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Morning links: Reaction to Hawks 14-12 win

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 25, 2012 at 8:18 am with 29 Comments »
September 25, 2012 8:18 am
Officials signal after Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate pulled in a last-second pass for a touchdown from quarterback Russell Wilson to defeat the Green Bay Packers 14-12 in an NFL football game, Monday, Sept. 24, 2012, in Seattle. The touchdown call stood after review. (AP Photo/, Joshua Trujillo)

Good morning. We’ll have our regular Monday Morning QB chat today at noon, so stop by if you have time during lunch today.

For now, here’s reaction from Seattle’s crazy, 14-12 win over Green Bay on Monday Night.

Here’s my game story. At 2-1, the Seahawks have a bit of franchise history on their side: Since 1999, the Seahawks have made the playoffs the past four times they’ve started the season 2-1, including two years ago when Carroll led the Seahawks to the playoffs in his first season with Seattle, becoming the first team to make the postseason with a losing record at 7-9.

John McGrath of The News Tribune attempts to describe the chaos that ensued after Golden Tate’s 24-yard touchdown catch on the final play. McGrath: “When order is restored in the NFL, when the messy, goofy, awkwardly paced games officiated by replacement refs begin looking like games resembling professional football, Monday will be recalled as the crazy night all heaven broke loose for Seahawks fans at CenturyLink Field.
“Down to its last snap, Seattle beat the Green Bay Packers, 14-12. At least that was what the scoreboard showed after the Seahawks’ extra-point kick, which followed a huddle of frantic officials on the field, which followed a replay review for a play that wasn’t reviewable, which followed Russell Wilson’s Hail Mary pass that may or may not have been caught by Golden Tate in the corner of the end zone.”

Dave Boling of The News Tribune writes that Russell Wilson capped a forgettable performance with an unforgettable score on the final play.

Don Ruiz of The News Tribune focuses on Seattle’s dominance on defense in the first half, with eight sacks against Aaron Rodgers. “It’s something to smile about,” Seattle defensive end Chris Clemons said. “But we just have to continue to grind it out and get ready for St. Louis this week.”

Art Thiel of says that the Seahawks were on the right end of a wrong deed. Thiel: “The game was everything absolutely right and absolutely wrong with the industry at the moment. A superb thrash of a match that ended with the wrong team winning. Yes, the wrong team, Seahawks fans — Green Bay’s M.D. Jennings had the interception in the air and on the ground. But by the time the referees arrived, they made it the scene of a sporting crime.”

Jerry Brewer of the Seattle Times writes that Tate’s catch helped Seattle emerge with a signature win over Green Bay on Monday Night Football. Brewer:On the final play of the game, a team sputtering and spewing to score points turned to its smallest wide receiver for the biggest play. And Golden Tate caught it, or co-caught it. By the grace of replacement refs, the Seahawks won on a Hail Mary. The Green Bay Packers might consider it a Fail Mary, but as they say in football, simultaneous possession goes to the receiver.
That is what they say, isn’t it?”

ESPN’s Mike Sando writes that chaos and confusion overshadow a good game between the Seahawks and the Packers. Sando also believes the M.J. Jennings intercepted the ball in the end zone.

Steve Mariucci breaks down Golden Tate’s final catch in this video link.

The Monday Night Football crew breaks down the final play in this video link.

Eric Davis, a former NFL defensive back working for the NFL Network, had the best breakdown of the play I’ve seen in this video link.

Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel writes that the Packers contingent in the press box was obviously unhappy with the final call last night.

Matt Bowen of the National Football Post writes that the league should be embarrassed by the finish of the Monday Night game.

Mike Silver of Yahoo Sports believes the last-second craziness at CenturyLink Field will serve as an impetus to get the regular officials back on the field. Silver also claims that Wilson called the wrong play on the final play of the game.

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  1. I thought to have control of the ball for a reception a pass catcher must have 2 feet on the ground. It took a long time for Jennings to get both feet on the ground.

  2. SaigonSun says:

    I am glad our ‘Hawks got a break from the efs (for a change)and won this game. I am sure thou, if we played against Dallases & Pittsburghs of this league the final call would have been different.
    Someone needs to surgically remove Wilson’s overactive Lizard Brain if he is to become a good NFL QB.

  3. You’re right, Pabs. Check out the pics here (scroll down to bill21792’s post):

  4. SaigonSun says:

    Last week, after the win over the Cowgirls I was totally nuts….. Today I am just (kind of) good we didn’t lose.

