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Carroll: “We had our shots at it.”

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September 9, 2012 7:25 pm

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said his team got what they wanted from Arizona’s defense in the final minute of the game.

The Seahawks had seven chances to score from inside Arizona’s 15-yard line, but failed to convert.

“We were there,” Carroll said. “We had four great shots. We used the whole clock and everything worked out fine time-wise and everything.

“We had our shots at it.”

Carroll said that even though the clock was on their backs, Seattle could have ran the ball in that situation. In fact, the Seahawks did run the ball on first and goal from the 6-yard line, with Marshawn Lynch picking up two yards.

“You could run it,” Carroll said. “It’s just a long ways to get in there if you don’t hit it clean.”

But Carroll said that’s not where Seattle lost the game. The Seahawks’ inability to score touchdowns in the red zone finally caught up to them in the team’s 20-16 loss to Arizona.

The Seahawks finished 1 of 4 in the red zone on Sunday.

Carroll said that while rookie quarterback Russell Wilson struggled in his first NFL start. But he fought back and played well in the second half.

“I thought Russell battled,” Carroll said. “And it was hard in the first half. They pressured a lot, and made it tough on us. But he hung in there, and he came back and did a very nice job of getting us back in the game in the second half.”

“He put us on the 7-yard line and we were ready to win the game,” Carroll added.

Wilson says he’ll chalk up his first start as a learning experience.

“I felt great about the opportunities we had,” Wilson said. “I think we put ourselves in a good position. We just fell short.”

Confusion on the timeout
Seattle head coach Pete Carroll said the replacement officials told him that he still had a time out left after Doug Baldwin went down with an injury in the end zone with 47 seconds left, and had to be attended to by Seattle’s medical staff on the field.

Carroll said the officials told him that Seattle did not have to use it’s final timeout on Baldwin’s injury because the play was incomplete, which stopped the clock.

However, the officials were incorrect in making that ruling, according to referee Bruce Hermansen, when asked by the pool reporter.

“It was my error,” Hermansen said. “We gave them (Seattle) the additional timeout of the incomplete pass stopping the clock before the injury occurred. When in effect, the clock has no bearing on the play at all, whether it’s stopped or running, we should not have given them the additional timeout.

Arizona head coach Ken Whisenhunt was aware that the officials had made the incorrect call, but he didn’t want his players to use it as an excuse.

“I don’t care,” Whisenhunt said. “We made a big thing with our team about not letting any of that affect us, and staying focused on what you have to do, and they did that.”

Defense falters when it matters most
The Seahawks defensively were dominant for most of the game, except for when they needed a stop to close the game out.

After a 39-yard-field goal by Steven Hauschka put Seattle up 16-13 with 9:20 left to play, the Cardinals promptly marched 80 yards on 11 plays, going up for good on Andre Roberts’ 6-yard touchdown reception.

The surprise was what quarterback was leading the drive – backup Kevin Kolb

Kolb replaced starter John Skelton two plays into the drive, when the Fordham University product suffered what appeared to be a broken ankle when Brandon Mebane fell on his leg after Skelton complete a 17-yard pass to Roberts.

Skelton’s leg was placed in an air cast, and he was carted to the locker room for further evaluation.

Kolb, Arizona’s high-dollar quarterback who lost his job to Skelton this preseason, was greeted by boos from the Arizona faithful.

But he finished 6 of 8 for 66 yards on the drive.

“They just got into a rhythm,” Seattle safety Earl Thomas said. “We saw everything they tried to throw at us, but they just go in a rhythm at the end. We just have to hold them. When we gave up all those yards at the end, we just have to hold them to a field goal at leas, just give our offense a better chance.”

“Let’s talk about how poetic that was,” Arizona safety Adrian Wilson said. “The guy didn’t get any reps in practice really. John got all the reps, and he cam in there and led the game-winning drive. Defensively, we just went out there and did our job. Kevin is really the one that should be talked about right now.”

Injury report
Carroll said that offensive tackle Russell Okung suffered a twisted knee on Seattle’s final drive.

Receiver Doug Baldwin got the wind knocked out of him on the diving attempt at the catch in the end zone, according to Carroll. And defensive tackle Alan Branch suffered a pinched nerve in the first half, but returned to action.

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  1. In a loss like this you can almost point to every player that could have done something else to have won the game. I guess that’s why only a team can win or lose a game.

  2. seahawk44 says:

    Richard Sherman made one of the nicest interception catches I have ever seen a defensive player make. Did he ever play the WR position in high school or college?

  3. bbnate420 says:

    Are these the M’s or the Hawk’s?????????????? Sad performance! We still have 15 games. 10-5 we need!

  4. sluggo42 says:

    It was a bitter loss, having so many shots at the end, and missing them all… It was like Ground hogs day…

  5. chuck_easton says:


    Sherman started as a WR at Stanford. Only switched to DB at the end of his college career.

  6. freedom_X says:

    Despite having vehemently opposing it earlier, the inept play of Seattle’s receivers has me thinking if we should be giving Terrell Owens a call.

