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Carroll: Today’s win a blueprint for success

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 16, 2012 at 6:51 pm with 79 Comments »
September 16, 2012 6:51 pm

Stop the run. Turn the ball over. Make a big play on special teams. Run the football with authority. Score touchdowns in the red zone.

That’s basically Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll’s blueprint for winning football games, and the Seahawks followed it precisely in defeating Dallas 27-7 in the team’s home opener.

“In our first chance to handle a loss, we did it really well,” Carroll said. “Those guys had an impressive opening win. They beat the world champs. They had all of their guys playing. So for us to put together that kind of game and finish in the second half so aggressively and so tough, I’m really proud of it.

“That is the way we’d like to do it. We took care of the football all day. Special teams jumped on it and got something started in beautiful fashion for us, and then we started pounding away.”

The Seahawks finished with 182 yards on the ground, and defensively held DeMarco Murray to just 44 yards on 12 carries. Murray rushed for 139 yards against Seattle last year.

“Every time he touches the ball, you have to make him feel you,” said Seattle safety Kam Chancellor, who finished with a team-high nine combined tackles. “If you do that a lot it’s going to be in his head that these boys came to play today. That’s how I think he felt. I think we wore him out.”

Seattle players said after the loss to Arizona, a game they thought they should have got, that the Seahawks put added pressure on themselves to beat Dallas today so they didn’t fall to 0-2 to start the season.

“It’s huge for us,” Seattle tight end Zach Miller said. “Before the game, I think everyone’s focus was just to be mad about last week, because you can’t go down 0-2. It’s not the way you can start a season if you want to be a playoff team. So I think everyone felt the urgency that we needed it, and I think you saw that on the first play of the game.”

Opposing views on Tate’s hit
There was a lot of talk about Golden Tate’s of decleating Dallas linebacker Sean Lee during a 14-yard scramble by quarterback Russell Wilson in the fourth quarter, which you can check out here.

Adding insult to injury, Dallas linebacker Bruce Carter received a personal foul penalty for hitting Wilson when he was out of bounds.

Seattle eventually scored on the drive on a Marshawn Lynch 3-yard run, putting the game away at 27-7 with just over eight minutes left

Seattle fullback Mike Robinson thought Tate’s block was legal

“I thought it was awesome,” Robinson said. “He did a great job – got his shoulder in there to make sure it was legal. I think Golden kind of put a stamp on the game with that. I think he kind of said, ‘Okay big-time Dallas. Now you’re up here with Seattle, and we got some muscle to us.’”

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett believes Tate’s hit on Lee was illegal under the new defenseless player rule.

“I think that everybody thought that initially, but then they called it on us on their sideline,” Garrett said. “I was looking for an explanation on why that wasn’t called as a defenseless player as that is something the league is trying to guard against, and is a pretty good example of what that was.”

Said Lee: “I was looking at the quarterback. He was flushed out the pocket, and I was going to get him.”

Tate said he was just trying to get Lee on the ground.

“I was just trying to hit him a little bit and get him on the ground, but I didn’t realize how hard I hit him,” Tate said.

So how did it feel?

“No I see why Kam likes defense,” joked Tate. “Man, it felt great. That felt better than a touchdown to me.”

Wilson efficient in first win
Rookie quarterback Russell Wilson got his first win as an NFL quarterback in his first game at CenturyLink Field.

Wilson looked like the adrenaline was going early, as he overthrew Sidney Rice and tight end Evan Moore to start the game. But Wilson eventually settled down and led the Seahawks to scoring drives on four of his nine possessions, including two touchdowns.

“Once he got going, he made some great plays and a couple of great throws, and he used his legs just like we hoped, at opportune times,” Carroll said. “I thought he played a really cool football game for us.”

Wilson said he settled into the game plan after the first quarter.

“We just sustained long drives,” Wilson said. “We made plays. We got first downs. We kept setting up on those blocks, and we finally busted a couple for Marshawn.”

Dallas head coach Jason Garrett was impressed with Wilson’s performance.

“As the game wore on they did a great job moving him around, and he made some real signature plays in this ball game,” Garrett said.

