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Bevell: Streamlined playbook should help Wilson

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 5, 2012 at 4:56 pm with 69 Comments »
September 5, 2012 4:56 pm

Seattle offensive coordinator Bevell said one of the things that should benefit rookie Russell Wilson is the Seahawks are actually putting in a game plan for the Cardinals this week, which means the playbook will be streamlined to plays that they believe will work against Arizona’s defense.

Bevell said that the coaching staff tried to show Wilson as many looks as possible defensively over the entire training camp so few things surprise him on Sunday, with Arizona defensive coordinator Ray Horton known for dialing up the pressure.

“Obviously he doesn’t have the whole playbook at his disposal,” Bevell said. “There’s specific things that we’re trying to do this week. So in how we handle them in kind of dialed down a little bit. There’s some little more specific things for him.

“I definitely think it helps. He can’t get just any call out of the playbook. Now these are the selected ones that we’ve said we’ve liked to go with. And they’re all plays that he can execute, and all plays that we’ve done at some point somehow during the preseason, because we need to put him in a position to be successful.”

Bevell said his offense also benefits from the fact that the Seahawks played against Arizona in the final game of 2011, so the personnel and tendencies are fresh in their minds.

“It just means we have a little bit more games broken down on them,” Bevell said. “Probably this is the most fresh game plan in our mind of what we’ve done. So, it’s still that game of cat and mouse. Did we show that? Do we want to show this? All of those things.”

Bevell addressed the fact that seventh-round pick J.R. Sweezy will be his starting right guard to open the season.

“If you would have said it at the start of training camp, I would have thought there might have been a chance,” Bevell said. “If you would have said it at the beginning of OTAs, I would have said there wasn’t a chance.

“But that’s a credit to Coach (Tom) Cable, and then our personnel staff being able to find him, and Coach Cable being able to coach him up and get him right.”

Here’s the injury report for today

RB Marshawn Lynch (back), DE Greg Scruggs (hamstring) and WR Golden Tate (knee) did not practice.

OG James Carpenter (knee) was a limited participant in practice

WR Early Doucet (non-injury related) did not practice.

S Rashad Johnson (abdomen), LB O’Brien Schofield (knee), OG Adam Snyder (elbow), RB LaRod Stephens-Howling (groin) and CB Greg Toler (hip) were limited participants in practice.

TE Rob Housler (hamstring) was a full participant in practice.

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  1. Congrats, Sweezy! Take it and run with it!

  2. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Moffitt getting beat out by a 7th round defensive lineman.
    Forget about drafting O-linemen early. Just wait until the later rounds and draft a D-lineman that is more hungry, ( not to mean all you can eat), and a better athelete. Way to go Cable!

    And perhaps this will be a wake up call for Carpenter to get his A$$ in shape so he could live up to his 1st round pick at guard like some of us said many times over that he could only play.

  3. GeorgiaHawk says:
  4. Dukeshire says:

    Sweezy is indeed an incredible story. Moffitt’s elbow injury certainly left the job open for him to take. Sweezy is exactly they kind of player I love. Sadly though, I’m a big Moffitt fan, too.

    Eric – How is Carpenter looking to you, mobility wise?

  5. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I miss Rocky Bernard!

  6. man, how is sean locklear a starting LT for the defending super bowl champs?

  7. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Doesn’t matter pdway when you have Eli.

  8. freedom_X says:

    Until I read differently, I’d like to think that Sweezy was amazingly good as opposed to Moffitt flopping. I don’t have any reason to believe otherwise. If Sweezy turns out to wilt under gametime conditions, then we could very well see Moffitt back in action. The same goes for Carpenter.

    And given the health problems on the line the last few years, we cannot have enough quality linemen. I just hope that probability normalizes as far as injuries. That would mean Seattle being really healthy this season, as they’ve been so far. And if San Francisco has “normal” luck with injuries, they could come down a notch or two.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    freedom – I too think this has everything to do with Sweezy’s “over-achievement” than it does anything to do with Moffitt.

  10. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I would love to see the Seahawks follow the same blueprint as Tom Caughlin has created with the NY Giants!
    Great coach, great team!

    I think we have a good coach too, and a good qb. If the Seahawks can get the discipline from this team like Caughlin has with his than we are headed for some good times,imo.

