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Morning links: Reaction to Hawks 19-13 loss

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 1, 2012 at 7:02 am with 63 Comments »
October 1, 2012 7:05 am
Rams wide receiver Danny Amendola spikes the ball after scoring on a fake field goal attempt in second quarter action during a game between the St. Louis Rams and the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, September 30, 2012 at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis. (AP Photo/St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Chris Lee )

Good morning. I’m headed back to T-Town early this morning. We’ll have our regular Monday Morning QB chat at 1 p.m.

For now, let’s take a spin around the web to see the reaction to Seattle’s 19-13 loss to St. Louis.

Here’s my game story. An irritated Red Bryant summed things up after the game. “It’s very frustrating because of what our goals are,” Bryant said. “We’re trying to go far in the playoffs. We feel like we’ve got a good team to do that. But we’ve got to win these types of games – bottom line.”

John McGrath of The News Tribune writes that the Seahawks continued their disturbing pattern of errors against the Rams, something that has been a bugaboo of the Pete Carroll era. He also says it might be time to hand the steering wheel over to Matt Flynn.

I break down the differences between Russell Wilson’s performance in the preseason and the regular season here.

The Seahawks knew that St. Louis coach Jeff Fisher would have a few tricks up his sleeve, but still could not stop them, including a fake field goal for a touchdown that was the turning point in the game.

Jerry Brewer of the Seattle Times doesn’t limit his criticism of Seattle’s struggles to score point to Russell Wilson, saying the entire offense is to blame. “When we get in the red zone, it should be seven points,” Seattle receiver Sidney Rice said. “I’m tired of three points. It’s weak.”

More Brewer: He says it’s time to scrutinize Wilson’s play four games into the season.

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times talks with Breno Giacomini about his personal foul calls that stalled two Seattle drives. “I’ve just got to play smarter,” he said. “Marshawn is a back that doesn’t stop so I’m not going to stop until he stops. I’ve just got to gauge it a little bit better. Those are my penalties so it’s my fault, but I’m not going to stop playing the way that I’m playing just because of the backs we have, but I’ve got to play smarter.”

Art Thiel of writes that Seattle’s offense remains a liability, not an asset. Thiel: “The offense converted only two of nine chances on third down. Reasons are varied but included everyone, especially the increasingly notorious right tackle, Breno Giacomini. In precariously tight road games with minimal margin for error, he had two more unnecessary personal fouls, apparently continuing his inexplicable march to make the world forget Yosemite Sam.”

Clare Farnsworth of writes that Marshawn Lynch led the way, but the rest of his teammates failed to follow.

Mike Salk of 710 ESPN Seattle believes the Seahawks need change – but not at quarterback.

ESPN’s Mike Sando offers his thoughts on the Hawks-Rams game. “Any team running the ball as well as Seattle was should have found greater opportunities in the passing game. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll has said he’s the reason for the team’s conservative offensive approach, and that the philosophy will change once Wilson gains experience.”

Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch writes that impressive special teams play helped the Rams get a rare win over Seattle.

A Seahawks fan offered to send Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt a peace offering, but Schmitt wouldn’t accept his gift of local beer, smoked salmon and kringles, a pastry. So Rudy McCoy-Pantoja Jr., a landscaper in Seattle, is sending it to the mayor of Delavan — a city of 9,000 in far southeastern Wisconsin, which is three hours south of Green Bay.

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  1. FleaFlicker says:

    For all the talk about RW and the three INTs:

    1. Through Baldwin’s hands
    2. Arm contact during the throw
    3. McCoy face plant

    Not here to say that RW had a good game, because he didn’t. But let’s review a few key plays:

    –Asleep at the wheel. Giving Johnny Hecker a 118 passer rating on Special Teams.

    –RW getting sacked for 12 yds on SEA 15. Followed by Jon Ryan’s 31 yd punt with 0:35 left in the half. Leading to Zuerlein FG. 10 yards either way on either of those plays and the FG doesn’t happen.

    –Onsides kick. Pete, are you getting hormonal again? Still scratching my head over that one….leading to another FG.

    –3rd and 2 inside the 10 yard line…and we QB sneak it?

