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Blame Carroll for putting a lid on offense

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 26, 2012 at 4:53 pm with 53 Comments »
September 26, 2012 4:53 pm

There’s been many complaints from the Seattle Seahawks faithful about the team’s conservative play calling on offense, with many directing their ire toward offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell and rookie quarterback Russell Wilson.

Seattle is last in passing yards for a second straight week, averaging 127.7 yards a contest. The Seahawks are averaging 19 points a contest, tied for 26th in the league.

But Seattle head coach Pete Carroll took the blame for Seattle’s struggles on offense.

“I really think this is me holding the lid on it right now,” Carroll said. “And I’m overseeing all of that, and making sure that what’s more important to us is that we take care of the football – more than anything. I don’t care about the yards.

“And the thing that we’re concerned about is we’ve got to convert on third downs. We did a poor job on third down, particularly in the second half. And we have to get better there. But as it fits together, we’re growing.

“He threw the ball down the field beautifully, gave us a couple chances up the sidelines. He had a great pass to Golden (Tate). He’s got the throws in him, and we’re just going to emerge as we really feel good and confident about everything we’re doing. It wouldn’t be any different if Matt (Flynn) was playing. We’d feel the same way. I don’t know what would happen production wise, but we’re just trying to grow around the style of this football team, that gives us a chance to be really physical and really tough and don’t give up anything.”

Seattle has a +2 turnover differential, and has only turned the ball over twice this season. Seattle is 29.3 percent on third downs.

Bevell said there has been a handful of times where he would’ve liked to see Wilson hang in the pocket a little more and stay with the play. And as Wilson gets more comfortable with his command of the offense, the coaching staff will open the playbook up.

“In this game, they were a couple times where Russell probably could have stayed in the pocket and bought a little bit more time,” Bevell said. “So that’s still a work in progress. There’s improvements that we can make, and as that goes I think you’ll see some of that start to happen.”

While Wilson has left the pocket too soon sometimes, what Bevell likes is his ability to extend plays with his feet to create explosive plays, particularly at the end of games when Seattle is trying to move into scoring position.

Twice Wilson has led Seattle’s offense down the field in late-game situations, giving them a chance to win. He was unsuccessful against Arizona, but got the job done against Green Bay.

“We do have a rookie quarterback,” Bevell said. “We have a great defense. We have great special teams. We can run the football. We can protect the football. And all of those have been a great recipe to win the game.

“And that’s really what the bottom line comes down to – winning the game. You can say their ugly wins or beautiful wins – however they are, they’re wins. And that’s what our goal is.”

On the injury front, Seattle receiver Doug Baldwin (shoulder) and cornerback Byron Maxwell (hamstring) returned to practice today, and were full participants.

“I feel good, but a little anxious,” Baldwin said. “I’ve got to tone it down a little bit because I’m just so excited to be back finally feeling near 100 percent healthy.”

Offensive tackle Breno Giacomini (pectoral), offensive guard John Moffitt (knee) and defensive tackle Gregg Scruggs (wrist) did not practice.

Coming off the Monday night game, the Seahawks were just in jerseys and no helmets, as Carroll tried to give his team another day to get their legs under them.

For St. Louis, defensive tackle Matt Conrath (knee), safety Matt Daniels (hamstring), running back Steven Jackson (groin), defensive end Eugene Sims (illness) and offensive tackle Rodger Saffold (knee) did not practice.

Defensive tackle Michael Brockers (ankle) and offensive tackle Wayne Hunter (ankle) were limited participants

Notes from practice
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  1. “He’s got the throws in him.” No crap! That’s why there’s more criticism for not letting him play than there is to actually replace him. I understand the need to be conservative with a rookie, but let the kid air it out a little bit or just bench all our QBs so Unger can snap the ball to Lynch all the time and then we can add an extra blocker. I’m sure Lynch could throw the ball away on 3rd downs just as well as Wilson or Flynn can. Pete – You handed the keys of the franchise to Wilson, but you forgot to air up the tires.

  2. freedom_X says:

    If Seattle WR’s are getting open like Tate did on that 41 yd TD throw, then Carroll should be dialing up more passes. But I don’t see it happening.

    Look at it from this perspective – if the running game is working like it has been, Seattle is looking at a lot of 3rd and 4 or better conversions. (or they would be if they weren’t committing all those stupid, undisciplined false start or delay of game penalties.)

