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Final: Cardinals 20, Hawks 16

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 9, 2012 at 5:04 pm with 136 Comments »
September 9, 2012 5:04 pm
Arizona Cardinals tackle Adam Snyder, right, and Seattle Seahawks defensive back Jeron Johnson are separated by an official during the first half of their NFL football game, Sunday, Sept. 9, 2012, in Glendale, Ariz. (AP Photo/Paul Connors)

Seattle Seahawks rookie quarterback Russell Wilson’s had a rough debut in his first NFL start, and his team let one slip away the desert with the Arizona Cardinals defeating Seattle 20-16.

Wilson finished 18 of 34 for 153 yards, a touchdown and an interception on a Hail Mary at the end of the first half. Wilson finished with 62.5 passer rating.

Check out the final results from the game here.

Arizona quarterback John Skelton suffered what looked to be a broken right ankle with 8:33 left in the game after Brandon Mebane fell on his leg while Skelton delivered the ball to Andre Roberts for a big gain.

But backup Kevin Kolb came in and completed an 11-play, 80-yard drive for the Cardinals, punctuated with a 6-yard touchdown pass Andre Roberts, giving Arizona the lead for good with 4:59 left.

But Wilson was poised in Seattle’s final drive, leading the Seahawks down the field and in position to win the game.

However, the Seahawks failed to score from first and goal on Arizona’s 6-yard line.

On fourth and goal from the Cardinals’ 4-yard line, Wilson’s pass sailed over the head of Braylon Edwards.

While Wilson struggled, Seattle’s Leon Washington showed the he’s still one of the best returners in the game.

Leon raced 83 yards on a kick return early in the second half, giving Seattle great field position at Arizona’s 24-yard line. Five plays later, Wilson hit Sidney Rice on an in route for a 10-yard score, cutting Arizona’s lead to 13-10.

After a Steven Hauschka 47-yard field goal tied the game at 13-all, Washington went to work again, bolting 54-yards on a punt return to Arizona’s 16-yard line.

Hauschka’s 39-yard field goal gave Seattle a 16-13 lead with just under 10 minutes remaining.

Seattle’s defense forced two turnovers and held Arizona to 2545 total yards on the day.

The Seahawks are now 13-24 all-time in season openers. Seattle head coach Pete Carroll is 4-3 in NFL season openers.

My game balls go to Washington, Mebane, Chris Clemons and Richard Sherman.

Who are you giving game balls to? And what are your thoughts on Wilson’s performance specifically, and the Seahawks overall?

Let me know in the comments section.

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  1. pabuwal says:

    Baldwin and Edwards did a good job giving Russell Wilson the Tavaris Jackson treatment.


  3. Cornutt says:

    Losses are that much harder when expectations are high. What a rough loss.

    Hated Bevells play-calling.

  4. too bad Wilson can’t play the Chiefs every week.

  5. The play calling is bad. It cost us the game. With out Leon we are worse than last year on O. nice swing passes.

  6. DanielleMND says:

    Wilson made some rookie mistakes, but he also had enough positive plays to justify being the starter. He made fewer mistakes than some of the other, higher drafted rookie QBs did today.

    I’m sure there are some fans falling off the Wilson bandwagon and saying they wanted Flynn as the starter all along, but every team has its share of idiot fans who always think the sky is falling and the backup QB is better.

    The problems? Same as last year. Shaky pass protection, a less than dynamic receiving corps, and an inability to put the opposing QB on the ground

    And Okung is injured *again*?

  7. I’m sure there are some fans falling off the Wilson bandwagon and saying they wanted Flynn as the starter all along, but every team has its share of idiot fans who always think the sky is falling and the backup QB is better.

    You mean like when Flynn was taking the majority of the starters snaps and people called for Wilson to get put in?

  8. DreadHawks says:

    Agreed on the play calling. However Bradleys was as bad as Bevells. We talk about our speed and don’t Blits in blitzing situations??? AZ blitzed all game long and it worked. Come on PC! whats up with that!!!

  9. freedom_X says:

    Yes, the primary reason for the loss is bad coaching. Bad offensive game plan all game long, poor defensive game plan in the 1st half.

    2ndary reason is low-grade wide receiver play. Guys can’t get open, even when it’s a scramble drill and Wilson had 6+ seconds of time, and they couldn’t catch the ball reliably when they did get open.

    When the real games started, Wilson saw stuff he didn’t see before (and didn’t get good preparation from the coaching staff on.) He did very well with the base of knowledge he did have.

    Good signs were strong running and run blocking from the line, and good run defense (plus improved pass rush in the 2nd half.)

  10. Okung twisted Knee on a flag. Offsides

  11. SaigonSun says:

    Brvell has to go . As simple as that.

  12. Seahawks2620 says:

    Very disappointed in the receivers there at the end. You absolutely have to make those catches for your rookie QB. Yeah, Baldwin got injured, but that’s only because he dropped the ball. You have to make those plays and Baldwin did not show up at all today. Two big drops today. It doesn’t get any easier next week against the boys.

  13. DanielleMND says:

    Yes, Wilson sucks, and so do our coaches! Fire them all!

    Tough loss, but some of you are really overreacting. I’m sure you’re unbeatable with your playcalling in the Madden video game, though.

  14. Skavage says:

    As with most seasons, there will be highs and lows. Never get too high with the wins nor too low with a loss.

    Wilson played well, especially the 2nd half. First half he looked pretty nervious and I thought we did a poor job of setting him up for success. The play calling was too predictable. That said, next week will be better and frankly I think we will beat Dallas.

  15. mocarob says:

    gimmee game eh? you guys know it all..

  16. pabuwal says:

    We can’t really think of this defense as anything more than average until they stop allowing game winning comebacks against sub standard passing games.

    It’s supposedly the strength of this team and gets little blame while the passing game which has been an ongoing weakness gets most of the blame.

  17. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    It sucks being a Seahawks fan sometimes. I blame the coaching staff for this loss. I blame Cable for not teaching the O-line how to pick up blitzes. I blame Daryl Bevell, the offensive coordinator, for calling nothing but pass plays in the red zone: we make our money running the ball, why for sanity’s sake did he call nothing but pass plays in the red zone on that final drive? And I blame Pete Carrol for allowing Cable and Bevell to suck so much.

    To stay optimistic, Wilson has some experience now. And the coaching staff has to know it has to do better. To be realistic though, we can’t beat the Cardinals, and the 49rs beat the Packers on the road. How good can this season be?