  11. princeaden says:

    I like the idea of OL who were accomplished wrestlers in High School and beyond (State or Collegiate Champion). Wrestlers always know about leverage, center of balance and as a rule, they have a healthy amount of mean streak in them.

  12. GeorgiaHawk says:

    princeaden- I doubt if we will be drafting high picks on O-lineman anytime soon. Defensive lineman are just so much better atheletes.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    princeaden- I agree. And teams can find those type athletes in the later rounds and ad UDFA.

  14. princeaden says:

    I would agree with that as long as we have Cable’s coaching to rely on. I’m a little concerned that he may get a HC gig again before too long.

  15. Dukeshire says:

    I would like to see Carroll continue the path he has this franchise on. I’d like to see where this leads them. If it fails to yield results, perhaps then the next HC will change course.

  16. Dukeshire says:

    He may. But also consider that he’s likely grooming an assistant, as he was was under Gibbs. Most successful coaches take as much pride in bringing along young coaches as they do young players. It’s as much apart of their legacy as anything else. That is, Cable’s finger print on this team isn’t likely to be erased any time soon, even if he were to leave.

  17. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Moffitt is kind of the John Belushi of the team.Funny but His highlight is picking his nose. Lol.
    Sweezy is a hungry stud! Hope we find more like him down the road.

  18. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Cable’s not head coach material. He’s proven that already.
    If he were smart he would just stay where he’s at. Don’t count on it though. Lol.

  19. blueshq says:

    Anyone remember Ron Esinck (sp?)? If I remember correctly he was a 10th round pick, former wrestling champion who became a very good offensive lineman for us.

  20. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Don’t wake up a sleeping Eli.

  21. Dukeshire says:

    Yes. Moffitt’s problem is that he’s not “hungry” enough. If only he were to try real hard, he might to start as a rookie. Oh wait, he did that…

  22. GeorgiaHawk says:

    We all know that Moffitt and Carpenter were handed starting positions on the line last year. That didn’t turn out very well.
    Thank goodness the F.O. made it a real competition this year.

  23. blueshq says:

    I couldn’t find much on Ron Essink but he was a sollid starter and there have been many great football players who had a wrestling background. I found a link where Madden said he thought all football players should wrestle.

  24. Dukeshire says:

    Moffitt played very well last season. Let’s not get revisionist less than a year later, for god’s sake. You watched the games, you know better…

  25. Dukeshire says:

    Seattle is going to have their hands full with Dallas on the 16th. Their defense looks strong and very active. The secondary will be tested, for sure. Great early season test.

  26. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Moffitt had a little help with his friends didn’t he? Which lead to a suspension.
    Hopefully he will be a good backup like Flynn.

    On to more important stuff- DeMarco Murray looks like the real deal tonight. Got to shut him down next week!

  27. princeaden says:

    I feel like, had Moffitt stayed healthy the whole training camp he would be starting. The fact that Sweezy stayed in there and kicked ass and took it, is a credit to him. Nevertheless, to regard Moffitt or Carpenter as anything less than good lineman is not accurate IMO.

  28. VNHLNFAN says:

    Didn’t the Hawks make the giants look weak not to long ago? Bring on the cowboys!

  29. Dukeshire says:

    It’s funny how you’re able to devalue every player’s accomplishments aside from the ones you particularly like.

  30. GeorgiaHawk says:

    How is hopeing that a player be a solid back up devaluing them?
    Would you say that the F.O. is devaluing them because they chose to pick another player to start ahead of them that was better?

    Facts are facts. Don’t need to get pissy because some of your favorites don’t win starting positions.

  31. princeaden says:

    Duke, That is a good point about the likelihood of Cable of cable having an understudy close by. I love what he’s brought to the Seahawks on many different levels and I hope that his imprint stays on this team for many years. This is the first time in a long time the Seahawks have not been thought of as soft throughout the league from what I see.

  32. princeaden says:

    That Georgia’s got a bit of an edge to him. Just sayin’

  33. raymaines says:

    Like, I’m having a panic attack. Somebody please talk me down from the ledge.

    The Seahawks are starting a rookie third round pick at QB, a rookie fourth round pick at the featured running back position, a seventh round DLineman starting on the OLine, a banged up receiver corps, and two rookies starting on defense.

    All of this against the team that beat them on the the last game of last season. How does this seem like a good thing to you?

    Go ‘Hawks, but OMG!!