  5. Woke up feeling a bit dirty this morning. I think I need an extra shower.

    How else can one feel after the whole country watches our team “win” this huge game on such an obviously bad call? The ref in the white hat who raised his arms for a TD needs to be retired this week. He was right on top of the play and completely blew it. He can’t be allowed to ref NFL games like that. The 37-yard PI that Rice drew was nearly as bad a call, and Kam’s PI was another junk call – all big third down or TD plays. Its embarassing.

    That said, what I’ll take away from this game, and enjoy re-watching all week long, is the way our D manhandled GBs offensive line, WRs, and Rodgers throughout the first half. What a thrashing. This D has now announced itself to the league as one of the best.

  6. madpunter88 says:

    How come no one is asking the question of whether the regular officials will be fully prepared to jump right back into full-speed games without any practice? The officials use the preseason just like the players and coaches to get back into rhythm. Without any preparation or practice I imagine they are going to be pretty sloppy the first few weeks back — which will provide for sublime amusement for the media.

  7. ChrisHolmes says:

    This was going to happen sooner or later. We all saw it coming. The replacement refs were going to muck up a prime time game in front of the whole country. It was going to happen.

    It’s sad that it happened to our team, but hey, if it gets the real refs back on the field, then that’s a good thing.

    I was happy to see our defense dominate the Packers. Eight sacks? Are you kidding me? And Irving… love that kid.

    I’m disgusted with Bevell’s play calling however. Just disgusted. PC has to fix something there. Obviously our WR’s aren’t very dynamic and aren’t helping the situation, but Bevell’s play selection is pretty crappy. I don’t know if PC is holding Bevell back from doing more with the offense, or if they’re tempering it because of Wilson or what the deal is, but somehow they have to scheme better on offense. There are ways to get guys open. Seattle’s offense doesn’t seem to know how to do it. Holmgren got guys open all the time with what I believe were lesser receivers. Somehow they have to improve this offense… The defense cannot be expected to carry this team all year.

  8. I don’t feel one bit dirty. There were bad calls and missed calls both ways in this game. Sometimes your team gets the breaks of those calls – it’s not like the Hawks are one of those teams that always seems to get the calls when they need them (like that team from Pittsburgh).

    All this outrage . . I find it very difficult to believe that if the exact same situation happened to benefit GB instead of us, that there would be this national outcry. It would just be us complaining, and it would be forgotten. As this game will be as well.

    We held the might GB offense to one touchdown (and that one, only b/c of a bogus PI call); and when the game was on the line, our D stuffed them for a 3 and out that saved a chance to win the game. I feel just fine about this one.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    Even if the refs called Tate for PI, as they should have and eliminated that entire debacle at the end, that wouldn’t erase the fact there were embarrassingly bad calls all throughout the game. From the faux hold on Okung at the end, to Wilson’s pick that was reversed due to a faux ruffing the passer, to Browner’s ridiculous hands to the face, and on and on, it was yet another shameful display by the refs. Each nationally televised game is getting worse and worse.

  10. Dukeshire says:

    Seattle’s defense played one hell of a game. Just awesome.

  11. Lots of criticism of Wilson as well from this board – maybe I’m not seeing all the receivers he’s missing, but it seemed to me that on most of his throwaways, he had nowhere to go w/the ball. Yes, he plays conservatively, doesn’t want to throw picks, doesn’t want to make mistakes, but on a team built around defense and the running game, isn’t that mostly what you want?

    He does have a tendency to roll right – but I would disagree that he does this w/minimal pressure, he had guys on him on many plays last night, and his mobility saved us from a number of other sacks (i think GB only had one). And again, for the 3rd game of his 3-game career, we were in a position to win, and none of these games have been against patsy teams – for a rookie QB three games into his career, how can there be this many complaints?

  12. There is one good thing about these replacement refs. They have so many questionable calls they tend to even out within the same game.

    In the first game, the Cardinals had their game winning drive extended on a questionable third down PI call. They took advantage. When given the same break at the end (questionable PI call on 4th down), the Seahawks were unable to take advantage.

    I don’t remember the phantom Testaverde TD or the 4th timeout in the Ravens game (both of which I was at) ever evening out.

  13. pdway – all that is absolutely true. Every team is getting the brunt or benedit of bad calls, not just us. But a ref standing right on top of a hail mary INT/TD with 00 on the clock? Two officials standing 2 feet apart calling the play differently?? They can’t blow that play, and I can’t feel okay about our team benefitting from it.

    The NFL needs to invest at least as much $ in their refs as they invest in all those slick cameras that show us fans the plays from every possible angle. The owners’ priorities on that whack.

  14. Dukeshire says:

    He rolling right out the back of the pocket, thats the biggest problem. By doing that he gives DEs and OLBs a greater opportunity to run him to the sideline, and further from the LOS, eliminating options. He has to start stepping up in the pocket. Otherwise nothing about this offense will change.

