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Bevell: Wilson is not a running quarterback

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 12, 2012 at 4:41 pm with 42 Comments »
September 13, 2012 9:14 am

I asked Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell how he felt rookie quarterback Russell Wilson handled Arizona’s intense pass rush on Sunday in his first NFL game.

And as you would expect, Bevell said Wilson had an uneven performance.

“I think he did a nice job at times,” Bevell said. “And I there were a couple times we said that there are times you need to sit there – where he still had good protection and he maybe took off early. And of course, some of them were designed for him to get out as well. So there was probably a mix of all of that.”

I then followed up with the question of did the Seahawks move Wilson outside the pocket enough, and received an interesting answer.

“We’re not saying he’s a running quarterback,” Bevell said. “That’s really not what we’re trying to do. Obviously it’s a long season, and he’s going to take his hits and stuff. But we’re not really trying to design the thing for him to run.

“What’s probably been best about him is when he’s moved, he moved with merit. And then when he’s moved in the passing game, he’s moved to throw down the field and make explosive plays. That’s what we need to continue to do.”

Bevell went on to say that he expects Wilson to play better in the team’s home opener on Sunday against Dallas, because that’s what he’s shown since the team’s rookie minicamp in May.

“I think all we can fall back on is what we’ve had here,” Bevell said. “From OTAs when he started, to when he began training camp, to when he started preseason, to when he started the season.

“Every time he’s gone through an experience, whether it be good, or whether it be an adverse situation, he always come out better for it. So that’s what we expect.”

In terms of today’s workout, WR Charly Martin (chest) is out. WR Sidney Rice (shoulder) (knee) and offensive tackle Russell Okung (knee) did not practice.

RB Marshawn Lynch (back) and TE Zach Miller (foot) were limited participants in practice.

Receiver Golden Tate (knee) fully participated in practice, and looked good in the plays the he was in there during team drills. DE Greg Scrugs and CB Byron Maxwell (shoulder) also returned to practice, and were full participants.

Offensive lineman James Carpenter also worked in drills during the team portion of practice for the first time since suffering the ACL injury last year, including the pass blocking drills that suffered the injury in last year.

Carpenter worked at left guard, and appears to be on track to get on the field as some point during the first half of the year.

Cornerback Walter Thurmond remains on the physically unable to perform (PUP) list with a leg injury.

For Dallas, C Phhil Costa (back), S Matt Johnson (hamstring) and NT Jay Ratliff (ankle) did not practice.

S Gerald Sensabaugh (concussion) and LB DeMarcus Ware (hamstring) were limited participants.

WR Miles Austin (hamstring), WR Andre Holmes (knee), CB Mike Jenkins (shoulder), RB Felix Jones (ribs), S Danny McCray (neck), RB DeMarco Murray (wrist), LB Kyle Wilber (thumb) and TE Jason Witten (abdomen) fully participated in practice.

Notes from practice
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  1. yellaman says:

    Let me first say that I’m really a Flynn guy, but I will say let’s hope for a better result from RW in this next game. I’m rooting for RW to succeed but I have concerns like what happen against AZ will continue till RW makes teams pay for blitzing him. He’s a rook and the NFL does have a learning curve to get use to (except if your RG3) rooting for hawks vitory on sunday!!!

  2. SandpointHawk says:

    Darrell Bevell certainly has leaned Coach Speak well….

  3. guiltybystander says:

    All I can say about Darrell Bevell is that if his offensive line doesn’t do a better job of creating a pocket (let along hold one), he’d better hope to high heaven that Russell Wilson IS a running quarterback.

    Better to be able to run away from trouble than to stand like a totem pole in the midst of it until you’re carried off the field (and onto the IR list) in sections.

  4. sluggo42 says:

    Why is Rice not practicing? because of a shoulder injury?, Or, is he just taking it easy on them as they can, while they heal better?

  5. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    Wilson’s struggles are Bevell’s and Cable’s fault. If Cable and his O-line could have protected Wilson, any, and gave him a chance to feel comfortable in the pocket then it would be on Wilson. Likewise, if Bevell had called plays that accounted for Arizona’s pass rush, and Wilson didn’t perform, then, again, that would be on Wilson. The contrary happened though, which is why I believe Wilson struggled.

