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Lynch questionable, Tate out for Arizona

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September 7, 2012 1:57 pm

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch practiced for a second straight day on Friday, and is listed as questionable on the team’s injury report for Sunday’s game at Arizona because of back spasms.

Seattle head coach Pete Carroll said he won’t make a decision on Lynch’s status until close to game time.

“He made it through all of the work,” Carroll said. “He looks good, but it’s still day-to-day. We’ve got to see how he responds tomorrow, so it takes us all the way to game time to make sure everything is all right. But he did do well during the week.”

The same is not true of receiver Golden Tate, who did not practice all week because of a sprained knee and has been ruled out for Sunday.

Quarterback Matt Flynn once again was a limited participant in practice with a sore elbow, but is listed as probable for Sunday.

Cornerback Byron Maxwell (shoulder) did not practice again and is listed as doubtful.

Along with Tate, defensive end Greg Scruggs (hamstring) and offensive lineman James Carpenter (knee) have been ruled out for Sunday.

For Arizona, offensive guard Adam Snyder (elbow), cornerback Greg Tolar (hip) and running back Beanie Wells (hamstring) were limited participants on Friday and are questionable.

Tight end Rob Housler (hamstring), running back LaRod Stephens-Howling (groin), safety Rashad Johnson (abdomen), linebacker O’Brien Schofield (knee) and receiver Andre Roberts (ankle).

Carroll said that the players voted for captains this week. Max Unger is the captain on offense, Red Bryant on defense and Michael Robinson and Heath Farwell are the captains for special teams.

Notes from practice
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  1. Russell needs to slide if he scrambles on Sunday and stay healthy!

  2. blueshq says:

    Unger and not Wilson surprises me but a good choice.

  3. rgbuckl says:

    …or at least run out of bounds like he usually seems to do. We definitely can’t risk him getting hurt now since Flynn keeps having problems…

  4. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Good to hear Red is a captain.

  5. owenbytheway says:

    Hey, blue, rooks coming up on their first game are NEVER captains.

  6. jawpeace says:

    I can see Unger this year over RW. But after this season if things go as I think they will, RW is going to be captain many years after this season.

  7. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I’m not worried about Wilson getting hurt. He’s not like Vick, he’s a smart runner. I am concerned about Rice though. We can’t be losing anymore WRs.

  8. montanamike2 says:

    Wilson’s mobility is a huge plus in todays league.

  9. I don’t think you need to be a mobile QB to be effective today. There’s plenty of non-runners that most teams would be be happy with (Matt Ryan, Drew Brees, The Rapist, Tom Brady, the Manning brothers, heck, even Aaron Rodgers isn’t considered a running QB either). I just simply think you need to be good, whether you can run or not. And I think Wilson is going to be good/great. For him to run, I think it’s an extra perk. For the record, I think the best QB ever was a guy who could run (Elway, John) but he even got better, IMO, later in his career when he couldn’t run nearly as well anymore. My biggest fear this first week is the inexperience of Wilson and Sweezy (going against Douchette). Although I love those guys, the fact is that they are rookies. Both players will tell us one year from today how much more comfortable/better they are after having had a year in the league. That’s just the way it is for every player.

  10. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Peter King’s Sunday preview-

    “Russell Wilson’s debut will happen in the desert, and though the defense he’ll face won’t be the vanilla stuff he’s mostly seen in a shiny preseason, I think the Victory Tour begins here. How frustrating would this result be for the Cardinals, who have looked everywhere and spent big money to try to find a long-term quarterback — and here comes the 75th pick in the draft, less than five months removed from draft day, to show the Cardinals how to pick a quarterback.”

  11. “…I think the Victory Tour begins here. How frustrating would this result be for the Cardinals, who have looked everywhere and spent big money to try to find a long-term quarterback — and here comes the 75th pick in the draft, less than five months removed from draft day, to show the Cardinals how to pick a quarterback.”

    True! lol

  12. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Is anyone else going to keep an eye on Sweezy this game.
    There are only a few players I would really like to see hurt bad in the NFL, Dockett is one of them.

  13. montanamike2 says:

    It would be fun to watch him carted off.

