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Seahawks on Golden Tate catch: No apologies

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 25, 2012 at 6:18 am with 78 Comments »
September 25, 2012 6:18 am

With all of the hand-wringing nationally and in the Green Bay locker room over whether or not Seattle receiver Golden Tate made the catch in the end zone that gave Seattle a 14-12 victory, Seattle Seahawks players were not apologizing for the decision made at the end of the game.

Tate tied up the ball with Green Bay safety M.D. Jennings in the back of the end zone, and both of the player fought for the ball while the official conferred for a second before determining that Tate had enough of the ball to call simultaneous possession and a touchdown.

“I was just trying to keep possession of the ball,” Tate said. “The guy who was fighting with me was strong. So I was just trying to hold onto it until our guys pulled him off of me.

“I didn’t know if they called touchdown, interception, or incompletion. I didn’t know what was going on. I couldn’t hear anything, so I just tried to keep fighting for the ball.”

Seattle lined up in a trips open set, with Tate the lone receiver on the left side of the formation on the final play.

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson said that Tate initially was the first read, but covered. He checked back to the other side of the field for Sidney Rice, but then rolled left to distort the defense, and flicked it to the far corner of the end zone for Tate to make a play.

“It was a great catch, a great play,” Wilson said. “Obviously, it was a tough call. But at the same time we gave ourselves a chance.”

The Seahawks were 0 for 5 last season on potential game-winning drives – and 0 for 6 if you count the Arizona game two weeks ago. So for Seattle to finally figure out a way to win a game in the final moments was seen as a breakthrough for Seattle head coach Pete Carroll.

“It was a simultaneous catch, that’s how he called it,” Carroll said. “Tie goes to the runner. Good call. It gives us an extraordinary win, and an extraordinary message about hanging to the very last second.”

Of course, the Packers did not see it the same way.

“I felt like I had total control of the ball,” M.D. Jennings said. “I was very shocked. But, the refs got the last say, so it is what it is.”

Added Green Bay receiver Greg Jennings: “I think if you asked Golden Tate to take a lie detector test and ask him did he catch the ball, or did M.D. catch that ball, M.D. caught that. It was clear as day.”

Here’s what referee Wayne Elliott had to say about the final play when asked by pool reporter Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times.

“The ruling on the final play was a simultaneous catch,” he said. “Reviewed by replay. Play stands. Both players goes to the offense.

Asked if it matters if one player has two hands on the ball and one player has one hand on the ball, Elliott said: “They both possessed it.”

Lost in all the drama of the final play was a spectacular performance by the defense.

Seattle held one of the best offenses in the league scoreless for the first half, keeping the Packers to 87 total yards.

The Seahawks totaled eight sacks in the first half, including four by defensive end Chris Clemons, tying a league record for sacks in the first half set by former Kansas City outside linebacker Derrick Thomas in 1992.

Rookie Bruce Irvin had a breakout performance with two sacks, and Brandon Mebane continues to play like a Pro Bowl-caliber nose tackle with two sacks inside.

Linebacker K.J. Wright led Seattle in tackles with 11 combined tackles, followed by Kam Chancellor with 10 and Bobby Wagner with eight.

“It never really crossed my mind,” Clemons said about tying the record. “My thing was to just go out and work on my rushes as much as I do in practice. Just continue to rush throughout the play and never give up.”

Offensively, the Seahawks did a nice job of handling Green Bay pass rush specialist Clay Matthews. The USC product finished with no sacks, three tackles and one quarterback pressure.

Wilson was sacked just once on the game. However, the Seahawks still struggled to consistently move the ball through the air. Wilson was 10 of 21 for 130 yards and two touchdowns. He finished with a 99.3 passer rating.

Seattle had five, three-and-outs and finished 2 of 11 on third down.

Marshawn Lynch and Seattle’s running game once again carried the team offensively. Lynch finished with 98 yards on 25 carries.

“The ultimate goal is to win, and that’s all we care about,” Wilson said. “It doesn’t matter what the situation. It doesn’t matter how we win – whether I’m throwing for 500 yards, or a hundreds yards with the defense making plays – whatever it is, all we care about is wining. That’s what we work for every single day we wake up.