    –Despite Richard Sherman talking about not giving up scores, he conveniently forgets the 3rd and 13 we gave up in the 4th quarter…leading to yet another FG.

    Only upside of this whole debacle is that I’ve got Zuerlein on my fantasy team.

    Teams win. Teams lose. The team lost this game. Not RW. Althought he could have been a lot better.

    I’m coming around to the BobbyK point of view. Sitting RW for a spell might actually do the kid some good.

    These kinds of losses are painful, but let’s not lose our bearings.

  2. iHateHarbaugh says:

    Good call Flea, but I think benching RW is just not a good move right now, I think it would do more harm than good. I think it sends the wrong message to that offense. We don’t execute on the key downs. When we protect him, no one is open, when they’re open, he’s under duress. It’s “tell the truth” Monday so they all need to go look @ the film & take responsibility. We’re 2-2 w/ both losses by a combined 10 pts & we were driving down the field w/ a chance to win BOTH of those games, road/division games btw. #12thMan

  3. FleaFlicker says:

    Very true, iHH. But there’s also the “best man for the job right now” angle. No matter what the team does, I’m sure everybody will criticize until we win a game.

  4. If we can’t have the full playbook then RW should not be on the field

  5. Dukeshire says:

    I believe the notion that when Wilson has time, no one is open is grossly overblown. To this point, Wilson is consistently staring down his receivers, especially Tate. If Tate is the primary on a given play, Wilson is throwing him the ball regardless. Moreover, I would be very surprised to learn that Wilson looks off safeties, which also contributes to secondaries being able to flood receiver zones. My point here is, that there is far more to receivers getting open than simply the receivers themselves.

  6. Like a lot of fans, I’d love for the team to go to the playoffs this year. But I think it’s important to keep our eyes on the big prize, the Lombardi. And while the Seahawks are playoff contenders this year, I think they could legitimately be Super Bowl contenders next year. Even when Ben Roethlisberger went 15-1 in 2004, the Steelers didn’t win the Super Bowl that year. Almost all great QBs have taken their lumps their rookie years. (How terrible was Eli Manning his first couple of years — and now he has two Super Bowl wins.) Russell Wilson is no exception. I think many of us had unrealistic expectations after seeing him thrive in the preseason. I’d like to see how Wilson plays by the end of the season.

  7. Soggybuc says:

    I cant help but think back to Matt after his first starts and benching, He got a taste of what it’s like to play live and then took that, kept working and was far more ready to be a starter the following season.

  8. vancityhawk says:

    Giacomini is a tool. That guy cost the team with his bonehead penalties.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    Canfan – I agree with that, I really do. However, for some of us that questioned Wilson from the get go (or at least starting him as a rookie), this is quickley becoming worst case scenario being realized, and it’s frustrating. As a result, patience is in very short supply, especially when considering that nearly every other aspect of this team is playing as such a high level.

  10. chuck_easton says:

    I said this in the last thread but it bears repeating:

    We are ranked 32nd out of 32 teams in passing.

    Our QB has 4 TD’s, 4 Int’s, 584 total passing yards, a 73.5 QB rating.

    How is now NOT a good time to make the switch and see if things improve?

    Wilson’s QB rating puts him ahead of only Tannehill, Weeden, Cassell, Hasselbeck, and Cutler. But just barely.

    The fact that we are beginning to hear grumbling from the Defensive players, some offensive players, about the lack of production from the offense would indicate that Wilson may be losing the room. If Carroll doesn’t see this he will be in danger of losing the team as well.

    Make the switch. Wilson is a smart guy. He will see it for what it is, an attempt to improve things NOW. He’ll be more than motivated when his number is called again.

  11. pabuwal says:

    “Defense wins Championships”
    “Teams need to spend high draft choices to have a strong OL”
    “A strong running game means more opportunities in the passing game”

    None of these are true anymore. The NFL has designed it so the opposite of all 3 points are true. The top rushing teams are generally among the worst teams in the NFL. When it comes to a strong defensive team vs a strong offensive team, the strong offensive team wins out. Following the three bullet points leave little margin for error in today’s NFL.