    In the scramble drill, which Wilson will be in a lot after the protection breaks down, Owens might be a good target. Even if he drops some passes – at least he’s getting open. Not like the current batch of Seattle WR’s is hanging onto the ball.

    And the guaranteed contract period is up, so the risk is lower than ever. I actually do think Owens’ hands will come around with more reps.

    Sidney Rice had better step it up. He’s supposed to be the man that will make a defense pay for rushing 7 guys. But even when Wilson eluded the rush, he wasn’t getting open. That’s not what you pay 8+ million/yr for.

  7. bsinnitt says:

    It would have been nice to get a division road win to start the season but let’s not over react. You have to tip your hat to Kevin Kolb. I was thinking we had it in the bag when Skelton went down. It’s just the first game. If we can go 4-4 in the first 8 games, I still like our chances for 10 wins and the playoffs. Wilson and the offense will continue to improve throughout the season.

  8. bbnate420 says:

    Where are the 5th preseason game retards????????????????

  9. psoundpowerhouse says:

    Watch’in pit vs den. Think’in, “Man we suck”!
    Wilson is good, got potential.
    Where’s the over hyped D?
    The “tom cable” O line looked like @#$%
    Wilson was a deer in the “headlights”.
    p.s. where’s the @#$%^9 pass rush!!!!

  10. jawpeace says:

    Besides losing the biggest disappointment was the blocking of the O line, especially the pass blocking.

    At the end Baldwin and Rice(even though he was interfered with, both had the ball hit their hands and should have caught it.

    Okung good grief I hope it is not a serious knee injury.

  11. NYHawkFan says:

    With a loss like this, I’m sure every Seahawk team mate will ask himself what he could have done different so that they could have gone home with a win. Hopefully something good will come out of that examination process because losing close games hurts even more than blowouts.

  12. The defense played like junk. Maybe they bought into the hype of them being a top 5 defense and forgot how to play like a top 5 defense.

    Wilson proved he’s not RGIII or Luck or anyone. Not knocking him but rather knocking everyone that was willing to hand him rookie of the year.

    Personally I think he can be a great QB, but I also think he should learn on from the bench for a year.

    The offensive line did Wilson no favors early in the game, but I think the defense rattled him quite a bit. When he had to scramble, he stopped looking down field and looked to just run. His is suppose to have the ability to run around WHILE still looking down field.

    I’m not saying Flynn would have been better, but if the staff feels Wilson is the second coming, why run the risk of “Rick Mirer”ing the guy?

    Remember, Mirer had a great rookie season, but also took a lot of shots and fell apart his second season. Who knows what would have happened had he sat on the bench and watch Krieg for a year or two?

    Would Flynn have been better? I would say no because I’m still trying to figure out if we dressed any receivers? A lot of “run your route and stop/stand” still by those guys.

    BUT, by starting a throw away QB in Flynn, you allow the second coming in Wilson to learn the speed of the game from the bench.

    They play the cowboys next week. If the defense plays the same way as they did today, if the receivers stand around and watch the game like today and if Wilson continues to run around while not looking down field to the receiver standing still, it will be a long game.

  13. NYHawkFan says:

    A lot of complaints about our receivers. Are that that bad, or could it be that they are poorly coached?

  14. jawpeace says:

    psoundpowerhouse “Wilson was a deer in the “headlights”.” What are you talking about I never saw him frozen. He was quick with his decisions and thought he did pretty good considering the poor pass blocking.

  15. yellaman says:

    PC says “we had our shots” well to me that’s not good enough. I’m a bitter hawks fan who will not except mediocrity just so we can feel good as a team. I go by line said by parcell that you are what your record says you are and for the last 5 yrs we have been a sub .500 team. Yes they have improved the talent but i got question is the coaching improved? on paper we should have won this game but we didn’t. RW played like a rook, sweezy looked confused on blitz assignments, and our defense couldn’t stop a nose bleed when it needed to. The only one who looked good today was leon Washington and the offense was terrible in the red zone. Also where’s the improved pass rush? I got to say it looked like we got out coached today and this idea of competition needs to include the coaches and not just the players

  16. psoundpowerhouse says:

    By Okung’s performance, I’d say he was hurt before kickoff. He jumped early on one play and wasn’t called for it.
    Sorry, if that was already posted!!
    If Okung is hurt..2 bad
    Plug in a free agent, or 5th rnd. pick. Sick of early round bust picks!!!
    All this “talent” on the O line.
    What a joke!

  17. jawpeace says:

    Good thing Peyton Manning went to the Broncos as his neck would be in jeopardy behind the Hawk’s line.

