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Morning links: Will Lynch play vs. Cardinals?

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 5, 2012 at 7:37 am with 19 Comments »
September 5, 2012 7:38 am

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, right, evades St. Louis Rams safety Quintin Mikell, left, and Chris Chamberlain, second from left, with help from Seattle Seahawks' Zach Miller (86) in the second half of an NFL football game, Monday, Dec. 12, 2011, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

A report by ESPN’s Adam Schefter on Tuesday seems to have created a minor stir.

There’s no new information here that we haven’t already reported. Lynch has missed the last two weeks with back spasms, and hasn’t played since the team’s second preseason game at Denver. The possibility always existed that he might not play in the season opener.

Seattle head coach Pete Carroll appeared to indicate that Lynch’s back was getting better when we asked about it last week.

“He’s taken a real good turn this week and the rehab he’s been doing has really been effective,” Carroll said. “We think he’s going to be fine.”

However, Lynch did not practice on Monday.

It appears that Lynch will not be suspended for his DUI charge in Oakland over the summer, as the league had not handed down a decision as of this morning.

If Lynch can’t go, Seattle has to feel better than it did last year with rookie Robert Turbin in the fold. The Utah State product finished 165 yards on 38 carries and a 25-yard run for a score, for a 4.3 per-carry average.

And there could be a little gamesmanship here, as Seattle attempts to plant a seed of doubt that Cardinals will see Lynch on Sunday.

We’ll find out more about Lynch’s status at Carroll’s regular Wednesday press conference today.

Clare Farnsworth of offers an early preview of the Arizona game.

ESPN’s Mike Sando takes a closer look at what Seattle will do if Lynch is not available.

KJR’s Dave Mahler talks with tight end Zach Miller about rebounding from last year and Kellen Winslow’s departure in this audio link.

The National Football Post ranks Seattle No. 18 in their power rankings.

Peter King of Sports Illustrated predicts Seattle will finish 9-7 this season.

Clark Judge of CBS Sports predicts Seattle will finish second in the NFC West, and believes the deck is stacked against 5-11 quarterback Russell Wilson.

Andy Benoit, writing for the New York Times Fifth Down Blog, previews the Seahawks.

Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times previews tonight’s Giants-Cowboys game to kickoff the NFL season.

For those of you attending the game in Arizona, Andrew Sleighter, a comedian from Seattle who’s a Seahawks fan, is hosting a show down in Scottsdale on Saturday evening if you’re looking for something to do. Tickets are half price for fans wearing Seahawks gear, or use the password “Largent” at the door. Check out the poster below for more information.

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  1. pabuwal says:

    It’s always a big concern when a player’s back problems just come up in the middle of preseason before any real contact has started, shelving the player for the remaining of the preseason (Hasselbeck, 2008).

    I think Carroll has drafted well enough to the point that there are a lot of interchangeable players on the team, except for Earl Thomas. Turbin will come in and be just fine.

  2. HawkfaninMT says:

    Going to fly to Phoenix for the game but I will have my 9 and 14 year old with me. Will have to check into the comedian’s act a bit and see how age appropriate the 8 o clock show is.

    Looking forward to a great season and a fun trip!

  3. bird_spit says:

    Al of the talk of the 49er are a stacked team, and destined to win the division is all right with me. Our team can stay under the radar, and shock some teams. The head to head competition with the 49ers will be some of the best football of the season, win or lose.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    Again, until Lynch actually misses time, I woun’t be concerned. From where I sit, this is nearly a carbon copy of his back issues last season.

  5. NWPoseidon says:

    I believe Lynch will be just fine. Maybe a little extra rest will be good for him. What bothers me is all the people that keep reiterating the same things about RW. Before the draft there was too much stacked against him to be successful. Well that proved to be false. Then there is too much stacked against him to be the starter. Well that proved to be false. Now there is too much stacked against him to be a successful starter. Anyone ever heard of the boy who cried wolf? Seriously. One of these times RW is going to struggle and all the haters who refuse to see a different side of things will rejoice and say “I told you so” without even giving credit to all the success he has had while over coming obstacles. I sincerely hope RW continues to prove them wrong time and again.

  6. loadlock says:

    I am more concerned with the O line staying healthy. If they do everything else will be just fine

  7. hawkfan777 says:

    Conspiracy Theory – I think the Hawks have released this information about Lynch’s back so that the league doesn’t try to suspend Lynch for this pivotal division game. After all, what kind of suspension would it be if he couldn’t play anyway?

