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Seahawks 14, Packers 12 — postgame reaction thread

Post by Ryan Divish on Sep. 24, 2012 at 9:04 pm with 104 Comments »
September 24, 2012 9:44 pm
"Um, why is everyone looking at me and yelling?" (AP photo)

Ok, that was pretty crazy. I just want to thank everyone who participated in the chat.

Here’s the video replay of the catch.

Well let’s get to this quick ….

1. Be honest — did you think it was over?

2. It’s going to be asked and debated and argued over and over again. Russell Wilson or Matt Flynn?  (try and be logical if at all possible)

3. Do you have a problem with the seemingly conservative play-calling from Darrell Bevell?

4. Go ahead … just vent about the penalties. Replacement refs or not …. the false starts and delay of games and a few other mistakes are inexcusable.

5. Yes, the defense didn’t pitch a shutout, but what’s the potential of this unit?

6. Game ball goes to …..

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  1. JMSeaTown says:

    I thought initially it looked like a catch/TD…. Russell stays the starting QB, no controversy. Need play calling to be less conservative. Wilson can sling it! A W is a W. Defense looked outstanding.

  2. 1. I thought it was over.

    2. Doesn’t matter (see Q #3).

    3. It’s a joke.

    4. Mr. Happy has had about 100 games in the NFL with a bunch of different players and the fact of the matter is that his teams are undisciplined and it shows in the penalties. Nobody with a brain in their head can dispute this.

    5. The defense did all it could. They played a great offense and held them to 12 points and received no help from the offense and its horrible playcalling. What more can you ask for? They even got to Rodgers in the 1st half. We’re not used to that.

    6. Bill Leavy’s son get the game ball (no other set of refs could have sucked more).

  3. MadSweeney42 says:

    Should’ve been an INT, should’ve been OPI.

    Wilson. No second guessing. Guy can’t do much without WRs. Gigantic, glaring, ridiculous black hole at WR.

    Yes. WRs aren’t playing well, then trick it up.

    Okung needs discipline. Massive holds called/not called (Clemons had 2 guys roping his neck for a few seconds, no call but Okung gets called for one second). Terrible PIs not called and bad ones let go, including Tate’s. This ref issue should end this week. Period.

    Top 5. Browner is much improved. Usually don’t hear Sherman’s name (because he’s taken away his side of the field). Most of GB’s successful pass plays came from no pass rush.

    DL. No doubt.

  4. Palerydr says:

    The Seahawks finally got a horrible call that went our way I’ll take it and screw everybody who bitches about it.

  5. SandpointHawk says:

    Lord, I just went and looked at the stats for the game and everything seems somewhat tainted to this analyst…

  6. bird_spit says:

    The defense is elite in all aspects of the game. Wow.

    Hawks need some WRs before we open the play book, and decide who the QB of the future is..

    A win is a win, but this really is a game that should not have been decided by these refs.

  7. I do not subscribe to the camp that says “a win is a win”. That was an awful way to win a game. The packers out played us in the 2nd half and they did not deserve this ending.

    The problems we have on offense are not all Wilson’s. There is plenty of blame to go around, starting with coaching. Cable might be good at zone blocking but he sucks at pass protection. A good run game is fine but what is plan B if we cannot get 1st downs running, like tonight? PC better figure out how to get the pass game working.

  8. “The Seahawks finally got a horrible call that went our way I’ll take it and screw everybody who bitches about it.”


    And to those complaining about a win over Green Bay in a Monday Night game? Come on . . .enjoy it just a little f-ing bit . . .

    Yes, our offense went terribly stagnant, but how about some credit to the defense for playing one of the best games I can ever recall our D playing. Rodgers picked up his game in the 2nd half, like you would expect him too, and we did just enough to slow him down, made GB earn every single yard all night.

    Yeah, we benefited from a bad call at the end, but both teams did (the PI against Kam was ridiculous too). By the time next week rolls around, we’ll just be the 2-1 seahawks with wins over Dallas and GB.

  9. sfseahawkfan says:

    I’d give the game ball to the Hawks’ front seven. They hung in there all night.

  10. Look, Flynn never deserved to lose his job to a guy that played well against the 394th stringers in Denver and a below average KC “Defense.” Since Bevell called crap in the pre-season that didn’t allow Flynn to “win” the job (and I complained about this at that time, too!), the Seahawks found themselves in a position where a rookie took the job, which is fine if they believe he’s a better long-term answer.

    Getting to Wilson, he doesn’t deserve criticism for his supposedly poor passing numbers up to this point in the season either. As Flynn got screwed over in the pre-season, Wilson is getting screwed over now with being put in a piss poor position to “succeed” by having handcuffs on his wrists from a braindead buffoon who is being told by the master of (un)”discipline” to hardly make any plays (even though that’s what good QBs are supposed to do).

    I’m not trying to be a downer after a win but I happen to want to win a Super Bowl one day instead of having some crap Marty Shottenheimer team that will do well in the regular season and then never achieve their goal in the post-season (but, hey, we went 11-5, or something).

  11. mquinn73 says:

    The integrity of this game was threatened by what happened tonight. That’s bigger and means much more than any “win is a win” statements uttered by coaches, players or fans. I didn’t like it in SB XL and I don’t like it tonight…

  12. jchawks08 says:

    1. No I thought we lost. Especially with the slow motion replays. The offensive PI. Then the catch by Jennings. LOL I mean sorry I saw what I saw.

    2. Russell Wilson. We’re 2-1. I ain’t complaining. Until he truly looks awful, we stick with him.

    3. Yes. The play-calling is amateur and and best, just stubborn and predictable. run run pass. Really? Every freakin series are you kidding me? At this point pardon my french but eff Bevell man.

    4. Referees are awful. Bottom line. They need to get the labor issues resolved. Bottom line. Worked out for the ‘Hawks tonight though eh? LOL!

    5. The defense is amazing. 2nd Half they were overworked and eventually got outmatched. It was bound to happen. That’s not going to happen every game and we can count on this unit to play A LOT like they looked in the 1st half. Which is to say. Ridiculous. I freakin love it.

