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Morning links: Braylon’s revenge

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 6, 2012 at 7:37 am with 43 Comments »
September 6, 2012 7:37 am
Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Braylon Edwards (17) catches a pass while covered by Kansas City Chiefs defensive back Jalil Brown, back, during the first half of an NFL preseason football game in Kansas City, Mo., Friday, Aug. 24, 2012. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

Dave Boling of The News Tribune profiles Seattle Seahawks receiver Braylon Edwards, who looks like he will start on Sunday against Arizona if Golden Tate can’t return from a sprained knee.

Edwards said he almost shut it down in 2012 when opportunities dried up because of what happened in San Francisco last season, with the Niners releasing him after he reinjured his knee.

But he said that the Seahawks were one of the few teams to do their homework and dig further on his injury issue, and that he’s out to prove the rest of the league was wrong in passing him over.

“I’m blessed for the opportunity,” Edwards said. “At the same time, it’s a matter of revenge. I’m going to attack every day … making people pay for forgetting about me or disrespecting me or lying about me. This is my chance to prove it with my actions.”

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch watches practice on Wednesday. (Rod Mar/Seattle Seahawks)

Here’s my story after talking to Marshawn Lynch about his back spasms on Wednesday. Teammate Breno Giacomini had this to say Lynch playing on Sunday: “I think he’ll be fine, but we’ll see. If not, we’ve got some other guys that will get in there and get the job done.”

Jerry Brewer of the Seattle Times profiles Seattle defensive coordinator Gus Bradley, who doesn’t have a bad day in coaching the Seahawks talented defense. Says Pete Carroll about Bradley: “He’s the best teacher I’ve ever been around. He’s so thorough, so thoughtful, and he’ll go to such lengths to find ways to make sense of the information so the guys can understand it in practical ways. It doesn’t matter how good we teach. It’s how well they learn. I think that connection is really clear with Gus. He’s great at it.”

Clare Farnsworth of checks in with Seattle offensive lineman J.R. Sweezy as he prepared for his first start as a rookie.

More Farnsworth: He discusses Marshawn Lynch’s status heading into Sunday.

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times digs out his “Pete Carroll Translator” in deciphering the coach’s decision on cutting Kellen Winslow. It will provide a chuckle this morning.

Art Thiel of writes that quarterback Russell Wilson has to execute on third down better than Seattle did with Tarvaris Jackson last year.

John Boyle of the Everett Herald writes that there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic about the Seahawks and their chances to make the playoffs.

Rich Myhre of the Everett Herald talks with former Seahawks receivers coach under Mike Holmgren, Keith Gilbertson, who has retired and is back in the area after 40 years of coaching football. Gilbertson worked the past two yeas as an offensive assistant for the Cleveland Browns.

KJR’s Mitch Levy talks with Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman in this audio link.

Elliot Harrison of ranks Seattle No. 15 in his power rankings.

Don Banks of Sports Illustrated ranks Seattle No. 12 overall. That’s the highest I’ve seen.

Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic writes that Cardinals running back/returner LaRod Stephens-Howling is ready to play after sitting out most of the preseason with a groin injury.

Josh Weinfuss of writes that the Arizona defense will face a rookie quarterback for the team’s third straight season opener. But Russell Wilson doesn’t play like a rookie. “I expect him to be poised and be able to make plays,” said Arizona safety Kerry Rhodes said. “For us, we got to go at him like he’s a veteran guy, a guy that’s done it before. We’ve seen what he can do on tape and we just got to be cautious with it.”

Former Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns owner Art Modell passed today. He was 87 years old.

Mike Pereira of Fox Sports writes that the replacement refs didn’t embarrass themselves in the league opener last night between the Giants and the Cowboys.

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  1. NWPoseidon says:

    #12? Sounds like the perfect starting point. Be wary of the hawks but do not fear the hawks. Only you should fear the hawks much like everyone should have feared the Joker in The Dark Knight because we’re a new kind of force that’s not to be taken lightly. Lol… Im going crazy, I need Sunday to be here already, it will be a great birthday watching the hawks! Go Hawks!

