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Carroll says he’ll take hard look at QB position

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 30, 2012 at 3:37 pm with 131 Comments »
September 30, 2012 3:37 pm

Besides the three turnovers and special teams struggles, there’s really no way to look at this game, other than the fact that Seattle failed to get the ball in the end zone offensively, despite rushing for a season-high 179 yards on the ground.

Naturally, the majority of the blame is going to fall on the quarterback. Seattle had 10 possessions. The Seahawks punted four times. Quarterback Russell Wilson threw three interceptions. Seattle scored two field goals and they got one touchdown on the first possession of the game.

And that’s not good enough when you’re defense is playing as well as they are right now, and the rest of the team knows it.

“We expected to leave here with a ‘W’,” Seattle defensive end Red Bryant said. “I give a lot of credit to the Rams from preventing us from that. We’ve got a long flight home. We’ll look at the tape and see what the adjustments we need to make. And just like we had to put the win behind us in Green Bay, we’ve got to put this loss behind us and press on.

“We’re frustrated, but we’re not discouraged.”

It’s been four games, and Wilson still is struggling to consistently move the offense. Wilson’s not the only one to blame, but sometimes a change at that position can spark an offense.

But Seattle head coach Pete Carroll doesn’t appear ready to go down the road – yet.

“I think he’s moving the club,” Carroll said about Wilson. “He shows that he can move us, and he made some great plays today. He ran around really well, and he was accurate with the football for the most part.

“I’m still thinking that he’s improving and getting more comfortable and all of that. … So we’ll see what it all means. I don’t know yet.”

For his part, Wilson knows he needs to play better.

“We had opportunities,” Wilson said. “We don’t ever want to turn the ball over. Personally, I had three turnovers, so that’s never good. You just want to look at the film (and) see what we can do better, see what I can do better and just learn from it and move on.”

Special teams gaffe
The play of the game was the fake field goal that St. Louis ran near the end of the first half, with punter Johnny Hekker throwing a 2-yard touchdown pass to Danny Amendola, who was unaccounted for on the sideline.

The play gave St. Louis the lead for good, 10-7. The Rams later added a 48-yard field goal from rookie Greg Zuerlein at the end of the half.

What makes that situation worse is the Seahawks actually prepared for that during practice this week.

“We worked on it all week, so it was very frustrating,” Bryant said about the fake field goal.

Carroll said that the coaches in the coaches’ booth upstairs saw Amendola, and he tried to call a timeout, but couldn’t get on the field in time.

The touchdown was the only one Seattle gave up during the game.

The play was part of a dominant performance on special teams for St. Louis. Zuerlien made field goals from 60 and 58 yards. The Rams also recovered an attempted onside kick by Seattle.

Ground game churns

The most impressive thing offensively for Seattle was the running game. Marshawn Lynch rushed for 118 yards on 20 carries. Backup Robert Turbin finished with 45 yards on six carries.

But even though Seattle ran the ball well in between the 20-yard lines, they failed to capitalize on their ability to run the ball in the red zone.

“It was a really good day for us on the ground,” Carroll said. “We just needed a couple plays here to take advantage of how well we were running it. Both Robert and Marshawn did a great job there today. And the guys up front did a nice job.”

Injury update
Offensive guard James Carpenter left the game in the first half after injuring his right knee – not the surgically repaired one that kept him out of the first three games. But he later returned and appeared okay.

Carroll said that receiver Ben Obomanu and linebacker Mike Morgan were dinged up during the game, but later returned.

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  1. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Darn you Pete, do the right thing. START FLYNN. Wilson should never have wont he job in the first place. Flynn stood tall in the pocket in the face of pressure and delivered accurate strikes, while Wilson freelanced against backups playing vanilla schemes. Stop blaming every single other facet of the team for not being perfect while the answer is right in front of you. Russell Wilson cannot handle being starting QB at this time.

  2. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    Stop blaming the OL and WRs. You cannot expect them to be perfect on literally every snap and absolve blame from the QB. Wilson makes the OL worse because he cannot step up into the pocket because of his short height. Wilson makes the WRs worse because his field vision is so poor he blatantly misses WIDE OPEN WRs. Put in Flynn or else we’re headed down another 7-9 season at best because we’re starting “Tarvaris Wilson”.

  3. “Tarvaris Wilson…” No. No. No. Wilson is going to be infinity times better than Jackson after he’s been in the league for a bunch of years and has well over 30 starts under his belt. I agree that he’s not as good as we’d like him to be right now and that Flynn needs to play if we are going to “comPete” this season, but to compare Wilson to Jackson is foolishness at this point.

  4. Repetition of the same argument doesn’t make it more convincing. If the coaches look at the tape and RW is repeatedly missing open guys, theny they may agree with some of the reactions here. They’re not idiots, and they want to win now too.

    Two of the three picks were clearly not wilson’s fault today. The rams, like the cards, are a better team than last year. I expected a close, tough game on the road today. And that’s exactly what we got. The fake fg and the two unusually long ones they made were the difference in the score.

  5. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    No, remaining in denial about Wilson is more foolishness. This team is literally loaded everywhere besides QB, and he’s still blowing it. Our OL is dominant at run blocking (FINALLY) and very good at pass blocking, but Wilson makes it look worse with his propensity to haphazardly run around after making only one read. He is simply too short to throw the ball from a clean pocket from a dropback. He also isn’t accurate and forces our WRs to make adjustments to catch his poorly thrown balls, on top of the fact that he can’t see which ones are wide open in the first place.

    Sounds like Jackson to me. At least T-Jack could see over the OL and throw for over 200 yards. This is exactly the type of game we would have won last season if T-Jack was still the starter instead of Wilson.

    START FLYNN or be prepared for another losing season.

  6. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    “They’re not idiots, and they want to win now too.

    Two of the three picks were clearly not wilson’s fault today. The rams, like the cards, are a better team than last year. I expected a close, tough game on the road today. And that’s exactly what we got. The fake fg and the two unusually long ones they made were the difference in the score.”

    That’s where you’re wrong, this stupid coaching staff is more concerned with looking like geniuses by trying to make a 5’10” midget QB look like a mediocre at best starter. EVERY pick except the last one was Wilson’s fault. Baldwin had to come back for that crappy pass, and it didn’t have a prayer for the first down in the first place. That second one was all Wilson, holding the ball too long and not decisively passing. Only the 3rd one was McCoy’s fault but at that point you can only blame Wilson for the game getting into that situation in the first place.

    The field goals were gifts that Wilson handed to the Rams because of him taking those absolutely awful sacks on 3rd down that made Jon Ryan punt from farther back, letting the Rams start near midfield and only needing a couple of first downs to get into field goal range. And stop crying about road games, that is no excuse. Good teams win at home and the road.

  7. JazBadAzz says:

    If Wilson continues to play like that we will be drafting Matt Barkley #1 overall next year! Damn near any qb in the league would have won that game! I told you guys that we don’t need to “air it out”!