“And so offense we could have done a better job definitely, especially in the second half. I think we did a good job in the first half. We could have done a better job in the second half for sure, and I take the blame for it. I just got to keep growing, keep making some throws and maybe stay in the pocket just a little bit longer.”

Seattle punter Jon Ryan had an outstanding game, which really helped the Seahawks control field position. Ryan had punts of 73 and 66 yards, an finished with a net average of 49.5 yards a punt.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    Was there any “hand wringing” about Tate’s blatant pass interference? That game was shamefully officiated from the get go.

  2. confucious says:

    Imo there was one nanosecond that tate may have had the ball to his belly. Otherwise, Imo Jennings posessed the ball before and after Tate. To the rulebook that is an interception. There will always be an asterisk by this win. Thats a shame because it was a good game. Don’t get me wrong I’ll take the win (just like Green Bay would if the shoe was on the other foot) it just leaves a question of integrity.

  3. DreadHawks says:

    It’s going to be a long season if something isn’t done about Bevell and horrible play calling. I’m sorry if RW can’t handle more he shouldn’t be the starter. Why is it with our team speed on D Bradley refuses to dial up blitzes in 3rd and long. Frustating 2nd half for this fan!

  4. FleaFlicker says:

    Agree with Duke. And with John Gruden who said “Don’t like the way this game ended. Leaves a bad taste in the mouth”.

    At the stadium we saw a huge pile of guys and a TD call. No replays or anything. A sweet victory!

    Get home, flip on the ESPN and holy cow, what a debacle. Just an embarrasing way to get the W.

    Dubious calls throughout the game.

    But how about that defense? Pretty amazing!

  5. jzulaski says:

    It was clear to me that Tate actually did have two hands on the ball, not just one. He snaked his left hand up in-between the defender’s hands and wrapped it around the ball while they were both still up in the air.

    Then Tate put his right hand on the ball too still while in the air. They both came down with both hands still on the ball. That’s a simultaneous catch. It doesn’t matter if the defender has the ball against his chest or not in that case.

    I think that the refs got that one right (even though one ref signalled touchback).

    Now, there were plenty of OTHER bad calls that actually did affect the game. One PI call in the fourth quarter against us gave Green Bay a 1st down when it should have been 4th down and punting time. That led to their touchdown.

    So, cry all you want Green Bay, if you hadn’t gotten that call, you may not have been in a position to score that TD and we would have won anyway.

    Karma’s a bitch, ain’t it?

  6. GeorgiaRay says:

    Agreed Duke, both sides got jobbed throughout. However, none of this game ending “drama” would have happened if Jennings had done what he’s been taught since high school…..


  7. Dukeshire says:

    We can complain about Bevell’s Tom Flores impersonation all we want, but until Wilson breaks his habit of fleeing relatively clean pockets, out the back end, this offense will remain enimic. He has to start stepping up and through the pocket. He’s killing plays. The notion that he’s capable of extending plays consistently is folly, until he breaks this habit.

  8. confucious says:

    Agreed Duke. I mentioned that last wek on this blog. Glad the opinion is shared. I also think a screen or two might help with overagressive pass rushers.

  9. dirtbiker_joey says:

    As a Seahawks fan, don’t be embarrassed by this win. Yes, the officials blew that last call and the Packers got screwed. But, there were so many blown calls and non-calls in this game, calls that went both ways, that someone was going to get screwed. If the final play had gone the other way, we would have been talking about the phantom PI call on Kam and the “first down” by Rogers on their touchdown drive. Point is, this game was irrevocably altered by the refs long before the last play of the game. If the Seahawks had lost, it would only have been because they got screwed.

  10. Dukeshire says:

    Knocking the ball down didn’t work too well for Tenn against the Lions, Sunday.

    I honestly don’t see how anyone can *honestly* argue against that int.

  11. DreadHawks says:

    Can someone please tell me what happened to Robert turbin or why he isn’t playing? Wasn’t he supposed to be our change of pace guy? A few screens to him certainly would of helped our O

  12. Dukeshire says:

    Turbin is in. they actually put him in the slot last night.

  13. chuck_easton says:

    I also agree Duke. Saw two more plays last night where there was a good pocket. On one there was even a gap right up front. But Wilson did his now patented backwards/right panic move and ran right into Perry’s waiting arms.

