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Carroll clears up (kind of) the Flynn injury issue

Post by Eric Williams on Oct. 1, 2012 at 4:14 pm with 100 Comments »
October 1, 2012 4:18 pm

We asked Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll about Matt Flynn’s health status, after he told 710 ESPN Seattle that one of the reasons he’s sticking with Russell Wilson as the starting quarterback is that Flynn is still struggling with a sore elbow.

Flynn hasn’t been on Seattle’s injury report since Week 1 of the regular season when the Seahawks faced Arizona.

“Matt hasn’t had a lot of work,” Carroll said. “And we’ve hoped that it would help the elbow situation. He’s never thrown a lot in any of the practices, just he’s done the things we’ve asked him to do.

“We’ve counted on him to play in every game. We haven’t had a third quarterback on the roster because Matt can play. But we have had a pitch count on him in a sense, and made sure we didn’t work him past where we thought it was the right way to do it.

“And the one week we did, which was the Packers week, we called upon him because of the familiarity. And he had a very good week that week, and looked like he’s ready to go. But even at that, that was a limited amount of throws that week, and we’ve never had him throw the amount of throws a starting quarterback does.”

Carroll went on to say there has not been a setback in terms of Flynn’s injury, just that the coaching staff has kept his throws to a limited amount during the week.

“Matt’s ready to play,” Carroll said. “We just don’t know what’s going to happen when he gets a lot of work or a load of work. He might be all right. But we don’t know that. We have not taken him there yet. But he’s ready to play in every game, and he’s ready to go in the very next play we need him, and so the competition goes on, in my mind, as it does in every position on our football team. Our guys continue to compete.

“But he has not had the opportunity, because we give the starter all the reps. And with young guy for the first time, we’re giving him every single snap we can.”

So the bottom line is you believe Russell Wilson is the best option for your team, regardless of whether Flynn’s elbow is injured or not, right?

“We’re going with Russell right now,” Carroll said. “He’s working his tail off to get it right, and where all of the focus goes to the quarterback position, there’s a lot of guys who figure into what’s going on, and he’s one of them. So we’re just trying to get better.”

Crystal clear, right?

Carroll did say that Wilson missed tight end Zach Miller for an easy play in the red zone when he scrambled to the right.

“That’s the one we regret most of all because it could have changed the game,” Carroll said.

Carroll said on the final Hawks’ offensive play of the game that Wilson had Doug Baldwin open in the middle of the field and that he was an option, but also Anthony McCoy was open had he not slipped on the out route.

Carroll said that offensive lineman James Carpenter played well in his first game of the year.

“We ran a lot to the left,” Carroll said. “He did a really good job of covering his guy up. He made it through the game.”

Offensive guard John Moffitt likely will be out at least another week with his knee issue.

Carroll also said that he did consider putting right tackle Breno Giacomini on the bench after the two personal foul penalties, but that he now understands he has to dial it back a little bit.

“The fact that he’s gone across the line is not okay,” Carroll said. “But he’s trying to figure all of that out and take it to the hilt, and be aggressive and tough. And give great effort and make those great decisions as well.”

Offensive lineman Allen Barbre, who was on the reserve/suspended list for the first four weeks of the season serving a four-game suspension for violating the league’s substance abuse policy for performance enhancing drugs was released today.

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  1. NWPoseidon says:

    Hmmmm okay Pete

  2. wallinator says:

    I was hollering at the TV for Wilson to hit Miller in the Red Zone when he threw high out of the back of the End Zone. Seattle is so close to being 4-0. It’s both a good thing and very frustrating. A different pass here or there and 4-0 was right there….Carolina will be a good test for our D. The Panthers have good players across the board on offense. Seattle’s offense needs to figure out how to get in the End Zone or it could be a long day & an even longer flight back from the East Coast. One positive is that it’ll be a 4pm EST kick, so a normal 1pm kick that the team is used to.

  3. FleaFlicker says:

    In the interests of keeping this blog enjoyable and engaging, can everybody dial back the venom a bit?

    We’re all frustrated. No need to take it out on each other.

  4. Nice to hear they thought Carp did well. Boy, he looked fat and slow though. Notice no mention of his pass pro, just his run blocking lol! Way to focus on the positive Petey!

    Breno is a dipspit for sure. Damn, you got paid, now get it together!

    And Doug Baldwin looks like garbage out there–rusty or what?! WTF?!

    Man, I hope next week shows improvement on Offense.

  5. FleaFlicker says:

    Last comment was a general remark after the last couple days of this blog. Not directed at this thread or any particular person.

  6. Lynch is such a stud, I think too many are just expecting him to do the impossible all the time. This guy is killing himself for our team! What a total animal! And he’s getting not much in return from the other players. I hope we get it together before Beast Mode wears down…

  7. FleaFlicker – Good point.

  8. Pete has a starting pitcher that’s giving up a bunch of runs each game but the team finds a way to win despite his struggles. But, hey, his team is winning, nevermind that he’s last in the league in ERA. Stay the course…

  9. NWPoseidon says:

    Venom, now that’s a Spider-Man villain.

  10. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Honestly, at this point I’m just disgusted.

  11. FleaFlicker says:

    Frustrated by Breno’s penalties as well. But hard to fault a guy for getting too physical when blocking for Marshawn. As we all know, Marshawn ain’t down until Marshawn says so.

    Yes, they were costly yards, but I think if we were in Breno’s position it’s not as clear cut. Seriously, until you hear that whistle, it’s never a suprise to see a four man pile churning forward for a couple more yards. First game back with the full time refs. Hopefully a one time event.

  12. JazBadAzz says:

    If it wasn’t for Breno, the seahawks would still be called soft! He caan play as much as his heart desire!

    Russell can’t see over the middle like he did in college, the players are just to fast and big. This will be a problem all the time, and Im already bothered by this!

