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October 2, 2012 8:26 pm
2012 Stats Hawks Panthers
2012 Record 2-2 1-3
Total Yards Gained 1,126 1,495
Total Offense (NFLRank) 281.5 (29) 373.8 (13)
Rush Offense 150.8 (6) 122.0 (11)
Pass Offense 130.8 (32) 251.8 (14)
Points Per Game 17.5 (28) 20.0 (25)
Total Yards Allowed 1,103 1,575
Total Defense 275.8 (2) 393.8 (24)
Rush Defense 62.8 (2) 134.8 (25)
Pass Defense 213.0 (T9) 259.0 (22)
Points Allowed/Game 14.5 (2) 27.3 (T22)
Possession Avg. 31:07 26:31
Sacked/Yds. Lost 8/71 9/52
Sacks Made/Yds. Lost 12/60 12/88
Interceptions By 3 3
Penalties/Yds. 37/298 22/185
Punts/Avg. 18/50.3 20/41.2
Turnover Differential 0 (T14) -6(T29)

Statistics, Stats, etc.
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  1. Dukeshire says:

    37 penalties through 4 games… That is simply awful.

  2. HawkyHann says:

    I agree Dukeshire. That one is glaring right at me. So bad.

  3. chrisj122 says:

    How many of those penalties is Okung responsible for?

  4. HawkfaninMT says:

    The one that jumped out to me was TurnOver differential… 0 is much pooer than last week

  5. Vancouver_Hawk68 says:

    Urgh, yes the penalties really hurt. The other thing that hurts is the 32 in pass offense.

    Looking at the defensive numbers of Carolina it looks like they cannot stop the run and that might be one of the reasons that there pass defense looks good. Why pass if you can run. Sound familiar?

    One thing that really scares me is the issue of third down defense. The Panthers have an element that no other opponent had so far, a scrambling quarterback (well, Rodgers I guess but he could not run being buried by Clemons).

    Just like in every other game so far, if the Seahawks can stop the run and run themselves, they should be able to control the clock and keep scoring under control. if this develops into a shootout type game, my hopes of RW pulling it off are slim. This is a team that the Seahawks can beat but obviously it is not a gimme on the road. It would be refreshing to see some unexpected moves by the Seahawks and I really do not mean falling for another fake. When was the last time that the Hawks pulled one off successfully?

    Here is to a win at Carolina and some improvement in the passing game.

    Go Hawks.

  6. elkhorn says:

    I am guessing that the 2 ranked passing defense is a typo?

  7. Vancouver_Hawk68 says:

    Yes it is a typo. Should be 22 instead of 2.

  8. Ewalters7354 says:

    Really interested to see how this team responds on the road if they start losing because the offense can’t generate any tds.Also,I have seen two Carolina games and personally the Panthers are not that good of a team just like the Rams.So it’s gonna be important to score tds if we get in te red zone because the Panthers can score when Cam isn’t playing like a taller version of Russ Wilson.Stop the run,score about 3tds with 3 field goals,stop the dumb and I mean DUMB penalties,and the hawks win easily.

  9. No turnovers, lots of LT (Lynch, Turbin) and the Seahawks should beat the Panthers. If they win this one, they could upset the Pats and be 4-2 going to San Fran. That would be nice.

  10. IdahoHawk says:

    Vancouver: I understand the #32passing ranking is bothering you. Look at who is number one they are 0-4. Quit your bitching. We are 2-2. Blame the play calling. This argument is getting really old. Wilson has only thrown the ball 100 times. They need to cut him loose and get in a groove. They have only let him do it three times. Last drives of game

  11. sluggo42 says:

    Run, run, run. And then run some more. And then run again. Then… run again. then run and thn, and only then…. run.

    Sprinkle a play action pass in there now and then, and gash em with a deep ball.

    then run.

    And everytime Bevell makes a call, ignore it and run.

    Beast and the Kraaken, back and forth. Force them to stack the box, then a quick hitter.

    then run… and then run out the clock

  12. chrisj122 says:

    IdahoHawk – as long as this team is ranked 32 in passing regardless of the QB and the record it will and should be talked about, get used to it.

