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Moffitt will start at RG, Tate will practice

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 12, 2012 at 1:51 pm with 19 Comments »
September 12, 2012 1:51 pm

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said that John Moffitt will start at right guard against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday as long as he makes it through this week’s practice okay.

Moffitt was not active for last week’s game against Arizona, as he returns from elbow surgery. Instead, Carroll went with seventh round draft choice J.R. Sweezy, who struggled to keep up with one of the best defensive lineman in the league in Darnell Dockett.

“John Moffitt is back and ready to go,” Carroll said. “We’re going to play him this week. He’s going to start at right guard for us. It’s good to have him back in. He was almost there last week. And if he makes it through the week solid and healthy, then we’ll get a chance to see John come back for us, which would be great.”

Moffitt said the main issue getting ready for Sunday is getting his timing back. Moffitt said playing against Oakland in the final preseason game helped in that regard.

“I think just getting back to game speed,” Moffitt said. “I think that will be it, and I don’t think it will be a long adjustment. I think I’ll get back out there and knock the rust off and be fine. But it always is a little bit faster than preseason. So I think just getting used to that, and getting used to the flow of the game.”

Carroll said receiver Golden Tate will practice in a limited capacity today. Tate did not play in Seattle’s season opener because of a sprained knee.

“He’s had a good recovery,” Carroll said. “He’s got to make it through the week and show us he can do all the things he needs to do. But he’s encouraged, and feels really good. He had a great workout yesterday, so he’ll get some limited work today, then step it up tomorrow.”

However, offensive tackle Russell Okung will not practice today, as he attempts to play through a bone bruise that he suffered on his left knee in the final series against the Cardinals last week.

Carroll said the expectation still is for Okung to play, but that his team feels comfortable with backup Frank Omiyale if Okung can’t go.

Carroll said the Charly Martin, who suffered a bruised lung while diving for a ball in the end zone on the final series, is back in town after spending a few days in Arizona for further evaluation.

Carroll said the expectation still if for Martin to take a week or so to get back on the field

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  1. SandpointHawk says:

    Good news about John Moffitt, lets hope Russell Okung is back also.

  2. It’s really too bad we couldn’t have pulled out that first game. Dallas is going to be tough – Romo looked really good in Dallas’ first game. Puts pressure on us not to start out in an 0-2 hole.

  3. You know I watched the game again…. Sweezy was overpowered and outmatched, he missed some assignments and really has poor footing. I would imagine that his wrestling background helps in terms of use of leverage however it could also hinder him in that wrestlers gain a lot of leverage by creating it with their feet. What I mean by that is they look to move AROUND their opponent rather than standing their ground and using their power by sinking their hips and creating leverage from where they stand. I see this constantly with Sweezy blocking his man into the wrong area while struggling to maintain leverage… However he is doing really well at cut blocking especially into the second level.

    If you expect that Moffitt will immediately fix our problems you are wrong. Here’s why: BRENO GIACOMINI. Sure he’s a tough son-of-a-bitch but he is the weak link in our line. He just plainly isn’t talented enough. He doesn’t slide quick enough for speed rushers and he also seems to struggle with straight up bull rushes also. They moved Dockett in the second half and played him a lot from the end position rather than 3 tech. They realized the weak part of our line was the entire right side and they utilized it and in turn abused Giacomini just as much as Sweezy.

    In the end glad to have Moffitt back but Breno needs to step up his game in a big way.

  4. Seahawks2620 says:

    Watching Pete’s press conference today, he seemed rather disappointed in his team as a whole, as if they really let him down. Obviously every coach preaches about winning every game, but I think he genuinely think he was under the impression that he had a great young team that was going to surprise some people this year. Not saying we still can’t have a winning season, after all it’s only one freakin game. It’s just the impression that I got from him. He spoke as if to temper everyone’s expectations. Such as “the defense is really going to have to play well in order for us to stand a chance”. That doesn’t necessarily sound like a team that is confident about his teams ability. I sure hope we come out and absolutely stomp the boys out this Sunday. That would inflate this depressed fan base a bit. Still lots of time left in the season!

  5. Good that Moffitt will be back! I’m glad Tater is back, too!

  6. Soggybuc says:

    I would bet Pete is really disappointed in the line play. everyone thought that unit was going to come out the blocks stronger than what we saw in AZ.

  7. ChrisHolmes says:

    Might be a hard lesson for PC to learn, but I think this week it really sunk in for him: Pre-season is not the same thing as the Regular Season.

    I just get the impression that Pete put too much stock into his team’s performance during the pre-season. And if history has shown us anything, it’s that pre-season wins and losses are in no way an accurate reflection on a team’s ability to compete in the regular season.

    We have a rookie QB and a young OL. We have to grow. There are no shortcuts.