  34. GeorgiaHawk says:

    No more ridiculous arguments tonight for the sake of winning an argument.Lol.
    Lights out.

  35. I am just ready to play some football! We know that the Defense will send the house a few times – I hope the OL and RW will be ready to handle it!!!

    Also, even with our all pro DB’s if we don’t get some pressure Fitz will tear us apart – see last game!!!

    To me those are the keys to this week –

    As bad a Arizona OL has looked bad – Dallas OL looked just as bad in the pre-season – they played pretty well tonight, It is the NFL and all the players are good. We just gotta play better!!

  36. @ray – A rookie RB and a rookie LB don’t bother me at all – those are positions that quite regularly are filled with Rookies who do a great job.

    Rookie QB and banged up WR corps scares the heck out of me!!!!

  37. Hammajamma says:

    Ray–I don’t count Irvin as a starter on D.

    Tell you what, though. They’d better have their tackling pants on against Dallas. That was a display tonight.

    Yes, I said tackling pants.

  38. The Broncos were stupid to hand John Elway a starting job when he was a rookie when he didn’t earn it in training camp. Heck, he couldn’t even find the center to line up against each play. Too bad they sucked with him.

  39. Dukeshire says:

    Georgia – You are the one who consistently undermines any post that is critical toward a player you like. Not me. I defend who I like I course, but not to be point that I intentionally misinterpret others’ posts. That sadly, is becoming your domain.

    raymaines – Those, taken as a whole are worrisome. But individually, the talent at those positions generally overrides the inexperience. Wagner for example is going to be a 2 down player, giving way to Wright in nickel sets. In addition, his responsibility at middle is mostly limited to reading his qeues and being gap correct vs the run. He can do that. Turbin. How many times have rookie RBs made immediate impacts? Many. As far as the NFL goes RB is one of the easier transitions. Sweezy. Should he struggle, Moffitt is right there and ready to step in. We know how solid he is. And on it goes. Your aprehemsion is understandable, but this team seems to b reall close. I think you can come in, safely.

  40. Or take the snap from under center. Whatever. Maybe I should talk about beer. That seems to be more appropiate and acceptable that Seahawks fantasy football players.

  41. On right now, Mayock (once again) gives props to our boy, R Dub.

    Nothing is too big for this guy…he’s just a winner.

    LOVE IT!

    Is it Sunday yet?

    GO HAWKS!!!!

  42. Moffit did great last year. Sweazy has had an incredible pre-season. Had Moffit not been hurt, I think it would’ve been an honest competition. From the commentary on Sweazy, it just seems like he’s really ferocious whereas I’d say Moffit has been solid.

    What a great problem to have. Depth on the O-line. I’m not sure I’ve ever really thought that about our line before.

    Here’s hoping to a healthy Sunday and overall season in general. Oh yeah… and a serious whoop ass on Sunday against the dreaded Cards!

    I can’t wait.

  43. Hammajamma says:

    Who, among the newcomers, needs to have a great game this week?

    RW is going to have his growing pains, but nothing would be more exciting than to see Bobby Wagner step up in his first game. I want to see him shrink potential 5 yard gains down to 2-3 and show some toughness. Still waiting to see that.

  44. The QB is always the most important player on the field.

  45. bird_spit says:


    Whats better than beer and football? If you say wine, then we all know to ban you from our conscience. It’s a test, my brotha, nothing more..

  46. Bird, how about beer and football and cheerleaders?

  47. bbnate420 says:

    Sorry, if any whiners have a prob!

  48. Did someone say beer?

  49. montanamike2 says:

    Good morning, it’s been a hell of a summer for house work and gardening and all. I like all you guys and when you nit pick little fights i stay out of it, i like that you guys keep it civil and not resort to name calling. Moffit isn’t just a gaurd now he’s actually very important as a backup center to Max. From watching the game in my man cave last night, (sorry no i-net access)I’ve seen this reoccuring theme of insufficent o-lines. It was obvious in the pre season as well.
    We have a fairly solid o-line and depth. I’m still predicting our D to tear the Cards a new one, RW is an over achieving rookie but he’ll fair well against Skelton and Kolb. Yes we’ll see both of them get to run for their lives. I’m not discounting their D i just believe in our qb’s to pick them apart in their weaknesses.
    Is it just me or do both teams look very beatable from last nights game?

