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Morning links: Reaction to Hawks 27-7 win

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 17, 2012 at 7:37 am with 53 Comments »
September 17, 2012 7:37 am
Seattle Seahawks' Marshawn Lynch (24) rushes as Dallas Cowboys' Danny McCray tries to tackle during the second half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Sept. 16, 2012, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Kevin P. Casey)

Good morning. We’ll have our regular, Monday Morning QB chat at noon today. But for now, we take a spin around the web to get some reaction from Seattle’s 27-7 win over the Dallas Cowboys.

In my game story, defense and special teams set the tone for Seattle’s first win of the year. “It’s something we had to have,” Seattle fullback Michael Robinson said. “I called it before the game – it was a must-win for us in our first home game of the season. And it will give us momentum going into next week, and I think we’ll be fine.”

John McGrath of The News Tribune writes that receiver Golden Tate’s peel back block on Sean Lee showed true grit, and served as a momentum-changing play at the end of of the game. “Linebackers and safeties are always trying to take your head off,” Tate said. “Who says offensive guys can’t do the same thing?”

Dave Boling of The News Tribune writes that rookie quarterback Russell Wilson took a step in the right direction in his maturation process. Boling: “He was cool, in the sense of coolness in the heat of the arena … composure, playing within himself, untroubled by the speed of the game or the demands of the moment.”

The Seahawks held talented pass rusher DeMarcus Ware without a sack for a second straight season.

Meg Wochnick of The News Tribune writes that Seattle’s defense held Dallas to 89 yards of total offense in the second half.

Clare Farnsworth of says that all three phases were clicking for Seattle against the Cowboys. Farnsworth: “This one was more than a blueprint for sustained success, it was an affirmation of what the Seahawks displayed during their unbeaten preseason – playing hard, playing aggressively, playing smart and making plays in all three phases.”

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times writes that Golden Tate’s hit defined Seattle’s win over the Cowboys. O’Neil: “Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee’s pursuit of Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson ended abruptly with a high, hard block from Seattle’s 5-foot-10 Tate. The hit was undeniably vicious, debatably legal and absolutely emblematic of the way Seattle beat Dallas 27-7 on Sunday at CenturyLink Field, flattening the Cowboys with a second half no one saw coming.”

Jerry Brewer of the Seattle Times says that Wilson moved past a rough outing against Arizona with a solid performance in his first home game against the Cowboys. Brewer: “He wasn’t electric. He was just efficient. He complemented a power run game with his accuracy, poise and patience. For a young quarterback who has already earned so much respect and fame, Wilson managed to operate with an offensive lineman’s slyness in the Seahawks’ 27-7 victory over Dallas.”

Art Thiel of writes that the Seahawks took the Cowboys behind the wood shed on Sunday. Thiel: “Remarkable as was the 27-7 outcome over the Dallas Cowboys Sunday at the Clink, the way it was administered was breathtaking — an application of Northwest wood in the harshest way. None was more harsh than what was delivered by Tate to Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee, who was jacked so high there was concern that Lee might suffer burns upon re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere.”

John Boyle of the Everett Herald says Seattle had a nice, bounce-back win over the Cowboys after letting one slip away last week. Boyle: “The Seahawks didn’t just bounce back from last week’s loss in Arizona with a victory, they physically dominated the Dallas Cowboys for the better part of four quarters on the way to a 27-7 victory in front of 68,008 at CenturyLink Field.”

Don Banks of Sports Illustrated, who attended the Seattle game, writes that the Seahawks imposed their will on the Cowboys. “We made it a physical day for them, and they weren’t prepared,” Seattle safety Earl Thomas said. “We lasted longer than them, and I feel like we were in better shape. So that’s the kind of mentality we’ve got to keep playing with, and if we do, it’s going to be hard for us to get beat.”

Doug Farrar of Yahoo Sports writes that Seattle’s “Legion of Boom” defense lived up to its moniker against Dallas.

Calvin Watkins of ESPN Dallas reports that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones expects Tate’s hit to be reviewed by the league, and possibly levy a fine. “I’m sure they will,” Jones said. “We saw the same thing you saw. That’s certainly something we know or expect penalties and fines about. They didn’t see the helmet hit or they would have called it.”