  8. LOL! Tannehill is getting ready to eclipse RW’s season total in ONE GAME!

  9. seahawk44 says:

    If there is blame to be put ….. it is on Bevell and the offensive play calling ! Please stop the empty backfield 3rd down passes. They are not working!! Lynch averaging 6 yards a carry and Turbin 7.5 a carry, and you can’t trust them to pick up a 3rd and 2 to go or 3rd and 4 to go? Same thing as last week. If you are a team whose strength is the running game, RUN the damn ball. Then the play action works better on 1st and 2nd downs. Telling the opposing defense …”Hey. We are passing here” …is not helping Russell Wilson at all. Pete must recognize and change the terrible play calling.

    Could Cable call better plays than Bevell ? Could a more experienced signal caller recognize more and audible out of situations ?

  10. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    My fellow fans. You are missing the point here. The INTs and playcalling may be questionable, but that does NOT excuse Wilson’s independently poor play. Bevell is not calling for Wilson to take an infinite backpedal and take horrible sacks on 3rd down, nor he is he telling Wilson to scramble around in fright because he can’t pass without running out of perfectly clean pockets. The FAILURE of the passing offense is on Wilson and Wilson alone because he is executing in an almost unimaginable way. We are 2-2 in SPITE of Wilson. Not benching him for Flynn right away is tantamount to waving the white flag on this season, for no reason. We are literally going to waste the best defense in franchise history and a top running game because Pete is too stubborn to pull the weak link.

  11. my dog could probably call better plays than bevell

  12. ACIB, I’m telling you right now, you’re wasting your time. There’s plenty of idiots on here who disagree with you, regardless of what points you make.

  13. DanielleMND says:

    During today’s game, Mike Martz, who knows something about QBs and offense, repeatedly pointed out Wilson rolling out of the pocket because he couldn’t find throwing lanes over the linemen. I’ve been a Wilson supporter, but I’m starting to have some doubts.

  14. When the Rams kicker throws more TD’s than our starting QB it’s time to think about things.

    Wheedon, Tannehill & even Gabbert have thrown for more yards this year..

  15. When we are dead last in passing offense with all other facets of the team as strengths, what do we have to lose by giving Flynn a chance?

  16. Danielle shut up, you called me an idiot for saying wilson should sit. get the hell off this page.

  17. freedom_X says:

    I’ll put Carroll into a no-win situation here:

    If Carroll knew what he was doing with the QB position – if he really sees things differently than conventional teams and “all that” – then he doesn’t bench Wilson. Carroll knows what he was getting into and takes the extra losses and the potential for missing the playoffs and develops Wilson this year.

    If Carroll yanks Wilson, it calls into question his entire knowledge and credentials for judging the QB position. He’s only made one good decision in his reign – starting Hasselbeck over Whitehurst, and one neutral to positive decision (not starting Whitehurst after Hasselbeck left.) That’s it. All the other decisions have been failures.

    Yanking Wilson means the decision to start him was something of a knee-jerk decision, ignoring all of conventional wisdom, and done off Carroll’s famous “gut reaction.” We’ll see if Carroll’s guts end up costing him his job (before you call this overreaction, most coaches with 3 consecutive losing seasons usually have their job at risk. Unless Wilson gets a lot better in the next 3 weeks, Seattle could be heading to another 7-9 season.) Remember, they just lost of their so-called “gimmes” on the schedule.

  18. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    No need for name calling my friends. I mean, we all wanted to see Wilson do well, but he’s HAD HIS SHOT. Continuing to start him just because he won the job in the preseason is ridiculous and makes no sense. He’s had his opportunity, but he hasn’t even looked competent. The Dallas game was more of the same, the only difference is that we were spotted a 10 point lead by special teams. You cannot expect to win by not being able to count on your passing offense for only 1 TD drive a game on average. It’s ridiculous.

    Flynn may not throw for 480 yards and 6 TDs again but I’m certain he won’t wilt at the faintest sign of pressure. He can execute this same conservative offense without vomiting all over himself like Wilson has.

  19. chuck_easton says:


    Be civil. People are starting to come around.

    Now if joreb comes back on here have at him! But don’t tell him to go away. After some of the insults he sent anyone’s way who dared to question Wilson’s greatness I’d love to read what he has to say now.

  20. Palerydr says:

    Radeon if I’ve learned one thing from this blog then it’s that no matter what a persons opinion is they can share it here without being bullied. I’m sure plenty of folks would like you to go away as well. People will disagree with you get over yourself.

  21. freedom_X says:

    I’ll say this again – Wilson rolling out or scrambling cuts his passing field in half. Even John Elway couldn’t consistently gun the ball across the field after rolling out. Unless the rollouts are designed, this is going to neutralize any passing options he has.

    If he’s flushed left or right, the DB’s on the opposite side can safely leave their man, because very rarely can any QB throw back across the field with any type of success (it usually results in a pick.)

  22. DanielleMND says:

    “Danielle shut up, you called me an idiot for saying wilson should sit. get the hell off this page.”


    I’m still not calling for him to sit. I have a few doubts right now, but I’d give him another couple games. No improvement by then? Let’s see what Flynn can do.

    But even as bad as Wilson played today, we were close. It was our suddenly weak pass defense and special teams completely ignoring Amendola on one play that cost us this game.

  23. MEhawkfan says:

    How’s that go again? Those who live by the rookie, die by the rookie? Freedom X, you make some great points regarding Carroll’s “rock and a hard place.”

  24. ACIB – you honestly think Carroll cares more about being viewed as a ‘genius’ than winning games? Based on what? Just that he doesnt agree w your talent assessments?

    Doesn’t make sense to me. I get the frustrations, but I don’t believe that there’s any among us who want to win more than the coaches of the team.

  25. seahawk44 says:

    Most disappointing thing about this loss is that the Seahawks are now 0-2 last place in division.

  26. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    “I’m still not calling for him to sit. I have a few doubts right now, but I’d give him another couple games. No improvement by then? Let’s see what Flynn can do.

    But even as bad as Wilson played today, we were close. It was our suddenly weak pass defense and special teams completely ignoring Amendola on one play that cost us this game.”

    Are you SERIOUS? You want to punt away 2 MORE games? Look, it isn’t a guarantee that Flynn will be good, but it IS a guarantee that Wilson will continue to be bad and not be any positive contributor if we do win.

    And how DARE you blame the pass defense and special teams for a couple of bad plays instead of the offense every time the ball was in Wilson’s hands outside of the opening drive. Maybe Radeon is right about you after all.

  27. seahawk44 says:

    1st 1/4 of 2012 season: 2-2
    2nd 1/4 of 2012 season: 2-2 ?
    3rd 1/4 of 2012 season: 3-1 ?
    4th 1/4 of 2012 season: 3-1 ?

    10-6 ?

  28. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    “ACIB – you honestly think Carroll cares more about being viewed as a ‘genius’ than winning games? Based on what? Just that he doesnt agree w your talent assessments?