  50. montanamike2 says:

    On another note: i’ve been trying to get a Kam jersey but they only come in xxl or bigger. Would it fit a fairly stout guy who usually wears a xl or large?

  51. Dukeshire says:

    bbnate420 – Unknown Hinson. lol. There’s some funny stuff in there.

  52. GeorgiaHawk says:

    bbnate420- I didn’t respond to you because my computer crashed from a virus called security shield and I have to be in safe mode until I get it repaired. I can get video, however I cant’t get audio in safe mode for some reason. The videos look interesting, however it’s hard to understand the whole thing without the audio.

  53. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Now all we are going to hear for the next 10 days at least is how great Romo and the Cowboys are.

    I think Murray is the real deal however I’m not ready to annoint Dallas as a leget SuperBowl contender just yet. The Giants have a recent history of not playing up to their potential in the first half of the season. I hope the Cowboy players drink the press coolaid for the next ten days.

  54. sluggo42 says:

    Our rookies will tear them up


    Easy win, in fact, so easy that Flynn will get mop up duties early in the 4th Q

    Sweezy is a monster, and the running game will blow them apart, and then Dane-Ja will hook up with the WR corps.

    Defense will probably score a TD in this game as well. We will have about 5 or 6 sacks too.

    It will be a smashmouth beatdown.

    Quit crying about how we got beat by them last year, that was “last year” It will not be like that again, I guarentee it.

    uma mappa Kill Kill Kill

  55. sluggo42 says:

    Dang it


  56. I dont see how you can not see Moffit losing his job to a college DT drafted in the late rounds as a knock on his performance. And last year, Moffit was average in the run department, and below average in pass pro, IMO. I had hope he would improve, but he certainly didnt look special. And now he will be warming the bench.

    As great as it is that Cable found Sweezy and coached him up, it absolutely is a problem that he passed on Carimi to draft Carpenter. Its absolutely a problem that handed the top two picks in a draft, he willfuly went all RUSKELL, and drafted players waaay above thier level and tried to show what a smart dude he is by turning those lumps into great players (and failing mightily, thus far). It is absolutely a problem that he picked a guy who had no business even being considered anything but a G with the 25 th pick, and his third round pick G cant even start in his second year.

    No matter how many home runs you hit in the later rounds, you cannot whiff on first round picks. Or the franchise will suffer.

    The problem with having guys like Moffit, Jeanpierre, Carpenter, etc, is that NOT ONE OF THEM can play T worth a damn. We have McQ as a backup T, and the pathetic Omiyale. After that, scrubs. We STILL do not have a solid line that can pass pro at even an average level. THATS what sucks about having a bunch of sorta capable G’s, and not much at T.

    I seriously doubt that Cable EVER gets a pick above the fourth round for a lineman. He had his chance, and he’s 0-2 so far. What a waste of picks. Seriously, a starting LG and a backup RG is all we have to show for a first and a third?!

    As it stands now, we still badly need a very good RT. I like Giacomini, but he may not be the long-term answer, and we have NOTHING behind him if he gets hurt or doesnt play up to par.

    Thank God Wilson can run. He’s gonna need those wheels.

    It sucks Tate got hurt, and man do I hope they dont rush him back. Rushing guys back from knee issues is ALWAYS a stupid move. Edwards will be fine in place of Tate, as long as Rice stays healthy. Baldwin will be good to go, and Martin is ready to play as well. And we have Obo, who hopefully is over his case of dropsies.

    I think Tate will be a good player this year, kinda like Nate Burleson’s one good year with us: he will disappear in some games, rip it up in a few, and often make at least one game-changing play per game, whether its a nice clutch catch, or a punt return. I expect to see Tate improve throughout the season, and I think you will see why Carrol has never waivered in his support of TaterHead.

    Im hoping Bevell the Tard doesnt dumb the offense down too much for Wilson. Im also hoping his Red Zone offense is actually attacking this year, and not the sad conservative Greg Knapp wannabe BS we saw most of last year. Seriously, if youre not trying to put the ball in the end zone, it wont get there! Field goals arent going to win football games.