  14. I’m not one for defensive nicknames, but how’s this:

    The “BLUE BALLS” defense. Because that’s what the opposing offense is going to end up with while trying to score.

  15. I’m going to keep my eye (offensively) on:

    1. Wilson (decision making)
    2. Sweezy (see above w/respect to OL)
    3. Rice (he’s our stud WR – what can he do to help Wilson; and I’m a homer of he and Tate; but only Rice is actually playing this week)

    I think they are the keys.

    I quit playing fantasy football when the ‘Hawks were good/great. But I picked it back up when I knew they sucked about 3-4 years ago. So, now, I’m in two leagues and have Lynch, Rice, and Seahawks D in BOTH leagues! So, selfishly, I’m hoping they light it up! But I’ll take two bad fantasy teams and a Seahawks win any day of the week and 16 times on Sunday (maybe less w/a Thurs/Mon game this year) if the Hawks can do whatever to beat AZ (then Dal, GB, etc.).

  16. If I had to make a list of most hated players, I think it’d start/end with The Rapist, Dockett, and T-Jack.

  17. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I wouldn’t put Jackson in there, but I would add A$$ hole Cole, and Fat Albert Hay Hay Haynesworth.

  18. Good call on Cole. You’re right. He’d be higher on my list than T-Jack. At least Jackson tried, whereas Cole is/was a loser punk!

  19. princeaden says:

    BobbyK simply says “The Rapist”.. That is awesome !!

  20. Southendzone says:

    Sorry if this has been posted already, but Bill Simmons picks R-Dub as his #1 QB for 2012 and a Seahawks/Ravens superbowl.

    Bill’s friday picks columns are one of my favorite parts of the football season, usually funny as hell but I never expected this.


  21. BobbyK I’m guessing your hatred of Jackson stems more from Matt H’s release then anything T-Jack has done/not done? As far as I can tell, T-Jack served his purpose as a one year stop-gap quarterback. Nothing more, nothing less. The FO sacrificed last year in a sense for the sake of their long term vision which is now coming into focus. From where the Hawks now stand, I’m glad he was here and I’m glad that he’s gone. De acuerdo?

  22. Not to take anything away from Wilson, but if Luck had our surrounding talent, it would be even more unbelievable than it already is (and it’s pretty dang exciting right now!).

    However, that being said, some months after the draft, if the Redskins – who mortgaged a good chunk of their future for RGIII, offered him straight up for Wilson, I’d say “Hell, NO!!!” I wouldn’t trade Wilson, now, for any of those QBs (RGIII, Tannenhill, Weeden, etc.). If the Redskins could go back in time with a brain in their head, I bet they’d stand pat and not make that trade and take Wilson instead!

    The biggest difference between Luck and Wilson is that one has a good/great team around him (Wilson) and the other is playing with a so-so team (Luck – I don’t believe that they Colts suck, as some suggest, but they aren’t world beaters either).

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see both QBs lead their teams into the play-offs!

  23. GeorgiaHawk says:

    How I would love to see a Seahawk Eagle match up in the playoffs, and I bet so would Okung.

  24. Galena – Yes. You’re mostly right. It’s just that I had seen first hand in MN how bad Jackson was though, too (where as most Seahawks fans had no clue how bad he sucked — and I’m not saying anyone was right, either, b/c Jackson did play better than I thought he’d be capable of). I never expected him to be the answer, as I’d take a rookie w/potential that sucked over a “proven” NFLer that I knew would suck. It was just a bad situation and I’m glad it’s over. The thing I never could understand though is how you would sign a Jackson(sucks) AND still make “sign now” guys like Gallery a priority. That never made sense. Oh, well, it’s full steam ahead!

  25. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Just be glad Luck is in the AFC BobbyK. I Wouldn’t want to face him every year in the playoffs down the road, or for that matter twice in our own division each year.
    So great to be in the NFC west where elite QBs don’t exist!
    At least yet.

  26. loving Simmons more than ever – – the Wilson stuff in his article is awesome (plus he still calls that b-ball team that shall not be named, the Zombie Sonics . . .)

