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Wilson: Game speed wasn’t a factor vs. Cardinals

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 13, 2012 at 1:32 pm with 15 Comments »
September 13, 2012 1:32 pm

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson said he felt he handled Arizona’s defensive pressure packages okay last week, and that the speed of the game wasn’t any different than what he faced during the preseason.

“I wouldn’t say it was any faster,” Wilson said. “I think more than anything we have to capitalize on some plays, whether it’s me making the right throw at the right time, or just reaching out for the first down in terms of runs.”

Wilson said the fact that he played against Arizona’s 3-4 defense last week should help in the preparation for the Dallas Cowboys, another 3-4 team, this weekend.

“They’re very, very similar,” Wilson said. “Most 3-4 defenses are for the most part. They’ve got a lot of talent up front. They fly around and make plays. They bring different types of pressure, just like Arizona did. And so we just have to be prepared for it, and when we have that opportunity to block it up, there’s a lot of green grass behind it. And so we have to capitalize on those.”

Wilson said he did have a few moments during last week’s game to take in the situation and understand he was starting in his first NFL game.

“Of course I was,” Wilson said. “I got out there, and I didn’t forget that. It’s one of those things that, the main goal and the main focus for me is just to win the game, and help our football team win whatever way possible. And so it wasn’t too big or too small, or anything like that.

“It was another football game. Another opportunity – 100 yards. It was my first NFL football game, so that’s always cool to have. But it wasn’t any different.”

Seahawks defensive end Red Bryant, a Jasper, Texas native who grew up as a Dallas Cowboys fan, talked about playing team he rooted for as a youngster.

“It always means something playing the Cowboys,” Bryant said. “I’m a Texas boy to my heart. I grew up lovin’ the Cowboys. But it’s basically the next game. I’m not going to get outside of myself and my game playing them. I know I was really excited last year, and wanted to do extremely well. And sometimes you can press – it’s human nature.

“So I’m just going to rely on everything I’ve been working on, rely on my technique and let’s battle. Let’s get after it.”

I told Bryant it seems like it’s a requirement that players who grew up in Texas are Cowboys fans. How come nobody has any love for the Texans?

“We love the Texans, it’s just the Cowboys are America’s team,” Bryant said, laughing. “And they definitely were one of my teams. I grew up a Cowboys fan. My whole family are Cowboys fans. So it’s just something that we all look forward to Thanksgiving – we’re going to be watching the Cowboys. So I know everybody will be pulling for me, but they’ll also be watching the Cowboys on Sunday. So it’s a win-win for me.”

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  1. SandpointHawk says:

    The Cowboys own Texas, now the Oilers had a good share but you know what happened there and to the Cowboys went the spoils. If the Texans can become a constant winner then the southern part of the state will come around. I lived in that damn state for a while and I’ve never seen such a football crazy area. Go to the grocery store on a Friday night and the local HS team play by play is on the stores load speakers.

  2. SandpointHawk says:

    * loudspeaker

  3. Dukeshire says:

    The film and his coaches (Bevell notably) would not agree with Wilson here. Especially regarding his pocket presence.

    And saying most 3-4s are very, very similar is like saying most 4-3 are very, very similar. This could simply be player-speak, but this also isn’t true. Form blitzing to coverages, there are some significant differences within 3-4s. Perhaps Dallas and Arizona are similar (although Dallas tends to blitz far less), but as a general statement, I don’t get what he’s saying, although I suspect he’s just giving generic, bland answers.

  4. Soggybuc says:

    Everyone keep your fingers crossed that Ratliff is a scratch and Ware is slowed a tad bit by that hammy.

    My condolences Sandpoint that must have been a very traumatic experiance. hopefully you managed to avoid adopting the local customs such as wearing Trucker hats, mouth breathing and having your wardrobe stained with Budweiser dribbles.

  5. The three most meaningless statements in the world:

    1) when athletes answer questions during game-week prep.
    2) when coaches answer questions during game-week prep.
    3) when politicians speak.

  6. sluggo42 says:

    Nailed that one Stevo-

    No ammo for the opposition. You know the RDub watched that game about 500 times by now, analysing every step taken by every player. And, I’ll bet he learned a few things that are going to help him out. The one little thing he gave away was “there is a lot of green behind the 3-4″. Which means that he is baiting the Safeties up already…
    I love it, he is starting to use some Jedi mind control on the other team already…

  7. SandpointHawk says:

    Thank you Soggy…it was close but I escaped just in time…

  8. Vancouver_Hawk68 says:

    Typical vanilla statement by a professional athlete. Can’t wait to see what kind of progress we will see from his first game. He did handle the pressure reasonably well all things considered, i.e. first game ever, underwhelming O-line. I would argue that no quarterback has much of a chance if one pass rusher comes through unblocked on every other blitz. Let’s hope there will be a viable plan to improve protection and that our receivers get separation at least occasionally. Dallas corners are tough.

    On the defensive side, some pass rush would help, but after seeing how the Giants could not generate pressure, one has to wonder.

    Nevertheless, RW progress in comparison to week 1 will be most interesting. Those lateral passes need to disappear from the game plan.

    Go Hawks.

  9. Eric,
    how serious is Rice’s knee injury?

  10. It will be interesting how RWilson develops over the first 4 games. Given his nature and work ethic I do expect to see leaps and bounds of improvement..

  11. Vancouver_Hawk68 says:


    Totally agree. The slope is steep with Dallas and GB coming up while learning on the fly. O-line needs to step up to give him a better chance.

  12. yellaman says:

    I think it is disingenuous to say game speed was not a factor because if that was the case he should’ve had a much day at qb. I mean he had a passer rating in the 50’s for christ sakes. And I agree with the duke when he talks about facing a 3-4 defense that are similar. All 3-4 defenses do look similar come on RW be real

  13. chrisj122 says:

    If game speed wasn’t an issue why the delay of game penalties?

  14. Does anyone care how the offensive line played? They were horrible to say the least. (Pass Protection) Give RW the time he had in the pre-season games and then lets see how he grades out. I woke up in the middle of the night to watch the game and I consistently saw RW getting hurried and chased out of the pocket. He even got destroyed on a bootleg as soon as he turned around from the fake. Give him some time back there then lets disect his play. If I recall last years SB Brady didn’t have a whole lot of time (aside from the last drive when the patriot receivers turned in Hawks receivers from 04 and couldn’t catch a ball if there life depended on it) and he didn’t play well either. The fact that RW got outta Arizona with 1 TD and “JUST 1 INT” given the pass rush pressure he was facing I think was pretty good. At least this year (and I don’t know which columnist brought it up already) he put us in a position to win even with his struggles. If Baldwin hangs on to the one in Endzone or, Edwards keeps his hands together on a slant or, hell if Martin goes up for the ball in the corner instead of trying to let it come to him we have a TD and a win and everyone says how well he played under the “Daunting Circumstances”

  15. hawkdawg says:

    There’s green behind blitzing linebackers and DBs in a 3-4 that we can take advantage of IF the line can pick up the blitzes–I think that’s what he was saying…

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