  18. yakimahawk says:

    Richard Sherman was our best receiver today…Shees the blitz 6-7 people and cant get open. I think it comes down to route running and good moves. I think Charly get more PT in the future…Baldwin was horible…In blitx schemes he has got to find the open zone..really, really bad. Look out 5-11

  19. PugetHawk says:

    That play-calling was a joke. They blitzed all day and we didn’t run one screen pass. Okung is injured again. Wilson played decent but he’ll definitely get better. I can’t believe Kolb came in and just carved us up. I don’t see Skelton making an 80 yard drive if he stayed in.

    Game balls: Red Bryant, Chris Clemons, Brandon Mebane, Washington

  20. Palerydr says:

    Defense was less than stellar getting very little pressure. Why was Edwards the target on that last play and not Rice???? Run game was solid but not used nearly enough. Wilson was who we thought he was a rookie QB making his first start. He made a few good plays and a few bad ones. Without knowing what each plays options were it’s hard to tell exactly how well or poorly he did.

    Side note there were a ton of knuckle head posters on the live chat I left in mid 2nd quarter and don’t plan on joining again way too much stupidity.

  21. udub671 says:

    With all the blitzing the Cardinals were doing, why didn’t Bevell call for more swing passes or slant routes? Three step drops and out of Wilson’s hands. How about at least try one screen pass? Wilson will get the blitz treatment every game unless they figure out how to pass block better or call/design plays for him to succeed. The limited game plan they installed so Wilson would not have too much on his plate was ineffective, and they did not make any halftime adjustments.

  22. mojjonation says:

    End of game play calling was horrible…again. For the most part, pass protection sucked…again. Couldn’t get to opposing QB…again (although pressure was better). The defense and offense failed at the end of the game. Honestly, how many times can you throw a corner route? Wilson will be fine if he can get better protection and our receivers can get separation. My God it all sounds so familiar. Where was Beast Mode at the end of the game?

  23. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    RADEoN you’re a troll go away until you calm down. it was’nt wilson that lost this game it was the O-line, play calling. sorry you have a 1st and goal 5 yard line and a dynamic running back you have 3 plays to get 5 yards,fake quick pass draw play to lynch let him earn his check. better yet roll wilson out of pocket nothing there see if he can get it in.

    all in all wilson showed what i neded to see he should be better this week although dallas’ D is better than zona’s IMO. i think the hawk’s can beat both dallas and green bay at home. D played pretty well concidering how long they wereon field.

  24. Niners look great. Rams much better today. Cards are 1-0 . Pete better stop smiling we need to win games by more than a last play drive. If we would have pulled it out there are still problems. If Rice gets hurt again we got nuttin.

  25. psoundpowerhouse says:

    Russell Wilson is solid!
    The rest of the team is average at best.
    Too bad, might be a waste of a good QB.

  26. Trampharbor says:

    Wilson performed admirably as a rookie. The play calling, particularly in the last 2 minute drill, was unacceptable. Two fade routes called, and three quick releases from Wilson. One of this kid’s attributes is mobility. Why not a play action, or a misdirect, letting him have a choice between throwing and running. Very disappointing, but not disappointed in Wilson.

  27. freedom_X says:

    Arizona anticipated the screen passes and bootlegs. They had guys coming in clean in the direction of those plays. The screen isn’t a checkdown pass – the QB must read that play, and because AZ had it sniffed out, Wilson hesitated (natural for a rookie.) The bootlegs had Wilson rolling right into an oncoming defender.

    Seattle’s line actually handled the pressure much better in a straight drop back. But there, Seattle’s WR’s had a lot of trouble working open, which shouldn’t be the case if they have 3 WR’s and AZ is sending 6 or 7 men in pass rush.

    So Seattle should have realized by the middle of the 2nd quarter that AZ had their misdirection stuff sniffed out, and dropped those calls from the playbook for the day (or found a way to exploit that reaction.) They didn’t.

  28. klthompson says:

    A pro team with a college coach. An obvious result.

  29. We could have used Winslow on those last few plays.

  30. freedom_X says:

    Um, they tried at least two screen passes. Both were complete disasters, with Arizona having men right there in coverage, and were very close to being called laterals and a potential turnover. Actually one of them was I think.

  31. Cornutt says:

    “Tough loss, but some of you are really overreacting. I’m sure you’re unbeatable with your playcalling in the Madden video game, though.”

    While I agree that this is a tough loss, and that some folks will overreact–this kind of comment is ridiculous. Fans are allowed to view the game and disagree with calls on the field. Isn’t that the purpose of this blog, or is it more “Yay, Seahawks!” for you? Disagreeing with play calls isn’t people being fair-weather fans or even Madden basement-dwellers. Gimme a break.

  32. darkdave says:

    Had time to call a draw play or pound the ball in instead of the finesse passes at the end. Blame the coaches.

  33. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    I swear to goodness, I want jaw the next yokel who says that Flynn would have done better. The O-line didn’t pick up blitzes worth a damn. Flynn would have been sacked 4, or 5, times if he was in. That game was not really a good measuring stick for how good Wilson is: If Flynn was in it wouldn’t have been a good measuring stick for him either.

    Tom Cable is good at teaching the O-line how to run block. But it seems that he’s inept at teaching them how to pick up blitzes and pass protect. In the first half, Wilson never had a chance to feel comfortable in the pocket, because a defender was always in the backfield. At least Wilson is Mobile, Flynn would have been eaten alive.

    I learned so many things from this game. The first being that our O-line is mediocre. In week one, of all the teams in the NFL, I’d say it’s pass protection was the worse. The second thing I learned was that our defense isn’t as good as it’s supposed to be. One sack, and, excluding Clemons, a non-existent pass rush. The last thing I learned is that Darryl Bevell is not a very good offensive coordinator. From the influence he had on bringing T.Jack here, to his lackluster performance today, if the Seahawks don’t finish the season with a winning record he needs to go.

  34. pabuwal says:

    Anyone think that Okung’s backup looked better than Okung? It’s a small sample size, but Okung was getting owned by the ghost of some guy I never even heard of until today.

  35. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    Okung sucked today. We need to draft another LT–one that block speedy LB’s and stay healthy. Then, we need to move Okung to left tackle and hope that we can get 10 games a season out of him, before he gets injured.

