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Seahawks 14, Packers 12 — a Golden ending

Post by Ryan Divish on Sep. 24, 2012 at 8:57 pm with 50 Comments »
September 24, 2012 10:34 pm
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On a night when the Seahawks seemed more offensively challenged than the Mariners, the improbable happened. Golden Tate’s leaping, wrestling grab with Green Bay’s M.D. Jennings on a fourth down touchdown pass gave the Seahawks an improbable come from behind 14-12 win over the Green Bay Packers on Monday night at Safeco Field.

Faced with fourth and 10 from the 24-yard line with eight second left, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson scrambled around and heaved a desperation pass to the left corner of the end zone. Tate and Charly Martin were there amongst five Packers defensive players. Tate shoved one player in the back than leapt for the ball with Jennings. Both players game down with the ball. By NFL rule, the tie goes to the offensive player.

The Packers protested the call. By NFL rule, all scoring plays are reviewed on replay. The officials met and after 10 minutes of discussion, the ruling on the field was upheld. Both teams exited the field following the announcement, only to be brought back out moments later to kick the meaningless extra point.

With the consternation the past three weeks because of the replacement officials, you can expect this final call and outcome will also be highly debated.

The ending was a high point for an otherwise dull offensive showing for the Seahawks, particularly in the second half. Until the final drives, the Seahawks simply couldn’t get anything going offensively. It overshadowed a brilliant defensive performance by the hard-hitting Seattle defense that sacked Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers eight times in the first half.

The Seahawks took a 7-0 lead when Wilson hit Tate on a 41-yard touchdown pass. Green Bay answered with a pair of field goals, and then took the lead on a 1-yard touchdown run from Cedric Benson midway through the fourth quarter.  The Packers went for two on the play, but Rodgers’ pass was broken up by Brandon Browner. It would loom large later.

Statistically, Green Bay outgained Seattle 268-238 in total yards and 22-14 in first downs.

Seattle hurt itself with 14 penalties for 118 yards.

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  1. sluggo42 says:

    I feel really dirty

  2. Well, this is….. yeah, a win is a win I guess. How about we all get together and pitch in for someone to pay for real refs?

  3. 2 comments:

    1. It’s taken around 15 years for the payback, but does anyone remember the fake Jets TD that cost Seattle the playoffs & Dennis Erickson his job?

    2. Bet the real refs are back by Sunday!!!!!!!!!!

  4. sluggo42 says:

    like a pig in a foot of mud, really happilly dirty.
    This game will probably be the end of replacement refs…

  5. sfseahawkfan says:

    The refs decided a close game–not the first time that’s happened.

  6. freedom_X says:

    It is repayment for years of bad officiating karma, but Seattle gained no national respect from this “win.” That’s the worst thing about it.

    2nd on the list is the totally ineffectual Seattle offense. The only thing it did well was avoid turnovers. Seattle’s receiving options are horrid. Combined with a rookie QB – Pete Carroll better disabuse himself of the notion that’s all he needs from his offense.

  7. SandpointHawk says:

    I feel good to be on the win side of the argument for a change…

  8. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    I hate that we won the game like this. Still, I’ll take it.

  9. Bad calls all night. I don’t care though. I’ll take the win. I am sorry but I watched the PI call on Green Bay that Gruden said should’ve been on Rice….watch it again. the GB DB had a hold of Rice’s jersey and was pullin him down the entire time….the last play? well, hard to say but NFL rules: Tie goes to the receiver….I’ll take it….who cares….that’s what you get with replacement refs..A win is a win is a win…

  10. bad refs, real bad. Pi on tate

  11. Oh and Darrell Bevell sucks, in my opinion he is just awful…I am baffled at some of the play calls blow my mind….3rd and 2 and you fake to Robinson and let Wilson run it and not the Beast? Marshawn could’ve fallen for the 3 yards needed….I am not a Bevell fan at all…and it sucks the league will call this win a mistake and still we get no respect..lame…but we’re 2-1..

