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Okung has bone bruise, should be ready for Dallas

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 10, 2012 at 4:15 pm with 61 Comments »
September 10, 2012 4:15 pm

The Seattle Seahawks had a bit of good news on the injury front today. Head coach Pete Carroll said an MRI revealed that offensive tackle Russell Okung suffered a bone bruise on his left knee, and that after a couple days rest he believes the Oklahoma State product should be ready to go against Dallas this week.

“We’ll see how he comes back Wednesday and Thursday,” Carroll said. “But we expect him to make it through the week and play.”

Further, Carroll expects to get receiver Golden Tate back this week. The Notre Dame product sat out Sunday’s game against Arizona with a sprained knee.

“He ran real well today,” Carroll said about Tate. “We think he’s got a chance. I’m not sure if Wednesday will be a full day for him. It depends on how he handles all the change of direction stuff today and tomorrow. But he feels like he’s going to go.”

However, the news for receiver Charly Martin was not so good. Carroll confirmed that Martin suffered a bruised lung and remains in Arizona. Carroll said that Martin could be in Arizona for a couple more days, and will be out at least a couple weeks.

With Martin out, the Seahawks only have five receivers. Carroll said that his team could make a move this week to add depth.

And he did not rule out bringing back Kellen Winslow, a surprise cut during final roster cut downs.

A day after watching the film, Carroll once again said that quarterback Russell Wilson had to deal with a lot of pressure coming from Arizona’s front seven, particularly defensive end Darnell Dockett.

“Dockett was really tough,” Wilson said. “He was really good in this game. Although he didn’t have a lot of tackles and stuff, and I don’t think he had a sack in this game, he caused a lot of problems.”

One of the people who caused problems for was rookie offensive guard J.R. Sweezy, who made his first NFL start on Sunday.

Carroll said that although John Moffitt was available, one of the reasons he was inactive is because the team didn’t feel like the University of Wisconsin product was fully healed from elbow surgery. However, Moffitt is ready to go this week, so there could be a change up front.

“He was available for this game,” Carroll said. “But we just felt like it wasn’t quite enough time to get him ready for this one. So this week he’ll be ready to go.”

Carroll said that running Marshawn Lynch, who’s been dealing with back spasms, came through the game okay.

And Carroll confirmed that receiver Doug Baldwin will need some dental work to replace two front teeth, but should play this week.

“He officially got his teeth knocked in,” Carroll said. “It was a mess. He’s getting that work done tomorrow. I’m sure he wished he could get it done today, because he kind of got the clean slate right now. He doesn’t look so good.”

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  1. pssst… hey Wilson, next time you see the blitz coming, dump it off to Tate. You don’t need to go downfield every time.

    pssst… Tate, stay near the LOS, pretend to tie your shoe of something, and look for the dump off pass from your QB when he’s in trouble.

  2. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Good news Okung will be back, Bad news he will be facing Ware.

  3. Nobody can accuse Baldwin of not being tough as nails. Good to hear about Okung, but regardless, he needs to play better. Ware is going to eat him up and spit him out for lunch if he keeps up his current level of “play.” I know he’s a better run blocker than a pass protector, but he needs to play better.

  4. SandpointHawk says:

    Gee Georgia, Okung might not be up to snuff yet but can you tell me who you would rather have in there? Maybe we can move the Sneezer over to left tackle?

  5. sluggo42 says:

    looks like another week of no throws to the TE, he’ll be on Ware all day…

  6. Pur receivers…every single one of them…need to start learning to come back to Wilson when he scrambles and extends a play. Seemed like several times they either stopped running or jogged around to get open after the initial play broke down. They HAVE to learn to help him helm them.

  7. errr… “Our” not “Pur”. :)

  8. Vancouver_Hawk68 says:

    If Okung is playing, I sure hope we get some home field calls (or in this case non-calls) from the refs. They did not call his false starts in the last game and the Cards do not even have a pass rusher of Ware’s quality. The 12th Man needs to step up.

