might be the very same guy you are praising tomorrow if/when it finally comes together at some point this year. And he may have done nothing differently while you switch your blame to praise.

  18. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – Numbers aside, I think most fans want to see a capable play under center, which they are not getting now. If we’re comparing Wilson to Jackson, yes most would take Jackson’s production, but that would still leave Seattle’s passing offense in the bottom half of the league. So ultimately, most would (justifiably) still be unhappy.

  19. pabuwal says:

    I’m coming in with the assumption that when such huge emphasis is being put on the running game, the best the passing attack can do is the number 15-17 area. And I think most fans feel if the Seahawks were at that level they would have 1, maybe 2 more wins at this point. At least that’s why I think things have been so tense here.

    The best time to pass is First Down and that’s something run first offenses rarely do. There is a price to pay in the passing game with such heavy emphasis on the run.

  20. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I was one of those that had concerns with Lynch after he signed a big contract. Not anymore. He is so old school like the great ones of the past, Walter Payton ect…

  21. LBCHawk says:

    Lynch went to a UC– University of California at Berkeley (Cal).

  22. Southendzone says:

    Gotta agree 100% with STTBM, as I just love watching Lynch run. That guy puts so much effort into every time he gets the ball. You can see the way it wears on the opponent, and although Turbin is a different runner, I feel like I can see how he’s trying to embrace that same persona, just pounding and churning after first contact.

    By far my favorite thing about the team. What a huge difference between Lynch and Alexander.

  23. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    duke the problem i have with the put flynn in crowd is this. what if he is no better? then what? is everyone so sure it is wilson’s fault? i tend to side with moon this is a coaching issue and preparation issue. he proved he can move the ball on the first drive. he was also moving the ball again well on a couple of other drives till penalties derailed them. get the play calling and penalties under control and i believe he is hitting 200-250 a game with a couple of td’s.

    which should be more than enough with this D.

  24. Audible says:

    Obviously, Flynn is not better than Wilson.

    That’s why Miami didn’t try harder to sign him. That’s why there were no other suitors. That’s why he’s backing up a rookie. Like I said before, he’s like Whitehurst but with less physical talent and less hair.

    But, apparently, the grass is always greener on the sidelines.

  25. At least there’s no debate re #24 – absolutely love watching him play – easily my favorite player on this team. We should throw him the ball a few more times a game too . . .

  26. Warren Moon’s comments about Wilson were interesting yesterday, and I believe he said was coaching Wilson a bit on their plan ride home from St Louis. Good to hear.

    Pete Carroll has been limiting what he allows his QB to do right now. We can complain about Bevell’s play calling all we want, but its Carroll and Cable who dictate what Bevell will be allowed to work with on Sunday. Remember, Carroll did the same thing when Jackson was QB early last season. He kept training wheels on the offense for the first few weeks (or hand-cuffs if you prefer that metaphor). He didn’t open up the offense until the offensive line came together and Lynch began grinding for yards. This year, the run game is coming together early, and I think we can expect Carroll to start opening up the offense.

    Still, Carroll is still going to be slow in opening up the offensive playbook because Wilson is a rookie. As Wilson’s reads become more confident, I think starting Wilson will allow Carroll to open the playbook more than starting Flynn would allow. I think that’s likely a big part of Carroll’s thinking right now.

    I believe if Carroll put in Flynn at QB, he would still be limiting the playbook for Flynn, since Flynn lacks the quick feet to get out of a collapsing pocket, and lacks the downfield arm that Wilson has. If Flynn was starting right now, fans would likely be screaming at Bevell to let Flynn play like he did in Green Bay. I don’t think that’s realistic with this team at this point.

    All offseason, I was one who insisted that whomever was named starting QB would not start 16 games. That still seems likely, but I give Wilson credit for tilting that idea on its head with a very gutsy rookie season. Whoever starts the bulk of games, the D and run game will continue to lead the way, and all the QB needs to do is execute one more TD a game. Just one.

  27. HeinieHunter says:

    Two wins at home, two loses on the road. Sound familiar? The names change, but the results are always the same.

  28. “like Whitehurst but with less physical talent and less hair.”

    Lol! harsh, Audible, harsh. And I think only the hair comment is fair. Flynn has pocket presence and guts that Whiteworst never had.

  29. pabuwal says:

    The Offense under Flynn was even worse than what it is now. He led them to one TD (I count that dropped TO pass as a TD) over several games. You just can’t make a living off of 80 yard drives consisting of 5 yard passes in today’s NFL.

    At this point, I’d rather have guys like TO and Obomanu out there who get open but drop passes rather than guys like Tate who catches everything but can’t get open.