  36. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    One that can block speedy LB’s and stay healthy. (DogFish Head 90 Minute Imperial IPA is pretty damn good)

  37. Sparky12 says:

    I posted my feelings on Daryl Bevell last week and I feel he is the weakest link in Seattles coaching staff, and the offense in general. Problem is, you fire him now and we start all over. Likely would take a couple months for all to become familiar with each other. Maybe next year the Hawk brass will wake-up and find a replacement for him

    In the mean time, I hope our receivers practice catching, and the O-line needs a bunch more work. Overall, a piss poor performance.

  38. Trampharbor says:

    Seems to me the play calling was designed to keep it simple for the rookie, but the rookie apparently got the call as starter because he can keep his cool under pressure, knows the playbook, and can originate with his feet when necessary. I think he did keep his cool, I think he did know the playbook, and occasionally he used his feet well. If you trust the kid, why dumb down the play book? Very few down field opportunities, too many backfield passes/laterals, and no dependance on Lynch inside the red zone. Strange play calling, to say the least.

  39. mojjonation says:

    Oh yeah. What was it…14 penalties and how many false?

  40. grizindabox24 says:

    I have no problem with the Hawks throwing every down at the end, and without timeout I think it was the right call. I did not like the actual plays called, and what about looking at a TE. Think the defense should have looked to put more pressure on Kolb. The offense failed all day in Cards territory.

  41. chuck_easton says:

    So much for those that told me to quit saying the sky is falling three weeks ago. How many times did I hear that Arizona was going to be like a fifth pre- season game so we were fine waiting so long to pick a starter and get him time with the first string.

    Wilson was exactly what I expected him to be so I’m not jumping off the bandwagon. I wasn’t ready to anoint him a franchise QB last week and he showed just what I thought he would today. He was a rookie QB playing on the big stage of the NFL and he showed he still has a lot of learning to do before he’s in the same league as Cassell, Hasselbeck, Gabbert and Ponder, let alone Brady, the Mannings, Rodgers and Brees.

    I did expect more from the D and the O-line. Marshawn had right around 80 yards rushing and the majority of those yards were all him refusing to be tackled.

  42. Palerydr says:

    ” Then, we need to move Okung to left tackle and hope that we can get 10 games a season out of him, before he gets injured.”

    Palerydr scratches his head and wonders what this drunk is talking about?

  43. mojjonation says:

    Should say how many false starts on Okung?

  44. pabuwal says:

    In the last 4 Seahawks losses, the Seahawks had the lead late in the 4th quarter and allowed game winning drives to:

    Rex Grossman (TD)
    Alex Smith (FG)
    John Skelton (FG)
    Kevin Kolb (TD)

  45. darkdave says:

    I think he meant making him a RB like the new FRIDGE!

  46. mocarob says:

    hey einstein, okung is the left tackle.

  47. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    I’m talking about throwing my beer bottle at you! What’s wrong with you? I hope you are wearing your protective helmet. How many false starts did Okung have today? How many blitzes did he fail to pick up? He sucked today. He’s far less then the man, Walter Jones, he was supposed to replace. You are calling me out, but what the hells wrong with you that you don’t understand that?

  48. mocarob says:

    Our D wasn’t as good today as we thought they were and the Oline was worse than we thought. Better get things worked out..

  49. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    I said draft another LT and then move Okung. Granted, I said LT when I meant RT, but from the context, despite my mistake, what I wrote wasn’t that hard to understand. Again, I hope you are wearing your protective helmet as you type.

  50. Palerydr says:

    Okung is our LT your post reads something different. It appears others also don’t follow your line of writing. As for ducking bottles what do you do when I catch them and throw them back at you?

  51. “too bad Wilson can’t play the Chiefs every week.”

    You’ve let your opinion be known Radeon – and I don’t really begrudge it – but are you really going to be that guy?

  52. HeinieHunter says:

    Wilson played well for a rookie. Most of his receivers look like we should have been cut. Other than Rice there were nowhere to be seen. Baldwin’s drop to the TD pass was the capper! Not a easy catch but very catchable!

  53. Jusjamn says:

    That O line play was just ugly. I hope Cable can teach these guys how to pass block cuz this isn’t much better than last years starting line. Play calling is always going to be different when you have a rookie in there. Those receivers sure didn’t help much. Run their routes and stop while we have a QB scrambling for his life. Guess they never heard of coming back to the QB.

  54. HeinieHunter says:

    PC needs to kick some ass. Waaaayyyy too many penalties to be a winning team.

  55. I think that peoples expectations were abit too high for Wilson. We should have expected some rookie moments and known it would not be as easy as it was in pre season ball. I thought Wilson should have thrown to Martin on the one end zone play he threw behind to Rice in 4th qtr. *** The good news is that Wilson will get better quickly ***

    Okung is injured again? Sigh. It seems he is made of glass.

    Clemons looked great.

    Washington looked great.

    Where was Baldwin? Don’t tell me missing all of pre season is ‘ok’, it obviously affected his ability to play with a new QB.

    Terrific interception by Sherman.

  56. mquinn73 says:

    Last week I put up a “reality check” post on this forum because I was shocked at how many fans appeared to be overly optimistic about the team this season. People thought we had a no.1 ranked defense, a dominating O-line and that Wilson was a slam-dunk rookie of the year…

    Unfortunately, I think today was a pretty obvious in-your-face wake-up call. Our defense is young and has potential BUT they are nothing special at present. Tough against the run, and able to create turnovers, but without a consistent pass rush to prevent opposition QBs from putting together lengthy drives on a regular basis.

    Our offense will live or die on the back of Marshawn Lynch. We overpaid for Sidney Rice & Zach Miller. Our OL consists of a talented but injury prone Left Tackle and a group of overachieving journeymen (McQuistan & Breno) or unproven youngsters (Moffitt & Sweezy). Unger is a trier but undersized while Carpenter was a reach (they’ve already ‘admitted’ to their mistake by now deciding that he’s actually a guard because he’ll never make a Tackle in this league).

    It’s not all doom-and-gloom. We are a young team who have the potential to improve… but let’s not kid ourselves in thinking that we are anything more than that. If you are trying out Terrell Owens & Braylon Edwards it means your wideouts have significant weaknesses. If a low round rookie defensive lineman can convert to guard and make your team, it means your OL is no world-beater. If a third round sub-6ft rookie QB starts in the season, well…. you get the picture….

    My real concern is what a losing season will mean for Pete Carroll and John Schneider….

  57. Did you notice when they would show on replay the ‘routes’ our WR’s were running on plays where Wilson had nowhere to go? Seems like they would run a straight line and stop. And I didn’t see any of them working around to get open on his scrambles. They’re a weak bunch.