  9. GeorgiaHawk says:

    SandpointHawk- Walter Jones. Do you think he would come out of retirement for just one game? I bet he could shut down Irvin.

  10. I thought mouthguards were supposed to protect players from getting their teeth knocked out.

  11. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Dukeshire- I missed the live chat so did Eric tell you, ( what many of us here already knew ) that Wagner was making most of the calls?
    Surprising that you didn’t know that since you seem to always be on top of the Xs and Os of things, especially with regards to the linebacker group.

    Also you can just simply watch the game and see him making the calls.

    Lol.-Gotta give you a hard time now and then. You can take it, and you can dish it out too.

  12. Terrible call play selection in the red zone! Coaching staff sucks! Pads it top the outstanding ends , play action pass, or maybe a running play! Need to mix out up! Confuse the defense, sadhawks suck!

  13. chrisj122 says:

    Okung was resposible for nearly 1/3 of the Seahawks pentalties by himself yesterday. That is unexcuseable! Okung was flintching everytime a Defensive guy step up to the line.

  14. GeorgiaHawk says:

    bbnate420- Have you come down from your trollathon yet from yesterday? I was lucky to pass out before I had a chance to say something that I would have to apologize for today. Lol. Dam nasty high gravity beer!

  15. The game sucked, and I blame Carrol and Bevell far more than anyone else. Carrol for the confusion, lack of discipline, and general sloppiness in all facets of the game–offense, defense, and special teams. Not one personnel grouping looked sharp and/or ready to play an NFL regular season game. Compare and contrast how our team looked with the SF 49’ers and how they executed against GB. Folks, its like we’re a minor leage team, the way Seattle played. All the talent in the world wont do you any good if you are a sloppy, undisciplined team. And four seasons in to Carrols reign, things look worse than ever, rather than better.

    Bevell gets the blame for one of the worst game plans ever. He held everything to close to the vest, those repeated bubble screens and backwards passes to WR’s were an absolute joke. Remember all those passes like that we kept throwing to Deion Branch, despite the fact that we only got more than five yards ONCE?! And dont EVEN get me started on the boring, predictable, easily defended sad-ass excuse of a Red Zone offense Bevell runs.

    Carrol will sink or swim with Bevell. After Bates washed out dramatically, he had one last chance to choose a decent OC. And he chose Bevell. We now have a pretty expensive team loaded with talent on both sides of the ball. Its win or else. Ive been a pretty staunch supporter of Carrol, but I dont think he survives as coach if Bevell fails like I think he is destined to.

    All along I have railed against the penalties, sloppiness, and lack of discipline evidenced by Carrols teams. And Ive railed against Bevells conservative first half gameplans, his idiotic Red Zone offense, and his terrible playcalling. All those things look to be coming to a head, and the buck stops with Carrol.

    The sky is not falling, the season isnt over, and all is not lost, but losing the way we lost to a team like AZ doesnt bode well for Seattle’s future against Dallas, SF–Hell, even St Louis will kill us if we continue like that.

    To me, Wilson was the least of our worries in that game. Everyone else failed to some degree, from HC Carrol on down to our kicker. No one looked ready to play. And again, that is the ultimate job of ONE MAN–Pete Carrol–and he FAILED UTTERLY.

  16. Darrel Bevell MUST be related to Greg Knapp.

  17. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Audible- ( one of my favorite usernames ) Do you think you can show up here a little more often?

    Same with HawksKD. I would like to hear your view of the game.

  18. Dukeshire says:

    GeorgiaHawk – He did answer it and you were correct: Wagner is making the calls. I have no clue how I missed that either. Now I know… lol

  19. Out of all the failures though, the one that pissed me off the worst was the failure of the offensive line. They looked pathetic all game. I saw several instances of three seahawks trying to block ONE cardinal–leaving a HUGE freakin hole for two Cardinals to rush through untouched to chase Wilson.

    While Flynn could have and would have audibled out of a lot of those plays, the fact is that the O-line was poorly coached and wouldnt have blocked the right guy no matter WHAT play was called. Flynn would have been destroyed by the second quarter, as he lacks Wilsons athelticism. The offensive line played so badly, no qb in the league would have done well. I thought Wilson played well, considering.

