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Final: Rams 19, Seahawks 13

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 30, 2012 at 1:03 pm with 144 Comments »
September 30, 2012 1:04 pm
St. Louis Rams wide receiver Chris Givens (13) makes a reception against Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman (25) and Earl Thomas (29) during the first half of an NFL football game Sunday, Sept. 30, 2012, in St. Louis. (AP Photo/Tom Gannam)

The Seattle Seahawks could not overcome penalties, turnovers and wasted opportunities in a 19-13 loss to NFC West division rival St. Louis on the road this afternoon.

With the loss, the Seahawks are now tied with the Rams at 2-2 overall.

Check out the final results here.

Rookie quarterback Russell Wilson had his worst game of his young career, finishing 17 of 25 for only 160 yards, and three costly interceptions.

The Seahawks physically imposed their will against the Rams defense on the ground, finishing with 179 rushing yards. Marshawn Lynch led Seattle 20 carries for 118 yards, including an 18-yard score.

Seattle had one final chance to win the game on the final drive, but tight end Anthony McCoy slipped on an out route, and St. Louis running back Bradley Fletcher brought in the interception in the red zone.

Rams rookie kicker Greg Zuerlien boomed field goals from a franchise-record 58 and 60 yards.

But the swing play of the game came near the end of the first half.

After a productive drive stalled at Seattle’s 2-yard line, the Rams faked the short field goal, with punter Johnny Hekker hitting receiver Danny Amendola for a 2-yard touchdown pass, giving the Rams the lead for good, 10-7.

Amendola stayed out on the field after his offense’s unsuccessful play on third down. He snuck over and lined up on the ball near the Rams sideline. Seattle’s defense did not account for him.

St. Louis quarterback Sam Bradford finished 16 of 30 for 221 yards and an interception.

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  1. Wilson was very bad today, though I don’t blame him for the final pick, and not the first one either, he looked like Tavaris Jackson on one of his worst days. He shouldn’t get the entire blame though, penalties were an issue again and holy crap, why can’t the defense do ANYTHING on 3rd down every other game?

    We were terrible, honestly, this was a candidate for worst performance of the year. At least Lynch and Turbin are monsters in the backfield…

  2. freedom_X says:

    Now you know why they have training wheels on Russell Wilson. Because he still needs them.

  3. What does it ay about Flynn that he couldn’t beat out Wilson? Russell may turn out to be decent but it may take some time.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    It wasn’t Wilson’s worst game by much. And that’s a problem.

  5. Dukeshire says:

    gramsci – It says that it appears Carroll made the wrong decision.

  6. So is everyone going to freak out when Hugh crushes Wilson on the Radio tomorrow – I for 1 will not

  7. chuck_easton says:

    It’s time to see Flynn. Wilson has potential but we are wasting one of the best Ds and one of the best rushing games in the NFL.

    We just need Flynn to hit the open man when necessary. Wilson is too inconsistent. He doesn’t have the ability to manage a game.

    If we don’t go to Flynn now there is no shot at the play offs this year.

    I’m tired of waiting until next year.

    Maybe that should be Seattle’s new marketing Slogan. “Seattle Seahawks…just wait to see how good we’ll be next year!”

  8. Wilson is absolutely god awful. Hands down the worst starting quarterback in the NFL. This phony QB is averaging less than 150 ypg. I said before, this will not win you any games on the road, and so far, RW is 0-2 away from Clink. I do not see how Carroll can not start Flynn. This is horrid.

  9. iHateHarbaugh says:

    We also don’t have any playmakers running routes. Not making excuses for RW because there were plenty of poor decisions. We can’t keep scoring 1 TD a game & expect to make the playoffs. PLAYOFFS?!!! You kidding me?! PLAYOFFS?!!! lol

  10. Whenever you guys call a game easy or a gimme, It always sucks.
    We lost to a team that didn’t score 1 TD with their offense!!
    Flynn would have us at 4-0 right now.
    Bitch all you want about that last statement.

  11. And I’d really like for joreb and georgiahawk to go ahead and find my posts that they argued, and hit me up with the bets you wanted to make, I’ll gladly take your money guys. Thanks!

  12. Oh god, I just agreed with radeon.
    Please strike my last statement. Anything but that..

  13. MEhawkfan says:

    Wilson does seem to have a hard time finding the open receiver. I saw at least three open guys he missed.

    How far into this is Carroll going to go?

  14. The loss wasn’t entirely on RW but he didn’t make the right decisions on some plays. Not like a vet would..

  15. SkeleTony says:

    What does this say about Flynn Gramsci? This says that the freaking coach should not get all speculative and imaginative during pre-season when deciding on who his STARTING Qb should be for the year. Flynn starts and we are probably 4-0 or 3-1 at the very least. With Wilson starting we really have ONE win and one game we should have lost but were granted a win. I am already tired of this. I think RW is one of those guys who, in the future MAY play impressively for a game and then play abysmally for a game or two. No middle ground for the kid. He is either stinking up the joining (so far that’s all he’s done) or playing well enough to get someone excited.

  16. MEhawkfan says:

    No, not entirely on him. The only thing that worked well consistently was the running game. Need more than that to win in the NFL.

  17. chuck_easton says:

    To those that say it isn’t Wilson’s fault. On the overthrow in the end one Miller was wide open for an easy first down.

    On Wilson’s near interception on the sideline even the announcers said Tate was running uncovered down the middle for an easy TD.

    Another play Wilson didn’t see a wide open Rice.

    Wilson is too short to see the open guys down field.

    Go to Flynn and we can possibly finish with a 8-8 or even a 9-7 record.

  18. MEhawkfan says:

    How ridiculous is it to get beat by two field goals of 58 or better?

  19. How ridiculous is it that you are last in the NFC west?

  20. I assume you’ve never heard of Mark Sanchez then, he makes just as many bonehead mistakes and it certainly isn’t fourth start. Being a rookie doesn’t excuse Wilson completely, and maybe Carroll started him too early, but if the coach felt he looked the best in camp he is obviously going to go with that player. Sports fans are too impatient (yes, I am aware that this is Carroll’s 3rd year and we should be improving and challenging for a playoff spot..)

  21. MoSeahawk12 says:

    When the hell did we bring Mora back? This game played out as ugly as his one season in Seattle. We start the game with a beautiful, perfectly executed 80 yard drive and score. Lynch is on fire and they can’t stop us. Wilson looks sharp and we have 0 penalties. Then Bevel decides to go away from that into late in the fourth quarter. We waste the entire 2nd, 3rd and most of the 4th. The opening onside kick was stupid!! With our “D” why give them a short field? Oh right, cause not one of you morons sees a guy wide open on the fake field goal. Their best receiver no less. So Carol wanted to whip out his unit to prove he can do edgy special teams plays too. Dumb ASS!! This game came down to ridiculous coaching decisions. Poor, poor o line and QB play, and just STUPID play calling. What a joke!! Score 13 points against the Rams…..Embarrassed to be a Hawks fan today. Thanks coach for making the media right that we were lucky last week. We looked like ASSSSSS!!!!