    He’s got to learn to stay in the pocket. Teams are quickly figuring out his first instinct is to scramble backwards to the right the second he feels the heat.

  14. Dukeshire says:

    One thing that will be lost, will be Seattle’s defensive stand forcing GB to punt, at the end. After being on the field nearly all second half, that was gutsy. Nicely done.

  15. No touchback was signaled. Even Rogers got that wrong. The ref raised both hands over his head which is not the TB call, One arm to the side up and down is the TB call.

    Bevell is Bevell and is here because of who he is at Petes request. This is how Pete wants it called, rookie or not.

  16. GeorgiaRay says:

    That knock down play works 96.93456% of the time…oh by the way, there was nobody else in a blue jersey in the vicinity except Martin who was 4 yards off the play….
    Thought it was a pick personally, but the controversy should have been moot.
    Totally agree on Wilson’s happy feet. Way to quick to break the pocket while not under “extreme” pressure.

  17. piperfeltcher says:

    Huge play by Browner on GB’s last drive to stuff the run on 1st down which lead to GB beeing backed up to there 1 and taking away any chance of Rodgers throwing a pass. Montana to Clark is known as the “catch” so I think the last play last night should be forever known as “the Push”.

  18. Hawkzilla says:

    All I gotta say is a catch is two hands or control AND TWO feet on the ground. From what I saw Tate had his hand in behind the ball ( with the hand we saw) and is the first to come down with two feet. Doesn’t matter what happens in the air…

  19. raymaines says:

    The last play was so weird and the win so unlikely, that I had to get up early this morning and read the TNT print edition just to make sure what I saw last night wasn’t a dream. I’ll take it. Bring on the
    Rams and Panthers.

  20. Dukeshire says:

    Georgia- Of course you’re right, simply making a point.

  21. NWPoseidon says:

    I don’t think Patriot fans complained when the referees blew the Super Bowl and multiple other game outcomes were influenced by the referees these past 3 weeks and those teams aren’t complaining about their wins. For once we weren’t the ones that got screwed. Oh well. If complaining is your choice then also complain about kams PI and the phantom first down on the GB scoring drive because then the final score probably would have been 10-9 us winning anyways

  22. chrisj122 says:

    I refuse to be embarrassed about this win! As Seahawk fans we know the pain of being screwed immensely. We are usually on the other side of the ball in these situations, gettin screwed outta Superbowl is much worse than any Monday Night game! So the haters can shut the HELL UP!!!

    What does embarrass me though is the passing stats. Our passing game is dead last in the NFL and looks absolutely inept!

    Bevell’s gotta call better pass plays than jump balls and Wilson needs to step up in the pocket and make throws but fear he is just to short to that so he takes off early.

  23. Dukeshire says:

    Im embarrassed as a football fan.

  24. GeorgiaRay says:

    I’ve also seen a ton of national response to Carroll’s “display”, and while at the time I found it a bit unsavory given the turmoil of the moment, upon further review:

    I seem to remember SupperBowl XL where the officials impacted the game somewhere in the neighborhood of a 21 point swing on “questionable” calls…Don’t remember anybody (outside of Seattle) commenting too much about the, absolutely, beaming Bill Cowher…..

  25. piperfeltcher says:

    Happy to get the win but hope the real refs come back soon.

  26. RDPoulsbo says:

    I’ll just say that this is why I’ve been very hard on the LEAGUE about replacement officials. Seattle benefited from a bad call and I hope this shines a big enough spotlight on the LEAGUE destroying the integrity of the game that they can finally get the real refs back. That’s 2 NFL darlings that are perceived to have lost because of these replacement refs on national TV 2 nights in a row. Truth is, it has been horrid throughout the league since preseason.

  27. madpunter88 says:

    A win is a win. No reason to worry about how this one will be perceived historically — as if it matters. In a week or two this will just be sour grapes on the part of the Packers. All the moaning about integrity of the game needs to stop also. If playing with scab PLAYERS in 1987 did not ruin the integrity of the game — and those wins counted in the rccord books and for the playoffs — then the referees are not going to forever alter the game’s character.

    The play was close enough that the referees — who are making subjective calls — can honestly say they thought Tate had possession then that is it. For all the moaning and whining this morning the replays are not 100% incontrovertible proof.