    Wilson is a rookie, and he played it pretty safe, but I think he held up alright against a good defense, all things considered. His receivers need to make some plays for him in the end zone. If they do, this is a very different thread.

  58. orbeavhawk says:

    WHO replaced Okung? Kept waoting for those great announcers to tell us….NEVER heard them IF they did???


  59. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    Get close quarters with you, and wait till you expose an elbow, or another bone joint.

  60. Skavage says:

    This game wasn’t nearly as bad as we’re making it out to be. Consider…

    1. Had Leon taken the punt return all the way back we win.

    2. Had Hauschka hit his first field goal we’re kicking another in the last minute and we win.

    3. Had Wilson not thrown the backward pass (2nd one imo) Arizona doesn’t get the field goal and again we’re kicking our own field goal at the end and we win.

    4. Had Baldwin or Edwards made either catch in the end zone, we win.

    5. Had the (bad?) call for PI against Sherman not been called on Az’s 4th qtr drive, we win.

    So really it only came down to a few missed opportunities, any one of which would have resulted in a victory. Again, no reason to get too low. We didn’t get beat as much as we beat ourselves. 15 more to go. Win them all and I bet we’re the number one seed. :)

  61. Our defense played well, esp in that long stretch in the 2nd half, once they adjusted and got pressure on the QB. AZ had 252 yds of total offense, and Sherman made Fitzgerald a non-factor.

    That one drive by Kolb is a headscratcher; seems like for one drive we forgot how to do everything that we’d been doing right.

    But all in all our D looks good to me, really stout against the run, and good as advertised in the defensive backfield. thank god we re-signed Clemons – he’s still by far our best pass rusher.

    This loss is on the offense, period.

  62. Trampharbor says:

    I agree Chuck Easton. Nobody likes a loss, particularly one that was so close to winning. Two things jumped out at me: 1) Kevin Kolb actually does have some talent, and although some call him a wimp in the pocket, he either wasn’t that today or our defensive line couldn’t generate a fear factor in him. If the latter, that is a concern. 2)Once you name your rookie a starter, you have to let him play. If we didn’t want to let him play, we should have started Flynn. I think we made the right choice in starting Wilson, but I think we went traditional in crimping his style, after going untraditional in naming him to start. You can’t have it both ways, in my opinion.

  63. Wilson is a rookie with great potential. He’s a rookie. Deal with it and don’t whine about it when he plays like what he is; a rookie. He’s going to make some plays, he’s going to look like a rookie on some others. At least he’s not what we had last year; a worthless pile of… He’s a young kid with the potential to be good/great even if it’s not going to come as fast as some expected it to. I have no problem with him this game, even though this game alone isn’t going to get him elected to Canton on the first ballot as some insinuated (overexaggerating) after facing the Bronco 394th stringers or the “mighty” Chiefs defense. Maybe a better measuring stick would be to have played well in regular season games, but I guess not. Since all of our eggs are in his basket, lets enjoy the ride. He’s our guy. He may not be ready to lead us to a Super Bowl win this year (although I hope he does), but at least he’s gaining valuable experience, which every QB needs, to get us there in the future. And that’s what we’re building towards. I had secret Super Bowl hopes coming into today, but don’t anymore, although that doesn’t mean I can’t hope/expect the play-offs and valuable experience there (again, to build for next year – but you never know, stranger things have happened, too – get hot at the right time, baby!).

    It’s like me and my favoritism to Sidney Rice. IMO, he was the game MVP after Leon Washington today (Mebane was close). He had a few good catches, a TD, and received a huge PI call against him that we still couldn’t convert on that last drive. Nevertheless, it wasn’t enough.

    At least Zach Miller is a good blocker.

    What was up with Okung sucking and then getting hurt again?

    I thought the AZ OL was the worst in the NFL? At least we can still make bad OLs look good (although I’m sure we’ll have one game where we’ll have a crazy amount of sacks so it will inflate our sack numbers at the end of the season).

    Does everyone still thinks we have a top defense that Kevin Kolb sucks? You can’t say yes to both. Not after today. Which one is it?

    One game… Whenever you win — you’re never as good as you think you are… Whenever you lose — you never suck as bad as some think you do either. It was one game. That’s it. After we beat the Cowboys next week, the game blog will have Wilson back in Canton, our defense better than anyone, and we’ll all be singing happy songs by a campfire. Come back in from the ledge with high/realistic expectations for the rest of the season (though it’s fun to hope for more)…

  64. chuck_easton says:


    We all knew one of two things were going to happen today.

    1. Wilson would come out on fire and all the pro-Wilson guys would be here telling us how right they were and we should start looking to trade Flynn tomorrow.

    2. Wilson would come out and look average to bad and there would be people calling for Flynn to start next week.

    Expect a lot of number two this week and don’t expect to see much of Georgia, joreb, and the other Wilson for the HOF before he plays a down in the NFL this week.

    It wasn’t entirely his fault as the line wasn’t helping, but a 65 passer rating and two turnovers on him doesn’t scream rookie of the year and ticket to Hawaii for the pro-bowl to me.

    If we are going to go with a rookie QB this year then expect more games like today. It will be 2013 before the team takes the next step to playoff contender.

  65. yellaman says:

    First off I knew this was giing ti happen and let me tell you why. A rookie qb unless you are cam newton or RGIII is not going to be ready for what Arizona did today. Great qb play has to play and throw anticipation. RW did not have that today. I saw many of times where he was not ready to make plays and waiting to throw. this doesn’t work in the but i don’t blame RW it falls on pc and bevell

  66. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    Our receivers suck. Baldwin was virtually non-existent today. I expected as much though, seeing how he missed the entire pre-season. I thought that Wilson had good timing with Charly Martin, but it seemed that Martin wasn’t on the field much (another head scratcher).

    Seattle will improve, and although it’s too early to know how the season will turn out, based on today, it’s looking like the 49rs are going to run away with the division again.

  67. NYHawkFan says:

    There is plenty of blame to go around. Arizona’s backup QB comes in the game cold and marches 80 yards down the field. He picked our secondary apart. Absolutely no pass rush on that series. We come back and have a first down inside the 20 with 45 seconds left and no time outs. Why are some of you screaming for us to have run the ball? Hello? No time outs! We have plenty of time for four pass plays and maybe time for two running plays. Our receivers didn’t get the job done, period. Wilson was OK, not great, but he didn’t get the help from our veterans when he needed it the most. Agree that the play calling was poor, with not much originality. With Cardinals constant rush, why no quick slants, or as some have already pointed out, passes on the flat? Pass blocking needs a lot of work so Wilson had very little time and regularly overthrew his receivers deep. As I said, lots of blame to go around. Two take-a-ways was a good start, though.