  27. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I was high on Weeden before the draft because I didn’t think we would get Lucky.

    We don’t need Luck to win SuperBowls now,imo. Eli, and Rottenburger have proven you can win more than one SuperBowl with the right team around them. Why not us?

  28. We can do it too Georgia. Paul Allen just has to remember to make the highest bid on the Superbowl officiating crew this time around. Or “make them an offer they can’t refuse.”

  29. Sparky12 says:

    As much as I hate Dockett, I think Trent Cole of the Eagles is my enemy # 1. He’s the piece of s**t that flipped Okung over his back causing his pectoral injury. Two guys I would enjoy seeing leaving the field on a cart, or better yet, a stretcher!

  30. DFloydd says:

    BobbyK’s really….The Rapist? T-Jack? most hated? Why is all I ask? why so much hate? Cole, i understand, Dockett I COMPLETELY understand. but the other two? you are entitled to hate who you want. But i just don’t get your logic sometimes. it is weird. love your posts though….

  31. pope411 says:

    Very bummed Bill Simmons picked Russell Wilson. We are doomed, Simmons is a goof.

  32. Skavage says:

    I can fully understand not liking…even “hating” an opposing player, but wanting to see him carted off or suffer a major injury…really? Frankly I hate the player as much as anyone else. I think he plays dirty. I think he’s mouthy. And I think he’s above average at best. But I don’t want to see him injured. I’d ,much prefer to see us simply beat him and his team up with a solid victory. Then let the guy go beat up on other teams until it’s our turn to face him in Seattle.

  33. Sparky12 says:

    Skavage: An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Meaning: The notion that for every wrong done there should be a compensating measure of justice.

    Sorry man, but that is one I believe in wholeheartedly !

  34. “Very bummed Bill Simmons picked Russell Wilson. We are doomed, Simmons is a goof. ”

    I guess different strokes for diff folks . . .I think Simmons is probably the most entertaining sportswriter out there right now. His Big Book of Basketball is endlessly entertaining . . .

  35. bbnate420 says:

    I wouldn’t put Rodgers and Roethlisberger, no I won’t call him Rapelisberger just because I don’t like the guy and his team because he wasn’t even CHARGED with rape, on the list on non-running QBs. They can both run very well. They generally use their movement skills to buy extra time to throw the ball and only run when they have to or it is the best option. Hopefully, that is what DangeRuss will do and, that is what he’s shown thus far. I guess it’s semantics on whether or not they are “running QBs”. They are not like Vick when he first came into the league. QBs that can run is probably the better moniker.

    P.S. I find it strange that everybody was up in arms about Brian Banks being falsely accused of Rape but some here will use the name “The Rapist” or “Rapelisberger” when the dude wasn’t even charged, much less convicted.

    P.P.S. I have used the name “Rapelisberger” on here in the past, but I realized that it was not right to do so IMO so I have since stopped. Now, calling Cole or Dockett the POS that they are is more than fair to me.

  36. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Galena- If that’s what it takes to win the Superbowl I’m all for it. I will even throw in a few bucks.

    The NFL owes us one! As Long as it’s against the Stealers.

  37. bbnate420 says:

    Have Duke and Georgia kissed and made up yet?

  38. GeorgiaHawk says:

    bbnate420- I understand your point but didn’t he settle with his accuser?

  39. jchawks08 says:

    Galena, your comment about the blue balls defense did not go unnoticed by this guy with a sophmoric sense of humor. That was good!! :D

  40. jchawks08 says:

    Agreed on Bill Simmons. Far and away the most entertaining sports writer out there. I would love to have a beer or 10 with that guy. I’m trying to finish up The Book of Basketball! Damn near 800 pages.

  41. jchawks08 says:

    Guys, stop asking BobbyK about his hatred for T-Jack. We’ve already established that it’s just his thing. Like an attention starved child that continues to act out. That’s him and T-Jack.

  42. freedom_X says:

    Rapelisberger escaped prosecution, IMHO, because he used the usual celebrity tactic in those circumstances – his representatives threatened to completely smear the reputation of the accuser. This tactic is very effective in squelching rape accusations.