    I noticed that Bevell did call a few quick wide receiver screens, but Wilson hesitated, and rightfully so, because before he could throw the ball there was a defender in the receiver’s face, and Wilson did want to risk an interception. Even on the screen to Marshawn Lynch, as soon as the ball touched Lynch’s fingertips a defender was in the backfield blowing Lynch up. Bevell simply got out coached. Their defensive coordinator had a better game plan than Bevell; and their defensive coordinator anticipated the feeble ways that Bevell would try to adjust to their blitzes. I hope Bevell game plans better the rest of the season.

  6. Strategicdust says:

    The play calling from Bevel can certainly be questioned but I really don’t have a problem with the coaching Cable has provided the offensive line. I think starting Sweezy had impacts all across the line, I’m hoping that Moffit can provide a more solid alternative (although he’s facing his first real season test in his first game back). I’d love for Carpenter to get in shape fast (Eric, how did he look in his team pracitce?) to help build some depth in the line. I think if we can get the line settled, the offense will look much better.

  7. ryanryan says:

    peanut brittle’s shoulder is hurt? you don’t say.

  8. Dukeshire says:

    “Wilson’s struggles are Bevell’s and Cable’s fault.”

    Come on now. Wilson’s “struggles” are due to the fact he’s a rookie. No coach in the world can correct that.

  9. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I’m having struggles too right now. A little comic relief can help.


  10. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BTW- Dukeshire- my ex girlfriend and her sister ( who is a bronze statue artist is driving out from Aberdeen South Dakota to Portland Oregon next monday.
    Do you have any ideas for them to stay or visit while they or out there?

  11. chuck_easton says:

    Peanut brittle is just resting his shoulder. He’s not hurt. Did you not notice all those balls he dove for including the TD?

    And displaced, I know you’re a big fan, but come on! Hey, if those mean Arizona d-linemen wouldn’t have rushed so hard and fast then Wilson would have had a great game as well! Rookie has got to learn to read the blitzes and Audie out to a better play. But I’m sure that’s the coaches fault as well because they weren’t in there changing the play forvWilson when the one called wasnt right for the defensive alignment.

    The QB has to recognize the defensive formation and change the play at the line accordingly.

  12. “Come on now. Wilson’s “struggles” are due to the fact he’s a rookie. No coach in the world can correct that.”

    It’s not either or….it’s a team sport and there is plenty of blame to go around…

    Sweezy was a turnstyle…

    Breno wasn’t much better.

    Cable didn’t have the Oline ready to go like we had hoped.

    Wilson whiffed on a few decisions…could have been more accurate…

    Receivers dropped catchable balls.

    Haushka missed a field goal early that could have been the difference

    Total penalties were 15 and not 13 like I thought…

    Defense let down when Skelton went out

    Etc., etc., etc.,

    We’ll be more prepared for Dallas and we have homefield advantage…a win against them puts us back on track.

  13. Re: Bevell/Cable are to blame for Wilsons struggles.

    Duke is right. RWilson struggled because… RWilson struggled. He did some things well beyond what a rookie QB typically does. He seemed to have full command and impressive vision as the game wore on. However his execution was that of a typical rookie. Some of his throws were unnecessarily hurried. Quite a bit of them amped and off target. Great decision making…poor execution.

    The Redzone play calling should be criticized for lack of utilizing our strength of running/play action. But it’s hard to argue when the passing plays that were called were there for the taking.

  14. bird_spit says:

    Haushka’s missed field goal was officially blocked.

    I think it was obvious that RW for thee first time maybe was intimidated. He did not look good, missing a wide open Rice with his first throw. Rice caught it on deflection from Marshawn..the pass was behind Marshawn, and he tipped it. Rice made a beautiful catch. Soon after RW was sacked, hit hard by a free runner after a well designed stunt. RW didn’t look right for about 15 mins afterwards.

  15. WiscCory says:

    Folks, I have to be honest an express my frustration. I understand it’s only week 2, however our high hopes took a solid kick in the gut last Sunday.

    Enough has been said about the O-line. I expect better play, however the Sweezy project is still in the infant steps, and the Okung injury is troubling. To think Omiyale will be adequate is wishful thinking. Take a look at the Bear fan comments on this press release after last season. I saw enough Bear games to understand what these people mean…

    Lord help us if Okung misses time this season.

    Last week, we were reminded at how tough a runner Lynch is. Despite the OLine, Lynch was productive and made an impact. Okay, I feel better having said something positive.