    Doesn’t make sense to me. I get the frustrations, but I don’t believe that there’s any among us who want to win more than the coaches of the team.”

    Yes, I do believe that. I’m no conspiracy theorist but its the only explanation. Wilson didn’t suddenly tank in the regular season. The Oakland preseason game was clear warning he wasn’t ready. He did the same thing, scramble around too early, overthrow open receivers, make bad reads, etc. He only did good against Kansas City after the backups took over. And before that was all undisciplined freewheeling against more backups running vanilla schemes. Flynn may not have looked explosive but that time of sharp accuracy and consistency is EXACTLY what we need. Not Wilson being babied around and wasting the rest of the team’s strong effort.

  29. Hammajamma says:

    I’m bringing the over from the previous thread because its more relevant here.

    Couple points on the QB debate from someone who was excited to see Wilson drafted and more excited to see him win
    the job.

    ~Those criticizing Carroll for going with Wilson over the more experienced Flynn have to acknowledge the better performer (up to that point) and athlete won the job. Wilson’s potential, stronger arm and scrambling ability suggested a high upside worthy of a little patience. Applying Carroll’s competition philosophy to the QB made sense then and still does.

    ~ Those suggesting Flynn would have won this or any other game are simply talking out of their ass.

    ~ Not all the issues on offense are the result of Wilson’s play. Other than running back, every other position group has contributed to poor productivity. The team has not performed at a level where you can say they’re just a QB away from taking off.

    ~ The run first philosophy is a sound one for this team, especially with a young QB and a line that has difficulty in pass pro. Don’t forget that a contributing factor to Wilson earning the job was his ability to escape situations and make positive yards when things break down. It’s not unreasonable to assume Flynn would have taken several more sacks to date. Remember him walking into the rush and falling like a leaf in preseason?

    Now comes the “however” part of the argument:

    ~ The passing game is not working as designed and change is needed. Otherwise, they will not become the playoff team their defense has suggested. Bevell needs to juice this up somehow.

    ~ It’s time to fall back on the compete philosophy and go to the next guy. Wilson shows he can take coaching and improve aspects of his game. For example he clearly made an effort to stay in and not scramble wide away from pressure today, but he’s not recognizing enough downfield. I’m sure he not going to grade out any better than he did last week, and he might be better served to watch a few games.

    ~ Flynn doesn’t necessarily deserve it because he didn’t win it, but the team deserves a chance to see if he can bring the QB play up a notch. I’ll take a few more sacks for better route recognition and a quicker trigger with the ball. I think that’s the trade off right now. The ball needs to come out faster and to the correct target. I think he can do that.

    ~ Finally, there are some knuckleheads on the O-line and receiver corp that need the fear of god put in them along with some bench time. There is talent being squandered here.

    Ultimately I really like Wilson and think he has a bright future. But it’s too big for him just yet and he hasn’t elevated the position over what we saw from TJ last year. Four games is enough time to make a good evaluation. Hand it to Flynn for four games and let’s see where we are then.

  30. How come it seems that Head coaches that come from the defensive side of the ball – seem to get in the way of the offenses (see carroll – Ryan)

    but the Offensive type guys get a D-coordinator and let him go to work -( see Mccarthy – Smith – )

    Balt is finally figuring out that you have to have an offense to go with your great D

    Pitt: with Big Ben has been balanced – run oriented but could pass when needed

    It’s probably just me -

  31. Dukeshire says:

    Where does Carroll say he’ll take a “hard look” at QB? Not in the clip above nor the quote provided. Sounds like just the opposite based on those two things.

  32. So we have a passing game with a rookie QB who took just 1/3 of all training camp snaps playing with WRs, all of which missed significant portions of training camp struggling in the first part of the season?

    Must be the first time in NFL history that’s happened??

  33. seahawk44 says:

    ty pabs. we needed that sarcasm here.

  34. yakimahawk says:

    Penalties were a problem ? really? there were 5 and for any team they never come @ a good times. Our defense really? the other team is trying to score also…This is 100 percent or 99 percent at least on Russell Wilson. He was just horrible!! I did mind him starting if he beat out Matt Flynn but players HAVE TO PROVE IT ON THE FIELD.And he is not! With our defense we could go along way if we had a efficient QB right now. It it Russell’a team in the future just not now

  35. Good post hamma. Reasonably argued.

    Look, I’m not some crazed Wilson supporter, but I do feel like I know crap quarterback play when I see it, and what I’ve seen is not all on him. Not that it’s good enough, it’s not.

    The other thing to at least think about — qb changes and qb controversies are almost always a disaster for a team. Nothing is more distracting to a team, and you basically only want to do it mid-season if you are at a crisis point.

    Are we at that crisis point? I’m sure plenty here would say yes, but I don’t think I’m in that camp yet. We’re 2-2, we won one you wouldn’t expect us to, and lost one we probably should have won. I’m bummed about the loss, but don’t feel like the sky is falling.

  36. DanielleMND says:

    “And how DARE you blame the pass defense and special teams for a couple of bad plays instead of the offense every time the ball was in Wilson’s hands outside of the opening drive. Maybe Radeon is right about you after all.”

    The Rams’ best WR is standing out there uncovered and none of the special teams players see him? Jeff Fisher is known for trick plays, so our special teams coach should have had our guys ready for anything. Yes, how dare I hold special teams responsible for that.

    I stand by what I said. As bad as Wilson played, we still had a chance to win at the end. If our D played like it did the against Dallas or Green Bay, or our special teams didn’t get caught napping, we probably win this game.

    This is the same problem this team has had for years, and several coaching regimes, it doesn’t play as well on the road. Both losses so far were on the road, and our pass defense struggled both times.

  37. grizindabox24 says:

    I am convinced that RW can not throw a slant…

  38. ACIB (and anyone screaming for Flynn) I hope you recored the game because I would strongly recommend going back and looking at every offensive play. I think you’ll find two major themese with this offense.

    1. Incosnistent pass protection.

    2. WR’s not getting seperation.

    Seriously, Doug Baldwin has all but disappeared. Tate is not well suited to play on the outside. He needs to be shifted to the slot or sat down. Then promote Edwards. And finally, stop fooling ourselves that Evan Whats-his-name is worthy of any playing time. Cut him and go grab Winslow. The guy can catch. He’d be a better WR option at this point, than pretty much anyone except Rice.

    Honestly, do we have ANYONE that scares a defense or stretches it to any extent? You cannot expect Wilson to blossom without playmakers on the other end. And Flynn would have gotten killed back there today. We HAVE to pretect better on a consistent basis.

  39. Some day I will learn to type… :)

  40. Dukeshire says:

    With Wilson, Seattle has a passing offense made up mostly of scrambles. People can rationalize why he’s playing as he is all they want, but to argue that Wilson’s play isn’t hurting this team right now, is to argue you don’t understand football.

  41. Was really hoping AZ would lose that game. Damn.

  42. ChrisHolmes says:

    None of us can make definitive statements without seeing the film. But from the TV cameras, it looked like guys were open and Wilson simply wasn’t finding them.