    It’s not asking too much of an offense to regularly convert those relatively short 3rd down situations. Maybe a 100% Doug Baldwin is the answer there.

    But it also emphasizes Carroll’s failure to instill on-field discipline. A conservative offense has to avoid shooting itself in the foot. Avoid beating itself.

    Carroll talks about avoiding the turnovers, but he doesn’t mention the penalties, which also contribute greatly to an offense beating itself.

  3. We’re 2-1 and damn near 3-0 with a rookie QB. Stay the course and give him time to develop.

  4. JazBadAzz says:

    Keep the lid on him, I don’t want Wilson to develope bad habits!
    We are winning and that’s all that matters!

    I’m glad James coming back, we are really gonna see the pile move in the running game now! Paul is a better lineman than Moffit and Sweezy so that’s a good move also.

    Pete has been a very good coach, and I’m not gonna go against the grain to “air it out” just to please the pass happy fans. Watch another team because this one is a smashmouth team first! Old school and I love it! Look how many problems teams have when opening up the playbook causes. Matt Ryan last year, Joe Flacco at times, Rothlisberger…they all struggled mightyly when throwing a lot of balls compared to the year before when the ground game worked!

  5. Wilson’s had all of three regular season starts each against an arguably tougher team progressively – the third being on Monday Night Football for crying out loud. He simply deserves a mulligan at this point for possibly being a bit nervous at times under the circumstances. Those who are saying he’s awful because he’s seemingly regressed at standing in the pocket etc. and are hinting he should step aside for Flynn are only saying that now so they can brag they ‘called it’ if for some reason down the line if Wilson doesn’t work out. It’s just too early – give it at least another 4-5 game’s to see what tendencies are going to settle (MNF for a 3rd rookie start – for heaven’s sake) because there just isn’t the over riding case that Flynn would do better. If the Wilson ‘haters’ prove right it will be because of lucky speculation AT THIS POINT and not ingenious insight

  6. I know know of anyone here suggesting that they blatantly “air it out” at all costs.

  7. I’m absolutely calling for him to air it out. We’ve seen the pressure this D can dial up in a close game, id love to see what they can do to an offense who’s back is against the wall. you’re. not gonna hold teams like green bay to 14 points consistently, especially on the road, and as we know, winning on the road has been an issje for years.

    I’ve sort of eased up on wilson, but after reading this, I think carroll needs to wake up.

  8. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I don’t understand why some here want Wilson to air it out? Didn’t you watch Cam Newton last year? Would you rather have Wilson throw for 300- 400 yards a game,( and if that’s what they wanted him to do he could ) and get picked two or three times and then choke when the game is on the line like Cam did so many times last year just so you can satisfy your thirst for lots of passing yards? Or is it just frustrating to some who want to see Wilson put in a position to make more mistakes so they can justify their opinions that Flynn should be starting.
    Seems kind of strange that some don’t/won’t see the big picture here.

    Weve played three top ten defenses and two top five defenses and have come out of it with a winning record with a rookie qb who now has more experience than our backup and against better defenses.
    It should only get better imo.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    I don’t care about the yards either, Pete. I do care however, about run off-guard. Run off-guard. Pass, for several position in a row. There was a good portion of the second half Monday where I thought I was looking at a Tom Flores offense. I really think Wilson would be helped by far less predictable play calling, while still remaining conservative.

    As for bad habits, he *has* to break the one where he runs out the back of the pocket, time and time again. He loses yards, runs himself closer to the sideline which cuts the field by 2/3, and puts more stress on the receivers. He got better at stepping into the pocket and /or between the guard and tackles, as preseason wore on. I’m anxious to see that develop during the regular season.

  10. freedom_X says:

    What evidence is there that Seattle can effectively “air it out”? The experienced, veteran QB? The impenetrable pass blocking of the O-line? The elusive, crafty receivers with world-class speed?

    Right now, the only way Seattle can effectively throw deep is to do it off of play action. But to have credible play-action, you have to run 1st.

    If only it were so simple to pump up an offense by just throwing more deep passes. Until I see someone consistently getting open, there’s no point in going away from an effective running game.

    Once teams start loading up against the run, then some throwing opportunities should open up. It doesn’t look yet like anyone’s really stacking the box against Seattle yet though.