    Seahawks fans should just ignore the whining and complaining for a few days. It is the Packers, who are a marquee team, so naturally most of the sports writing and blogging universe is going to see this as immense affront. But it does not compare to the 1998 Vinny Testaverde touchdown nor even Super Bowl XL.

  28. What everybody who watches the play seems to be missing is that Jennings did not have his feet on the ground UNTIL Golden Tate put his hands around the ball. Tate’s arm strength won the game from the Seahawks. It wasn’t as bad a call as everyone is portraying it to be. Yes, if I was a Packers game, I’d be upset. But I’m a Seahawks fan and I don’t recall people making such a big deal over Vinny Testaverde’s phantom TD in ’98, which was far worse than this.

  29. *won the game FOR the seahawks

  30. One of those morning when I need to proofread everything I write. I meant “Packers fan” of course.

  31. Crazy game. I’ll take the win, but I don’t feel great about it. Wish the officiating had been more consistent throughout the WHOLE game. Would’ve been nice if they could’ve won it without controversy, but it is what it is.

    Next up…Rams. Don’t take them too lightly. They played Chicago pretty tough for most of the game until the end. Fisher is getting through to them. Yesterday is yesterday. The sooner we move on and focus on the Rams, the better.


  32. Ewalters7354 says:

    We can blame Bevelled all we want.But making excuses for Russ Wilson will not come from me.I have been saying since training camp that he should not be starting. Everybody was bashing Flynn from not throwing for big gains in preseason about him having a noodle arm really made RW the people’s choice.But let’s just be real with ourselves Matt Flynn’s two starts compared to RW are not even close.Not to mention he’s getting paid STARTER money.Pete really screwed that up.

  33. DreadHawks says:

    Immaculate reception, Holy Roller, Tuck Rule……all with regular refs and 2 of the 3 in much bigger games! Has anyone seen the package the Refs have been offered???? 200K for part time work???? First Class Travel, incentive package 401K…………..Where do I sign up? It’s not ALL Goodells Fault

  34. RDPoulsbo says:

    Apparently, the league is going to make some sort of statement about the game today. Nothing about when or what they’re going to do about it.

  35. Ewalters7354 says:


  36. I agree with jzulaski on this Tate-Jennings catch. If you could look straight down and up close on what was happening, as the ref obviously could here more than the tv cameras, Tate indeed may have had enough of both hands on the ball visibly equal enough to Jennings that he could see it well-enough to rule it a simultaneous catch. But unless a closer & better camera shot of it all turns up, we’ll likely never know more. And also since only the ref is most likely to have had the least intentional “bias error” in interpreting what he saw, flawed or not, the ruling seems likely to stand. But ridiculously too much amateur refereeing for situations this fast and complext to sort out quickly and most accurately…but this particular situation could have turned out to be controversial even if the real referees were on the job.

  37. florida1957 says:

    I guess you have no comment when you have no class. When he said that he had no idea what the the lady was talking about when she asked him about pushing off I think that said all it had to about his class. Even on ESPN everyone was saying Seattle got away with one. The only one taking the Seahawks side are the fans and players. With the way the Packers beat on the Seahawks in the 2nd half you better hope they don’t see the Packers in the playoffs.

  38. seahawk44 says:

    Can someone please explain why on nearly every 3rd down play the Seahawks would empty their backfield and go shotgun 5 wr? Why would you take away any bluff or chance of a run play out of the mix and let the opposing defense pun their ears back to rush the rookie passer?

  39. florida1957 says:

    Yeah Canfan everyone is wrong but Seahawk fans. Look at the comments by everyone on twitter. NFL football players from every team and on ESPN. Yeap, but Tate caught the football. Yeah right. I guess you missed Tate pushing Shields to the ground with both hands and then having just one hand on the ball until he hit the ground. I guess all those ex and today pro players are wrong and you are right. LOL.