Albert Breer of the NFL Network reports that former Pac-12 Conference official Jeff Sadorus, who worked last week’s Seattle Seahawks-Arizona Cardinals game as a field judge, has officiated Seahawks regular-season practices for the past three years — and therefore received paychecks from the team — according to two sources affiliated with the locked-out referees. Breer’s report points to another potential conflict of interest with replacement refs that should better vetted by the league.

Morning links
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  1. FleaFlicker says:

    Wow. Everything is coming up roses today! Funny how a W or an L changes the tone of all the articles.

    If we can just get yesterday’s second half mojo going earlier. Scoreboard definitely dominated by our guys, but anybody remember half time….looking up at the “Offense” board in the SE corner of the stadium and seeing our team not even at 100 yards? We had a six point lead and nothing was yet in the bag.

    And a quick RW comment: love him or hate him, he did what was required to win. Got a lucky break, beaning that Dallas LB in the facemask with a short pass in the redzone and not getting picked. But every QB gets a few lucky breaks per game. Otherwise, he managed the game well. Happy with his performance and looking forward to his development towards becoming our long term guy. Fingers crossed. Let’s hope he’s got what it takes.

    And a tip of the hat to Cable / Omiyale / Whoever. After miserable O-line performance in Arizona it was light years better in week two. Whether it was individual performance, coahing emphasis, or something else, the team responded in a positive way.

  2. This entire referee ordeal is getting out of hand, hopefully it will be fixed soon, because it’s ridiculous.

    Nice to see some media giving us props, I was watching Gameday Final last night on NFL Network, and Marshal Faulks comments on how the Cowboys were playing “down on Seattle’s level” made me quite mad, or annoyed is probably a better word, how he’s able to have a job in the national media is still unclear to me, when an “insignificant team” wins, it’s always the media darling who is at fault, they didn’t execute, instead of focusing on the team who won, and how they (we) executed the plan to near perfection last night, they didn’t even talk about our stout defensive line who appears yet again to be among the best in the league in stopping the run, no, it was the Cowboys who were dragged all the way down to our level.. sorry for that (probably in-cohesive) rant, I just hope the NFC West continues to kick ass, even though I can’t stand the Cards, the 9ers or even the Rams, but we deserve some respect..

  3. Dukeshire says:

    As happy as everyone is now, let’s remember that there are some real issues to address here: this defense has to find a way to get off the field more consistently on 3rd down. This game’s complection would have been significantly different had Witten not put the ball on the ground so often. They face another incredibly talented TE next Monday. The LBs need to do a better job covering the underneath zone. And so on…

    That win felt great, but they’ll have to tighten it up against GB

  4. SaigonSun says:

    FleaFlicker—U betcha.
    Dukeshire — U r right
    Me…. I still have the same grin on my mug. I trully,trully hate & hated the Cowgirls, even before Jerry Jones bought them. Any win over Dallas C’s is precious to say the least, ESPECIALLY when it is MY team that did the whooping; and, what a whooping it was !
    I know my feelings are over the top,but I can’t always be rational.

  5. psoundpowerhouse says:

    The league can fine Tate if they want, but the hit was necessary.
    At the point of impact,”the ancient indian curse” was transmitted from Seattle to the cowboys.
    There were reports of lightning over the Clink at the exact moment.
    The weather service can neither confirm or deny!

  6. bbnate420 says:

    JacDG, I saw the same Faulk comment and thought it was extremely asinine as well. What have the Cowgirls proven in the last 15 years? What’s that? Oh yeah, nothing! I don’t see why they are thought to be clearly superior to us, especially at home. Because they beat the Giants. Oh yeah, we did the same last year with a worse team than we have now IMO. The Cowgirls are a decent team, but they have hardly proven to be elite yet. Some in the media are sadly as reactionary as a fan on a blog.

  7. bbnate420 says:

    P.S. The greedy owners just need to pay the refs already. Unfortunately, there’s no pressure on them because no fans are going to make them pay financially.

  8. mojjonation says:

    While our third down defense was suspect in the first half, they tightened it up in the second. The separation that Austin was able to get on Browner using a double move may be what Browner sees more often in the copy cat league. Hopefully he will learn and remember.