  18. Why the heck is anyone (goes back to previous page) talking about Sidney Rice not pulling his weight? If he maintained his current pace, he’d have 80 receptions, 576 yards and 16 TDs. I will admit that the receiving yardage would be low, but he also got this team in the red zone with the PI call late in the game. He added yards like that even if they don’t appear in the stat sheet. And what’s up with going to a cast-off on the 4th down play to win/lose the game? Go back and watch the replay, Rice was pissed he didn’t get the ball (as he should have gotten). If you want to blame the game on somebody, that’s fine, but don’t blame it on Rice. It’s convenient to forget that the TD Rice caught wasn’t exactly on a well thrown ball. He’s a stud and we can’t afford him getting hurt or this will be a poor unit. Baldwin seemed to have chemistry with Weirdbeard and Jackson, but with missing so much time, you can tell that he doesn’t have that yet with Wilson. They need to get on the same page asap.

  19. psoundpowerhouse says:

    yeah, when pitt. beat us in the superbowl, i don’t think they had a bunch of number 1 draft picks across their o line.
    I’m callin’ B.S.
    I’ve been callin’ that since the “Superbowl”
    What’s going on in SEATTLE?
    I’m pissed, …wheres my cat?
    jus’ kidd’in a’bout the cat part :)

  20. Everybody talks about bad pass protection, but why wasn’t Wilson making any pre snap reads. Did they not give him the autonomy to call audibles. I don’t think I saw one audible called by Wilson.

  21. pabuwal says:

    Rice is getting paid $9m a year. Anything under 1200 yards and he’s underperforming. Getting shut down by a stud like Patrick Peterson is underperforming. $9m a year means he should be one of the best in the League. In the NFC, he’s not even Pro Bowl Caliber.

    He’s getting paid like a gamebreaker rather than the very good possession WR he is. That was a mistake by the front office. If he was getting paid $3m a year, this conversation would be much different.

    Given his contract for next year, he needs a monster year this year otherwise he won’t be with the Seahawks next year.

  22. qp12 – I’m not going to be too hard on Wilson there, but you’re right. He’s a rookie. He’ll get to the point where he can do that, but he’s clearly not there. Watching Peyton Manning right now makes me think he’d make our Hawk OL look pretty good with exactly what you’re talking about.

  23. pabs – You’re right. He’s getting big money so give him the damn ball on the final play of the game when he had Peterson beat and could have won the game on a good throw.

  24. chuck_easton says:


    People are looking to blame anyone, the line, the D, the WRs, the Coaches. Apparently only one guy was good out there and everybody else let him down.

    Jawpiece, I remember one play in particular where the o- line gave Wilson a perfect pocket and instead of stepping up into it Wilson did his patented scramble backward and to his right. He scrambled right into a pass rusher.

    I said it in pre-season, teams are going to figure out Wilson’s first instinct is to go backward and right when in trouble. Go back and re watch the game. I counted t least seven times today where he did just that. NFL D coordinators have seen this as well and are already designing their rush to allow Wilson to scramble right into their open arms.

  25. Separation…it also didn’t look like our receivers were getting open often enough, and that too is a requirement before being able to catch it, and in traffic. But Wilson’s clearly got what it takes to move the chains…but, yeah, they shouldn’t risk prematurely “Mirering” him prematurely in more terrifying confusion than time-enough to acquire the well-honed skills needed at this level to make a defense pay whenever they send in too many banchees.

    If this is another high-ankle sprain for Okung this early, I hope he’s not maimed once again for much of the season…and then over-compensates on the good ankle maybe and gets it sprained too.

  26. I just don’t have the nerves for growing pains with Russell. I’m curious if Flynn could have made better pre snap reads. It’s so critical in keeping a defense honest. Arizona showed us everytime what they were going to do and Russell seemed to stick to the play that was called.

  27. pabuwal says:

    Chuck – So you must be saying Wilson is a Rookie and he’s prone to Rookie ups and downs?

    Isn’t this defense one of the best in the NFL? With all the Pro Bowlers?

    The QB has gotten a lot of blame for the past 4 Seahawks losses, but this defense has allowed 4 terrible QBs to have late 4th quarter game winning drives on them.

  28. seahawk44 says:

    Agree Bobbyk. Rice is good. If pass protection was better, every other aspect of the passing game improves. Seems like that has been the weakness of the offense for many years now. I think this game should serve as a wake-up call to Bevell & Cable that they need to call plays and prepare better for these 6-7 player blitzes.

  29. psoundpowerhouse says:

    I found my cat, she’s on my computer Posting!!
    U wood’nt now a audible iff u saw one!
    1st half o line blew alot of assignments..
    second half…blew more!!!
    Eat mor mice!!
    Go cats!

  30. bayareahawkfan says:

    The Cardinals are a tough divisional foe, and have been for a couple of years. They play like the hated Steelers, thanks to Whisenhunt.

    Two things make the pain of this close loss palatable to me:

    1. Wilson is purportedly a quick study and works hard in that department – he has quite a bit to learn from from this game, as I’m certain other teams will employ AZ’s tactics when facing us. We should see some hockey stick growth if he is what they hope in that department.

    2. I think when the coaches look at this film, they’ll realize how badly the offensive playcalling was, especially in the first half. Leading with passes abd designed QB runs was a big gamble which didn’t pay off, and I’ll bet we see more early runs called in week 2.