  68. Another year of Pete Carroll coaching in the NFL, another year of his teams having more penalties than his opponents. He’s already out to an early lead. What a shock to the start of the season.

  69. mojjonation says:

    If it only comes down to missed chances then you are the eternal optimist. Real teams execute. Fakes make excuses. That is where we differ from real top caliber teams. Do we have Holmgrenitis or something? Move into the red zone and settle for field goals.

  70. Trampharbor says:

    Yellaman: I don’t feel like it was Wilson who was not ready for what Arizona threw at him. I think it was the offensive line play/scheme that wasn’t ready. There were at least three times where the safety had an unobstructed line to Wilson. When he could move, he did move. He seemed like a rookie to me on the coach called pass/laterals that he threw behind the line of scrimmage. He seemed like a rookie when he let the play clock run out. Other than that, I don’t think this can be laid on him.

  71. Not sure who asked, but Omiyale replaced Okung in the 4th quarter.

    Not sure if they will stick with that arrangement for next week or move McQuistan to LT and plug someone else in at LG. We will have to see if / how long Okung will be out.

  72. Yeah – too many penalties again.

  73. When I saw Okung “walking” off, I immediately thought of another high-ankle sprain, although I have no idea of the specifics.

  74. piperfeltcher says:

    Hard to blame the play calling or Wilson when Rice, Baldwin and Edwards all had the ball hit there hands in the endzone on the final drive.

  75. pabuwal says:

    Okung didnt look good in preseason and he looked worse today. Maybe all the ankle injuries are catching up to him?

  76. guywhothinksheknowsitall says:

    LMAO @the people bashing the play calling.

    Yea, I’m sure Bevell has plays in the playbook where recievers are supposed to drop very well thrown balls in the endzone with the game on the line.

  77. Palerydr says:

    Displaced good luck with that strategy.

    Blocis I also saw martin come open and wonder why Wilson didn’t throw to him on that play.

  78. guywhothinksheknowsitall says:

    Even with a tough loss there is plenty of optmism. Wilson has already done more good things in the 4th quarter than Tavaris Jackson has all of his 4th quarters combined.

  79. sluggo42 says:

    Use big Red for lead blocker down there.

    Look guys, Wilson broght the in for the win, but they just couldln’t get it done, by a hair, more that a few times. They SHOULD have won that game. AZ D was a lot tougher than I imagined.

    I wish they would have blitzed Kolb a lot more at the end…no pressure and he killed us.

    We went to a very tough away game and should have won. My guess is AZ will be a tougher team than many have predicted.

    Our division is tough now, that was a rocky fricking game.

    Radeon, I was right a few threads ago, you are a TROLL to the nth degree.

    I was mostly disappointed with our WR’s, they ran their quick route and then quit, even when RW was buying time, they just quit on their routes.

    Allin all though, I think we got better as the game went on, up until they let Kolb kill us…
    RW was great, but the blitzs were killin us. They have got to fix that.

    They need to work on better screen set-ups, a few good screen plays would have slowed the blitz package down, that why they never quit, it worked all game and we couldn’t either block, nor run a good blitz play

    I was SO pissed that couldn’t punch it in…

  80. sluggo42 says:

    good post Bobby

  81. Metrohawk says:

    This was a week 1 game on the road against a good AZ defense, yet it was a game that the Seahawks should have won and could come back to haunt us. The offensive play calling certainly seemed to be scaled down and if I never see another attempted lateral throw behind the line of scrimmage, I’ll be a happy fan. That said, the play book needs to be expanded. I will not fault Wilson as AZ did what any team would do that plays a 3-4 defense against a rookie–blitz like crazy. Half of their coaches came from Pittsburgh. Our defense shut AZ down in the 2nd half, yet Kolb rose to the occasion and led them to the leading score. There was blame to go around, but let’s not abandon the ship, its still sea-worthy. Corrections will be made and schemes changed. What is more worrisome is how good SF looked. Next week against the Cowboys will be huge and a better barometer.

  82. pabuwal says:

    When does this defense stop some crap QB from mounting a game winning drive against them?

  83. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    guywhothinks, ya and i am sure the defense expected nothing but passes too. two quick runs no huddle play action to miller in the corner that fails you have one more play. i like the odds of lynch getting 5 yards on two plays.

    figure 10 seconds per running play leaves 10 left ,fade to miller 7, 3 seconds on 4 and 1 or 2 to win. point is bevell doesnt believe in the running game or he would try that. i would rather win or lose in that situation because a running touchdown sets the tone for the season.

  84. DanielleMND says:

    “Fans are allowed to view the game and disagree with calls on the field. Isn’t that the purpose of this blog, or is it more “Yay, Seahawks!” for you?”

    I’m disappointed and upset that the Seahawks lost this game, but I’m not overreacting like some people are.

    Was the playcalling on both sides too conservative at times? Yes. Is that why we lost? No. If the players had executed better on just a few plays, this would have been a W.

    Maybe it’s for the best. I think fans, coaches, and players drank the Kool-Aid after a 4-0 pre-season. Being brought back down to Earth so quickly may help in the long run.

  85. freedom_X says:

    I said weeks ago that Pete Carroll must feel totally secure. This is the kind of loss that happens with a rookie QB (not blaming it on Wilson, BTW.) But he did make some mistakes.

    If Carroll was thinking Wilson could play like a 5 year vet from the get-go, he was sadly mistaken. (Since they trimmed down the game plan, it’s obvious they know Wilson has limitations until he gains experience.)

    However, these games are the difference between 7-9 and 10-6, between sitting at home in January and playing for a Super Bowl. If we go 7-9 again, we can’t rationalize that “we were 5 plays from 10-6″ like some people did this offseason. If you decide to punt 5-10 plays to bring a rookie up to speed, you’d better be able to take the heat that comes with it.

  86. sluggo42 says:

    I though Wagner was pretty solid, but Irvin got lost in the mix. He seems to not know when to disengage and attack, he stays with his blocker, an in this league, he’ll never get a sack if he doesn’t get loose from the guy. Curry always did that too.
    Clem was pretty good too.

    It will be interesting to see how they react next week. I’m guessing Dallas will be bringing the house too, until we show that we can beat it.