    There is a price to pay in the passing game for having a running game that generates 150-200 yards. Teams that run for 150-200 yards generally run on first and second down and wait until third down to pass, which is the worst time to pass.

    Being 32nd in passing is unacceptable, but no QB will rank in the top half of passing yards or passer rating in THIS offense.

  12. Dukeshire says:

    “Wilson is a smart guy. He will see it for what it is, an attempt to improve things NOW. He’ll be more than motivated when his number is called again.”

    I think with some young QBs, a benching would be close to devistating, but Wilson strikes me as being strong enough to accept it for what it is, as Chuck says.

  13. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    i see the argument on both sides here. i would like to see flynn if nothing else to shut people up. let’s face it if wilson had drove down the field and won that game we wouldn’t be talking about this.

    pabuwal. couldn’t disagree more. team with the better D won last Superbowl. the problem with a good running game is you have to play action on other than 3rd down. this is a coaching/play calling problem .they mixed it up great on the first drive and got a TD out of it. after that they got pass happy for 2 quarters and failed. the went heavy run”{which worked}till they got to red zone then went pass happy. excuse me if you are getting 6-7 yards a carry you ride that horse till it bucks you off. please put atleast some of the blame where it belongs on the team.

  14. hawkfan777 says:

    I want to say that I really like RW. I want to see him go far in this league. He is a class act and his work ethic is amazing.

    However, I believe that the Seahawks would be at least 3-1 with Flynn as the starter. An average QB is the difference right now. RW is currently #32 out of 32. If the Seahawks had a QB that was middle of the road we would have one more win (maybe two).

    I think RW needs to sit behind Flynn for a while. That would do him wonders. Knowing his work ethic he will be prepared when his next time comes.

  15. grizindabox24 says:

    I think PC has to make the move to Flynn just to save the locker room. The Hawks red zone efficiency is worst in the league and the biggest and easiest adjustment would be to play Flynn. If he fails, you know it is either not on the QB, or neither is the current answer. Until the Hawks can show the ability to throw on a consistent basis they will see 7-8 man fronts keying on Beast.

  16. RDPoulsbo says:

    The pared down playbook has everything to do with getting Wilson up to the speed of the NFL. I’ve seen a lot of people faulting Bevell for predictable playcalling, but the reality is until Wilson can show he can run these plays instinctively, the coaching staff will not open up the playbook. He may have looked good in preseason, but it was still nowhere near the speed of the regular season. That’s the harsh reality of starting a rookie QB and why I was for Flynn at the start of the season.

    Flynn has already had years of learning and practicing with a playbook that’s almost the same as the one Bevell is running, both in terms of Xs and Os and philosophy. When you look at the production of the passing game through 1/4 of the season and seeing historic impotence, you have to seriously think of making the change.

  17. Listening to Mitch in the morning and I think he nailed. The hawks right know have too good of a rushing attack, #1, bad ass d, #2, and great special teams to f it all up running w/ a rookie qb tryin’ to learn on the fly. When will this team have this type of opportunity again having every aspect perfect except the passing game. Even if we had the 24th ranked passing we would probably be 4-0, and I agree. What a waste of an opportunity. Put in Flynn, it literally cannot get any worst.

  18. I love our defense, but I don’ want them calling out the offense or anyone else. When they can stop guys like Bradford eating them up, maybe. But they’re not perfect. The Rams ran and threw on us. They were actually the better team. Those of you who think the Rams are some kind of doormats are living in the past.

  19. Only td from sp teams, come on. Even when we gave up the big plays, we held them to field goals. #2 D, st8 up

  20. yakimahawk says:

    TruBlu..Agreed !! Out Team is so solid every where right now that these things just dont line up that often. If we get just an avereage passing attack we go deep into the playoffs. Hopefully this staff is not caught up in their own “ego’s” that admitting a mistake (benching RW)would be to hard for them to do. i don’t believe it would but sometimes coaches have a hard time seeing whats best now vs the future!