    If our defense continues to hold opponent’s under 20 points a game and we are still at 500 or worse, your damn right I’m gonna bitch about it. Maybe you think its acceptable to have the worse passing in the league, but many fans to not.

  13. chrisj122 says:

    “Do not”

  14. DICKSHIRE says:

    Bobby k since your the senior head honcho dude on this blog my I have permission to speak sir!

  15. DICKSHIRE says:

    Bobby k what is your projection for the Seattle SEAHAWKs this year?Do you think if we traded again to get tarvaris Jackson maybe we could make a run?

  16. Again, SF is 30th in passing, and I don’t hear anyone complaining about their team. When you can run the ball, and your team plan is to minimize turnovers, and let your defense control the game – you’re not going to lead the league in passing yards.

    Not saying we can’t improve, there will always be times when your QB needs to make plays for you to win, but the passing yardage by itself isn’t the end of the world.

  17. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Remember last year Jackson couldn’t get in a groove ( in a Bevell offense ) without going into a hurry up.

    Perhaps that’s the ticket for Wilson until he can get a legit #1 WR and a competent pass blocking o-line.

    Part of me says I hope Carroll sticks with this kid, and part of me says, hell, put Flynn in and see how he can overcome crappy pass blocking and crappy recieving. I’m sure Flynns 3-4 yards per pass in pre season is suddenly going to increase to 8-9 yards per pass in the regular season. Lol. But perhaps we need to find this out and move forward from this divide that we have on this blog between Wilson and Flynn that has now grown about as deep as the the Grand Canyon.

  18. dacmike says:

    Can we ask Lynch to run the ball 50 times a game?

  19. chrisj122 says:

    DICKSHIRE, your name is self explanatory. Or perhaps its two seperate words and spoken in reverse (how Yoda would speak) if that’s the case what are you saying?

    You hire dicks? Please this is more information than we need to know. If this what you are into we won’t judge you but please this blog is about the Seahawks.

  20. Good one, chris.

    Anyone using the handle of “Dickshire” on this blog deserves to be banned.

  21. IdahoHawk says:

    Chris. I just dont get the complaints on Wilson. HE’S A FRICKIN ROOKIE. Maybe people (you/Vancouver should listen to warren moon on brock & salk.) I put all the blame on pete. ROOKIE=GROING PAINS. If Flynn starts it’s going to be the same story (just more sacks).

  22. IdahoHawk says:

    I would send you a link but I’m in BFE IDAHO on a cell. It’s a good listen

  23. chrisj122 says:

    I haven’t really bashed on Wilson, I don’t believe many others have as well.
    What I have said is for whatever reason our passing game is horrible and needs to be corrected and the quickest and biggest impact would be to switch QBs. At this point it can not get worse.

    There are a number of things that could be wrong from bad play calling, O-line protection, recievers are not getting seperation ect
    But I don’t see any of those things changing in the near future. We are not going to sign any new W.R. or O-line studs or fire/hire new offensive coordinator.

    If this was year 1 in a rebuild and we had an all around terrible team, I would be ok with letting Wilson take some bumps and lumps in hopes for improvement. However we are in year 3 and every other part of our team is playing at very high level, except in one area. We need to do whatever it takes to improve and do it soon and switching QBs will have the quickest and biggest impact. If it doesn’t work and we are still last in passing what will we lost?

  24. DICKSHIRE says:

    My name is Robert Charles dickshire and jack Patera was my neighbor! I’ve been a seahawk fan since it all started thanks to jack! I’ve allways read this blog but never had the desire too participate but enough is enough! BobK chuck easton and dukeshire are the Biggest hypocrites I’ve ever came across!I’m so old that I fart dust so at this point I really don’t care! Go SEAHAWKS STICK TOO FANTASY YOU FAIR WEATHER FANNIES

  25. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “Hello darkness, my old friend,”
    ” old bloggers want to rule again,”
    ” Because a vision softly creeping in,”
    ” Left its seeds for them to bring Flynn in,”
    “And the vision that was planted in their brain”
    “Still remains”
    “Within the realm of nonsense.”