Injury update
Not much to report. Russell Okung missed the game with a bone bruise on his left knee, but Frank Omiyale played solid at left tackle in his place. Byron Maxwell left the game with a hamstring issue, but did not return. Sidney Rice was helped off the field after taking a hard hit on pass from Wilson over the middle of the field, but came back in.

QUOTE TO NOTE: “I’m kind of mad that I got caught. I felt like I had a shot to go all the way, but I was a little gassed out there.”

— Seattle cornerback Brandon Browner on his first quarter interception. Browner returned the ball 35 yards, but was caught from behind by Dallas running back DeMarco Murray.

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  1. The Packers are going to start the year 1-2.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    Lol. Let’s slow down a bit, here. They have a lot to work on before next Monday. I really hope they start moffitt and leave him in. It was pretty clear that the line as a whole was far more effective with him in, than with Sweezy.

  3. I loved the Tate hit on Lee!

    Great to see Wilson getting better and better, you can almost see him improve each series.

    How (over) confident would we be now if the Hawks had managed to catch a football in the final minute of the Arizona game and we were 2-0 right now?

    Anyway….. the Packers are another terrific measuring stick for the Seahawks. If we beat the pack on Monday night football, the nation will really take notice.

  4. Agree on sticking with Moffit.

    Omiyale did a nice job too – no need to rush back Okung (he would just get injured again anyway!).

  5. Not to say I told you so…but I told you so. :) The fan base is already overacting. (To the good side!)

    Long ways to go. Long, long season. We’re going to need to be even better next week to beat Green Bay. They’ve got an awesome passing game. Hopefully they will feel forced to change some things up because of Flynn knowing their tendancies. But we’re going to have to pressure Rogers big time.

  6. Not being serious here, but if there’s a reason to put in Flynn next week, it’d make for an interesting storyline for a monday night game. Master vs. Student bit. But if we win with Wilson, that’s an even better storyline.

  7. sluggo42 says:

    I love the fact that the NFC ruled the day, beating

    #1 NE Pats
    #10 Cowturds
    #13 Lions
    #15 Redskins

    I’m guessing the 49ers rate out to #1 after they thrash the Lions…

  8. bird_spit says:

    Okay..I just wanted to pat my self on the back..I said blow out Seattle, ..I missed in the score, but not on the margin of the win.

    Shout out to Eric..listened to your questions to RW..great question and answer on the emphasis of containing the penalties.

    I think IF the hawks can remember how this game felt, it hey could exceed my expectations. Bruce Irvin had impact, Sweezy looked solid in the run game…the WR/TEs were open often..

    You guys already covered it on Tate..loved that play of the game.

  9. I think the deciding factor for the league on the Tate hit was that his helmet came up and hit Lee in the face mask – will they call that helmet to helmet? If yes – I think he will get a fine – if no then LEGAL. He was clearly in front of him but one of those new rules to get used to.

    On the “blue print to success” the part I disagree with is that a “running team” is getting to the big dance. I want to win and win a lot but how many years has Baltimore been an ELITE defense and a running game – get to the play offs as one of the strongest teams and get shut down since they didn’t have a passing game to go with it.
    Pitt. as much as I hate to admit it Runs first but has been able to pass when needed. and make it work – how many SB’s have they been too?

    We need to be able to run it down your throat AND hurt you with the pass as well before we can dream of Superbowls – Here is hoping they develop RW to be that guy and use him wisely!!

  10. I think Wilson can/will develop into that guy, that’s why I like him, but we all know he’s got a ways to go (as expected). For now, I’m hoping we can somehow get in the play-offs so he can get a taste of the post-season, as it’ll be great experience for him going into the off-season and knowing this is “his” team. If that happens, the sky is the limit in ’13. Not that I’m giving up on this year (there’s always a chance), but I am just trying to be realistic, too.

  11. freedom_X says:

    I was driving through South Dakota and couldn’t watch the game. But fortunately, since Dallas is “America’s Team”, I was able to catch the game on radio.

    The network didn’t actually say it was the Cowboys network, but it seemed like a Dallas home team broadcast (Danny White as color commentator, Dallas-centric.)

    Anyway, two points from their view:

    1) They saw the Golden Tate block as perfectly legal and terrific. They didn’t question the block in the slightest and praised it repeatedly.