  8. hawaiitom says:

    I am glad Moffitt is returning. Sweezy is a great story and will develop into a good backup this season and will give Seattle the option have a good o-lineman in the future. With all the complicated schemes and nuances at this level it takes time to recognize where pressure is coming from throughout the time it takes to execute an offensive pass. I also this Moffitt returning will free Geno up to concentrate on his responsibilities without having to keep an eye on the rook. The same is true with Unger, he seemed just a hair off in the first half, not knowing if Sweezy was going to block the right gap. Putting Moffitt in and letting the line get used to playing together again will help. I am hoping we can keep it close in the first half this week, because we will come out in the second half with the adjustments to win the game.

  9. I have no idea what the consensus is on this forum with Wilson but thought i would offer a reasonably objective point of view.

    In watching the first two drives compared to the last two drives you can see a very clear difference in RWilson settling down. As can be expected. However, he played like a Rookie quarterback all game as SHOULD be expected. Plenty of rookie blunders to see, backwards passing, time management, hesitation, delay of game. These are things that should be expected from RWilson as he finds where he sits with that learning curve. If preseason is any indication of what is to come than RWilson will catch on sooner rather than later.

    When I say he played like a Rookie all game here is why..
    RWilson missed quite a few easy reads early on that should have determined/changed a primary read simply by presnap alignment. (These reads I speak of were not in any way masked by Arizona). HOWEVER(and this is a big however if you couldn’t tell) The last drive of the game is exactly what we want and is pretty damn impressive for a rookie. Excellent reads from behind center from start to finish. RWilson was the model of efficiency in being able to match our team down the field with limited time to come from behind and win. 5/6 throws in the Redzone were to the right man. Sure we got some extra shots, but I’ll take 5/6 every single time. His reads improved but his throwing didn’t which is what you should consider before blaming his receivers.

    Throughout the game we saw a lot of hot and high balls. When strong armed quarterbacks
    Over compensate for the speed of the game they throw hot. Yeah despite his high release RWilsons height does affect his throws… I.e High.

    Baldwins teeth shattering catch. Great read but hot and just wide. Take either out of the equation and a guy like Baldwin will pull that down 95% of the time. Braylon’s slant that “went through his fingers” great placement, slightly high, way too hot. Again take either out of the equation and it’s a TD. Braylons post route swatted down, Excellent placement great play from the defender it could be argued that there was “too much touch”. Charly Martins drop.. Good placement within the lines but slightly overshot….

    In all RWilson gave us a chance to win that game by driving us down the field was a plus. The decision making in the red zone was EXCELLENT a double plus. These areas you see a lot of QBs take a few years to develop. RWilson can control his brain and vision lets see him control that arm.

  10. freedom_X says:

    Carroll should be disappointed in his team’s play. I’d have been very annoyed if he pulled a happy routine and thought all was well. No problem with him saying he can fix things, but good to have him admit there are things that needed to be fixed.

    It really sounds (now) like Sweezy’s rise to the starting position was due to Moffitt not being 100%. Or is that Carroll spin? Because last week, I defintely had the impression Sweezy had beaten out Moffitt, but now the message is Moffitt is finally ready to go after being hurt. NOT the message I got last week.

  11. Soggybuc says:

    I think they wanted to give Moffit an extra week. if it was the last game and a playoff spot was on the line i’m sure he could have gone but its wise to give him an extra week at the start of the season.

  12. Dukeshire says:

    Best thing I could have heard. Moffitt needs to play in place of Sweezy.

  13. Week 1 OL Performances for SEA, AZ & DAL:

    Looked at performance of OLs via Football Outsiders (FO) and Pro Football Focus (PFF) reported stats. PFF ranked players according to their overall (OA) performance which included pass blkg (PB), screen blkg (SB), run blkg (RB), and penalties (P). Rankings listed below are out of 81 tackles who played at least one snap last week, 76 guards, and 33 centers.

    SEA OL: pass blkg 26th, run blkg 28th
    Offensive Line played 81 snaps (not counting STs plays)
    LT 70 snaps R.Okung (68th OA/27th PB/t8th SB/t59th RB/t80th P)
    11 snaps F.Omiyale (56th OA/64th PB/t8th SB/t34th RB/t51st P)
    LG P.McQuistan (41st OA/t63rd PB/t7th SB/t20th RB/t1st P)
    OC M.Unger (25th OA/t24th PB/t6th SB/t22nd RB/t1st P)
    RG J.Sweezy (76th OA/t63rd PB/t7th SB/76th RB/t1st P)
    RT B.Giacomini (67th OA/61st PB/t8th SB/t65th RB/t63rd P)