  11. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The big picture is that the FO will gradually open up the playbook for Wilson as the season goes and keep winning as they do it. By playoff time this team will then be able to make a good run at it.

    Be patient, good things are happening and it looks like it will continue.
    I’m more concerned right now with this young team having let downs ( like with Cleveland and Washington last year) and cutting down on the penalties.

  12. JMSeaTown says:

    Ground & pound. Love it.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    This will never be an “air it out” offense. That’s not the scheme Carroll has in place nor wants, regardless who’s under center.

  14. Hawksince77 says:

    Dukeshire: “I don’t care about the yards either, Pete. I do care however, about run off-guard. Run off-guard. Pass, for several position in a row. There was a good portion of the second half Monday where I thought I was looking at a Tom Flores offense. I really think Wilson would be helped by far less predictable play calling, while still remaining conservative.”

    I think you are exactly right. If you mix up some play/passes on first and second down, you make easier for Wilson, not harder. He throws against a defense not ready for the pass. Wait until 3rd and long (after another stupid false start) and put him in an empty backfield with the defense playing against pass, of course he is going to struggle. You keep him out of those positions by making those easy 8-12 yard throws on first and second down occasionally. Keep the defense guessing. Does wonders for your running game, too.

    A question for Eric to ask at some point (if it’s not too stupid): does Wilson have the option to check out of a run play if the defense has stacked the line against the run? If, on the other hand, he sees 2 deep safeties on a third and 3, say, can he check into a run play?

    If/when Wilson gets that tool, he should be able to make defenses pay, depending on how they line up against the play. Always running Lynch into the teeth of the defense with 9 guys stacked in the box will make for a lot of 2 yard gains.

  15. “We’re 2-1 and damn near 3-0 with a rookie QB. Stay the course and give him time to develop.”

    Yep. There will be times this season when we need more than 14 pts (or 150 yds passing) to win a given game – but the fact that we’re finding success, and letting him take incremental steps while he gets his feet under him in this league, is good cause for optimism.

  16. WiscCory says:

    Air it out? How about at least Air it to 10 psi? I think the Hawks had 93 3-and-outs in the first half on Monday.

    Again, I say with a defensive effort like Monday, any team should’ve been up by 3 scores.

    The Pack said they should’ve never been in that situation at the end of the game. I say the Hawks never should’ve been. How about openignt he offense up just a little so that we can kick someone when they’re down instead of letting them get back on their knees and have life??!!

    BTW, I can’t tell you how worried I’ve been about my cars (hawk decals) and house (Hawks flag) here in cheeseland this week. Happy to say my neighbors have been classy about things.

  17. Hawksince77 says:


    Good luck with that.

    If I was a Packer fan, I would be less pissed about the last play and what took place on the previous drive. On the last play, they never should have punted the ball (why not throw the ball out of the endzone? Seattle was selling out against the run, and were going to stop the clock anyway, to who cares if you throw an incomplete? Most likely to not only make the first down, but probably score. Plus, the DB should have just knocked the damn ball down. But I digress)

    Anyway, when Wilson made that poor throw that was deflected and caught be the defender for an INT, and the Packers get called on a tick-tack roughing penalty. Sure, it might have been within the rules, but really?

    On that play, the Seattle QB makes a poor throw, and the defender a great play to intercept (assuming he was in-bounds when he caught it). That would have been another way to end the game without having it extended due to officiating.

    Of course, if we keep backing up, we find other game-changing calls that essentially ruined the game. But if I was a Packers fan, there is so many other things to be angry about, both with the team, and the officiating, that they should leave off about the final play.

  18. Strategicdust says:

    I’m with Duke and Hawksince77. There’s no need for a run and gun offense but the sheer predictability of this play calling should change. The types of throws that Wilson is best at are low risk anyway, just give him a chance on first and second down to throw them. I’m concerned as well with the bail out, escape pocket right that Wilson uses almost every time. If this is a basic instinct in him, that might be tough to break but it has to happen for him to be successful.

  19. MEhawkfan says:

    “10 psi” LOL

    Well, I’m with you fellers. (Borrowed from O Brother Where Art Thou) An occasional pass on first down would, at the very least, likely do wonders for Marshawn Lynch. Just how many times in the previous three games has he banged into seven or eight defenders and still managed to grind forward for three or four yards? How long is he going to last in perpetual sledge hammer mode? I’m sure he’d appreciate it if the defense didn’t always know when he was coming. It wouldn’t hurt to occasionally use the pass to set up the run and try to preserve Lynch a little for the long haul.

