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Okung a game-time decision

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 14, 2012 at 1:56 pm with 66 Comments »
September 14, 2012 3:11 pm

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said offensive tackle Russell Okung will be a game-time decision for Sunday’s home opener against Dallas.

Okung, who suffered a bone bruise on his left knee against the Cardinals, practice for a second straight day on Friday.

Eight-year veteran Frank Omiyale would get the nod if Okung can’t go.

“He got some work done today,” Carroll said. “We’ll see how he goes tomorrow, and how he feels after the work today. We’ll go all the way to game-time on that one.”

After sitting out two days with a knee issue, receiver Sidney Rice returned to practice today and should be ready to play on Sunday, according to Carroll.

Carroll also said that he expects tight end Zach Miller to play, even though he did not practice for a second straight day because of a foot issue.

“Zach will be fine,” Carroll said. “He practiced a couple days ago, and got some stuff done yesterday. We just want to make sure that he’s going to be right. So he’ll play also.”

Offensive lineman John Moffitt did not practice on Friday, but Carroll said the second-year veteran is still expected to start at right guard this weekend.

“His shoulder was a little sore from yesterday,” Carroll said. “He’s going to play, so we wanted to make sure to get him through today. He’ll be fine for the game.”

Running back Marshawn Lynch also practiced today, and appeared fine running team drills.

I’ll post the full injury report once it’s available.

Injury report


WR Charly Martin (chest) is out.

TE Zach Miller (foot) did not practice and is questionable. OT Russell Okung (knee) was a full participant and is questionable.

WR Golden Tate (knee), DE Greg Scruggs (hamstring), CB Byron Maxwell (shoulder) and RB Marshawn Lynch (back) were full participants today and are probable.

WR Sidney Rice (knee) was a limited participant, and is probable. OG John Moffitt (shoulder) and DE Jason Jones (not injury related) did not practice, but both are probable.

C Phil Costa (back), S Matt Johnson (hamstring) and NT Jay Ratliff (ankle) are out.

WR Miles Austin (hamstring), WR Andre Holmes (knee), CB Mike Jenkins (shoulder), RB Felix Jones (ribs), S Danny McCray (neck), LB Kyle Wilber (thumb), TE Jason Witten (abdomen), S Gerald Sensabaugh (concussion) and LB DeMarcus Ware (hamstring) are probable.

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  1. gonefishin69690 says:

    Hmmm, seems Okung is ALWAYS a “game time” decision.

  2. I’m going to assume from all this that we’ll have everyone but Charly Martin and the team is going to be fired up on Sunday.

  3. Wow I bet omiyale looks like a turnstile with ware at the helm. With any luck Wilson breaks his femur and Flynn leads this team to a13-3 record, as opposed to the 6-10 campaign Russell the pulled muscle was gonna do.

  4. DanielleMND says:

    I hope “fans” like RADEoN aren’t at the game Sunday, chanting for Flynn if Wilson struggles, or, worse, cheering if Wilson goes down with an injury.

  5. yeah it makes me less of a fan because i’m very skeptical of Carroll’s pathetic attempt at managing a team. You pay a ridiculous amount of money to someone, don’t let him develop any sort of chemistry with the team, and bench him for a round 3 pick. It’s a joke.

    You sound like the typical fan that was excited for Mora’s campaign, talking about playoffs season after season. Hell, all the hype is worthless if they can’t back it up on the field. The “Top 5″ defense everyone brags about got sliced apart by Kevin Kolb, and that was ice cold off the bench.

  6. Trolls like that one don’t go out in the daylight hours, I’m fairly sure. This one probably derides grade schoolers on the Youtube comment section all day. We can only hope he gets dislocated knuckles so he doesn’t show up and Spam the live chat again with his ignorant blather. Guessing he was the one impersonating BobbyK.

  7. bird_spit says:

    Trying hard to ignore the comment about wanting an injury to our starting QB just so we can see if Flynns elbow is healed. I think Flynn owes the hawks some money… That said, I think having Flynn as a backup is really good and worth it if RW continues to run in the face of a rush. The boy needs to stand in there and deliver strikes, or throw it away.