    ARZ OL: pass blkg 32nd, run blkg 32nd
    Offensive Line played 64 snaps (not counting STs plays)
    LT D.Batiste (81st OA/81st PB/t8th SB/t70th RB/t78th P)
    LG D.Colledge (39th OA/t21st PB/t7th SB/t59th RB/t3rd P)
    OC L.Sendlein (33rd OA/4th PB/t6th SB/33rd RB/t30th P)
    RG A.Snyder (74th OA/70th PB/t73rd SB/t67th RB/t3rd P)
    RT B.Massie (73rd OA/69th PB/t8th SB/t70th RB/t22nd P)

    DAL OL: pass blkg 17th, run blkg 21st
    Offensive Line played 68 snaps (not counting STs plays)
    LT T.Smith (72nd OA/t58th PB/t8th SB/t40th RB/t80th P)
    LG N.Livings (11th OA/t19th PB/t7th SB/19th RB/t3rd P)
    OC 3 snaps P.Costa (t19th OA/t21st PB/t6th SB/19th RB/28th P)
    65 snaps R.Cook (t19th OA/t24th PB/t6th SB/t17th RB/t4th P)
    RG M.Bernadeau (44th OA/t36th PB/t7th SB/t37th RB/t62nd P)
    RT D.Free (73rd OA/t58th PB/t8th SB/t70th RB/t75th P)

    At the end of last season vs AZ, Breno (3.1) was our best performing OL blocker, playing the same position that he did last sunday (-2.4). Robert Gallery played the worst last season of the SEA OLers (-1.3) and last Sunday Sweezy (-7.5) had that distinction. McQuistan played better at LT last season (1.1) than he did at LG last sunday (-0.5). Unger played C better last season (2.9) than last sunday (-0.4). Okung, Moffitt and Carpenter were all on IR by week 17 last season, but in week 1 last season Okung did much better at run blocking than he did last sunday. In week 1 vs SF Okung had 3 penalties (2 were turned down).

    If you just look at the QB sacks, hits and hurries, SEA’s OL did much better starting this season than they did starting last season. They had an offseason to prep, and have had a little bit more repoire with each other by now… It takes time for an OL to gel. Good to get Moffitt back, but don’t throw Sweezy out – he played against the best 3-4 DE in the NFL (in week 1 anyway).

  14. whoa, klm008 is back! I’m going to need some time to digest that last post. lol.

    I won’t be surprised if Moffitt and Carpenter are starting side by side on the right side of our line by the end of this year. If Carpenter doesn’t end up at RT then perhaps he lands at LG and McQuistan moves to RT. After rewatching the first game some more, its pretty obvious the O line needs a lot of work, and Giac still hasn’t convinced me he’s a worthy starter. Get well soon, Carpenter.

  15. bbnate420 says:

    Very nice post, klm008. I like to have the data posted even if you don’t analyze it for us. Most of us can do that ourselves. Don’t let Duke scare you off again. ;-)

    Not sure whether or not it’s PC spin that Sweezy started because Moffitt wasn’t quite ready. I think probably that both Moffitt wasn’t quite back in shape and they wanted to see how Sweezy would do in a real game. Expectations were obviously way too high for this kid. He has been playing OG for approx. 4 months. Let’s not forget that. I think he has pro bowl potential but obviously needs more time to develop. It’s amazing that he even made the 53.

    It’s still early but, the Dallas game may be make or break for the playoffs. Teams starting 0-2 don’t have a good track record of making the playoffs and, we have GB week 3. 0-3 teams make it even less. We could pray that it turns out like 2008 when three 0-2 teams made the playoffs.

    All 4 of the other o-lineman need to step it up next week. That’s clear. I think that Sweezy’s play did have a trickle down effect though. The o-line is like a chain, one weak link can compromise the whole thing. I’m not excusing the other o-lineman. They should’ve stepped up and did better. Okung definitely can’t blame false starts on Sweezy.

  16. bbnate420 says:

    That’s not a bad idea, Stevos. McQuistan did a serviceable job at LT last year and should be a decent stop-gap if Breno continues to struggle. I would rather leave Carp at LG. Both because he is still recovering from the injury and I think he will be a better player there long term. We can then either sign a RT or draft one in the 2nd-3rd round next off-season.

  17. SandpointHawk says:

    Sidney Rice missed Seahawks practice Wednesday with a knee injury.
    Rice has had knee problems dating to his rookie year in Minnesota, but this isn’t known to be a significant concern. Check back for his status on Thursday. Sep 12 – 8:44 PM

  18. psoundpowerhouse says:

    I think coach Carroll realizes that the Seahawks are under a ancient Indian curse!
    Needs to add a shaman to the coaching staff who has strong medicine.
    I got a bad feeling about this game

  19. bird_spit says:

    Klm008, thanks for the rundown of the stats. I think those guys had communication issues..loud stadium, and lots of presnap movement by the LBs. That 3-4 defense was more like 3-6 a lot of times. The problem becomes muted at home, let’s hope.

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