  13. jchawks08 says:

    6. Uh Duh, 3 game balls. Clem, Tate, Wilson.

  14. Weirdest freakin’ game…ever. We had six plays in the 2nd half and it looked like we got picked on the seventh with 4 minutes to go. Just weird. The one TD we gave up was a gift from the ding dong refs on a phantom PI call…we had them stopped. Some damned odd holding calls. There was a penalty damned near every play there for a bit in the 4th quarter.

    Yes, I thought it was over. Well, they either need a new offensive strategy or maybe they should see what Flynn can do…that won’t happen now with a win, but it is a QB league and we were way overmatched at that position tonight in the 2nd half.

    Yes, if you are going to start Wilson then use his abilities a little better in your offensive game plan. Don’t go crazy, he’s a rookie but a little more opening up to allow some playmaking, a little more, might be called for here.

    The D’s potential is incredible…could become one of the very best in the league, if and only if they don’t have to spend 40 + minutes on the field.

    Game Balls to Tate and Clemmons…Anti-Game Balls to the refs.

  15. SteveBDF says:

    I was all ready to rage about the horrible refs at the end.
    At least 4 bad calls AGAINST Seattle:
    1) Early offsides cal on Clemons – He didn’t move early and was NOT in the neutral zone. Gave GB a first down.
    2) Early false start on McCoy – He was in motion, faced the line, paused, and did NOT move before the snap. Negated a Seattle first down.
    3) Late hands to the face call on Browner – He may have gave him half a mis-aimed slap all the way away from the play. Horrible call, gave GB a first down on their go ahead drive.
    4) Late pass interference call on Earl Thomas. He could not have timed that hit better. Gave the Packers a first down instead of fourth. Horrible horrible call that would have cost them the game…

    If the refs hadn’t been even more incompetent in the other direction.

    Bottom line: Bring back the real refs before there are some real consequences.

  16. to each his own I guess – – Hawks game was not the only one impacted by the refs this weekend. We’ve had our share of tough ref moments over the years, I’m not going to apologize for coming out on the plus side this time.

    How good was KJ Wright all game? And Sherman? And all of the D-Lineman? Take away Cobb’s one run, and a Rodgers scramble, and we held another team to 50 yds rushing, while getting 127 yds ourselves because Lynch is the hardest running RB in the NFL.

    We have holes in this team, no doubt, but focusing on the part of the glass that’s half-full isn’t a sin either.

  17. My bookie,Is the one who lose…:}

  18. Defense was brilliant. Wow.

    Offense was SO bad. Play calling and penalties were hard to stomach.

    I still like RW as the starter. I’m more worried than ever about our WR’s though.

    Refs. Bad. So. Bad. Still, they missed calls on both teams and that TD drive by GB may not have happened w/o horrible PI calls.

    Glad to be 2-1. Sh**ty to feel like our offense is worrisome going forward, and that we are showing crap for disciple with penalties.

    Will be an interesting week for sports reads. :P

  19. 1. Yes. Never would have expected this team to have the devil’s luck on a hail mary.

    2. – Willing to give just a bit more leeway, but 3 games in, I honestly feel there’s got to be a point where there’s a step up in production. RW has shown flashes and an ability to move. Whether or not it’s the playcalling that’s to blame, this offense should not have so much difficulty converting on 3rd down. If there’s not more consistency by week 5 at the latest, then start thinking about changes, even seeing what Flynn can do.

    3. Plenty of credit to Lynch, what he does he does well. Calling run-run-pass each drive gave the Packers D an easy way to adjust. Expecting to have RW play mistake free by limiting him is unrealistic and the stats show it.

    4. Ugh. I’m yanking a rabbit out of a hat by force here, but if there’s any silver lining to this ref situation, it’s that it sure makes for interesting TV. These replacements -are- consistent. Just… consistently gut-wrenching.

    5. Potential lies in the ability to take opposing QBs out of their comfort zone, as the D was generally able to do throughout the game. I’d say Rodgers’ was out of his comfort zone not just because of the sacks, but because the secondary did a great job limiting the “big plays” GB is known for making.

    6. Tough choice, but I’ve gotta say BRUCE. He stepped up for big plays against an opponent few expected much pressure on. Went a long ways toward proving he was worth the pick.

  20. Payback for the Vinny T touchdown that kept us outa the playoffs and started Instant replay, The Monday night Keyshawn J pass with one foot out of the endzone, and SUPERBOWL 40 21 point bad call swings. At least we will change the NFL with the call going for us for once. Bring back the REFS. BTW, the TD drive they had shoulda been stopped WAY back except for a bad PI call.

  21. jchawks08 says:

    This WILL be the game that gets the real Ref’s back. Got to love Seattle making a difference!

  22. RDPoulsbo says:

    On first look, I thought it was a TD by rule of dual possession going to the offense. After replay I have to say, I think it should have been an INT.

    I can say karma for the Testeverde TD or the Ravens 42 seconds and I can be happy with the win and go to sleep without a problem. I just hope this means the lockout ends and the real refs come back next week. At least Seattle is on top tonight after the dirty that’s been done by refs in year’s past.

  23. Until the braindead morons who call the plays get kicked in the head (preferably hard), I’m not going to criticize any of the QBs from preseason or the regular season for not putting up the numbers they could/should be putting up. Saying Wilson should get benched for only putting up one hundred some yards per game is like saying Flynn sucked in the preseason and deserved to lose the competition. Watch the f’ing playcalling and call for the head of the decision makers from these past 6 games. Man, I’m irate by our playcalling! Thank goodness we’re 2-1 in spite of them (and a little luck).

  24. I have all kinds of thoughts on this game. The Seahawks owned the first half. The Hawks defense will get persecuted because of a bad, bad, bad, bad decision by some VERY inept officials. The Hawks incredible defense will be over shadowed by, basically, Roger Goodell and his decision to keep these replacement officials. It’s sad. It’s wrong and you witnessed a game that will change the NFL forever. You will see a settlement by Sunday and the Packers will be told to just deal with it. Wrong, wrong, wrong. It makes me want to puke and the Hawks WON. Our defense deserves better. I love Russell Wilson. I love what the guy stands for but IMHO Flynn is the best QB for the Hawks at this time. WAY too many mistakes in this game not to mention AZ. We have a top 5 Defense and our offense is being told to deal with the rookie. It’s not right. I believe we have a top 10 QB on the bench. We are 2-1 and we were given a HUGE gift. Take it and run with FLYNN.