  21. I’m not tryin to promote mitch, but he just tweeted two still pics of the last int, basically proving Wilson can’t see over the line in the middle. One pic shows the safety bailing deep leavin the middle wide open, the other shows Baldwin chillin on the now vacant space, yikes. All this before the ball is thrown.

  22. RDPoulsbo says:

    At this point in the 1992 season, Kelly Stouffer had 560 yards, 2 TDs and 3 INTs compared to Wilson’s 594 yards, 4 TDs, 4 INTs in a much friendlier passing era. Wilson also has a much better line and a monster running game to support him.

    For those who don’t remember the nightmare that was the 1992 season, the passing game being compared to that year’s production is not a good thing.

  23. ChrisHolmes says:

    I think Duke is right. Receivers are getting open. Wilson is not hitting them.

    Wilson has a lot to learn. Now, his tools and work ethic are great, and I think he will eventually turn out to be a great QB, but he has a way to travel from point A to point B. Right now he’s a young QB who stares down receivers, doesn’t manipulate the secondary with his eyes, has trouble finding 2nd and 3rd options, and frequently bails out of the pocket too soon. I think all of these things are correctable over time, but this team is really good otherwise and deserves a trigger-man who can make more plays from the pocket. To not give the ball to Flynn for a few games seems crazy to me.

    Quarterbacks need time to develop and learn and grow. History has shown that if you throw these guys into the fire, you’re going to have to deal with mistakes and a LOT of rookie errors. Peyton Manning had a horrible first season.. But you’d take the rest of his career in a heartbeat, wouldn’t you?

    I think sitting Wilson might do him some good. Watch and learn. See things differently. He has to know that sitting isn’t the end of his career.

  24. DFloydd says:

    The issues i have beyond whoever the QB is (Brady, Manning couldn’t succeed)with: averaging over 10 penalties a game (most on offense), not being able to convert on 3rd down, and defensively not being able to STOP the other team on 3rd down. Defense can bitch all they want about”doing their job” but how many times have we seen a team at 3rd & 10, 3rd & 12, 3rd & 14 and they eat our defense up over the middle of the field. Every darn time…we may be good in man coverage, press coverage, etc. but zone? not in covering the slot…i’ve seen too many times where QB’s (epsecially Kolb off the bench) throw right down the middle of the field and expose the defense EVERY TIME…it is getting old…as well as the offensive play calling…run, run pass. redzone: unless we are on the 4 yard line we’ve got to pass? makes no sense…let Lynch run until they stop him…all of these things to me fall solely on the HEAD COACH. and I like what Pete has done…but an onside kick after halftime? it’s like he trying to one-up the other coach by showing WE can do it too….I was baffled by that…especially when their kicker is FOR REAL….I am dumbfounded…

  25. Again, #2 d in the league behind Texas who has an explosive offense. Wow, watch out for those big plays, that led to feild goals, yikes. Giving up those big plays obviously isn’t good, but holding teams to under 20pts each game should end up in w’s. Stop trippin on the d, it doesn’t even make sense.

  26. I was firmly in the “Start Flynn Now” camp before the season started, so despite my feeling that Pete should stick with Wilson, if he decides to go with Flynn, I’ll support that decision and be excited to see what Flynn can do. Hopefully Flynn is trying his best to impress Pete in practice.

    The truth is, none of us really knows if Wilson will end up being a star in this league. Even Wilson himself doesn’t know. The only way to find out is to let him play. The same, of course, is true of Flynn.

  27. Wow, I just looked at the defensive rankings. When was the last time the Seahawks were in the Top Three? It’s nice to hear the word “elite” being used to describe them on national shows.

    The Carolina Panthers are giving up 27 points a game. The Seahawks, at 14 points per game, are almost two TDs better. This is a very winnable game. Then again, so was Sunday’s.

  28. I like Wilson. I think he’s going to be a fine QB in time, but that time isn’t now. I think he’s too short to consistently hit the WCO slant routes but I don’t think his height will prevent him from being a good/solid QB. This is much different than what I thought of Jackson (he sucked through and through for as seasoned as he was).