    “In foolish dreams they walk alone”
    “Narrow streets of cobblestone,”
    ” ‘Neath the halo of a street lamp,”
    ” they turn their collar to the cold and damp”
    ” When their eyes were stabbed by the flash of Wilsons light”
    “That split the night”
    ” And touched the sound of their nonsense.”

    “And in the naked light I saw”
    ” Ten bloggers, maybe more.”
    “bloggers talking without speaking,”
    ” bloggers hearing without listening,”
    ” bloggers posting things that most here never share ”
    “And no one dared”
    “Disturb the sound of nonsense.”

    “Fools” said I, “You do not know”
    “nonsense like a cancer grows.”
    ” Hear my words that I might teach you,”
    ” Take my arms that I might reach out you.”
    “But my words like silent raindrops fell,”
    “And echoed”
    “In the wells of nonsense.”

    “And old bloggers bowed and prayed”
    “To Dukeshire and BobbyK”
    “And the sign flashed out its warning,”
    “In the words that it was forming.”
    “And the sign said, the words of the old bloggers are written on the subway walls”
    ” And tenement halls.”
    “And whisper’d in the sounds of nonsense.”

  26. DICKSHIRE says:

    This is ROBERT CHARLES DICKSHIRE sighning off m. Thank you for the goodnight lullaby. It was beautiful. Gee this blog thing is quite neat and fun:)Om looking forward to it! Yay!!

  27. piperfeltcher says:

    I say they stick with Wilson. The 2nd half of the schedule is way easier so 4-4 at the half and then go 6-2 in the second half and get ready for the playoffs.

  28. Wow, calling DukeShire “DICKSHIRE”. I guess we’re a forum of 12 year olds, now?

  29. What a joke.

  30. montanamike2 says:

    I expected a 2-2 record, (hoped for better) but i was counting on the two wins and losses to be to the teams in reverse order. The superbowl winners for this year are probably 2-2 so i guess it’s not the end of the world. I’m disappointed that Moffit is still out and i saw what having Carp and Okung on the left side can do, when Moffit comes back we can have a very solid line as long as Breno cuts the drive killers out.
    In hindsight it looks as if those early picks on o-line weren’t wasted at all.
    Dickshire is appropriate since it was a dick move to disrespect Dukeshire.
    I’m recovering from Sundays loss, but still the funk hasn’t gone away completely, i hope we win against Carolina.

  31. Vancouver_Hawk68 says:

    Idaho, my comment was not aimed at Wilson specifically and more at the fact that the passing game could use some improvement. Pass protection, coaching and receiver play factor into this and the fact that RW is a rookie and has not yet mastered the art of looking safeties off or opting out of plays on occasion only makes it harder.

    Why would you perceive that as whining? Anyhow, it was not intended that way.

  32. DICKSHIRE says:

    Will 9 7 get us to playoffs this year?

  33. chuck_easton says:

    Well, since you asked an actual football question, the answer is probably no. At this point even 9-7 (if the offense can turn it around and get it going) is likely not enough to get Seattle into the playoffs this year.

    Arizona (4-0) would have to go 4-8 over their remaining games. Anything better than that and they are either tied or ahead of the Seahawks. They also hold the head to head matchup and have a better divisional record.

    SF (3-1) would have to do no better than 6-6 over the rest of the season and we would have to beat them twice to finish ahead of them.

    We would have to finish ahead of at least one of these two and hope that 9-7 is good enough for a wild card. The NFCW could possibly get both wildcard teams but that is a stretch at this point.

    So, as much of a pessimist and reactionary I might be right now about the QB situation, 2-2 and 0-2 puts us so far in the hole playoff wise we might as well stick to Wilson now.

    Only chance Seattle has for the playoffs now is 10-6 or better and a Division win. Can the team go 8-4? Maybe, but that would be tough at this point.

  34. Ewalters7354 says:

    There is only one shire that I am aware of on this blog and it’s DUKE.So Mr Charles telling your life story makes things no better in terms of taking your post serious(speaking of myself).

