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Bradley says ‘D’ up for challenge Aaron Rodgers brings

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September 22, 2012 5:41 am

Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley said his defense is looking forward to the challenge of facing of one of the best offenses in the league in Green Bay, led by perhaps the best quarterback in the league in Aaron Rodgers.

“I don’t know how we’ll do,” Bradley said. “I don’t know. We’re going to go in there, test our philosophy and see how it works. But they’ll know we’re there.

“We’re going to hit them. We’re going to hustle. We’re going to be ball hawks – we’re going to go for that ball. And our guys are saying, ‘You know what, we’re ready for this challenge. Let’s go see. Let’s go play the game and see what happens.’

“And if there’s things that go wrong, we’ll get them fixed.”

Bradley said his defense really benefitted from former Green Bay quarterback Matt Flynn running the scout team offense and giving them a good look, specifically on imitating Rodgers’ ability to extend plays and distort the defense.

“The receivers really work hard for him,” Bradley said. “Sometimes you’ll see receivers on tape and they’ll give up, they stand there or they move a little bit. But these guys go deep and give him a chance to make a big play.

“Some will come back to the ball. Other guys will take off. They’ll extend the game.”

Bradley said the key for his secondary in that situation is what they call plastering the receivers –staying close to them and not falling off to chase after Rodgers.

“We really got to be on our plaster rules, and how we defend that,” Bradley said. “A lot of teams play split safety – two safeties back. We’re predominantly more of a single safety back, so those can be more of an issue.”

Here’s the injury report for Friday.

For Seattle, cornerback Byron Maxwell (hamstring) and receiver Doug Baldwin (shoulder) did not participate in practice today. Baldwin was a limited participant on Thursday.

Receiver Charly Martin (chest), offensive tackle Russell Okung (knee), tight end Zach Miller (foot) and running back Marshawn Lynch (back) were full participants.

For Green Bay, linebacker Jamari Lattimore (ankle) did not participate in practice.

Receiver Randall Cobb (hamstring), cornerback Davon House (shoulder), offensive guard Josh Sitton (knee), running back James Starks (toe), defensive end C.J. Wilson (groin), tight end Tom Crabtree (shoulder), receiver Greg Jennings (groin) and safety Sean Richardson (hamstring) were limited participants.

Linebacker Terrell Manning (concussion) and linebacker Nick Perry (wrist) were full participants.

Notes from practice
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  1. yellaman says:

    Carpenter was a full participant on Friday? I guess he may play very soon… Maybe in 2-3 weeks. Good news.

  2. yellaman says:

    Scratch that previous entry. No carpenter sighting

  3. sluggo42 says:

    Good to see Gnarly Martin back.

    I just got a phone call to notify me that my suspected melanoma biopsies were benign. Twas a tough week waiting, and my foot has some massive gashes and stitches, but you know what? I’m the happiest Hawk fan on the planet today, and I feel like this good news is going to carry to Monday nights game. I can’t walk for another week or two, but who cares? the Hawks will do my walking for me! NOBODY is as excited about beating the pack as I am this week, NOBODY!!!

    I have been given a new life, and I think it corrosponds with the new Hawks life. I won, and so shall the Hawks. I feel it, I tell ya I feel it!

  4. Good for you, sluggo42!

  5. Beat that shit, sluggo42! My next scotch is in your name. Keep a positive outlook and a smile on your face, my friend. And GO SEAHAWKS!!

  6. Nice Sluggo! Woohoooo!

  7. sluggo – Great news, indeed! Congrats!

  8. Sluggo, I’m happy for you. Who cares if the Seahawks beat the Packers — you just got a more important victory!

  9. SandpointHawk says:

    Sluggo, congratulations…

  10. montanamike2 says:

    Sluggo i know it’s a day late,(busy yesterday) but that’s great news.

  11. opinionswelcome says:

    Sluggo, this is one of the GOOD times someone has “hijacked” a thread. (Not that you did it intentionally, you were just sharing your joy.) Happy for you! Great news! And back to the Seahawks, I do think it will help the D having Matt Flynn around. He knows Aaron Rodgers better than anyone. In fact, all the times they practiced with Matt he was probably Aaron Jr. GO SEAHAWKS! If they beat Green Bay, people might just finally sit up and take notice.

  12. sluggo42 says:


    Sorry for the hyjacking, but I really feel like we can win this game. I think our defense is ready to “release the Kraaken” (which is what I say to my wife every time I pass a little gas – hehe)

    I think we still played a vanilla “D” for the most part against the Cowgirls. I think that this game will be similar to what AZ let loose on us and the Pats. We cannot let ARogers have any time to think or he can gash us hard. He probably will anyways, but if we can stop him 1/3 of the time, use a bone crushing ground game that eats up the clock and scores half the time, we can handle them. I think we are more physical, and that will also wear them down as the game goes on. I think we stay within ourselves and don’t try to match AR’s game, but rather impose our game upon them, and we are golden.