    With that being said, Wilson is like a starting pitcher that is giving up too many runs each time out (or 1/4 of a MLB season). He’s not pitching enough innings and is taxing the bullpen because the manager has to take him out early too often. There comes a time when he needs to get sent back to the minors (or bench) for more seasoning (against lesser competition). Just because he might have a .500 record, it’s probably b/c the team came back late and scored some runs in the 7th-9th innings and not because of how “well” he pitched. There comes a time when change is the right thing to do for all parties involved and that time seems obvious now for the Seahawks. It doesn’t have to be permanent, but something needs to happen. It’s not simply change for the sake of change (which is pointless) and I wouldn’t be calling for this change if Weirdbeard was still #2 on our depth chart.

  29. Get used to last place. Seattle is here for the forseable future. They arent going to beat anyone running that offense–even if Wilson executes it to perfection.

    By the time they get to the ten yard line, Lynch has been ridden so hard he’s pulled from the game. And what happens? Thats right, field goals. And you dont win on an all-field goal all the time diet.

    I thought Turbin played very well, but once the Rams stayed home and stopped giving up the cutback, it was all over. Our WR’s suck so bad it hurts. Baldwin channeled McCoy from last year on that bobbled pass that was picked, and Rice did nothing all day. Not to mention Tate, who disappeared as well as Rice did. And Miller? Did he even play?!

    14 million in salary, and what did those two (Rice and Miller) give us that a blocking TE and a PS scrub couldnt have?!

    Look, I understand completely that Wilson is a rookie. But running an offense THAT predictable WILL NOT WORK in the NFL; NOT EVER! We arent going to win if we keep not even trying on offense, no matter how well our D plays. And the D is far from perfect; what the hell was up with giving up all the third and long plays, giving WR’s a zone so soft they were open by 4 yards?! Epic fail there. And the penalties–especially the false starts and Personal Fouls?! C’mon Man! Thats terrible! THATS poor coaching!

    Im not even going to talk about the line, other than to say Carpenter looked like a fatass, and Giacomini is playing himself right out of the NFL since he got paid…Ugh!

    Im not saying Bevell needs to go all Air Coryell, but he needs to run a few more plays each game–especially in the Red Zone–and they HAVE to complete some balls downfield. Or its gonna be a really long season.

  30. bigsmooth says:

    Pete just said that Flynn is still not healthy enough to start with the elbow.

  31. madpunter88 says:

    If it is any consolation, this season is shaping up just like 2005. Loss on the road in the opener followed by two victories at home to get the fans jazzed up. Then a road loss against an inferior opponent at the dreaded 1pm eastern start in a game dominated by the opponent’s kicker. Started off the season 2-2 and with a lot of consternation, then they rattled off 11 straight victories. Wait, is that too optimistic?

    Before the season if you had said the Seahawks would start 2-2, I’d have been happy with it. Of course, I would have counted the Rams as one of those but still.

    Wilson is going to click with the receivers soon. Once that happens expect the offense to catch up to the defense. This is still shaping up to be a 9-7 or 10-6 season.

  32. Ok, I called plenty before the game: I said if they tried to cover Amendola with Tru or a LB or Chancellor, they would pay. Thats exactly what happened. Every time they tried that, he made a play. DUUUUUHHH!

    I said if they couldnt pass the ball downfield to recievers more than 10 yards, they were in trouble. Check. I said the line needed to pass pro better–adn they didnt. I said Bevell needed to not be quite so predictable–instead he was even worse.

    Seriously, the empty backfield doesnt work in Seattle. It didnt work for HAss since 2007, and it sure as hell isnt working for Wilson. And then we ran the ball like 10 straight times to get inside the 20, then on third and two we go empty backfield and try to pass?! THAT worked out real well!

    The offense has got to score more than 13 points. Thats just pathetic. Carrol must end the stupid penalties and sloppy play or he’s done. Period. ANd thats it for him in the NFL if he cant win with Allens money and our D.

    I like Flynn, but theres no way anyone can do much with our horrid offensive line. He simply wouldnt have the time to accomplish anything. Wilson isnt going to learn how to throw the ball downfield if he doesnt ever get to throw it!

    Did anyone else notice that it seemed all his throws sailed high on him?