    Witten had to be hurt after KamChan tried to remove his torso from his legs. Witten was wincing when he got up. I firmly believe that caused him to hear footsteps for nearly the rest of the game.

    Beast mode returned with nearly 200 yards on the ground. Lynch goes for 125 or something around there. With the exception of the couple of sacks, the O-line kept Wilson upright and safe. Ware was kept under control, which was a huge concern after last weeks game.

    I believe Arizona is on borrowed time. They are offensively challenged. Seattle had 7 chances in the red zone at the end of the game and didn’t execute. We should have gotten that one. New England missed a field goal after Arizona fumbled trying to run out the clock. Arizona is two plays away from being 0-2. Sorry, but I am not buying into their hype.

    Seattle nearly ran out the clock at the end of the game yesterday. That was a good sign. Dallas got some garbage yards at the end of the game to get them over 300, but again we allowed nothing on the ground.

    Trench warfare will be our bread and butter until Wilson can catch up to the speed of the game. 15/20 is spectacular from a percentage standpoint, but I want to see what Wilson will do when the box is loaded with an 8 or 9 man front and he has to throw the ball to win. We slowed the blitz and pass rush yesterday. There were still some mental lapses on the line, but they were signifcantly reduced over the Arizona game.

    Penalties went way down. Home field calls or non calls? It doesn’t really matter as long as there was improvement.

    In Green Bay’s first two games they have been jeckle and hyde. Hopefully we will be more along the lines of San Fran when we play them as opposed to Chicago. Matthews, Hawk, Raji, are all faces you have to recognize and find prior to the snap. Wilson has the brains to do this, so let’s keep it rolling.

  9. boucherm says:

    Great picture of the Golden Tate block on that Don Banks/SI link!

  10. What a great win. Pete Carroll style D and Tom Cable style rushing attack is now installed and working in Seattle, and with this win, the league has been notified.

    But oh my head this morning. A little too much celebrating at the Clink maybe. Apologies for any drunk posts last night.

    Wins cure everything.

  11. Amazing .GIF of Seahawks “Hollywood Squares” (I’ll take Golden Tate for the BLOCK). I never comment on/troll other teams’ sites, but this was AWESOME

  12. mojjonation says:

    Wow. That’s a great link. Dallas fans are whiners when “America’s Team” gets its head literally handed to itself. What they should be whining about is the fact that Tony Romo has one playoff win, and that dallas hasn’t done anything since Aikman retired. Romo, great fantasy QB. Dallas, guaranteed to choke when the chips are down.

  13. HeinieHunter says:

    I have to say that Golden Tate really stepped up his game yesterday with nice catches and that monster hit on Lee was “Largentesque” and will be in my mental highlight reel for a long time!

  14. freedom_X says:

    Marshall Faulk watched the Rams cede the division over to Seattle in the waning days of his career. He’s hardly an objective source.

    As I mentioned in another comment, I had to listen to the game on radio via the Cowboys broadcast. They (Danny White) thought Seattle was getting great pressure on Romo. According to their description, Romo was only escaping due to his own mobility and efforts, not because he was getting protection from his line.

    And, as I mentioned elsewhere, they didn’t question the Tate block *at all*. They thought it was great. And they gave credit to Seattle establishing its identity – a physical, hard-hitting team. They acknowledged they didn’t think of Seattle having an identity until seeing this game and the previous one.

  15. bbnate420 says:

    Ticket to the game……100$


    A 2 ounce beer at the stadium………10$

    Reading the comments of whining Cowgirl fans……….priceless

  16. if you guys have not seen this, it is a must watch haha. Not safe for work place, unless you have some head phones.

  17. freedom – interesting perspective there, thanks for that. Back when Danny White played, hits like the one Tate put on Lee were legal. If anything was illegal about it yesterday, it was only the accidental helmet-to-helmet contact. There should be some allowance for that, imo.

    Watching bits of the tv view of the game this morning for the first time. The improvement of the young D linemen is notable. A lot of guys were making plays beyond Clemons, Red, and Mebane (though those three made huge plays as usual) Jones, Mac, Irvin, Scruggs were all causing havoc. Cowboys had some crappy throws and drops, but the pressure was really getting to Romo, and the intimidation was getting to their receivers.