  40. Florida, are you a Packers fan? Or a totally unbiased fan?

  41. trout_hound says:

    A win is a win, boys. Be thankful. I was in a Montana bar jammed with drunken Peckers fans, and it sure felt good when they ruled that last play a TD. Amid the f-bombs, us Hawk fans were high-fiving and hugging each other all around, controversy or no. I agree that the play calling was vanilla and way too predictable, with the exception of the 41 yard pass play to Tate. Be aggressive once in a while, or at least mix it up a little more and pass on first down. If you want Wilson to get comfortable in the pocket, give him more three step drop quick passes like what Rogers was doing in the second half. Wilson bailed early on a few plays, I agree, but I wasn’t very impressed with our receivers and their ability to get separation for most of the game.
    Helmets off to our D, all around. That was some dominating football. If our offense had its s**t together it would have been a rout. I really wish we could have recovered that fumble on the 1 at the end, that would have been a more fitting way to end it. Regardless, we are 2-1, same as the Niners, and I personally don’t think Arizona is for real.
    Go Seahawks!

  42. By the way, Florida, I do think it was more of an interception than a simultaneous catch. But it’s not as clear cut as everyone is making it to be.

  43. psoundpowerhouse says:

    “the league is outraged!”
    “How can the seahawks live with themselves”
    “Seattle should apologize”
    The steelers took the superbowl trophy and didn’t deserve that!
    The national media didn’t want pittsburgh to apologize.
    The officiating in Superbowl XL was worse than anything I have yet to see!
    It’s the regular ref’s that botched that game.

  44. The refs agree with Canfan.

  45. MEhawkfan says:

    I follow this blog regularly; I don’t post often, obviously, but controversy and “victory” tends to bring us all out of the woodwork. I’m an ex-Montanan living in Maine, and I have been a Hawk fan since ’84. I almost quit the NFL after the 2005 “Asterixbowl.” Poor officiating is nothing new. Last night’s game was a shameful example of how inept officiating can impact a game; there were multiple bad calls and non-calls for both teams. But it was by no means the first nor will it be the last poorly officiated contest, with or without replacement referees. That stated, the Seahawks played one hell of a game for the most part. Special teams looked great, the defense was awe-inspiring, and the offense showed flashes of greatness. I think as Russel Wilson and the rest of the offense mature, we will see great things. As for the final play, I do think it was a case of simultaneous possession. Tate’s left arm was around the ball, and he forced his right arm up to grasp it while still in the air. He did enough to make the play; it was reviewed and the touchdown stood. The Hawks are 2-1, and I am looking forward to St. Louis.

  46. “I can easily see both guys having the ball.” — Eric Davis, NFL Network.

  47. Ewalters7354 says:

    How about the OPTION call on 3rd and short?Pete should have kept Jeremy Bates.All these bonehead penalties are very heartbreaking as a fan.I would have felt good even with an honest lost to a great team.Our D beat them up all game.The Pack made their run just like they did against SF.But overall the D played great with strong tackling and made them earn every yard.Also it would be lovely to have a QB that can actually se over the middle of the field.Looked very Tjack like to me.Sorry if I’m stepping on any toes.

  48. Florida, do you remember that Bill Cower apology when the Steelers beat the Seahawks in Superbowl because of numerous terrible calls by the referees? Or from the Steeler players who knew it wan’t right?

  49. In both the loss to the Cardinals and the victory last night, I saw Russell Wilson make throws at the end of the game that gave the Seahawks a chance to win the game. I don’t think TJack would have done the same. Wilson is a rookie. Let’s give him a chance. (Yes, I believe Flynn would be playing better, but Pete made the decision to start Wilson and can’t bench him now.)

  50. Eric Davis says that Jennings made the mistake of not yanking the ball out of Tate’s hands when they hit the ground. He allowed the official to make the controversial call.

  51. Palerydr says:

    Florida is just a hater posting from his grandmas basement. If you’re gonna focus on that bad call Florida how about your take on all the other bad calls especially the one on Chancellor that allowed your team to keep going on your TD drive which was every bit a controversial call as the last one was. Don’t come here to our house with your weak sauce piss poor whining.

  52. MEhawkfan says:

    Agree completely, Canfan, Wilson is a rookie, he needs some time to mature. The process won’t always be pretty, but despite his collegiate success, and the high expectations that seem to surround him, he is still a work in progress. He’ll get it figured out.

  53. After the Testeverde phantom touchdown that gave us instant replay and after the Superbowl debacle with Pittsburgh getting a gift, it was nice to finally get a gift in return……..but it still feels dirty.