  30. “But, apparently, the grass is always greener on the sidelines.”

    Always the case.

    And is it so unreasonable to think that Wilson, a rookie QB four games into his NFL career, will improve as the season goes on?

    As to people talking about closing windows, I think that’s just conjecture to support an argument. Who are the aging players on their last legs that we are worried about? Our ownership has proven to be very willing to pay top $ to keep our best players; why would they suddenly reverse that course?

    This is year 1 of a potentially dominant defense, and Lynch is 26 years old. Our window is probably at least the next 3-4 years.

  31. pabuwal says:

    I’ll wait until they shut down a decent offense on the road to proclaim them “Dominant.” This Sunday is a perfect opportunity. If they hold Cam and company to 14 points and under, then they are ready to rise above previous Seahawks teams.

    Facing Sam Bradford and John Skelton on the road doesn’t quite do it for me.

  32. Dukeshire says:

    Have we still not yet learned how misleading preseason results are?

  33. pabuwal says:

    Is it as bad as evaluating a Rookie QB after 4 games with few training camp Reps with his pass catchers?

  34. You can’t blame our passing game on play calling and then use Flynn’s preseason against him, that would be hypocritical.

  35. NYHawkFan says:

    Wilson is doing nothing out of the ordinary, which appears to be a letdown for many. The real problem, however, is unrealistic expectations. As a number have stated, it takes a couple years for a QB to get the feel of the NFL. Those who are complaining the most want Wilson be a veteran QB who passes 350 yards per game right now. Ain’t gonna happen. There are no shortcuts. He’s paying his dues, and he will get better if we allow him the time to grow and learn the position. Agree that our receiving corps need an upgrade, though.

  36. But jumping on RW’s nuts because of what he was doing in preseason is cool though?

  37. No one’s asking Wilson to be a world beater at this point, I personally just want him to be average right now, otherwise next man up.

  38. Yes, I agree with the unrealistic expectations angle.

    But I also think that by starting a rookie when he has Matt Flynn available, Pete Carroll is the ‘unrealistic expectations’ worst offender.

  39. Dukeshire says:

    I said misleading. That argument is a non sequitur. As is saying that because Miami didn’t try harder to sign Flynn, Wilson must be better (as was stated by Audible).

  40. ChrisHolmes says:

    This is a problem with a lot of variables. And like a lot of complex equations, a shift in one variable can make another variable’s impact less or greater in the overall equation.

    Wilson is just one part of the issue here. To compare him to TJack is a joke; Jackson brought a completely different set of problems with him to the QB position.

    The way I see this, there are several factors:

    1) Receivers not getting separation
    2) Wilson not seeing open receivers when they DO get separation
    3) Poor play calling, especially on 3rd and short and in the red zone
    4) Bevell not being in control of the offense
    5) PC focusing so hard on not turning the ball over that his QB is afraid to make plays (this holds true no matter who is under center)
    6) PC being too conservative with his offense (this is tied to #4)

    On any given play all of these variables are a factor. Maybe a receiver gets open, but Wilson doesn’t see him. Maybe no one gets open because the play call is the wrong call against the defense, because PC is being conservative. Maybe a receiver is “NFL Open”, but Wilson doesn’t pull the trigger because he has PC’s voice in his head saying, “Don’t turn it over kid”.

    This offense is too conservative and unwilling to take manageable risks. Unlike our defense, our offense does not ATTACK.

    PC needs to take his attacking mindset to the other side of the ball and give our O some help…

  41. I think it’s telling that our offense was clearly better the 1st drive when the plays were scripted. I wonder if play calling later in the game is by commitee. Whoever gets the final say seems to use less logic under the pressure of the moment.

    That 26 minute audio link yesterday from H. Millen was exceptionally enlightening.

    It seems like our defensive strategy on 3rd and long is to rush less and expect the secondary to cover forever. I say “dance with the one that brung you”.

  42. DICKSHIRE says:

    Why would anyone want to jump on wilsons nuts? Yucky!

  43. GeorgiaHawk says:

    What happened to Baldwin? The biggest head scratcher so far imo.

    If Wilson plays poorly in the next game and they lose at least Flynn may have better timing with Baldwin because they practiced together in Florida last summer.

    BTW- I don’t think we have to open the passing game up much this next game to win. Just cut down on the bone head mistakes that are keeping other teams in the game.
    I don’t care who the qb is, if we keep playing the way we have,(on both sides of the ball), on third down Carolina will have a chance to steal a game from us like the Rams did.
    I know were young, (especially with our play callers on offense and defense), but if we are going to be a serious playoff contender soon we need to grow up. Hopefully the leaders of this team are getting this message to the younger players.