    So glad we play at home again next week. They need to keep cranking the pressure another notch.

  18. SaigonSun says:

    jboard1, thanks Bro for the clip. My overnight grin was starting to relax…I needed this facelift. Hehe… I almost felt sorry for the Cowdung loving smuck

  19. jboard1 – fun clip. lol. that dude sounds just like RadeON sounded last week.

  20. SandpointHawk says:

    jboard1…thanks great clip, just think the Seahawks caused that meltdown…..

  21. LOL, completely agree. This guy is hilarious. Especially the part about Dez Bryant, i was crying because i was laughing so hard at this.

    On another note, My co-worker who is a hard core cowboy fan, is down in the dumps today. He says, the ‘Boys played flat and that is why they lost. No mention of how we beat the crap out of them. No mention of the stifling Defense…nope, just that the cowboys played flat. He also said, “just wait until they play somebody good”..i started laughing and said, “you may want to think about what you just said there..” he subsequently walked out of the office.. haha, great day to be a hawk fan

  22. SandpointHawk says:

    Jboard1 ~ When he get puffed up again, and he will he’s a Cowboy fan, just remind him that the Cowboys and the Seahawks have the very same won-loss record over the last 2 seasons and 2 games. (2010-2012)…

  23. That was a much needed win. Happy to see both Tate & McCoy getting involved in a positive way. I felt good enough after the game to tip the waitress ten bucks for an iced tea.

    Next week will probably require 4 solid quarters of play to earn a win. I hope we can get pressure on Rodgers or his replacement consistently. Luckily with all the commercials he’s making he has less time to study game film.

  24. Lol sandpoint, very good point. I will indeed inform him of that

  25. mojjonation says:

    I’ll have to wait until I get home to check that Youtube link. Based on comments it has to be the icing on the cake of yesterdays victory.

    Here’s hoping Rogers eats far too much Pizza Hut Pizza or has to deal with an insurance double check and take time away from game film. Then again, he may not want to watch since Murray was a non factor. Ware was a non factor. Witten was nearly bent in two. Lynch pretty much imposed his will in the second half. And I believe Irvin got credit for his first sack. Gotta keep that BruBru train going.

  26. Next week everyone attending the game should dress like the discount double-check guy. let’s throw Rodgers off his game.

  27. chuck_easton says:

    Great game! Seattle did what they had to do on offense, feed the beast. Wilson did enough to contribute without getting in the way. As he grows that’s what we ask of him. He’s not needed to be a game savior yet. This gives him time to grow.

    I would love to see that level of play o the road from all aspects of the game. If the team can play like that on the road there is a chance of a wild card lot for the Hawks this year.

  28. rramstad says:

    Didn’t watch the whole video, but honestly, I think I’d rather play the Ravens defense or the Steelers defense than the Seahawks, given what I’ve seen so far this season.

    Otherwise I agree with him, the Dallas offense is based on timing and finesse, they don’t have the smashmouth mentality, and they ran into a buzzsaw… and it’ll happen again, if they don’t toughen up.

  29. Ha! I thought the rants I give my wife were bad.

    That dude needs to check himself, or he’s gonng end up in the hospital. Would hate to cut that dude off on the highway.

  30. mojjonation says:

    Can you imagine the talking heads if both the wild card slots are filled with teams from the NFC West? Heads will explode and the universe will cease to exist. Apparently, according to east coast biased media, there are no sports west of Denver. The PAC 12 has beaten ranked teams in the last couple of weeks. The Huskies are on the rise (kind of). The Cougars and the Air Pirate offense are 2-1 (against second rate opponents). At least two and maybe three of the top ten defenses in the NFL call the NFC West home. The Sounders are second in their MLS division. The Storm are going to the playoffs again. We are going to get a pro basketball team back (Thank you Chris Hansen). Pro hockey is on its way (AGAIN…Thank you Chris Hansen). And the Mariners suck. Wait, strike that last one. Everyone already knew that.

  31. mojjonation says:

    I forgot to add, Jimmy Johnsons hair may actually move if there are three NFC West playoff teams.