  22. Two 58+ yard field goals and a fake field goal.

  23. chuck_easton says:

    The answer is simple. Go to Flynn now and salvage the season or continue to let Wilson go through his on the job training and lose games that we should win.

    The Defence didn’t give up a TD to the rams Offence today.

    You can’t win games only scoring 13 points and having a QB that has thrown more Ints than TDs on the season.

    Start Flynn now Carroll or you might not be around to see the team when they are good in a couple of years.

  24. SaigonSun says:

    I am starting to get fed-up with Carroll and his gigantic ego. I understand one cannot be a HC in NFL without a huge ego ,and I know there are worst coaches than PC… I just don’t subscribe to Ground Chuck in the year 2012.
    I have to admit I am not that knowledgeable in the finer points of the game like some of you here but, I watch a lot of NFL (and some college ball)and I can apreciate game plans and good executions to those plans. That is what is missing with the Seahawks.
    I am very disapointed now and I am trying hard not to come as a troll; all I’m saying is there is very little quality in the Seahawks (football side) organization besides John Sneider and Ken Norton Jr.
    I am just to bumed-out right now.

  25. I was rooting for Wilson but I agree, he is less ready than I thought and Flynn should probably be in there. That problem has an easy solution.

    What is not so easy is our awful defense of 3rd and 10+ yards. That has got to be fixed. And the stupid penalties.

  26. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    things went the ram’s way. not making excuses but how many games have a 58 and 60 yard field goal? a fake field goal for a touch down?

    honestly how many times is flynn sacked last 2 games 10? 15? flynn can’t get away from the rush like wilson. our tackles suck at pass pro. i get tired of hearing the call for flynn just like whitehurst last year. what if you put him in and he sucks?

  27. MoSeahawk12 says:

    What A Joke!!!!!! Won of the worst coached games I’ve ever seen. It’s like Mora got his old job back. We start the game perfect, go 80 yards and they can’t stop Lynch. Wilson’s on and we look great. Bevel inserts his head up his playbook and forgets what we do for the next 40 minutes. Wilson looks poor. Are there any receivers on the field? Rice turns into Casper after the first quarter. Legion of Boom, right…you stud D didn’t see their best receiver alone on the fake field goal? Really…..wide open, not one of you or the coaching staff can see that? Disaster of a game. Nice job coach, way to make the media right about saying we were lucky and didn’t deserve to win last week. This game was a complete waste. Thank you Lynch, Turbin, and Mebane. You three did all you could. Your coaching staff laid a big brown steamy egg! Terrible!!!!!

  28. “On Wilson’s near interception on the sideline even the announcers said Tate was running uncovered down the middle for an easy TD.

    Another play Wilson didn’t see a wide open Rice.”

    chuck – don’t say things like this. It will ruin the argument that our WRs never get any separation and that the only reason Wilson isn’t throwing for 200 yards (in any game) is because his receivers suck.

  29. A 5’11 Rookie QB throwing to what could easily be the worst trio of WRs in the NFL isn’t going to go well.

    What kind of idiot would start 2 of those WRs in his FFL? lol

  30. I said it after the Dallas, Green Bay and now St. Louis, Flynn needs to be our starter. I love Russell Wilson! I love what he stands for. I love what he has accomplished in his career so far in college AND the NFL. He has exceeded all expectations thus far but, we have, what I believe to be a top 10 QB ON THE BENCH. The GB win could have easily gone the other way without help from officials (you know you would be ticked off had it gone the other way). I understand the premise of pulling back the offense to avoid turnovers. The pass that was thrown out of the end zone, kind of in the direction of Rice, had a wide open Zack Miller underneath, right in front of him that would have been at least a first down and probably a TD. It’s time for some realism here. I confidently see Russell Wilson as our future QB but HE’S NOT READY!!!!! Give the kid a chance to succeed here in Seattle. Don’t ruin him. If it were any other position I would support the decision to play a rookie. When you have Flynn ready and willing to succeed, it’s chance that I certainly wouldn’t take with a defense like the Seahawk’s have this year. Our 2 losses are directly linked to our rookie QB. If anyone can dispute that please let me know. We have a better chance to win with Matt Flynn as our starting QB. NO QUESTIONS ABOUT IT!!!!!!!

  31. Frankenchrist says:

    The Football Gods needed to even things out. Karma, baby!

  32. MoSeahawk12 says:

    sorry for the similar comments, had an error on the first one said it didn’t send. Guess I’m no better than Carol and Bevel with my keyboard

  33. Dukeshire says:

    Coming in the near future, Seattle has Carolina, NE, SF, and the Lions; how on earth can Wilson generate enough offense to have reasonable expectations of wins, there? No mater how strong this defense is, you’ve got to be able to put points on the board, and this offense cannot. And as Chuck pointed out, this is also one of the best rushing teams in the league. Flynn really needs to be given a shot. Now.

  34. HeinieHunter says:

    It became apparent that Wilson is not seeing some open receivers. The question is: is it because of lack of experience or lack of height? Three int’s in the PC system is not going to cut it. If it is a problem finding sight lanes or seeing over players…then this is a big problem. This is the first time RW looked like he had “Happy Feet”.

  35. hawkfaninoklahoma, But Flynn might not run into the pressure as much as Wilson does. I’ve never been convinced by Flynn, I don’t think he is all that, and I love Wilson and the potential, but it might be time to at least CONSIDER that Wilson isn’t ready (he isn’t) yet, and start the vet. I don’t believe we’d automatically be 4-0 if he had started week 1, that is just silly. I’m sure Wilson will come good at some point, he’s in possession of too many tools not to do something great, however letting him get more used to the speed of the game, and getting him more poised from sitting a bit might not be a terrible idea.

  36. Dukeshire says:

    If Flynn had started from the get go, they may very likely still be 2-2, that’s not the point. It’s looking at the season as a whole, and in doing that, I believe they would be in a much better position than they are now. This offense has regressed since Dallas. That’s hard to imagine with Flynn under center. We’ll never know, of course. But we do know they are not getting any better under Wilson. And it may serve him well to sit and learn how to prepare for the NFL game. Learning under “fire” has yet to improve his play, albeit, after just 4 games.

  37. The solution is easy:

    Wilson obviously isn’t ready, but that’s not to say he’s not the franchise QB of the future. He may need that time to sit back and learn. He’s already got invaluable experience under his belt, but it seems pretty clear at this stage of the game that he’s not ready and doesn’t appear ready to fully be ready in the immediate near future either. There’s a difference between taking your lumps and seemingly not being ready right now to take those lumps in some cases.

    Insert Flynn:

    If he falters after 3-4 weeks, go back and fully go with Wilson from here on out (and state publicly that Wilson will never be yanked for the rest of the season).

    Sitting and learning would probably do wonders and would, I think, make him better when he does get his chance again. Normally, you learn by doing, but being a QB in the NFL right now for him seems a bit overwhelming. Kind of like studying for a test. He needs a little more time to study before taking it.

    The problem with this, for Wilson, is that Flynn could take the job and never look back.