    Also,I agreement with Chris22.Having the worst pass O in the league not by deception is absolutely pathetic.Frisco has the 30th rank and that’s true.Bit they can actually move the ball through the air unlike the hawks right now.And yes Russ Wilson is a rookie but looking at the other 4 rookies,Russ Wilson is far behind those guys right now.I believe he can be good and am not wavering in my belief but I have been one of a couple from the start thar said Flynn should be the man this year.

  35. Warren Moons comments (see link below) reinforce my own view that Wilson’s performance isn’t really the problem, its just a symptom.

    The real problem is Pete Carroll and his poor judgement. There are lots of examples of questionable judgement and decision making, but the fundamental error is his thought that we can play terrific defence and special teams, run the ball and be successful NOW with a rookie QB who isn’t allowed to play to his own strengths – all to avoid losing the turnover battle. I am a youth football coach so I get the importance of winning the turnover battle, but the bigger issue is that you need to play to WIN. Not play to scrape by and eke out a 1 to 3 point victory in 50% of your games. We are effectively 3 games behind Arizona right now.

    We need to play to win. So either keep Wilson playing and let him play his game, or put in the experienced QB (Flynn) and lets get playing to win.

  36. BigBlew says:

    I find this whole QB thing so frustrating. Especially after the T Jack thing last year. Not drafting a QB in 2011 so we could be up and running in 2012. Now here we are with another QB experiment. To say we are 2-2 is incorrect and not being truthful. The catch was not a catch. I was watching Pete during pre game of the Packer game. He absolutely ignores Matt Flynn. I’m wondering if there is/was something that Matt said or did to piss off the coaching staff. I don’t think Flynn will evere play a down as a Seahawk Pete has iced him. I can only hope we get something in return for the money spent.

  37. Ewalters7354 says:

    blocis,great point.I agree Wilson is not the blame It’s Pete making a terrible judgment at the most important position in football.He always talks competition but I guarantee Marshawn Lynch didn’t compete for his sports.Neither anybody in the secondary.So he seems to talk the talk but his stubborn nature forces him to make the worst decision in football.That is starting a rookie on a playoff team.Smh

  38. sluggo42 says:

    It is the SYSTEM that is handcuffing our QB’s. That’s why I really think we would be no different with Flynn. No better, nor worse. Until we clean up all the other problems, our passing game will suck.

  39. Repeat for those who won’t read it in the previous thread –

    Remember when everyone was pissed when we aquired Whitehurst? Some of the reasoning here to stay the course is mind boggling. Comparing this team to Baltimore, comparing what Wilson is doing to what Hasselbeck did (I don’t think Matt was a rookie starting in his first year with us), Letting RW take his lumps because we’re playing for the future, Pete Carrol is a genius and he must be trusted because of our D and running game (yet his play calling is suspect?), if Flynn were in it would be the same or he has no potential (how do we know this), etc. I just don’t get it. Rationalizing by speculating is not rational. Facts – RW is 5′ 10″, the passing game is dead last, 3 out of the 4 games have come down to the last drive where RW is forced to make something happen yet is handcuffed throughout the game till that point, we have the # 1 rusher, #2 D, one of the best special teams, and finally the most important thing, something needs to change.

  40. sluggo42 says:

    You use the “fact” that RW is 5-10, and that is why the passing game is dead last. Yet the very next sentence you state that he has been handcuffed up until the last drive, where he is cut loose to make something happen. “Forced” to make something happen. So, during that “last drive” of each game, is he being an acceptable QB ?? What if he were allowed to play like that the whole game??

    So, tell me what the “fact” that RW is 5-10 means…?? Is that why our passing game is dead last?

  41. You see the me type 5’10” and that’s all you read, nice. Yes, that is one factor.

  42. Also, for everyone putting all the blame on Pete (play calling) then why do you trust his judgement in choosing a QB? I do blame Pete and coaching along with RW as well for the record.

  43. chuck_easton says:


    The ‘fact’ is Wilson is 5’105/8″ and is the shortest QB in the NFL right now. The ‘fact’ is Seattle is 32nd out of 32 teams in passing.
    The ‘fact’ is Wilson is a rookie QB and is having trouble finding and hitting open receivers.