    I like Wilson. I like his tools and work ethic. I think the kid has a bright future. But right now he looks overwhelmed.

    Hand the ball to Flynn. If he gets eaten alive and sucks, then go back to Wilson and call it a learning year. But if anyone wants a real shot at winning this season, Flynn needs a chance. The other 52 guys deserve it, really.

  43. Again, the thing that takes Mr. Happy off the hook (rock/hard place) is that he said Flynn was not 100% (elbow) until the week of practice prior to the Dallas game.

    He also said Flynn did nothing to lose the job (except get tendinitis in his elbow at the wrong time and have to force feed Eldorado).

    Now that Wilson has arguably performed below expectations in the regular season, as opposed to playing pretty well in the preseason, it seems pretty clear to me that Flynn should start.

    He may only have two career starts under his belt, but they were pretty good. Even though he’s inexperienced as a starter, he has the “experience” of being in the league long enough to know what to do when this or that happens (blitzes, coverages, etc.).

    We won’t have to worry about the “deer in the headlights” look when the defense suddenly does something exotic (or basic).

    This was something afforded to Flynn (bench experience that made him better and ready to lead a franchise) that should now be given to Wilson. He won’t like it, but all of us have probably wanted to do something in life that we weren’t allowed to do and it turned out better than if we had gotten what we wanted in the first place.

  44. “The other 52 guys deserve it, really.” Amen.

  45. grizindabox24 says:

    Skavage, for me it comes down to the Hawks poor play in the red zone, and I put much of the blame on the decisions and limitations of RW. Hawks will not beat anyone on the road scoring 13 points, and this team had opportunities to put up more.

  46. Here’s a stat that jumps out from the box score — 9 tackles for losses by our D (plus 2 sacks) — that’s awesome.

  47. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    what i want to see is when we get inside the 20 rushing the ball i want to see them rush until they are stopped. i really am tired of giving up on the run when it works so well.

  48. jarred767 says:

    I will third the point that the other 52 guys deserve it.

    It can’t hurt to try something, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the rest of this team is quite good or very good and our passing offense is currently ridiculous. A good coaching staff looks at the situation and adjusts as necessary. NOW is the time to do that!

  49. mojjonation says:

    If the fault lies in Wilson’s inability open receivers, then by all means switch qb’s. Flynn was not spectacular in the preseason and he took what defenses gave him. At that time, I questioned whether we had another chrckdown Charlie on our hands. RG3 marched the Skins down the field against TB taking what the defense gave him. Right now I’d be pleased with that.

    If the fault lies with Coach Raras play calling (since he himself admitted to trumping Bevell), then maybe he should turn all the play calling over to Bevell (and honestly I have no confidence in calling since his best year was when Favre showed up).

    Joe Montana couldn’t succeed with the penalties on this team. Then again, JoeMontana would call guys out for screwing up. An undisciplined coach has an undisciplined team. It is as simple as that.

  50. seahawk44 says:

    exactly, oklahoma

  51. Seahawks22360 says:

    Overall our defense is money. However, our inability to get off of the field on third downs is down right embarrassing. 5 conversions of 10 yds or more?! Really? I think Bevell deserves the majority of the offensive struggles. That opening drive we looked great. Solid runs, effective screens, solid intermediate throws. Second quarter, it’s like all the plays from that drive were discarded. SMH. Hopefully we can see a bounce back performance in Carolina. I’m really pulling for Wilson to lead us to the promise land.

  52. Realistically, if Wilson plays, and plays the way he has been (160 yards, 1 pick, and a straggler touchdown here and there), this team goes from 2-1 to 5-11 in a hurry. how the hell are you expecting to keep up with new england scoring 13 points every damn game?

  53. Good read.

    If the players think Flynn should be in there (not saying that’s what Rice is saying in the above article), Mr. Happy is going to lose the team. It’s obvious Wilson is overmatched right now and I’m pretty confident that Flynn will be named the starter at Carolina. It’s the right thing to do.

  54. DreadHawks says:

    Carroll won’t change a thing. We are going to a hungry Carolina team I fear 2-3. No confidence in our current scheme. I’d like to see Flynn get a chance. Our D isn’t THAT good. We cannot stop teams on 3rd and long. Any QB seems to be able to shred us there. Losing faith in Carroll Regime and I’m losing it quickly.

  55. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    damn dread, we have a top 5 D that is giving up 13 points a game best in league. special teams had a lapse. cost us the game.

    bottom line we need more offense. i am not sure flynn is the answer.

  56. After thought, we need to have Rice, Edwards, and Tate starting. Baldwin being the 4th WR… Baldwin needs to beat out tate for the #3 spot.

    Flynn needs to develop chemistry with these guys, or it’s gonna be another long season, and the pete carroll experiment has officially failed.

  57. freedom_X says:

    Interesting – where are all the calls to “open up the offense” now? To “take off the training wheels?” There’s a reason why the Seattle offense is calling the plays it is – it can’t do a wide open passing attack. They can’t sustain a deep passing offense.

    Now that this game has shown the limitations of the QB clearly (on top of the other problems in the passing attack) people are now calling for more runs. Sigh…

    In this respect, the coaching staff clearly knows more than the majority of fans. They know what the unit is and isn’t capable of.

    I will say that experience in the league, even if it isn’t game experience, counts for something. Russell Wilson does not have twice the knowledge and experience of Flynn even though he has 4 starts to Flynn’s 2.

  58. freedom_X says:

    I am becoming a bit concerned that Doug Baldwin might become this year’s Mike Williams – a one year wonder. I dearly hope not, especially because there’s no other one-year wonder on the horizon. Charly Martin?

  59. sherminator says:

    I’m tired of watching RW spin out of the pocket at the first hint of pressure. He hasn’t been showing improvement in becoming a pocket passer, and he’s not helping his WR’s or himself by being on the run when he throws. 13 points a game isn’t going to get it done. Time for Flynn to get in there and try to do better. Let’s see some real competition when it counts.

  60. simpsonian says:

    i think your title of this article is inappropriate because pete didn’t really say that in his press conference. he said RW was efficient and accurate for the most part and that he was running the plays the coaches were calling. same kind of stuff that he always does…don’t you think youre misleading your readers?

  61. edstang45 says:

    Maybe it is time to give Flynn his shot, having said that I think it’s not all on RW’s shoulders. The play calling in 3rd and short 3-4 yards, we continue to empty the back field and call plays which require good reads by our rookie, and require our recievers to beat their man, the defense sees we aren’t going to blast into the line and they blanket the short and intermediate routes and with pressure in his face RW miss fires deep along the sidelines or our recievers can’t make the big catch. RW I think is put in a situation to fail more often to win by the play calling. If Flynn is in with the same offensive scheme and also fails what then?? Maybe Flynn will enable the offense to open up, I don’t know. But what I see is when we pass on running downs we fare fairly well, but on 3rd and 3-4 we should be feeding the beast. We came out and threw when they excpected run and tyhe first drive worked well. I am frusterated …but love this team and they will get there

  62. guywhothinksheknowsitall says:

    Sure, Flynn might give us a better chance to win now, but I like Wilson going into the future. Might as well go through the growing pains now and get them over with. Pete has shown that he is going to stick with his guy and give him a chance to grow and learn. The only way Wilson is going to grow is by being in there making the mistakes that young players make.