  13. bbnate420 says:

    Not sure why some people thought our ST were so great on Sunday. I thought they were clearly outplayed. Against whom did the Lambs score their TD?

  14. RDPoulsbo says:

    It sounds like Pete is trying to walk back his comments from this morning, which were all kinds of wrong. He implied that Flynn was injured but not putting him on the weekly injury reports, which brings down fines from the league office. He made it the first argument he made against QB controversy, which really implies he didn’t have confidence in Wilson but was playing him anyway.

    Really though, it should bother people that the QB production is flirting with not just worst in the league this year, which it is, but is currently on pace for the 2nd worst in franchise history. Regardless of scheme, that should be unacceptable for any fan. That’s not just 1 play here or there where they could have done something different, but in totality of 1/4 of a season gone by.

  15. pabuwal says:

    A player only has to be listed if they are limited in practice.

  16. VNHLNFAN says:

    i think paul allen has pete on the 5 year plan.

  17. chrisj122 says:

    I’m waiting for AaronCurryIsBust to change his log in name to RusselWilsonIsBust. Lol……

  18. MEhawkfan says:

    I think it implies he intends to play Wilson regardless and is willing to give him another game or two despite what the fans might think. He knows how bad things look. He was reaching for some type of legitimate argument to support his position because he knows people won’t buy his “gut” theory anymore after the previous game. Unfortunately, “Flynn Elbow” was almost as much of a reach.

  19. MEhawkfan says:

    For Carroll, I think it’s a matter of “we’re this close.” It seems to me he believes Wilson is close to getting things right. I think he’s looking at things with a “glass half full” perspective. After all, if the TE doesn’t slip, it’s a good possibility the Hawks win that game. Wilson is a mixed bag, alright, but I think Carroll is still confident he will get it together sooner rather than later.

  20. edstang45 says:

    Eric called that play on the game chat…I didn’t see Miller so cudos to those who also were screaming at the TV…..but I’m wondering is it too much to ask of a 4 game old rookie to make these reads rolling out, with pressure on his ass?? I’m not making excuses, would have Flynn made that pass to Miller, would have he triesd to fire it in to the tight coverage where RW just threw it away, and maybe threw a pick?? My point is “Are the plays being called, putting whoever is in there in a good situation or are they putting them in a position to fail?? several time we were just running it down their throat, even in the red zone or not but got into a 3rd and 3-4 and they chose to pass against pressure instead of continueing to run it, which had been very successful?? that is whats frusterating to me!!!! I believe we had 2 scoring opportunities stopped with the pass when I believe we could have gottien 1st downs or td with the run…..

  21. chuck_easton says:

    So who do we choose with our top ten draft pick in 2013?

    Pete just admitted he’s going to ride Wilson good or bad. I was looking forward to a 9-7 or maybe a 10-6 record this year. We just have to pray for everything to break our way so we can go 8-8.

    But hey, we’re gonna be real good in 2013 if Wilson can grow another 2 inches over the winter.

  22. VNHLNFAN says:

    And the cradle will rock..

  23. Strategicdust says:

    Sooo, Flynn is ready to go but not really without getting reps. Wilson is our guy (for now) but really he’s just a guy in the mix. Geno needs to dial it back a bit but don’t change what’s he doing. Yipes…
    I really like Wilson as a person and the leadership skills he brings to the team. I think he’s an extremely impressive person and that people REALLY like him. Let’s hope this coaching staff doesn’t let his story cloud their vision of what works for a winning team.

  24. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    bobby, stop just stop. you have had nothing constructive to add for weeks you piss and moan and cry for flynn last year it was whitehurst. it’s pointless at this point to beg for flynn you’re not going to get him. this was a great blog before you and other started bitching about everything. sad part is this blog was better when mora was coach. at least then there was a legitimate bitch. we have a team that is so close but not yet there and you all wanted a super bowl last year as did i.

    i want everyone to take a step back and think about where this team was under mora… now really what do you have to bitch about? # 2 scoring D exciting special teams great running game…

    to many people wanted whitehurst last year and when they got him and he utterly failed. i wouldn’t mind seeing flynn but i also wouldn’t mind giving wilson a game or two more. too many negative people on the blog now.

    i seem to remember a lot of people saying they would be happy if we were 2/2 at this point.

  25. chrisj122 says:

    I have questioned starting Wilson from the beginning, never saw the logic in starting a rookie when it’s not necessary but that debate is old and over.

    Every part of the team is doing very well, from Defense, Special Teams, Running game but the passing game is garbage for whatever reason.
    We are at a point where we can still salvage this season if our passing improves and the best chance of that happening is by changing QB’s.

    If we start Flynn things cannot get any worse, we have nothing to lose. However if we stay the course we will throw away the rest of the season and waste a great defense.

  26. Dukeshire says:

    Listen, Carroll knows Wilson is struggling but he’s not going to call him out in public. Carroll is trying to balance, what has become, a pretty ugly QB situation. For those who want to hear some type of crystal clear statement on the matter you are either kidding yourselves or not familiar with how NFL coaches operate.

  27. DreadHawks says:

    This is a by product of sharing the reps in camp IMHO. WR’s and Qbs not on the same page. Carroll spoke these same words last year about we are close and he was right to a degree. However last year it was too little too late. I’m hoping this year it’s not but we are already 0-2 in division….not good.

  28. bbnate420 says:

    Yeah, I don’t understand how anyone could defend sticking with a QB that is 2-2 with passer ratings of 62.9, 79.6, 58.7, and 93.4 in his first 4 games. How could anyone defend RW with those number? Oh wait, those numbers are for TOM FREAKIN BRADY. Numbers seem pretty similar to me. RW even has a better rating. Not that RW will be Tom Brady. Just means some people need to take a chill pill and dial back the doom and gloom.

    Chuck, I’ll go on record for Keenan Allen or Robert Woods in that scenario.

