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Golden Tate does not practice

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 3, 2012 at 5:24 pm with 47 Comments »
September 3, 2012 5:24 pm

The Seahawks took the field for the first time with the intention of getting ready for a specific opponent, with the team installing the beginnings of a game plan for Sunday’s contest against Arizona.

Seattle receiver Golden Tate, who injured his knee in the second half of Seattle’s last preseason game against Oakland while returning punts, did not practice today.

Braylon Edwards worked at split end in place of Tate with the starters.

We have no report on Tate’s injury status because the team does not have to release the first official injury report until Wednesday, and head coach Pete Carroll did not talk to reporters this afternoon.

Offensive lineman James Carpenter practiced for the first time today since his ACL knee surgery last Decemer. Carpenter was limited to mostly individual drills as he tries to work his way back in shape.

“It felt great,” Carpenter said. “Like I said, I’ve been waiting for 10 months to be back, so I’m happy.”

Although Carroll has said that Carpenter will move to guard this year, offensive line coach Tom Cable said he’s more concerned about getting last year’s first round pick ready to play than finding a specific position for him on the field.

“There’s a process that’s just starting,” Cable said. “So when you talk about playing the game and all of that, first you’ve got to figure out where he’s at. He’s been approved from the medical standpoint, but he hasn’t played any football. So there’s six weeks that the players have had, but he’s had none of that. And so that process has now started for him.”

New tight end Evan Moore made his first appearance at practice, and looked pretty explosive while getting some snaps in with the first unit.

Moore is wearing No. 82, the same number Kellen Winslow wore when he was here.

Moore said he flew in Sunday morning, and has been working ever since to learn the playbook so he’s ready to play this week against Arizona.

“I went through camp, just like all of these guys did,” said Moore, who was released by Cleveland during final roster cuts last week. “So I’m ready to go. Considering these guys just went through camp together, I’m kind of a new guy. You almost feel like a rookie. You walk into the building, and everybody’s looking at you like ‘Who’s this guy?’

“There is a learning curve. But fortunately there’s a lot of translation between what we did in Cleveland and what we’re doing here – both terminology and schematically in X’s and O’s and all of that. So I’m fortunate that that’s the case.”

Seattle offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell said that Moore will not necessarily be a replacement for the departed Winslow, and that Zach Miller and Anthony McCoy also will be involved in helping to fill that role.

“I think we’ll use all the guys,” Bevell said. “With Zach and Anthony, and then throughout this week will continue to find out exactly what Evan will bring for us, and then we’ll fit him in accordingly.”

Bevell also echoed Carroll’s sentiment that McCoy has made a leap in his development.

“He’s done a great job,” Bevell said about McCoy. “He’s really showed up in the preseason, made the big plays when he had the opportunity to make them. And that’s all we’re asking guys to do, is just do their job, make their plays. They don’t have to make anything special. And I think you’ve seen him do that and become a more consistent player.”

We have some number changes on the roster. Safety DeShawn Shead switched from No. 5 to No. 35. Linebacker Mike Morgan switched from No. 48 to No. 57. And Jeremy Lane switched from No. 1 to No. 37.

There’s been some juggling on the practice squad as well. Tight end Sean McGrath is no longer on the practice squad. So Seattle now has receivers Jermaine Kearse and Ricardo Lockette, offensive linemen Rishaw Johnson and Edawn Coughman, quarterback Josh Portis, safety DeShawn Shead and linebackers Korey Toomer and Allen Bradford.

Running back Vai Taua, tight end Cameron Morrah, defensive end Dexter Davis and linebackers Jameson Konz and Matt McCoy are on the team’s injured reserve list.

Offensive lineman Allen Barbre is on the reserve/suspended list for the first four games of the regular season for violating the league’s policy for performance-enhancing drugs.

And cornerback Walter Thurmond (legs) remains on the physically unable to perform (PUP) list.

Notes from practice
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  1. Dukeshire says:

    I liked what I saw from McGrath in preseason; that’s too bad.

    I never wish injury on a player, but Tate unable to go may be a blessing. I much prefer Edwards at X and believe he’s a far better receiver there than Tate.

  2. Soggybuc says:

    Hopefully Baldwin is ready to go. Nice to here that Moore looked good in his first action with the squad. he doesnt need to be flashy, just be a solid performer and i’ll be happy.

  3. Skavage says:

    What happened to Sean McGrath that took him off the PS? Did someone sign him to their 53 or ??? I don’t remember reading anything but I’m old and forgetful!

  4. MadSweeney42 says:

    I’m hoping Tate has a breakthrough year. By now he knows that BS walks. The mood of the team is effervescent. Wilson is a true leader who will demand everyone raise their game. Tate is great when he gets the ball for some YAC, which I don’t see from Edwards. Hell be like Williams where it’s his size that’ll be his asset but he’s gonna get tackled soon after the reception.

    I’m super excited for Sunday but I’m very upset that personalized jerseys are not available through the Seahawks site. I can’t customize a jersey for an actual player through nflshop but I can through Only they’re not ready to do it. I want Big Red! May have to “settle” for Thomas and get Red down the line. I’m in SoCal and want one before kickoff. How can you not be ready with the big jersey switchover?!

  5. makuzas says:

    I’m excited to see how Baldwin and RW work together. Here’s to hoping Baldwin is ready to go and 100%.

  6. wabubba67 says:

    With Tate hurt, the folks at Top Pot likely will not have to worry about a break-in anytime soon.

  7. owenbytheway says:

    If Tate is out, and Baldwin is gimpy, I won’t be shocked to see all three TE’s in at the same time against Zona.