    Lost in all the QB controversy is the lack of production by Doug Baldwin. Another costly drop today, and it really was a turning point in today’s game.

  63. I watched the press conference and thought Mr. Happy insinuates that he’ll be open to making a change at the 7:23 mark where he says something to the effect of “we’ll see what it all means… I don’t know yet.” Granted, everything prior is pretty positive towards Wilson, but it’s not like he’s going to throw Wilson under the bus in the post-game press conference.

  64. The Seahawks are in this position of having to play a raw QB because of the refusal of Ruskell to address the QB situation with an aging Hasselbeck, Carroll not bothering to develop any continuity in the passing game by bringing in a new QB each year and the chasing of 7-9 division titles.

    And everyone wants to keep the merry go round going. At some point, the team has to bite the bullet and hope their evaluation process is correct. Otherwise 4 straight losing seasons turn into the Buffalo Bills.

  65. Not heaping criticism on the rookie, there will be rookie growing pains. But I’d like to see what the guy they paid $10 million for can do. I think he should get his shot at running the offense. Our QB play has not been a team strength, give Flynn a shot and see what we have.

  66. Hawksince77 says:

    “Carroll says he’ll take hard look at QB position.”

    Just watched the entire press conference. PC never says these words, nor does he say anything that could remotely be interpreted to mean what these words mean.

  67. chuck_easton says:

    So pabs the answer is to leave Wilson in there and watch him flounder week in ans week out? Great idea! And then when the team is 2-5 after the next three losses to Carolina NE and SF maybe then we can make the switch to Flynn!

    Or, here’s a wild idea, switch to Flynn now and see if the offence improves. If it does then there’s a chance at a winning season. If it doesn’t then put Wilson back in around week 10 and write off the season to start planning for next year.

  68. Growing pains? Really?! There’s a small window of opportunity with this defense. You need to get the QB situation straightened out this year! If Flynn is the guy capable of winning this year and next then make the change.
    I think Wilson is going to make it as an NFL QB, but he’s a rookie

  69. Dukeshire says:

    Chuck – Dont bother, Wilson can do no wrong in his eyes.

  70. If they wanted to start Flynn, that decision had to be made before the start of that ridiculous QB competition. How long before he plays like an average QB in Carroll’s philosophy? Is it next year? Do you throw away Russell’s Reps over the past 6 weeks and start over?

    Most FA QBs struggle in their first year with a team, even with the benefit of a full training camp and all the Reps. I don’t see how Flynn would be any different, with his limited physical skills, the limited passing talent around him and Carroll’s play it safe (run-run-pass) philosophy.

    Both Flynn and Wilson’s payoff years would be 2013, the question to ask is, who gives you the bigger upside?

  71. Normally I’d side with your theory (you learn by doing), but he looks overwhelmed right now. I’d like to see him sit/learn on the bench and if Flynn doesn’t set the world on fire (he won’t in your eyes) then make the switch back to Wilson in a month and start worrying about next year. I actually think, in this situation, that he needs to study/watch/sit/learn more in this next month than being thrown into an arena he clearly doesn’t seem ready for (this will help him be ready for later, IMO). As I’ve said, the downside for him is that Flynn never allows him to play again, but if Flynn fails, I firmly believe that Wilson would be better prepared to play in November if he spends this month watching/learning. It doesn’t mean he’ll always suck, it just means he’s not ready now. That’s it.

  72. jawpeace says:

    Two of Wilson’s INT were on the WRs, the other INT was after being hit from behind and making the ball go air mail. So the INTs were not really Wilson’s fault.

    Several have said he is not seeing open WR’s??? Funny I am not seeing open WR’s.

    Now I now why the Rams cut Brown.

    Gaucomoli helped kill two drives with his after the whistle activities.

    It was good to see Carp return I was having flash backs to some talented big DT out of Texas who had his career end because of knee injuries. And man Carp is a big one.

    And people get along don’t turn this into a bickering kindergarten playground like ESPN. Remember opinions are like ass holes every one has one and occasionally some people are.

  73. grizindabox24 says:

    pabs, I think it boils down to which gives them a better chance to win next week and the next week. With the offensive struggles in the red zone and on third down, I say play Flynn and see what happens. I see no way the Hawks win next week with RW and his struggles. He is not ready.

  74. Matt Ryan was sacked 7 times today and still managed to throw for almost 400 yards. He’s not on IR for the year. Kevin Kolb isn’t exactly the most mobile guy either (not bad though) and his OL isn’t all that great.

    I get a kick out of the comments by people who say a mobile player has to be QB if the team isn’t great in pass protection because they’d be “injured” after taking a beating like that. Sometimes running QBs are more prone to injuries (although Wilson seems pretty good at avoiding contact).

  75. Wilson should have sensed pressure on that middle INT much better. And I don’t understand how Giacomini could commit the same boneheaded penalty 2 times in one game. He had to have realized the regular Refs wouldn’t allow that even though the replacements let him get away with it.

  76. bird_spit says:

    Pabs is right, Radeon counts me as one of the idiots..

  77. CMON, 3 3rd and short plays without a lynch run. Killed 3 drives. GOOD D until 3rd down when we play Zone. This loss is all on coaching O an D. Playing it safe and telegraphing everything.

  78. Hate this:

    Richard Sherman ‏@RSherman_25

    @James_Baysinger they game is TDs not 3rd down conversions …. We did our job

    3 reasons:
    1 – those long 3rd down conversions all turned into points on FG’s yes you may claim those came from ST’s but you put the ST in that position

    2 – Seems like an offense/ defense split beginning – why to throw your offense under the bus. Don’t care if it’s the truth – he just opened himself up next time he doesn’t have a clutch play. and he missed a few today

    3- Win as a team lose as a team – they don’t keep separate records for Off/Def/ST -

  79. Dukeshire says:

    On his pick that Baldwin ought to have caught, he had a perfect pocket and still began shuffling his feet and considered running, he then threw it behind Baldwin. Had he remained calm he would have had a far greater chance to deliver an accurate ball. Now, Baldwin needs to make that play regardless, but Wilson threw a bad pass there.

  80. As bad as the 3rd and long defense was (and it was pathetic), I refuse to hate on that side of the ball by virtue that they gave up 0 TDs today. Normally, when you don’t give up a TD… you should win, especially when your RBs rush for almost a couple of hundred yards, too.

  81. Most of those players on that Fake FG were defensive starters. Making it worse, the Seahawks apparently practiced that play, which completely baffles me.

  82. Dukeshire says:

    Sherman, despite one great pass defended, had a very tough day. He need to jam receivers at the line if he’s going to press them.