    Still, Wilson ran scared on many occasions, vacating the pocket early when he had good blocking, and running too soon quite often. He missed open guys while forcing the ball into covered WR’s, and his passes were almost always a little off–often high and outside. He looked like a skittish rookie.

    Cable didnt do his job–that group wasnt ready to play, and it wasnt just Sweezy (who has no business on an NFL field at this point). The ZBS is a joke and we need to end this sad experiment that will go down as the defensive equivalent of the Run-n-Shoot.

    Can we PLEASE get a starting caliber LG and RG?! We’ve lacked one for six or seven years now, and thats unbelievable!

  20. And Sidney Rice shouldnt get a free pass. He was guilty of giving up on routes, and not once did I see him get real seperation from AZ’s DB’s. For all the money we’re paying him, he should be outclassing them play in, play out. And he isnt. While he looks like a solid posession WR, only Tim Ruskell is happy paying those guys that much money. And he’s unemployed…

  21. I was pleased that despite all the suckitude, we were still in place to win the game with a minute left with our rookie qb leading the charge…its just sad it ended with a whimper due to horrid playcalling, poor execution, and bad decisions by said rookie…

    Seattle better pull heads out and play far better next week, or Dallas will blow us out.

    I was happy with Mebane (still no pass rush from him though), Clemons, and for the most part Chancellor and Sherman. Browner got beaten too often and didnt make a play to redeem that like Sherman did. Thomas was only mediocre, and as usual looked pathetic and useless inside the box (why is he even there?!). Lynch played hard as usual, of course the returns by Washington were great.

    Anyone else see Farwell make two bonehead plays?! He got a penalty on Special Teams that KILLED us, then he manages to stumble around and not even make a block while getting in Leon’s way and preventing him from scoring on his kick return…sheesh, and people were giving him props after the game…

  22. DanielleMND says:

    “And four seasons in to Carrols reign, things look worse than ever, rather than better.”

    Three seasons. And you clearly don’t remember 2008 or 2009.

  23. I hope next week shows SOME discipline and execution, as well as an O-line that can pass pro and run block SOME of the time. And perhaps Baldwin, one of my favorite guys, will do something besides drop a game winning pass and break teeth…

    Im sure WIlson will be greatly improved next week. I still love the guy, even after his rocky first game. And I like Flynn, so IM not too worried there…but the same old worries elsewhere: No pass rush, O-line still bad, no speed at WR, special teams more like Special Bus…

  24. GeorgiaHawk,

    Hey brotha…I’m always lurking around but seldom comment anymore…you bring a breath of fresh air, though…so keep it up!

  25. Danielle: I meant worse than Carrols first year. And this is Carrols fourth year in Seattle. Mora/Knapp was the worst since 1992, but so far we’re in the same hideous company.

    After re-working the roster and loading up on talent (he’s done an excellent job there), our team looks terrible in all facets, against a sub-par team. No excuses, that simply isnt good enough. And the blame rests squarely on Carrol.

  26. GeorgiaHawk says:

    STTBM- I like your rants! Usually spot on. Or at least close to matching my view of things.
    To me this is like Holmgren in reverse. Holmgren had the offense figured out, but the Defense he had no clue. Carroll has the Defense figured out, but the offense he has no clue.
    Solution- when the Browns can Holmgren at the end of this season, and Carroll gets tired of Bevell, Allen hires Holmgren to be our offensive coordinator. We then win multiple SuperBowls.

    We can only dream.

  27. GeorgiaHawk says:

    DanielleMND is another that I would like to see post more.

  28. “the fact is that the O-line was poorly coached and wouldnt have blocked the right guy no matter WHAT play was called”

    lmao! dude, get your resume over to Seahawks HQ right away. The fact is… they will obviously fire Tom Cable and hire you right away.