  8. TremR, you do realize a troll would be posting things just to only get a reaction, right? This is legitimately how I feel. And I have a feeling by the end of the season you’ll think Carroll is throwing the team away. You give someone like him such a long leash, this outside the box thinking can end up being more detrimental than anything. You look at Flynn’s starts against the patriots and the lions, and there’s more than enough there for me to have just given Flynn the reigns, let him work through a normal training camp (like an NFL coach would do, not a college coach).

    I love how many idiots just automatically say someone who thinks differently than they/most others do is a troll. I’ve been posting on this site since Holmgren’s last season, so I’m really unsure how someone who’s posted as long as me is a troll. The reason I don’t post as much as I used to is because by and large, the majority of the people who post on here are complete retards (aside from Dukeshire, BobbyK, SandpointHawk, PDWay, ewalters, and chuck_easton, (and a few more i’m forgetting, i’m sure)

  9. and for what it’s worth, Eric even said he agrees with me about letting Flynn take the reigns.

  10. I like Flynn. But if coaches think RW should be the man then let’s support him, not wish injury. We are lucky to have two qb’s that both win us some games.

  11. I guess I was wrong to wish injury on RW, but I legit feel like that’s the only way Flynn can do this. I honest to god feel so sure that Flynn can do this. Rodgers said Flynn could be a top 10 quarterback… it’s just really not fair to take a career backup qb, throw him into a new team, use such a poor time split method to evaluate the roster QB’s, and pick a starter when neither QB has had time to really get a rapport going with his pass catchers… Signing Winslow and throwing him out was foolish, regardless of the money scenario. They knew what he was making when they traded for him… If they’re concerned about his health they shouldn’t have traded for him. Rice and Okung are both always hurt, does this mean they should offer them a take it or leave it pay cut? No, because the team needs them.

  12. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    RADEoN, any given sunday troll that’s why they play the games. i am not saying you are any less a fan than anyone. i am saying you are the type of fan that no matter what you can find something to bitch about. one play and hawks are 1-0 not 0-1 funny thing is you would piss and moan regardless. i remember 05 when the hawks lost to the Jags there was trolls like you around saying holmgren sucked the hawks sucked blah blah blah.

    rewatched the game today the pass rush was’nt great i n getting the sack but there was consistant pressure, clem was a beast. BI would have had 1-2 sacks if the interior line got push. as it was he was around the QB a lot.

    wilson looked like a rookie in his first game but he did a lot right for a guy under that much pressure.

    other than the kolb drive the hawks D dominated the second half but i don’t hear anything about that from the trolls. tough road game with a couple of key rookies in there first games. funny thing last friday tons of posts this one hardly any.

  13. Wishing anyone a broken femur is the epitome of saying something to stir negative feelings and reactions. You can say how you feel without wishing potentially career or even life threatening bodily harm. FFS man, lighten up. I also would have had Flynn starting the year, but with his elbow issues, it almost deemed it necessary for Russ to start. Take it easy on the f’ing hexing of our own players.

  14. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    flynn would have got killed last week

  15. hawkfaninoklahoma, didn’t Wilson have like 7 shots at the end zone at the end of that game?

  16. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    and atleast half should have been caught including the last

  17. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    e made better choices than 3 of the 5 rookie QB’s last weekend which is’nt saying much. let’s face it he is’nt the reason we lost. i put most of it on the O-line and play calling. i said it after game i will say it again wilson isnt getting paid to have the game in his hands from the 4 lynch is play action delayed draw. but hell what do i know.

  18. Soggybuc says:

    Footballs a crazy game, anything can happen at any time. the Dave Wyman article linked this week was spot on in that everybody in the NFL gets knocked on their ass! not just as individuals but as teams as well. just ask the 2010 Saints about that. hell Jared Allen got a NO’fer versus a no name LT last week.
    When Skelton went out i pumped my fist(not for the injury,but it happens) because I in no way saw Kolb coming in a slicing up our D like that. willing to bet we all didn’t see that one coming.

  19. bird_spit says:

    Hey RAdeon – just curious, who would the hawks sign to backup Flynn if your wish came true?

  20. Late report on Okung. This morning he stubbed his toe getting out of bed, cut himself shaving and tweaked his back while sneezing.