  29. MEhawkfan says:

    I wonder about those third and short pass plays as well. It seems they are trying to fool a defense they feel is going to be stacked against the run; however, this would require an ability to effectively execute a third and short pass play, which the Hawks don’t seem capable of doing.

  30. chrisj122 says:

    hawkfaninoklahoma – So if others on here share your opinion it’s a legitimate bitch but if it’s different than your it’s piss, moan and crying?

    If we all regurgitated the exact same opinions this would be a very boring forum. Reading the different opinions makes it interesting and at times insightful.

    It’s not unreasonable to question Pete’s decision to start a rookie who was a 3rd round pick and undersized. Especially when they went out and signed Matt Flynn, A QB who is much more ready to win now.

    If you can’t see that as being debatable you need to wake up and smell yourself. And I don’t really recall many people chanting Charlie Whitehurst’s name. He was made fun of on here more than anything and became know on this board as Clipboard Jesus.

  31. OKLAHOMA I’m with ya! 2and2 works for me at this point! It’s either sink or swim,I think we are going to swim.swim like mark fricken spitz!let’s all be positive and no more contempt before investigation it really is out of control. Are we fans or just A holes it truly Is debatable at this point!

  32. Dukeshire says:

    bbnate420 – Brady threw for 3 TD and like 350 yards in his 3rd start. The passer rating may be similar, but that doesn’t tell the story. In any case…

  33. I just want to know really, are some people in their own little bubble. Haven’t really read into this thread, but from the last few, do people think that our D, special teams and running game will just stick around until our passing game catches up. Hello, injuries and other shit happen. This year we have the ability to do something special with what we have and we are seriously wasting it a way with a handcuffed rookie. We our 0-2 in our division which is unacceptable. I love the argument that we are 2-2 and comparring it to other situations that appeared simular, but wait, did they have the #1 and #2 rushing and d respectively with an accomadating special teams, did they have two other teams in their division that look as good as SF and AZ? If Wilson is the answer, why is he handcuffed then. Pete needs to come to reality with what he has good and bad, maybe he can stop spoiling what is good with what is bad bfore it’s too late. Please, someone help me understand.

  34. And for redzone offense, when everything gets bottled up down their, it’s even harder for an undersized qb to see anything, i.e. Miller.

  35. MEhawkfan says:

    I like to think Carroll had a predetermined expiration date, if things weren’t going well, for the Wilson experiment when he jumped into it. It seems his rope is a bit longer than that of what seems to be a majority of the fans on this blog.

    Those are good points, TruBlu. When is the season lost? What will it take now to remain competitive in the division? Will the Hawks have to sweep the Niners and beat both the Cards and the Rams at home? And if they do, will that be enough? With all that in mind, since Carroll is sticking with him, is he now ready to let Wilson loose?

  36. Thanks, I try

  37. chuck_easton says:

    Well since we are committed to Wilson for the remainder it makes my Sundays much easier! I can watch the Seahawks games without really caring. 2012 is just an extended pre-season for 2013. If they manage to win 6 or 7 games this year good on em.

    Too bad they had all the tools to do much better! But we mustn’t question anything because we are all idiots and only the coaching staff really knows what’s going on. It isn’t our place to question their infinite wisdom and knowledge.

    And to think I spent all those years playing and coaching sports with the silly thought that the idea was to win! Boy was I misguided. It’s all about getting better for next year!

    So who do we open the regular season against in 2013? Can’t wait for regular season!

  38. Real simple – trust the coach or don’t! I personally know the coach knows a hell of alot more about this team than me—–CASE CLOSED

  39. MEhawkfan says:

    I could be wrong, but I’m not sure Wilson missing Miller was altogether a result of his lack of stature. I saw Miller come open on that play, and it seemed to me Wilson had already decided to toss it out the back of the endzone before Miller broke open. I’m not saying his size isn’t a liability; I just had the impression on that play it was more a case of him not waiting long enough for things to develop. I thought he was pretty quick to throw it away.

  40. That’s even scarier then.

  41. bulldog80 says:

    I can’t believe all of this whining. You guys calling Pete names and pissed cause the sky is falling need to double the meds and squeeze the stress ball harder. Pete is a great coach and he has put together the most talented team we’ve seen in some time. If any of you expected RW to come in here and throw for 300 yards a game you live in fantasy land. HE’S A ROOKIE!! Peyton Manning went 3-13 his rookie year for crying out loud. Get off the ledge and be patient.

  42. MEhawkfan says:

    Perhaps, but the one he can, in theory, eventually overcome. I don’t expect he’ll see another growth spurt. Actually, I take that back, he could overcome both issues if he can learn to throw open receivers and also anticipate the point at which they will come open.

  43. jboard1 says:

    Watching cutler step up in the pocket and make throws makes me jealous. Makes me wonder if Flynn could do that…at least a little bit of it

  44. seahawk44 says:

    This blog is hard to read sometimes after a loss and I’ve been reading it for 10+ years.

    This team is great in many areas and we must trust that the passing game will improve. Everyone needs to improve from QB, WR, OL & coaching. With a few different plays converted they could be 4-0 in spite of a.sputtering passing game.

  45. GooseRocks says:

    Pressing the panic button on a 2-2 start is ridiculous. Don’t get too high with a win (last week), and too low with a loss (this week). There’s a lot of emotional, reactionary and passive-aggressive post after losses that could be on reality TV. Here’s to fixing 3rd down defense, 3rd down offense, and reducing pre and post-play penalties. I could watch 1st and 2nd down defense all day. And Mebane is off to an incredible start this year.

  46. chrisj122 says:

    Chuck – usually sarcasm doesn’t really translate well on the Internet but you do a wonderful job of making it quite clear. Lol…..