  15. rramstad says:

    Yeah, the Packers lost the game earlier, not on the final play. They make one first down inside 2 minutes, and the game is over. They had a guy get injured near the end, which stopped the clock, if he had managed to get off on his own power, they probably win the game. They make any kind of progress earlier, so they aren’t punting from so deep, and they probably win the game. They make a tackle earlier on the punt return, and they probably win the game.

    Officating was terrible throughout, my favorite example was the defense getting called for pass interference on third and 2, when the player just made a great, great play, all ball. If that had not been called, the Packers would have kicked a field goal to go ahead 9-7 and we’d have only needed a field goal to win.

    Not to mention that we get eight sacks in the first half, and then zero in the second half, precisely because the officials seemingly stopped calling Green Bay for holding. They had called it aggressively in the first half, and then stopped calling it on the Packers in the second half (plus of course adding some tight ends and genuinely improving a bit, but seriously we should have had two or three more sacks and/or two or three more holding calls against the Packers).

    The sequence where Green Bay gets a touchdown was poorly poorly poorly officiated as well.

    It was a giant mess, someone had to be declared the winner, I’m glad it was us, no matter what happened the winner would have gotten away with one, and the loser would leave upset, and that’s what we’ve got.

    Great job by the defense in the first half, terrible offensive play calling throughout…

  16. Palerydr says:

    I listened to both Clayton and Brandt comment after the game and both seem to think that last nights game will not bring the strike to a quick resolution. Whatever they are stuck on they are still stuck on. I expect this strike to drag on at least another week and maybe more. Someone pointed out that if the Striking refs were to start picketing games that resolution would come quick. If there were any real solidarity then the players would not have played in any games this year out of respect for their union brothers. That would have ended this strike weeks ago.

  17. “When the players hit the ground in the end zone, the officials determined that both Tate and Jennings had possession of the ball. Under the rule for simultaneous catch, the ball belongs to Tate, the offensive player. The result of the play was a touchdown.

    The emphasis should be on the first part of the first sentence.

  18. Strategicdust says:

    The myth that the NFL has an independent commissioner has been dispelled. The integrity of this game is in question and this dispute over money needs to end now. We need the owners with some integrity (No, not you, Jerry) to show some leadership and settle before this weeks games begin.
    The first half was one of the best I’ve seen from this defense, especially against a quality offense. Why the Packers didn’t switch their blocking schemes earlier was a big question. The second half was a struggle. I’m used to seeing this coaching staff make great adjustments but the Seahawks really seemed to be confused by the adjustments the Packers made. Some of this was Aaron Rogers just being great but a lot of missed tackles and letting the runner gain extra yards.
    The offense was just ineffective. You can’t leave the defense on the field for that long. The over reliance on Lynch makes this team predictable and one dimensional and there has to be an opening of the playbook. I’m puzzled by why that hasn’t already happened, Wilson can handle the short to medium throws. I suspect it has much to do with the lack of quality receivers on this team.
    I don’t agree with the thought that this game was owed to us by previous bad calls in other games. Earn it on the field and you don’t need the help.

  19. chrisj122 says:

    Regardless of how the refs would have called that last play it was going to be very controversial no matter what! But the refs made it absolutely CHAOTIC! They waited to long to make the call, you could tell they had know idea what to call then two refs made different calls at once. After that they wait 2min to decide to review it. What do think would have happened if they overturned that call 10min after the fact of calling a TD, they would have gotten slaughtered!

    Then to make it worse after all the player on the field interviews they make the teams come back to kick the extra point after the refs don’t worry about any extra point, game over.

    The calls were horrible but the way the refs handled the situation was 10x worse than the actual call at at the end

    I say HA! We WON!!!!! Shut it HATERS!!!!

  20. Dukeshire says:

    Here’s another one: how about Jennings getting called for PI with Rice just mugging him?

  21. WiscCory says:

    GreenBay was robbed, and the Hawks benefited. The replacement officials are terrible. Got it.

    Once folks can accept this, and then get past it, there is a lot of other take-aways from last night’s game.

    Seattle owned the first half due to strong defense. However (sigh), the offense kept the game close. Specifically, stupid pre-snap penalties and the conservative play calling. With a defensive effort like that, a team should be up by 3 scores by halftime, not 7 points.

    It’s time to drop the training wheels and see what Wilson can do. If he starts turning the ball over, then get the million dollar man in the game. Seems pretty simple to me.

    Also, what’s with the halftime adjustments? GB owned the hawks in the 3rd quarter, and it was all about adjustment. Carroll gets a D- for that last night. Anticipating that GB was going to run the ball to offset the pass rush is basic stuff. C’mon Carroll.