  20. First off, our defense has reached an elite level. Let’s give some credit to the defenses we’ve faced as well regarding our lack of offensive output. During the 1st half I kept thinking that we HAD to score some points because we weren’t going to fend off Green Bay’s offense forever. They held them off all half, which may have been the most impressive 1st half D performance that my swiss cheese memory can recall.

    On the offense. Is the play calling too predictable? Yes. Will the pass protection improve as the season goes on? I believe it will if these guys stay healthy and all play together essentially for the first time. That’s assuming that Okung, Carp, Unger, Moffit and Breno are the eventual starters. Wilson will improve with time as well. I have patience for those developments. What we really need is for the damned pre-snap penalties to stop. The offense isn’t good enough yet to overcome those little drive killers. Please cut that out.

    If we can come out of St. Louis with a win, aside from a few gripes here and there, I doubt any of us will be dissappointed with a 3-1 record. Let’s take care of bidness out east!

  21. Hawksince77 says:

    Galena: “First off, our defense has reached an elite level.”

    Absolutely. I haven’t enjoyed watching Seahawk defense so much since Easley played (what is that, 25 years ago?) It’s awesome, especially playing in Seattle, to watch them play. Absurdly good, they are.

    As PC has pointed out several times, even in the second half, when GB got their running game going, Seattle held them to field goals, and stopped the 2 point conversion on their sole TD. Really fine showing, and what should have been the talk of the game.

  22. Can anyone tell me why Wilson jerseys aren’t available on anymore? I thought all were available the other night, but it turned out it was just for women (and now they aren’t even available)? It’s tickin’ me off.

    Georgia – Have you bought a Golden Tate jersey yet:)

  23. They’re 2-1, could be 3-0, but it’s a long season. If the offense doesn’t do something to maintain drives and score early to take pressure off the defense, it’s bound to wear the defense down. You can’t expect the defense to play the way it has every week.

    If Carroll is putting the lid on the offense because he’s starting a rookie QB, then why start him? I can understand being cautious, but at some point you’re going to have to take off the training wheels.

    This season isn’t about making progress for next year. The team is ready to compete. You have to start a QB capable of leading this team into the playoffs and beyond.

  24. Anyone think that Golden Tate is on his way to that long-awaited breakout year? I do. He’s now a household name in America and has a reputation to uphold!

    I’m dreaming of him making a great catch in the Super Bowl to win it for the Seahawks. Probably not this year, but maybe next year.

  25. I’ve had confidence in Tate for a long time and I love Rice more than most WRs in the NFL. As a duo, they are easily in the upper half in ***MY*** book. That’s part of the reason I think we should throw more (well, maybe not “more” but… read on).

    I don’t care if Wilson keeps throwing a limited number of times per game, but when he does, I’d like to see him taking some shots downfield in conservative/responsible situations AND/OR on some downs other than obvious passing situations. I don’t see what’s wrong with throwing some passes to Rice on 1st down or Tate downfield. Either way will open things up a bit more for Lynch when he pounds away.

    You can be conservative and still take shots downfield when it’s either going to be a long gain or incomplete (can’t be worse than a false start from Okung or Breno).

  26. GeorgiaHawk says:

    No BobbyK, but his will be the first one I buy this year. I said awhile back that I was wrong about Tate, however that had more to do with his return talents. Now he has really stepped it up.

    When we first drafted him my first thoughts were that I saw some Hines Ward in him,( sorry Duke. Lol.) so it’s great to see that he is now living up to it.

    Another one who I hope lives up to his potential,( who I have been on his case alot), is Carpenter. I think now that he is at left guard he will be very good.
    Irvins another one that is starting to shine. Imagine how good this team can be next year, much less this year. And what a divison the NFC west is now.

  27. We we are putting the lid on – why aren’t there any screens?? We saw them in the pre-season but rarely in the regular season!! How do you think GB killed us in the 2nd half – they switched to screens and underneath stuff. I didn’t see the same for us offensively.