  47. twillis says:

    @bbnate420, where did you get those ratings? Brady 2012 per ESPN (RAT, not QBR)

    BUF 120.1, 22/36 for 340, 3 TD, 0 INT
    BAL 101.2, 28/41 for 335, 1 TD, 0 INT
    ARI 79.6, 28/46 for 316, 1 TD, 1 INT
    TEN 117.1, 23/31 for 236, 2 TD, 0 INT


    STL 45.8, 17/25 for 160, 0 TD, 3 INT
    GB 99.3, 17/25 for 130, 2 TD, 0 INT
    DAL 112.7, 15/20 for 151, 1 TD, 0 INT
    ARI 62.5, 18/34 for 153, 1 TD, 1 INT

    Luck through 3, FWIW:

    JAX 75.7, 22/46 for 313, 2 TD, 1 INT
    MIN 107.5, 20/31 for 224, 2 TD, 0 INT
    CHI 52.9, 23/45 for 309, 1 TD, 3 INT

    The difference in QBR is far worse for TB/RW. Say what you will about whether or not RW should sit, but I don’t think there’s an argument to be made that he’s hanging with Brady. Not to mention that I think you can argue that RW’s numbers are inflated a bit given what the staff is letting him do (‘course, that’s kinda the point of keeping the training wheels on — limit RW’s potential for mistakes). I don’t find the comparisons to other QBs terribly compelling at this point. I, for one, haven’t seen much improvement in the offense over the first four games.


  48. Dude, you can’t compare Wilson to other players when they were rookies unless they had the same talent around them. Also, whats the point of improving all aspects of a team except the one that is losing you games, kind of is the opposite of coaching I would think. So it’s cool that Pete has built up this awsesome D and rushing game only to let it waste away with such a putrid passing game. Great plan coach. And everytime he talks, I feel like he’s trying to hide something or is trying to be sneaky, more so then most other coaches.

  49. MEhawkfan says:

    Maybe not panic button time, but 0-2 in the division is a hard reality.

  50. Loss to a divisional opponent, oh yeah, it was the Rams. 0 -2 in the division fellas, not just hey, we’re 2-2.

  51. NWPoseidon says:

    “The sky is falling! The sky is failing!”

    – Chicken Little, a typical Seahawk fan.

  52. seahawk44 says:

    Hypothetical possible scenario :

    Seattle wins next 2 games but Wilson continues to put up mediocre passing Stats. Will there still be a call for Flynn? The last thing this young team needs is a QB controversy. I’ve seen it kill team chemistry too many times.

    Hypothetical possible scenario 2:

    Seattle loses next week. PC makes change to Flynn. Seattle then proceeds to lose to NE & SF with same passing offense problems. Then what?

  53. Well from what I’m seeing, the typical seahawk fan is one that just blindly accepts whats happening and never questions anything. Wow, I’m starting to get flashbacks to when Tim Ruskell new more than all of us because he was part of the FO. Obviously a little extreme, but damn, can’t ever question anything or have any different ideas anumore.

  54. Listen to the D and Rices post game interviews, let me know if there’s some doubt already in that locker room.

  55. Then we’re drafting another QB

  56. MEhawkfan says:

    Mediocre passing stats don’t matter, but touchdowns in the redzone are essential. I wonder if part of Wilson’s trouble, in addition to being a rookie, is he’s not playing loose enough. He seems a little mechanical out there at times. Could Carroll’s emphasis on not turning the ball over be causing Wilson to second-guess himself a bit. Certainly his confidence must be rocked a little now. It’s gut-check time for him, and it will be interesting to see how he handles things on Sunday. I think we’ll find out a little more about Russell Wilson in this next game.

  57. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    There should be no controversy. Russell Wilson is playing like garbage and needs to swiftly be benched.

  58. GooseRocks says:

    Agree with 0-2 sucking. We could of had both. The Rams are arguably better than six or seven AFC teams this year, but quite a few keep thinking they are the Lambs. The NFC is a much tougher conference. Like the Seahawks were the first year, the Rams are creating their own hard-nose identity under Fisher. And IMO, Fisher has started with more talent than Carroll. And we lost both games on the road. If we were at the half way point, and lost critical division games at home and on the road, then yeah, I would have a different perspective.

  59. You can go back a few years and see that I have questioned PC and his abilities – not just because we lost yesterday –

    They have not yet seemed to make a correct decision on a QB – not just people on this blog but People who have studied and played in the NFL have consistently questioned his decision making at this position.

    His Badass defense – Well for how “great” they are can you answer me 2 things.

    1. How come we STILL can’t get consistent pass rush on the QB and REALLY struggle to get more than 1 yard into the back field when we only rush 3?

    2. Seattle has given up at least 8 – 3rd and 9 or more situations. 4 in Dallas game and 4 yesterday. Don’t even know how many in the Arizona game or the GB game. Dallas gave up it’s first and only, of the season, tonight only after Cutler survived a monster sack attempt and dumped a pass down field that the WR dived for and caught – but We could debate all day long who has the better D – (I would say we all think Seattle)

    I soo want Pete to succeed but he still has to prove it to me – I will not follow him blindly this year. Fact is he has NEVER improved from one season to the next while in the NFL – they BEST he has done is go 7-9 to match his 7-9 from the year before, Do I believe this team COULD be better than that this year – YES. But they need to prove it too me.

    Also, This summer – his “plan” for the QB competition changed all the time – but it “didn’t” i.e All 3 qb’s will continue to get equal reps in practice – only to see Flynn get more –

    Just 10 days ago on June 20th PC said Matt was fine – but he’s not?!?!? I am confused

    We always compete and Win forever – but we limit our offense to protect a qb – again – I am confused

    So Pete- you have more knowledge and Exp than I do in the NFL – please PROVE to me (and the rest of the fans) that you know how to use it to win games – and get in the play-offs – oh and BTW – when you start getting to the play-offs. I am going to expect that you can win there too, more often than not

  60. GooseRocks says:

    Good point ME.

  61. seahawk44 says:

    Trublu, there are 2 types of fans. Those who panic too early and those that do not.