    I liked seeing Russ go to Sidney a bunch in this game, hit Braylon and Martin, and try to work in Dougie. Those connections will only get stronger as the season goes on, and you have to believe Baldwin will improve as he gets back into the flow after missing training camp.

    The bigger problem than this regrettable, winnable, but not ultimately disastrous loss is how the hated Niners looked in Green Bay. I can’t tell you how big of a Lions fan I have become for the next 8 days.

    Harbaugh needs to get knocked on his ass, and down several pegs.

  31. pabuwal says:

    Who paid for the NFL All-22 package and can give us a breakdown how often the Seahawks WRs were getting open?

  32. dp12 – Yes. Flynn would have been better with the pre-snap reads. He’s now a 5th year vet, whereas Wilson is a rookie. This isn’t a knock on Wilson, as no rookie is expected to know more than a 5th year vet. It’s just that our coaching staff has determined that the upside of Wilson is worth it in the long run and I’m okay with that.

  33. You can’t pick up blitzes with 4 guys if your qb isnt making reads and calling off plays. It’s simple mathematics.

  34. chuck_easton says:


    That’s exactly what I’m saying. Wilson is a rookie. He’s got a lot of learning to do. He’s got a lot of mistakes yet to be made. This loss was just the first step in a long journey that Wilson still has to go before he can ever be considered a franchise QB.

    To hear some one here Wilson could have single handedly won the game if the rest of the team and the coaches werent out to ruin it for him.

    Wilson is just as responsible for this loss as the rest of the team. Not more and not less.

  35. bird_spit says:

    I thought it was obvious to see the rust. Marshawn had an ok game, but wasn’t explosive as last year. The receivers are who we thought they were, they suck. Rice was exceptional.. I think Sherman would be a starting WR receiving play in three years, and it was an interception.

    Anyone predicting a super bowl now?

    Russell was a huge upgrade to Jackson. The OL regressed. Our pass rush missed the bus? Mebane had an incredible game..could be the DL dynamics have changed.

  36. pabuwal says:

    I’d also add to BobbyK’s point that the QB competition that lasted nearly a full month took away Reps Wilson should have had. The offensive struggles are somewhat of a byproduct of the QB derby and the lack of chemistry the starting WRs and QB were able to build during the offseason. It didn’t help that Baldwin and Rice missed significant preseason game time due to injury.

  37. Carlsonkid says:

    It hurts , but not to over react ; it was anyone’s game at the end , and their D made it tough on a rookie QB in a road game .

    Recoup , watch film and learn , and then on to Dallas at home next week .

    Wilson will do nothing but keep getting better . The O-line and defense need to step it up ; I was surprised how well that make shift line of theirs played , there wasn’t nearly enough pass rush . Okung must have false started 3 or 4 times that didn’t get called . There’s work to do , but it’s not as bleak as some paint it .

  38. I agree with someone upside, but I think he’d be better served sitting out a season or two. Pete Carroll may be causing him more harm than good.

  39. pabs – to take it a step further, at least Wilson and Flynn (IMO – not yours) have upside. The thing that makes me the most mad is that Jackson got so many of those reps, too. All for getting a 7th round pick (maybe a 6th). I hope that pick was worth the potential in screwing a guy (Wilson) out of reps that could have given this team a better chance of winning its first NFL game of the season.

    I don’t have that NFL All-22 package, but would be curious as to how the WRs rated from ’08-’10 when you were blaming the QB for everything (now it’s everyone else’s fault).

  40. psoundpowerhouse says:

    U kidd’in me Bobby k?
    Pete Carroll started “young russell wilson” ’cause he can get the he##
    outa’ dodge when things break down and hit someone downfield!
    aka,”he can make chicken salad outa’ chicken sh31!”
    His team failed him tonite.

  41. Got it wrong above about Okung, thinking it was another ankle problem when it apparently was a knee this time. In any case, just hope it’s not more of the pattern of not playing enough this season too, for whatever leg issues. We need to see some offensive line consistency about now if we ever going to see the underlying strength develop in an offense that leads to the playoffs once again.

  42. Another pete Carroll qb blunder. My fear is that Vegas got right as they usually do and Seattle will be another 7 win team.

  43. psoundpowerhouse says:

    Maybe if Russell Wilson starts practicing with the starting offense,
    some progress will be made by week 8?
    just say’in.

  44. Doesn’t matter, he needs time on the bench and observe some of the exotic defenses out there.

  45. pabuwal says:

    Highly paid players (which said QB from 08-10 was) and highly decorated players (which some people thought the same QB was) are the guys who have to make the big plays in key moments. Otherwise, they are no better than average. And that makes them overpaid and/or over recognized.

    I expect a Rookie to come in and get better, but he’s not expected to carry the team his first year.