    The D play was really disappointing last week. I felt like the D just expected to come in and Stonewall the Cards, and they were rudely reminded that this is the NFL. Any team will be a challenge unless you come ready to PUT IT ON THEM from snap #1. When Kolb came in, he looked like Dave Krieg in his prime,

    I’m sorry that this is likely repetitive from other posters earlier this week, however I was a little let down by Wilson, too. I think he has the heart of a lion, however if it weren’t for Leon Washington’s returns, the Hawks would’ve been blown out last week. Well, maybe ” a somewhat lopsided score” is more appropriate. The refs allowed Wilson many opportunities at the end of the game to win it, and he was just a hair off on each throw, IMO. A little less height on those throws, and we’re all feeling a little better sitting at 1-0. And what the hell was with those 2 laterals – you can’t do that sh!t in the NFL. Wilson looked extremely more “rookie” last week that any of us expected.

    Either last week was a wake up call to this team, and a reminder that NOTHING will be handed to them despite the modest national love they were getting after the 4-0 preseason.

    Or, week 1 was a rude reminder this is still a young team that will make it a painful season for us fans. The fact is that all of the national experts (some that actually have knowledge on what it takes to succeed in the NFL) have the Seahawks in the bottom quarter of the league. THE BOTTOM QUARTER.

    After week 1, the Seahawks have everything to prove. In the words of one of my heroes….It’s Now Time. Beating the Cowboys would be a big statement.

    Pre-season means nothing, now they have to prepare, gameplan, and bring 10x intensity. Clemons gets it. Washington gets it. Sherman gets it. Lynch gets it. Everyone else better get on board, otherwise 7-9 is the team’s destiny.

    So after saying all of that, I’m all in. I’m benching Romo, starting my Hawks D, and picking the Hawks in my confidence picks. Maybe dumb, but I think last week was the wake up call this young team needed.

    ~ Cory, Hawk fan since 1980

  16. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Hawks fans, don’t worry, be happy! Even if it takes another year or two.

  17. It better not take two more! I can’t handle 15 more games this season and an entire year of next year of not being what I want us to be (by then we’ll have most likely lost some key cogs that we’re counting on now and it’d be sucky Seahawk fan recycle time again). I’ll have patience this year, but I expect results next year (I’m hoping for them starting Sunday, actually).

  18. We watch (some) other teams methodically march down the field every weekend. To be honest, we haven’t seen a lot of that from our Hawks in over a year. To me, the offense looked pretty scattered and I never had a ton of confidence that last years offense could march 80 yards down field since Hass was around. Even then it didn’t happen that often. And I’m not a T Jack hater!

    Enter RW. Preseason he starts putting drives together. First against scrubs, then against KC scrubs. Everyone gets excited! I would have been way in the dumps if not for that last drive in AZ. Kid showed something we haven’t seen in a while (even though some timely penalties assisted). I just hope he survives this week to learn more & get more comfy. Ware is a beast. Maybe the hammy will slow him some. Maybe coaches can insert a few plays to help with blitzes? How could they not know they’d see a steady diet of blitzes last week?
    A blitz from our D would be nice every now & then too!

  19. DanielleMND says:

    “The D play was really disappointing last week.”

    The D was disappointing on Kolb’s go-ahead drive, and the pass rush was disappointing all game, but it wasn’t entirely disappointing.

    It held Arizona to 2.2 yards per carry and 5.8 yards per pass attempt. Only two Ds held opponents to fewer overall yards in Week 1.

  20. DanielleMND says:

    “To think Omiyale will be adequate is wishful thinking.”

    Maybe, but Okung was a penalty machine last week, and the refs missed several false starts. That’s inexcusable.

  21. bbnate420 says:

    When you look back at this game, the team played about as badly as you could expect and they were still really only one blocked FG away from winning the game. A game versus a decent team on the road. If that Haushka kick isn’t blocked, I’m assuming he would’ve made it since it didn’t miss that badly after someone got a hand on it, then we have a chip-shot FG to win the game. O-line was horrible, RW looked like a rookie, D couldn’t really generate much of a pass rush, and lost the turnover battle. I think we still have a good team if they show some modest improvement over the next few weeks. Things always become clearer when you let your emotions subside and alcohol to be removed from your system! ;-)

  22. bbnate420 says:

    I posted this for Georgia back on the thread pertaining to it, but I didn’t until a few days later so I’m not sure if he saw it. That’s why I am reposting it:

    Georgia, I don’t want to say that you shouldn’t stay positive, but you shouldn’t be under any delusions either. The 5 year survival rate for people diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer is 1%. The median life expectancy is 2-6 months, meaning only half of those diagnosed are alive after 2-6 months. It’s impossible to say until you face it. But if I was in the same situation, I believe that I would confine any treatment to pain management and just try to do anything that I had wanted to do in life and had the means to do. Surgery is usually not possible and radiation and chemotherapy are both painful and physically draining processes. Spending your final months in and out of hospitals is not the way I’d like to spend my final days. I wish you the best. There is always a chance she is one of the lucky few.

