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Hawks vs. Cowboys live game chat

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 16, 2012 at 12:30 pm with 33 Comments »
September 16, 2012 12:30 pm

Eric Williams, Dave Boling and Megan Wochnick will be your host this afternoon.

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  1. Tate was WIDE OPEN. R Dub must get rid of that ball a 1/2 second sooner. Gotta set up that play action fake again…it’s there for the taking.


  2. I guess there are two people by the name of “bobbyk.” Don’t believe all the crap above that “I” said, as I did not say some of it. It’s funny how some people can’t seem to grow up (unless it really is a child).

  3. mojjonation says:

    Oh look, three third down conversions of greater than eight yards for Dallas and separation for Austin on that TD. Here comes 14-10.

  4. Vancouver_Hawk68 says:

    Halftime. Many yards but not many points by Dallas. The O-line is noticeably better than last week and there is pressure on Romo even though it doesn’t show up on the score sheet. Haven’t counted but he must have thrown half a dozen errant passes. It is a bit concerning how open some of the Dallas receivers were. Coverage issues? I am a bit concerned that the two field goals from short distance were not touchdowns. This often comes back to bite you.

    VERY impressed with the poise of our rookie quarterback. He looks in control and I have not seen anything even approaching panic. Will be fun to see our offense develop over the season. AND there was a Tate sighting!!!

    Go Hawks!!!

  5. mojjonation says:

    KJ…come on dude. Gotta catch that. Good defense those last three. 12th man loud and proud.

  6. 3:17

    Seriously (moderators), just don’t approve anything from “bobbyk.” Yes, this below was/is me, but most of that crap isn’t.

    Comment From bobbyk
    Seriously, checking back in… ERIC or whoever, can you please just not even post anything from “bobbyk.” I’ll write the same thing below. Some fool is having “fun” b/c they are “cool.”

  7. 119 Passer rating for R Dub…LOVE IT!!!!

  8. 14/18. 146 yards and a td really isn’t a big outing for a qb. if this team had RG3, for instance. LOOK OUT.

  9. Bobby – they only do it because you react!! – use a different name in the game day chat and we would all know you didn’t post anything

  10. Dukeshire says:

    Baby steps RADEoN. A lot of good things today.

  11. Hey Tarvaris did the same stuff!

  12. Lets get another score!!

  13. mojjonation says:

    Beast Mode has arrived!!! Finish off the game guys.

  14. SandpointHawk says:

    OK so the chat won’t validate our log ins. As I’ve said many times, we know enough about the regulars to figure out who is posting. Simply change your log in for the live chat. I know it’s childish and boring that they log in as you but it is the reality we live with at this time. Anyone with half a brain could figure out who I was today.

    Great game BTW

  15. We’re up 20 and that’s not good enough for you RADEon…puh-leaze. Gimme a break dude.

  16. Sandpoint – don’t want to put in any effort to figure out who you were ;)

  17. Technically, 14/18 for 146 yards isn’t good (especially when one of those passes was thrown at a Cowboy and he couldn’t catch it).

    However, taken into context, I saw Wilson grow up a little bit today. He sucked early (wasn’t the only one on offense), IMO, but came around. I am still bothered by him throwing so many high passes and his throws, for the most part, in the middle of the field, but you can’t tell me he hasn’t grown these past few weeks. He’s going to be fine. He now has as many starts as Flynn, so some of the experience stuff is overrated. As with Flynn, he would be making rookie mistakes too (since he’s never had more than two starts either).

    If Mr. Happy believed in Wilson (which he does, obviously) then he’s got the perfect recipe: a good defense (even though they still suck on 3rd down pressure), a good running game, and, now, good special teams (since they essentially gave this team a 10-0 lead today).

    Oh, yeah, Sidney Rice is made of glass… that hit he took hurt him and now he’s out for the year. Or something. Golden Tate also sucks. Good thing he didn’t make any key/good plays today. Or something.

    We need to check our eggs in the Russell Wilson basket… and if anyone reads on the game chat that I think Wilson sucks – then you’re a fool to believe that.

  18. Up 20 Lynch with sore back the last few weeks – GIVE TURBIN THE BALL

  19. SandpointHawk says:

    Well xcman I know you have a brain and if I can fly under the radar I’m perfectly happy, thank you ;)

  20. Maybe it’ll be like the mid-80s with the “bend but don’t break” defense of Knox? I remember one of those years we gave up a lot of yards, but didn’t give up many points.

  21. joreb you’re right. RW is already the best quarterback in seahawks history. He might already be the best QB in NFL history, already. I can’t believe I didn’t see it before. Carroll was right the whole time. His team is totally disciplined, and he definitely did an excellent job with the splits during the QB “competition”. All of the starting QB’s had a chance to develop a rapport with all of the other offensive players on the team. It is great, seeing this chemistry at work.

  22. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    RADEoN, this why i call you a troll. come on man your team is taking the boys to school and you still bitch? 171 yards rushing at this point. damn fine game wilson did what he was brought into do manage the game.

  23. SandpointHawk says:

    Re: “We need to check our eggs in the Russell Wilson basket”…

    Soryy Bobby but my wife insists my eggs stay right where they are….

    lord I love a win…

  24. SandpointHawk says:
  25. Sid Rice would be a tremendous asset if he could just avoid injury. I like the guy…I really do and want him to succeed here. Same with Tate. We need those guys as playmakers. I just wish they weren’t so fragile. Football is a vicious sport. I love it and cringe at some of the stuff that goes on. The Bill Maher show on Friday said that they should play without helmets…could you imagine?


    Packers…be aware.

  26. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby – I don’t think so. Witten really gave them fits today (and had he held on to the ball, would have really gone off), but aside from him, they really did a nice job. I think some of the coverages were a bit passive (zone) early on. But I don’t think Carroll is comfortable giving yards up between the 20s like Knox was.

  27. didn’t want to come on here b/c it was all going so well and I am a superstitious dude — – what a performance by our guys today. Holding Dallas to 7 pts and 250 yards? That is awesome.

    And I don’t care what Wilson’s stat line looks like, he led us on two drives that swung this game. He made plays every time he had to today. That pass to Tate down to the 2 was probably his clutch play of the day.

    Great to have Tate back and contributing, great to have Turbin around to spell #24, kudos to the O-line for being so scrappy and giving RW time in the 2nd half.

    And Marshawn? He still sets the tone for the whole team. What a win. Hell yeah Hawks! Season is still on track . . .

  28. Dukeshire says:

    RADEoN – Regardless your views, you have to admit you did not expect a Seattle win today. Let alone to be more dominant as the game wore on. In the end, you might be right about Wilson but you were 100% wrong today. Come on, enjoy the win. There’s plenty to pick at the rest of the week.

  29. Duke – I’m trying to be optimistic.

  30. Very nice, no big mistakes by Russel wilson. And the defense did a very nice job in the second half. The sea hawks earned this one !!

  31. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby – There is plenty of things for them to improve, clearly. But tonight I’ll be happy.

  32. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    Duke i am pretty sure whitten was hurting from that early hit

  33. bbnate420 says:

    And the Debbie Downer award goes to RADEoN! You can’t even be happy when the team you supposedly root for wins because it contradicts all of your negativity about them. Sad for you. You must not be a very happy person. I hope you can learn to get some joy out of the Hawks winning. Cheers. :-)

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