  83. I know I’m in the minority, but I’d stick with Russell Wilson for at least another week or two. I haven’t changed my position, which is that Pete should have started Flynn, but after going with Wilson, he needs to stick with him. I think the Rams were lucky to win today and will get squashed when they come to Seattle. It’s always tough to win away games and when the home team gets lucky INTS (and at least two of them were lucky) and makes very long FGs, it’s even tougher. I also think Bevel’s play-calling leaves a lot to be desired.

  84. iHateHarbaugh says:

    LOOK… watch the game again now that you know we lost. It helps one to be OBJECTIVE & takes emotion out of it. The problem is execution on offense as A WHOLE. When the protection IS good, there’s no one open. When there are open recievers, there is no protection, & so on. One thing that helps is knowing none of you (minus a few) get paid to make football decisions. Now Wilson is the leader of that offense & deserves blame too, but to say that Flynn would’ve won that game or we’d be 4-0 or whatever w/ him is ignorance.

  85. Carroll quotes are killing me!

  86. I’m still thinking he’s improving and getting more comfortable and all that.”

    He ran around really well and was accurate with the football for the most part.

    I didn’t see either of those 2 things consistently today

  87. Okay. Lets stick with having the worst passing offense, by far, in the NFL. That sounds like a good plan.

    I’m sure the defensive players like Richard Sherman are having “fun” with that. While I’m not paid to make football decisions (which means you must be a genius, like Tim Ruskell was), I also know enough from having been around sports that if you find yourself in a situation where a team is divided, you’re really setting yourself up for bad times. I bet many of the players are thinking/hoping there’s a change (and they are paid to play football, so I’m sure they know something too).

    Right now, it can’t get any worse going with Flynn. Unless we could somehow fall to 33rd in the NFL in passing, which I don’t think is possible since there are only 32 teams.

    I know Flynn wouldn’t have the same playcalling as he had in his two starts in Green Bay, but in the 2 starts from Flynn, he has 140 more yards than Wilson has had in twice the number of starts. That’s crazy!

  88. sluggo42 says:

    I was 3 bloody marys into the game when the training wheels fell off, and we crashed.

    The very exact moment the tide turned was 3rd Quarter I believe, we were 3rd and two, after we had just run the ball down their throat the length of the field, to their 7 or so. All we had to do was to keep giving the rock to Lynch, and we had 2 shots for a first down, then 4 more for the go-ahead TD with attitude. Then they called that QB draw or WTF it was, and it all went downhill after that. I honestly believe that if we jam that possession in, we would have deflated them and won the game.

    BUT, we didn’t.

    The last few weeks we have gone over and over RW’s skill sets, and faults. It has been clearly established that he needed to stay in the pocket longer, and quit bailing out and cutting the field in half.
    He did a little bit better at that today, but his lack of experience still caused him to make a few costly errors. Combining his rookie mistakes, Bevell’s horrid play calling, the WR drops and ints, and piss poor clock management at the end of the first half cost us the game. Obviously McCoy slipped and etcetera.

    I believe the time has come for Flynn to get a chance, for a few games at least. Then we can see if he can stay in the pocket, go through progressions, throw recievers open, manage the clock, see the entire field, and so on.

    Then we will have a better idea if the line blocking sux, if the WR’s suck, see if he can see over the LOS, AUDIBLE out of a crappy Bevell call, throw a slant, throw deep, and etcetera.

    Yes, I know we were only a play or two away from a win, just like AZ was only a play away from a win, and the GB game was only one play away from a loss.

    I would prefer to hang a few more points on the board so we don’t have to keep on depending for that one play at the end. Why not make some plays DURING the game, so we don’t need to depend on that last play.

    I don’t know the RW is the answer in the long run, he just might be too short after all is said and done. Maybe there is a reason short QB’s don’t work, no matter how smart the guy is. If he can’t see it, he can’t react, period. I just don’t know the answer obviously. But I specifically remember 3 or 4 plays that were very costly…

    Give Flynn a shot now while we have a killer team, and maybe he shows why he is in the league…

  89. I agree with Mike Salk:

    Seahawks Need Change, But Not at Quarterback

  90. Lost in all this is the fact that I’d rather go through the Wilson growing pains as opposed to another year of T-Jack if that were our only two choices.

  91. sluggo42 says:

    We don’t have a TJack, but we do have $10 million dollar QB on the bench

  92. Who should start next week.

  93. Obomanu over Tate. He may drop passes but at least he will get open.

  94. Palerydr says:

    I don’t agree with Radeon on much of anything but I do concur you’re an idiot Blunt_Skull aka Bird_Spit

  95. So is Wilson’s height becoming apparent now, especially in the redzone? And why on 3rd and short and in the redzone, we don’t smash it with beastmode. Obviously something needs to change, I feel like it’s always going to come down to the last possesion and we don’t have the tools to push it into the endzone. If we can’t get into the pillings through out the game, why should I have any confidence that we are going to do it at the end, oh wait, we haven’t two out of three times and the one time we did, wow did we get lucky.

  96. 0-2 in the division nice, I can’t believe we lost to the f’n Rams, WTF.

  97. sluggo42 says:

    I might not be the right person to ask who should start, I wanted to give clippy a shot, so I really don’t know. BUT, I think Flynn deserves a shot. I understand PC’s philosophy on how he wants to play, but the margin for error is too small in my HO, and we aren’t disciplined enough, between the penalties and mistakes. We need to open up the passing game a bit more to compliment our killer rushing game… Then we wouldn’t be walking such a fine line…

    Whats with all the gnarly name calling and bitterness? C’mon guys, lighten it all up eh?

  98. We clearly got out coached,A fake field goal an onside kick?The 3rd down play calling was terrible.Our Defense was unable to stop them on 3rd down.The good thing is Carroll has shown us in the past he is not afraid to make the QB change.I think its a %50 chance we see Flynn next week.I do not put this all on Wilson.

  99. Oh yeah, here we go again on not stopping 3rd and long again, didn’t we read that book already.

  100. Hawksince77 says:

    Canfan, thanks for sharing that link by Salk. I haven’t seen the game yet (have to wait until tomorrow) but his take seems far more reasonable than most.

    Question for all the vocal arm-chair head coaches out there (and careful, this is a trick question): Based on what you know right now, what you have read and seen on the field, and nothing else, would you make the decision (assuming you had the authority) to start Flynn over Wilson?

    Many of you have rendered an opinion, but I am wondering what you think you would do if you actually had the authority (and let’s say the responsibility, as does PC) relative to the QB position for the Seattle Seahawks.

  101. I would have started Flynn from the start – I am old school

    I don’t think that most rookies are ready to start right away for every one that is you can see another that is destroyed by trying to play too early. If they get the confidence knocked around early the might not ever become what they could have – let alone if they get injured early then that is troublesome as well (IMO)

    You give Wilson more time to learn and see the REAL speed of the NFL before they get thrown into battle – it even be a few games – See Elway or a few years – see Rodgers.