  2. HawkfaninMT says:

    Not sure if these have been mentioned here. Evan Moore 1 yr/$1M . 700,000 base with 300,000 signing bonus

  3. bird_spit says:

    Danny o’Neil’s article is spot on I think..and great humor on a Thursday AM.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    I love in Farnsworth’s piece, Carroll’s quote on Sweezy,“He did it just the old-fashioned way of hard, tough, day-after-day ball.”

    I don’t recall who said it recently, but I totally agree that the impression of the Seahawks as a soft team are either now gone, or going to surprise the hell out of some people. This is a blue-collar, hard football team. Carroll couldn’t be more different than Chuck Knox, but he’s creating the same type of hard-nosed team, none-the-less.

  5. sluggo42 says:

    I think Edwards will be much better than Tater, cuz he has already played at a very high level. And now that he isn’t the main focus he will get single coverage a lot. His size and strength will be formidable, and with Rice on the other side and Baldwin shaking up everything, our WR’s will be WAY better than any of the media is saying. Also having eMo and Zach as dump offs doesn’t hurt anything.

    I think that the Moffit and Carp haters are wrong as can be. Unger had a horrible rookie year and then blossemed, and I think we are going to be real happy with them in the near future. They are both coming off major knee injuries, and that takes time to get over. They will be fine, and our line will bulldoze…

  6. jawpeace says:

    I really like how regardless of your salary or draft slot, that the best player is going to start.

    If you are an older vet and not starting they will ask you to take a pay cut. Lots of example Tatapu(SP?) Trufaunt, Hill, and most recently Winslow. With Winslow I still thought we had lots of cap room for this season and it was not a necessity to cut him.

    I know Sweezy has been doing good all preseason but I did not expect him to beat out Moffit. And with Carp in line to come back to the left guard spot. Is Mo going to be back up for all three interior spots?

  7. RDPoulsbo says:

    I’m guessing Moffitt needs a little more time to recover from his elbow surgery. As impressed as I am with Sweezy, he could use more work on his pass protection.

    Sherman is always a good interview. He’s just cocky enough to play CB, but knows when he’s been beat and gets ready to beat you on the next play. Sounds like a great teammate all around.

  8. Sweezy vs. Dockett scares me.

    I’ve seen Sweezy play well and I’ve seen Sweezy play horribly. Look for a lot of pressure coming off and through the right side….

  9. HawkfaninMT says:

    I don’t care who starts at RG… I just want someone to drive Dockett into the ground… Repeatedly!

  10. Arizona facing third straight rookie starter and they have beat the other 2 – let end that stat right here!

  11. I can’t wait for Sunday!

  12. NYHawkFan says:

    For being ranked #1, NY Giants didn’t impress last night. True, they’ve had some injury issues. Still, at this point in the season, Seattle’s defense looks much better against both the run and pass. I’m looking for a 24-10 win against Arizona.

  13. GeorgiaHawk says:

    HawkfaninMT- Agree! It would be so much fun to see Dockett nailed a few times.

  14. princeaden says:

    Getting back to that wrestling background, complete with an edgy meanstreak, I look forward to Sweezy using his leverage and aggressiveness to take the opportunity to Punish Dockett and the likes.. Two days and a wake up. I can hardly wait.

  15. sluggo42 says:

    oh ya… Dockett…. Now I remember why I hate AZ so much…

    I thinrd that notion to re-arrange that guys face, And I hope he gets a solid dose of the Big Sweezy to help him acheive that state. I have hated him ever since he elbowed matty’s throat a few yeaers ago…

  16. montanamike2 says:

    That was a pretty low blow, paybacks a bitch!

  17. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    My biggest concern for this game is O line play. And especially if the right side of the line holds up in pass protection with Sweezy in there.

    I know a lot of the focus on this board has been RW and the receiver packages who’ll be seeing the field.

    But if we have O-line breakdowns, which we was a LOT during pass protection in the preseason games against Tennessee and Denver(when Flynn was playing with the first team), then the receiver sets won’t matter nearly as much.