    The offensive line problems yesterday wouldn’t, by chance, have had anything to do with those “other facts” like they were playing one of the best D lines in football, while starting a rookie guard…

    nah, just poor coaching for a fact… lol…

  29. “Carroll gets tired of Bevell, Allen hires Holmgren to be our offensive coordinator. We then win multiple SuperBowls”

    Keep dreamin Georgia. Totally nuts, insane, but I like that dream.

  30. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Dukeshire- I hope you know that you are one of my favorite posters here. You keep this blog rolling through the good times and the bad times. Same with BobbyK, Chuck, Pabs And a few others. I love this blog and Eric is doing a fine job with it.

    I saw Eric last year at the airport in Seattle, however I didn’t want to bother him because I noticed he was doing his work.

    I have probably been a little over the top on things of late because I just found out that my Mother has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. I am going to go back out to Seattle on the 22nd of this month to see her. A wake up call indeed.

  31. DanielleMND says:

    STTBM: Carroll’s first season here was in 2010. It’s now 2012. How do you get four years out of that?

    Carroll’s first season, almost all of our losses were blowouts. With 30 seconds left in those games, we weren’t one play away from victory. And those were games played with a veteran former Pro Bowl QB.

    If I’ll fault Carroll for one thing, it’s waiting until his third season to find his QB. That said, Paul Allen is a patient owner, and I think he’ll give Carroll four seasons if not five to sink or swim.

  32. GeorgiaHawk says:

    DanielleMND- Words of wisdom. Mabey even six or seven years?

  33. HeinieHunter says:

    I love Baldwin and only use him as an example. If he had caught that TD throw, Seattle would have won and Wilson would have been the kid that brought the team down the field in the fourth quarter, into the red zone and scored with seconds left and been the talk of the town this morning. One missed catch! Instead everyone should be benched or fired. JC, PC, Cable, the OC, the DC, and even Steve Raible. Get a freaking grip! Certainly, we could improve across the board, but WE CAME AN EYELASH AWAY FROM WINNING THE DAMN GAME!

  34. I just looked at Wilson’s Td from new angle. He may have not been throwing to Rice. If this is true our Redzone stuff may be even less impressive. Not good.

  35. I understand your rage, STTBM, but you’re denigrating so many people on the team that I wonder why you cheer for them. We were a play away from winning the game. We had four shots from the six. We should have gotten in, but we didn’t.

    I’m more frustrated with the defense letting Kolb beat them. But again, it’s the first game of the season. Arizona isn’t that bad (8-8 last year.) They were at home. We’ll get them at home.

    The 2005 Hawks lost their first game, too.

  36. Soggybuc says:

    Hieneihunter they don’t call it overreaction Monday for no reason. It could be worse, i bet the Saints and Bills blogs are in full meltdown today.
    I really hope the slot Moffit back in at LG. Sweezy will be good one day but it was clear he was not ready for prime time.

  37. bbnate420 says:

    Yes Georgia, I have sobered up. Thanks for asking. Sadly, that turd the Hawks laid yesterday doesn’t go down much easier today. Not the Hawks or my finest day yesterday. I apologize. Beer and disappointment aren’t a good mix. Pathetic weekend for all Seattle sports. M’s swept. Huskies and Hawks both lay eggs. There’s always next week. Expectations were too high for 2012. We need to take our lumps with RW, and hopefully be ready for playoff contention in 2013. Might even progress quickly enough to be contending by the end of 2012. Losses like this are what keeps teams out of the playoffs. We now have to beat GB or NE, 2 teams that I had chalked up as losses. At least they’re both at home.

  38. bbnate420 says:

    Sorry to hear about your mother, Georgia. You should spend as much time with her as you can, because stage 4 pancreatic cancer is about the worst medical news you can get. Puts trivial things like a football loss into perspective.

  39. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Let’s just give the Cowboys a run for their money next week, and go from their. No need to jump ahead to the next team yet. Imo.