    The Debate is are the above facts related? Some will say yes. Some will say no, it’s the play calling that is the problem. Other’s will say Wilson can’t see over the line. Still others (myself included) will say it’s more the fact he’s a rookie in over his head.

    Regardless of how you put the facts together, regardless of what is the cause and what is an effect of the cause, the team is still dead last in the NFL in passing and has dug enough of a hole that the playoffs are likely out.

    We are now playing to try and improve on the 7-9 record of the last two years. We are now playing this sesson as in game training for a rookie QB in hopes that he’s NFL ready in 2013.

    Let the debate continue.

  44. montanamike2 says:

    Chuck i agree with you 100%

  45. sluggo42 says:

    I am not debating the fact that we are last in passing, I’m just of the opinion that it isn’t RW’s complete fault, and I’m not convinced the Flynn would be the answer.

    For the record – I would be totally fine with letting Flynn play this week, make no mistake about that.

    But, I don’t think he would fare any better with all the current problems in place. And I really DO think that the game plan / play calling is a MAJOR contributor to the problem.

    Tru – if you read what I wrote, I addressed multiple pieces of your comment, not just the 5-10 part. But that part did stand out in an awkward way.

    I also agree Chuck, that RW has trouble finding WR’s, but not sure if it’s due to his height, or if it’s because he has to run for his life a lot, due to the predictablity of the playcalling. (I do acknowledge that he is prone to leaving the pocket early – I think a combo of rookie and the above)

    That is why I have taken the stance that our team problem of being last in passing is a SYSTEM problem, becuase one cannot positively identify one singular problem as the cause.

    We have a short QB, who is a rookie, who possible cant see over from behind a young O-line that makes an abundance of stoopid penalties, that play handcuffed out of fear of turnovers, that are sabotaged with totally inept and predictable play-calling, who don’t get to see the field enough, because the “D” can’t stop drives until they get to the redzone.

  46. @ Sluggo – when you say ‘the system’ is handcuffing our QB’s, you really mean Pete Carroll and company are handcuffing our QB’s. The philosophy and the decisions that result from that philosophy are Pete’s.

  47. Vegas56 says:

    I think the point made about how difficult it will be to climb over two teams in the division to make the playoffs is a good one…I think if we are going to put Flynn in, it probably needs to be now or there is going to be quite a bit of bad blood developing between him and Carroll. If Flynn is inserted later due to another loss or two, it will probably mess up Wilson’s confidence and development and piss off Flynn about getting his shot after the season has become garbage time. And that is not going to make the players on defense very happy either. The coaching staff would be in danger of losing the team.

    I said all that just to say that this week is a must win…and that the point that we might as well stick with Wilson and keep at least one QB in development (and happy) is probably not a bad point at all. But we’d better be ready to trade a really pissed off Flynn after the season.

  48. rramstad says:

    Sluggo, who is the Kraaken?

    9-7 could very well get a wild card berth given that we have victories over Dallas and Green Bay. It’s possible because head to head is the first tiebreaker (and if three teams tie, if one has beaten both of the others, they get the nod, too). Many teams are 1-3, 2-2, 3-1 right now, and the teams with great records are running away with their divisions.

  49. sluggo42 says:

    the Kraaken is what I call Turbin….

    you know from Clash of the Titans? When the Gods release the horrid monster that rips everything up until a gaze from Medusa turns him into stone…

    It’s like when my wife and I are lying in bed, and moments before we fall asleep, I let a good one rip, and then I say….


  50. twillis says:

    On the point that RW has the handcuffs lifted in the last drive, how much of his success moving the team in those situations is due to the opposing D? IIRC, aside from the DAL game, we needed a TD to win (missed in AZ and STL, got it (with an assist) in GB). I would suspect that at the end of the AZ/STL/GB games, their D’s were playing to keep everything in front of them and not to give up the TD. Given a FG wouldn’t have helped SEA in those games, perhaps they were playing RW significantly “looser” than they had been to that point in the games (would be interesting to go back an look over the film to watch for that).

