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September 18, 2012 2:46 pm
2012 Stats Hawks Packers
2012 Record 1-1 1-1
Total Yards Gained 569 645
Total Offense (NFLRank) 284.5 (28) 322.5 (23)
Rush Offense 148.5 (7) 75.5 (T26)
Pass Offense 136.0 (32) 247.0 (T14)
Points Per Game 21.5 (T24) 22.5 (T20)
Total Yards Allowed 549 545
Total Defense 274.5 (6) 272.5 (5)
Rush Defense 46.0 (2) 140.0 (26)
Pass Defense 228.5 (14) 132.5 (2)
Points Allowed/Game 13.5 (3) 20.8 (8)
Possession Avg. 34:06 29:36
Sacked/Yds. Lost 5/32 8/55
Sacks Made/Yds. Lost 2/9 11/72
Interceptions By 2 4
Penalties/Yds. 18/125 14/131
Punts/Avg. 8/50.0 11/47.9
Turnover Differential +2 (T7) +1 (T10)

Statistics, Stats, etc.
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  1. Vancouver_Hawk68 says:

    Hmmm, some interesting things here. Seahawks should be able to run and stop the run. The Seahawks passing numbers do not look encouraging but I think this is misleading. The Arizona game was a tight divisional battle and RW was trying to find his feet and Dallas could not stop the run. Against Green Bay there should be opportunities for the tight ends and the slot receivers. Green Bay has great corners but linebackers and safeties are not world beaters in coverage. They need to scheme to neutralize or at least soften the GB pass rush. 11 sacks? Wow. 7 were on crybaby though, so they only count half.

    Run the ball and control the clock. If Rodgers doesn’t have the ball, he cannot score. The Hawks can win this if things go a little bit their way, maybe with some help from ST like on Sunday. A long kick return will have the Century rocking and the Hawks should be all fired up for a prime time game.

    Could go either way in my opinion. Packers will be warned after what happened to America’s Team (grin).

    Go Hawks.

  2. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    lot more even than i expected. let’s face it san fran showed how to beat them and we get them at home.going to be a great game. let’s just hope the same team that beat the boys in the second half shows up monday.

  3. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Yep, GreenBay hasn’t been on the road yet in such a hostile enviroment with the 12th man shaking the stadium with loud sounds of extraordinary magnitude yet to be matched by any other fans.

    Our special teams will give them a greeting with a beating, as Washington slices through them like cheese for the score.

    Meanwhile Flynn will help give our defense the a good game plan for their high octane offense, and our offense will expose them for what they were last year, one of the worst defenses in all the NFL.

    They already had a taste of the NFC Best, and they won’t want any part of the rest!

  4. Vancouver_Hawk68 says:

    Amen. I am still somewhat puzzled what happened to the defense on the two long drives that they allowed to Kolb and to Romo. Was that a case where the defense had to learn what is thrown at them and get it under control? Against Dallas, they had it figured out after the touchdown drive and in Arizona there was no drive after the Kolb touchdown.

    Just curious.

  5. Vancouver_Hawk68 says:

    Georgia, not sure what you do for a living but you should replace one of those turkeys at ESPN or CBS. Prisco for example. Would improve their content immediately and would give us lots to chuckle about while reading. Keep going with your football poetry.

  6. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Vancouver_Hawk68- I’m not as up on the Xs and Os of the defense like Dukeshire and others here, so what I see going on in the first two games regarding our defense giving up some long drives is our defense is very young and inexperienced at some positions, especially our play calling positions. That would be Wagner, ( a rookie ) and Wright a 2nd year player.

    Just think how much better this Defense will get when those two mature. And we are already top ten now.

  7. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Vancouver_Hawk68- Thanks. Funny thing is I don’t really do much for a living anymore. I guess you would say that I’m a stay at home boyfriend. Lol.

    No, really I used to work at a research company in Atlanta where we were trying to develope a patch that could be used for insulin and fentanyl.
    I think the company was just a right off for their investors. Anyways after that I decided that I didn’t want to be the richest man in the cemetary no more.
    Believe it or not I got in touch with my artistic side and am now creating waterfalls and building cool things out of drift wood.
    If I don’t feel like working I don’t, which gives me more time to pester Dukeshire. Lol.

  8. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Anyone going to the GreenBay Game? I will be in town to see my mother next week, ( better news of late for her ), perhaps if I can find a ticket somewhere, I can hook up with someone at the game, or perhaps before or after the game for a frosty brew or two.