  40. GeorgiaHawk says:

    bbnate420 – What pisses me off most about this pancreatic thing is that my mother has always been a healthy eating person. Never smoked or drank. (So much different than me) and now she has to go through so much pain! My sister told me that my mother pretty much gave up after the onocoligist pulled off her shirt in front of several relatives. My mother is a real private person. This is just tearing me apart!

  41. PugetHawk says:

    After watching the game again (more painful the second time) our receivers were not open with the amount of time Wilson had to throw. So we either need better protection or shorter routes.
    Cards, along with teams going forward, will just play man coverage and bring 6-7 people each time. That spells trouble.
    The defense could not have been more impressive…unless Thomas had a sweet pick six like he did in pre-season and won the game.
    Long season, lots left.
    Georgia, sorry to hear about moms. Tough times. Hopefully you enjoy the Holidays with her.

  42. PugetHawk says:

    This made me feel good to read,

    “He did great, especially at the end,” free safety Earl Thomas said. “He showed fight. He has heart, and I’m glad he’s on our side. There’s nothing but up for us from here. I think once he watches the film, he’s going to see it and be better every week.”

    Thanks Earl. Hope you’re right.

  43. Georgia, my mom got diagnosed with ovarian cancer a few years back and it was really hard watching her go through the treatments and the suffering. She is in remission right now, so I pray that your mother will make it through also. Stay strong and don’t be afraid to really lean on your supporters all around you. I hope the Hawks victories this year can distract you a little bit and give you some much deserved relief from your pain. Hang in there brother.

  44. nate – We all (I think) have made comments after some beers. I hear ya. It’s cool. Just show me/us the same respect after I/anyone have hammered on too many as well:)

    Georgia – I “got” nothing to say to you except “I’m sorry.” My Mom died one day before my sophomore year of high school. I still really haven’t gotten over it (and I’m 39).

    Don’t get me wrong, but I remember the day we got the phone call (she passed). The Seahawks were playing the Broncos on opening day and that’s all I was focused on (b/c I hated the reality of my life at that point). The ‘Hawks, thankfully, won. I remember thinking (or saying… idk) to my Dad that this means nothing (although it meant “everything”)…

    In the grand scheme of things, the Seahawks are a nice distraction from life, but they aren’t life as we sometimes define it on Sundays (if our life is perfect).

  45. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thanks CCVI , I hope my mom can make it through this, however it does not look good.
    Thank you though for your support.

  46. sluggo42 says:

    point spot on guys,

    Football is only a distraction from real life, a game played by a bunch of rich young studs.

    I’m dealing with a bad heart these days, and endless meds that bring troubles on their own, and the Hawks are one of the things that make each day easier. cancer has taken too many, and is such a cruel thing.
    My prayers for those fighting real life…


  47. Watched the game a second time, and I noticed something about Wilson:

    A lot of his throws seemed designed to minimize the chance of an interception, i.e. they were high, to the outside, or as Stevos mentioned in another thread about the plays at the end of the game, they were to the corner of the end zone rather than the middle. It looked to me that Wilson was trying his hardest to avoid an INT (his only pick was the meaningless one at the end of the 1st half). I can’t say I have a problem with his throws. He’ll get more experienced and more confident in time, and I would rather have an incomplete than an interception.

    (*cough* Luck/Weeden/Tannehill/Vick/Stafford *cough*)

  48. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    I think I’m losing my religion. Maybe that’s too drastic, but I am losing my faith in Carrol and Schneider. Is there any question that we were out coached in the Week 1 Arizona game? Honestly, who had the better game plan, the Cardinals or the Seahawks?

    The Cardinals game plan was successful. First of all, obviously, because they got the win. Secondly, what better way to make a rookie QB look the part other than blitz the hell of out him and never give him a chance to feel comfortable? The Cardinals had the better defensive game plan. Offensively, they never got their run game going and relied on the pass. That was good enough seeing how Seattle didn’t pressure their QB’s effectively. With little, to no, pressure on their QB’s, Arizona was able to rely on its passing game and talented receivers to get a win.

