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Morning links: Hawks wall of fame

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 15, 2012 at 8:44 am with 27 Comments »
September 15, 2012 8:45 am
Seattle Seahawks wall of fame. (Eric D. Williams/The News Tribune)

The Seahawks have created a wall of fame – a list honoring all of the players that have been on the Seattle’s active list since the team’s beginnings in 1976.

The three-by-five plaques are signed by each player and can be seen in the hallway where the players enter the facility.

The Seahawks will host a barbeque for former players as part of the team’s alumni weekend after today’s walk-through, and festivities will continue on game day when Seattle takes on the Cowboys.

Each player signed their plaque on the wall.

Ex-Hawks offensive tackle Walter Jones is one of the players who will be in attendance. Jones was at practice on Friday. Over 30 former players are expected to be introduced during pre-game ceremonies on Sunday.

In my story today, Seahawks tight end Evan Moore says he’s ready to go on Sunday. Moore, who join Seattle last week after being released by Cleveland, played only one snap against Arizona last week. But with Zach Miller questionable for Sunday’s contest with a foot injury, Moore could see more time against the Cowboys. Said Moore: “Going into last week I had been here for about five days. And even though I feel like there’s a lot of translation between this offense and where I’d come from, there’s still just a comfort level of understanding the little details. So this week was definitely productive to getting to that point.”

The guys from NFL Playbook take a closer look at the Seahawks-Cowboys matchup in this video link. No surprise here, they all like the Cowboys.

Clare Farnsworth of talks to Richard Sherman about his impressive interception against the Cardinals.

ESPN’s Mike Sando takes the Seahawks over the Cowboys 20-19.

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times writes that quarterback Russell Wilson has turned the page on last week’s performance against Arizona and is ready for the Cowboys.

Clark Judge of CBS Sports thinks the Cowboys can be in for a tougher game than they expect.

Bill Simmons of Grantland sticks with his dark horse Super Bowl pick the Seahawks over the Cowboys this week. Simmons:I’m not even considering a bandwagon exit until Seattle loses a home game. The Seahawks have the best home-field advantage in football. If they can go 8-0 at home and 4-4 on the road, that’s 12-4, right? And how can anyone pick against the ‘Hawks during the same week they basically locked down a new NBA arena? My pseudo-upset special: Seattle 22, Dallas 20.”

Footballogy takes a look at roster building. According to their study at, over the past 5 seasons (2007-2011), building rosters through the draft appears to have had a more positive impact than free agent signings. Teams with less then twenty free agents have a win % approximately 0.101 higher then teams with twenty or more.

Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram writes that Dallas defensive coordinator Rob Ryan is thinner and quieter in his second season with the team.

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  1. CanuckFan says:

    Hey folks, off topic but likely useful to any fan heading to the games… Can anyone provide a few good breakfast buffet spots near the stadium where I might be able to catch the morning games while filling my belly? Early last year there was a buffet inside the convention centre, but I didn’t see it later on in the year – and from the Seahawks site it appears the “Loft” is the only place there, but at $85 a head – no thanks…


  2. DreadHawks says:

    HawksNest and Tiki Bobs have good Breakfast Burritos or if you’re early enough can’t go wrong at the Pyramid Brewery. That’s where we are heading! As far as a buffet style Macs Smokehouse usually have one.Hope you find something.

  3. That wall of fame would be pretty cool to see! I bet it’d sure bring back some good memories of the mid/late 80s!

  4. CanuckFan says:

    Thanks DreadHawks – I’ll check out one of those!

  5. FleaFlicker says:

    CanuckFan, there are a number of spots on 1st Ave north of the stadium. Also, FX McCrory’s on the N side of the parking lot is usally open on game days. Whatever you decide, err on the side of early as everything is packed to the rafters leading up to kickoff.

    And don’t forget that they’re “wanding” everybody to get in the game, with the new league security policy. Need to get to the gates about 30 minutes before kick-off if you don’t want a horrendous wait in line.

    And off-topic, counting on Earl Thomas having a big game with the “anti-Madden” effect of the tickets this year. First preseason game: Brandon Browner on the ticket – INT TD to start it off. Second preseason game: Sydney on the ticket – one target for 22 yd first down. Tomorrow: E.T. on the ticket – let’s see what he can do!

  6. Carlsonkid says:

    It’s all won or lost in the trenches ; the O-line plays like they did against the Cardinals & it’s a long day . Sounds like Okung is out & Omiyale starts , not good . On the bright side , Ratliff is out at nose tackle for them and Ware has a sore hammy . They’ll blitz the be-jeezus out of Wilson & stack the box against Lynch so Wilson has to make them pay ; fer gawd sakes Bevel , throw the damn ball to a TE over the middle , sometime before the half !

    Coaching will have a lot to do with the outcome of this game , but if the Beast gets going & Wilson can complete some passes with the blitz on , we’re in this thing .

    GO HAWKS !