  21. TBH, I haven’t thought that far into it.

  22. mrbaileyboy says:

    So we are going to tank it this year. Do we sell the farm for Matt Barkley or do we go for a new left tackle that is not so easily injured?

  23. I find any comments about wishing our starting QB would break his femur repugnant. And then it’s followed up with everybodys a retard.
    A real class act.

  24. I have to agree with mocarob, RADEoN. I’ve been reading this blog for the last 5 years as mostly a ‘lurker’, but your stupid comment makes me question your fanhood. Yeah, I just typed that.

    We’re all armchair QB’s in here. Until you make the team, and can actually contribute to the outcome of a game, maybe you should frame your words more carefully, or simply shut the f_ck up. Hear me?


  25. Glad I’m not the only one that feels this way^^^^^

  26. I hope Russell breaks something against the Cowboys — a rookie record for passing. I wanted Flynn to start this season, but as long as Russell is playing, I want him to shock the Cowboys with his passing and running. Let’s give him a chance. If he doesn’t get better over the next few games, then we can think about Flynn.

  27. I hope RAID breaks his typing fingers.

  28. elcidvicious says:

    What are the chances that Flynn’s elbow might be worse than the team is letting on? Hasn’t this been an issue since game 3 of the pre-season? It might be that RW “won” the job by default.

  29. bbnate420 says:

    RADEoN is not a troll. However, he has been a RETARD from the get go. Just ignore his stupid comments. He will go away. I, like many others, have made some stupid comments on here while intoxicated, but it seems that 95% of RADEoN’s comments come from the short bus. Your femur comment just exemplifies this. No player ever breaks their femur in a football game. It is one of the strongest bones in the human body. It only breaks in car accidents and great falls. Not to mention the distastefulness and stupidity of wishing you own players great bodily harm. Please refrain from showing your mug around here if the Hawks end up with a winning record this year.

  30. Actually, EJ Henderson broke his femur against Arizona in 2009.

  31. montanamike2 says:

    RADEoN , i’m not sure that you’re a troll or a disgruntled fan who’s just letting his frustrations get the better of him, too much negetivity though man, don’t try to bring us down after only a game.
    I’m all in with what Canfan said- if things get bad with RW which seems unlikely as the kid is relentlessly trying to improve at all levels, then let Flynn take the reigns for a while. I don’t know if that’s even possible with his health and the longball seems out of his range. Give the kid a little time before labeling him a bust. The first half was brutal but the second half gave some hope. Even if he sqeaked one win by the Cards i’d still be worried about our next two opponents, i’m glad those games are at home.

  32. bbnate420 says:

    You’re right RADEoN, there is ONE case in 92 years of the NFL of it happening! He probably had a weakness in the bone to begin with. The hit he took wasn’t even that bad by NFL standards. My bad.

    Quote from article: “In all their research, they couldn’t find an instance of an NFL player who broke his femur in a game, let alone one who returned to play after the injury.

    ‘You don’t see these injuries in professional football,” Vikings head athletic trainer Eric Sugarman said. “You see them in car accidents. We really couldn’t find any documented cases in the NFL when we looked into it.'”

  33. Dukeshire says:

    Has RADEoN been taking personal shots at others here? If he has, I’ve missed it. I do find it funny however that most of those who are calling him a troll and the like, haven’t been posting here nearly as long as him. Trolls dont stick around. Simply because he’s not on board doesn’t mean he’s wrong. Objectively, Wilson’s done nothing to prove him wrong yet.

  34. psoundpowerhouse says:

    I wish the “ancient Indian” can be lifted soon!

  35. psoundpowerhouse says:

    Ahh.. “Ancient Indian” curse!

  36. Of the 3 options at QB Flynn was the correct choice given our first quarter schedule. When our team is 0-2 0-3 0-4 and the season is essentially over what are ya going to say. This rebuilding thing is got to get over with. When you have to trim down the offence for the quarterback cuz he isn’t NFL ready you hurt the entire team and their potential. Loosing plays a big part in the injury game. I don’t want to be saying this stuff about the Hawks but the truth doesn’t pick sides. Pete made the wrong choice at QB. And that is going to cost our team.