    What was Seattle’s game plan? On offense they ran the ball decently. But that had more to do with Lynch’s talent then a game plan. I say that because it seems that almost every time Lynch touched the ball there was a defender in backfield to meet him. Lynch was usually able to get a few extra yards after contact and net positive yardage, but that’s solely on him. If Seattle had a game plan that encompassed passing the ball it was obscured behind Arizona’s blitzes. What’s worse is that after the second, or third, series Seattle failed to make any noticeable adjustments.

    On defense Seattle seemed to be the same old team. The secondary made a few good plays, but because there was no pass rush Arizona’s QB was able to take his time and pick apart the defense. This was most noticeable on Arizona’s final drive when Kolb was played. A positive, however, was Seattle’s run defense. It was stout but rendered moot by Arizona’s passing game.

    So based on this first game, and what we’ve seen the previous two seasons during Pete Carrol’s tenure, I really don’t see much difference. Carrol will forever get credit for building a solid secondary (a secondary that will probably never be elite until it has a pass rush to compliment it). He brought in a few good players at other positions too. But overall, so far, it looks like he wasted most of his first round picks on players that suit his scheme. But based on what I’ve seen so far, I’d say his scheme doesn’t work, and neither does he. I’m losing my faith in Pete Carrol.

  49. freedom_X says:

    I’ve cooled down a bit on my criticism of the wide receivers. While they certainly didn’t help Wilson out much, Wilson will get better at dealing with blitzes and oddball rush schemes. That will get more out of the receiving talent Seattle does have.

    It’s expecting too much for a rookie to handle a blitz like a veteran and burn it. Only the best, experienced QB’s can do this consistently. Until then, Wilson is doing a good job to avoid sacks, fumbles and interceptions.

    My disappointment shifts to the defensive line. Going up against a decimated Cardinal offensive line that’s pulling people off the street, and wasn’t a highly rated unit before the injuries – the failure to get a good rush with 4 or 5 men has to be a huge letdown. The major flaw with Seattle’s defense still remains unsolved so far.

  50. mquinn73 says:

    The changing mood cycle of a Seahawks football fan (as observed from March thru September):

    1. Realistic optimism – season has finished; victories & defeats still relatively fresh in the memory; fan has high awareness of team shortcomings, but displays signs of reserved optimism based upon (a) general improvement observed over past season, (b) overall youthfulness of personnel, (c) dynamic coaching unit & front office.

    2. Forced optimism (coupled with bouts of denial) – given lack of actual football, fans congregate in forums to discuss team, whereupon general positive mood gathers momentum and grows among the population. This is further enhanced by a variety of factors, not least, a series of off-season personnel transactions, which are welcomed enthusiastically, despite negative comments from media outside of the fan’s immediate catchment area (e.g. “Bruce Irvin is a massive reach” vs. “Bruce Irvin will be Defensive Rookie of the Year”)

    3. Unrealistic optimism – following stages 2 & 3, optimism continues unabated, further intensified by the apparent high success rate of those earlier personnel moves (e.g. Sweezy anointed as an NFL caliber starting guard), leading to further belief in the strategy adapted by the coaching staff & front office; dissenting opinions now ignored or vilified by majority of fans; team shortcomings identifed in Stage 1 now almost entirely forgotten or dismissed; outlook for up-coming season now extremely positive, general widespread predictions of winning season, small minority of fans express optimism regarding post-season success.

    4. Disappointment – opening day loss, widespread disappointment and dismay, perceptions of team personnel (incl. coaches and front office) painfully reassessed.

    5. Anger – occuring shortly after Stage 4; fans seek to apportion blame for disappointment, majority directed at coaching staff; differing opinions now expressed within fan forums, with individuals vying for acknowledgement of supremacy (classical “I told you so” behaviour); widespread reversal of previously expressed views.

    Future stages yet to be observed:

    Depression (between weeks 2 – 5)
    Acceptance (between weeks 6 – 10)
    Realistic Optimism (week 10+)

  51. Dukeshire says:

    Lol! That was awesome.

  52. mojjonation says:

    Any chance Ware can get 7 or more sacks against Okung and tie/set the single game record that is currently held by Derrick Thomas (RIP) of Kansas City who set it against…drum roll please…Seattle.