  9. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Why did the Seahawks beat Dallas last week? This is what Trufant said-

    “We had a great week of practice,” said cornerback Marcus Trufant. “It was a physical practice, it was a fast practice and everybody was into the details. That’s what we’ve been about – all about the details and fixing the little stuff. We have a great group of young athletes who run fast and hit hard.”

    Hey, what’s up with the slow posting? Is everyone on vacation?

    Must be about a peaceful easy feeling about this team. Lol.

  10. Soggybuc says:

    Even with a as good a defense as we have when we stop a team from doing what they usually do and do well they find plays that we dont expect and can get a long drive or two, then we adjust and adjust that down too.
    It’s always a chess match and I wont worry until I see teams getting long drives all day.
    I bet we see a lot run game vs the Pack D. Matthews cant get sacks with Beastmode foot prints all over the front of his Jersey!

  11. sluggo42 says:

    Ya, I think they run right at Matthews, and they run a lot. Long drives and clock control keeps the pack off the field. They can’t score from the sidelines. Ball control.

  12. Vancouver_Hawk68 says:

    Hi Georgia. In summary you are a kept man who found wisdom and is no longer serving master money? Well done.

    I hope that your general well being will be further improved on Monday night when the Seahawks hold the ball for 40 minutes with Rodgers stewing on the side line.

    Go Hawks.

  13. Georgia hawk and vancouver when you guys are done swappin spit in the shower maybe we will continue this blog!!WOW

  14. “If I don’t feel like working I don’t, which gives me more time to pester Dukeshire. Lol”

    Where can I send my resume for that job?

  15. bird_spit says:

    Just rewatched hawks/cowboys game..focused primarily on the RGs. I can see why PC is playing Sweezy. The kid has game. I think Moffit looks good to great at times, but Sweezy is better at pass pro and has a faster engine. Sweezy does not quit..I see Moffit mauling with good technique, but once Sweezy picks up the technique, maybe adds 20 lbs, that kid could be the best project of cables career ( though I have no history on cables career projects). It will be interesting to watch through out the season. Maybe Moffet is still dinged up?

    Also, can’t help to see the speed and game of Tate out there. I have the all-22, and he has some speed and great range. Love the effort to set up “the block”. Wow..i am officially off his ass, and can’t wait for Monday night.

  16. bird_spit says:

    Also, it’s pretty obvious that Tate will be RWs best friend if he keeps this up.. RW scrabbled, and Tate is running to get open or pound a defender with a block. Didn’t Tate play TE at one point…I think you can see it in his blocks.

  17. bird_spit says:

    Also, took a long look at 2 of the sacks that RW took.. The first one, clearly Zack Miller should have at least chipped his guy. The last one, Washington did not pick up his guy, and basically whiffed on his block. I think RW could do better at getting the pass pro lined up.

  18. I’m with ya on Tate! He’s starting to look like the man from NOTRE DAME I thought he was!

  19. Still They have 11 Sacks – We better hope they don’t get to RW

  20. bird_spit says:

    I hope no one comes unglued if hawks lose. The game plan is obvious…feed the turbo beast. We need skittles flying..

  21. JMSeaTown says:

    I bet The Commish was expecting a Flynn v. Rodgers matchup… Hope Flynn has some decent inside info for his teammates

  22. Hokey Smokes! Its the return of JIRISH, in style no less! Welcome back man. PS Tate played RB his first couple years at ND, then switched to WR. Never heard anything about TE, he’s likely far too short.

    I hate to say I told you so re; Tate, but I did. He really is benefitting from having an offseason, and its his third year which is the magic number for most WR’s–its actually pretty good for a guy who played only two years of WR before his rookie year.

    GeorgiaHawk–Congrats on having made enough moola to be able to get all Bob Ross and make those happy little clouds…Perhaps you should take over/partner up with the Seahawkaddicts blog…they were awesome back when Steffes and then Chris were running it…until Steffes had to get a job and Chris got tired of all the bitching and whining when he wasnt posting new stuff every hour. Huett is a fine writer and knows football, but he doesnt have time to post much…that place just needs a jobless fan with a way with words, ie, you…

  23. NOt that I want to see you bail on this blog, Georgia…

    And here is where I get accused of swapping spit or worse…lol!

  24. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    STTBM, you do kinda look like a cocker spaniel stuck to his leg.

  25. Vancouver_Hawk68 says:

    Have been following this blog for years. Can’t remember meaningful comments from JIRISH. Why don’t you get in the shower yourself and get the sand out of your vag? Just a thought.

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