  37. I went on a rampage against Ruskell when it wasn’t cool and plenty of people were critical of it. I wasn’t being as “supportive” as I should have been. Then, all/most of the people mad at me for talking smack on him started doing the same thing after he was fired.

    Just because most people are optimistic of the talent we now have, that doesn’t mean you’re not a real Seahawks fan if you’re still skeptical of this regime (I’m probably more critical of Mr. Happy than I am with Bo). I don’t understand all the comments that you can’t criticize our team if there’s something you don’t believe in if you back it up with solid reasons.

    Yes, I remember RADEoN posting here well before many of the new handles on here so the troll thing is about as accurate as a Tarvaris Jackson “pass.”

    With that being said, I’m willing to give Mr. Happy his full 5 years, as then Wilson will be a 3rd year pro/starter by then and there’s no excuse in the world for this team not to be great. Heck, as stupid as I am (we are) sometimes, I was okay with giving Ruskell another year even with as bad as I bashed him. Too often in the league people are fired too early, although I’m glad Ruskell was canned when a doofus like me was a little bit hesitant about letting him go. Maybe I was simply scared of the “rebuilding” process, as I’m scared of wasting a season with a rookie QB (even though I know both situations are better for the future – it just sucks when you know good times are further away than you’d like them to be).

    My biggest worry is that teams can’t be like the Raiders and be one of the most penalized teams in the league and still win a Super Bowl. He’s got almost 100 games of coaching in the NFL and he sucks with respect to the stats backing his teams up as being undisciplined. If I’m a “hater” for that comment, I’m not sure what part of almost 100 games as a head coaching with stats to prove that you’re not good with respect to penalties that people won’t/don’t understand. That part of his coaching worries me to no end.

    If we lose our next two games, that’s going to suck. If we’d have lost our first three games with Flynn, it would have worked out better. Then he would have gotten his veteran chance, blew it, and in comes the rookie who will have had a chance to sit and learn for almost a month and then come in to take charge for 13 games and get the experience that would take him into next year. In our current scenario, you can’t really switch to the vet (you could) if you’re season is almost lost.

    It’s really too bad that the Broncos back-ups we’re about as bad as could be. I remember watching post-game interviews and John Fox even talked about how terrible (didn’t use that word) the Bronco back-ups were because of all the injuries to many of their guys. And then the KC game looked great, but when you look at their starting defense, they have been terrible all pre-season and looked like a joke giving up 40 points week 1 (even though they were statistically good last year). The Flynn elbow situation did nothing to help the competition either. The worst part, was dividing all the snaps between three players, when only two of those players deserved them. But, hey, we helped destroy continuity for Wilson/Flynn, but we did get a 7th round pick (I never knew a 7th round pick was more important than being ready to start a season with your QB position).

    Oh well, we’re at home on Sunday and hopefully we’ll win. After the win, we’ll be back in the drivers seat to win the division and go to the Super Bowl. If we lose, we can have some talking about Wilson getting replaced by Barkley. I’m only partially kidding. I, like many of you, get too fired up about a win and think we suck more than we really do after a loss. We “should have” won the AZ game, but we didn’t.

  38. Duke,
    “Has RADEoN been taking personal shots at others here? If he has, I’ve missed it.”

    When he said “With any luck Wilson breaks his femur” it felt like a personal attack. When someone attacks my team I take it personally.

  39. I think the Seahawks were over confident going into the 1st game because of being 4 and o. And we probably under estimated AZ.

    I think Dallas might be over confident coming into this game while we had a wake up call and will fight extra hard.

    It could be good game for us.

  40. ruminator1 says:

    Bnate –using “retard” is not cool.

  41. Dukeshire says:

    blueshq – okay, I get that. But let me say that it didn’t read to me like he genuinely meant it. But rather a hyberbolic dramatization to make his point, for which he did apologize. In any case…

  42. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    i remember that bobby you were quite trollish on a lot of those rants. even with that bobby you found positives. i just get tired of the posters that can’t find anything good about the team.RADEoN in one post attacked every part of the team and coaching staff but special teams(he did not even bring that up). that is a troll. bobby you ,duke, georgia hell even bbnate throw good in with the bad . good constructive criticism with debate and credit for the good where deserved.
    i have been comming here since september 04. there are a lot of the same people here now part of the reason i keep comming back.

    can not wait for tomorrow it will be interesting to see how RADEoN and other talk when the hawks win!