    It wouldn’t hurt him – If Flynn plays well, then he has his chance a little later, if Flynn struggles he has seen some game speed stuff before he is in there and has some time to adjust/learn etc.

  102. It doesn’t feel so good to be 1-3 right now. We are what our record say we are. Wilson isn’t ready for the NFL. A Levi commerical now and then you betcha but not QB.

  103. When we signed Flynn I was stoked and was sure he was going to be our starter. The only pick in the draft that I was pissed about was Wilson because it didn’t seem like a need and there was someone available that I wanted on the Hawks. I like Wilson now but we have to take an honest look in the mirror. Are we truly playing for “now”? Do we think that we have a playoff caliber team? If the answer is yes to both of those questions then starting Flynn and finding out what we have in him is a no lose situation. With Wilson at the helm we know what we have, the league’s worst passing attack.

    xcman and others have made many valid points. Let’s see what happens with the veteran QB at the helm. This situation reminds me a bit of when Denver started Brian Griese over Bubby Brister following Elway’s retirement. Their team was ready “now” and they chose the rook over the vet. In that situation, it was a bad call.

    Start Flynn. If he stinks then we can move on to pointing our frustrated fingers at the Line, WRs or coaches. On the flip side, if he can run an offense that somewhat resembles many of the others I see on tv, well then we just may make the playoffs yet.

  104. Hugh Millen made a great point after the Packers game, basically he said that if the Hawks are running a conservative offensive game plan for the sole reason that they have a good defense and a rookie quarterback, then they shouldn’t play a rookie quarterback. I am not saying Flynn would have won today’s game but I do think he would give the Hawks a better chance right now and they might be more comfortable opening up the playbook with him at QB. This defense is too good to be wasted on Wilson’s growing pains.

  105. Sorry guys and gals, I can’t read all this crap. #1 Though the defense played well in the red zone, they allowed Bradford to eat them up passing. That took significant time off the clock and put them in position to make field goals. To portray this as “won by special teams” is stupid. Bradford ate us up. #2 To say our pass protection is good is way off base. Good pass protection is when the qb has time to pass. I didn’t see Wilson with a whole lot of time to pass. #3 I don’t see Flynn getting away from the Rams rush. I see him getting sacked more than Wilson. He is slow.

    Generally speaking, I think most of you are way too overreactive.

  106. adamtoth says:

    I love Wilson and have been rooting for him since we drafted him, but honestly today I wished he was benched after the first half. After a couple of interceptions, he had his chance, wasn’t productive, my hope was let him sit and think about it for a bit.

    The spark we needed in the second half was not an onside kick. We really needed a change of pace at the QB position.

  107. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    ARGH. Wilson doesn’t have a whole lot of time to pass because of HIM! He scrambles too early because he’s too short to step into the pocket. Who gets sacked more, Peyton Manning or Michael Vick? QBs who can actually read defenses and pass are far less sacked than mobile ones.

  108. “I am not saying Flynn would have won today’s game but I do think he would give the Hawks a better chance right now and they might be more comfortable opening up the playbook with him at QB.”

    If you won’t say it, I will. 160 yards, 0 TDs, and 3 INTs? Ummm… We can cry all we want whose fault this or that INT belonged to, but it doesn’t matter anymore. When you’re last in the league, by far, in a category, you might want to improve…

    If those who think Flynn is a Dan McGwire statue that can’t move, you’re dead wrong. Flynn can get out and pick up 10 yards here and there on the run if he needs to. We saw it in the Denver game where he had a good run and even the announcers were talking about his athletic ability/speed in that scramble. In no way am I saying he’s as nimble or quick/fast as Wilson, but he’s not the stiff back there that some would make you believe. I’ve seen every snap several times from the NE and Det games when he was in GB and our own preseason games (either live or after the fact) and he’s not a 5.5 40 yard dash guy that, for some reason, some believe him to be. Go back to Wilson if the next month is so-so and Flynn isn’t getting the job done either. The month of learning would do him some good, IMO.

  109. bird_spit says:

    Thanks least you finally stepped least I’m not one of the whiners that you clearly lead.

  110. Obviously, we would have won today if that Stupid Idiot Know-Nothing Pete Carroll hadn’t cut Mike Teel!


  111. jaybrank says:

    I felt like I was watching a Rams broadcast of the game today. Almost everything Mike Martz said was from Rams viewpoint. As a Hawks fan, it stunk.

    None of the INTs were Wilson’s fault today. Balwin juggled a pass he could have caught. Lynch didn’t protect well enough on the blitz that tipped the pass, and McCoy fell down on his route. Wilson is struggling, but so is the ENTIRE passing game. Protection is inconsistant and receiver separation is inconsistant. Starting Matt Flynn won’t fix that. If that was the case, he’d be playing now.

    I’d like to see more 3 step drops and bootlegs for RW. Get the ball out quick and see if the WR can do anything after the catch. Bootlegs provide a run/pass threat and RW has ability to run.

    Changing QBs is tempting, but nothing I see justifies it. If Flynn was better, he should have been the starter on opening day.

  112. Snappa – How long should Wilson be given in order to make a pass? Dude needs to step into the pocket or get rid of the ball quicker. As an earlier post pointed out, it’s the moble QB’s who get hit, the smart ones move a little here and there, but get the ball out quicker. It a QB is constantly getting flushed out of the pocket, shouldn’t he make some adjustments on the line and anticipate dumping the ball off to Lynch or over the middle to Miller where the pressure is coming from or is it that he is to short to see where anyone is at so thats why he flees the pocket so he can see down feild more basically giving him no options if the reciever lined up on the right is covered.

  113. Recievers are getting seperation believe it or not. It’s the NFL, how much seperation do you think they need. And more than a couple of times Rice beat his man, but Wilson never saw it, especially the one where he had him by 10+yds.

  114. DanielleMND says:

    “It doesn’t feel so good to be 1-3 right now.”

    Um, we’re 2-2. Wins at home over Dallas and Green Bay, losses on the road to Arizona and St. Louis.

  115. AaronCurryIsBUST says:

    So I just woke up for a nap and I remembered that we literally just lost to the god damned RAMS. Screw you and your horrendous inability to play QB, Russell Wilson. I guarantee we will have another losing season if Wilson continues to start.

  116. montanamike2 says:

    We started out like gangbusters, they couldn’t stop our run and we were marching but when Carp went down you could see the difference. I’m so glad it’s not a re injury of his bad knee. When they pulled that fake fg it sucked the game out of us and changed the momentum. Growing pains hurt but this one one killed me. I wish McCoy didn’t slip on that last play, i think we would have won. I felt like my family left me, my home was reposessed and i was looking at 5-10 years of jail time. I came home, went to bed and stayed there until today. The only good i saw was Lynch and Turbin along with another 3-4 goal line stands. I think my week is ruined, i’m still a die hard Hawks fan but definitely deflated.