    What matters is that the team doesn’t dig too deep of a hole with their record. There are still 12 games remaining in the season, and the teams that are playing their best at the end usually are the playoff winners. (Giants)

    We knew going into this season that the difficult part of the schedule was early. To be honest, I thought it was a possibility that the team could go [2-6 to 4-4 in first 8] and [5-3 to 8-0 in last 8] when I first saw the schedule.

    That being said, it is good for the blog to have different opinions.

  62. PugetHawk says:

    I think this week is a pretty big, almost must-win, game. Pats coming in the following week and then two more on the road. Pete has a big job ahead of him if he wants to keep this team on track for the playoffs. If you would have said we’d be 2-2 with losses to the Cards and Rams before the season started I would be shocked.
    It is crucial that Baldwin and Miller get going this week. Wilson has to stay in the pocket and be okay with getting hit. Scramble when necessary but not after his initial read. Make a couple levels of reads and let the line block. He’s a rookie, and he’s no Cam Newton or RGIII.
    Remember this blog after the Chiefs pre-season win? Wilson was the next franchise QB and all was great. Wasn’t that a little over a month ago? Funny how short our memories are when times are tough.

    Go Hawks!

  63. chrisj122 says:

    Our domination of the Cowgirls is starting to look less impressive because they really aren’t very good at all.
    oh how I hate the Cowgirl fan base.

  64. bulldog80 says:

    Wilson doesn’t really seem to have a rapport with ANY of the starting WR’s or TE’s. They seem out of sync.

  65. seaturkeys says:

    I bet Romo is available!

  66. They should bench Romo & start Orton!!!! lmao

  67. OK – please tell me what I’m allowed to write so I can write it…

  68. chuck_easton says:

    That’s easy BobbyK,

    You can only say that everything is GREAT! The team is THAT close to being undefeated. Our coach is a genious and knows more about football than anyone. We are the absolute best and 2-2 and 0-2 in the division really isn’t that bad. And of course you must end all posts with the fact that our QB is a future HOFer and if his o-line would just block for him and his WR’s wouldn’t stop dropping the ball on purpose he’d be leading the league right now.

    Any questions?

  69. Not so tru blu—— I feel for ya!I’m glad I’m not a whining moron or I would feel the same way!OUCH…. I’m out…….check back in to remind all of you not so tru fans what you were saying in OCTOBER ! you people blow my mind! All I know ISI’ve met plenty of football fans in my life and thank god there not all like you negative no it all EINSTEINS on this blog! since we are all about sharing our opinions on this JOKE of a blog THERE’S MINE!IOH By the way GO DUCKS !!! u dog lovin pukes

  70. Everybody rips on ruskell and all he did is get us to a superbowl. Gee wow let me pull myhead out of my ass so I can quit acting like CE AND BK

  71. So tell me JIRISH – what did Ruskell do to get us to the superbowl and keep us there

    then why did he get fired – and why did he get fired from the job after that too?

    Just checking – since clearly those NFL people don’t know what they are doing because gee Ruskell took Seattle to the superbowl. – which they didn’t win – and ????

    oh while we are at it I would like you to meat the kettle

  72. We were 2-6 to start the year last year and went 5-3 the rest of the way. I think we’ll go 4-4 the first half and finish up 6-2. The schedule is just stacked that way, and I really believe we will get better and better every week. Btw, we all liked what we saw in RW in the preseason but nobody thought he was a future hall of famer. We just never had a mobile qb with a strong arm who was well spoken and a natural leader, and we were all just amped up. If you were a true hawk fan then you have to admit you were very excited this preseason. I was and still am a strong supporter of Wilson but I’m not blind. I didn’t think he would struggle this badly and not have a 200 yd game yet. But, hey, he’s a rookie! He will take his lumps and learn from them and improve. If he is as intelligent as we all think he is, and also ambitious and relentless with his work ethic, it is going to start clicking sooner rather than later. This ain’t over by a longshot. Those who want to try to put the nail on RW’s coffin can do so. Just cuz a rookie struggles you abandon him? That’s the damn definition of fair-weather. I, for one, still think he has what it takes and will continue to defend him. We need to put him in a better position to succeed in this offense. And that is on the coaches. I care about the hawks and want them to win just like everyone else. But RW still has so much potential and we need to stick with him over the rough patches as he gets his game experience. Those that are bashing Pete, I guess Jon Gruden, with his SB ring, doesn’t know what he’s talking about either. Go Hawks!

  73. bigmike04 says:

    So Pete is clearing the air, kind of on the QB situation is like Mitt Romney clearing the air that, he will be a bad president..

    If Matt Flynn is hurt than why don’t the seahawk signed a QB.. No offensive to Josh Portis who on PS but let face it, Pete Caroll has no faith in him as during this yr training camp open competion it was between T Jack, Flynn & Wilson.. Portis didn’t get a shot at all to show, what he can do except playing against last game of pre season against their 3rd string guys..

    So it seem like if Flynn is not healthy at 100 Percent that Seahawks should consider bringing in QB at Vet mminimum for insurance..

  74. boycie99 says:

    Great post CCVI and I agree with everything you say.
    I was excited to see Wilson play after Pre-Season and yes admit hes struggled, but we are 2-2 and I find it tedious to see all the negativity and Wilson and Caroll bashing.

    The facts are, the job was Flynn’s to lose and he lost it. He did nothing in pre season and was beat out by Wilson. It also seemed Pete was never high on Flynn from the outset as he seemed to praise anyone but Flynn but signed him a little out of desperation when things werent looking great draft wise with where we sat.

    It seems a lot calling for Flynn argued that he was never given a fair chance in Pre Season with the play calling and being made to feed T.O are then saying oh its all Wilsons fault and has nothjing to do with the WR or the play calling.