    In this sense, the Arizona game is a good, but manageable first test. For both RW and for the whole coaching staff.

    Given that we know the Defense is as strong up the middle and in coverage as it is and should be dictate to opposing offenses what they can even attempt, O line play is in my mind the real key to the season.

    More than the health of Marshawn Lynch, what we’ll do with our tight ends, or who’s on the field on a clear third down passing situation.

    If Moore is in fact able to match Winslow’s catching production, then I like the move insofar as we may have a key piece of the puzzle for the offense now on the roster for years to come, rather than just this year.

    Will also be very curious come Sunday to see what the compressed playbook for Wilson looks like. With his ability to throw downfield and make the big play, one would suspect that at least some part of that part of the playbook has been left in for him.

  18. Have you guys seen the new sportscenter commercial? OMG this is classic
    I love Clayton for this, and especially because he has a Hawks helmet in his “room”. Enjoy

  19. GeorgiaHawk says:

    As an Optimistic Seahawk fan I really liked John Boyle’s article.
    I agree that there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic about the Seahawks and their chances of making the playoffs.

    Can’t wait for sunday.

  20. SandpointHawk says:

    Thanks jboard1….very nice.

  21. Palerydr says:

    jboard1 that was pretty funny and if you didn’t know Clayton grew up a Steelers fan but I can forgive him that after all his years of excellent coverage of the Hawks and NFL while he was at the TNT.

  22. Palerydr says:

    I would love to see Dockett get bent over backward and slammed into the turf repeatedly all game. I just hope that starting a Rookie QB, RG and possibly RB doesn’t cost us big in this game. I consider this a must win for us as we are playing a div opponent that we should be able, on paper, to beat.

  23. Paler, I think I have heard that before… but he grew up in western WA, so he still has his Hawks roots :-)

  24. Dukeshire says:

    jboard1 – Lol! That is awesome. I hadn’t seen that one. And in the early ’90s when I relied on Clayton’s Saturday morning reports for my NFL news, that’s pretty much how I envisioned him. Lol.

  25. bayareahawkfan says:

    Clayton grew up in western PA, not WA, and broke in as a Steelers beat reporter while still in high school, from what I understand, which explains his Steelers love. But he’s got a soft spot for the ‘Hawks, for sure – as was mentioned, developed during his time as a reporter for one of the Seattle papers.

  26. bayareahawkfan says:

    Forgot to add that it was because of his time reporting on the Hawks teams of the early 90s that he helped spearhead Cortez’s case for the HoF, along with Sando.

    They had both seen his dominance first-hand.

  27. RDPoulsbo says:

    In regard to Lynch, the Seahawks don’t make injured players available to the media. So Eric either stalked him out at his home or a restaurant and somehow got more than 3 words out of him, or he’s fine and ready to play (in which case, it’s still impressive he got more than 3 words out of him).

  28. Sorry, i didn’t mean grew up in WA, i meant to say he lives here, or at least has a house here in Renton or something. Regardless, it is rad that he has a hawks helmet, representing!

  29. Its almost here and I cannot wait for the Hawks to go to AZ and show them who is the boss of the NFC West. I am thrilled to see the defense play. I think Lynch might be right when he states that we don’t need an offense…we play for the defense and vice-versa! Yes, Skelton is 6-0 at home while starting…but come Sunday, he will be 6-1. The defense is going to dominate this game!

    Offense wise, I am looking forward to seeing Wilson start. With his running abilities, it opens a new prospect to the game. I hope Wilson does not get the first game jitters…and if he does, PC would have no issues pulling him for Flynn. The offense cannot let this game get away! They need to be put in favorable conditions and take advantage of some of the Rams gambles on Defense!

    Go Hawks! Your time has come!

  30. jchawks08 says:

    Obviously, Don Banks is the most informed expert out there to have the Hawks ranked #12. :)
    Trying not to get too confident about this team. Seems like a lot of people on this board are expecting a blowout. Not sure I see it going that route. Rookie QB, Rookie DT playing OG, Banged up (alledgedly) Starting RB, Questionable WR corp.. But this Defense is completely legit, and I have zero concerns to be honest. I’d love to see 38-10, but will settle for 20-10.