  7. The Offense & Defense of the Hawks Bring thier “A Game” from the opening bell,not wait 3rd quarter or later. The o-line will be lesser because Okung can`t play.Omyale isn`t the anwser,there has to be a reason Chicago waived him..Glad Moffitt back. Sweezy is a good back-up & has potential for next year.Our front-line on defense has to get to QB…Go Hawks!!!!

  8. sluggo42 says:

    I think they will show a lot of blitz, but then back out at the last sec to try and trick RW. I hope Bevell and Pete have a good plan set up. Losing the game planning war sucks…

    I think RW has more latitude this game and will be allowed to make some audibles… we shall see…

  9. bbnate420 says:

    Eric, who do you think Hansen is going to buy? Kings or the Hornets?

    Hopefully, Big Walt showed Okung and Giacomini a few things while he was there Friday. They could use it with the way they looked last Sunday.

  10. The Wall of Fame is a great idea, and very classy. How cool is that to see our current admin honoring those players from our past?!

    I detest Bevell and his offense, and I hate the ZBS and I think Cable is busy pulling a Ruskell and trying to make himself look smart at the expense of O-line performance, and I hate the lax discipline and penalties allowed by Carrol..but…I really like Carrol’s demeanor, his earnestness, his refusal to lay blame on any one coach/player, his accountability (something he never mentions–unlike the Ultimate D-Bag Mora who mentioned it Constantly, but always with respect to players, not coaches or God Forbid, himself>), and his commitment to competition.

    I am so hoping Carrol will crack the whip, stop the endless penalties, and pull Bevells uptight head out of his butt and open the offense up A LITTLE BIT. I desperately hope Carrol turns it around vs the Cowboys, and I would like nothing better than to see Bevell and Cable turn it around and make me eat my words.

    Here’s hoping.

  11. Helenahawk says:

    I also hope you eat your words because that means our team is successful , and the thought of you choking down the huge amount of bitter words you spew just makes me smile. ;-)

  12. Ewalters7354 says:

    All I’m gonna say is we’ll see what happens.Hopefully it’s not a blowout because if so the coaching staff will start losing my trust.I am so tired of seeing one sided football games every time the Hawks play a good team.Evan Moore said he is ready blah blah blah we’ll see what he add being that he can’t block a newborn baby.Lastly I would really like to see how Russ Wilson responds.I still think Flynn should have been starting.Just never would get how you pay a guy 10million to sit on the bench knowing he did nothing to lose the job.But all in all I am a supporter in Russ Wilson hopefully he can play better.

  13. orbeavhawk says:

    Dallas will think they just entered Thhe Little Shop of HORRORS”!


  14. Soggybuc says:

    Eric should smuggle in a pair of those truck nut you see around these days and hang them off of Moyer’s plaque.

    Pyramid is always a good choice. great food, even better Beer with a short stagger to the stadium.

  15. HelenaHawk–Whoa dude, why so angry?! Lol! I spewed a LOT of angry words after the Cards game, but I feel the criticism was well-earned by the coaches and team. The fact remains they laid thier third fat egg against the Cards in a row, and the Cards arent very good.

    And it doesnt matter to me one whit that they COULD have won the game at the end–it never should have been close. nd more blitzing, the penalties and sloppiness would have been negated. All in all, very disappointing performance by all Seahawk personnel and staff.

    But my usual comments arent bitter or angry. Ive been a pretty strong supporter of Carrol and Schneider even in the lean times, though I have pointed out his responsibility for the constant and increasing penalties.

    But no one notices those posts, they just get ignored. The only time I get comments back are when I list the failures of personnel/coaches logically. I dont call names, and I dont wish injuries on any players (except Ray Rice and Rapelisberger).

    With Paul Allens money and our fantastic facilities, not to mention the talent on this team, its nearly criminal to field such a poor performing team Week One. I expect much more from Carrol and company.

    I am not sure that Bevell and Cable will fail, but I AM extremely worried. And as I said, I sure hope they succeed. Im rooting for them. But that doesnt preclude me from getting angry and frustrated when they fail miserably. No matter how you look at it, no matter what comes after, its obvious that Seattle wasnt ready to play last Sunday. And who’s responsible for that failure? I suppose Wilson and the water boys? Im damned if I’ll give them a free pass for a stinker performance like that. Wilson made a crap sandwich out of crap, he played better than should have been expected considering his lack of help by Bevell etc.

    If we go out and play well against Dallas and beat them, even by one point, I will be thrilled. As it stands now, Seattle has to improve drastically in all facets to have a chance. Thank God its in Seattle where the 12th man will be in full force. Go Hawks!

  16. Soggybuc says:

    Not directed solely at you STTMB but I have seen many people make the statement concerning “Paul Allen’s” money.
    the money for the players is always set by the salary cap. he can in no way shape or form do anything to spend more than every other team can.
    The only thing Pauls money can do for us fans is already done.
    1. saving the team from moving to Cali.
    2. giving us a class A stadium
    3. giving the players and coaches the best facility in the league.