    2) Danny White said he now knew what kind of team Seattle was – what its distinguishing characteristic was. He said Seattle was a physical team. After the Tate block he said “even the receivers hit hard.”

    Their commentary changed from “Dallas should win if they just execute their game plan and don’t make mistakes” at the beginning to “Seattle dominated physically and beat the Cowboys up, especially in the 2nd half.” They praised Lynch over and over, saying that was Dallas’ #1 concern, being relieved they held Lynch in check in the 1st half, then seeing him break out and punish Dallas in the 2nd.

    I’ve been waiting a long time for Seattle to be considered a physical, hard-hitting team nationally. That hasn’t been the case really since 1984. Maybe 1993 but most people overlooked the team due to the putrid record.

  12. boucherm says:

    Freedom-x–really appreciate that post.

    Separately, Tate can expect a fat fine coming, as the crown of his helmet launched right into the chin of Lee.

  13. DanielleMND says:

    “Said Lee: “I was looking at the quarterback. He was flushed out the pocket, and I was going to get him.””

    So, not a defenseless player.

  14. freedom, thanks for that info! With the NFC West going 4 and 0 today they might have to stop calling us the NFC Worst.

    I loved the play with 3 TE’s on the right side all going out on routes and the middle one catches a TD.

    With less than 100 yards rushing given up COMBINED in the 1st 2 games we must surely be number one in the league.

    Now THAT was a game!

  15. bird_spit says:

    Four plays of the game worth watching over again..

  16. One thing I’m bothered by is the lack of posts after a win, compared to the oodles of them last week after a loss. What’s up with that? “We” just beat a good team and manhandled them in the second half. We’ve got a rookie QB we should be excited about who is getting his feet wet (which is better than last year when we gave reps to a loser) and a young team on the rise. I’m excited about our direction…

  17. montanamike2 says:

    I’m going to post, i said this morning that Tate and McCoy have to show me something and they did. We are now back on track and the penalty on Tate, but no penalty on that helmet to helmet on Rice?
    These replacement refs are really unpredictable.
    WOO HOO!!!! What agame of domination.

  18. thanks bird. I could watch those 4 plays a million times over. wait, I just did.

  19. grizindabox24 says:

    Legal or not, the Tate play shows the type of tone this team wants to set and strive for in every game.

  20. Bobby, I can tell you that after a home win like this a lot of people are partying too hard in Seattle to bother going online. I’m pretty sure most of my buddies couldn’t type at this point. lol! But I agree with you that the whining post after losses go waay too far. A 1-1 record should give everyone some sense of perspective, I would think.

  21. Tate didn’t get a penalty – It was on the guy who pushed Wilson O.B. – a terrible call in our favor!!

  22. jchawks08 says:

    lol BobbyK, I know right? Everyone is fat and happy and content tonight after the big win. No worries for the night. I know after last week, all you (everyone) could do was vent frustration. This blog is as good as anything for that!
    I for one am relieved that we’re not staring 0-3 directly in it’s ugly face. Tough game coming up on MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!! Let’s hope GB’s D is as bad as everyone seems to think. Outside of Clay Jr.
    Would be nice to be relatively 100% healthy next week and get Okung back in there and hope Rice isn’t concussed or something else. Those are problems for another day.
    Savor this win for a few days and enjoy it Hawks fans. We deserve it!

    p.s. RADEoN, where you at? It’s OK to eat a little crow. Tastes like chicken.

  23. Strategicdust says:

    BobbyK, it’s always easier for people to criticize than praise, unfortunately. I think we’ve become a nation of nitpickers and over-analyzers (which is kind of what blogs are all about ;)) so when the Seahawks have a solid game, people are left a bit speechless.
    I’m very happy with this game. Defense and special teams gave us an early opportunity while the offense found their game. Second half was quality on both sides of the ball. The two long drives says a lot about this offense and the ability of Russell Wilson to lead this team. For now, it seems Wilson is better suited to the short/medium pass offense. I think teams are going to look at the film and start stacking the box to make him beat them long. It will be interesting to see if Wilson can start making those passes without so much air underneath them.
    Overall, solid win, the team should be feeling pretty good this week.