    I expected Jackson to do enough to put the team in position to win the game (which he did) but not win it (which he never did). I expected the defense to hold a lead (which they didn’t) and Okung and Rice (who get paid $8m a year) to be on the field in the clutch (which they weren’t) and play at a high level. Having to throw to Ben Obomanu in the clutch at the end of last year’s Cardinals game with McQuistan blocking was not how the team was designed to win.

  46. psoundpowerhouse says:

    Russell Wilson might be the best thing to happen to the Seahawks in franchise history.
    I watched the game with some die hard ‘raider’ fans. Not that I’m say’in what they say is gospel, but everyone agreed that Wilson was the real thing.
    I think Pete and john are on the same page!

  47. jmreid8 says:

    I’m disappointed at all facets the o line, d line, wide receivers, and qb mainly. I think we are better than we showed, but if we’re not we might loose to the rams! Crap! The good thing is that Russel Wilson will work his ass off this week and the Cowboys are at home.

  48. “Despite having vehemently opposing it earlier, the inept play of Seattle’s receivers has me thinking if we should be giving Terrell Owens a call.”

    I had that same thought. Or Winslow. Seems like one of those guys might have made one play out of the 7 we had inside the 15. All the other criticisms of the day aside, we make one play out of those, and it’s a different storyline on this gaem. I expected more out of Baldwin today, maybe he’s not 100%.

    Agree about Okung. It’s just been pre-season and this one game – but he seems slower afoot than the last two years. I’d thought he was a real building block. Not sure what’s going on other than health issues.

  49. Are you kidding me with the TO crap?!?!?! Seriously. . . .

    in the pre-season he:

    1. Didn’t read blitzes and make the adjustments
    2. Catch the ball consistently
    3. Catch the ball very much at all!!
    4. At one point chipped on RW in practice
    5. Did nothing to warrant a spot on this team

    Evidence after the fact – NOBODY CLAIMED HIM! He was a difference maker in his day – that day is gone.

    Winslow – I can see how you might think he could have helped today – But there were good catchable passes at the end of the game today that were not caught – very frustrating.

    Also, I do want to point out to the people that said we shouldn’t take ST into account when deciding the roster – today proved you should –

    1. The “block” of our first FG attempt changed what we needed at the end of the game (I didn’t see it so I am not sure if it was actually touched but the radio made it sound as if it was)

    2-3. Leon Washington – who many said should have been cut for Taua or others. and got blocks from Farwell- who “isn’t a good enough LB” to put us in great position not once but TWICE!!! Without those returns we are even more down about this game

  50. chrisj122 says:

    Some are over reacting about our D. They gave up way to much in the 1st half but after half time adjustments they were very solid.

    Russell Wilson maybe great one day but right now he’s not capable of reading exotic defenses and held the ball too long more than once. Now opposing D’s will know how to come after him and rattle him early. This exactly why I don’t believe in starting rookie QBs unless absoultly necessary.

    Flynn is at point in his career where he is capable of reading a D and can audible out of a bad situation. When Wilson can do this he probably should be the starter but starting him before he his ready could ruin him for good.

  51. chrisj122 says:

    Maybe Wilson gives us a chance to win more in the long run but our team is good enough to win now with a more experienced QB!

    We should be trying to win now, not living with growing pains fore the sake of the future!

    Give me the guy who gives us the best chance at winning today damn it!

  52. MadSweeney42 says:

    I dunno about predicting a SB, but the only Seahawks team in history to go to the SB got their butts handed to them week 1 vs Jacksonville in a game with far fewer good points than today’s. Point is, it’s one game, nobody knows anything about anybody yet. This week will bring out the character of many p,Ayrshire (and posters alike).

  53. Do you think Kellen Winslow would have caught the game winning touchdown? Just sayin.

    I disagree with bringing TO back. We need to develope chemistry with the guys we have, we had the whole offseason to get the personnel right. But hey I wouldn’t mind bringing back Winslow he’s had more time with Wilson than a lot of guys.

    Let’s not get too down, there’s still a lot of talent on this team. Our hawks will come around. Maybe this is just a case of needing to come back to earth seams how our emotions ran so high during the preseason we could have mistaken each game for the Super Bowl.

  54. bbnate420 says:

    We need to stick with RW and take our lumps. Next year will reward our patience!

  55. bbnate420 says:

    pabuwal, shut it tard!

  56. The sad thing about this is I think everyone played really well, great sometimes.

    But, we wanted some magic. Some luck that we didn’t get.

  57. freedom_X says:

    Now that the guaranteed contract period is up (after the 1st game) you’ll see a number of veterans sign on with teams. Owens could be one of them.

    Arizona brought 5-6-7 men on the pass rush frequently. Seattle stayed largely with vanilla 4 man rushes. Why was this?

    Was it that AZ had better QB play? I don’t think so.

    AZ’s line should have been much inferior to Seattle’s line – so perhaps Seattle though they could get enough pressure with a 4 man rush. That was a huge disappointment, to see Seattle unable to beat backup tackles on a line that was already weak. Still, once it was apparent they weren’t getting a pass rush, why weren’t they more aggressive?