    I hope Bevell watched the Giants Tom Coughlin last night. Just like last year in Seattle, Coughlin ran his offense all conservative for more than a half, and while his defense was kicking the crap out of dallas, he wasted the half by playing chicken shit Offense and only scoring 3 points. Coughlin loses three games or more every year against inferior teams (like us last year) when he gets all conservative. Im not saying we need to throw it deep 2 times out of every 3 downs, but if Bevell thinks we’re gonna win by playing Knapp-esque Red Zone offense etc, all 16-10, then he’s in for a rough year, as are we all.

    The last time a team with a crappy conservative offense and a great defense won a Super Bowl was the Ravens. And despite having Flacco now, and a great defense for more than a decade, they only won ONE.

    Im very excited to see our D play, and I remain hopeful that with Wilson at the helm, Bevell will run a real NFL offense instead of the crap we saw most of last year. But I have the pre-game 1 jitters and my nightmares of Greg Knapp are returning…

  57. montanamike2 says:

    Two holes in their O-line means we’ll be attacking their weak spots
    regularily, they have very little depth too. I don’t see how we only win by 3? It’ll be a serious pounding.

  58. montanamike2 says:

    I agree about both our T backups, we have good depth evrywhere else.

  59. montanamike2 says:


  60. sluggo42 says:

    I wonder if the heat of AZ will be a detrimental element to us? Im totall ruined down here lately with the upper 80’s-90’s It just saps ya…

  61. HawkfaninMT says:

    @montanaMike: NFL.Com sent me an email yesterday saying they finally have customized jerseys. So you should be able to get whichever player you want. Bad part… $150!

  62. GeorgiaHawk says:

    STTBM- I pretty much saw it the same way that you did last year concerning Carpenter and Moffitt. They were force feed into positions that they clearly were not ready to handle. ( not their fault ), however that plus the wasted Gallery signing set us back a few games,imo.

    I said the same thing about this last year as I am saying this year about it. But one old timer here wants to keep making this into a I hate Carpenter Moffitt thing.
    Yes I will get on players when they come in way out of shape like Carpenter did last year, and when players get suspended like Moffitt did last year, And especially when they don’t perform well and are hurting the teams chances to win.
    That doesn’t make me hate them, I still have hope for Carpitt.
    Sweezy has been a great story this year, ( a breath of fresh air), and I don’t believe he had to play great to win the job from Moffitt. Think about it, if Moffitt was that good don’t you think they would just move him over to left guard?
    I’ve been consistent with what I have been saying about this for about a year now and it has pretty much played out the way I and some others said it would.
    Don’t get bitter and say I,m a hater because I was right. I hope that Carpenter and Moffitt will just keep getting better for this team. We will need them down the road.

  63. Dukeshire says:

    Who is the person that is saying you hate carpenter and Moffitt. Perhaps I’ve missed som posts, but I’ve not read anyone say that about you.

  64. Dukeshire says:

    And by the way, going back a year or so ago, you were not saying the same thing you are saying now. you were saying things like “Good news on Carp! It will be interesting to watch how well this young line develops as the season goes on.” Which is fine. We all change our minds and events and play shape how we see things. But the fact is, you’re being a bit revisionist again. From my point of view, I too love guys like Sweezy. It’s the same reason a guy like Mack Strong was one of my favorites; they have no earthy reason seeing the field except they refuse to let you cut them. Awesome. But digging on Sweezy does not require you to tear down Moffitt. Cable said himself last year, (to paraphrase) Moffitt was perhaps the best lineman. Just go back and read what Cable has said about him. That doesn’t mean Sweezy hasn’t earned his place. He has. But you paint these pictures in retrospect that never existed.

  65. I think we’re all off-seasoned out now, too much talk and not enough yet for real…and Dallas looked pretty good last night, so we’re all understandably a bit edgy. Our D will probably be OK, our offense probably studdering. But I will be surprised if Wilson doesn’t do a thing or two that looks good now…and if he can’t move the chains steadily at all. I’m just happy enough though really to see more emphasis on D & O lines finally, have always thought that’s where is all starts and ends really for any team in the hunt for long. So I’m happy to have Cable with us…and Walsh as well. Onward!

  66. SandpointHawk says:

    @ Dukeshire…some of our fellow posters haven’t found the Blog search box yet….

  67. bobk3333 says:

    If Moffitt was healthy through camp, Sweezy would not be starting.

    Moffitt is still recovering. Chances are that he will get a starting position within a couple games. If Sweezy, can hold him off, however, that will be really impressive.


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