  24. jchawks08 says:

    Oh yea, RE: Tate
    I totally expect a fine to come his way. He launched at Lee, though not entirely defenseless, it could of been deemed unnecessary roughness and was just non-called. Pretty sure there was helmet to face contact. We’ll see. Just my two cents on the play, but man Lee got JACKED UP!

  25. Hammajamma says:

    Change the subject: Tom Brady and the Pats put up 18 at home against AZ. Wilson and his 16 on the road in his first pro start looks better now. 112 rating today.

  26. Even though special teams was dominant to begin, I did not think this game would turn out well when were up 10-0 but still being outplayed by Dallas. At some point things clicked and there was no stopping it. I can see how if this team doesn’t get a lead and pound the ball, they will be in trouble.

    There were way to many Dallas fans at the game, and I expect many more cheesheads next Monday.

  27. I know that the ST/D essentially gave this team a 10-0 lead, but the point is that it is a “team” effort. The way Lynch ran the ball in the 2nd half especially was crazy and/or a thing of beauty. If anyone thought he wouldn’t run hard after getting paid… well, they are/were crazy! And just because Wilson has training wheels on to a degree, doesn’t mask the fact that he’s going to be good (I like his potential). With those “training wheels,” he still managed to go 6-6 on that one drive and look like the franchise type of guy that we hope/expect from him eventually. Anytime we (or anyone) can beat the Cowboys, it’s a good day!

  28. It’s early, but the ” NFC worst” might have 3 playoff teams this year. Wouldn’t that be something after all the grief we took in the national media over our 7-9 div champ year? And we still beat the saints at that. The defenses of sf, sea, and az are playoff caliber definitely. I’m not sold on the qb play of the cards yet though. It will surely be an interesting storyline to follow as this season unfolds. Ice cube summed it up best when he said ” today was a good day “. Suck it rade-on!

  29. Where are the Kevin Kolb haters? lol

  30. I hate Kevin Kolb more than ever. He chose to play his first non-sucking Cardinal game against us.

  31. Don’t look now, east coast, but 3 of the best defenses in the NFL are in the NFC West.

  32. Don’t worry, they won’t look. Nobody (besides us) really cares. They’d rather talk about the the dog killer, Tebow, or something else on the East Coast.

  33. psoundpowerhouse says:

    This just in….
    “Ancient indian curse has been lifted!!”
    Now on a team called dallas cowboys.

  34. Freedom, You’re right about the real toughness in this team now, finally…but still I’m sure that all the guys back East are never gonna be impressed really until and unless we beat one of their own big, back-East wheel-horses in a Superbowl. And then there might be a little genuine payback satisfaction finally. I thought we pushed the Steelers around pretty good in the 2005 Superbowl even though we lost painfully. But this team needs to show it can play consistently tough and good like this far more clearly both at home and on the road back East before it’s really going anywhere this year or next. Greenbay is to be savored now, and just hope we don’t celebrate enough to lose our edge by then. This is a long season ahead…and we haven’t even lost anyone to injury yet really. That’s why I like it…it’s so damn hard to really excel and get there. But Wilson’s very encouraging, very encouraging…things happen when he’s around.

  35. GeorgiaRay says:

    Tater will get a fine even though the play wasn’t flagged….Makes me like it a bit more…’Hawks look a little mean these days don’t they?

  36. bbnate420 says:

    You must’ve been watching a different game, BobbyK. Don’t you know that PC is an idiot, RW sucks and will never be any good, Tate is a tater head, Rice is a china doll, and the defense is severely overrated? They should’ve, “Just fired Carroll right after the draft.” ;-)

    What a difference a week makes. For the entire NFL. I did pretty horrible on my picks as I bet many others did as well. I even changed my pick on Saturday and went with the Raiders. Damn you Eric and your sorry team. :-( Just another example of why this is the best sport going. IMO. Very nice win. I may become irrationally optimistic if we can pull it out versus the Pack next week. Better than being an irrational/alcohol-induced Negative Nancy like I was last Sunday!

  37. bbnate420 says:

    PC/JS have changed this team for one of the least physical teams to one of the most in under 3 years. Kudos, gentlemen.