    All I know is that if I were a defensive player and just lost a game in which we gave up zero TDs, I’d be mad if I thought another guy could help this offense but wasn’t getting a chance to play; especially when that guy threw for almost 500 yards in the last real game he played in and played well and almost beat the Patriots in New England in the other one the previous season.

  38. grizindabox24 says:

    RW on 3rd down pass plays: 0-5 with int and 2 sacks. Hawks also have scored 3 touchdowns in 13 trips to red zone this season, will not win many games with the conversion percentage

  39. chuck_easton says:


    We can put Flynn in and see if he sucks or we can continue with Wilson and know he’s going be bad.

    I’m fine with going with the unknown when the known is so bad.

  40. bbnate420 says:

    It’s become impossible to come here after a loss. Just mostly a string of stupid and reactionary comments. I know I did it week one while drunk. Hopefully, there will be some mea culpas on here tomorrow, like I had to do. Saying that we would be 4-0, 3-1 or any other record for sure if Flynn was starting is just moronic, specious reasoning. It’s impossible to prove or disprove. Completely pointless. I bet he wouldn’t do any better running for his life. Whether he would’ve seen the field better is speculation at this point.

  41. roberto27 says:

    It’s so easy to blame Flynn, but there is guy name Breno Giacomini, who killed two promising drives, one
    well into Ram territory, by making moronic after the whistle plays. He deservedly drew two 15 yards
    unnecessary roughness penalties that killed both drives. He continues to do it game after game. It looks like
    he thinks he plays in the UFC, instead of the NFL. Today, I don’t know if he cost us 3 points, 6 points, 7 points or two touchdowns, but Breno really cost us.

    And, yeah, the Rams completed some 3rd down plays but the Seahawks always stiffened up in the red zone.
    The Rams only scored on a trick play.

  42. Brenno took some costly penalties. They need to get that guy straight.

  43. Wilson completed 70% of his passes, sacked only twice and watched bums like Baldwin and McCoy account for INTs. But like Jackson last year, it’s always the QB’s fault.

    If the pass catching targets were even average, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. In fact, Jackson would still be the QB because they would have ended the year better last year than they did.

    I actually get why they go with the Golden Tate QB killer – the players behind him are even worse.

    How about instead of drafting 15 OL with 1st Round Picks, the Seahawks actually spend a high choice on a stud WR? On that is 6’3 AND can actually get some separation?

  44. roberto – This is the Seahawks. No matter who is the QB, we’re going to get our fair share of moronic penalties. Look at all the Flynn haters after the Denver pre-season game saying Flynn sucks because of all the FGs, instead of TDs. How many penalties didn’t allow them to get TDs. It’s not just Wilson who would get those morons like Breno to do stupid things when they are in the game.

  45. pabs – But when it happened to Hasselbeck, it was his fault. You hypocrite.

  46. I said this in the pre-season and was basically told how dumb I was but I still think I am correct in this:

    Carroll has screwed up the QB position with his battle – they got enamored with what Wilson could do with the rookies – then they leaned towards Flynn in early training camp – Wilson had a great day against back-ups in Denver. (even the Denver coach said – don’t get carried away with what you see)

    Carroll: at that point – We don’t need to do things the way the rest of the NFL does . . .

    Then he made his choice – and it comes out they broke the tie with Wilson being far more engaging in the film room outside of practice.

    See how that is working – there is no chemistry with him and the WR’s – he misses open guys – he is not making the right reads.

    I am seeing NO evidence that PC knows how to handle a QB in the NFL.

  47. bbnate420 says:

    Se la vie

  48. Who dropped Hasselbeck’s passes and accounted for his INTs? A lot of his INTs at the end were either boneheaded or him not understanding his incredible physical limitations.

    You should be pleased the Seahawks pass catching targets have been so poor, othwrwise Jackson would be the QB today.

    I actually wouldn’t mind seeing Flynn. Or Wilson. Either is fine But at the end of the day, only the upper end of QBs would be successful throwing to these guys.

    At some point, Carroll has to pick his QB and go with him through the bumps and try to build continuity in the passing game. Starting a new QB every 16 games means starting over from scratch and watching passing games like this. The best passing games have continuity.

  49. RDPoulsbo says:

    I promised 6 games before I start calling for Flynn to start and I’ll keep that promise. Still, my patience is wearing thin. The defense was below expectations but still played well enough to win the game. ST was good with the Washington KO return even with the fake FG. Running game was solid as always. But it was the passing game that handed the game to the Rams.

    At the quarter post of this season, Seattle’s passing offense is DEAD LAST…BY FAR with 128 YPG. With those totals, they might as well have stuck with T-Jack. At least he could competently manage the game, even if you couldn’t count on him to win it.

  50. chuck_easton says:


    There will be no mea culpa coming from me. Wilson isn’t getting the job done. He’s not seeing wide open receivers that the announcers can easily see. He didn’t see Miller wide open right in front of him for a sure 1st down in the red zone.

    I don’t know how different it would be with Flynn in there, but it isn’t working with Wilson. We are wasting a great defence and one of the best rushing attacks in the NFL because the QB isn’t completing the basic passes.

  51. Dukeshire says:

    “You should be pleased the Seahawks pass catching targets have been so poor, othwrwise Jackson would be the QB today.”

    This make no sense.

  52. Bemused at all of the people who apparently watch the “all-22″ coaches tape so they could see all of the open receivers that Wilson supposedly missed this game. Matt Flynn had this job until Wilson beat him out. It wasn’t like Pete made a choice between 2 equal players; Wilson beat him out. I assumed like everyone else that Flynn would be our QB, but what are you supposed to do when one guy clearly played and practiced better than the other?

  53. This was NOT RW’s fault. Blame the loss on the o-line. They’re blocking great for the run game but are doing a poor job protecting the QB and they have done poorly all season.

    And I’m not surprised that Breno got flagged a couple of PF’s today. He’s been doing that kind of crap all season. He has to play smarter. PLay all the way to the whistle but not past it. We don’t need mental midgets on this team. Let him go play with Richie ncognito if he wants to be a mental midget.

  54. RDPoulsbo says:

    If anything, Seattle’s receivers have IMPROVED over last year with a healthy Rice, Miller with a year of experience in the system and continued development of the younger guys. Still, this team is greatly lagging behind the passing game last year under T-Jax.

  55. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    this loss is more about bad special teams play, penalties and poor play calling on third and long. they did not execute let’s face it it was a team loss.

  56. HeinieHunter says:

    Why is it that at every other position on the team ifs you don’t play well they put another guy in your place and we move on. Wilson had a bad game, let Flynn start a game. See what happens. I like Wilson as a prospect but I’m not willing to go 8-8 this year without looking at options. Wilson was named the starter. He is not the heir to a throne! Why does Wilson have to be the guy until we are 2-6 before Flynn gets a chance to play. Right now we have the same problems as last year….bad play at the QB position.

  57. I was fortunate to only see the 2nd half.

    Nonetheless, it’s obvious that while Wilson may someday be the next Bart Starr, today Matt Flynn should be the Seahawks QB. Wilson is NOT ready.

  58. One TD in the Rams game and 1 TD in the Arizona game are what you are missing for 4-0.

    But this team is SOOOO Jekyl and Hyde.