  25. SeahawkFan12 says:

    You could say the Packers got screwed, and on that last touchdown play, they did. However, winners do not allow a game to get settled by a single sh!tty call. Our D DOMINATED them in the first half. With better play calling, Wilson would have led the O to more points. Flynn is NOT the answer, so let it go (YES…that was directed at certain posters who have unreasonable man-crushes on Flynn). This win will be tainted by terrible officiating(and that affected BOTH teams). Sad…but at least we landed on the winning side.

    By the way, if the roles were reversed, there would likely not be this much controversy. Losing sucks, and winning never gets old.

  26. guywhothinksheknowsitall says:

    1. Be honest — did you think it was over?
    I thought Tate had it, then on replay I thought it was a pick. My livingroom was the best rollercoaster ever tonight.

    2. It’s going to be asked and debated and argued over and over again. Russell Wilson or Matt Flynn? (try and be logical if at all possible)

    3. Do you have a problem with the seemingly conservative play-calling from Darrell Bevell?
    Bevell is calling plays based on how this team is built, run 1st. Anybody how doesn’t like the play calling needs to take a look at our roster. If you want to talk problems lets talk about the defense not getting off the field on 3rd down.

    4. Go ahead … just vent about the penalties. Replacement refs or not …. the false starts and delay of games and a few other mistakes are inexcusable.
    Too many pass interference that should not have been called, on both teams. Russel Okung is very dissapointing between all the injuries and penalties.

    5. Yes, the defense didn’t pitch a shutout, but what’s the potential of this unit?
    Absolutely incredible performance tonight, if they can improve on 3rd down they could be the best defense in the league.

    6. Game ball goes to …..
    Roger Goodell.

  27. heyyou_66 says:

    You can not complain about the final bad call without talking about the bad calls that kept the Packers only TD drive alive…… Where are all the talking heads that are talking about all those bad calls! Great defensive game… Clem and Irving were amazing. Wilson was not great but kept fighting. Marshawn was typical Marshawn…. Beastlke

  28. RD – good point. “Real” refs screwed us in the Vinny scenario and all those extra seconds against the Ravens. Still, it sucks. For me (maybe not some of you – which is fine, we can agree to disagree). I think those two games were worse with “real” refs. At least these clowns have an excuse to suck, what was Bill Leavy’s excuse about 7 years ago? I have no problem with Paul Allen giving the Packers this win tonight and our being 1-2 (instead of 2-1) if the NFL will take the Lombardi in Pittsburgh and send it to Seattle as reparations for SB XL.

  29. sluggo42 says:

    At the end, Wilson showed his arm with some downfield bullets, i was impressed, even if they werent caught, they were still smoked in there. It’s like he plays better with a bit of a fire under his rear end.

    Defense held the Pack to 12 points and got 8 or so sacks! Game ball fo sho!

    I will really be amazed if the refs arent signed tomorrow. Tate was OPI and wasn’t the primary possession guy, so I thought we lost. But payback is a bitch for the endless years of crap calls we have had.

    Play calling needs some work, but RW needs to let it fly more and trust his arm, he has a cannon that Flynn just doesn’t have. But this game would have been ugly with out our “D”. Holding AR to 12 is sick, also props to the 12th man, for an incredible fury from above.

    Still no screens… why not? no slants..why not? How can GB have somebody open on every play. and we can’t ever? It’s more involved than saying we have crappy wide outs. Bevell isn’t designing plays that uses them correctly… Same with Dallas, why does every other team be able to make pass plays work. Is it Cables blocking system that collapses? I just don’t get it… Wilson has a fricking accurate cannon, LET HIM USE IT.

  30. There’s a difference in calling plays based on how the team was built and blatant stupidity.

  31. Our defense help the packers to 12 points,we stopped them on a 2 point conversion.Nice to have call go our way for once. Fact is it was a bad called game.We also almost got got a fumble and held them to get the ball back.Offense really need some work but when it come around we will be a very good team. I love Wilson.

  32. montanamike2 says:

    The whole game was called badly on both sides!
    That touchdown by Rogers was set up by a bad call, bad calls and more yellow flags in a game than i ever remember. We hung in there with a great team and the call went our way for once. Wilson doesn’t suck but his pass protection did. Just the fact that he escaped Clay Mathews on a consistant level speaks volumes unto itself. Where was the PI ON CAM?
    Seriously at least we didn’t get screwed like the Pats last night, Packers might not feel that way.

  33. Bottom line – If roles were reversed, it would have been no big deal if the small market team got hosed. Just look at Superbowl XV. No big deal. All praise the Bus because he finally got his Superbowl ring. So now it’s a joke because a controversial call went against the darlings. Poor babies. Lets fire a bunch of guys because there was a close call in week 3 of the regular season. But lets not fire guys who made phantom holding calls during a Superbowl.

  34. sluggo – They can’t throw the screens b/c the D is coming against a rookie QB. It’s not to the point of a full blitz (where screens would be great if you beat it) but they don’t have to respect any of our guys downfield (minus, IMO, Rice and Tate). All of our other receivers suck with respect to making a difference (WRs/TEs). They also can’t throw slants as much b/c, in big part, their QB is short. If you throw a slant, the DL can simply get their hands up and tip those passes much easier.

  35. montanamike2 says:

    There were plenty of phantom calls tonight as well.

  36. montanamike2 says:

    Where was Turbin tonight?

  37. Nobody will remember this “win” in December when we’re rolling towards the playoffs at 11-5.

  38. Irvin showed up…really happy to see him be successful tonight, what two sacks? That should give him some confidence.

  39. Ouch. What a horrible conclusion to an incredible possibility. I really hope that something positive comes from this.

  40. let’s not forget how key that stop on the 2-pt conversion was . . . great play by Browner there.

  41. Controversy never hurt college football, eh?

  42. “Nobody will remember this “win” in December when we’re rolling towards the playoffs at 11-5.”

    Damn right.

    Plus, they stole our Sonics . . . the sports gods owe us a few of these.