    The bottom line is Wilson is a rookie and will struggle, there are not many rookies who dont, to jump all over him and call for Flynn who really since being here has done nothing is counter productive and a real negative for the Hawks

  75. This team wins 6 games if Wilson stays at the helm, 7 tops.

    Carroll is “all-in” on 7-9 seasons. Much like the RW interception was ruled a touchdown, the 7-9 record isn’t gonna win you any more divisions any time soon.

  76. steffonator says:

    Why not have Pete and company “COMPETE” Let’s bring in a half dozen head coaches and offensive coordinators and give them all a chance to compete and see who’s still standing and see how ole Pete likes it even though he thinks he’s the best. Heck we have Gable on staff right now and he is/was a head coach, must drive him nuts watching all this college coaching crap, let’s let Him compete right now for the job.
    Does anybody think Paul Allens people read our posts? Hope so.

  77. Dukeshire says:

    So things have now gotten to the point where Ruskell is good GM? It’s a *fact* that it was Flynn’s job to lose? Sweet Jesus… I know everyone’s emotions are high, but the majority of posts are simply unreadable here, now. The dumbing down of fandom live and direct at Seahawk Insider.

  78. chuck_easton says:


    Now stop that. Haven’t you heard? We must never critisize anything the coaching staff does!

    We must never question our players inability to actually,um, play their position.

    Everything must be sunshine and happiness or we aren’t ‘real fans’ and should just ‘go away’ and stop posting!

    That is the new motto around here apparently. Only those who are just happy to be here are allowed to post.

    It’s all cool. The team is just going through some growing pains. They’ll turn it around, really. The are still going to be 14-2 and our QB probably grew 4 inches in his sleep last night while having the entire playbook surgically implanted in his brain by team doctors!

    Didn’t you know? No Debbie Downers allowed around here. Now you just have to go away until you can find something nice to say.

  79. Test post

  80. Cool, last night it stopped letting me post, which was great because I guess now I’m a moron because I’m not happy with what I’ve seen from MY team so far. Oh well, I love watching us not do anything the whole game and then try to do it all at the end, makes perfect sense. Especially with a QB in training wheels the entire game, except on the last drive when they allow him to take them off in despiration. Awesome because it’s worked 1 out of 3 tries and the one time it did work it actually didn’t. That’s just an opinion from a fairweather fan I guess.

  81. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    it’s funny this a half and half blog. about half although not happy with the loss at this point trust management. the other half think they are football gods and know everything our coaching staff doesn’t. you all are like the a bunch of old women.

    i am willing to bet the bunch calling for flynn are the same bunch calling for whitehurst a year ago? that worked out real well didn’t it?

    i am not saying anyone can’t say what’s on there mind. really thou people i have never seen such a neurotic group of people in my life. worst part is some of you aren’t happy even when we win.

    i have played and coached football the problem with this offense is coaching. here is why. go back and watch the first drive they called plays to wilson’s strengths short to intermediate passes setting up the run, 7 points. we start second drive same way penalties stall drive punt. next 2 quarters they get away from what worked then go back to it and it starts working again. the coaching staff needs to work to wilsons strengths instead of trying to cram a square peg in a round hole. no quarterback sees all the field all the time, especially a rookie. even brady and roger miss open receivers.

    see guys it easy state what you see is wrong with out vomiting negativity on everyone here. no need to beat up wilson because somehow being 6’1 somehow makes it easier to see over 6’5 lineman please.

  82. confucious says:

    It is tedious Tru, you’re right. Let’s see…ROOKIE qb. 4 games in, Different offensive line combinations every game, Defense that has trouble against the quick slant, O.C. that has difficulty with play calling.(switching to emtpy backfield pass play on 3rd and short after successfully rushing the whole field.) All things considered .500 ain’t so bad. They have a lot of work to do. But I think you have to stay the course. It’s only been 4 games.

  83. Do you realize what the window of opportunity is this year with the way the rest of our team is playing, it doesn’t come along much, actually, it hasn’t been this good ever with the Hawks and we are blowing it with our passing game. That’s it plain and simple. I want the Hawks to win, despertly, but you have to be blind not to see that a change needs to done to take advantage of this opportunity. We can wait for Wilson and/or Pete to start trusting him more and just let this year slip through the cracks, but it’s all good right, there’s always next year. Come on, just do something, even just a little bit more with the passing game, please. Clown on me or whatever, but shit doesn’t just come along like this, do something with it while you can.

  84. confucious says:

    Honestly what was the Hawks record supposed to be this year? I thought 8-8 would be a good showing with a new/rookie qb at the helm.

  85. It does make it easier to see over there pads however.

  86. chuck_easton says:


    How DARE you say not nice things about Pete Carroll! You do know that he has veto power over Bevell right? Bevell has his hands tied by PC just like Wilson does.

    So, you’re saying that the problem is the head coach? Blasphamy! You should be ashamed of yourself.

  87. Vancouver_Hawk68 says:

    The loss to the Rams was very frustrating due to the fact that they converted so many third and long and also scored on the fake and on unlikely field goals. Despite the frustration I really think that this board is overreacting. Some were calling for Flynn to start the season due to the fact that they were weary about starting a rookie. I was sitting on the fence myself, clearly seeing the potential of RW and wondering if it was wise to go with a rookie at the most important position. After watching the first four games it seems clear that RW does not yet have some of the tools that a more seasoned signal caller uses. He is not diverting safeties with his eyes, he is not opting out of plays at the LOS and he does not have the instinctive knowledge to make the right movements in the pocket. This was to be expected and we should not be too surprised. However, we should be surprised that the coaching stuff is not doing a better job of mixing up the play calling. We all watched the beautiful touchdown to Tate in the Green Bay game that came off play action. The Beast is getting almost 5 yards a carry and all that is called on third down is a pass with an empty backfield. Rookie or not, I don’t get it. Don’t understand the passes on third and short either. The same applies to the defense. What is up with the soft scheme on third and long? If the Rams do not convert those, the game is not even close. Not even mentioning the onside kick.