    On Def – how many 3rd and longs can you give up in 4 games – Sometimes the Offense just does a good job but we have given up WAY too many for that to be true – at one point today STL was 3-6 on 3rd down the conversaions were on 3rd -10, 10, and 14. Are kidding me. In the Dallas scoring drive we gave up I think 4 3rd and 8 or more in ONE possesion!!! They are good but they won’t be great until they can stop giving those up. Also, they have to play with energy on the road as well as they do at home
    Pressure from the DL mostly comes when they DB’s are able to cover for more than 3 seconds.

    Offense: We want to run – we want to pass – We are going to be tricky. The first 3 possesions today were good play calling – not always great execution – but we ran well – passed decent and mixed it up well – then for awhile we got totally predictable – then we ran like 5 straight plays and got 8+ yards on most of those runs – get to the red zone and freeze up –

    Just don’t get it!!

  59. grizindabox24 says:

    RW is not ready. The Hawks biggest problem is in the red zone. If RW starts next week the Hawks lose, if Flynn starts they might lose, but they need to see what Flynn brings to the table.

  60. guywhothinksheknowsitall says:

    I love the roller coaster of post game comments on this blog. Speaking of no middle ground… Sheesh…

  61. Lets not forget that Flynn was supposed to play the 3rd quarter against that “mighty” defense in KC but couldn’t. Since those jokers can’t stop anyone, he’d most likely have played well, too (although that’s speculative). Mr. Happy even said that going into regular season game #2 that was when Flynn was finally healthy enough to sling it around full time again. Well, he’s healthy and never lost the job (Wilson took it against terrible defenses)… so what’s it going to hurt to see what $27 million can buy you (even though we all know that it wasn’t that much guaranteed).

    pabs – All I’m saying is that you can’t have it both ways in defending a QB. Matt had a bad OL, plenty of WRs drop passes and had passes deflected for INTs (think of the first play of the game in the Chicago play-off game… hit Obo in the hands and then deflected for an INT). If Hasselbeck had the running game that Jackson or Wilson had, he’d still be in Seattle.

    And, really, Wilson should be learning from Hasselbeck THIS year so he’d be ready to take the torch potentially next year. I’m still irate about that. That would have worked out better financially for the Hawks than giving Flynn all that money to sit on the bench.

  62. By reading the posts after my last post, it seems we are all on the same page. Respect to Russell Wilson but it’s time for him to sit and learn. It’s good to see that Carrol gave Wilson a chance after performing better in preseason (debatable) but it’s time to get real. 2-2 and no harm done. Go the rest of the season with Flynn. PUBLICLY announce Flynn as our starter Monday afternoon and move forward. Enough said.

  63. Wilson missed open guys Multiple times today!!

    On one scramble he sent the ball to Rice deep in the endzone (missed badly) but a TE was WIDE open short of that with enough yardage for the 1st. – wrong player bad pass

    In the last drive – Tate was UNCOVERED in the middle but RW threw it high to the sideline – wrong player bad pass

    Those are just the ones I can see on the TV. Who knows what is happening if you can see the full field.

    If you don’t believe that – they showed Wilson on the sidelines being shown pictures and being asked Why? They know he is missing reads

  64. bbnate420 says:

    guywhothinksheknows, get used to it. Been this way for at least 3 years. The Hawks are the worst team ever, RW is the worst QB in the NFL, etc. every time they lose a game. Then they will get a big win and they are already SB champs, the next team is roadkill, etc.. I’m not superstitious, but it does seem like when the majority of people on here are calling an opponent a cakewalk, this shit seems to happen a lot. See week 1 as well. I don’t think it really makes a difference, but this team and it’s fans shouldn’t be taking ANYONE lightly. They have done nothing to be that confident.

  65. funny how Arizona is down 10-0 to Miami right now

  66. chuck_easton says:


    You can’t say those things! The pro Wilson guys know it is because none of our receivers are helping him. And our o-line is letting pass rushers through on purpose. It’s a conspiracy because the veterans are jealous of the rookie.

    It can t possibly be because Wilson just isn’t ready yet and should be sitting for a year.

  67. Chuck I know – I will stop – wait, no I won’t

    Also, Arizona now down 13-0 to Miami

  68. bbnate420 says:

    Tate was not so wide open that it was an obvious missed read. I think he should’ve thrown the ball to Tate. It looked like he had a step on the safety. He was hardly wide open for ma sure TD though. The safety came up after Wilson had thrown the ball and made him look more open than he was from the TV angle.

  69. Tate wasn’t uncovered in the middle. Finnegan only came off him once Wilson released the pass. Listening to the analysis of Ron Pitts/Mike Martz isn’t a good way to go about life. There is a reason why they are the bottom FOX team.

    It takes time to build a decent passing game. This is what should be expected when starting a QB new to the team (be it Flynn or Wilson). The second year is where the bumps of the first year pay off.

    Making thing even worse is the three way QB competition and the WR injuries taking away Reps. I expected the team to start 1-3 and finish 7-9 this year with 12-4 expected for next year.

    If fans wanted to play for today, they should always root for last year’s QB (Jackson, Hasselbeck, Jon Kitna, etc). If they want to play for tomorrow, they should expect the bumps in the road but be prepared to stick with it.

    The problem is that Carroll has always played for today and he might not have time to let a QB grow. In the end, that would be the one and only thing I can see costing him his job this year.

  70. Disagree BBnate – but that is okay – he was open by NFL standards – Wilson HAS to hit that pass. or is he not capable of that?

  71. hawkfan12 says:

    Cmon Pete!! Insert Flynn and let the rookie sit. I know you won’t though cuz then you admit you were wrong….No one talked about it after the Green Bay game because of “THE CALL”…..But Flynn should have started that game too!!!!

  72. chuck_easton says:

    We beat Dallas because of our defense and special teams. We beat Green Bay due to defence, and the lucky call. Today our defence played well enough for the team to win but the offense didn’t do anything to help out. That’s been the problem all year. The offense with the exception of the running game is not doing their job. We need a passing game and that starts with better QB play

  73. Wilson MIGHT be a great quarterback in the future, but he needs to sit and learn.

    Keeping with Wilson is killing the work of Lynch and a great defense.

    I’m not saying Flynn is perfect, BUT in this situation he gives 100% better chance to win now than Wilson does.

    Flynn played for a high profile college and won a national championship with a great running game, awesome defense, managing a game and taking advantage when presented. (Gee, isn’t that what Pete is trying to build???? Why is Wilson the starter again????)

    In 4 years Flynn has sat, learning to correct his mistakes, watching/talking/learning from a Super Bowl winning quarterback and going against a REAL NFL defense (after playing in the SEC against close to NFL defense).

    Wilson played for a lower tier college (sorry, it is what it is, when was the last time you heard Wisconsin being described has a powerhouse?), lead them to a lower tier bowl, lose, but hey, is a great leader.

    This isn’t an anti-Wilson rant, rather the opposite. He needs to sit and learn. What I see is a quarterback that is lost when his first read is taken away. A quarterback where his “scrambling” ability isn’t working because he doesn’t know where to go, he’s a quarterback that locks in on receivers while ignoring open receivers.