  12. maybe we should open the playbook up a bit?

  13. sfseahawkfan says:

    It was an exciting win. As for respect from our friends to the East–this ain’t the BCS. No polls, no magic weighing formula.
    Get enough wins, you get to the playoffs.

    Frankly, I give a lot of credit to the Seattle defense. The Hawk offense evaporated in the second half,and they still held one of the top offenses in the league to 12 points…

  14. Ewalters7354 says:

    Russell Wilson should not be starting.He is too short.Sorry to say but I am no longer a believer.Put in Flynn!

  15. Simultaneous posession goes to the offense. Tate had both hands on the ball, doesn’t matter that DB had it to his chest. As bad as the refs are, they got this one right. SEAHAWKS WIN!

  16. great team so far bad O.C.

  17. DanielleMND says:

    Ewalters7354, Wilson isn’t the problem. It’s our sorry bunch of WRs, who can’t consistently beat coverage. Rice is getting paid elite WR money and isn’t doing anything out there.

  18. love the hawks but its pass interfer on Tate.

  19. mquinn73 says:

    Man, what’s the opposite of “we was robbed”?

    That was poor from us offensively in the 2nd half. I’m starting to feel like Carroll really should consider starting Flynn…. of course, Pete ain’t even gonna think about that after what just happened.

    And one more thing… what’s with all the penalties AGAIN. We look like a poorly disciplined college team (at least we have the refs to match).

  20. The problem is our OC. he is terrible. one trick pony…easy to figure out….hence the offense sucking most of the night…Defense? AMAZING….

  21. wyecoyote says:

    A win is a win. Though I feel a little dirty. Offensively they better do something and soon. Hey Ocho sinco is out a job. Maybe give him a call.

  22. Dfloydd is correct Im a better O.C

  23. ONe question: if it were the other way around and GB won on the last second play against the Hawks like this, would there be as much debate? Me thinks not….some but not as much…

  24. sfseahawkfan says:

    For far too long the Hawks have had a receiving corps that doesn’t scare anybody–and shouldn’t. It’s easy to read our offensive philosophy–run as much as possible, avoid turnovers, try to get field position.

    It’s not imaginative–but it’s the formula that won two Super Bowls for Bill Parcells’ Giants and another for the Ravens.

  25. rubioloco says:

    Winning dishonestly is not the way champions win.

    We went from 8 sacks to holding the sack at the end of a snipe hunt.

  26. LeePHilI says:

    Terrible refs….for both sides.

    Final call? Always be the one with the ball in your hands when the refs clear the pile. Tate was the one with the ball in his hands when the refs cleared the pile. He held it up with one hand.

    Our Defense? Outstanding!!! Holding Aaron Rodgers to 12 points????

    Our offense in 2nd half? Predictable. Can’t blame Wilson for that.

  27. Bench the QB!

  28. ChrisInTacoma says:

    May want to update this story. It’s understandable to get the final score posted as 13 points rather than 14 due to the delay at the end. However, let’s at least get the venue correct.

  29. I agree with those that say our WR’s are a weak group.

  30. mojjonation says:

    Moo…that’s the first thing that came to mind. Testeverde again.

    We were owned in the second half. No halftime adjustments. 15 F@#$%&G penalties. I don’t care if we won. This was horrible. Outcoached in the second half. Bevell Sufis. WR’s still dropping balls. Horrible play calling. No discipline. Good God. Replay the game with real refer.

  31. bad calls (and not catching passes)
    contributed the seahawks losing the super bowl
    a few years years back. they had to eat it,
    live with it. what the officals say is the last word.
    seattle kicked butt first half. grn bay ajusted,
    (seahawks didn’t) met the challenge. seattle got lucky.
    football is full of bad calls. they’ll continue after the
    ref’s come back. to much t.v. football soap drama here folks.
    play football!

  32. guiltybystander says:

    I’d say Vince McMahon and WWE have more credibility than Roger Goodell and the NFL at this point…the whole world saw this one. I’m a Packers fan who also likes the Seahawks and was willing to feel good for whoever won tonight, but I can’t imagine anyone who genuinely cares about the sport of football is happy with this.