  43. I counted at least three sacks from Clemons…another by Mebane…who else got sacks?

    Too bad that story is being overshadowed by the TD controversy.

  44. …in addition to Irvin.

  45. I caerefully revied the jets po=iayi=off fame a few yesrs back, This was no better. Karma finannly csught up to us, >:}

  46. jchawks08 says:

    Man the feedback on ESPN is not positive for the ‘Hawks! Noone there saying they were due! Eff them though, they don’t know what we’ve been through. I mean there was references to the Vinny Testaverde non-TD, but they don’t KNOW.

  47. montanamike2 says:

    If GB wins nobody cares. We win and someone got robbed just like the Cowboys “gave that last game away”.
    Our Defense won this game. Game balls to Tate and Browner.

  48. jchawks08 says:

    Audible, Irvin had two sacks man! Did you really not see them?? That’s all I’ve been waiting for, personally.

  49. jchawks08 says:

    Oh so yea. Sorry Audible. Sack Breakdown:

    None in the 2nd half!

  50. freedom_X says:

    Seattle’s not going to be 11-5 unless it comes up with a semblance of a passing game. And right now, the lack of a passing game is 60% inept receiver play, 20% pass protection, and 20% rookie QB learning the ropes.

    Why so much on the receivers? Look at Green Bay. Even when Rodgers was getting pasted and pressured, he at least had some options short he could get rid of the ball to in a hurry. Seattle has no one, Wilson can’t even be checkdown Charlie and just dump the ball off.

    Unless Bevell is channeling Jeremy Bates (which he isn’t), he’s not sending everyone downfield on deep and intermediate routes. It’s just that the guys can’t even get open for a 5 yard checkdown, let alone a 15 yard intermediate route.

    Perhaps Bevell can do more with schemes, but let’s not forget how many people on this blog were calling Holmgren an unimaginative, predictable play caller in his last 2 years. Nobody every really talks about how brilliant a playcall is or how great a scheme is, unless the players can make plays. If the player botches it, then it’s a bad scheme or playcall.

    You see why an undrafted free agent (Doug Baldwin) was the leading receiver for Seattle last year.

  51. Wilson made a clutch throw to Rice on the last drive. I’m impressed with his arm. Let’s not forget he’s a rookie. He’s going to get better.

    The last play, if you watch it in regular speed, does not seem like such a bad call. Tate came down with his hands on the ball.

    The PI on Kam was BS, so Green Bay shouldn’t have gotten their TD either.

    Bottom line: This team fought tooth and nail to be in position to win this game. The defense played great. Yes, it could have gone either way. I’m glad it went our way.

  52. I don’t care what all the pundits say, I saw that Tate had his left arm in there, and tried to gain better control with his right hand. We see bad calls all the time, and we are on the short end most times. We haven’t won on a last second pass play since Paul skansi’s catch in KC after Derrick Thomas terrorized us for 7 sacks. Interesting that we were the ones doing the mauling tonight. Go Hawks!

  53. jchawks08 says:

    Hmm Listening to ESPN I’m beginning to wonder if the league could step in and overturn this win. I doubt it, but man is it a possibility?

  54. Jennings did not get possession of the ball until his second foot came down. By then, Tate had his hands on the ball. Simultaneous possession is not as bad a call as everyone is making it out to be.

  55. jchawks08 says:

    Well another wrinkle is that there were regular reply people looking at the replays. Not replacements like the refs. I mean this is really interesting to me. This is a big deal!

  56. SeahawkFan12 says:

    jchawks08, no. We’ll just hear about this forever. By the way, the replay officials were NOT replacements, however the guys/girl (yes, there is a female ref in the league, NO she wasn’t on the field tonight) on the field are, and had the roles been reversed (Packers win in same fashion) the uproar would be minimal.

  57. jchawks08 says:

    Yea SeahawkFan I know the replay guys were the regulars. It’s all very crazy!

  58. Someone should look at every bad call in the game. I bet the Packers benefited from as many as the Seahawks did, if not more.

  59. Replay guys could not overturn the call on the field. It’s a moot point.

  60. grizindabox24 says:

    Defense must get better on third down, it will bite them.

  61. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Canfan, you are correct. I agree with you that if ALL bad calls were looked at, there is probably a pretty even distribution of sh1t for both teams. Time for the NFL to sack up and negotiate with the real officials.

  62. Watching lynch run left then lynch right then lynch up the middle. I thought it was over.

    We are in BIG trouble if we have to depend on R.W especially if our defence has an off night. or on the road which is where they are going. No 12th man Yikes! R.W completed what 3 passes that mattered. and the rest were thrown out of bounds.

    I’m just waiting for the spin of Brock and Saulk. Oh and Moon. Gaud what a treat that’s going to be.

    The play calling is just what i”d expect for a rookie QB that’s too short for the NFL. Roll out so his size doesn’t matter and he can get an angle but that was NOT successful.

    Thte ref are just what they are. ratings are up 10% so that ain’t gonna change anytime soon.

  63. jawpeace says:

    1. Be honest — did you think it was over?
    Ah yeah just when do the Hawks get the breaks when it comes to officials. Oh wait these are replacement ones… But really I was just waiting for them to wave it off.

    2. It’s going to be asked and debated and argued over and over again. Russell Wilson or Matt Flynn? (try and be logical if at all possible)
    Wilson all the way.

    3. Do you have a problem with the seemingly conservative play-calling from Darrell Bevell?
    Yes Bevell needs to throw away Ground Chuck Knox play book he found in the closet. Run, Run, Throw. Common man!

    4. Go ahead … just vent about the penalties. Replacement refs or not …. the false starts and delay of games and a few other mistakes are inexcusable.
    Yes the replacement refs are blowing some, like a hooker in Vegas. It seems they are calling more penalties, my theory is because the penalties were always there to be called but the regular refs know how to let them slide. To keep the flow and only flag on fouls that directly had an effect on the play.

    5. Yes, the defense didn’t pitch a shutout, but what’s the potential of this unit?
    Potential???? Come on they are elite.