    I would like to see 2 things – the WR get open a little sooner – both on effort and routes called – and the OL hold for more than 2.1 seconds – could you give us 3 seconds? GB was able to get pressure with 3 GUYs consistently – should never happen

    I would like to see more in the playbook – Not the whole 1000 page book but maybe 30 pages rather than the 12-15 we are getting now. I think RW can handle more within the idea of ball control –

    You are seeing him hold the ball or throw it away alot just like we saw last year – great on the T.O. front but limits your chances to score.

  28. Palerydr says:

    Tate will never reach the projections you guys have for him until he gets consistent in his route running. IMO he took away a chance for Rice to make a catch in the corner of the endzone because he didn’t continue his route to the middle of the endzone. Instead he jumped up and deflected the ball intended for Rice, who was visibly upset/pissed off.

    I’m not much of a RW fan I think he’s too short to be the long term answer at QB. I’m not sold on Flynn either as I’m not sure he can make all the throws needed to be a successful QB in the NFL. I do agree with Pete on bringing RW along slowly. He is a rookie QB in the NFL who traditionally do not perform well. Relying on a top 10 defense with a solid run game has been Pete’s plan from day 1. The Jets used that formula in Mark Sanchez’s first year in the league that got them to the AFC Championship game. What I haven’t seen RW do is audible why not? IMO the next step in his progress is seeing/reading the defense and making sight adjustments with his rec. He also needs to be able to make audibles.

  29. Never been a fan of let the new QB in slowly unless it’s an emergency replacement. Ig the starter competed and won the job then they should be able to handle to offense, TAKE THE TRAINING WHEELS OFF!!! Play the game make the opponents Defense have to guess whats happening next vs run on first run on second and pass on third.
    and i’ve been away from computer F onn to the East coast bias media. If the packers had won the same way it wouldnt be this bad. We’ve been Jobbed by the refs since 76 its abput time they let us have one. It would have never happened if they called the packers td drive right bogus PI, then Bogus replay spot they get TD, if neither happens total different outcome.
    GO Hawks!!!

  30. sluggo42 says:

    Not much to add to the same song being sung in here.

    D is great, hoping Irvin can continue to be a threat and draw double teams.. It’s like pick your poisen to double team.

    RW will grow, we will score more.

    Rams will not be as easy as I thought AZ was going to be, but I see more offense this game. The boys will channel all the countrys ire into a strong showing Sunday.

    It’s a FANTASTIC season so far, and only going to get better.

  31. freedom_X says:

    There aren’t any *easy* 8-12 yard 1st down throws, not the way Seattle’s receivers are playing. Easier perhaps, but not easy. Wilson does have a much higher completion percentage on 1st down throws so far. I’d be content with 5 yard throws to be honest. Even under heavy duress, Green Bay was able to often throw short 5 yard completions. I was depressed that Seattle couldn’t even do that.

    If Seattle is really so predictable that defenses are stacking the box (which I really haven’t seen consistently yet) then the answer is simple – play action will burn that defense. An offense can’t be run oriented and pass oriented at the same time. Carroll is choosing the run, but play action is what gives a run-oriented offense some teeth.

    I’ll say it again – the best bet for an improved Seattle pass offense in the short term is a healthy Doug Baldwin who is playing like he did last year. Convert 3 or 4 extra 3rd downs, and the Seattle offense doesn’t look that bad anymore. Baldwin is the only Seattle receiver with a proven ability to get open quickly for short passes, and if Seattle is in 3rd and 4 or less because of a good ground game, a short pass is all that’s needed.

  32. bird_spit says:

    RWs was only sacked once in the gb game. If you take a look at it, he is totally to blame for it. The pocket was good. All he needed to do is step up and deliver a pass.

    At the same time, plays like the first Tate TD was delivered beautifully, the play was well designed.

    All that it points to is his inexperience. His backup Flynn has less game experience than him. It’s a good thing the defense is ball hawking, and capable of stopping a top offense like GB.i rewatched all of he pass plays of the game. It was a short list. There isn’t a lot of missed opportunities. Bevell needs to design plays with good outlets.

  33. crunchmeister says:

    I’m not here much and I can’t possibly read the several hundred posts ya’ll have written the the past 3 days… to much, I can’t keep up.

    The refs just settled, and I’m watchig NFL network, and they are selling the whole thing as like, the most amazeing play of the year. I see this as a huge win. Huge.