  31. Sparky12 says:

    I’m with the “lets get Dockett group”. Perhaps when the trainee refs are side tracked, someone can attache his ass to his face, ( a big improvement IMHO ).

  32. jchawks08 says:

    Dockett is a freakin’ beast. Good luck Sweezy, or whomever has the unluck task of blocking him.

  33. HawksKD says:

    How awesome would it be to see RWilson elbow dockets throat in a pile…

    Then stand over him and say…. “That was for the franchise … Chump”

  34. grizindabox24 says:

    Sando confirms that Winslow did not fail his NE Patriot physical.

  35. Dukeshire says:

    bayareahawkfan – Not just “one of the papers”. Clayton was a mainstay on Seattle radio, Saturday mornings. The best NFL and Seahawk news to be had anywhere, at the time.

  36. jchawks08 says:

    I’m sure I missed it somewhere, but where does John Clayton damnit have us ranked in his power rankings….if he even does one?

  37. Southendzone says:

    I hope in the next week and a half Romo goes back to the old Romo. Dallas looked pretty strong last night and he came through with some nice escapes and clutch throws.

    I expect that our run Def and secondary play will outperform NYG, but to expect us to do a better job putting pressure on the QB than NYG is unrealistic.

    Anyone with connections to the Hawks that get them to replay the Romo fumbled FG snap on the jumbotron about 50 times during the home opener?

  38. jchawks08 says:

    lol the old Romo was still pretty good. I got 2nd place in my Fantasy league last year with Romo as my starter. I saw some stats recently that showed he was better than Eli Manning in his career. Passer rating and completion % being the main stats. He just can’t win a big game. The ‘Hawks vs Cowboys does not constitute a big game, so… come to your own conclussions.

  39. Palerydr says:

    Back in the day before the Internet Clayton was the gospel writing for the TNT. I switched subscriptions from the Times, which I delivered as a kid, to the Trib cuz he was that good.

    Can’t wait! to see our defense play and I believe this game will be much closer than many of us are gonna want it to be. 2 possibly 3 rookies starting and on the road could be a bad combination.

  40. akmac61 says:

    It will be interesting to see how they use Moore, if he plays. The various articles available on him are positive on his receiving abilities, his blocking is something of an unknown. As a 6’6″ or 6’7″ ex basketball player with reportedly good hands, he could be a red zone factor.

  41. ruminator1 says:

    Moore reportedly not a good blocker. But he should contribute greatly to the passing game, especially in the red zone (I see Comcast charging about $5 for Red Zone)

    I think Clayton’s Saturday radio show still going.

    Like everyone else, I am so pumped about this team. But I have a few worry-wart concerns. Trufant–I think he is a liability nowadays. Penalties–the number of Dallas penalties last night was incredible, but most of them seemed legit. Dallas has a decent D, but the Giants dropped several critical passes last night and imo could really have won this game. My worry concerns pass coverage penalties, Browner, a great player in many respects, does draw a fair amount of unnecessary penalties. If the Hawks coverage is as good as Dallas, I can live with some penalties. But man, the motion penalties were incredible last night. Hope we are more disciplined.

    Wonder about Wilson, not sure how he will respond. But not worried. Love his attitude.

    Question: if Winslow did not fail his physical, why was he not signed by NE? Are the recent stories about him complaining loudly to and about Wilson true?

    Happy Baldwin and Lynch playing

  42. bayareahawkfan says:

    Duke – thank you for the correction. Clayton’s time at the TNT was after my first stint in Tacoma as a kid (76-80), and before my last period living on the Eastside (95-01).

    I remember him as a mainstay on KJR of the mid-late 90s, primarily as good friend of Mike Gastineau and Dave Grosby.

    He’s definitely tops, and I love details like the Slayer shirt and the Chinese take-out in that latest commercial :).

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