    6. Game ball goes to …..
    Clemons four sacks he was buzzing around A.R. like an angry hornet.

  64. seaturkeys says:

    1. Be honest — did you think it was over?

    Next question. LOL

    2. It’s going to be asked and debated and argued over and over again. Russell Wilson or Matt Flynn? (try and be logical if at all possible)

    We’re going to pound it with the beast and the deep threat helps.

    3. Do you have a problem with the seemingly conservative play-calling from Darrell Bevell?

    It’s just bad play calling. The option wasn’t conservative but sucked pretty bad.

    4. Go ahead … just vent about the penalties. Replacement refs or not …. the false starts and delay of games and a few other mistakes are inexcusable.

    I’m going to watch the game again but I like the way Browner plays and I have a hard time faulting Okung for being jumpy when Matthews is ready to hang a blazing left.

    5. Yes, the defense didn’t pitch a shutout, but what’s the potential of this unit?

    Loved the defense tonight. It’s hard when the offense comes back from half time and gives the ball back like there defending in a half court basketball game.

    6. Game ball goes to …..

    Bruce Irvin for starting the sack fest!


    Is the officiating worse? It went from inexcusable to inexcusable. If it was good we could have kept soccer out of America.

  65. NYHawkFan says:

    One definition of a idiot is to repeat the same mistakes over and over, and hope to have a different outcome. That applied to our offense tonight. Wouldn’t you have loved to see Wilson have the same kind of balanced attack that Green Bay had in the 2nd half? All we did was run, run, throw it away… run, run, incomplete pass… No quick slants, no outlet passes, no screens, c’mon…

    Speaking of the 2nd half, our defense didn’t look so elite during those three long GB drives, did they? What surprised me is that we usually have such good 2nd half adjustments. Not tonight. We got picked apart by the passing attack and could’t stop the run. Of course, it didn’t help that they were on the field for 27 minutes, any defense would get tired under those circumstances.

    I agree with one poster who said, we got a win but no respect came from it. All we’ll hear from the media is that GB was robbed.

    I’m trying to remain positive, though, by reminding myself that we’re a young team and that we will continue to grow and improve. Not certain if that can be said about the coaching staff though.

  66. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I’m officially sick of ESPN. These guys are soooo disgusted that the Packers were possibly robbed on Monday Night Football. Well you know what, final score Packers 12 Seahawks 14. I think it sucks as I’m in shock as to the full on assault of the Packers O-Line and our D won’t get any credit. I mean, we had two sacks on the season and we had 8 in the first half. It was one of the most impressive performances ever. The mighty Pack couldn’t get anything going except three yard screens all night.

    Stupid, stupid o-line penalties. Someone needs to check Okung for drugs, cause the guy is just absent from the game. He’s either really hurt and doing his best to tough it out or he’s just a numbskull with millions in the bank. His pre snap issues are showing weekly.

    Marshawn is incredible. Guys flashing by him in the backfield and yet 3-4 yards every play. He dragged Fabio Mathews several times. Speaking of…..0 as in 0 sacks for the league leader. So our line is better than the Bears, we got that going for us.

    Terrible calls all game, many against us, ok, most against us. The PI call on Cam was one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen. Text book, perfect coverage. Thanks ref’s for letting the Packers get a free 1st down when they should have punted.

    In about four days when the league get over this embarrassment, I hope people tune into what Steve Young said about how sad that this game will be remembered for the terrible ending and not the truly dominant performance of our D against one of the very best NFL offenses ever. Boys, you brought it tonight against one of the best, this is what I call a statement game.

    I feel good going into St Louis on Sunday. We need to hire a 4th grader to design offensive plays though, as my son was pretty much guessing what we’d do. Come on Bevel….you are getting paid to do this man. Act like you’re not afraid of the damn dark….or the 15 yard pass.

    At one point my wife asked me if I thought our team felt they could beat the Packers by only scoring 7 points. I wanted to lock her outside, but it sure seemed like that was the plan. Maybe have Gus sit in the offensive team meetings and design some plays that get down field a bit. Or get some receivers that aren’t made of velcro and broken wheels.

    Oh well, a win and now 2-1 with a chance to improve to 3-1. I’ll take it. I toast all of you that swore and broke something the day that Vinny Testiverde’s helmet scored the winning touchdown and kept as from the playoffs. I’m over it. Cheers

  67. SteveBDF says:

    Oh I forgot to answer the questions:
    1. When do you mean? I didn’t think it was over on the previous missed pass in the end zone, I knew they had timeouts.

    2. Wilson. He hasn’t made mistakes. The play calling has been ridiculously conservative.

    3. A little. But hey, let this elite defense win games. Need to do a bit more than run-run-pass every series though.

    4. A couple of those false starts were BS. Okung’s early was bad, and one of McCoy’s was BS, but yeah, they need to eliminate those.

    5. 1st half = elite defense. 2nd half = slightly above average defense. The first half pass rush was insane. But the zero sacks in the second half combined with the rush yardage given up means there’s still room for improvement.

    6. Golden Tate. Most WRs wouldn’t even bother wrestling for such an obviously intercepted ball.

  68. kinger12 says:

    I thought it was over at 2:00 but mainly because of so many bad calls by the refs.
    Wilson played to what the “beaver” gave him which was weak sauce.
    Beavers play calling is so bad – its like throttling down on a sports car. So here is the call run ML, run ML, pass tate, rice….
    Game ball to clemons and tate
    Refs were dreadful just dreadful.
    8 sacks though in the first half and none in the second …. And not one holding penalty on the pack??? Seriously

  69. 1. Be honest — did you think it was over?

    Yes, at first it looked like a Hawks win, but from the first replay it was obviously a GB interception.

    2. It’s going to be asked and debated and argued over and over again. Russell Wilson or Matt Flynn? (try and be logical if at all possible)

    Not sure. Is Wilson the problem, the receivers, or Bevell?

    3. Do you have a problem with the seemingly conservative play-calling from Darrell Bevell?

    Yes. if that’s all Wilson is ready for, Flynn should be starting.

    4. Go ahead … just vent about the penalties. Replacement refs or not …. the false starts and delay of games and a few other mistakes are inexcusable.

    This is a bad joke.

    5. Yes, the defense didn’t pitch a shutout, but what’s the potential of this unit?

    Very Very Good.

    6. Game ball goes to …..

    Clemons & Irvin.