    I have been reborn and given a new life, and the Hawks have too. We will be one of the dominant teams for the next decade, and we ARE already one of the teams that current teams like the Packers/Cowboys lay awake at night worrying about playing. Because they know deep down that we will be bringing it, every play they will be “feeling it”, and there will be many hanging heads on the opposing sidelines on Monday Night.


  13. Awesome Sluggo. Good for you. I can totally understand where you are coming from. About a year ago (Sept 7th) I was released from the hospital after a very invasive cancer surgery (Sept 2nd) (1 year cancer free now). I woke up fromm an 8 hour surgery where they had removed my lymphnodes to keep it from spreading. 16 inch scar down my chest to my waist. And guess what I asked the nurses in ICU when I woke up? If the Seahawks final preseason game against the Raiders was on TV yet. It was and I actually asked if they could move my bed closer to the TV so i could watch the game. If that doesn’t say what diehard hawks fans are out here I don’t know what does. haha. just wanted to share that story since reading Sluggos post it brought back a good memory of a horrible experience last year. and it is good for therapy to speak about it. But I am plugging along and loving the new TOUGH Hawks team. We are no longer soft!! Let’s go Monday night!! WOOOOOO!!!

  14. ruminator1 says:

    Great news. This isn’t exactly a friends site, but personal facts do creep in and IMO add a lot sometimes. There have been lots of times I have wished I had someone ‘s email address so I could send a private note. In honor of your very good fortune, I forgive your many wrong -headed views…temporarily. :) Kidding aside what a fantastic jump to us all.

  15. ruminator1 says:

    Wow dfloydd. Another great victory. And talk about loving and living with the Hawks! Whether they should or not these two stories have amped up my already sky -high feelings about Monday.
    Speaking of human interest, any of you older folks have kids with no interest (well, marginal interest) in football? MY son for example thinks I am crazy because I put so much into fantasy football. And while he watches games, he doesn ‘t invest much energy in it. Talk about generational.

  16. Thanks ruminator1. LIke Sluggo said, not trying to hijack the blog just trying to show that alot of us Hawks fans have a lot more in common than being diehard football fans. Makes us much closer as human beings, much more than we are aware. BUt having the Hawks in common is one great thing about this blog. we all love that team so much and have stuck by them through good and bad times….now we are in the good times. can’t wait to beat the Packers and show the world that here in “SOuth Alaska” we are a badass, hard hitting football team to be taken seriously….

  17. I shall step out of partial “Lurk Mode” to say –

    Suck it Packers



    That is all……..

  18. Dukeshire says:

    Sluggo – Congrats! That’s awesome. I can’t imagine the relief and joy.

  19. Dukeshire says:

    HawksKD – Don’t go…

  20. orbeavhawk says:



  21. Floydd – It’s “funny” how the Hawks can be there when there are certain times in our life that have sucked. I’ve shared mine before, no need to do it again, but it’s great. Players may come and go, but the logo/team/uniform will always be around.

  22. Amen Bobby K…Amen to that…..Now Let’s beat those flippin’ cheeseheads!! And yes, Cancer can SUCK IT!!

  23. sluggo42 says:

    I am really honored and humbled by all your kind and encouraging words, all of you! Thanks again, and yes cancer can suck it!

    I am so happy this game is on TV Monday night, cuz I would have had a tough time going to the bar to watch the game with my foot all buggered up. This was my second go with it, first time was lucky with an early catch, but it sure is scarring me up damnit!

    It’s funny, but some of the thoughts that cross your mind when facing a possibly real bad deal are telling. I was afraid I would miss a game or two, and I never have missed a game since the team was born. That really was bumming me out.

    The Hawks are a sickness in themselves, and I am full on infected through the bones. It’s nice to see so many others have it too.

    Cheers my bruthas


  24. mojjonation says:

    Congrats to those who have beaten cancer. I lost an uncle over ten years ago to Lymphoma, and it was a tough ride. 30+ year Boeing employee. A true machinist. Not a push button. That being said…

    A few crossing patterns and some jaw dropping de-cleaters will have these guys hearing footsteps and using T-Rex arms to catch. Wouldn’t it be great to see a designed rollout to the left and have Tate absolutely lower the dynamite on Clay Matthews or AJ Hawk? Nothing dirty, just a “keep your head on a swivel or you’ll get decked” kind of way. Beast + Hulk = 150+ on the ground and domination of TOP.

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