    The positive that gets lost is the Hawks D is awesome, physical, and is coming to hit you in the mouth. It was really fun to watch them last night.

  22. Palerydr says:

    Yup another in a looooong list of bad calls in the game overall Duke. As was the roughing call on RW. IMO at least 3 missed holding calls on GB in the second half and the list goes on. It is a regular season game and might possibly come back to bite the Packers however they still have the look of a playoff team. I feel sorry for New Orleans next week cuz their defense is nowhere close to ours If I were a betting man I’d take the points and over on that game.

  23. Palerydr says:

    Also about our D the majority of the pressure we generated last night in the 1st half came from a 4 man rush.

  24. WiscCory says:

    4 man rush was effective due to the stellar coverage in the secondary. All around, the D looked great last night.

    Not sure about the Browner/Jennings incident. It was portrayed as kind of dirty on Browner’s part. I’d like to think the play was at a point of “blocking” down field. Or, maybe there was just “hard play” in previous downs that led to it. Either way, Browner would’ve smothered Jennings if it were a cage match….

  25. Official NFL review and statement says the call was correct:

    I still don’t buy it, but it would have been controversial either way. Several other calls in the game – on significant plays – were clearly wrong. I don’t like it but it doesn’t matter…

    What this game was about to me was our D announcing itself to the league as the new Baddasses-on-the-block they are. I had jealous friends calling me from all over the country saying ‘who the hell are these defenders you guys have? Where did you get all this D? I love this D and they proved themselves Monday night. That’s all I need to feel great today.

  26. “Here’s another one: how about Jennings getting called for PI with Rice just mugging him? ”

    Yeah, no argument from me on that one – – terrible call, at a huge point in the game.

  27. sluggo42 says:

    lol, I forgot about Browner owning Jennings in the open field. Brownie knocks him on his ass, Jen gets up to try and pay him back and Brownie lets him have it again. Brownie is a bada$$

  28. GeorgiaRay says:

    The plethora of terrible calls balancing could go on forever: from phantom PI on Chancellor on 3-10, to the phantom D PI when it was evident that Rice was tugging his shoulder pads down (although I personally thought is was a no call as both were hand checking the whole time) to the first call of the game when McCoy was in motion and my DVR could not discern illegal motion, to all the obvious holding non calls on the GB O line in the second half….there must have been 6 swings on terrible calls.

    Unfortunately, all anybody will remember is the final play that made us look like sore winners, and the Pack (like they need the added support) look like victims….

    Defense killed all game even though they were on the field almost all of the second half due to Floresesque play calling. I’ll take the W, and won’t feel too bad about it, but boy that was ugly…

  29. bbnate420 says:

    Palerydr, the refs are locked out, not striking.

    All the whiners around this country can sit on a fire hydrant and spin as far as I’m concerned. The officiating was terrible for both sides, as it has been in the majority of NFL games. Duke already pointed out a number of bad calls that went against us. A number of bad calls went against GB as well, although I don’t think the final play was necessarily that bad. Certainly not as bad as many in the media would have you think. If GB didn’t get that horsespit PI on their TD drive, then we either still have the lead or can take the lead with a FG on our 2nd to last drive. Nobody seemed so concerned nationally when we got robbed by the Jets in 97 or 98 and in SB 40. People did comment nationally about the officiating in SB 40, but it was a much bigger game and didn’t get nearly this much attention IMO. I’m sure the track record of these replacement refs plays a large role.

    I was convinced last night that it was a bad call on the final play. I watched Eric Davis explain it on NFL AM, and now I’m not sure that it was a bad call. He compared it to the Calvin Johnson overturned TD catch from the 2010 opener. You have to control the ball to the GROUND. It doesn’t matter if Jennings had more of the ball in the air. Tate took one hand off the ball and put it back on, but Jennings was still in the air while he did that. Tate had both hands on the ball when Jennings hit the ground. It’s a judgement call whether or not it was simultaneous possession. Jennings had it closer to his body, but Tate had both of his hands wrapped around the ball as well. Once it was ruled a TD on the field, they had to have CLEAR evidence to overturn. They didn’t. Not the replay officials’ fault. The replay system needs to be overhauled. And save it about the offensive PI. That happens EVERY hail mary like that and is never called. It was funny that Tate said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about”, when he was asked about it though. Good job, taterhead. Never let them see you sweat.

    Regardless, we’re 2-1 and the Wackers are 1-2. End of story. Seahawks offense just needs to keep growing. WRs need to step it up. RW needs to improve every week. Okung and McCoy need to watch Sesame street and learn to count. The pre-snap penalties are still very concerning.

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