  87. Palerydr says:

    IF our WR had caught any of the passes that they should have we would all be singing RW praises. Teams that want to play in the playoffs don’t let back up QB’s lead winning drives in the 4th. They also don’t get flagged for 14 penalties and IMO they could have been called for at least 3 more. I’m still a fan but after that last pass was dropped I said some things you can’t put on this blog. Very frustrating after I allowed myself to think we could win this game. I will give RW credit for getting us all the way down into position to win something we all can agree didn’t happen last year.

  88. I read this blog every day and rarely post. I usually read the comments to see what other people are thinking who share a common passion with me. This will probably be the last time I waste my time. Day after day I’m blow away by the ridiculous opinions people carry who claim to be football fans.

    Russell Wilson proved one thing today. He is not ready. I wanted Flynn from the get go. When Wilson got the nod I was on board for what he could bring to the table. But I heldfast to the opinion he should sit a year. Now I feel I’ve been justified in my thinking. There is no doubt in MY MIND we win that game with Flynn at the helm. Especially on the final drive. Wilson threw 4-6 awful passes in a row. Anyone blaming the receivers is flat out wrong. Anyone blaming the play calling of pass after pass might have an argument, but we were working aginst the clock so I get the passing plays.

    Wilson’s biggest attribute coming in was his ability to move outside the pocket. He did not do that. It was only a matter of time before D coordinaters schemed to keep him in the pocket and, guess what… It was week 1 and it worked.

    Unfortunately I think we will see Wilson for a long time no matter what. He will get every opportunity Flynn never got. All Flynn did in the preseason was play solid against 1st teamers. All Wilson did was look really (really) good agint back ups. Save for the Cheifs game which is hardly a regular season game. And when Flynn came in after a week off in his last chance to show something against the Raiders he looked solid again.

    My opinion means just as much as anyone else’s on here (which is not as all) but at least my opinion is sound.

    Enjoy arguing with each other….

  89. NYHawkFan says:

    I noticed that too sluggo* Irvin was in the backfield in a flash, pushing his guy back, then he played patty cake.

  90. Seahawks2620 says:

    A few things from this game:
    – the team is young and showed how inconsistent it can and will be.
    – the team looked extremely jittery as a whole which didn’t help it’s rookie QB.
    – Rice impressed the hell out of me, Baldwin looked like garbage, and Braylon actually showed some things but still failed to make a play that you have to make for your rookie QB.
    – Although we still lossed, we looked horrid almost the entire game, and still almost won on the road. Almosts don’t get you wins, but it is a start

    I am actually very intrigued to see how we bounce back next season. I know one thing the team really needs to take a deep breath and relax. I got the sense that the defense might almost be too cocky and confident. They need to dial it back a bit and get back to the fundamentals. Things are not handed to you because you look very talented on paper. Like I said, next week should be interesting. The play calling was what was expected. Bevell said that Wilson was working with a limited book and I think that is ba on him. Give the kid a chance. First thigs first, we need to get things going up front, the cards through pressure in his face all day and the offensive line looked absolutely lost. Hopefully we can come back and pound on the boys next week in front of our hometown! The pass rush cannot continue to disappear for series’ at a time like it has, next week for us to win.

  91. judn, that’s exactly what I was saying, but people like GeorgiaHawk just made fun of me. I legit feel like PC/JS are going to give the next GM and coach a hell of a lot of talent.

    Yeah, the team was in a rebuilding stage when he got here. With all the roster turnover etc, he’s running out of excuses, especially since he’s currently in his third season, has gone 7-9 twice, and is likely to do the same or worse this season.

    I legitimately feel like if Flynn got the nod, he’d start building chemistry, and there would be a legitimate wild card contender at the end of the season… San Francisco beating Green Bay today pretty much clinched the NFC West for them.

  92. Seahawks2620 says:

    I guarantee you one thing though, the cards will see a very different Seahawks team when they visit Seattle.

  93. I’m not sure why people are saying “you have to make those plays for your rookie QB”… You need to make these plays if it’s a young rookie QB or Brett Favre’s old ass. This is absurd.

  94. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    Hey Judn, stfu! The pass protection was not there. That was obvious. Flynn would have played just as bad, if not worse, than Wilson. Before Wilson could make his drop backs there was somebody in the backfield harassing him. The same would have applied to Flynn. Wilson played poorly because he never had a chance to feel comfortable in the pocket. The same would have applied to Flynn and most other NFL QB’s. You suck and know nothing about football.

  95. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    Poor O-line=poor QB play. If you don’t understand that then don’t comment.

  96. DanielleMND says:

    “There is no doubt in MY MIND we win that game with Flynn at the helm.”

    Whatever, dude. If Flynn had started and we’d lost, you’d be here saying there was no doubt in your mind that we would have won with Wilson.

  97. NYHawkFan says:

    Wilson’s first instinct seems to scramble rather than step up into the pocket. Mostly habit, I assume, from his college days. No doubt because of has speed, he has learned to depend on his feet to get yards in college. NFL linemen are much faster, though, so I hope he makes the adjustment, otherwise he’s going to get hurt trying to run all the time.

  98. I’d like to know why judn and RadeOn aren’t allowed to have an opinion, even if it’s different than the masses? It reminds me of the days where nobody was allowed to criticize Ruskell and when I would – I’d get accused of being a hater. To be clear, the current regime has done such a much better job at assembling talent that I’m in no way comparing either to each other, just simply situations where people should be allowed an opinion. I’ve been right before, I’ve been wrong before, but no matter what, we should always be allowed opinions (if we back them up with our arguments).

    The only opinions I truly hate are the ones where someoen says “so and so sucks” but doesn’t provide any reasons why they suck.

    I love guys like Rice and Mebane, but I have no problem if someone says either are overpaid or whatever if they have solid reasons (like the lack of sacks from Mebane or Sidney’s health history).

  99. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    Did people who are talking about Flynn watch the game? I don’t think Wilson attempted one PA pass with a clean pocket: Arizona blitzed early and often but our O-line didn’t pick up blitzes. When Arizona didn’t blitz they dropped everyone into coverage and no one was open. More than anything, Seattle lost because they got out coached.

    I’ve never called for Carrol’s head. But games like this are why I’m beginning to listen to those that do. Arizona had a better game plan–i.e., blitz the rookie QB and don’t allow him to get comfortable in the pocket. Carrol and company didn’t anticipate Arizona’s game plan; moreover, they didn’t adjust to it quick enough.

    Wilson is more mobile than Flynn. How many sacks did Wilson escape from that Flynn would have succumbed to? Frankly, if you think Flynn would have been better than it’s because your prejudice against Wilson overwhelms your senses.