  34. RDPoulsbo says:

    This is what I’ve been saying this whole time. The playbook is stripped down for now and there’s really a lot of reasons it should be this way. First, it’s to make sure Wilson isn’t overwhelmed. As quick a learner as he may be, the less he has to think about plays, the more he can spend those split seconds reading and reacting to the defense. It’s part of catching up to the speed of the game. Related to that is there’s still fairly shaky pass protection in front of him. All the more reason to play to their strength of the run.

    He’s a rookie and you have to give it time. At this point, you can’t make any determination of whether or not he’ll be good. He’s still in the beginning steps of development right now.

  35. MEhawkfan says:

    It’s fantastic the regular refs are back. I’m taking this off topic here, but I really hope the Seahawks see the Packers again in the playoffs…

  36. mojjonation says:

    I’ll be ahppy with not airing it out when Okung stops his false starts on third and short, and Wilson is able to see the play clock consistently. False starts and delay of games on your own turf are unacceptable. Wilson was 6-8, 70 yds, with a TD, throwing on first down. Being as predictable as Mike Holmgren in his last year is not the way to go. Until they clean up the mess that is the penalties, everyone will continue to pull their hair out as we go from third and three to third and eight.

    While the defense is good, I still don’t see it as elite. To quote Steve Young, we “mauled” GB in the first half. In the second half, the refs put their hankies away when it came to infractions on the GB O-line. Gb has now played three good defenses, and they haven’t scored a ton of points. I think the true tell on this defense will be over the next month or so as we deal with St. Louis on the road, Carolina on the road, and New England at home. I think most would agree road woes have been an achilles heal for this team for quite a while. If we are still looking like we could eat nails and S*&T out razor blades by the end of October, then I think the road has been set.

  37. jzulaski says:

    Wrong Russell.

    I think Hawksince77 touched on a bigger issue: FALSE STARTS!

    Somebody (Pete) needs to knock Russell O. up ‘side the head and get him to quit jumping too early.

    How many 3rd down and shorts turned into 3rd down and longs because of that guy or others on the O Line? Too many!


  38. RDPoulsbo says:

    Getting the regulars back is great, though I can’t deny that would have loved to see the fan reaction to replacement refs in the Saints-Packers game at Lambeau.

  39. sluggo42 says:

    I know of at least 3 self-penalties that hurt, I think OKung, mcCoy and maybe McCoy twice, or visa versa. I think we made one of the 3 back with a RW scramble.
    But absolutely. However, maybe they are used to a quicker pace and RW is slowing the line calls down???

  40. GeorgiaHawk says:

    If we can stay within a game of Arizona and the 49ers through most of the season we will be playing them both at home towards the end of the year.
    This could be getting much like it was when Seattle, Oakland and Denver were fighting it out for top spot in the AFC west back in the 80’s.
    I’m very proud of our Seahawks and the NFC west as a whole right now.

  41. banosser says:

    Hey Pete… How about addressing the unbelievable, drive killing, idiotic, needless pennalties this team has been racking up..??

  42. bird_spit says:

    Yeah penalties penalties penalties killed drive after drive or forced a more risky play to recover.
    Offensive penalties…
    Q1 13:28 offsides Okung ..3 and out
    Q1 8:14 offsides McCoy
    Q2 9:24 holding mcquisten
    Q3 8:01 offsides McCoy…both McCoy offsides were on 1st down.
    Q3 6:48 delay of game Wilson ..same series, two plays after McCoy offsides
    Q4 6:42 holding Okung
    Next play
    Q4 6:28 holding Obo. Needless to say that drive died right there

  43. bird_spit says:

    Thankfully hawks have one hell of a punter, and good s/t play this year.

  44. gonefishin69690 says:

    Yes, the penalties are the BIGGEST issue right now.

  45. Hammajamma says:

    Whoever made the comparison between Golden Tate and Hines Ward has a really good eye.

  46. chuck_easton says:


    I wouldn’t put the blame entirely on Okung.

    Yes, Okung appears to be attempting to compensate for the knee/ankles by trying to jump the snap count and get back into pass-pro a little quicker. He’s been caught on a few, gotten away with a few, and timed a few to perfection. Not an excuse, just a fact.

    McCoy, who supposedly is healthy, had two (that I know of, and possibly more) false starts on Monday night where he was trying to anticipate the snap count and jumped off early. As he was in a two point stance and playing the slot it was obvious to me watching my TV. The line judge on that side had a front row seat. Why the need to get that little extra step? Wait till the ball is snapped.