  54. Palerydr says:

    Ewalters I also thought that was a horrible call lucky we have Beast Mode to carry the rock on the next play for a 1st.

    Also Tate made the play but I believe on the previous play Tate tried to make a catch in front of Rice. From my point of view it looked like Tate should have been running to the middle of the endzone clearing out for Rice who IMO would have had a chance to make that catch. Anybody else see that? Tate still needs to improve his route running.

  55. MEhawkfan says:

    It did seem like the ball was intended for Rice on that play, Palerydr. I also thought Tate might have been in the wrong area and made a grab for a ball that he wasn’t supposed to. At the time, I thought Rice might have made the catch had the ball made it to him.

  56. sluggo42 says:

    Tuff call for sure, but in EVERY “scrum” for a Hail Mary, there is all kids of jostling about, and everyone is pushing someone. Sure Tate pushed sheilds out of the way but who cares? Thats how it always happens. If Jennings knocks the ball down the play is over, and he EASILY could have done that.

    2ond point:
    The PI call on Bam was HORRIBLE, and GB should never have gotten their TD, so why is it OK for people to cry about one bad call, and not the other? Thats the point, the whole game was punctuated with bad calls, both ways, so we got a (allegedly)bad call to go our way to end the game. Yay for us and BOO HOO to the Pack and the whole East coast/49ers crybabies. I cant wait to play the 49ers now, they cried hard too. We have gotten a ton of crap calls over the years, and one finally goes our way, so WAAAAAAAAAA

    3rd point:
    RW’s pass to Rice to set up the “Play” was an absolute beautey of a throw, and his throw for the long TD to Tate was also a fine throw. He IS bailing out the backside too often, instead of stepping up into the pocket. He should start learning this after he watches tape. That will also keep the whole fielf of recievers open and make everything better. Not sure who brought that point up, but I agree… Duke maybe?

    4th point:
    Tate doesn’t look physically imposing compared to the rest of the guys, but he must be pretty strong to win the fight for that ball, as well as last weeks infamous blow-up on Lee. He is making catches that matter lately and is finally living up to his hype.

    Final point:

    Refs are HORRID. they have blown so many calls that it’s impossible to tell who would have won that game. GB “held” so many times that weren’t called it’s rediculous, bad calls BOTH WAYS ruined what could have been one of the best games of the year.

    HAWKS WIN suck it!

  57. Palerydr says:

    The reason I replayed it for myself was Rices reaction immediately following Tates drop something didn’t look right and Rice looked really pissed

  58. On second thought…I hope the Hawks play the next game and rest of the season LIKE THEY’RE MAD!

    Sound crazy? Wouldn’t be the first time, but hear me out.

    Everyone and I mean everyone is going to downplay the victory. Oh, they wouldn’t be there (where ever they end up) IF it wasn’t for that Packer game.

    I say get mad now. Play with a chip on your shoulder as if you did lose the game. Play angry, passionate football and don’t lose the edge.

    We have a team that can beat people down. The Lambs are up next and I hope they do just that. Put a beat down on them.

    Our defensive effort is going to be minimized for what happen last night. It should not. They were ferocious in the 1st half and have room to grow.

    Knock their teeth out Hawks! Play tough, be feisty. Don’t let anyone dictate this story. Prove to us and everyone that you’re for real.


  59. dirtbiker_joey says:

    I keep reading comments about how our receivers aren’t getting separation and that’s holding us back. Did anyone see Nelson, Finley, and Jennings getting separation last night? Sherm, Browner, ET, and crew were draped all over them last night.

    The difference is, Rogers puts the ball where his receivers can catch it – even in coverage – and those guys have crazy good hands.

    Yes, the Seahawk receivers need to get more separation consistently, but RW also needs to have enough confidence in them to throw the ball into tight coverage. That confidence will come with time, familiarity, and reps, but only if these guys hold onto the ball. I don’t see evidence that any of the receivers have reliable hands, except for a certain undrafted second-year player who didn’t suit up last night.

  60. MarkinSeattle says:

    Sorry Duke, you are overreacting to this one.