  100. pabuwal says:

    Okung was easily the most disappointing player out there. I couldn’t believe how poor he looked considering how good he looked at the end of last year.

    Then he suffers what looks to be a severe ankle sprain? I’d hate to think this draft pick turns out badly for the team.

  101. Seahawks2620 says:

    RADEon- I said that you have to make those plays for your rookie QB, because it effects him mentally more so than “Brett Favre’s old ass”. If that happens to Fave oh well, he has experienced a lot. Make that play for Wilson and it can go a long way for a young QBs mindset for the remainder of the season. Say what you want about Wilson’s composure and he definitely has ice water in his vains, he looked pretty panicked during the game. From a mindset point of view, it would have helped to make that play for your young QB. Instill a little confidence in him.

  102. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    They say it takes two season to truly evaluate a draft pick. Well, this is Okung’s second season. The season has just begun, but it’s obvious that Okung struggles against speed rushers. Moreover, Okung looks like he’ll be one of those players who can’t stay healthy. He’s a solid O-linemen, there isn’t much doubt about that. But he’s too unreliable to be our starting left tackle in my opinion. I really think we need to draft another left tackle and move Okung somewhere else on the line. Moreover, I know his contract is up in another year, or two. I hope he gets re-signed, but if we can’t re-sign him at value then I don’t care if he plays elsewhere.

  103. pabs – You’re right. I was most disappointed in the play of Okung today. At least with Sweezy, you know he was a rookie with potential who will go through growing pains. But having a supposedly healthy LT in his 3rd year making huge bucks, it wasn’t acceptable.

  104. seahawk44 says:

    Every fan is disappointed by the loss, but in proper perspective the team did not play their best and nearly won a hard fought division road game with a QB playing his first real NFL game. This loss is tough to swallow because of the over hype of a 4-0 preseason and the fact that this was nearly a must win with 4 of the next 6 games against Dallas, Green Bay, New England & San Francisco and the other 2 are on the road in St Louis and Carolina. Although this team is improving quite a bit, this schedule could just as easily produce a 2-6 start as a 6-2 start. I think they will get it going at home and surprise a few teams, but for the sake of all that is holy, RUN the ball! I hope Okung is ok.

  105. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    My bad, I think this is Okung’s third season.

  106. pabuwal says:

    And the worst thing was, I hadn’t even heard of that Cardinals player that was causing the constant false starts. When Omiyale came in, it seemed like that position stabilized but I don’t know if he got help.

  107. seahawk44 says:

    Every lump they take is a learning experience for these young players, and will pay dividends in the near future.

  108. seahawk44 says:

    Okung is much better in the run game. A key component. Also, does anyone have that much confidence in Omiyale doing well against DeMarcus Ware

  109. seahawk44 says:

    Actually, he probably would not do worse than Okung at that

  110. DanielleMND says:

    Actually, this is Okung’s third season. He clearly hasn’t developed into what the team hoped when they drafted him, a franchise left tackle. He’s injury and penalty prone (he had a few false starts today that weren’t called), and as you said Displaced, struggles against speed rushers.

  111. chuck_easton says:

    Ok displaces,

    Since you’ve been pretty vocal calling others out about there supposed lack of knowledge I’m sure you really know this is Okungs third season, not his second. And I’m sure you know he signed a five year rookie contract so hes here through 2014. Or maybe you are so busy telling others to go away and to stfu you didn’t actually take the time to know what you’re talking about? Just sayin.

  112. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    That’s what I beginning not to like about Cable. He’s an excellent run-blocking coach. But when it comes to pass protection, and picking up blitzes, it seems like he’s not so good. Okung maybe wouldn’t have sucked so much today if he was taught how to pass protect, and pick up blitzes, as much as he was taught how to run block. Run Blocking can’t be the emphasis, the O-line has to pass protect as well as it run blocks. After today, I hope Cable thinks the same thing too.

  113. FleaFlicker says:

    I don’t know about anybody else, but I was on the verge of puking that entire 4th quarter. Jeeezus, what an emotional roller coaster.

    Any loss that comes down to the last play…you can put together a laundry list of “if only”. Haushka missing a kick, some key drops, a little too much zip on that final pass, lack of adjustment to compensate for the blitz, our defense grabbing their ankles when Kolb took the field, Leon getting an extra break on a return, etc.

    Just have to chalk it up to a bitter, bitter loss and move on. It will make that eventual Super Bowl all the sweeter.

    I think somebody else mentioned “getting hot at the right time”. Concur. Weren’t the Packers like 12-0 at one point last season before completely whiffing in their first playoff game? And the championship team was a game away from missing the playoffs….

    We’ve played 1/16th of the season. Let’s keep it in perspective.

  114. pabuwal says:

    “Seahawks coach Pete Carroll clarified after Sunday’s loss that LT Russell Okung suffered a left knee injury against the Cardinals.”

    As far as his contract:
    8/6/2010: Signed a six-year, $48.5 million contract. The deal includes $30 million guaranteed. Another $9.5 million is available through incentives. 2011: $2.9 million, 2012: $3.48 million, 2013: $4.06 million, 2014: $4.64 million, 2015: $5.22 million, 2016: Free Agent

  115. sluggo42 says:

    I was actually surprised at the lack of a plan for a heavy blitz, that most anyone could have anticipated was coming…

    Maybe the “dumbing down” of the playbook removed all the screens…
    oh, and the “laterals” that got blown up are not screens. And like somebody else said, WTF is up with that play anyways? That IMHO is not an NFL play, too many bad things can happen with that play…

  116. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:


    Did you see that I corrected myself immediately? I wish there was an edit function, but it is what it is. However, if you notice I corrected myself within the same minute that I erred.

  117. HeinieHunter says:

    We all knew from early on that the WR’s were lacking as a group. Why is anyone surprised that we lost? You also don’t win close games by committing 13 penalties. Wilson is a rookie, you can’t expect him to win a very close away game in the last minute. I really wish we would have kept Deon Bragg and had him around the goal line in that last series. Obu did nothing.

  118. NYHawkFan says:

    Good possibility about being out-coached. Seattle knew the Cards would try and rattle Wilson with a blitz package that came from all angles. That’s exactly what they did, but Seattle didn’t have an answer. Of course another explanation other than poor coaching is that the coaches had an answer, but the players didn’t execute. The Hawks did better in the second half, and that shows that adjustments were made. Seattle was expected to win, so the disappointment is greater.