  44. I find it interesting that so many people know 100% what Flynn can and cannot do based on 2 preseason games.

    One of those games, if I remember correctly, seemed to be 100% bent on throwing the ball to TO (and almost only to TO) to see what he had left.

    I don’t seem to remember the receiving corp that Flynn was given to work with being the same guys Wilson has been handed? Or having Lynch in the back field.

    Carroll wants to say “Russell is a rookie, he’s going to make mistakes but other than that, he’s great”.

    Perfect, open up the playbook, let him go and let’s see what happens. I’ll ignore the off target passes, missed receivers, having to cut the field in half so he can get passes off if he is allowed to win/lose games on his own.

    You can’t talk about how much he practices/handles his self like a vet, how smart and quickly he learns then turn around and talk about having to protect and nurse him along.

    Seems to me learning from the sidelines for a year or two is a lot better for the confidence of Russell then having teammates/fans/press lose patience and blame him for loses when he’s just not ready for a full playbook or speed of the game?

    Until then, I’m ready for more “Jackson 2.0″ excuses. My favorite so far is about him and his down field vision. Yeah, he missed a couple of wide open receivers but hey, the overthrown pass in triple coverage was close!

  45. ohiohawkfan says:

    Love the pic above of Lynch. Anyway to crop it and use it as the new Seahawks Insider header pic?

  46. HawkyHann says:

    In Madison, WI right now for work. People here think our coaches are idiots for not playing to RWs strengths. The guy can sling it and run. These folk are watching from afar and laughing at our silly, hyper add coach.

  47. yakimahawk says:

    I challenge anyone on this blog (Duke Pabs old-timers) to name one coach/GM in the last 10 years who has has totally re-tooled a team like PC/JS has within a 3 year period and is as good as we are now! (i know we are 2-2) We are such a NOW group on this blog I wish for football’s and sanity’s sake we could be more patient. We are being built for the long haul not for “right now”. Delayed gratification and building correctly bring about Dynasties not flashes in the pan.

  48. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    You Russell Wilson apologists are something else. Why should Pete/Bevell open up the offense WHEN WILSON CAN’T EVEN EXECUTE THE BASIC OFFENSE?! Jesus. The offense isn’t holding Wilson back, Wilson is holding the offense back. He’s been completely pampered and yet he’s still not getting the job done.

  49. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    yakimahawk, you mean we can’t have both? well said. although didn’t jerry jones do it in 2 years? or was it 3?

  50. For everyone talking about seperation, take a look for yourselves.

  51. yakimahawk says:

    yakimahawk, you mean we can’t have both? well said. although didn’t jerry jones do it in 2 years? or was it 3?

    it was 3 years and it was more than 10 years..We are in a different time with Free-agency now…

  52. yellaman says:

    Here we go….. Pete Carroll idea of competition is failing on this team. The reason I say this is because it was flawed from the off-season. History is we had Tjack on roster, then signed Flynn, and drafted Wilson. Then carroll said we are going to have open competition at QB. So now each guy gets 1/3 the reps, then Tjack who isn’t even on the team doesn’t even play in 1 preseason games 1 & 2 but still gets reps then Flynn starts in preseason game 1 & 2 and wasn’t bad in his starts but Wilson played the 2nd half of those games and flashed some skills against 2 & 3 string talent. Preseason game 3 Wilson starts and plays well and Flynn is hurt so Carroll maked wilson regular season starter but now the competition is over and not one QB has been given a fair shot to succeed. Wilson is a rookie and is going to struggle in the beginning, Flynn is a seasoned vet and is ready to prove he’s a starting caliber QB. Both guys were not given any favors by a coach who devalues the QB position. Carroll doesn’t believe you need great QB play to win in the NFL. Carroll wants to win with a strong defense, offensive running attack and special teams play. That isn’t the NFL model. Look at who wins superbowls- teams with probowl caliber QB. This team needs to increase is game scoring to 20 pts or more to win. Look at the teams that can score more than 20 pts and have good defense e.g. Texans come to mind.

  53. Anyone look at those pics from hawkblogger, if so, comments?

  54. ChrisHolmes, I agree with you that Carroll needs to take his attacking style to the offense. But you know he won’t do that yet until his QB has earned his confidence. We know Carroll’s M.O. now.

    interesting to hear you say “Jackson brought a completely different set of problems with him to the QB position” and then you list 6 factors that are all exactly the same problems we had with Jackson at QB. All 6. (I’m not saying Jackson and Wilson are similar, Wilson has upside and mental ability that TJack never had) but all 6 things you mention were problems with the offense last year. Plus, last year there was a 7th – Tjack held the ball and took sacks, while Wilson just bails out of the pocket. But the offensive problems you describe in those 6 bullets didn’t just start this year.