  43. DreadHawks says:

    Someone posted something about drafting a Left Tackle next year. I’m all for that. Okung just hasn’t lived up to expectations and I think we may need to bring someone in to compete next year. We CAN’T go 0-2! I certainly hope Bevell and Bradley leave their conservative play calling behind tomorrow.

  44. seahawk44 says:

    Dukeshire, RaDeon said the majority of people who post on here are complete retards. So, yes, I would say that is verbiage that is not needed on this blog. And wishing for injury is not cool anytime.
    Most of the time, I just ignore the posters that are just looking to get a rise out of people and to see how many responses they can get from their controversial comments, but its just how some people are and I don’t deny that they have the right to post their opinion. I have been reading this blog u Sando ran it and most posters are just passionate about the Seahawks.

  45. Every person here who has ever written with any regularity has said some pretty stupid things over the years, myself definitely being one of them.

  46. HeinieHunter says:

    I really don’t care who starts. QB’s go down and the backups get their chance every year. We saw that in Arizona last week. I am just happy we have two guys who are both a major step up in talent over last years QB.
    I would like to us throw some deep balls this week but do we have a WR who can get open?
    I would love the team to put it all together at Clink this weekend. After the Dawg’s loss at LSU and the Mariners ongoing fiasco I’m not mentally ready for the Hawks going 0-2!

  47. Ok, for my two cents.

    Radeon has been a semi-regular commenter, and in general is not a troll. Lately he’s been very negative and harsh–and in my opinion, wrong on many counts. However, his comment hoping for a broken femur for Wilson is sick and wrong. Out of line.

    But Namecalling is always wrong, and using the term Retard is even worse. I guarantee a few commenters on this blog have a family member who actually is retarded, and for those people (Im not one), seeing/hearing the term used as an insult is offensive. Just as the use of the term gay or “spazz” used as an insult is highly offensive to those of us with gay and/or epileptic family members.

    Now, Ive likely been guilty of hurling insults and even using the word retarded as a label for those not so afflicted; But I try very hard not to go there. I wish some others would extend equal effort.

    So enough with the namecalling, okay?

    Now, back to Radeon and Dukeshire and even Bobbyk’s point that criticising the current admin of the Seahawks does not make you a fair-weather fan. Of course not; on the contrary, it makes you a logical analytical passionate fan. Which we need more of. So those of you howling over commenters like myself who have bones to pick with our admin need to get a clue.

    I was right about Ruskell, and Im hoping Im not right about Carrol, Bevell, and Cable. Ie, that they suck and cant hack it in the NFL.

    I cannot understand how folks (like BobbyK and Dukeshire) can blame Wilson and a couple players for the pathetic Playcalling, gameplanning, time management, and the lack of discipline that is so rampant and obvious with our team right now. Those problems are directly attributed to our coaching staff.

    Bevell gameplanned exactly the way everyone in the world thought he would–he oversimplified his allready duplo offense and tried the same old conservative plays that havent worked EVER; the bubble screens, the quick passes behind the LOS, the routes where WR’s just ran straight routes downfield, etc etc….the Red Zone plays with WR routes that never go into the end zone…

    Carrol is responsible for the sloppiness, the penalties, etc, and is solely responsible for choosing Bevell and continuing the ZBS and signing Cable. And so far, its been a gigantic failure. If we had dumped the ZBS and jettisoned all but Okung and Unger after Bates got fired, we likely would have a solid line by now. Instead, we are still trying to make the ZBS work, and it just doesnt. And Cable cant field a solid line, not even with four out of five line positions from the third round or above. Seriously, how is that not total failure?

    Its not panic time yet, only one game into the season, but that was a sad excuse for a game in all facets, and I expected better from our team. They have too much talent to perform at that low a level. And the coaching staff is mostly responsible for that (lack of) performance.