    When you are starting a guy that you don’t feel comfortable with running the whole offense, MAYBE you are not starting the correct guy? Maybe Wilson will get the whole playbook in season 5 or 6?

    Take the pass Wilson attempted when the defense hit his arm. He was going for Rice in the end zone…Rice had 4 defenders around him. The receiver closer to him was wide open and standing there. That is one example but is nowhere near the number of other missed opened receivers or passes thrown either too high or out of reach.

    I don’t blame this game totally on Wilson.

    Who has a pro bowl secondary and the coaching staff runs zone every time it’s a passing situation? Man up and let those guys play. Every time St Louis completed a 2nd/3rd and long, Seattle played zone or the joke of tampa cover 2. Really? Can we get a 12 year old with a copy of Madden to show the coaching staff on why cover 2 is joke?

    What is up with the false starts and personal fouls? Last I checked the Oakland Raiders are still there and don’t need competition on cheap plays. This staff needs to start fining idiots who shove/hits players AFTER the play is over. I’m all for playing tough, but those fouls were playing ignorant! 5 yards forward, 15 yards back.

    This coaching staff needs to get a handle on this team, put the rookie on the bench and try to win today. Go with your best players, use your playbook, put pro bowlers in a situation to be pro bowlers and maybe call some plays that are not on Tecmo bowl?

  74. tchristensen says:

    I think I would have preferred T-Jack over Russell Wilson today. WHen will Carroll swallow his pride and admit he made a mistake and start Flynn? If they don’t make the change, Hawks will be 2-6 real fast. I agree with Mr. Easton. Announce Flynn as your starter ASAP.

  75. DreadHawks says:

    Simply put RW IS NOT READY!!!! For all intentive purposes we are 1-3. Call the GB a win if you want I do not. And will somebody please tell Gus Bradley what a blitz is and when to use it. 3rd and long all season and we are rushing 3 or 4 d linemen. It seems we are playing not to lose. Getting weary of Carroll. How is he gonna spin this one??? And bench Giacomini,enough is enough

  76. I agree with the people saying Wilson isn’t ready – but the real problem in my eyes is the poor judgement of the coaching staff
    – thinking Wilson is ready
    – thinking we can play defence, run the ball and not need a productive QB
    – that ridiculous gamble of an onside kick to start the half of a close game

  77. Dukeshire says:

    This team, aside from the starting QB, is prepared to win today. It’s an unusual situation where the QB is the last piece to the equation. But it’s that way here, now.

  78. lksamish says:

    I recall living in Oklahoma ( A Seahawk fan transferred there for work) during the first year of Jerry Jones ownership, where the Cowboys were considered the local NFL team. He replaced a popular General Manager and long time coach. The move was explosive and without fan base support. That year they used a rookie quarterback who lead them to a 1-15 record, a guy named Troy Aikman. I am not saying that Wilson is comparable in any way, but this management team has shown to have the football sense to build for the future. Unfortunately we didn’t have a Herschel Walker to accelerate the process by gaining a boatload for of draft picks. Just saying we should trust this brain trust, and as fans support whoever they choose to play

  79. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    and chuck what if sucks it up? were you not one calling for whitehurst last year? come on this is not even close to being all wilson’s fault and to say it is would be ridiculous. i don’t think he was on the field during the fake field goal? was he on the field on all the 3rd and longs the D gave up? i don’t believe he was running routes either or getting called for stupid drive killing penalties.

    everytime we lose we get a knee jerk reaction on here. just like monday night was a wake up call for green bay this is a wake up call for the hawks. relax people and look at it ion the bright side we could have been blown out.

  80. Saying Wilson had open receivers on numerous occasions based on a few bad reads from him (I saw Miller too on the throwaway at the end zone, and while Tate was’t really “wide open” as bbnate said he should have had him as well) is just as silly as thinking Flynn is the almighty savior based on speculation. No, I’m not defending Russ, he was VERY bad today, but we all root for the same team, no need to get defensive and say that there is ONE reason we lost today, because so far everyone seems to have it right. Let’s be real, the receivers on this team aren’t getting open on a CONSISTENT basis, and the O-line does give up a lot of pressure, which makes it hard to be a QB, however that doesn’t mean Wilson can get off scot-free, because he is just as much at fault. When the receivers do get open (like Miller and Tate) he needs to hit them, and when he has a clean pocket he needs to sit in it, and not run into pressure. If you just blame one guy and use a few scattered examples to prove it was his fault to those who say it wasn’t, it’s just not fair to either group, not that they care.

  81. I’m with bbnate and a few others. Offense is obviously the issue, but I don’t see it all being on Wilson, I don’t see him making the kind of poor plays that justifiably get you yanked. I have no special love for the guy, but I’m not seeing all these missed receivers that some of you are claiming.

    Very disappointing loss. Defense again played well enough to win.

  82. abqhwkfn says:

    It was bad all around. Offense is on par with last year. Penalties are on par with last year. Pass rush was bad today. The more i watch this team the more i question the coaching. Particularly on 3rd down on both sides of the ball. Thats where we are losing consistently.

  83. bbnate420 says:

    We should’ve kept CBJ and started him. I remember when he was a good QB last year because he was on the bench. Can’t throw any ints from the bench, right?

    Strange as it is, pabuwal and I are on the same page today. A lot of people were down on Lynch and the ZBS in 2010. We wouldn’t have our dominant running game if it had been scrapped like a lot of reactionary fans wanted. Anybody with a brain should’ve known that there were going to be growing pains with a rookie QB. You have to relax and let him learn. Ponder didn’t look too great last year, but he had over a 100 QB rating going into the week. He doesn’t have more talent to throw to. Unless PC and staff have seen things that seriously make them doubt if he is the future at QB, then they should continue to stick with him. I’m sure they know more about it than anyone on here, contrary to what some like to think about themselves.

  84. Eric – you had said you though Russell Wilson would get about 4 games before Carroll would consider pulling the plug on him. What do you think now?

    IMO, Wilson is struggling yet the inept passing offense is not all the QBs fault. Could Flynn improve this? I don’t know.


    Russell Wilson – 2012 – through 4 games
    53% 153yds 1TD 1INT
    75% 151yds 1TD 0INT
    48% 130yds 2TD 0INT
    68% 160yds 0TD 3INT
    61% 149yds 1TD 1INT

    Tarvaris Jackson – 2011 – through 4 games
    57% 197yds 2TD 1INT
    69% 159yds 0TD 0INT
    58% 171yds 0TD 1INT
    66% 319yds 3TD 2INT
    63% 212yds 1TD 1INT

    Not a big difference between QB production last year to this year. Last year’s ineptitude may have been mostly inept offensive line play early in the season. That’s not true this year. This rookie QB could be accomplishing more. This passing offense needs a serious recalibration. Our ground game gives us solid gains and then the passing game wastes downs throwing downfield to covered WRs or holding the ball and taking sacks. Is Flynn going to make much of a difference? I don’t know. Coach Carroll needs to huddle with Bevell this week and figure this thing out.