  23. SandpointHawk says:

    Sidney Rice missed Seahawks practice Wednesday with a knee injury.
    Rice has had knee problems dating to his rookie year in Minnesota, but this isn’t known to be a significant concern. Check back for his status on Thursday. Sep 12 – 8:44 PM

  24. mquinn73 says:

    WiscCory – I agree with practically everything you’ve said there.

    In some ways we were very close to winning that game last week, but in other ways, to say that we narrowly lost to a mediocre Cardinals team and that we’ll come good eventually is simply papering over the cracks.

    Sweezy is coming in for a lot of flak that I think is undeserved. The guy was a low round pick as a D-lineman, who was asked to convert to guard, and then got thrown into the fire in his first NFL game. He’s obviously shown something to Cable in pre-season otherwise he wouldn’t be on the roster. Sure, he’s certainly not starting quality right now, but let’s see how he develops.

    My biggest disappointment on Sunday was actually on the defensive side of the ball – specifically our non-existent pass-rush. Only Clemons seems to be able to get consistent pressure on opposition QBs. Why doesn’t Bradley dial up a more aggressive gameplan? What can we reasonably expect from Irvin this season? Can we get 10+ sacks from either of our outside linebackers?

  25. Dukeshire says:

    Audible – I don’t agree with all of your individual points, but you are right: plenty of blame to go around. But I was responding to an unfair criticism that Bevell and Cable were responsible for Wilson’s poor play. Not the poor play of the team as a whole.

    Georgia – There is some good music in town next week, if they’re into that (Matt Schofield at Alberta Theatre the 19th. M Ward at Aladdin Theatre on the 20th. Both really cool venues). Of course the breweries. Saturday Market. If you want, give them my number and have them hit me up. I can meet them for lunch and give them some ideas.

  26. bird_spit says:

    Does anyone know if Bevell or Cable, whoever makes these decisions, script the first 10 plays or so? To my untrained eye, it did not look that in AZ.

  27. princeaden says:

    I will be out of town on Sundays from now on. Is there a way to watch Seahawk games on line ?

  28. After few days to get over the disapointment of that 1st game and with a chance to put things in perspective, I’ve decided that things really aren’t as bad as they originally seemed. It was a close, tough game against a division opponant on the road. If something similar would have happened on say Nov 17th, we would not make nearly as big a deal about it. It was the 1st real game in the NFL for several very young players and the 1st game of the season and a real learning experience for everyone. I’m expecting much better things this week and in the weeks to come. And I’m also expecting the entire NFC West to be a lot better than most of so called experts are giving them credit for.

  29. kinger12 says:

    Here is a question – how many times did RW actually audible? Does he have enough leeway to do that?
    My read on the game was that he was very scripted and didnt get to change things up much. Maybe I am wrong but on watching the game the 2nd time thru I didnt see him change much up outside of getting protection from an RB or FB.
    The Beaver calls a hell of a game in the few years he has been with us I have yet to see us consistently get down the field and score in the redzone. I think last week he got out-coached. When he does get it right its not often – but when your on the 5 yd line with seconds going against you I don’t get the Marshawn run… it makes no sense. Now if you want to play it up if all comes to all you do that on 4th down and GO BIG and just ram it down their throats.
    Feel bad for Sweezy first game in the bigs and he gets Darnell Docket who is a force. Hope he gets his chance again he has shown great ability he needs more time on the rotation to get the tempo down. If he and Moffit can spell each other that could be a good outcome.
    And please let us not go back to 2007 and the dropsies – put more stickum on their gloves.

  30. There’s an interesting discrepancy between Football Outsiders and Pro Football Focus’s stats. Has to do with the strength of the opponent (I believe).