  38. ryanryan says:

    @bobby – not posting after wins? easy – my family can actually stand to be in my company. apparently after a loss i can get pretty agitated…sometimes i ‘hit the kids’, or ‘smack my wife’, or ‘torture the cat’…i’m like, ‘hey – you knew i was a seahawk fan when you met me…go fix me a turkey pot pie.’

    @bobby – made of ‘brittle’ after that hit…i’d say he has to take more than one hit to change my mind. lets see 14 games out him before we go calling him an iron man (which you didn’t, but you get my drift). don’t get me wrong – just because i think him frail, doesn’t mean i don’t hope to be proved an ass.

    good win, big test under the lights this week.

    fingers = crossed

  39. ryanryan says:

    i should also say that sidney rice made a gutsy attempt at catching that ball…stretched out for it when he knew he was going to get hit. i was impressed for sure.

  40. i figured i’d repost this here since i’m getting called out… it was in the other thread

    and GeorgiaHawk, I know you love that video. Let’s wait until the rookie isn’t 1-1, with 304 total passing yards on the season. Startling fact: The Pete Carroll (the 47-49 coach, that’s still 15-19 in Seattle) led offense is 25th in scoring (21.5 pts), 28th in yards (284.5), and dead last in pass yards (136 yards)

    I can understand why you’d think a QB that’s putting up 136 passing yards a contest is the next anointed one, but, unfortunately that’s not the case. Hell the lowly Browns are averaging 210 per week. The Tannehill led offense is averaging 192.5 ypg.

    I mean if you’re comfortable with mediocre quarterbacking, then by all means sit easy and think the team has proven my eternal skepticism wrong, but we won’t know anything about Wilson until we see how he responds against a very solid defense when the game is on the line (sort of like he did against arizona).

    lol they win ONE GAME and the same people that were spouting EXACTLY what I said all week, all of the sudden jump back on the bandwagon. You call me a fairweather/fake fan? Let’s be a little realistic here.

    The seahawks were extremely lucky this game didn’t get out of hand in the first half. The team made some serious plays and got some great breaks that got Dallas’ head out of it in the first few minutes of this contest. That being said, you’re not gonna be able to compete with high octane offenses with a quarterback that throws only 20 passes, completing 15 for 151 yards and one touchdown.

    Wilson looked great in the second half, but if Green Bay comes in here and mauls (which, if they are forced to settle for field goals in the red zone, will very likely happen), then there’s going to be different opinions on the board that week, at least until the team wins again. The TOP was dominated by DAL in the first half, which is why I said it was fortunate that the game didn’t get out of hand.

    This all being said, if the Seahawks can play like they did in the second half, in every game, this team is as good as any in the NFC. The real test will be against San Francisco… not only are they kicking ass on defense, they’re also scoring. I’m anxious to see how well they’re able to slow down the Alex Smith attack (who thought we’d ever say that?), as well as put up points against that vaunted defense.

    More encouraging for me, than winning this game, is that ARI not only stayed competitive @NE, but won. (although they got a lucky break on a missed Gostowski field goal, but then again NE got a break on the fumble) This says a lot more about last weeks loss than anything.

  41. GeorgiaHawk says:

    And here again,(RADEoN) is my response to you from the past thread.

    Why would your skepticism change no matter how well Wilson does against top defenses when the game is on the line? After all you said yourself that it is eternal.

    I think you just hit your nail on the head.

  42. sarcasm… genius.

  43. Dukeshire says:

    I’m not going to defend Wilson here, necessarily. Despite some nice things I’ve seen, I’m not convinced he will be a top tier QB in this league. (Anyone who has read any of my posts on him realizes that.) However, he is a rookie. This was his second career game in the league, let alone start. To measure his play now against the backdrop of mediocrity, is folly, IMO. One has to reasonably presume he will improve. So in a vacuum, yes, his play will not win any shootouts. But looking at the potential arc of his career, games that he will likely not be prepared to win today, are not likely to have the same results moving forward. That is, will he be able to match Rodgers next Monday night? Probably not. Would he be able to do so in the future? Perhaps. If Tavaris Jackson played that same game yesterday, I would be comfortable calling that mediocre quarterbacking. Coming from a rookie however, I am impressed. It’s a different measure.