    Only some accusers have the fortitude to endure the smear campaign. So whenever I see the accuser “withdraw their accusations”, I tend to think that the accused has pulled this trick. So that’s why I’ll continue to call Rapelisberger the Rapist as well, until there’s clear evidence the accuser was lying.

    Legally, it’s innocent until proven guilty – but consider how many times Rapelisberger had already been accused of this type of behavior. I say where there’s smoke, there’s fire…

  43. I like the message the team is sending by voting Max Unger as offensive captain. Max will never be the best offensive lineman on this team, but he’s a leader, he’s tough, and he leads the offensive line with his calls.

    I think the team is making a statement here: “this offense will go as far as this line takes us.” That’s Tom Cables’ philosophy. Marshawn, Turbin, Wilson, the receivers, and others will all make their plays, but this offensive line will lead the way, with Unger’s hand on the ball every snap.

    I like it. Let’s Roll.

  44. bbnate420 says:

    Georgia, it was settled, but it wasn’t revealed whether or not he paid her any money. Wouldn’t necessarily make him guilty either way. Just a cost/benefit analysis. Nobody really knows except for him and the 2 girls. I actually believe that the justice system is the best determinant we have. You’re all free to believe whatever you want. BTW, he could’ve been charged with rape in most states if the DA had been satisfied that he had had sex with that second girl while she was significantly intoxicated. That is technically rape if you didn’t know. And I’m not just talking about passed out drunk. I don’t think people get charged in these instances very often but they could. My guess is that no woman has ever been charged with rape for having sex with a drunk man.

    freedom_x, you have any proof of your accusations about Roethlisberger? No. I didn’t think so. You’re entitled to believe any retarded thing you wish, but I bet you’d want to be afforded the same rights you won’t give him if you were accused.

  45. raymaines says:

    I’m just not yet in mid season form!

    I came to an emotional climax a little too early. I was totally ready to see the game on Wednesday, but now I just want to take a nap. I’ll be up and ready to go again by Sunday afternoon, but right now I’m feeling kind of wasted.

    Don’t let me hold you back. You guys keep plugging away, but I’m going to relax for a day or two and regain my strength. See ya on Sunday.

  46. DFloydd says:

    well, call me an a-hole but i am a huge fan of Big Ben and none of us unless there knows a damn thing about what happened. I think most accusations are Hawks fans needing a scapegoat for the Steelers/Hawks superbowl loss. I hated the loss and favortism as much as everyone else but to label another human being a rapist on what you read on the internet makes you a complete idiot. sorry, i love the hawks but in my 39 years of watching football i have seen and read more positive stories and charitable activities Ben has done more than his “rapist” status by complete whine ass haters. he is not the reason the hawks lost against the steelers in the superbowl. the guy is one of the toughest QBs in the NFL. how many QBs do you know would have their nose broken in a game, snap it back in to place and go out and win the game. I am sorry but he is one of the toughest NFL QBs ever. call him rapist, call him whatever you want but when it comes to the football field he is a badass M’Fer…..and if he was such a terrible guy, rapist, etc. then why for so many years would his teammates vote him captain? What about the dog killer Vick? never hear a word about what a horrible humadn being he is from any of you Ben haters. I may be a hawks fan but I respect and appreciate a player like Big Ben who on a hard core sprained ankle against the Broncos last year (in a loss) scrambled on a bad leg to keep his team in the game and eventually tie it for OT although only to be TeBowed in OT. so call him rapist but if you do you are a a complete moron. regardless. GO HAWKS. Ray LEwis was with his pals when someone was killed and yet he is the standard for great LB’s in this league. no harm, no foul. and BEn was never charged. and yes, i am a Seattle fan but respect and admire Big Ben. hate me all you want but all i have ever read is nothing but good things about the guy. he was ever charged. LEroy Hill gets woken up at a stoplight high on weed (fine with me) and everyone is glad he is still on the team. Marshawn is CHARGED with DUI and you all worry about him being able to start yet no mention of the danger he put himself and everyone in danger driving intoxicated..but all you worry about is if he is going to be able to play. but Ben? Filthy, dirty, sexx offending rapist with no charges filed whatsoever…..whatever…get over the damn SUperBowl XL. awww seattle lost. ever rewatch that game 5 years later. Seattle did themselves no favors. nor did that dickhead referee either….