    My belief is this: Arizona has the receivers to make a team pay for bringing the house. Seattle does not. If the Cardinals bring 7 people, and Wilson does escape and get the ball off, what’s the worst that can happen? A 15-20 yard play?

    Whereas, if AZ escapes the pressure, they can hit a 40 or 50 yard play. Their starting WR’s can beat the coverage, which is also why they could run a lot of max protect schemes. Even if they don’t, the capability of doing so opens up room underneath.

    Seattle can’t, and even when they were in their 3 WR set, and AZ brought 6 or 7 guys on the rush, and the line and Wilson evaded it for 5-6 seconds – the Seattle WR’s didn’t get open. No one could even clear space for the shorter stuff.

    And that’s where I expect a guy like Rice to deliver. He’s got to be the guy that scares the hell of the D and makes them double or even triple cover him. He’s got to be the guy that’s getting open 30 yards downfield, even if Seattle can’t get the ball to him or even if he drops it. Just knowing he was open will scare the D. That’s what $8 million+/yr is supposed to bring. It’s the piece Carroll wanted so badly to make the offense tick.

    I think teams are pretty confident right now that no one can do this. This is why I lay a lot of this on Rice. If he’s this transcendent talent, there’s no time like now to start showing it. Who else on the roster is going to do this?

  58. piperfeltcher says:

    McQ still can not pass block so nothing has changed there and toss in the fact Sweezy looked like a rookie and I think the 1st half of this season is going to look a lot like the 1st half of last season. Not sure why if they could not pass protect they decided to call so many bootlegs and slow develping playfakes I would have prefered to see Wilson try and take some quick drops and get the ball out fast. Still shoud have won the game as 3 times on the final drive a WR had both hands on the ball in the endzone.

  59. As bad as it look like, this game look like as preseason game for some part of team. But we must remember some things. Okung is back from injury, and he look like he is not old self. Sweezy has become OL this off-season. Baldwin and Rice are hurt in PS, Rice play a little in 3. and 4. game. Lynch play one PS game and didnt practice to. And Wilson has only 1/3 of snaps until 4. PS game. There still no chemistry in offense.
    On defense, DL look stud against running. If i noticed right, TD in first half was on 3 man front on 1 yard, with Red out. I will adjust play for run in that situation. But i didnt like our zone coverage. Smaller WR will tear us apart. This team can be great but need some fixes, not to big. And can do anything then.

  60. bbnate420 is liquored up and trolling hard.

  61. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Glad I Passed out before the game ended. Lol.

    Oh well, Dallas next.

  62. You didn’t pass out. It was a bad dream:)

  63. That’s a solid point freedom_x – which WR scares a defense in man to man coverage? Which WR can make a defense pay? I don’t think they have anyone.

  64. Wow…lots of blame being tossed around here. I hope all the fair weather fans are equally as willing to toss out the accolades when we win.

    I said in an earlier post had we made just one more play…just one of many that didn’t go our way…we would be celebrating a win, not a chastising a loss. That’s how close this game really was. And had two or more of those gone our way it would have been a blow out.

  65. chuck_easton says:


    That’s the problem. If only this had happened, or if only that had happened things would be much better.

    The thing is, this and that DIDN’T happen which seems to happen too much with this team.

    Seattle is quickly becoming equal to the person who always finishes fourth at the Olympics. “Hey, I was THIS close to a medal!” Yeah but they only give medals to 1 through 3.

    I’m tired of Seattle always being ‘this close’. The days of taking the moral victory at finishing 7-9 or 8-8 but showing signs of improvement are getting old and tiresome.

    Yes the team is young and has a lot of potential. Potential is just a fancy way of saying you aren’t as good as you should be.

    I knew when the decision was made to start Wilson that this was going to be our season. I was hoping we’d get the win in Arizona before reality hit. Darn reality decided to catch an early flight and get here ahead of schedule. This season will be a training year for Wilson. Next year will be the year. (But I’m tired of always waiting for next year…maybe that should be printed on the 12th man flag right under the number 12 “Just wait til next year! ).

  66. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    bbnate, eat a snickers you’re acting trollish. all kidding aside they had a shot multiple times to win this game and did’nt exicute. young team young QB things will get better.

  67. Blaming Russell Wilson for this L is ridiculous. He put 2 balls on the money in the end zone and neither Baldwin nor Edwards could make a catch. They do, and Russell Wilson is the hero. The WRs on this team have always been a weakness and it showed against Arizona. Rice and Baldwin were super rusty.

    Still curious as to where Zach Miller, former All-Pro TE, was in those last seconds? Oh yeah, invisible like usual.

    And, the play calling down there was far too predictable. How about a boot with a sprint to the pylon? How about using that TE?

    Okung is rapidly approaching bust status if he misses much time. At some point it’s no longer “bad luck”.

    Still have faith in this team but what a wakeup call that was! Now staring at Dallas, New England, and Green Bay in the coming weeks? Time to step it up or we’re in big, big, trouble.

    SF’s D looked absolutely lethal.