    Also, has anybody asked PC how the playbook they are limiting RW to today compares to the playbook in the preseason? It would be interesting to go back and chart RW’s preseason snaps and compare them to the regular season. While playcalling is probably contributing to things, it’s also the case that he didn’t really face much in the way of a “real” in-season NFL D during the preseason (in terms of scheme, game planning, and personel).

    I just hope we can keep Flynn engaged until we are sure he’s not the one. For all the talk here about “higher upsides”, I don’t think anybody can honestly say they know for sure that in 10 years RW will have had a better career than MF. Maybe height is a deal breaker for RW and all the leadership, student-of-the-game, and physical tools are not going to put him ahead of others who have the height but maybe are not as gifted in other areas.

    It would really suck to loose Flynn, have him be successful somewhere else, and find out RW is a great backup, but not so great as a starter.


  51. PugetHawk says:


  52. mojjonation says:

    12 sacks over four games may seem impressive, but 8 of those were in one game. So four sacks over the other three against Dallas, St. Louis, and Arizona. Two of those three teams haad lines issues in the preseason and we didn’t really get to them.

    32 penalties in four games. Didn’t 28 of those come in two games? Still a horrible lack of discipline all over the whole team. But then again considering who the coach is, can you figure any different?

    Just heard on the radio that our “elite” defense is 24th on third down. Not so elite there. If you truly want to be earn the label of “elite” in any one aspect, then you must be at least good at all aspects, and great in a handful to earn it. Zero turnover differential is glaring too. Elite D’s gets those turnovers.

    Far too many fans accept mediocrity and less because apparently the Mariners have beaten it into a lot of the area sports people. If you want to go to a sporting event because they have sushi or are giving away free hot dogs and water, or have a great family friendly atmosphere, you really have no business talking about sports. I don’t mind family friendly to a point. But there comes a time when the keys need to be taken from the children and the adults need to take over and let others know that there are certain things that won’t be tolerated. Mediocrity is one of them. Does anyone on this blog accept mediocrity from their kids when it comes to school? If you do, you are seliing your kids short. You never know what someone can do until you push them out of their comfort zone. That is true in ALL aspects of life.

    I heard a caller on the radio say that he thinks that PC is trying to take a QB and make him work in a system that he isn’t suited for. While Flynn may be suited for the system we currently have going, Wilson may not. I can see this as possible. But as long as blockhead Pete tries to force round peg Wilson into a hole he wouldn’t normally fit into, it will be a while before either the square hole or round peg wears down enough to make things work. Or epically fail depending on your viewpoint. Are they trying to run some west coast hybrid that is run heavy but relies on the QB to get the ball to your playmakers on short routes in critical situations?

    Shanahan actually took some plays from the Baylor playbook (supposedly) to help RG3 feel more comfortable in the Redskin offense. Gee, do you think that Pete could do that?

    Wisconsin was a run heavy team, Seattle is a run heavy team. Honestly, is it too much to ask? Or is Pete’s ego so large that he would never think about trying to run plays from an offense other than USC’s?

    Luck is throwing to the same TE that he had in college. He is having mixed reviews but more success than Wilson. A little familiarity may help him.

    As much as Wilson played good to great against vanilla defenses in the preseason, Flynn did not play great against vanilla defenses. So the arguement that Wilson was against vanilla defenses and Flynn wasn’t has no merit.

    But at $10 mill guaranteed, I think it merits an opportunity to show what you have. Flynn got jobbed a bit. Problem is, he didn’t expect a third round rookie to play better than him in the preseason. I bet if Flynn gets his chance, he will be playing with a chip on his shoulder.

  53. mojjonation says:

    A lot of people still blame Bevell for play calling. If all plays go through Cable and Pete, which PC readily admitted, who is truly at fault for putting a QB in shotgun formation on 3rd and two at the Rams 10 when your run game is gashing them for 6-8 yards a carry in the second half? We will have no idea what Bevell can do (which I truly believe is nothing) until Pete says that his OC is the guy calling the plays.

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