  33. mojjonation says:

    The Art Modell bowl is Thursday in Baltimore. First blown call is going to start a riot. Someone is gonna get hurt.

  34. DanielleMND says:

    “seattle kicked butt first half. grn bay ajusted”

    You mean GB blatantly mugged our D-line in the second half and didn’t get flagged.

  35. notimetobleed says:

    I feel almost as dirty as a Steelers fan on February 5, 2006….(almost).

  36. HeinieHunter says:

    I’ll still take the win but they need to brink back the real Refs before next Sunday, before this season has an asterisk beside it saying that a team won the Super Bowl but it was the year of the scab refs and not real football.
    PC needs to address the same player being penalized each freaking week. Okung is a one man drive killer!!!

  37. DanielleMND says:

    Okung needs to be traded for a good WR.

  38. DanielleMND says:

    Bring T.O. back. He may have dropped passes, but he also got open.

  39. mojjonation says:

    PC doesn’t address anyone who gets penalized. If he did, Browner would have been dealt with. He doesn’t care. He still thinks this is college where you can be penalized 15 times a game and win because you have all of the bluechippers from west of the Rockies. The complete lack of discipline combined with one of the most predictable boring offenses should be the end of him. Bevell should go at a minimum.

  40. whatthehell says:

    Play was reviewed, and should of been reversed on grounds of pass interference OR interception.

    GB was robbed of a win.

    This puts a whole new level of suspense into the never know what these replacement clowns are gonna call..ha

  41. scooter6139 says:

    Pass Interference has to be called on the spot by the ref so that is a no go. Tate had the ball coming down and so did the DB. DB landed on Tate and bounced to the left trying to pull the ball out of Tate’s grasp. Ref’s disagreed on the call so it went to review and they saw the exact thing we saw. Dual possession means offense gets it. Seattle TD. Ugly but true. Now ESPN is sputtering over themselves on how this is ruining footfall.

  42. grizindabox24 says:

    Defensively the Hawks have to get better at getting off the field on 3rd down. Offensively the Hawks have no receivers that can get open when going against press man coverage and I believe that RW has a case of happy feet a little too often, too quick to take off from the pocket.

  43. WOW So many of you true seahawks fans complaining that the Fudge Packers should have one because of the replacement refs made a misteak , but the rules state just like baseball tie goes to the runner on offense. Must not have watched Super Bowl 40 when the Seahwaks got screwed by the ” real refs” and should have one the Superbowl. What comes around goes around and its only a Monday night Game , Not the Superbowl. Suck it up its a long season.

  44. SadujTogracse says:

    Yep they blew the last play of the game. They also blew a 3rd down pass interference call against Chancellor (that obviously WAS NOT PI) that led directly to the Packers only TD. The last play of the game was not the only game changing call in this game.

  45. I don’t agree with the PI, but it was an interception. Horrible call (but I’ll take it!).

  46. hawkdawg says:

    A simultaneous catch goes to the offense, under rule. But it is NOT a simultaneous catch if one guy catches it first, and before he is down a player from the opposite team also grabs it, even with two hands.

    The Green Bay DB clearly caught it first, and Tate grabbed it thereafter, before both went down.

    By rule, that’s an interception. I have no clue how the touchdown call could have been confirmed in the replay booth.

    It was also PI on Tate, but that can’t be called on replay.

  47. SocalHawk80 says:

    What nobody is saying is that the refs cost the hawks 10pts! On two third down plays (which subsequently resulted in a field goal and another for a td) Browner/Chancellor was called for BOGUS PI’s; and but for the penalties GB would have punted.

    If you are saying the refs cost the GB the game, you also have to say they gave GB the lead in the first place…YOU CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS.

  48. whatthehell says:

    thanks scooter6139 but I dont need correction. Pass interference should of been called and therefore nulified the touchdown so what you say is a no go.

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