    The big difference this year (if there is one) is that we now (hopefully) have a QB who can improve week by week, gain the confidence of his coaches, and transcend those problems. Actually, we might have 2 QBs who can do this. But one has to earn the coach’s confidence first before he’ll open it up.

  55. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    I looked at the Hawkblogger pictures. Wilson is missing wide open receivers. Also, he’s doing to the Tarvaris Jackson thing where he hesitates and refuses to throw to the receiver unless he’s wide open.

  56. yellaman says:

    To finish my rant- carroll competition is failing b/c not one guy was given the chance to properly succeed. Flynn should’ve had the first crack at success with this team then if he were to struggle then give Wilson a chance. having Wilson follow Flynn would’ve gave Wilson a chance to learn before getting his feet wet and flynn the opportunity to prove he’s a starting caliber QB.

  57. yellaman – that’s a good argument. But since Flynn couldn’t make it through the preseason without a sore elbow, he’s the one who foiled his own chances to be named the starter. Wilson had to start game 1, there was no choice. I agree it would have been easier to start Flynn and then pull him to put in the developing rookie. Flynn is the reason Carroll could not do that.

  58. orbeavhawk says:

    I would love to hear Pete Carrol explain WHY they totally went away from what worked for RW and Team on that 1st and totally successful drive against the Rams. They called a nice mix of runs and play action + rollouts and marched right down the field. Then for 3 quarters they seemed to forget what was so successful for them????


    PS: Also, WHY does everyone seem to think an NFL QB HAS to be a “Pocket Passer” or else?

  59. sluggo42 says:

    I am beginning to wonder what is the deal with Flynns elbow.

    Looked at the pics, kinda hard to see them clearly, and what speed they are running at, etc…

    But, with the limited visual I see, it’s not like they are draped in coverage any more than any other teams WR’s.

    I think the first series against the Rams showed that we can easily move the ball, with a good mix-up of plays. Then we went into same-o-same-o offense, got some penalties, and basically then went into the “seafunk” , from which there is no return.

    3rd down “D” – ick. how about some man-on-man, with a double blitz?
    something…anything, besides a 3-man rush that gets totally stuffed and the WRS run around and settle into a slot in-between the zone, for a gain of 18 and aNOTHER 3rd and long conversion.

    This blog is like a broken record isn’t it?

  60. DanielleMND says:

    Warren Moon is correct. They let RM just go out and play in pre-season, but now for some reason they’re keeping him bottled up. He had some big passes to Braylon Edwards in pre-season, but Edwards has been MIA since (was he even on the field last week?).

  61. DanielleMND says:

    RW, rather. (Curse there being no edit function.)

  62. mojjonation says:

    It seems that no matter the headline, the topic of conversation will always gravitate to the Wilson-Flynn debate until it is decided. I know I was one who was worried when Beast Mode was given a wheelbarow full of cash. Not as large as Fall Down Alexander, but a tidy sum. Now he is running like someone stole his grill. I don’t know if Turbin is a successor to Lynch, but like Miller said above, ML’s attitude is “infectious”.

    Trying to force Wilson into a mold for which he isn’t made, will, in time, prove to be an epic failure. Looking at the rookie QB’s who have come out in the past few years, that learning curve has gotten a lot shorter. With the spread and pro style offenses being run in college today, your rookie QB’s are doing more now than they ever had before. If Wilson is such a stud, and studies like it’s his last day, why not loosen the chains and see what he can do. It’s reported Wilson is the first one at practice and the last one to leave. Well, reward him.

    This reminds me of the Mariners. How many “sure thing” pitchers have they drafted over the years only to wind up destrying a guys arm because he needed to “pitch like a major league” pitcher. There’s this guy, he plays pro ball. Some people may have heard of him. He was even a local kid who went to a local college. Tim Lincecum. He has one of the most unorthodox throwing styles ever. He’s got two Cy Youngs and a World Series ring. People don’t need to fit into molds to be successful. Their strengths need to be utilized. Wilson has strengths, and according to most people, smarts. I’m not saying for him to throw the ball 50 times a game. Just try and call a few plays that allow him to utilize his strengths. I know you can’t roll out left or right on every down. You also can’t run-run-pass-punt every possession either. If the collective brain trust that is the coaching staff can’t figure out how to utilize one of the more athletic guys on the team, then the blame isn’t totally on Wilson.

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