  8. hawkfan777 says:

    I typically don’t like looking too closely at stats during the pre-season because it just doesn’t give you a clear picture but this past pre-season was pretty remarkable. Hopefully it will translate to the regular season as well. If it does, this will be a very fun year.

    Total offense – #8 (356 ypg)
    Scoring offense – #1 (30.5 ppg)

    Total defense – #3 (248 ypg)
    Scoring defense – #1 (11 ppg)

  9. Soggybuc says:

    Unlike the Cleveland game last year they have backs that can go with the same game plan installed for Marshawn.

  10. iHateHarbaugh says:

    I can’t WAIT to put the whiners back in their place & whiner fans to start begging for Kaepernick. It’s not like they were blowing teams out last year for crying out loud.

  11. shorty10 says:

    I love Turbin and believe he can easily fill the shoes of Lynch. However, we need both healthy to provide that 1-2 battering ram to wear down the defense. If that happens Russell Wilson will be that much more effective AND, more importantly keeps our D on the sidelines snarling for their opportunity to get on the field.

  12. Carlsonkid says:

    49’ers are at Green Bay , Rams at Detroit for the first week of the season . We have a strong chance of being the only NFC West team with a win after week one if we can beat Az.

    I just have to believe our defense it’s going to take care of business in this one . Their O-line is pathetic . This should be a low scoring game I would think …

  13. Carlsonkid says:

    P.S. , Clark Judge is an idiot . His piece on the Hawks reads like an 8 year old wrote it . Apparently we’re still in the AFC West , and QB’s under 6 foot are doomed to failure . Thanks for the insight there Clark . Glad to see you’re earning that paycheck . Jeez ..

  14. Carlsonkid, you hit the nail on the head. What a terrible piece of writing from Judge. It’s articles like this that make me can’t wait for this team to prove everyone wrong. It will be sweet, sweet victory. Go Hawks!

  15. HawkfaninMT says:

    I was reading about Moore a little bit and it has led me to a question. It seems that one of the knocks on Moore is that he isn’t that great of an in line blocker. So when a TE needs to work on his blocking skills, does he work in with the OL, and thus is coached by Cable? Or is he given separate drills and instruction by the TE coach?

    Purely a curiosity question, but thought I would ask.

  16. MadSweeney42 says:

    Good God, another moron who thinks that CW and TJ are marks against the FO’s competence in finding the Seahawks QBotF. Seriously, how can anyone look at the two 2-year contracts those guys were on, the OL and D building and the taking of two QBs in this last offseason and NOT realize that CW and TJ were space filling tackling dummies?! It’s annoying to no end to hear these “experts” and “analysts” completely miss what’s right in front of their face (as well as guys who don’t proofread their articles: The Seahawks are not trying to catch Seattle, and they do not play in the AFC West. CBS, show some pride and professionalism).

  17. Dukeshire says:

    HawkfaninMT – I would imagine each team is set up individually. But as a general rule, TE working on blocking would likely go through individual drills with the O-Line. And in Seattle’s case, I almost guarantee they’d be working with Cable. Eric can confirm, however.

  18. “Good God, another moron who thinks that CW and TJ are marks against the FO’s competence in finding the Seahawks QBotF. Seriously, how can anyone look at the two 2-year contracts those guys were on, the OL and D building and the taking of two QBs in this last offseason and NOT realize that CW and TJ were space filling tackling dummies?!”

    totally agree. I get really sick of that complaint against Carroll too. Like it’s so easy to snap your fingers and find a franchise QB, esp when you aren’t sitting on a top-5 draft pick. We took a flyer on CW (didn’t outright give up a 2nd round pick for him as is commonly reported now, we swapped places), and as you said TJ was a relatively inexpensive placholder, who could still be here as a serviceable back-up if we wanted him to be. and I don’t look at Flynn as a swing and a miss either – his deal was also in the reasonable area, and he was just beat out by a better player, there’s no basis to say he stinks.

  19. raymaines says:

    hawkfan777: I like your conspiracy theory.

    I’ve been listening to the radio talking morons today and I get what they’re saying about #24 being the “back” that this offense is built around, but I still think they can plug in any similar back (that would be Bobby Turbin) and do just fine. In other words, I’m not too worried about ML’s back or his availability.

    I AM a little worried about Golden Tate, Doug Baldwin, (the lack of) Kelen Winslow, and the rest of the receivers.

    Overall, I think both defenses are better than both offenses and this will probably low scoring game. Seattle 17-7.

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