    RW will continue to go through growing pains but I do not see that he is supported much by the play calls. His receivers are not world beaters but my impression is that he has been told not to throw into tight windows. In the NFL of today, you will have to do that, so I put it on the coaching staff again much more than on RW. The DBs in this league are too good to expect three meters separation every time.
    The issue of a rookie quarterback is amplified by the fact that the only big weakness of the team seems to be pass protection. RW does not have a lot of time to make his decisions and we have seen that on a good percentage of his throws he is not coming up with the optimal decision quickly enough.

    On the whole though, this team is competitive in every game and has great talent on both sides of the ball. As a fan I really hope that some of the correctable issues (penalties, play calling, third down defense) get sorted out. I believe that this is possible because we actually have the talent unlike Cleveland or Jacksonville.

    Let’s be positive and optimistic.

    Go Hawks.

  88. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    chuck you are a troll. i said it’s a coaching problem…that means it falls in pete’s lap he is the head coach after all. wilson should not of had to throw more than 6 passes in the second half if that . they were stacking the box and still couldn’t stop our backs. now that’s stupid run the ball to the 20 then pass pass pass field goal. chuck i am not happy but i am not puking negative BS that has really nothing to do with the problem.

    trublu, really think about what you just said at best it is a broken glimpse of a receiver. the line is not giving him throwing lanes. it’s threw the throwing lanes you get you viability if you don’t believe me line up 10 guys 6’5 in front of you and tell me what you see.i watched the game last nite cutler had a pretty pocket on most plays Wilson’s is half that size on an average play. you shrink the pocket and you shrink the throwing windows down to nothing. i would like to see more shotgun draws worked well against the rams.

    tru, much better on the post civil not negative and you got your point across. i think your wrong but that is neither here nor there. Baltimore has had a dominate D for years now.

  89. It looks like we have only 2 years window for this team:
    1) Lynch can be productive on this level with this physical style may be two more years;
    2) Many of defensive stars have to be resigned in 2 years and it will cost beyond the team ability(with Clem, Mebane and Bryant already signed to big contracts), so some of them have to go;
    It will be crime to spend this year. I would say try one may be two more games. If we will see the same start Flynn.
    I don’t want to see anothen 3 years of rebuild starting 2014.
    Many people says “hey, RW is only rocky, what you want from him? He performs well for rocky.
    Here is some stats:

    Robert Griffin III
    rate – 103.2 Yds/G – 267.5 pct – 69.4

    Jake Locker(first year starter)
    rate – 90.2 Yds/G – 195.2 pct – 63.2

    Andrew Luck
    rate – 53.3 Yds/G – 282.0 pct – 75.4

    Russell Wilson
    rate – 73.5 Yds/G – 148.5 pct – 60.0

    RGiii is not rocky?

  90. Which one of those guys in on a playoff ready team?

  91. I also think it’s a coaching issue, but you got to think about what is causing the issue. I believe it’s the fact that Pete dosen’t trust RW. If Flynn was in there, and yes I could be wrong, but I think the play calling would be a little more different.

  92. trout_hound says:

    It’s funny, everyone thought we would be 2-2 now anyway, but because we beat the Cowboys and Packers, everyone’s expectations are way up. At least we’ve been competitive. We have an extremely tough schedule this year, its going to be hard to hang with the 49’ers and now the Cards regardless of who is starting at QB. We all knew Flynn would be more game ready than Wilson, but Wilson may have more upside long term. Flip the coin. Now Wilson has twice as much NFL game experience as Flynn. Does that matter? Not many quarterbacks alive have been successful their first year starting. Holmgren, QB guru that he is, always said it takes three years in a system before a QB really gets it. Look at the Texans. They’ve been building and building with defense and a good running game, their QB has the system down, and now they are clicking. They were patient, and we should be too. If we want success this year, it comes down to Bevell, and his ability to call plays to our team’s strengths, get some rhythm going on offense, mix it up just enough to keep defense on their toes, and score some points so we don’t have to rely on our awesome D so much. Eliminating turnovers is a big part of success as well. At least none of Wilson’s interceptions were due to mental errors on his part. I for one think he’ll improve. The big question is Carolina, and what can we do to stop Big Cam and take advantage of their so-so D. Be thankful we are not the Saints or the Lions this year. People had legitimate expectations for them. Right now, we are a middle-of-the pack team that might surprise some people. Top ten? Not yet. Super bowl team? Not likely. Deal with it. The best thing, though, is we WILL improve. I for one will support the Hawks through hell and high water, just like I’ve been doing every fall since 1976.

  93. tdogg75 says:

    So Pete says that Matt can play but that they don’t know what will happen if he does….. Isn’t that the case with every NFL player? The logic is slightly flawed.

  94. mojjonation says:

    I don’t think most people are upset with us being 2-2. I think what upsets most people is how and why we are 2-2. Most probably figured wins at Arizona and St. Louis with losses to the Cowboys and Packers. Well it didn’t turn out that way. If we can right the ship, and we run the table on the division the rest of the way, that 0-2 division rmay not come back and haunt us. Seattle is one play away from 1-3, and a couple plays away from 4-0. AZ is a couple plays away from being 1-3. Football is fickle.

    I still am not sold on how PC is handling this. He is either lying to the league, or lying to the fans. One gets you a fine, the other gets you lynched in the court of public opinion. September 20th, Flynn was “ready to play” and I don’t think Portis was active. Fast forward to the Rams game. I don’t think Portis was active. Flynn has a magical elbow issue and is on a “pitch count” in practice. Another post stated that you need to be listed on the injury report if you are limited in practice. If this is true, does having your backup QB on a “pitch count” with an elbow issue constitute being limited in practice which in turn would merit a listing on the injury report. I am with those who think this has become more about Pete’s ego than anything else. There are signs showing why or why not Wilson should be the starter. There are signs why or why not Flynn should be the starter. Flynn is getting $10 mill guaranteed over the life of his contract. Wilson is making rookie scale. Let’s start the rumor that Seattle doens’t want to pay Flynn any of the incentives in his contract, so they fabricate an elbow issue, get him to buy into it, and run with it.