  47. blueshq says:

    How about as a name for the defense:
    the Tsunami?

    It fits the SEA theme.

  48. GeorgiaHawk says:

    bbnate420- Have you ever been to Milledgeville, Georgia?
    Have you been around the culture of these small Georgia towns?

    The good ole boy system is still very strong in the small towns of Georgia.

    In other words Roethlisberger had more help in Milledgeville Ga from the club owners, police and DA than he did in 2005 from the Refs. amazing how the video tapes in that club were mysteriously erased.

  49. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    how the hell we get on big ben? jesus guys lighten up its none of our business. this is just like any other case unless you were there you do not know! let it go and let’s talk Hawks.

  50. DFloydd says:

    thank you Hawkkfaninoklahoma. That was my point although long and convoluted. Basically go Hawks. I just ge tired of misinformed haters. If a QB like Ben was with the Hawks and won us two Superbowls there wouldn’t be a hint of Rapistburger on this thread……sorry y’all….boredom waiting for sunday….C’Mon Big Russ….let’s roll

  51. GeorgiaHawk says:

    DFloydd- This has more to do than just the internet if you do your research. Wasn’t Ted Bundy a charitable guy too? So are many politicians and preachers.
    But hell ya, he’s a one tough SOB QB so he gets a free pass in my book. That’s your opinion. In my book he’s a protected Rapist. for every time you call me a Moron for that I will find you ten Georgia redneck toofisless inbred good ole boys that will agree with you.

  52. GeorgiaHawk says:

    My take is if we are all talking about something other then Seahawk football it means that the Seahawks are in good hands.
    Isn’t it nice not to be talking about the many concerns the Seahawks have like in the past? That means we have a good team!

    Can’t wait to see it Sunday!

  53. Sunday cannot come soon enough. I am flying the Seahawk flag in my front yard here in NJ. GO SEAHAWKS!!

    Side note: I want to see Darnell Dockett carted off of the field. Mainly because he deserves it, and this Defense can deliver.

  54. DFloydd says:

    Georgia…excellent post. i am actually laughing out loud….thank you for that. regardless. screw all teams but the Hawks as far as i am concerned this season…..

  55. bbnate420 says:

    I understand your point, Georgia. I’m the last person to defend fairness and justice in small towns in the South. We just don’t know what happened. Maybe he raped them. Maybe he didn’t. I personally think it’s pretty serious to call someone a rapist, so I will not do so without substantial evidence. I understand that there is a long history of raped women being ignored and silenced, but I don’t think that means that we just take a rape accusation as fact without enough corroborating evidence. Rape will be one person’s word versus another a lot of the time. Makes it hard to prosecute. Sad but true that some rapists will go free. I don’t like Ben and I hate his team, but I still won’t call him a rapist.

    P.S. I didn’t mean personally as I don’t know him and, he is a tough SOB. Can’t bring myself to like any Stealers. He would be very popular here if he was the QB for the Hawks though.

  56. Baldwin playin’?

  57. Helenahawk says:

    The three starting receivers will be Sid, Baldwin and Braylon. I hope they light up the scoreboard, but Az has a good defense.
    I predict the scores will come from ST and maybe our ballhawks can run one back.
    Jason tips one and Bobby runs it in, that would be sweet!

  58. wabubba67 says:

    There’s a big difference between The Rapist and Brian Banks. The girl completely fabricated the story regarding Banks…undeniable.

    Whereas, The Rapist employed off duty Pennsylvania state troopers to be his body guards. Part of that duty apparently included procuring women for The Rapist, and in this particular case a woman was thrown into a bathroom to be alone with The Rapist while his body guards stood outside of the bathroom by the doors preventing others from going in. That too, is also undeniable and has been reported several times. The only way that you believe that The Rapist is innocent, is if you believe that he just forced her to be alone with him so that they could discuss the virtues of a 3-4 v. a 4-3 defense.

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