  32. Dukeshire says:

    That video was incredible. Lol.

  33. This goes back to the last thread where people are saying that RW isn’t very impressive. (yet) So I compared him to another QB we are all too familiar with. Ben Rothlisberger 2005..

    Petey is building this team like the Steelers isn’t he??

    62% to 61% completion / 2385yds to 2432yds / 17td to 16td / 9int to 8int

    This of course is if RW stays at the same pace over 16games.

  34. Mojo – The dogs beating portland state’s vikings doesn’t mean the Huskies are now BCS #1. They may get there, but they got things to fix first.

    Maybe RW may be to DAL what T.Romo was to SEA for the last few years? SEA hasn’t played a game like that against DAL since Quincy Carter was their QB in ’01. This was a much bigger upset though.

    Duke – Does KJ Wright move to MLB and Wagoner come out on 3rd downs?

  35. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    that vedeo was too funny. if he was a fat 74 white man that would be my father inlaw ranting. he won’t even return my calls this morning bcause he doesnt want to hear it.

  36. Dukeshire hits it on the head, the 3rd down D was horrible early in the game. Mebane or Bryant would have a huge stop on 2nd, then in trots the 3rd down personal and give it all up, and those poor big boys would be back out huffing and puffing on two more downs getting us in a good spot again.

  37. orbeavhawk says:

    Unintended compliment of Wilson by an announcer:
    “and Wilson stood TALL in the pocket!” HeeHee!


  38. SaigonSun says:

    Welcome back klm008

  39. sluggo42 says:

    Complaining about RW’s 150 yds is stupid as it gets. We are a RUNNING team, and guess what? We did ram it down their throats. It is the dudes SECOND game. He was total money second half, and he is growing quickly.
    As soon as the other team stacks the box to stop the beasts, RW will gash them with killer throws. Getting better every week. Play action is very good. plus Bevell is opening up the book a little more every week too.

    Packers are nervous because they KNOW the are going to be running headfirst into a buzzsaw, and they know they are playing a BIG fast aggressive youthful team who is going to lay the wood onto them.

    Tate just became my favorite Hawk after doubting him for 3 years. I bet Paul pays his fine if he gets one. Hits like that do WAY more for a team psyche then any amount of fine can undo. The whole team got totally juiced on that hit, and it will be replayed for centuries to come.

    Every running play when Mebane or Red was laying on top of Demarco after the -2 yards he just got, I could read their lips as tthey asked him…”ya feeling me my brutha?” Are ya feeling me?” Classic!!

    Poor Whittens spleen has GOT to be ruptured again after Bam Bam was “feelin” him.

    Kicking game was SOLID too. Give those boys some props too.

    NOW, the boys need to re-capture that energy for the fudge-packers, and not fall into the trap that the cow-turds just did. We need to keep that same kick-ass mentality all week, and we need to actually frighten the Pack with our ferocity.


  40. Did anyone catch that play-action that Wilson tried about 8 minutes into the 3rd Q? Wilson faked a handoff to air. Lynch was long gone and the backfield was empty. I wonder how effective Wilson will be with PA, pump-fakes and looking-off the safety since basically no defenders can see him behind our line.

  41. ChrisHolmes says:

    The thing I was the most happy about was seeing this team’s identity finally reveal itself. It was just this week that Billick was writing about how Seattle had no identity.

    Well, if this is our “identity”, I’m good with it, because all my life I’ve wanted to see a Hawks team that could impose its will on the other team. We’ve been on the receiving end of these physical beatdowns way too often.

    If our “identity” is that we’re going to be more physical than the other team, I’ll take it.

    And Golden Tate… wow! What a great game from him. Kid was making plays. He jumped too early on the long bomb, but he kind of had to, to shield the defender from the interception possibility. If he would have caught that ball we’d be gushing over his stat line. Even so, I thought he had an IMPACT, which is exactly what you need from him.

    And that block was a thing of beauty.

    Hold DeMarcus Ware to ZERO sacks – priceless.