  44. NYHawkFan says:

    Nate will likely get a fine. If you watch the replay, Lee was looking to the left as he chased Wilson, so he did not see Nate coming. Could go either way, but the League will likely consider Lee as being defenseless because he was blind-sided and hit in the chin with Tate’s helmet. Tate can live with the fine, though, because it sends a message. Hawks are physical and they will abuse you. The payoff: Opposing runners become tentative, receivers start looking over their shoulder expecting a hit. That gives a slight edge to our D. I’ll take any edge we can get!

  45. You can’t say as of this moment whether he’ll flop or succeed, I still stand by my claim that he’s Seneca Wallace 2.0. Tarvaris could have literally done everything RW did yesterday, but likely better. In terms of stats, right now RW is the least productive rookie starting, if not the least productive QB in the NFL (as of week 2)… so I hardly think it’s time for me to “eat crow”… but then again, we were over the intelligence level of some of the newer posters here, so I guess I’m just preaching to the choir.

    Think RW can repeat that performance against green bay and win?

  46. NY Hawk Fan, how does a receiver making a sick hit say anything about the defense?

  47. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Wilsons yards per game will pick up as the season continues, imo, however with this team he doesn’t have to be passing for 250 yards a game.

    What is far more important than passing yards per game is their passing ratings.

    Wilson- 81.1

    Luck- 75


    Weeden – 52.8

    There’s a good argument to make that Wilson has faced better defenses in his first two games than the other rookies and still has played better, ( aside from RG111 ) who hasn’t faced two defenses like Wilson has had to face.

  48. GeorgiaHawk says:

    RADEoN thinks that total passing yards are the only measurement of production for a qb? Lol.

    RADEoN do you really believe that?

  49. It’s up there… 150 passing yards per game isn’t gonna win many games in the league.

  50. NYHawkFan says:

    RADEoN @ Fair question. It does say something about the team. And maybe it’s a stretch, but at the time, Tate was on defense, right?

  51. NYHawkFan says:

    Sorry, he was on offense.

  52. GeorgiaHawk says:

    RADEoN- Who are we? Do you have more than one username or are you now trying to speak for the few here that you say are not retards?

    I doubt that even those few would agree with you saying that Tannehill and Weeden are more productive than Wilson at this stage of their careers.
    Seems to me that your intelligence level is the low one on this matter.

    Funniest thing I have heard here in a while.

  53. NYHawkFan says:

    Please excuse the confusion. I’m still trying to wake up. Watching Sunday Night Football on the east coast means you get to bed between 12:00-1:00 AM!

  54. From a stat standpoint, they are. Their respective offenses are more productive, scoring more points, and throwing for more passing yards. The browns, for instance, have played against defenses that are just as good as the ones Seattle has played, in PHI and CIN.

  55. You are right RADEON, but then, every one of as, including you, will take 150y and win over 300y and lose. And if you lead at beginning you want force pass like when you trailing. And he lost only one ball, in HM at the end of half.

  56. The only stat I care about is Wins and Losses.

    When I used to defend Tjack, it was b/c I thought he was an adequate game manager for the system that PC wanted to employ.

    Great Defense, Great Special Teams, Run Offense, Limit Turnovers.

    Teams like Baltimore and Pittsburgh have been doing this for a long time. SF more recently.

    R Dub may not be a ‘spectacular or elite’ QB and yet again, he may if he continues to play like he did yesterday. Our defense is ferocious and really fast as is our special teams. We all think we know what kind of running game now with Lynch AND Turbin. If we keep this game plan going, teams will begin to stack the line where R Dub’s incredible play-action-fake will lead to a lot of wide open WRs and he can hit them. Yeah, he missed a couple of throws yesterday, but hit 75% of his passes overall. Pretty damn good, I’d say.

    I still don’t understand the internal need to predict R Dub’s long term success at this point. He’s good, the team’s good and we just kicked the crap out of those Cows from Texas.

    Personally, I’m lovin’ it!

    GO HAWKS!!

  57. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    i think a more important stat one pick on a hail mary he doesnt turn the ball over.

    RADEoN if they beat green bay will you say something positive?

