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Quick chat with Charley Martin

Post by Dave Boling / The News Tribune on Sep. 26, 2012 at 2:13 pm with 11 Comments »
September 26, 2012 2:13 pm

Receiver Charley Martin was the Seahawk closest to Golden Tate’s game-winning catch. Here’s what he had to say about it in the locker room before Wednesday’s practice.


Charley: “From the moment I rolled over and saw Golden, Golden had the ball to his chest and that was my first reaction … we won. There was obviously a fight for it, but from my perspective, which was right in the middle of it, that was my first impression.

(Did you hear the refs debating?) “I didn’t hear them … I thought touchdown before they even signaled it.”

(Did you get beaten up in there a little?) “We were under there, it felt like quite a long time, it was definitely quite a battle, it was the end of the game and it was an important play, so obviously no one wanted to give that up but at the end, Golden came up with it.”

(The play development) “Russell did a good job, the line protected, gave him enough time to roll out and we were all where we were supposed to be, he did a great job getting it out of his hands and getting it to where Golden could make a play on it. That wasn’t even necessarily even our Hail Mary call, it was a play that put us all in spots to give russ opportunities at different spots of the end zone and that’s what Russell did.”

(Significance?) “It was one play in the game, a great play by Golden, great play by Russ, the defense gave us a chance and now we’re on to St. Louis.”


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  1. jzulaski says:

    Here is a great angle of the play in slow motion.

    You can see Tate coming in from the left (81) and Jennings coming in from upper right (43). Jennings jumps highest but, Tate gets his left on on the ball FIRST. He actually stopped its flight and perhaps allowed Jennings to get his hands on it.

    Which Jennings does right after Tate on the ball in his left hand. Then Tate’s right hand clamps down on Jennings’ right wrist.

    As they start down from their apex, Tate re-adjusts his right hand to let go of Jennings’ wrist and move his right hand to the ball.

    In other videos, you can see Tate coming down with both feet first while Jennings still has one foot in the air. Not that that is important. What’s important is that both players had simultaneous possession of the ball while in the air and then maintained it on the ground. Jennings kept trying to rip the ball away from Tate but, he was unsuccessful.

    Reception goes to the Offensive player. Touchdown Seahawks.

    Amazingly, the replacement refs got that call right and yet, all the mainstream media pundits are saying it was an interception. They need to get their heads out and really look at the videos from different angles in slow motion.


    A Seahawk fan

  2. Time to move on. It’s Wednesday already. Game in less than 4 days in a 10 oclock timeslot. We need to be focused on the Rams now. :)

  3. jzulaski: I’ve seen this play maybe 100 times now, and I just saw something new in this clip. The ball was actually caught by Tate’s left hand AND Jennings’ right hand. Jennings’ left hand was not square with the ball, and immediately came off the ball. Watch at 0:13, Jennings’ hands were not in positions to hold on to the ball. If Tate’s hand wasn’t there, Jennings would’ve muffed the catch.

  4. Yeah, this coverage of the play has been overwhelming.
    So much that I didn’t even feel like coming here to read Eric’s Insider report. Or re-watch the game like I usually do.
    All of Monday night & Tuesday was spent covering Packer players & fans acting like spoiled children throwing tantrums. The media using headlines like ‘grand larceny’ & ‘screwed’. Disgraceful.

    It was a tough call. It’s an argument you can’t win..
    This week’s games can’t get here soon enough.

  5. Helenahawk says:

    I am over with the drama of the whole deal. I believe it was a simultaneous catch, and that the refs got it right, but they did miss GT pushing off the other Packer. Whatever, the storm is over, time to get on with it.
    I just hope this doesn’t distract from the can of whup-a$$ the guys open on the Rams this weekend.3-1 would be wonderful, and we have to keep up with the Cards. I thought they would be strong, but I didn’t pick them to go 3-0. What a wild season.

  6. Time to move on. The media is keeping to controversy alive to sell advertising.

    The play was called a catch by Tate, agree or disagree it matters little, the game is over, the Seahawks won. It was ruled by the officials to be a catch, simultaneous possession, and there are both pros and cons in terms of assessing if that call was in error. Real ( not replacement) replay officials reviewed the call and could find nothing to indicate the call was made in error except for the usual pass interference by both sides but perhaps most egregiously but uncalled on Tate. There is no question that Tate touched the ball first and maintained some contact with the ball through the whole catch ultimately winning the possession battle for the ball. I’ve seen nothing that convinces me that Jennings had uncontested possession of the ball that would require a closer assessment of the exclusion portion of the simultaneous possession rule.

    Next up the Rams, they are better than last year but so are the Seahawks. Sure don’t want to be 0-2 in divisional play after this weekend.

  7. raymaines says:

    Skavage says: “We need to be focused on the Rams now.”

    Ray says: No we don’t.

    “We” are fans. “We” ain’t actual Seahawks. I trust the guys that are actual Seahawks are totally past the GB game and have moved on to next weeks game, but “We” can obsess about this for as long as it interests us. I love all the emotional involvement and faithful devotion, but lets stay reality based.

  8. jzulaski says:

    TDJT, I missed that at 0:13 but, I agree that Tate actually first caught the ball one-handed with his left hand. If he hadn’t, Jennings very well might have missed it. He was slow getting his hands on it.

    From other angles, you can’t really see Tate’s left hand, which explains why Casserly and others thought he only had his right hand on it at first.

    What really chaffs my hide is that fans found these clips and posted them on Youtube and yet, the so-called experts haven’t come up with anything except conjecture based upon the original behind Tate’s angle.

    Then they bad-mouth the refs, bad-mouth Tate, bad-mouth Carroll and bad-mouth the Hawks. GB whines and cries and threatens to boycott games or take a knee until the official refs are restored.

    What a crock of excrement.

    It’s obvious that they have another agenda – to get the NFL to settle with the officials. Well, don’t shoot us, we’re on your side fer cryin’ out loud.

    Yes, the officiating has been terrible. I was getting so frustrated with flags on every play during the second half I was ready to scream. I think I did. I’ll have to ask my wife. LOL

    But, all my friends in other states are calling us cheaters and worse. What the Hell! It wasn’t our fault. And, I think we’ve shown here that Tate made a heck of a play on the ball and got the simultaneous catch. TD Seahawks.


  9. jzulaski says:

    Hey Eric,

    Do all of us Seahawks fans a solid and send the link for that slow-mo clip to Sando, Classerly, Clayton, Steve Young, and all the other pundits and so-called experts who jumped on the bandwagon and bashed poor Tate but, didn’t do their homework.

    Let’s clear Tate’s name.

    How about it?

    Here it is again:


  10. sluggo42 says:

    ya, I’m over it… like the horse dance..
    move along folks, nuthin here to see anymore… mooove along..

    glad gnarly is back

    we will take out the crybabies with a Ram beat down.

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