    Gulp. The NFC West is gonna be a dogfight.

  68. Dukeshire says:

    The two things I hope people take away from yesterday are these: No team in the league is a “5th preseason game”. Moreover, I have no idea what Seattle has done to warrant it’s fans feeling that way about anyone. Secondly, can we please now acknowledge that there is a *significant* difference between the preseason defenses an offense faces and the regular season? Wilson and Sweezy’s play could not have exemplified this more. Both looked confused “skittish” yesterday and their play reflected that. Wilson in particular played much like he did in his first preseason game vs Tenn. He was far too quick to evacuate the pocket and not let plays develop. Of course there were time he had to run because Sweezy was overwhelmed in his first ever start, at any level, at guard. In short, Wilson played like a rookie. If the game slows down for him, and I expect it will (he played better toward the end), then an honest appraisal of what he will be able to do can be had. But reading so many comments the past 12 hours about putting blame on the play-calling, or WRs, the defense, or really any assessment of this game that doesn’t begin with the QB is folly.

  69. NYHawkFan says:

    It’s a shame that some people can’t express themselves without resorting to offensive language or personal attacks.

  70. Dukeshire says:

    Yes, not bbnate’s best day.

  71. chuck_easton says:


    Not blaming Wilson for the loss. Wilson played exactly like I thought he would. He played like a rookie 3rd rounder playing in his first ever NFL game (pre-season doesn’t count).

    What I’m saying is, that since the team has decided to go with Wilson and endure the growing pains we as fans need to be ready for what we saw this weekend to be the norm and for those good games to be signs of growth.

    Remember Payton Manning was 1-15 his rookie year. Same for Troy Aikman, 1-15 rookie year.

    I’m not expecting Seattle to go 1-15, but you can’t expect to go far with a rookie QB. There is a reason only one ‘rookie’ QB has ever won a Superbowl ( Kurt Warner, and to call him a rookie that year was a stretch).

  72. trout_hound says:

    Y’all would be singing Wilson’s praises if we score on that last possession. It was a rookies first start, and he didn’t do too bad. Look up Manning or Elway’s first start. Wilson handled himself well considering the pressure he was under. It was a tough game, a dog fight. Our D played great until corn on the Kolb came in. I did notice our receivers giving up on routes when Wilson was scrambling, which didn’t help him out at all. It’s only one game.
    The Hawks will be back on Sunday, pissed off and hungry. Dallas better watch the F out.

  73. GeorgiaRay says:

    On the topic of the defense…Is it just me….? Carroll, over his tenure, seems to make fantastic halftime adjustments in reaction to what the opposing offense is throwing at us. However, it seems that most “successful” NFL teams make those adjustments on the fly and don’t wait for halftime…

  74. Dukeshire says:

    It’s not just you, I would actually agree with that.

  75. montanamike2 says:

    I’m still sticking with Wilson, as Chuck pointed out there would be growing pains, i think Russell would have done a lot better if the o-line didn’t kill all our drives and protected him a bit better.
    In the second half He looked poised and most of his throws were very accurate and had a lot of zip on the ball. We might have lost but it was hardly a blowout. I think we’ll be a much better team after half a dozen games or so, i’m still going to buy a Wilson #3 jersey.
    Dissapointed- Hell Yeah! impressed by the rookie- hell yeah.
    #%***% o-line killed a lot of drives, i thought that was our strength?
    I’m betting on better results when they come to our house.
    Damn SF looks legit, i hope Alex Smith goes down because then they’re a different team.

  76. There is NOTHING on the planet that replaces experience. R.W doesn’t have that at this level. The throws he made didn’t have the touch needed in that situation. They had Panic written all over them. Pete can spin this one all he wants His choice to start a Rookie QB,A converted D-linemen and another rookie on the line is a mistake. It is interesting to note that the Titans and Chiefs got their jocks handed to them yesterday. Pete used the preseason victories to make his QB choice. The Rah Rah Rah BS works in College but this is the NFL. Give me the QB that can read the Pro defences Audible out of the play called and check it down to convert in the Red Zone. RW can learn on the sideline as he should.

  77. The difference in the game was Ray Horton.

  78. wallinator says:

    It’s frustrating that supposed members of The 12th Man are already jumping ship and talking about “next year.” Yes yesterday was a frustrating loss. Yes, many things could have been done better and a win would feel that much better. Wilson took his lumps, but he also did a lot right. Those of you clamoring about how he didn’t audible don’t know football & apparently watched a different game. There were many times he used hand signals at the line that changed the play. Look at the handful of times the O-line actually gave Wilson plenty of time to throw….it appeared that nobody ever got open, as the throw(s) weren’t made. As it was previously noted, the 2005 team started 0-1 as well, and I’m sure the same folks who have already given up, gave up back then. No, I’m not calling for a Super Bowl, but with 15 games to go I’m still all in…..because The 12th Man & The 12th Man Flag doesn’t waver!!! Wilson and Co. will improve and make adjustments, and the home cookin’ will help. What would you rather have, a victory over the Cards on the road, or shutting up all those Cowgirl fans and showing the nation Seattle is on the way back and beating Dallas in Seattle….??!!!!!!