    And as good as the D is, when our offense finally scored a couple field goals and we needed a stop to get ahead, the D failed on several third and longs and let us down again, for the fourth game in a row. Only in the Dallas game did it not matter.

    We cant count on Special Teams saving our asses week in week out like they did in Dallas. Thats only gonna happen maybe three times a year. Unfortunately, it seems Carrol doesnt get it and still thinks we can go to the playoffs and more running a High School Offense and trying to score on D and Special Teams. Hows that working out for us so far Mr. Happy?!

    Im pissed to see all the money on offense achieve worse than nothing, and to see our fine D wasted. Im sick of pathetic o-line play, penalties, and sloppiness. Enough!

  33. Pete said what, so if Wilson gets hurt, we got Portis backing him up?

  34. I swore Tru broke up that td pass to Amendola on the goal line and Rice was getting open beating his man on a couple of plays, Wilson already broke loose so he didn’t see it.

  35. Plus, I don’t believe our line is as bad as they look.

  36. Im not trying to sound arrogant, Im just pissed that my concerns and fears were born out during this game. Damn, I so wanted Carrol and company to make a fool of me and play well. But that didnt happen.

    If a fan like me who never even played college ball can call what seattle is gonna do on any given play with 80% accuracy, do you think the rest of the NFL isnt doing even better?!

    This isnt college, teams dont win on talent alone. They win by being the most disciplined, the toughest, AND by having savvy coaching. We only have toughness. And that aint gonna cut it, regardless of who is under center.

    At this point, I dont even care who plays qb. I hope it works either way, but I doubt anyone can move the ball consistently with this offense–the line stinks and so does Bevell’s offense.

  37. Carlsonkid says:

    I’ve read a couple of posts here complaining about the play calling , and I agree completely . Bevel is seriously starting to worry me ; 3rd and 2 and you go empty backfield from the shotgun ?! Carroll ( I assume ) calls for an on-side kick to start the 2nd half when you’re down 6 .. quarterback sneaks when you have both Marshawn and Turbin having a field day running the ball ? That was just plain idiotic .

    You can complain about RW all you want ; he’s a rookie whom you should expect to make rookie mistakes . But the fact our last 3 OC’s have been pathetic ( Knapp , Bates and Bevel ) has set this franchise back as much as anything else you can lay your finger on . The stupidity HAS to stop . Never thought I’d miss the days of a Mike Holmgren fullback draw up the middle on 3rd and 9 , but right now I’d give anything to have Holmgren’s offense married to Carroll’s defense .

  38. I agree, play calling was ridiculous. I’m also pissed, 2 1/2 out of 3 facets (1/2 being rushing on O) are being executed to there fullest and that 1/2 we don’t have (passing) is killing us. Bench Russel or adapt the play calling or both because this is F’in retarded right now. I hope this staff is not too stupid or stubborn to see that a change is needed. We lost to the F’in Rams. Unexceptable, period. Damn it.

  39. Good, sensible comments Flea. I agree with all except the consideration to bench Wilson.

    Duke while I agree with your comments about Wilson staring guys down. I will also say that there is a bigger, more important issue at play with the offense. The playbook.

    In the preseason the book was open and we took shots down the field to some of our guys that can actually stretch the field (Edwards and Winslow Jr.). Now we get into the regular season and it feels like PC doesn’t have the gonads to force the issue a bit and let things sail.

    The playbook is tight, Winslow is gone and Edwards…gosh when was the last time he even hit the field, much less was targeted. Game 1 last play?

    Put the consrvative approach together with the poor pass protection, mental midget errors by Breno and company, along with receivers that are often struggling to get separation, and we have what we have. Not to mention the WCO isn’t well suited to play action and with our runnning game we need to be using play action.

    Lastly, the WCO passing game (which is based on full field progression reads) needs to be swapped out for the “half field” 3 level game. I don’t know the technical name but essentialy you utilize one side of the field with mutiple routes at multiple levels of the tree. It becomes a much simpler on-the-fly read with fewer progressions. But your QB needs really good protection for this, hence the reason it plays so well with a good running game and play action.