    While Wilson gets criticism for missing open receivers, our receivers gave up on their routes and down right stopped on a LOT of those plays. After those plays, they would switch camera angles and show our WR’s stopping and dancing around instead of going back to our QB to help out. Hello? Who is the WR coach and why does he still have a job? Last year, Baldwin was about the only guy who would try to help TJ when he get got flushed from the pocket.

    Anyone watch the Sunday and Monday night games? Pittsburgh, Denver, Baltimore, and San Diego use their TE’s in the red zone or targeted tham a lot. PC and DB, take a friggin look already and learn something. A TE is not another blocker if you or your QB can check out of plays that don’t have enough blockers. I don’t care if Whisenhunt is a Pittsburgh deciple. Manning brought in extra blockers from the wings to stimy the blitz. I know Wilson is a rookie. But if you continue to call plays that put 3, 4, or 5 guys into a pattern and hang your QB out to dry because there are no blockers, you should have your head examined.

  53. Ok, got shutdown/banned I guess due to having too many posts in a certain ammount of time.

    Stevos–Sweezy cant take all the blame for the poor offensive line play. The entire line sucked. McQ is bad, Giac didnt have his finest game, and Okung looked skittish and wasnt himself at all. Many times I watched three seahawks lineman trying to block one cardinal–leaving a huge hole for two cards to run through. They looked confused about who to block, especially in pass pro. Whats worse though, is that they were awful in run blocking, something they were supposed to be good at. Cable chooses road graders first, and doesnt care if they arent that great in pass pro–yet these guys were atrocious in run blocking. And only Sweezy lacks experience; the rest have more than a year of experience.

    So yes, they were sloppy and confused and just plain bad–and that blame rests squarely on Cable’s shoulders. It certainly not all Sweezy’s fault. He isnt coaching the rest of them. But yeah, Sweezy doesnt belong on an NFL field yet. I wonder how Lutui would have looked, hmmmm?

    Danielle: Exactly. We have a very talented roster, yet the result is exactly the same: Check it off: Horrid offensive line play in both the run game and pass pro; Check. Terrible innefficient Red Zone Offense: Check. Defense giving up 80 yard drive to backup qb when a stop wins the game; check. More than 10 penalties; check. Undisciplined, sloppy play all the way around, especially on ST field goals etc; check. Failing to score 17 points; check.

    Carrol and Cable have the talent. They arent doing anything with it.

    Snappa–With the talent on this team, there’s no way we should have been trying to win the game at the last–it should have allready been won. AZ is NOT that good–they only look that good when playing us.

    IM not calling for Carrols head, but he really needs to get a grip on this team. The simple fact is that Seattle was undisicplined, sloppy, and did a miserable job in every facet of the game except run defense. From the HC to the OC to the DC to the field goal ST’s, they laid an egg all game long.

    And being close to eeking out a victory against a crap team like AZ isnt good enough, not with such a talented roster. And our holes should have been filled–seriously, does it really take 6 years to find a capable LG?! And they fired the only capable RG healthy, Lutui. Thats poor roster management.

  54. madpunter88 says:

    That was brilliant and unbelievably accurate. Right now fans in 16 cities are extending Stage 3 for another week reaching even more remarkable levels of zeal. I live in the DC area where the fan base is in unbridled exultation over their future HOF QB after week 1. No doubt he is going to be good but when the inevitable happens and the Redskins finish 8-8 their Stage 5 will be even more painful. At least Seahawk fans suffered their transition early and can begin putting pieces back together now.

    The thing to always keep in mind after week 1 is that the Seahawks lost their first game (in similarly unimpressive fashion) in 2005 before going to the Super Bowl. And won their first game in week 1 in the Mora season — otherwise known as “the Lost Year.”

  55. Georgia–Really sorry to hear about your mom. Cancer got my grandma last March, after surviving 7 years of congestive heart failure, osteoporosis, and being hit by a car going 55 mph…and she never smoked or drank.