  70. jarred767 says:

    Play calling has to improve and we have to open things up if we want be successful in the long run. Let the leash out just a little on the kid.

    The final play was crazy and it feels like a dirty win, but I guess I’ll take it :)

    As for a game ball, a lot of options but you have give it to the DB’s as whole. Yeah we got sacks and pressure, but it was because there receivers were blanketed all night and Rodgers had to just hold onto it or dump it off short. They don’t get credit for them, but the DBs really caused many of those sacks.

    BTW, the lack of hearing or seeing Sherman for most of the game is a sign that he had an amazing game. This kid could be the best CB in the NFL by the end of the year, and isn’t this just his third year at CB? Didn’t he play WR up until his senior year at Stanford? He has the potential to be really special.

  71. HeinieHunter says:

    I’m happy to get the win. I’m also happy that Tate showed up, BI got two sacks, RW had two TD’s passing and no picks (at least according to the refs) all make our team look better.
    I really think with Rice, Tate , and a healthy Baldwin, our passing attack will look better. None of our first three games were against lightweights.

  72. DanielleMND says:

    1. I thought it was over. I thought the Packers could run out the clock.

    2. Wilson needs to play. He also needs better blocking and receivers who can consistently get open. When he has time to throw and a receiver gets open, he can hit them for a big play. Look at the McCoy TD last week or Tate’s first TD this week.

    3. Bevell is conservative, but receivers still have to find a way to consistently get open. In a conservative offense especially, they need to take advantage of the opportunities they do get. It makes me sick how much money Sidney Rice is getting for zero production.

    4. Okung needs to be traded. At least maybe we can get a good WR in exchange.

    5. They held the Packers to two field goals. This defense can be special.

    6. Game ball goes to…the refs.

  73. DanielleMND says:

    And was it just me, or was Packers LB coach Kevin Greene on the field taunting RW after the apparent INT?

  74. jimkingjr says:

    Those real refs we want back- aren’t they the ones who officiated at a certain Super Bowl? A Monday Nighgt Football win hardly matches having the zebras take away a Super Bowl win, but you takes what you can get. At least you NFL fans don’t have to put up with incompetent regular officials near as much as do MLS fans. We’ll gladly take your replacement refs if you’ll take Ricardo Salazar.

  75. SocalHawk80 says:

    What nobody is saying is that the refs cost the hawks 10pts! On two third down plays (which subsequently resulted in a field goal and another for a td) Browner/Chancellor was called for BOGUS PI’s; and but for the penalties GB would have punted.

    If you are saying the refs cost the GB the game, you also have to say they gave GB the lead in the first place…YOU CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS.

  76. DanielleMND says:

    “The packers out played us in the 2nd half and they did not deserve this ending.”

    The Packers got away with blatant holding on every pass play in the second half plus got gifted by a bogus PI call that kept alive a TD drive when they would have had 4th down and been out of field goal range. Yeah, winning on a bogus call isn’t great, but the Packers only had the lead because of bogus calls or non-calls.

  77. psoundpowerhouse says:

    Totally agree “jimkingjr”
    Yeah, the superbowl, and vinny testeverde’s “non touchdown”, that cost seattle a playoff spot and coach erickson’s job!!!
    All by the “regular ref’s”
    The regular ref’s HATE the Seahawks.
    I say keep the scab refs!

  78. freehawk says:

    Yeah, the refs called a bad game – missed about 20 blatant holds by the GB o-line in the second half. On the TD – GB player got there first but Golden came down with two hands on the ball with it in his belly. Jennings was on top, they both had it when they came down and then Jennings rolled away with it. But we don’t know when whistle was blown either. It was a close call and the ref on the right ran up and saw both players with two hands on the ball and awarded it to the offensive player. I can’t believe how many people in the NFL and even in Seattle are piling on this one play. There were other bad calls, mostly against the hawks. And to the GB o-linemen who are on twitter tonight whining like babies I have one thing to say – 8 SACKS, 2 FUMBLES AND 4 TFL.

  79. It gets weirder. From Yahoo,

    “In a murderous bit of irony, the officiating supervisor was Phil Luckett, the man who decided that New York Jets quarterback Vinny Testaverde’s helmet crossing the plane of the end zone was an acceptable alternative to the ball doing so in a 32-31 win over the Seahawks in 1998. The Seattle loss kept the Seahawks out of the playoffs, led to the firing of then-head coach Dennis Erickson, and led to the re-instatement of instant replay. It was Luckett who monitored the officiating throughout this game.”

  80. freehawk says:

    PS – If it was the other way around it would have been a non-story. Rookie QB beats sacred veteran and mighty team falls on a questionable call = millions of crybabies. This wasn’t even a playoff game. Remember the Stealers SB win? Hawks still lead the league in getting bad calls!

  81. ItalianoBambino says:

    Wow people really are in denial. A QB with 430 yards in 3 games deserves to stay the starter? TJack was better ladt year with a worse offense around him. I don’t care what the playcalling is like. Flynn had more yards vs the Lions in ONE game than Wilson has had in three. Has Wilson called one audible? Does Bevell tell Wilson to roll to his right 95% of the time? Wilson is not ready stop trying to convince yourself otherwise.

  82. GeorgiaRay says:

    Terrible game by the refs, terrible discipline by both teams (Hawks definitely sloppy), all around ugly…

    However, none of this “drama” would have happened if Jennings had done what he’s been taught to do since High School…..KNOCK DOWN THE BALL…!!

  83. Italian – Wilson has potential to be something TJoke never could… actually be good. Just b/c he isn’t lighting it up, it’s not all on him. Bevell is a moron. If Bevell were a baseball coach, he’d probably call for a guy like Albert Pujols to bunt half of the time and would probably give him the take sign on 2-0 counts. That’s how “smart” he’s been up to this point.

  84. Southendzone says:

    1) That last call was REALLY borderline. Clear PI on GT and the catch could go either way. I lean towards it being a Green Bay INT but it was close

    2) Eh, stick with Wilson for a bit

    3) In this game, I’m OK with the play calling, at home I want to see them try to establish the run, esp when the D is playing so well. I think they were trying to grind out a close win. Goal accomplished

    4) Take away all the other bad calls and focus on that PI that extended the Packers TD scoring drive from about the 36 yd line on 3rd and 4. It was a crap call. If you want to make it even, take away their gift TD from that call, and our controversial TD on the last play. I’m ok with 7 to 6 Seahawks.