  40. HeinieHunter says:

    My question is concerning the WR’s and is RW not seeing open guys and we are missing big opportunities. I am hearing that guys were wide open but not spotted. My questions are; how often is this happening? Is it due to size? Is he bailing to early? My other concern is if this is happening often will he lose the locker room because of it? Your thoughts?

  41. Dukeshire says:

    Let’s remember that preseason defenses are far more generic than regular season. Looks that Wilson got, from coverages to showing blitz, dramatically effect what plays he’s is capable of running. Complaints about playcalling are not taking the whole picture into account. It has far more to do than simply what Bevel / Carroll decide want to run; it has nearly everythign with what they feel Wilson can run. As he grows, so too should the variety of plays and deeper gameplans become.

  42. boycie99 says:

    I See Pete on Brock and Salk has said Wilson will be the starter next week and Flynn’s elbow issues mean he cant practice enough to prepare as a starter

  43. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    We have the #1 scoring defense in the NFC, second in the NFL to Houston. Houston is 4-0, we are 2-2 because we are literally strangling our offensive potential with a 5’10” smurf.

  44. 3rd and 2 you run it period, that’s all you have to know. Recievers are getting seperation, defenses have broken coverage, Wilson is just not seeing it. Anything up the middle, shoot, throw that out the window. After Wilson bails, anything besides a prayer can be thrown out as well. If Pete is putting handcuffs on Wilson, then that should say it all, why trust an offense to a QB that you have to keep the training wheels on, it doesn’t even make sense. If Pete doesn’t trust Wilson, why should I, and why the F is he starting. Crazy.

  45. FleaFlicker says:

    ACIB, glad to see you are back out of retirement! In your absence RADEON has picked up where you left off. Maybe we could arrange a Pessimism Showdown between you guys one of these days? RADEON is no joke, he’ll give you a run for your money.

    For better or worse, we’ve got a few more games with RW at the helm. I’m going to root for the guy in the meantime.

  46. ACIB: “we are literally strangling our offensive potential with a 5’10″ smurf.”

    I’m sure if his eyes were two inches higher, the Seahawks would be 4-0, Baldwin would have caught that pass and McCoy would not have slipped.

  47. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    ACIB, if you are going to blame everything on wilson you don’t even deserve the time of day from any reader on here.

  48. No no, he is 100% right, our two losses are entirely Wilsons fault, the receivers are open on every single play and every player on the O-line is pass protecting like Walter Jones in his prime.

  49. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Absolving Wilson of any blame in the face of mounting evidence he isn’t looking like a capable passer is ignoring reality.

  50. tchristensen says:

    Pete will continue with Wilson and the Hawks will lose their next 4 games and be 2-6. ANOTHER lost season. Enough already.

  51. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    ACIB, only a troll would say he is the problem. he is part but not all by far. let’s face it this O-line sucks in pass pro.

  52. Canfan- that ball should of went to Baldwin not mccoy. Mccoy makes the catch, he gets hit immediately. Throws to Baldwin there, by the way the lb bounced deep and no one was around him, it would of been 1st and goal.

  53. He throws to Baldwin if he is taller. Why, because he would be able to see the broken coverage over the middle

  54. Wilson should shoulder a lot more of the blame than the ol from my perspective

  55. jchawks08 says:

    Hey regulars, help me out. Is STTBM a troll or is he just really that unknowledgeable about the game? So many paragraphs of complete jibberish.

  56. dirtydan54 says:

    Hey Pete,

    If not for the blundergift on Monday night, the Seatampons are 0-3. Nice progression. When you gonna let the productive veterans you have bench warming play?