  17. bird_spit says:

    SoggyBuc..all of that is good, but the hawks have to perform, and win something. My greatest disappointment as a fan will be, if we go the next 5 years, and look like the Buffalo Bills. Lots of promise, and nothing to show for it but great preseason, and a few regular season performances from a short QB. Hawks loose this one, the chant will begin to have Flynn play against GB. Frankly, I was looking forward to that game all spring, because Flynn would have been prepared to face them. Oh well..hawks need to bring the house and get romo, and stop the crowd emotion before the chanting starts. It may not be on RW, win or lose, but there are so few handles to pull which can shake up a team. A QB change is one such handle. I hope Flynn is emotionally and physically ready, cause RW could be sitting after this game.

  18. Soggybuc–I still firmly believe that had Chuck Knox had Paul Allen as owner–and his willingness to spend money, we’d have been a powerful team for 15 years and won at least a couple Super Bowls. While there was no cap then, and no one could really compete with Jed Yorks laundered Mob-money fed Steinbrenner-Dynasty teams with Rice, Montana, Craig etc, Knox was forever frustrated by not having the money to a) get the players his system needed and b) keep the players who did well here. David Wyman was one solid player we hated to lose; he left for Denver for THREE TIMES the money. And they wondered why he’d do such a thing…

    So yes, Paul ALlens willingness to spend is HUGE. While it doesnt guarantee success, it surely helps.

    Even now, its important that we have an owner that a) butts out of football decisions b) hires smart guys in the FO and c) is willing to max the cap out if necessary. That willingness buys you the ability to recruit top coaching staffs, free agents, etc to youre team. Without that, we’d have no chance to get those east coast brains to come to South Alaska. Look what happened when we tried to recruit Scott Pioli; he still preferred KC to Seattle! WTF?! The willingness to spend when necessary also helps you land those top FA you want, even if its only one guy per year.

  19. Canuck fan tailgate and make your own we always do

  20. orbeavhawk says:

    “UNLEASH the BEAST!” and release “The Turbinator!”

  21. Dukeshire says:

    STTBM – Wyman left during the Behring years. He was gutting the team in order to move it to LA. Also, Wyman played just 2 years in Denver. He was at the end of his career, regsedless of owner.

  22. Dukeshire says:

    To follow up: Money helps, and there is no question Allen’s has drawn players. No question.

  23. Dukeshire–He was still good when he left, and he hurt us more than he helped Denver by leaving. He got more injuries and couldnt finish out his three year contract with Denver. You should read his words on the subject, he’s written about it fairly extensively.

    I certainly dont blame him for leaving, but the fact remains that had Seattle had an owner like Allen, and his willingness to spend/butt out, Wyman wouldnt have left–same for other players.

    And Wyman was a Seahawk thru and thru, and it wasnt right to see him playing in another uni, even though he never was as good after he left. The same was true of many other players.

  24. On the Building through the draft – I still say these guys trade the top picks:

    Look at top few picks from each of their drafts

    Okung – Injury issues
    Thomas – stud!
    Tate – still waiting
    Thurmond – has he seen the field?
    EJ Wilson – gone

    Carp – hurt/ jury out
    Moffit – hurt – replace temp by sweezy
    KJ Wright – solid
    Durham – gone

    2012: Seems to be better
    Irvin – still waiting
    Wagner – playing solid for Rookie
    Wilson – starting – hopefully improving

    anyway top picks are not panning out like later picks – so that means the later picks either look better because they aren’t really improving the talent by that much – or we are just flat out missing on the top picks

    If we hit with the same consistency in they early rounds it would be really exciting to see this team really excel!!

  25. jchawks08 says:

    Really not sure what to expect tomorrow. Of course I hope for a 38-10 win, but hope in one hand and poop in the other and see what fills up first. My high expectations have been tempered somewhat by last weeks demoralizing loss.
    If we win, the sky again will be the limit. If we lose, well, we are officially rebuilding and have no hope for the postseason. haha Ok well, maybe some hope, but the %’s aren’t good. I will be watching this game as nervously as any game in recent memory.
    Bring the noise 12th man. We are going to need every decibal tomorrow! GO HAWKS!

  26. GeorgiaRay says:

    Seriously, Is Bill Simmons not one of the funniest reads in sports?

  27. confucious says:

    I will be interested to see if the defense shows up on the first series or the fifth series today. I’m not sure if it was overconfidance or simnply a matter of finding their stride but a sub-par quarterback picked them apart like chocolate cake at a birthday party last week. Then a sub par quarterbacks back up came in and finished the job. Note to defense: stop reading the headlines, forget about hype. Play the game. Note to seahawks fans (kool aid aside) RW is a ROOKIE. Our schedule is BRUTAL. Temper your expectations on the offensive side of the ball. It may save you money on your blood pressure problem. However it hasn’t worked for me. Go Hawks!

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