    1 other comment: Should the Hawks have kicked a FG with about 3:05 remaining instead of that 4th and 2 run by Marshawn?

  85. chuck_easton says:

    Ok, the important news about last night was that the entire ownership group of the Edmonton Oilers were in Seattle and were being hosted at the game. ( That’s my comment about the game as well…when does the team play their next game?).

    Edmonton has a great core of young hockey players and they are building what could be a Stanley Cup worthy team.

    Oh, and the city of Edmonton is refusing to put in any money for a new Arena and demanding the team build it themselves. Seems more than coincidence that they show up at a Nationally televised came the day that the city of Seattle approved the funding for a brand spanking new Arena.

    I hate the Oilers. The Edmonton/Calgary rivalry is stronger than anything you’d see in the states. Two biggest cities in Alberta and they can’t stand each other on any level.

    But if the Edmonton Oilers suddenly became the Seattle Orcas I just might change my allegence from the Flames.

    Oh, we were talking about a football game? What game. Don’t recall a football game. 2-1 and when do we play next?

  86. That was great win by the Mariners….umm…Seahawks.

    Seriously though, it’s time we take the training wheels off Wilson and the offense. Running the ball and chewing up clock is a good thing, but we HAVE to do more to keep the defense honest. I was really hoping we’d open the game with a long throw down the middle to stretch the defense early and set a tone.

    On the officials??? Well they missed several calls, each of which would have changed the course of the game. Some for us and some against us. No matter which side of the fence you are on I think we can all agree it’s time to bring back the professionals.

  87. RDPoulsbo says:

    1: Horrid call on the last play. I guess we can wipe the league’s Testeverde phantom TD off the book of IOUs. Even so, GB Should have never gone ahead to begin with. The 3rd down PI on Chancellor on that drive was complete crap.

    2: Still have to stick with Wilson right now. These are the struggles of a rookie. Everyone who wanted Wilson has to know this is exactly what you should have expected.

    3: Goes with #2. The playbook won’t open up until Wilsong gets more command of it. There are things Bevell can and should do in the meantime, but again, this has more about starting a rookie QB than on the OC.

    4: Yes, even the legit penalties are way too much. Wilson’s the most penalized player on the team with all the delay of games. Okung is giving his best Barron impression, etc. These are all completely avoidable mistakes, especially at home.

    5: Defense finally showing what I was hoping for. The pass rush finally showed up.

    6: Game ball goes to Ed Hocculi. Here’s to seeing the regulars soon.

  88. That is the style of “O” Pete wants, believes in and directs Bevy to call. Bates was fired for not obeying.

    Before selling off our Wr’s and Qb one needs to be reminded that GBays DC is who again?

    The NFL Network was less critical than ESPN of the call. For those of you that missed the point it is that the “Shield” is NFL Network and ESPN is not. Each group of talking heads know where their bread is buttered and it’s easy to spot. All that said it was IMO an interception and PI. Nobody is perfect!

    I don’t like it when a win or a loss is tainted, who would? It is the post game spinning that gets the goat game ball.

    So what is the deal that creates all the media angst? A game outcome? Not so much, since they will throw your mama under the bus if it sells something. It is a political year and that just hightens the mood to take sides.

  89. mojjonation says:

    Everybody but the blindest football fans knew it was over. That was a pick. No simultaneous possession. No TD. And two confused gym teachers in stripes in the end zone.

    Wilson outplayed Flynn in the preseason, and until we have to chuck it 40 times a game to win and he can’t, it is his job to lose. Flynn looked like a ten million dollar version of checkdown Charlie in the preseason and Wilson looked like a guy with confidence and poise. So until Wilson is leaned on to win a game and he can’t (and let’s face it. PC and Bevell have no idea how to call an offensive game) he is the starting QB.

    So that’s what it’s called. I thought we were back in the 80’s playing techmo bowl where there was only a handful of plays to choose from. Bevell has no business being an OC. Look up his numbers. His best year was when Favre showed up in Minnesota. Other than that, he was below average as a passing OC even though he had AP in the backfield. He has to go.

    Right now I would trade Okung for a blocking dummy. That guy can kill a drive in no seconds flat. How do you get whislted for false starts in your own house? Why do you need to hold so often? What on earth has happened to this guy? Double digit penalties again. Pop Warner teams don’t get flagged that much. Steve Young said our defensive line was mauling GB in the first half. Apparently GB got jealous and the refs decided to let their O-line do the same to us wihtout any repurcussions. Bad calls. Horrible non calls. The list goes on and on. Refs…haha.

    As good as these guys are now, I’d love to see how good they would be if they actually had some discipline.

    …..Roger Goodell. He managed to screw up the biggest TV sport with the most passionate fans in all the land. Only that game ball is loaded with C4 and is on a hair trigger tied to when the delivery box is opened.

    The Art Modell bowl is Thursday night. After the debacle that was Monday night, the first blown call may incite a riot. No one has gotten physically hurt because of poor officiating, but that may change Thursday. The fans are in an uproar and it could get ugly real quick.

  90. torinaga says:

    Somewhere, Ed Hochuli is cracking walnuts with his biceps and laughing his ass off.

  91. jzulaski says:

    Mojo, you’re nuts!

    “No simultaneous possession”? Really?

    Go back and look at it again. Tate snakes his left arm in-between the defender’s arms and gets his hand on the ball while both players are still in the air. It’s hard to see, yes. But, if you watch carefully, you CAN clearly see that happen.

    Then, while both players are still in the air, Tate gets his right hand on the ball too and HOLDS ON all the way to the ground.

    That is, by definition, “Simultaneous possession”. Rule says possession goes to the offense. It doesn’t matter if the ball is being held against the defender’s chest.

    But, all that is moot. The bogus PI call against Chandler gave the Packers a 1st down that kept their scoring drive alive. That was picture perfect defense. Take that away and it’s still 7 to 6 Seahawks.