    Right now, I think Golden Tate will provide more meaningful plays for our team each week than Rice. Rice has shown little except that he can be counted on for three decent 12 yard receptions per game. For 450k per week?!

    I like Flynn, and think he got the shaft, but Im not ready to bail on Wilson yet. Unfortunately, I think Bevell is a conservative fool and is incapable of fielding an NFL offense.

  48. And if long-term posting is some sort of litmus test, Ive been posting on TNT since 2004/5, and watching the Hawks since 1983, Curt Warners rookie year.

    I dont really think that makes my opinions any more valuable than anyone else’s, but it does prove Im no fair weather fan. What makes some of my opinions valuable is the passion I bring to each comment, and the logic and analytical thinking I bring to most. (Some comments are pure emotion, some have been utter BS spewed when upset over other things in life, and some were admittedly just stupid alcohol-induced blather>).

    Point? We’re all fans, and we all see things differently. As long as we avoid namecalling etc our opinions are all valid.

  49. bbnate420 says:

    I wish people would actually read my posts and the others before criticizing mine.

    Duke, as seahawk44 said, he called most people here retards early in the thread. Direct quote, “The reason I don’t post as much as I used to is because by and large, the majority of the people who post on here are complete retards (aside from Dukeshire, BobbyK, SandpointHawk, PDWay, ewalters, and chuck_easton, (and a few more i’m forgetting, i’m sure)”

    I didn’t call him out before he called the majority of people here “complete retards”. I have always thought most of his posts are stupid, but I would’ve kept it to myself if he had not insulted the majority of the blog. I don’t say that because he is negative about the team either. He has that right. Not everybody has to be optimistic about the Hawks. I don’t care about that.

    About using the term “retard”, give me a break. I have an aunt that is mentally retarded. It has nothing to do with that. It has a different connotation in this setting. Obviously I wouldn’t call someone who was really retarded a retard. Why is it any worse than calling someone stupid? So for the word police, you can keep the politically correct bullspit to yourself.

  50. bbnate420 says:

    Oh, and I started by saying that he wasn’t a troll.

  51. “They have too much talent to perform at that low a level.”

    Picking one line out of your post STTBM to make a point — but, I’m wondering, is that statement really true on the offensive side of the ball?

    Who are our top-line talents on offense? I’d say our TE’s and WR’s are below NFL-average, our O-line is probably average at best, and our QB just played his very first NFL game. Only Marshawn really is at that level.

    It’s no secret, but probably time we spent some high picks on playmakers. Right now the team is not explosive at all.

  52. bird_spit says:

    The ZBS brought the hawks the first 1000 yd RB in 5 years, last year. Pass pro is not a zone, it is pop Warner skills, against elite athletes. It is picking up blitzes, knowing how best to chip off stud DEs, and still hold the line. Communication broke down last game..the clink won’t present that problem.

    Hawks win this game..34-17… Call optimistic sure, call me a real fan, and yeah, I am not a football genius. Sorry guys, none of you are..

  53. Geez BobbyK, I must be reading your stuff wrong – never read any of your posts that were anything but brilliant!

    I kinda wonder if many in hawk-fan-ville though were like me thinking ‘thank God we don’t have T-Jax at QB anymore'(?) and just kinda assuming that either RW or Flynn would be so much better it would put us way ahead of where we were last season. That doesn’t quite seem the case now – especially with injuries and less than stellar performance of the OL, with Lynch being iffy outta the gate, and the same with Rice.

    The D is young and very OK, but the O still has lotsa room to improve. Let them improve this season. With our strength of schedule, there wasn’t much hope of getting a wildcard spot and beating SF for the division depended on them taking a big step back and us taking a leap forward. Let’s see if Cable can pull this OL together, Lynch/Turbin/LW/RW can run for more than 4.0/2.5/2.5/2.5 avg yds per carry, and see if RW can improve his 62.5 passer rating @AZ to closer to his 97.1 vs TEN, 128.3 @DEN, 134.8 @ KC and 67.2 vs OAK.

    Come to think of it, RW’s 62.5 @ AZ was much closer to his 67.2 vs OAK than in his other preseason games vs #2s & 3s.