    Let me address several points, partly for Florida’s benefit. First, the GB CB did not catch the ball first, Tate did. The ball went through his arms and Tate caught it one handed half a second before the CB’s hands closed around the ball. Slow motion reveals that Tate caught that one handed and that it was under his control. The GB CB then grabbed the ball with both hands, and Tate followed with his second hand before they hit the ground. If you want to go with who had “control” first, it was without a doubt Tate, unless you only define control by having two hands on the ball (in which case there is no such thing as a one handed catch anymore).

    Yes, Tate pushed a guy out of the way on that play. You probably didn’t notice that Wilson was late hit on that play as well by Mathews. The reason you didn’t notice it was that it was a late hit. You can only see it in the replay showing the play from the overhead cam from the opposite endzone.

    The Kam PI was complete crap as mentioned above. Then the reversal of the Rogers third down run was also complete crap. They made the call based on a super imposed yellow line that is NEVER perfect (half the time it is half a yard off from the actual first down marker). Taking that yellow line off the video, there is no way you can conclusively overturn that spot.

    Screw the striking refs. You screwed us out of a Super Bowl, a LOT more egregious case of biased refereeing in the biggest game of the year, and one of the only ones that mean something. Screw you and your demands for getting paid $10,000 per game for a weekend gig. I hope that the NFL keeps these refs. Sure, they made some mistakes, but I have yet to go to a football game where refs didn’t make mistakes. News flash, those bad calls evened out, and that is all I ask for. I know that not all of the calls will be made, I just want it to be fair. These new guys have been fair in and even in their application, the old guys screwed us out of a Super Bowl.

    Screw ESPiN. You have made no secret of your desire to create this story since before the first PRESEASON game. You have been looking for a subjective play to blow out of proportion and have been telling us that you are looking for a play to blow out of proportion every time I turn on your damn channel. This is completely manufactured outrage. What is most egregious of all, is that you have the cohones to bring on a 27 year card carrying union member of the union that has a dispute, and undoubtedly has a financial interest in the succes of the union in this disagreement, and then you don’t acknowledge this obvious conflict of interest as he trashes the new refs. To say that ESPiN’s journalistic integrity is trashed would be to insinuate that they once had journalistic integrity. There is more journalistic integrity in the super market tabloids than there has ever been on ESPiN.

  61. Dukeshire says:

    I disagree with nearly everthing you said. Im reacting how I feel, and stand by all I’ve said.

  62. doubledink says:

    the NFLRA needs to fly all of the real officials to every Thur night, Sun night and Monday night football game and surround the stadium with pickets and dare the NFLPA to cross the line. It would end this mess in a week.

  63. Dukeshire says:

    palerydr – You are absolutely right, Tate quit on his route. That ball was intended for Rice. Tate was supoosed to drag across the goal line, but instead stopped running the moment he came out of his break.

  64. Good points, joreb. The weakest part of this team is the WRs. Improved from last year, but still lacking. We can’t expect to beat teams like GB with this WR corps. Getting Baldwin back is important, but we still lack a split end we can count on.

    The strongest part of this team is the DBs. The put on a clinic in man cov last night. Should be training film for every young DB. Rodgers completions in the second half showed is brilliance, rocketing the ball to where only his WRs could get to it. He’s the best right now. That our D made him look so bad in the first half says a lot about the Seahawks.

    Wilson makes his share of mistakes, but its hard for me to believe Flynn or Jackson could have put up more points last night. If Wilson can keep improving his reads a bit every game and avoid bailing too early, he’s going to be fine. Its not for lack of confidence, he’s got that, I think he’s still adjusting to the speed of the NFL.

  65. Palydyr, Duke, I thought the same thing. Tate ruined a potential Rice TD on that play. He had no business jumping for that ball as it was clearly not his play. Tate continues to give us one knucklehead play for every highlight reel play.

  66. dirtbiker_joey says:

    Warren Moon said the same thing about Tate making a play on ball intended for Rice during the radio broadcast.

  67. MEhawkfan says:


    I think you make some good points. Looking at the replay, it does appear Tate did enough to make a case for simultaneous possession. The two referees had opposing views, and I can see how the ref signaling touchdown made his determination.