  85. HeinieHunter says:

    Why can’t we see a couple of games from Flynn? This team is looking like 8-8 and third place in the NFCWest behind both SF and AZ. I am becoming really concerned about what he can and can’t see downfield. Are WR’s getting open or not? Hugh Millen has been talking about this forever and I was ignoring it. Now it’s looking like maybe he was on target. Flynn deserves a shot this year if Wilson flounders.

  86. This offense is unable to score consistently. it has the best power rushing game in the league. Any quarterback would love to be installed into this system… They’re stacking 8 or 9 in the box and marshawn can still rush for 4+ ypc… Imagine what he could do if a QB could take a top off of a defense? Imagine what a QB could do to a defense crushing both safeties into the box to try and prevent a run? Dear lord, a play action pass might go for a score every time.

    Baldwins struggles may be entirely on Wilson. Its time for him to ride the pine.

  87. Wilson isn’t going to win any games on his own at this point and at times I do think he looks like another Seahawks Rookie who wore number 3.

    But he did complete 70% of his passes today for nearly a 7 YPA. Bradford’s passer rating at home wasn’t too much better than Wilson’s. If Baldwin had some hands this year and McCoy hadn’t slipped, we wouldn’t be having most of this discussion.

    Wilson has been able to move the team down the field at critical points. I expect him to only get better with experience and Reps with Rice, Tate, Baldwin, McCoy and Miller. Hopefully it starts soon, but my suspicion is that it will start around game 8.

    Because of the injuries and QB competition, I expected the first 4 games to have that training camp feel in terms of the passing game.

  88. I bet Wilson is an afterthought in a year or two. I’ve said it before: seneca Wallace 2.0

  89. chuck_easton says:


    I was not one of the fans calling for Whitehurst last year. I wasn’t a big TJack fan but I didn’t want Whitehurst. Was not happy with the Fans chanting for Whitehurst during the games.

    But this year I am definitely not on the Wilson bandwagon. He’s not ready and I don’t want to watch a season of him learning when the rest of the team is built to win now.

  90. Before the season, if you told me we would be 2-2 after 4 games I would not be surprised. If you told me we would win 2 home games and lose 2 road games I would not be surprised.

    Right now this looks like a team that might be 6-2 at home and 2-6 on the road. Unless we fix the offense.

  91. HeinieHunter says:

    Going by what PC has been saying all season long. He can’t have the offense turning the ball over. Three picks today. We lose. No excuses.

  92. HeinieHunter says:

    PC cannot afford another 7-9 season this year PERIOD!

  93. pazzo242 says:

    It would appear the Seahawks are nothing more then the Mariners in football uniforms. Both of these teams make it impossible to stay a fan—when are we going to get a real winning team around here?

  94. sluggo42 says:

    When we picked up Flynn in the off-season, I was estatic! Then the draft and the QB competition… I thought it was all a joke, then Pete gave it to RW.

    I was ALL-ABOARD

    Each game I figured that RW was going to get better, as a rookie usually does, and I figured he must really be special, cuz Pete told me he was. But then I started to notice that RW was bailing too early and too often, and started to wonder… Then today he did a Hasselbec sack, where you run out of a solid pocket right into some defenders arms for a sac. THen, the way the first half ended made me crap my pants.

    So now, while I think he might still be a good QB someday, I don’t know that he is a good QB today. Enough so that even though he is a practice field/film room monster, I want to see Flynn.

    I think RW has shown enough of “not enough”, and it’s time for Pete to swallow his pride and let Flynn show us what he can do.

    I actually think we could have won this game without Breno’s stupidity, along with the many others.

    My MAIN beef with this game was the incredibly STUPID call for a QB draw or whatever the heck that was when we were at the 7 with a third and two… GIVE THE ROCK TO THE BEAST!!! DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THAT is when we really lost the game Settling for a FG at that point was STUPID. IF Bevell made that call he should be FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!! That couldn’t have been any easier to call. They COULDNT stop Lynch the whole drive, and when we needed it most, they took the ball out of his hands. That has to rank as one of the worst calls in the history of the game. Even when they KNEW Beast was going to run they STILL couldn’t stop him.

    I’m starting to think RW can’t see over the line for the open receiver, thats why I want Flynn..

    Today SUCKS

  95. DreadHawks says:

    last place in division

  96. Wilson had no trouble in college with seeing receivers, so I don’t think that is the main problem, even though I expect there to fewer/smaller throwing lanes and far better coverage in the NFL.

  97. bbnate420 says:

    RADEoN, you’re totally right. Baldwin’s drop at the Tards, totally RW’s fault. His drop today that led to a int, totally RW’s fault. LOL. Your bias totally blinds you to any kind of objective reality. I don’t know why anyone would take your posts seriously? You’re twice as hyperbolic as BobbyK is about his favorite QB in the world. If RW does turn out to be a good QB, please don’t try to jump on the bandwagon. I will call you out every time if you do.

    It’s intents and purposes, not intensive purposes. And it’s nonsensical to chalk the GB game up as a loss but pin every int and loss to RW. What happened, happened. If ifs and buts were candy and nuts. Don’t pick and choose what you analyze.

  98. Coach Carroll’s decision this week will be largely about what will be best for the long-term development of his starting QB. Russell Wilson will keep getting better. How much, how fast? No one knows.

    But can he get better sitting on the bench?

    And if Flynn could win a couple of extra games while Wilson sits, would that matter in the long run?

    Pete’s coaching style is to play the young guys and let them struggle and learn. I think this is what we are going to see.

  99. About that ZBS – when are we actually going to START the season blocking well instead of waiting until week 10 to be able to accomplish anyting

  100. I was one of the only ones who defended Lynch when a bunch of people said he sucked.

    I’m also here to defend our WRs when people say they suck or “can’t get any separation.” The reason they are putting up sucky numbers is on the QB, not the opposite.

    With 1/4 of the year in the books, I’d like to see what Flynn could do with those two. I have a feeling that many of you would actually want to start a guy like Rice on your fantasy team if that were the case, instead of knowing your QB is only going to throw for about 150 yards per game so that severely limits what any receiver can do.

    I’m not saying Wilson sucks next year or anything like that, but for the here and now… yes, he does. The future is a different story, but for now… uhhh!!! I can’t take much more of this and something has to change.

  101. Didn’t hurt Rodgers to sit on the bench

  102. I always love the posts that end with “PERIOD!!!”
    and then the poster comes back and says “and one more thing…”


    gotta laugh, else I’ll be cryin.

  103. I think Matt Flynn would have been the starting QB on Day 1 if Carroll didn’t force Golden Tate on him. Wilson had the luxury of playing without Tate which helped him greatly.

  104. chuck_easton says:

    Problem is Carroll needs to have a winning season here soon or he won’t be around to coach the team when all these young guys finally get it.

    Carroll can’t afford to have Wilson learn on the job if it means another 7-9 season or worse.

  105. I see Wilson sucking through 1/4 of this season. However, I see him as being good in the future.

    Steve Young – Sucked his first time around. Got traded and sat and learned. Then he was ready (granted, he got to throw to the greatest WR ever, too).