  54. bird_spit says:

    Klm..I think you are one of the brilliant ones here…definitely not one of us “retards” that Rad suggests above. Glad you are back in the saddle.

  55. Dukeshire says:

    bbnate – You’re just about the last person here to chastise anyone for insulting other posters.

    This thread is a perfect example of how this blog is being dumb downed and devolving to one of the lowest points in my 8 years here, as far as quality, insiteful, and thought provoking posts go.

  56. Dukeshire says:

    STTBM – I like your post. Point of clarification, I dont /havent blamed Wilson for those things you listed. In any case…

  57. SandpointHawk says:

    Duke…well said, yes indeed well said.

  58. klm – Welcome back! Too bad you’re back to a season where the schedule looks tough and the schedule looks as easy as I’ve ever seen in almost 30 years of being a fan last year (when Mr. Worthless was our QB).

  59. bbnate420 says:


    Please quote where I “chastised” RADEoN for insulting other posters! This is not an insult, just a fact, that you have been totally unable to read and comprehend any of mine and at least one of RADEoN’s posts on this thread. You said that you didn’t see where RADEoN personally insulted anyone on here when it was only a little above you in the thread. I only insulted him after he insulted me and most of the other posters. Totally fair in my book. I didn’t say he couldn’t insult anyone here. I really don’t care if he does. I’m not the blog police.

    I don’t see how I’m the, “last one to chastise people for insulting posters.” Besides my drunken trollfest last Sunday, which I apologized for, I don’t think I really insult people. Unless you call disagreeing and calling people out when they distort facts being insulting. If you do, then you need to grow up IMO. You’re the one that keeps nagging at klm008 because you don’t like the way in which he presents his statistics. That seems insulting to me. You keep beating a dead horse because you don’t like his posting style. Take it or leave it. Read his posts or don’t. I just hope that you’re not too high-browed and intelligent for the rest of us here on this sinking ship! ;-)

  60. bbnate420 says:

    BTW Duke, it’s insightful, not insiteful.

  61. Wow nate “420”. A self proclaimed pothead is seriously criticizing the most well spoken and football educated poster here.

    Sttbm, and klm008, you’re 2 posters I forgot in my previous post.

  62. bbnate420 says:

    RADEoN, I didn’t say anything that wasn’t accurate. Please post a quote from me where I said you couldn’t say what you wanted! I am not a self proclaimed “pothead”, you moron! I used to smoke, but I don’t anymore! I could smoke about 20 ounces and still post a more intelligent post than you ever could.

    The challenge still stands for you and Duke. Quote where I, “Chastised” you about saying what you wanted. You can say what you want. I can still call you a RETARD though for calling out the 90% of us you think are, “Complete morons”. Don’t think you can disparage 90% of the posters here and not get some blowback!

  63. Dukeshire says:

    bbnate420 – In your relatively brief time here, you have been consistently combative, insulting, and otherwise rude to many posters here. Not always of course, but you have come across as incredible defensive on many occasions. And it’s with that in mind that I caution you against chastising others for insults (e.g., your retard non-sense). It strikes me as hypocritical.

    As for RADEoN and his retard crack at the posters here: You’re right, that is an insult, of course. I read it however, in the same tone I read the Wilson-breaking-his-leg comment: hyperbole, and not a personally directed attack. I could certainly be wrong, but that’s how I interpreted it.

    In any case, I don’t care to continue with this childish non-sense. In this particular case, it seems to be more important for you to be right, than to understand what others are saying, and your roll in it. No matter, I’m moving on. The last word here is yours, should you want it.

  64. bbnate420 says:

    Yes Duke, never admit you were wrong! I have posted here for 3 years now, not that it really matters. He talked shit first. I just stood up for the 90% of posters that were named as “complete retards”. You were named as one that wasn’t. Good for you.

    So RADEoN can say anything he wants and it’s hyperbole, eh? But if I respond than I am serious? You really need to learn how to read!

  65. bbnate420 says:

    I just called him same thing he called the VAST majority of posters here, AFTER he called us that! I didn’t say he couldn’t say anything he wanted to. That means I have the SAME RIGHT! I don’t understand if you can’t comprehend this. Your denial of the truth is PATHETIC!

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