    Football Outsiders (FO) after week 1 ranked SEA’s D at #5 overall. FO ranked SEA’s pass-D at 10th (they combine pass rush and coverage) and SEA’s run-D at 4th. FO ranked AZ’s overall D at 6th, 9th vs pass and 5th vs the run. FO ranks DAL’s overall D at 14th, 14th vs pass and 10th vs run. FO ranked NYG’s D at 31st, 27th vs pass and 30th vs run. FO adjusts their offensive stats for the strength of the defenses faced, but I’m not so certain they do that for defenses vs the strength of offence faced. I believe they do but can’t find it now.

    FO ranked SEA’s overall offense last Sunday at 30th, 26th in pass and 26th in run, AZ’s overall offense at 28th, 23rd in pass and 29th in run, DAL’s overall offense at 7th, 5th in pass and 2nd at run. FO ranked NYG’s overall offense 18th, 16th in pass and 22nd in run. FO adjusts team offense ratings for the strengths of the defenses faced, which adjusts teams’ rankings.

    At the end of last season NYG’s offense ranked 7th overall, 4th in pass and 19th at run. DAL’s offense ranked 12th, 5th in pass and 27th at run. SEA’s offense ranked 22nd, 21st in pass and 14 at run, and AZ’s offense ranked 28th overall, 29th in pass and 17th at run. More later…

  31. Dukeshire says:

    What’s the discrepancy? You didn’t note PFF rankings.

  32. Sorry Duke – Dr appointment:
    The discrepancy is that Pro Football Focus (PFF) team defense ranking for SEA is much higher than Football Outsiders. PFF ranks SEA’s overall defense at #1, pass coverage #12, pass rush #1, and run defense at #1. As far as pass rush, SEA’s D had one sack, 5 QB hits (in the act of throwing), and 16 QB hurries, as well as 4 batted passes. SEA’s pass-D faultered some when Kolb came in, but over the whole game SEA’s D was terrific!

    About bringing in another WR, how about asking R.Sherman to play both ways?

  33. Dukeshire says:

    I’m curious, do you watch the games? I ask that in sincerity.

  34. Yes I do watch the games. Why do you ask?

  35. Duke,
    I was only reporting what I saw from some of the stats sources out there. I don’t chart the games from the TV copy I get to see, and I don’t record them – though NFL Network is on most of the time – it still isn’t good enough for me to see really what is going on on the field. If somebody here was at the game, or recorded the game(s) and saw something different from what is being given by the stats guys, I’d be more than pleased to get corrected, or to report back to those stats guys and get their interpretation on where they were coming from on their quantified observations – which often differ from what our eyes may be telling us when we are watching our teams in real time. I’m trying to get as true a picture of our team as I can.

  36. Dukeshire says:

    My question wasn’t regarding your stats, but rather why you post them. Do you see things in games that strikes you and then look up stats on them? Or do you simply look at the stats without watching the games and post them? I’m curious

  37. Why do I post stats? First, I do watch the games. I know stats’re crude summations of a complex set of sequential events and that stats generally don’t yet begin to explain anything about the whys and wherefores of the outcome of the games, but they do paint interesting post-game perspectives on the events that made up the games – even though they don’t do them justice in terms of explainations of outcomes. For instance, except for the final outcome, PFF stats on the SEA @ AZ game say that SEA really should have won that game. On a performance per position and per play average, SEA outplayed AZ on both offense and defense, but not special teams. That struck me as interesting in itself. If you look at the Advanced Stats site for the game, the graph shows a different probability, taking the game sequentially:

    Nothing replaces watching the actual game, but stats can also be interesting derivatives when relating to future contests.

  38. Dukeshire says:

    So you do watch. Okay. Why was that so difficult to answer? Good lord… Look, despite what some here feel, I have no issue with stats. But often times there is no context to what you post. This thread for example, took you 3 paragraphs to frame your original post. I know I speak for a lot of people when I say “welcome back”, and I want to know what your point is when you list something like you do. But without context, that becomes nearly impossible. That’s why I was curious if you watch the games. Cheers…

  39. bbnate420 says:

    Duke, just get off it already. Jesus. He has been posting more context than he used to. Even if he didn’t, that’s his right. If you don’t like his posts, JUST DON’T READ THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’ve made your point clear to him and everyone. Now it’s his choice whether or not to heed it. You should know enough about football to analyze them yourself anyways.

  40. Dukeshire says:

    Trying to keep the blog from being dumbed down any further, and he has the potential to raise the bar. Its frustrating.

  41. bbnate420 says:

    Duke, if you think this blog is dumbed down, you should look at some of the others. This one is far and away the best IMO.

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