    The injury report and press conferences are nothing but cat and mouse games. Can Wilson see his receivers? Can he throw them open? Does he get happy feet and get flushed from the pocket too easily? Are the receivers running the right routes? Does Bevell actually call the plays? Can PC actually answer a question without dancing around it? Does Flynn actually have an elbow issue? All stuff that we as fans assume we know about. The only thing we truly know is that we are 2-2 in conference, and 0-2 in the division, and probably in a world of hurt if we can’t figure out how to be a complete team over the next month.

  95. chuck_easton says:


    Don’t even go there with that troll garbage. I’ve been on this site and posting regularly since the days of Sando.

    I’m just frustrated with the Johnny come lately posters ( yourself included) who are now on here telling everyone what they can and can’t post. What they should and shouldn’t be mad about and that there is no disagreement allowed.

    You sir may be a troll. But do not point that finger at me.

  96. richardfg7 says:

    There is no talent issues on this team. The only real problem is they just haven’t played together enough. I don’t think they get it together in time to make the play-offs but we’ll see big leaps this season in the offense I’m sure. I think with Carpenter/Okung/Lynch/Turbin they will be automatic on the ground. The passing game can only and will improve. And the defense will also improve with Bobby Wagner and Bruce Irvin both starting to catch fire. Wagner was everywhere Sunday and led in tackles for the first time. That’s a big deal with the safeties we have. I’m listening to these weasels on the radio attacking Coach Carroll over the passing game. We have the top rushing game and a top 5 defense in the NFL. Yet one area still struggles so to them Carroll’s no good. I’d hate to have these guys watching my back.

  97. richardfg7 says:

    Normally Coach Carroll is pretty good at not giving the peanut gallery anything to twist into evidence of a grand conspiracy. Looks like he slipped up. They have evidence on him. “Fynn’s hurt but can play” Ah Ha!! GOT HIM ! Let’s start the rumor Pete was on the grassy knoll throwing footballs at Kennedy’s motorcade! And, and he was D.B. Cooper too ! That’ll teach him !

  98. jchawks08 says:

    I like the window of opportunity talk. I think that’s the point I have usually tried to make in my posts. 8-8 doesn’t work for me this year. Maybe for some of you that is awesome, but I see so much better. Unfortunately we won’t know if Pete sticks with RW all year long. I love the guy (RW) as much as anyone, but he isn’t cutting it thus far. And really, can we just drop all the talk of his preseason exploits? They mean abosolutely jack-$hit now that real football is being played.
    The time to make a strong play-off push is now. For me and some others from what I can tell on this blog, it’s extremely frustrating to know that the team is being held back by the Rook. I don’t know if he’ll ever amount to anything in this league. Noone does. I think the reason there’s been like 1 or maybe 2 success stories of sub 5’11 QB’s is being played out right before our eyes. The fairytale was fun while it lasted.

  99. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    chuck ,i was here with sando too.i remember how we all missed the multiple posts he did daily and how long it took us to get over not having that.

    chuck i apologize for the troll comment just frustrated that most are negative and seem to want to put this all in wilson’s lap. i personally think it’s pete’s fault play calling sucks among other things. i also think bruno should be benched for a game but that’s just me.

    chuck answer this then you start flynn he sucks it up. then what? really this is what it comes down to. i am for taking the training wheels of and letting RW be the starter this week if he can’t handle it then make a switch. at least then he isn’t hobbled and had a chance to play with no restrictions. funny thing is i could also see the switch made and the hawks winning out the rest season.

    i don’t blindly fallow pete but he has put a hell of a team together and part of me thinks this will all work out. the other says he doesn’t know shit about the offense.

  100. I agree that there is a window, there always is. Ask the Mariners about windows and A-Rod, Griffey, R Johnson. We can’t keep all of our good players together forever. If someone could guarantee that switching to Flynn right now would get us to a 10-6 season and the playoffs, I’m all in this second. But I think it’s a short sighted and simplistic solution right now. What if Flynn comes in and throws for more yards, which admittedly is not going to be very difficult, but still struggles in the red zone and the end result is the same? A very likely scenario considering our WR talent, and if we lose as many as we win, and stand at 8-8, what have we really gained? The satisfaction that we are not the 32nd ranked passing offense? SF had the league’s 29th ranked passing offense last year. If we are headed down the same path, I would take that gladly. I seriously don’t think all of our offensive problems are due to the qb position. Part of it is the receivers, part of it play calling, and another part penalties. Just switching qbs to Flynn isn’t going to magically solve all of our other issues. We have to scrutinize all those areas and correct them to succeed as an offense. How is switching to Flynn going to cut down on Okung and McCoy’s false start penalties? Or Breno’s knuckleheaded moments? Bring Flynn in and he doesn’t do well, or he plays well and gets numbers but we don’t win, and you’re left with more questions than answers. You still have the same window, and no answers regarding the qb of the future. The people who say we have nothing to lose are wrong. It’s a big gamble either way. the Flynn backers are putting blind faith in their man, just like the Wilson supporters. No one can really say how it will turn out, only speculate on what might happen. I say give Wilson 2 more games and let him air it out a little more, open up the book a little bit. And see what happens. RW may need to air it out against NE, if they get anywhere close to a 50 spot again. If he crashes and burns, it’s still not too late to bring Flynn in. But they wanted RW to be a game manager, and then the coaches do a lousy job of managing the clock, play calling, and not instilling enough discipline and accountability which result in mental errors and penalties. Many things need to be fixed for us to be a playoff team, not just the qb. But I am willing to concede that the QB position may need to be addressed as well. And this is coming from a Wilson supporter btw.

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