    Finally I fault Wilson for drive killing delay of game penalties. He’s had at least one in each of the three games. The QB has to have an internal clock that tells him how much time is left on the playclock. It is the QB’s job, not the coaches, not the rest of the offense, to just KNOW when the clock is getting close to zero. It is his job to either get the play off quicker or call a time out. Wilson doesn’t have that internal clock yet.

    I think that is why Wilson also has the problem with happy feet and his early bailouts (almost always backwards and to the right) of the pocket. He just doesn’t seem to be able to sense how long he’s been in the pocket and he doesn’t seem to have that natural feel for the pass rusher coming up behind him. It will come with time, but both those timing issues are squarely on his shoulders.

    False starts and delay of games on offense, especially at home, are frustrating and they stop any momentum the team has.

    I can accept Okung to a point as he’s trying to compensate for a specific injury that is slowing his backpedal.

    I can give Wilson some leeway as he’s a rookie and just needs time to get that internal clock in sync.

    I can’t accept a standup TE in plain view of the linesman jumping early on several plays. He’s just not that important to the play.

  47. gonefishin69690 says:

    Well, I say at least “mix” the playbook a little. Hey Pete, is IS ok to pass on 1st and 2nd down, and it IS ok the run the ball on 3rd and manageable. This run, run, pass, punt, over and over again would seem to me at least, fairly predictable.

  48. HaydenHawk says:

    First half: Aggressive defense; timely blitzes; timely play action passes “Great game plan”. Second half: Conservative and Cowardly Offensive play calling; otherwise known as the “The Prevent Offense”. We could have put this game away, with some first down play action passes; maybe some screens, short passes to our tight ends rather than “run, run, pass”. Instead of a “statement game” We remain at the bottom of the league in offensive production.

  49. devoncream says:

    That was a pathetic offensive performance. Their red zone offense is a joke. They don’t use Lynch when they should & have zero creativity. I feel sorry for Flynn. I would like to see the ‘tangibles’ Wilson susposedly has. He might be a great guy, fierce competitor etc. but I want to see him shred a defense w a dynamic attack. Teams will load up to stop Lynch (49’s, Patriots)but will we be ready to deal w it? Green Bay adjusted their game plan in the second half & moved the ball, we were inept. We are lucky to be 2-1.

  50. I can understand Pete’s game plan for the first 3 opponents. All arguably have excellent defenses, and that’s how he felt he could win. Now if he doesn’t open it up some this weekend, I will not understand his philosophy at all. This is the time when you can get game time experience to RW in the passing game. Also, if our defense doesn’t let down, we got a shot at winning this one.

  51. mojjonation says:

    devon…if they would have flagged the second half the way they flagged the first half on Monday night, GB’s so called adjustments would have done nothing. They went to two and three TE sets and pretty much just let the GB O-line do what they want. GB’s O-line got owned in the first half and were allowed to hold at will in the second. I know that it’s widely accepted that you could find holding on every offensive play of every game. But for it to be so heavily called in the first half and totally ignored in the second half is just ignorant.

    I jokingly said that the refs let it go because Vegas was going to lose its shirt if Seattle won. It’s come out now that something around the $500 million mark changed hands because of the Seattle win.

    If Pete has handcuffs and training wheels on RW and Bevell, and he and Cable are calling the plays, why have an OC at all?

  52. PugetHawk says:

    Hawks won’t be an elite defense until they dominate a team on the road. I believe it will happen but am holding out until I see it.

    Cut out the penalties and keep the pocket whole for Wilson a lil longer and Pete will take the leash off.

    Hope there’s no let down this weekend against the Rams.

  53. When you have a really good defense and above-average special teams, the most important thing for the offense to do is NOT turn the ball over. I think that is the basis for the conservative play-calling at this point in the season. As Wilson continues to grow and adjust to the speed of the game in the NFL, the offense will open up a bit more. That being said, Wilson is going to average 25 passes a game as long as Lynch and Turbin are healthy. It also doesn’t help the passing game to have Edwards and Baldwin banged up. Baldwin was huge for us last year on 3rd down because he is such a good route runner. By pounding the ball in the running game, the defense gets worn down, we set the tone at the line of scrimmage, and it opens up those man coverage play-action opportunities down the field.

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