    But yeah, the 3rd down defense was putrid. They have to be better than that. No question…

  42. FairbanksDoug says:

    What a sweet win that was. Turns out now that my “Tate” jersey isn’t something ridiculed in the bar anymore, in fact it seems like its quite fashionable to wear the other six days a week now too. I especially like wearing it out now. Thank you Tate and all the rest for delivering,

  43. Vancouver_Hawk68 says:

    This is really fun. Playing like this, the Hawks will be competitive in every game and the blow outs in every other road game will quickly be forgotten.

    The running game is obviously legit as it seems to work consistently against good defenses. I am thinking that Green Bay may very well be susceptible to the run.

    The passing game will get better as RW learns and as the play action becomes a bigger part of the offense feeding off of the running game. Again, the aggressive Green Bay secondary could fall for that.

    The O-line was much improved in pass protection and Okung was not really missed. The line will have to pass their biggest test yet as Green Bay will bring their own beast in Clay Matthews.

    I can’t see Green Bay running on the Hawks defense, so Rodgers it will be. Here is where the pass rush will be key. If it can cause similar confusion as it did in the second half of both games, the Hawks will win. If there is some contribution from ST, like a Washington punt return to the GB 20 (let alone a touchdown) or a timely turnover, that will be bonus. On the flip side, if the defense starts like in the first quarter against Dallas or the Kolb drive, oh boy, there will be trouble.

    Remember the Mora season when a game like the upcoming one would be an automatic loss. Not anymore. I am not saying that the Hawks will win, but they have a good chance at home if things go a little bit their way. Let’s enjoy the win this week.

    Go Hawks!!!

  44. I too can’t wait for a week from today. It is a big challenge for this team, but not one that is impossible. I am staying realistic and not letting this past win escalate my thoughts about the future. It was a good win, but now its back to the grind stone and i hope the players can forget about the cowgirls and move on. This green bay team is solid…better than they have looked, but at the same time they have some weaknesses that i believe we can exploit. Mainly, the offense needs to get started much earlier as we can’t rely on ST getting us off to a big lead early (although that would be nice again). Playing at home is a huge plus for this team, and i hope they bring the same amount of energy. Go hawks!

  45. raymaines says:

    The sad and pathetic part is that some good looking, articulate young guy that apparently isn’t on the coaching staff or actually associated with the Cowboys can get himself lathered up like that. Living in your mom’s basement is hard enough on a guy, he doesn’t need a self induced stroke too.

    I think before the season is over Kam Chancellor and Marshawn Lynch will make a few other WR’s and DB’s look pathetic.

  46. Dukeshire says:

    klm008 – So far, yes. Wagner Is Mike in their base packages and Wright takes over in Nickel.

  47. SandpointHawk says:

    raymaines where have you been, we Insiders are all good looking, articulate young and not on the coaching staff or actually associated with the Seahawks, but we get lathered up like that whenever we lose a game. As for the basement, I don’t know about that my house does have a converted attic though.

  48. kurtthekraut says:


    Couldnt agree with you more about GAMEDAY throw away Marshall Faulk. His commentary is always bias and he is just a punk. I will never forget at Qwest Field during one of our playoff runs,…we had the GAMEDAY crew at Qwest and coming down the sideline was Marshall Faulk. We sit on the front row and we started yelling his name and he came over..thinking he probably was about to sign some autographs etc. When he did arrive however, we told him his was a ” word that rhymes with ditch “. That man was soooo ticked off. We couldnt stop laughing. Faulk was born a punk and will die a punk.

  49. kurtthekraut says:

    Ugh i really need to proof-read. ” we told him HE was a punk “.

  50. kurtthekraut says:

    Hahha now i am just sitting here reflecting back. I just wish i could have taken a picture of that guy’s face when he comes up to say hello and we let him have it. His face literally shuttered…he wanted to snap…if i can say anything positive about him was he showed restraint. He wanted to kill every single one of us. But he just turns…walks away…meanwhile, my beer is coming out of my nose because i am laughing so hard. Man that was soooo much fun on soooo many levels.

  51. mojjonation says:

    “…..Your A$$ is going to wind up in CLEVELAND…AT BEST!!!” Quite possibly the quote of the year. It is for sure a candidate for over reaction Monday. I thought his head was going to bleed from the eyes or ears before the clip was up. Gonna have to follow this guy and see how he does the rest of the season.

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