    NYHawk we’re a hard hitting physical team on both sides of the ball.

    tate’s hit as well as a few others by the O prove that point. it not just the D.

  58. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    RADEoN the browns are 0/2

  59. rramstad says:

    Wilson showed a lot of improvement from game one to game two.

    I was as surprised as anyone — expecting Flynn for sure would be the starter — but Wilson clearly outperformed Flynn, perhaps due to injury (?) but regardless, Wilson was the better QB at the end of training camp.

    I think he’s got a lot of upside.

    Frankly, I think we can easily win a lot of games with Wilson only passing for 150-200 yards. Alex Smith only had 226 last night.

    A lot of times when a QB is in the 350+ range, it means the defense sucks and/or the offense has no running game. We’re not going to be that team.

  60. Its getting really old seeing all the comments that bash others: If you dont think Seattle is totally awesome, then youre negative; if you like thier performance after a win when you hated thier performance after a loss, then youre a bandwaggoner; If you point out mistakes, youre a debbie downer…

    Give me a break. Basically you guys are saying whoever doesnt see it your way is stupid, negative, a fairweather fan, etc…


    How childish. Blogs are for venting, so feel free to do it–I know I do. But labeling is the same thing as namecalling, and its lame. Disagreeing on the Hawks is normal.

  61. Wow, Golden Tate really showed up. He made plays when his number was called–and even when it wasnt! That hit on Sean Lee was AWESOME! What a heads-up play! Say what you want about Tate’s (lack of) intelligence, he’s a football player!

    His 3 catches were all key, as was his blocking. That block on Lee was a real Game-Changer as well. That REALLY turned the tide our way and pumped up the players and fans!

    I thought Wilson played well, and improved as the game wore on. He’s got a long way to go, but he is improving each week, and each series; what else can you expect out of a rookie?!

    I was thoroughly displeased with the offense in the first quarter and a half. Handed everything, they only got a couple field goals. Sad. Bevell was up to the same BS that lost us last weeks game. Buuuut….

    Bevell pulled his head out and opened up the playbook, Seattle adjusted, and they pulled out some nifty new plays–like McCoy’s TD. By the way, that was great to see him involved!

    I was pissed to see Moffit on the sidelines. Then I watched Sweezy make two penalties on three plays, and miss his block on the other couple plays. In a five-play span, Sweezy had two penalties and two blown assignments/failed blocks. It was pathetic! OMG, that fool doesnt belong on the field yet! Moffit came back in and did a much better job than Sweezy in the second half, I thought.

    Lynch was a beast, even when the line wasnt blocking for him. He could be truly amazing if we only had a decent line. I sure hope our line becomes decent before Lynch wears out…But hey, improvement from last week for sure. The line needs to improve as much next week too!

    Irvin was disruptive and got a sack! Jason JOnes got some pressure too, but overall the D-line wasnt impressive vs the pass. STill need to see more pass rush!

    It was sad watching our D give up 5 third and longs on the TD drive, but they cleaned it up! Chancellor totally screwed up Browners chance at scoring on that pick though!

    Nice to get a win, even better against the Cowturds, and to do it in style is the best! 12th man was awesome and really helped out the team!

  62. I’m not really paying attention to W/L this season, as you guys said after the loss @AZ… this is a rebuilding season. Or is it a super bowl season now that they drubbed the cowboys? Which one is it again?

    A rookie QB, questionable receivers (where there’s no chemistry), with an above average defense, and an overall inept offense, running back aside, leads me to believe that it’s year 3 of a seemingly endless rebuilding phase.

    Had Seattle put up 27 points and still lost, but RW had thrown for 3 touchdowns and 300 yards, I would be a lot more encouraged by his play in that loss, than I currently do by this win.

    Which teams in today’s NFL are winning championships with game manager QB’s again? (05 Steelers aside)

  63. teriksen says:

    I still don’t see why Carroll chose to start Wilson. If all he wants is someone to manage the game, why choose the rookie? IMO Flynn wins against Arizona (you don’t have the basic offense with backwards passes, and he is more accurate at the goal line late). I know that Wilson looked better in preseason, but Wilson did not destroy Flynn. Flynn had the joy of throwing to TO who can’t catch the easy ones, while Wilson played against backups. The one preseason game where we would have seen Flynn against the backups he couldn’t play.