  57. ruminator1 says:

    i am not in a panic mode, yet. but it is hard to avoid the feeling that PC, as an emotional coach, makes both really good and really bad personnel decisions. I think Trufant is a great example of the latter, as are the Obo and Butler and maybe the Edwards (why is he not playing? what do they know that we don’t?)and even the Moore decisions. same with some coaching decisions. if the onside kick succeeded, he’s a genius. but it didn’t. who was responsible for the non-coverage on the touchdown?
    on Wilson–hard not to root for this guy, he is talented and very competitive, a leader. but he is not making good decisions and isn’t far enough along yet to be a take-charge leader. The coaching staff reins him in, a good thing because he is so impulsive, but a bad thing because it curtails his ability to improvise and create. I have been a supporter and i still like lots of things about him. however, i have not liked how they have dealt with Flynn. and i do think the height issue has affected and will continue to affect games negatively. watching Brees yesterday, you could see how he carefully maneuvers so that he is positioned to deliver anywhere on the field. Wilson cannot do that, not yet. critics who point out that he often cannot see receivers in the middle of the field are correct. honestly, if they are going to continue to start him i would rather they let him loose, with all the accompanying mistakes, then hold him in check and then suffer the indecision and impulsive runs, about 90% to his right.

    finally, on Flynn. he may or may not be the answer. but i sure would like to see him have several games to see what is really there. maybe change receivers a little as well.

  58. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Only a blithering fool would say this OL sucks in pass pro. Okung and Giacomini do a fine job redirected the pass rush outside of the pocket while Unger and the interior maintain a clean pocket, and this undersized Seneca Wallace clone backpedals anyway because he can’t see downfield unless he’s on the move.

  59. shoehawks says:

    Did anyone forget that the Seahawks are 2-2? Is there anyone out there who honestly would have predicted better when we saw the schedule in the preseason?

    As for this past game, if Baldwin could catch a ball that hits him square in the chest and McCoy hadn’t fallen down at just the right time, this would have been a VERY different game…

    …and would someone kindly tell me what quarterback in the league can throw an accurate ball when his arm is hit mid-throw.

    Mellow out. The Seahawks as a whole (Russell Wilson included) look as promising as they have in quite some time.

  60. ACIB–Only a blithering fool would say our pass pro is very good. Giac often takes the wrong man, often cannot block his man, and is in general having a very poor season. He appears to have Sean Alexander-itis: dude got paid and lazy. Okung has jumped offsides so many times its a running joke, and whether its injuries or stupidity or whatever, he hasnt played well at all this season–certainly not to the level expected of a top-5 pick.

    jchawks08–I dont see how I fit the definition of Troll. I havent attacked or namecalled any commenters here, nor have I tossed around insults without logic to back it up. I think Bevell and Carrol are screwing up a good team with poor game-planning, lousy preparation, and terrible playcalling; as do plenty of others. If you disagree with my points, why dont you disect them and post your rebuttal, rather than whine and call me a troll? If anyone on here fits the term troll on this thread, its you. You have yet to back your opinion up with anything except saying Im “unknowlegeable about the game”. Thats your opinion, backed up by nothing.

  61. shoehawks–In case you missed it, this is one talented roster. However, our coaching staff is not getting the job done, as evidenced by the sloppy play, terrible playcalling, and ridiculously high number of penalties each week. I for one expected far more from an offense with four high draft picks used on the offensive line, and a 7-mill a year TE and 7-mill a year WR, not to mention another WR drafted in the second round, or the stud RB Lynch. Seattle has been trying (and failing miserably) to fix the line for six years. SIX YEARS! Carrol has been at this for three. We still stink. And I for one am not about to be patient at this point. Its put up or shut up time for Carrol, Bevell, AND Cable.

    I have no beef with Wilson: he’s only gonna go as far as this flat-tired Pacer of an offense will take him. You cant throw TD passes if your OC doesnt call anything but runs and the same 5 tired passes in the red zone. He cant block for the line either.

    He’s far from perfect, and last week was frustrating, but Im still willing to be patient with HIM. He’s a rookie–Bevell, Cable, and Carrol are not.

  62. shoehawks says:

    STTBM-I wouldn’t have believed it; but I guess we agree. My post was in response to all the “get rid of Russell” posters. He is not the problem. Even with the generally uninspired play of the defense (yes, I meant that…are you trying to tell me this offense is as good as the Packers), even with the monumentally bad coaching decisions, this would have been a win if two people could have caught perfect passes. I can’t believe Russell Wilson ends up being the goat. There was so much stupidity to go around.

  63. shoehawks says:

    bad wording…should have said “are you trying to tell me that the Rams offense is as good as the Packers”

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