    This was the final “and seemingly deciding” play of the game or so the majority seems to think. But like you, I wonder about the phantom PI call on Cam Chancellor. That was pivotal; the Packers should have had to punt. The score would have remained 7-6. The Hawks played the Pack tough and were in a position to win in the end. They caught a break on a controversial call. There were 60 minutes of football, the outcome didn’t hinge on just one play. Both sides got screwed on several calls and non-calls.

  68. NYHawkFan says:

    A number have commented that Wilson needs to stay in the pocket… Of course he’d never admit it, but don’t you think his height could have something to do with it? He’s said that his height isn’t a problem (what else would you expect him to say?) because he uses “passing lanes” to see his receivers and get the ball to them. When there are no lanes, however, I suspect he can’t see over the line. In that case, he has to scramble in order to get a view of the field. If that’s the case, he may never be a good pocket passer. Time will tell.

    As many have rightly stated, Seattle has been screwed over many times in the past, and this helps to make up for it (a little). Bad calls are part of the game, so I’ll take the win, just as Green Bay was happy to take the controversial first-down call after a challenge (whatever happened to, the play stands unless there is incontrovertible proof otherwise?), which led to a go-ahead touchdown instead of a field goal.

  69. Sparky12 says:

    Tate is a bone head, period! Rice looked pissed alright, and having recorded the game and watching the play, looked very promising that Rice would have had a TD. I suppose the ending will elevate Tate’s status, which I think would be ridiculous. Is he a good athlete?-yes. Does he use his head?-NO!

    Great game buy our defense. Too bad the final play call will get all the attention. Glad at least the Seahawks got the better end of the short stick this time. Guess Green Bay feels the pain the Seahawks felt at the end of Superbowl XL!

  70. PugetHawk says:

    If Tate didn’t have partial possession then Jennings would have just ripped it away, so it comes down to who had more control of the ball and that appears to be Jennings but its a judgement call on the field by a Pop Warner ref. So why doesn’t the NFL make this situation reviewable and able to be looked at being overturn?

    It seems like the refs made so many bad calls that they owed too many calls to both teams and by the 4th quarter it was a total sh*t show.

    The REAL refs have proved that they deserve to get paid!

  71. NYHawkFan says:

    I’m torqued over Seattle’s 2-11 third down effciency.

  72. NYHawkFan says:


  73. mojjonation says:

    We play again in 5 days. This will never go away. Whether we win or lose the next game, we will probably be complaining about the same things: Wilson has happy feet. Wide Receivers drop too many balls. The secondary and running game are the strength of this team. Bevell’s play calling appears horrible. The team is penalized due to lack of discipline. Okung will kill drives with stupidity. PC will still be acting like a high school jock clueless as to what is going on in the world around him.

    Eff it all. Moving on. Rams on Sunday.

  74. freehawk says:

    Exactly!!! Thank you Hawkzilla –

    “All I gotta say is a catch is two hands or control AND TWO feet on the ground. From what I saw Tate had his hand in behind the ball ( with the hand we saw) and is the first to come down with two feet. Doesn’t matter what happens in the air…”

    All that matters is who has possession when they hit the ground and Tate clearly had it then.

  75. sluggo42 says:

    in a way, ya mojo…

    Start prepping for the Rams. That is the #1 focus now. Stay focused

  76. MarkinSeattle says:

    A bunch of you need to go back and review that ball Tate tipped away. I thought the same thing as you all until I saw the later replay from the endzone of Tate inadvertantly knocking the ball away. If you watch the replay, it shows a GB DB stepping in front of Rice right where the ball was going. There was a guy behind Rice and this other guy who stepped in front of Rice. Judging by the timing of when and where Rice put out his hands, that is a pick if Tate doesn’t get a hand on that ball. I don’t know enough about the routes they intended on running, as well as the timing, to say whether or not Tate should have known that the ball was headed for Rice. But the tape will bear me out, that would have been a pick if not for Tate.

  77. LeePHilI says:

    “Has anyone seen the package the Refs have been offered???? 200K for part time work???? First Class Travel, incentive package 401K…………..Where do I sign up? It’s not ALL Goodells Fault”

    Maybe last night will explain why you wouldn’t qualify….. 200K is chump change for being responsible for controlling a game full of millionaires. The NFL needs to quit being cheapskates. By the way, the refs are locked out….not on strike.

  78. littleshawtyduece says:

    real classy seatle

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