  64. terikson, get ready to get barraged by the likes of Georgia “Vince Lombardi” Hawk for speaking out against wilson… you’re not a real fan.

  65. iHateHarbaugh says:

    ” It was pretty clear that the line as a whole was far more effective with him in, than with Sweezy.”

    Clear to WHOM Duke? Regardless, we beat them up today…PERIOD. This totally reminded me of the Baltimore game last year where they new we were going to run & still got knocked back on their @$$es! GO HAWKS!!!

  66. iHateHarbaugh says:

    Keep speaking out against Wilson you guys, please do, our team LOVES that ish!! Last night & today it’s all “Cowboys lost, Seahawks didnt win.” Call the WHAAAAMBULANCE! #12thMan

  67. when you can rush for 182 yards, and your lead back gets over 100 yds in the 2nd half, you don’t need to throw the ball very much.

    SF had plenty of games like this last year. Silly argument. Wilson played well enough to lead the team to a needed win over a solid opponent.

    If he throws for 150 yards on 40 pass attempts, in a loss, it’s a very different story. Zero reason to bag on anything Wilson did yesterday, he was very steady, and made plays when he needed to. That’s all we’ve been looking for in general – and from a rookie QB in his 2nd game? It’s much cause for optimism.

  68. SF also choked in the conference championship. I just have to see more from rw before I jump on. I wanna see him play from behind, catch up and win a game from behind.

  69. bbnate420 says:

    Yeah, I guess SF sucks too because since they only made it one game from the SB. Sometimes it’s better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  70. Radeon, passing yards are moot in this game with a large lead teams don’t need to keep passing the ball unless they have to, thats why we have lynch to pound the ball eat up yeards and the clock. This team is not the Fouts Chargers, like it or not its a run first ball control offense.
    Wilson needs to improve especially his high throws early in the game. Those kind of throws end up getting picked. Glad to see more diverse receiver routs this week and utilization of TE’s last week all fly routs and outs few crossing routs and fet looks to TE’s. Still few screen plays and few Backs out of the backfield being picked up when pressure on QB
    D still needs to get pressure, 1 sack not acceptable especially when they knew dallas had to pass. The lack of pressure is showing with first downs being converted on 3rd and long.
    The teams not as useless as Radeon thinks and not a Super Bowl contender like others think
    Good game to build on and a good game to improve on
    The Packers arnt as good as the Legend people make them out to be this year

  71. bbnate420 says:

    I didn’t realize that forcing fumbles and recovering them, getting ints, and blocking punts is “lucky”. You learn something new everyday.

    P.S. Yes, there is an element of luck in all of those things. Just like there is an element of luck in everything.

  72. Maybe people didn’t post as much yesterday because they were happy and did not want to hear any more T Jack bashing from Booby. It became old A LONG TIME AGO! Go Hawks!

  73. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    I didn’t realize that forcing fumbles and recovering them, getting ints, and blocking punts is “lucky”. You learn something new everyday

    i disagree here is why. if you are assignment correct you are going to be in the right place at the right time atleast once in awhile. more over if you bring in in quality players they are going to make plays it is what quality players do. your statement is like saying that ray lewis is’nt a great linebacker he is just lucky.

  74. yellaman says:

    Impressive win let’s hope it continues. The defense and special team were awesome.the offense was efficient and needs to continue to improve. But no complaints from this hawk fan today

  75. teriksen says:

    I am not hammering Wilson. I am not convinced that he gives a better chance to win each week right now than Flynn. In week one I definitely don’t think he did. In week two it didn’t matter.

  76. “I just have to see more from rw before I jump on. I wanna see him play from behind, catch up and win a game from behind.”

    I actually think that’s fair enough. RW still has plenty to prove.

    I’m impressed w/his calm and poise. there will come times when he has to put the team on his shoulders and win a game for us in the 4th quarter, and we’ll see how that plays out.

  77. bbnate420 says:

    hawkfaninoklahoma, I thought it was pretty clear that my statement was sarcastic. It was a comment on a post made by RADEoN.

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