    The best thing you can do for your Mom is try to help her keep a positive attitude. Studies have proven its the single common factor in surviving cancer. Easier said than done, but its vital.

    Good luck and God Bless. Im not particularly religious, but I will pray for you and your mom.

  56. Watched part of the Raiders/Chargers game. Some thoughts:

    Greg Knapps offense looks Same as it ever Was. And is remarkably similar in philosophy and outcome to Bevell’s offense this year. The only difference I saw was plenty of passes to RB’s, which Seattle doesnt bother with.

    Considering Turbin has great hands, as does Leon Washington and Lumpkin, and Lynch is okay, I find it puzzling Seattle never tried a screen or drag to a back. I guess with the inept play of the line, they had to keep the backs in to block…

    If the Chargers had Lynch, they’d be dangerous. And if Seattle played disciplined football, improved their gameplans, and learned to block on the O-line, we’d be a very good team…If pigs had wings though, huh!?

  57. madpunter88 says:

    They did try several quick dump-offs to the RBs which turned into near and actual disasters.

    The Seahawks were in position to win the game on the road against a tough opponent in a season-opener with a rookie QB making his NFL debut. It wasn’t the result we wanted but it was not a total failure. RW was able to drive the team down the field with the game on the line (and with the help of some penalties) and put the team in position to win the game. You cannot ask for much more.

  58. Random thought: If you never send a receiver accross the middle of the field for short passes, should the linebackrs just stand there and wave their arms or rush the passer? Hmmmm…

    If you took Arizona’s D line and combined it with a Seahawks secondary, would you have a top 5 defense? Hmmmm… Not sure based on Cable’s creation. Mental note: Check back in 2 weeks.

    When the receivers see the game tape, will they blame it on the heat because the roof was open in AZ? Hmmmm… Is that what it means to compete (run route, stop, look confused because pass was supposed to go to someone else)?

    Anybody else see the look on Flynn’s face during time outs when it didn’t look so good for the Hawks? Hmmmm… Predictable by everyone but the little white haired guy.

    Anybody see the CB routinely back off of Fitz and the safety move away from his side of the field? Hmmmm… Still worked for most of the game. Until it counted.

    If the cadence is the exact same every time, will your LT (who needs to be moving immediately after snap) appear to be false starting on every play? Perhaps the LT was confused by all the head bobbing from the center. I’ve never seen a center bob his head that many times before a snap on pass plays. Maybe that was a tell that we were going to pass? Hmmmm…

    Hopefully we can get some of these fundamentals taken care of. I understand that we have some players that didn’t play these positions in college, so perhaps this is to be expected? Hmmmm…

    I think they show better against Dallas, but my money is afraid to come out of my wallet for that one.

    Come on Hawks! Turn this thing around!

  59. Macabrevity says:

    As bad as the whole O-line was, it was Giacomini who had the play that summed up our pass protection. I didn’t see who it was, but someone blew past him, heading straight for RW, and Breno was chasing him down from behind, reaching and trying to grab his jersey, but he couldn’t get there.

  60. bbnate420 says:

    Georgia, I don’t want to say that you shouldn’t stay positive, but you shouldn’t be under any delusions either. The 5 year survival rate for people diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer is 1%. The median life expectancy is 2-6 months, meaning only half of those diagnosed are alive after 2-6 months. It’s impossible to say until you face it. But if I was in the same situation, I believe that I would confine any treatment to pain management and just try to do anything that I had wanted to do in life and had the means to do. Surgery is usually not possible and radiation and chemotherapy are both painful and physically draining processes. Spending your final months in and out of hospitals is not the way I’d like to spend my final days. I wish you the best. There is always a chance she is one of the lucky few.

    Most people that get cancer didn’t smoke or drink in excess. There are all kinds of industrial carcinogens that we breathe in every day living in modern society. You become more susceptible as you age as well. Smoking increases the chances that you will get lung and associated cancers but, it’s hardly a certainty. They still haven’t nailed down a good cause for pancreatic cancer.

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