  117. UMMM… Mr. Happy even said himself a few weeks ago that the arm of Flynn wasn’t 100% from elbow tendinitis until 2 weeks ago. Maybe there was more to it? There has/had to be if this is all we can do… But, hey, the dummied down playbook is working because he even alluded to being pleased that all the plays got called correctly yesterday. lol (a painful laugh, by the way). We’ll see if comPete has any George Bush in him today or tomorrow and will “stay the course …”

  118. chuck_easton says:

    The options are pretty simple.

    1. Stay the course with Wilson. Sure we will very likely be 2-5 after the next three games, but maybe the light will come on.

    2. Roll the dice and put in Flynn. Can’t be any worse at QB and might just be better.

    We’ll know later this week if the Seahawks are truly playing to win THIS year or are already building momentum for 2013.

  119. sluggo42 says:

    At this point, honestly… either way. But if it were solely up to me, I would give Flynn a shot.

    Kolb hasn’t looked backwards has he?

  120. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    wilson is a professional that said if he needs to sit i don’t think it will hurt him. he knows this is a results league and he is not getting them. i say put flynn out there in carolina and see what he can do on the road. if he can win a road game by putting up good numbers give him the job and let wilson develop.

    now this in no way means i am a fatalist here if carrol decides to stick with wilson i am ok with that. listen we all knew we were getting a rookie QB, quit be cry babies because we lost and he isn’t putting up huge numbers. i think some of you thought you were getting the second coming of dan marino.

  121. chuck_easton says:

    I knew this was what we were going to get with Wilson. I’ve kept quiet this long because I was rooting for him to show something, anything that would indicate he was ready.

    The 32nd ranked passing offense with a QB rating of 73.5, 4 TD’s and 4 Int’s and only 584 passing yards doesn’t tell me he’s ready.

    That’s why I say give Flynn a shot. Can’t get any worse than being ranked 32 out of 32 teams.

  122. gonefishin69690 says:

    Is it just me or does this offense resemble the Mariners?

  123. mojjonation says:

    Nothing is going to change at QB. At least not right now. Giving in to the court of public opinion after a month of football with your team at 2-2 would be suicide. If anything, it happens when they are 2-6 or 3-5, if it happens at all. I agree that Flynn shold be given a shot, but then you run the risk of losing due to no cohesiveness with the receivers. So it’s a damend if you do, damned if you don’t situation. If preseaon is supposed to be where rosters are made or not, then most would agree that Wilson outplayed Flynn in the preseason. Since Coach Rara likes his “comPETE” mantra, you had to go with Wilson or the whole preseason thing was a farce.

    With how easy they went down and scored on that first drive, was it the Rams making adjustements or was someone else calling the plays? PC admitted that all play calling goes throgh him and Cable. Why do we even have an OC and who was calling the plays on the first drive? Honestly, if Bevell gets trumped, and with his history I wouldn’t be surprised (his one good year was when Favre was his QB), why not just fire the guy and hire a drill SGT to try and get these morons to stop the penalties.

    If we continue down this road, we may wind up 35th or 36th in passing. There will be backup QB’s with more yards than our starter. If Flynn is given a chance and he runs with it, PC can apologize later, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Although I don’t see Flynn getting his chance until maybe half way through the season when it will already be lost.

  124. mojjonation says:

    BK…if Flynn had a true elbow problem, wouldn’t they have to release that information on the injury report? Martin isn’t a starter and they had information on him. Othewise wouldn’t the team get fined?

  125. azhawkman says:

    Wilson has had his shot. Like Mitch was saying on the radio on my drive into work, Flynn certainly can’t be worse. We’re already #32 passing team in the league. And collectively our Running game, Defense and Special Teams are arguably the best in the NFL (maybe #2 behind Houston). This could be a real contending team with even the #24 ranked passing game and probably 4-0. We need a change, Flynn at QB and possibly even a change at O Coordinator.

  126. jchawks08 says:

    125 comments, hot damn! Before I review, I’m just going to say I’m so over the Russell Wilson experiment. It had it’s moments, but let’s let the grown men play now. Ok, Time to check out the venom above.

  127. mojjonation says:

    There is no definitive proof that we would be 4-0 if Flynn was starting. Arguing either side of that point is a waste of time.

  128. Papajohn13 says:

    I must admit I was intrigue by the rookie, Russell Wilson, being 5′ 10 and 5/8 inches myself but the Man crush that Coach Carroll has with this quaterback of the future to end!
    How long will Paul Allen watch as Matt Flynn is waiting in the wings, riding the bench, at 10+ Million a year? I can never profess to know how to do a better job coaching from my recliner but is Coach Carroll going to field the Best player at each position?
    It would seem rational and possibly wise beyond imagination to give Matt Fynn 4 games to figure out if he is the better option. Wilson has had 4 games to learn and lead this offense with marginal results.
    Let’s give Matt Flynn 4 games and then we can evaluate where they both stand at would seem to be the most prudent decision based on the facts not just emotional feel-good story lines.. otherwise, we all may be in for another long year, instead of being contenders for a playoff spot, we will be in another rebuilding phase!!!

  129. AaronCurryIsBust–Saying our O-line is good at pass pro is undeniably wrong, and just plain ignorant. They are horrid. Jesus, Im not sure Giac blocked the correct man by himself once the entire game! While its true Wilson has happy feet, that line is a fU$#ing disgrace! And their run blocking is inconsistent: one play awesome, one play pathetic. I’ll take a steady, average line over these idiots any day all day.

    And Sweezy sucks. Thats all there is to it–he needs a year or two on the bench. Never mind Carpenter the fatass–I expected him to suck. Its his first game back from a long rehab and he’s actually early. But he still sucks and is fat as hell. If he’s an athlete, them Im head of MENSA.

    No line, a bonehead OC calling stupid plays, pulling Lynch when we need him most, and head-scratching coaching moves like the onside kick and giving up the ball with a minute left and giving a field goal at the end of the half?! Not hardly the mark of a playoff team.

  130. MontanaMike2–Dude, I was as crushed as you. Instead of letting the venom fester, I went home, grabbed my kid, and took him to see Hotel Transylvania, which was great.

    And thats a sad fact: its a lot more fun to watch a kids cartoon than watch our so-called “offense” do its best Tom Flores 1992 impersonation. UGh!

    I think next week Ima go fishing with my boy. Let the Seahawks try to win another game 7-6. Bleah!

  131. jchawks08 says:

    All in all not bad. Pretty tame for such an aggravating, unncessary loss.
    Wilson won the competition, but is losing the battle now that it’s for real.
    Let’s get Flynn in there. 480 yards 6 TD’s, 480 yards 6 TD’s, 480 yards 6 TD’s. Say it, sing it, chant it, whatever it takes.
    Really though I’m in total agreement with whomever made the point above which I’ve also made numerous times. This team, this Defense is ready to win right now. Those of you bitching about the defense really need to stop. This is a top 5 defense. Not-so-arguably. I supported Wilson from the get-go cause that’s what I do; I support the starting QB. He has proven that he’s not ready and can’t perform at the level we need. Flynn to win, please Carrol? Thank you.

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