    Mickey Mantle – Great talent and was put in the Hall of Fame before he ever played an inning. He sucked and got sent down to the minors. Later, boom, he had a Hall of Fame career.

    There are lots of examples (not just Hall of Famers) of people who needed to sit and learn before getting back on the horse again. I firmly believe that this is what should be done with Wilson right now. I actually think this is what’s best for his career at this point (assuming Flynn doesn’t take the job and run with it forever – which could happen).

  106. Sparky12 says:

    1. Time for Flynn. Cant hurt. Wilson is a strong kid and it will not “shatter him”. Maybe next year?
    2. Fire Bevell. Bad play calling and not good at game flow changes.
    3. Our receivers: Not much we can do except keep pushing them in practice and hope they improve.
    4. O-line injures not helping, but Cable needs to somehow stop the dump-ass penalties!

  107. EliteTacomaLiberal says:

    7-9 season coming back to the Seattle 2012/13.

    Thanks for nothing.

  108. royboy361 says:

    On their late in the game drive, They were running the ball well. On 3rd and short I don’t understand why they decided to pass. I think that was a bad call. After the first drive the offense sputtered. I understand the defense can’t have 8 sacks every game but they were clearly not playing their best either. Some penalties were drive killers too.

  109. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Russell Wilson MUST BE BENCHED. He is COSTING US GAMES. Continuing to start him because he won the job in the preseason is asinine. He is proving he cannot handle the job in the NFL.

  110. PopTacoma says:

    We have RW as a starter for two reasons. 1. -The local announcers had a man-crush on him from the start. 2. -The fans thought the local announcers were right.

    I remember commenting that I liked RW, but I thought he was too short/rookie after the 3rd preseason game and this forum tried to string me up. Oh the number 3 reason we have RW is YOU!


  111. IMO there isn’t a simple, obvous solution here right now for us, but we’ve still got an improving team character, albeit with a shaky one-dimensionality on offense today. Our defense and special-teams are really pretty good, and our offense is fine really in rushing, but how to stretch the offense otherwise seems unclear so far. But what seemed most obvious to me today, and on the road in particular, is the basic change this year of us really being up against a quantum-leap of improvement in the talent, balance & coaching across our entire NFC West division just like that! And in the face of this alone, it’s not clear yet if Wilson is really in over his head and that Flynn would be an improvement, other than maybe for a game or two. And the Rams just hit us today with the obvious fact of them being much better enough finally in balance, depth and coaching to take it to us, at home at least. So, I’ll bet that our next away games and overall record are not going to be pretty or easy to improve on. And while the team has real talent and potential, it’s seems clear enough by now that our one-dimensional offense (qb-inexperience, pass-protection and wide-receivers) is our biggest liability now for other teams to exploit. And can Flynn really make all that much of a QB difference? I doubt it, beyond a game or two maybe, after our much-improved divisional rivals in particular figure out how to take advantage of what he can’t do as well as Wilson with his legs. So, I’d still opt for Wilson now, but given the receivers we’ve got am clueless about how to really improve our passing game now that other teams know how to get ahead of us early enough to expose our inability to play catch-up. And the next four games, including two aways, could easily find us at 4-4, or even lower, at the halfway mark.

  112. sluggo42 says:

    play calling is abysmal at best. Especially when we need a good play called.
    Fisher made Carroll look like a rookie

  113. GeorgiaRay says:

    Out of many things I disliked today, I’d like to post my top two:

    Mike Martz,
    Breno Giacomini

  114. I’m trying to figure out how many defensive minded head coaches call for an onside kick knowing full well the opposing FG Kicker is good from 60 yards+? And knowing the Seahawks offense doesn’t score many points so a freebie 3 is huge.

    Those kind of decisions are game killers.

  115. freedom_X says:

    The inability of Seattle’s receivers to get open in games 1-3 is fact, not conjecture. Watch the games over and over. Multiple professional observers, not just fans, have seen and noted this. Don’t accept the comments of the analysts today as vindication when the analysts were saying the exact opposite for the past 3 games.

    If the WR’s were getting open today, then I hope it means they’ve turned the corner. Or it could mean defenses have figured out Wilson can only see half (or less) of the field and rolling the coverage to one side or the other, depending on where they’re bringing the pressure. I hope it’s the former.

    Tate responsible for Flynn not getting the job? Is Tate also to blame for world hunger and cancer? Maybe you’re thinking Terrell Owens?

  116. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Look you blind Russell Wilson apologists, Wilson shouldn’t be benched because he had 3 INTs that may or may not be the fault of his WRs. He needs to be benched because he’s TOO SHORT to make his reads, has AWFUL pocket presence that’s leading him to sack himself, and makes poor decisions. Matt Flynn must start next week and beyond or else this is another 7-9 season at best, all because Pete Carroll and his ego wants to prove a 5’10” QB can be a mediocre starter in the NFL.

  117. mojjonation says:

    I have only read about a third of the posts, so I’m not sure if anyone has said this or not. Much the way an offense earns its money in the red zone, a defense earns its money on third down. So far this season, neither has earned anything but grief from the fans.

  118. chuck_easton says:

    Well,he’s 5′ 10 5/8″ to be exact. We short guys always round up so give him 5’11”. That being said I’m not putting this on Wilson’s height. It just is he’s not ready to start. He’s not making the reads. He bails out of the pocket too soon. And, today at least, he’s not seeing the open receiver.

    Would Flynn be better? I don’t know but I know that if the team sticks with Wilson then 7-9 would be a good finish and 6-10 is very likely.

  119. Well said Mojjonation!!!!

    Freedom-X – there have also been NFL experts who have said Wilson has not played well – missed reads and overall not played well. ARe they to be ignored??

  120. thursday says:

    lol so much at people who blame only the quarterback for any loss. saw a lot of problems today that weren’t on the quarterback.

  121. freedom_X says:

    It’s why I said before the season started that Carroll must have absolute job security. The decision to start Wilson, I felt, would cost Seattle at least 2 wins. As an independent observer I would have thought Carroll needed to win in year 3 of his program, but either he doesn’t think he needs to, or he underplayed the importance of a QB and passing the ball.

    He’s got the defense and he’s got the running game, but he’s still losing because he’s not getting enough out of the passing game.

  122. CDHawkFan says:

    While not great, or maybe even good, those 3 picks on RW weren’t all his fault, maybe the 2nd should have been thrown a second earlier. I don’t think any of them were bad reads or panic throws (Rookie-like).

    Of all the players I was disappointed with, Baldwin has to the one who pissed me off the most. The INT wasn’t too bad, but the missed block on the kick-off return cost us points, LW would have scored and changed the game. Of the few times we needed him today, he played like a D-III player. And where was Tate?

    Also, can’t our LB’s make a play on 3rd down? It seems that its only our front 4 and secondary out there on 3rd down. I want a batted ball, a pick, blitz, stop before the first down, they are not providing any value on 3rd down.

  123. From what I’ve seen from Flynn, He takes what the D gives him.
    RW goes for the impact play. (short man’s disease?)

    How many times have you heard coaches talked about that?