  79. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    I’d put O-line pass protection, wide receivers who consistently could not get open, and lack of QB pressure by the defense well above RW’s contribution to this loss.

    Most troubling of all to me was the O-line’s performance. Without that, we simply don’t have an offense that can score more than 20 points per game.

    Fortunately, the team’s glaring weaknesses were exposed in game 1. Could be a very long season, but at least the major areas of concern are now nicely identified.

  80. chuck_easton says:


    Nope, still a Seahawks fan. Always have been and always will be.

    Wilson will get better as the season goes along. By next year I mean it’s next year that we will see the real potential the kid has.

    Some on here that were touting an 11-5 or even a 10-6 season might have had too much of the kool-aid.

    I’m expecting the team to finish somewhere between 6-10 and 9-7 depending on the breaks. Problem is I counted yesterday’s game as one of the 9 wins. Now the team has to steal one or they are fast aproaching another .500 or sub-.500 season.

  81. Dukeshire says:

    This nonsense about not questioning Seattle or the team is really getting old. There are se very real criticsms being levied and legitimate questions being asked. None of that has anything to do with whether we’re “real” fans or not.

  82. piperfeltcher says:

    Not sure why everyone thought the O-line that was dreadful in pass protection last year was suddenly going to be good. Seattle has the worst starting guards in the league. I thought Wilson played good for his 1st start as he had no time and his receivers did not help him out. Getting Tate back should help as he potentially can take a pass and make a guy miss which the Hawks were lacking yesterday.

  83. wallinator says:

    Duke-Nobody said don’t question things….there are lots of questions to be asked….even in victories…(see Philly)…but for some to talk like the season is over and Carroll doesn’t know what he is doing is way too knee jerk and there’s a reason they play 16 games and not 1. More often than not, you split with the divisional foes, mainly holding serve on your home field. If Seattle does that, that’s a 3-3 record with 10 other games. Is 6-4, 7-3 possible in the non-divisional games? We sure hope so. Ideally, you run the table at home, and Seattle needs to get back to the dominance we’ve had at home over the years. It’s 7:50am & I’m willing to bet that Russell Wilson will be the 1st player at VMAC, if he isn’t already there. As members of The 12th Man, we have football knowledge…..but those of us that think Wilson needs the bench and Wilson didn’t do XYZ right….listen to the commentators & “experts” that have played or coached the game at the pro level, and mostly they all agree that Wilson has the skills and should be a great pro. In Russ we Trust. Growing pains……sure, a bump or two, but we’ll see more good than bad outta DangeRuss & all will be right when he helps beat Jerry & Tony H*mo!

  84. SandpointHawk says:

    Appears some posts have magically disappeared. The only question is will the offender even remember he made the posts? Odds anyone….

  85. piperfeltcher says:

    Personally I can’t blame people for taking there football seriously I know I can get a little worked up myself after a tough loss. My wife says my mood for the week is determined on Sundays.

  86. iHateHarbaugh says:

    I think we got out-coached. Period. They had a game plan & stuck with it because we weren’t doing anything to counter-attack. But, we had a chance to win the game @ the end, & in the NFL that’s all you can really ask for.

  87. “I’d put O-line pass protection, wide receivers who consistently could not get open, and lack of QB pressure by the defense well above RW’s contribution to this loss.”

    Agree with that.

    Wilson wasn’t great, but he was ok. Made some plays with his feet when he had to. Didn’t make many mistakes. Held up pretty well under consistent pass pressure basically the entire game. Didn’t do anything to make me think he needs to be yanked for Flynn, now that we’ve made that decision at the position.

  88. PugetHawk says:

    Wilson scrambled too early because the line couldn’t protect long enough to start the game and it made him lose confidence in the line.

    The line could use Carp and Moffitt back. Okung is projected to play this weekend according to Carroll.

    Long season although every game is very important but I think they’ll get better in the second half of the year. Once it all clicks they can be as dangerous as they were against the Chiefs.

  89. like xcman said, if Houshka had made that blocked FG by C.Campbell (by blocking C.Campbell), SEA would have beaten AZ easily in the last minute by another short FG. Also, IF SEA could have stopped Kolb’s drive, SEA would have won, etc, etc. SEA’s players and coaches all have work to do to improve. Bevell & RW need to build themselves a thicker playbook, the STs and the offense need to better pass-protect and FG/punt protect, the D needs to cover TEs better and Bradley needs to play more press if they’re gonna rely on the front 4 to get pass pressure – and the front 4 better learn how to increase their pass pressure. Last season, week 17, Lockette had a 61 yard reception, and D.Butler added an 11 yard reception, but other than that (and maybe better production by LW on offense – both at running and receiving) this week 1 team outplayed last season’s team on defense and STs.

  90. HeinieHunter says:

    Question: Will Seattle stay with the same lineup or add someone for Dallas?

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