    Yes, the replacement refs suck bigtime. Yes, we need to clean up our penalties (OKUNG, are you listening?). Yes, it was a close call at the end. But, the officials reviewed it at the end and saw what I just described and MADE THE CORRECT CALL for once.

    Game over. Seahawks win. Waaa, waaa Green Bay, Waaaa.

  92. jzulaski says:

    Chancellor, not Chandler. Sorry.

  93. HaydenHawk says:

    Horrible call, but hey I’ll take the win. It was so exiting watching our D dominate the 1st half. I still like Wilson, but I’m completely disgusted with our play calling, especially in the second half. I went from cheering in the first half to screaming at Bevell for his completely moronic play calling! I’m trying to be hopeful that they will get their sh..t together and start to open up the playbook and give Wilson a chance to make some plays; but the play calling was so bad, I just can’t get excited about this win though.

  94. ateeezzz says:

    OK. The catch is questionable. Am I the only one that thinks the Hawks should have won with a chip shot field goal if the refs hadnt kept the packers alive with the phantom interference call on their only touchdown drive? Think about it,

  95. gonefishin69690 says:

    Ok, both hands on the ball = possession,(Tate), both hands on the ball at chest =possession (Jennings), …….What = “more possession?”

  96. Frankenchrist says:

    Still whining about the SB, eh Seattle?

    Get over it.

  97. 1. It looked like an interception to me. But, good on Tate for continuing to fight for it in the pile until someone made a call.

    2. I made this comment to a buddy of mine last night. Wilson looks like the QB of the future, but if he is going to be a “game manager” type of QB this season (strong run game, strong defense, QB doesn’t have to go out an throw it 35 times to win games), then he can’t have negative plays. 15 yard sacks, delay of game penalties, that stupid throw for the pick that was negated by a phantom roughing the passer penalty…just can’t have those. Sometimes it looks like the game is speeding up on him.

    3. When you have a defense that is top-5, and a running game is top-5, and quality special teams, conservative is fine, especially with a young QB, injured WR’s, and some shuffling on the O-Line. Dilfer won a ring in Baltimore managing an extremely conservative defense. San Fran almost made it to the Super Bowl with a conservative offense.

    4. Terrible. The PI on Kam was brutal, as was the hands to the face on Browner, as was the roughing the passer on Green Bay when Wilson threw a pick, as was the 37 holds on our D-Line in the 2nd half that weren’t called.

    5. This is a top-5 defense. Wagner and Wright have been impressive. The Irvin pick doesn’t look too bad now, does it Mel Kiper Jr.? Being able to pressure the QB with 4 rushers is a luxury that very few teams have.

    6. Seahawks D-Line. No doubt about it.

  98. gonefishin69690 says:

    In looking at the whole “replacement ref” scenario, I have to believe that the players themselves are causing a large part of it. Let’s face it. The are playing like a bunch of seventh grade students who have a substitute teacher, pushing the envelope, and seeing what they can get away with. Yes, lots of bad calls/missed calls, but also a ton of legitimate penalties, that I believe would not be so much with the regular refs in there. The replacement refs did not cause this issue and are doing what the can, but the players are taking advantage of the situation and making things harder.

  99. freehawk says:

    jzulaski – Right on! Someone here is paying attention and not caving to the national media. Read the rules – possession is determined by who controls the ball AND touches down inbounds. Jennings had the ball but BOTH feet were in the air. By the time they hit the ground (Tate first, on his back) both players had the ball, Jennings on his chest and Tate on his lower chest/belly and both players had two hands on it – so the call was correct! Look at the photos of the play from the another angle and read the damn rules. You hawks fans who are calling it the other way make me wonder, a close call finally goes our way and you apologize to GB and suck up even here on this homer blog, “mojjonation” – you the blind one! BUT, the PI on Tate should have been called of course and….

    And – I’m fine with Wilson, he has no receivers open and he doesn’t call the plays.

    In all of this media hype about the refs we have lost sight of the fact that this was an incredible effort by our D, unbelievable. Clemmons tied the record for sacks in a half and Earl Thomas’ new baby girl born yesterday!

  100. giffolson says:

    im sorry it realy bothers me that no one is talking about the bogus call of pass interference that led too a tuchdowen fcr the packers and you players that said seattle has no integrity look into the miror grow up be a man you sould have played better loosers always have someone els to blame i agree the officials are making alot of mistakes but if you played better you would not need an excuse be men we are suposed too look up to you and media shame on you

  101. 3. Cable and Bevell HAVE to open up the play book and fix the OLine –

    There were time that RW rolled out becuase there was no pocket left in 2 seconds – and GB was only rushing 3 guys most of the time – they didn’t need 4.

    So the WR didn’t get open in 2 seconds with an extra guy in coverage. There were times that there was a guy open deeper or slightly trailing the roll out that RW didn’t see/feel he could get the ball to him and focused on the one guy closest to him and the sideline. Granted they need to get open but give them a chance too.

    On the play book – if they can’t open it up more (i.e. the Great call for the 1st TD) then Wilson shouldn’t be in the game – I believe that he is capable of more (see what RG3 and Luck are being asked to do already) You can still be a run first plan but be better prepared!! with a bigger playbook. If you don’t trust him – yank him – If you do, Be more creative with the available plays and calls!!

    I totally feel with the shakey line play – conservative calling – rookie, playing like a barely adequate rookie – we are wasting a great defense

  102. As a SEA fan, I’d be OK with giving the win back to GB because that would be the classy thing to do – and SEA is a class team with classy fans. But the betters (and there was alotta people who bet on SEA) would probably shoot anyone who seriously suggested giving the win to GB now.

  103. DaNewKoon says:

    The ball went up, the ball came down … the right angle camera showed the ball below Jennings arms with Wilson’s hands on it. As they fall to the ground Jennings lowers his arms around the ball and Wilson still has his hands on it too. The refs made the right call.

    Live with it

  104. DaNewKoon says:

    The ball went up, the ball came down … the right angle camera showed the ball below Jenning’s arms with Tate’s hands on it. As they fall to the ground Jennings lowers his arms around the ball and Tate still has his hands on it too. The refs made the right call.

    Live with it

    [Correction from last post: Tate not Wilson]

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