    BBnate, Sure EVERYONE is drunk and unreasonable.

  124. I’m pretty sure I remember starting the 2005 season at 2-2 and seeing lots of hand wringing at that time– Oh wait– then we made it to the Super Bowl— Patience guys—

  125. freedom_X says:

    I was only commenting on the idea that Seattle’s receivers are fine and all the pass problems due to the QB. Seattle’s receivers have NOT been performing well all year. If they’ve finally figured it out, great. I really hope so, because it isn’t like Seattle can trade for or draft any replacements this year. (I sure hope Seattle doesn’t have any WR trades in the works, given their past track record there.)

    A great receiver WOULD help Wilson (or any young QB) by giving him a safety blanket. Someone an inexperienced QB could turn to as a fallback option. That being said, if guys are getting open, it’s Wilson’s job to find them. If he can’t, he shouldn’t be playing.

  126. Its 100 percent on the QB. No other teams are perfect enough to not have “other problems”. The goddamn D let them score ZERO touchdowns. ST gave up the touchdown. How many games does a teams defense not let a touchdown and that team loses? Very rarely.

    This team can keep RW at QB and win, but they need to execute everything perfectly 100 percent of the time. Hold every other team to 0 points, and never turn it over. Ever. Sounds realistic.

    And don’t give me the baloney about the receivers. RW has the best corps of pass catchers in the league compared to any other rookie QB in this league, yet he’s doing the worst. I’m not sure about this regime.

  127. crunchmeister says:

    I wonder how much leash Wilson has to go to the non-primary recievers on a given play. I wondered this last week at the Clink, when a few times plays broke down and recievers (especially Rice) scrambled to get open. Once it was clearly in Wilsons line of sight, Rice was wide open, and yet he completely ignored it, or missed it. Just speculation, but I’d guess that there are specifics that the staff are asking of him given a situation/read, and he may be coached up to not stray from that… IE if on this play you see this read then ONLY throw it to this route.

    Starting to look like the Cheeseheads will have more to whine about this week. They were obnoxious in our house last week.

  128. GB just gave up a 3rd and 17 – they only rushed 3 – huh

    Where have we seen that before

  129. Miami is “terrible” but Tannehill is 24/37 418 1-1 against that Arizona Def. Pretty solid day for him

  130. Seattle just does not know how to play football. They let the other team go down the field but they can’t. They stink.

  131. Hammajamma says:

    Couple points on the QB debate from someone who was excited to see Wilson drafted and more excited to see him win the job.

    ~Those criticizing Carroll for going with Wilson over the more experienced Flynn have to acknowledge the better performer (up to that point) and athlete won the job. Wilson’s potential, stronger arm and scrambling ability suggested a high upside worthy of a little patience. Applying Carroll’s competition philosophy to the QB made sense then and still does.

    ~ Those suggesting Flynn would have won this or any other game are simply talking out of their ass.

    ~ Not all the issues on offense are the result of Wilson’s play. Other than running back, every other position group has contributed to poor productivity. The team has not performed at a level where you can say they’re just a QB away from taking off.

    ~ The run first philosophy is a sound one for this team, especially with a young QB and a line that has difficulty in pass pro. Don’t forget that a contributing factor to Wilson earning the job was his ability to escape situations and make positive yards when things break down. It’s not unreasonable to assume Flynn would have taken several more sacks to date. Remember him walking into the rush and falling like a leaf in preseason?

    Now comes the “however” part of the argument:

    ~ The passing game is not working as designed and change is needed. Otherwise, they will not become the playoff team their defense has suggested. Bevell needs to juice this up somehow.

    ~ It’s time to fall back on the compete philosophy and go to the next guy. Wilson shows he can take coaching and improve aspects of his game. For example he clearly made an effort to stay in and not scramble wide away from pressure today, but he’s not recognizing enough downfield. I’m sure he not going to grade out any better than he did last week, and he might be better served to watch a few games.

    ~ Flynn doesn’t necessarily deserve it because he didn’t win it, but the team deserves a chance to see if he can bring the QB play up a notch. I’ll take a few more sacks for better route recognition and a quicker trigger with the ball. I think that’s the trade off right now. The ball needs to come out faster and to the correct target. I think he can do that.

    ~ Finally, there are some knuckleheads on the O-line and receiver corp that need the fear of god put in them along with some bench time. There is talent being squandered here.

    Ultimately I really like Wilson and think he has a bright future. But it’s too big for him just yet and he hasn’t elevated the position over what we saw from TJ last year. Four games is enough time to make a good evaluation. Hand it to Flynn for four games and let’s see where we are then.

  132. Hamma
    ~Those criticizing Carroll for going with Wilson over the more experienced Flynn have to acknowledge the better performer (up to that point) and athlete won the job. Wilson’s potential, stronger arm and scrambling ability suggested a high upside worthy of a little patience. Applying Carroll’s competition philosophy to the QB made sense then and still does.

    Other than the fact he did the same against starters that Flynn did AND PC admitted that the job was won in team meetings because the play was too close

  133. Hammajamma says:


    I never heard PC say the job was won in meetings. Don’t think that’s accurate.

  134. ChrisHolmes says:

    Without benefit of the film, it’s impossible to say, but I spent the whole game wondering: Is the lack of a passing game more due to Wilson not seeing guys open, or receivers not getting open?

    To me, it looked like there were guys open and plays to be made, and RW wasn’t finding them.

  135. Was reported by multiple NFL sources that they coaches, were impressed with the extra time he spent in film and meetings – I will try and find the links

    But even when they named him PC did say straight up that FLynn did not lose job-

  136. This is no longer preseason, where Wilson did extremely well.

    This is the season that counts and defenses are not only playing their first units the entire game, they are also mixing in their different defensive schemes.

    Put Wilson on the sidline to learn and GET FLYNN in the game!!!

    It’s past the experimental stage – we can make the playoffs with the running game and D we have.

  137. Lukeyluke77 says:

    Pete’s bromance with RW cost us the game. Remember the end of the Cards game that we could have won as well? C’mon Pete! 3rd and 2 in red zone and you dont give it to ML? Kinda dis-respectful.

  138. simpsonian says:

    i think your title of this article is inappropriate because pete didn’t really say that in his press conference. he said RW was efficient and accurate for the most part and that he was running the plays the coaches were calling. same kind of stuff that he always does…don’t you think youre misleading your readers?

  139. simpsonian says:

    ^meant to post that on your other blog post

  140. The Seahawks truly are 1 and 3 as they really have only beaten the Cowboy’s The gift against the Packers is just that a gift. Losing against the Rams just proves the Seahawks have a few years ahead of themselves before they can classify as a truly good team

  141. mojjonation says:

    Saying Seattle is 1-3 is truly assasinine. That’s right up there with saying Flynn threw more TD’s than he actually did in preseason because someone dropped them. As much as Seattle is only a couple of plays from being 4-0, the Cards are just as close to being 1-3. I still am not buying into the Card hype since they seem to be offensively challenged even if Kolb put up three bills on Miami.

  142. littleshawtyduece says:

    that last interception was pure karma baby

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