  119. freedom_X says:

    It’s only 1/16th of the season, but it’s the kind of game 7-9 teams wish they had won to say they had a good season.

  120. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    Mike Williams, at least on paper, would have been good on that last series too.

  121. chuck_easton says:

    Too bad Mike Williams ate himself out of the league for the second time in his career. Nobody wants an overweight WR.

  122. mojjonation says:

    Demarcus Ware is going to manhandle whoever gets left out on left tackle island.

  123. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    I know. He sucks for that.

  124. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:


    Man, I hope you are wrong. I hope that Carrol, and Cable, realize how much pass protection is an issue and make pass pro an emphasis this week. If they don’t, though, you’ll be absolutely right.

  125. NYHawkFan says:

    Anybody watching the Denver/Pittsburgh game? They’re in a real dog fight.

  126. freedom_X says:

    Mike Williams was never a great red-zone target, even in “his prime.” Count up his TD catches as a Seahawk.

  127. No way Flynn could have escaped pressure better than what Flynn did. I do however think he would have been able to change protections, audible, throw a hot route much more effectively than a rookie. Did RW audible once or throw a hot route once all game?

    In the end, he looked like a rookie, not the poised beyond his years QB we kept reading about.

    Okung was terrible, pass rush decent in the third quarter, but the rest of the game, bad like last year, against scrubs at the tackle position.

  128. rubioloco says:

    Didnt the Trib publish some pronosticators comments of how the Seahawks would face the Ravens in the Super Bowl??? Seems like the more we expect the less they deliver.

    I know…’s just one game
    I know…’s a rookie QB
    I know…..what we have seen so far was just pre season

    But…..have been watching the Hawks since Day One and this looks like another walk down the the road to a disappointing 7-9 season. Hope I am wrong (and will watch as many gamesa as I can)…but just once couldn’t we have a Seattle team that under-promises and over produces?!?

  129. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    Please let Pittsburgh lose. Pittsburgh fans are the worse. I live in Columbus, Ohio, but there are more Pittsburgh fans here than there are Browns and Bengals fans. I know I’m gonna catch hell tomorrow at work because Seattle lost–Pittsburgh fans especially will be apathetic and say disparaging things like Seattle shouldn’t have a NFL team. The rancor and contempt I’ll receive tomorrow will be far worse if Pittsburgh wins.

  130. MoSeahawk12 says:

    at the game today…..not what I expected. Early on, the team just looked out of sync. Pass blocking was about as bad as it was the first eight games of last season. Very little separation from our receivers. Defense needs to stop reading about how they are top five defense and actually stop the other team when it counts. To let Kolb come in the game cold and march, I mean march without any pressure is sinful. Sure they kept AZ from running the ball, but that 80 yard drive in the forth was ugly. Hey and we got one whole sack against the Cardinals “poor” line. I’d say maybe they switched uniforms because our line was the one that looked like we had guys that never started. Sitting with cocky Cardinal fans for 4 hours is bad enough….letting this team beat us in back to back games is a trend that needs to stop. Cowboys and Niners are much better than the Cards. Sure we play better at home, but we’re going to have to win 3-4 on the road if we want to do any better than the last two seasons. I’m Charlie Brown and Lucy(Seahawks) just fooled me again. Come on guys!! This is not the way to start the season. Bummed!!!

  131. mojjonation says:

    Pittsburgh lost. Thank effing God.

  132. This is the 3rd year in a row where our Line has looked just AWFUL! Last year we expected them to be better after finishing the season on a high note -took them till like week 10 (don’t know just guessing) to look decent last year and then they finished great. (seemingly) and now – here we look TERRIBLE again!!! Pure garbage if you ask me!!

    Why can’t we start well.

    I was SOOOO pissed today – watching the defense struggle to get pressure – yes they got 2 TO’s but when you needed them to get a stop could they NO!!! We all thought Kobb (yes I know it’s spelled Kolb) was terrible but he made us look stupid! 6-8 coming in cold – jeeze!

    Our WR’s at the end – yes there was a PI on Rice – CATCH THE DAMN BALL. Braylon – OMG – CATCH THE DAMN BALL

  133. As sluggo pointed out, the backwards pass “laterals” were not screen passes. A RB screen pass would require a screen to be set up in front of Lynch. I need to watch the highlights to verify, but I’m pretty sure no screens were set up on those plays. I may have missed other screen passes since I did not watch every second of the game, but I believe the fumbled lateral was simply Wilson trying to dump it off to Lynch on his flat route because of the pressure.

    I think Wilson did OK, but he made some rookie mistakes, most notably the fumbled lateral and the delay of game penalties. I expect him to get better, and more importantly, I expect them to open up the playbook more. The limited game plan sounded like a good idea, but they should have at least made an adjustment at halftime when it became clear that the Arizona blitz was too effective to keep running 5 and 7 step drops.

    I think the blame should be placed on Bevell for lack of adjustment in the play calling, the O-line playing terribly at pass protection (they’re pretty good at run blocking though), and the receivers for the drops. I’m particularly upset with the receivers for giving up on plays. Instead of breaking off routes when they were covered and Wilson was flushed out of the pocket, they seemed to just slow down or stop altogether. Veteran and/or stud receivers will recognize the play has broken down and try to find a soft spot. Every replay they showed where Wilson had nowhere to go, almost every receiver did not make an attempt to come back or adjust their routes.

    Cowboys and Packers up next…they’ve got to step up. 0-3 will be tough to recover from, and that kind of start is a recipe for a QB controversy.

  134. Macabrevity says:

    So many comments, mine don’t mean much here, but here goes…

    Okung? Let’s stop imagining he’ll ever be that rookie that held Julius Peppers in check.

    RW? Not great, but not bad for a rookie with constant pressure in his face.

    Batted Balls? 5’11” or 6’6″, didn’t seem to make much of a difference.

    Baldwin? S.O.P.H.O.M.O.R.E.

    Bruce? Why wasn’t he on the field? Oh…. he was?

    Richard Sherman? Does anyone have words to describe how good this guy is?

    Starting the season with a loss? I had them losing in my pre-season picks, and still going 10-6. We’ll be fine.

  135. HoberkUnce says:

    Receiver and pass rush play was poor, but the blame for this loss belongs to OC Bevell. The game plan was timid and lacked creativity. Half time adjustments didn’t have much impact until the playbook was opened up on the final drive. And what is most disturbing to me is that the play calling was a poor match for the talent on the field. Bevell, in essence, called a generic game that didn’t take advantage of the offensive player’s strengths.

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