  8. montanamike2 says:

    I like Edwards at in the red zone, he’s more reliable whereas Tate has more upside.

  9. montanamike2 says:

    Unless he busts.

  10. Seahawks2620 says:

    The new guy, Moore, looks to be a lot more nimble than any of our other TEs. I think he could end up playing a substantial role with this team.

  11. jacobhawkr says:

    I have an old #3 jersey. Can I just tape a piece of paper with the name wilson over that guy whose last name begins with m and ends in r? Lucky me its an autographed jersey at that.

  12. HawkfaninMT says:

    So Carp has begun practicing… When do you think we see him on the field? 4 weeks to get in game shape, then week 5

  13. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Like I said before, trade Tate before it’s to late!
    Some days I like him, some days I don’t. Disturbing to say the least!

    I sure miss Baldwin! Last years it guy. Wilson this years it guy! Flynn, next years trade for high pick draft guy!

  14. Skavage says:

    So can anyone shed some light on McGrath and why he’s not on the PS? Sure seemed like he had the tools for a good long look.

  15. Why is Konz still around – albeit on the IR but still – he has done NOTHING.

    Sunday – bloody Sunday – get here already!

  16. Dave Boling says:

    Hey, troops. I think the progression on the Sean McGrath thing was that when they picked up Evan Moore, it made McGrath expendable, and they replaced him with Kearse. I agree that McGrath showed quite a bit during the preseason. He had some great practices when Miller and Winslow and McCoy were hurt or being rested.

    As for Evan Moore, he certain does look more nimble. He’s really rangy and I wonder if he’s going to be much of a blocker. He’s one of those thin-hipped guys who looks more like a big wide-out than an extra tackle. But in watching him today, I was surprised that he didn’t have great pass-catching numbers with Cleveland. It looks like he’s got really good hands. He pulled in a sideline pass with his finger tips and did the toe-tap to make it a legal catch. Just one day, but I thought for a guy who had to hit the ground running, he was pretty sharp.

    Jacobhawkr … wow, you’ve got a jersey from that former #3 quarterback? Impressive (or is it depressing?) It was 20 years ago this season that the Hawks were 2-14, but beat 2-14 New England (Patrick Hunter making an interception that worked against them). Had he Pats won that game, the Seahawks could have taken Bledsoe rather than Mirer. And how the course of the franchise might have changed.

    In the context of your mentions of Baldwin … I had a nice chat today with Charly Martin. Receivers coach Kippy Brown reminded me that Martin is in a situation very similar to Baldwin’s last year. Martin, with 1 NFL catch, ended up on the 53-man roster when T.O., Lockette, and former drafted receivers Deon Butler and Kris Durham did not. He made it by going almost error-free through the preseason, and adding value to his cause by blocking well (particularly on WIlson’s TD run vs. Tennessee), and being able to play both the X and Z positions.

  17. My #3 is from the old Seahawks catalog (authentic) the year Mirer was drafted. I was sooo excited that I “knew” that we’d FINALLY get/have a franchise QB…

    What’s more, I was jacked that after Mirer briefly held out in training camp that rookie year, I was able to see his first ever pro snap as a Seahawk (in the Metrodome in Mpls that pre-season). I “knew” it was going to be a great ride.

    It’s good to know Wilson is already in Canton by some here or I’d be worried about goofing up again.

  18. Dukeshire says:

    Nice info on Martin, Dave. Thanks

  19. IBGoofy says:

    I’m verrrrrry uncomfortable counting on Tate in any situation at this point… I, 110%, agree with Georgia…
    He said: “Like I said before, trade Tate before it’s to late!”
    Tate’s 1st yr was almost a press mystery… We couldn’t get any info on him… His up’s and down’s are bizarre! One second he’s all pro, the next he couldn’t make a YMCA team! From a coaching standpoint, he’s very strange… from a player’s standpoint (yup, been both) he’s got to be even stranger…

  20. grizindabox24 says:

    There goes Georgia assuming that Golden has trade value.

  21. princeaden says:

    Hurt or not, I think Edwards should be starting over Tate at X. I’m kind of surprised that Tate’s poor route running hasn’t bought him a ticket out of town. On another note, how the hell do we keep Jameson Konz at any capacity at the expense of letting go of Cordarro Law ?

  22. Well Konz had absolutely no bearing on Law – IR doesn’t affect other people or roster spots

  23. seahawk44 says:

    What was Taua’s injury? He played a lot in the last game. It was bad enough that it was season ending?

  24. bird_spit says:

    I bet we see McGrath again…here or somewhere. That guy was pretty good.

  25. akmac61 says:

    Moore was a WR before becoming a TE. He might bring what Durham was hoped to bring since he is just as big and has game experience. Let’s hope he is more durable.
    It would be good to see McGrath stick around somehow, he looks like he could have a future in Seattle.

  26. princeaden says:

    xcman my point was that it seems they could’ve stashed Law on IR with a mystery injury. Giving Konz the injured/waived settlement and IR’ed Law with his “torn hangnail”.

  27. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Interesting that Arizona has the tallest qb and Seattle has the shortest.

  28. Ambassador says:

    Does anyone know what kind of contract the practice squad guys get?

  29. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Did anyone else notice that Rice,(in the Raiders game) caught a pass in wide open space? I bet he was in shock to not have to sacrifice his body like he had to so many times last year.

  30. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Ambassador- I could be wrong, and I’m probably wrong but I think I heard that it is somewhere around $5,000 a week.

  31. Evan Moore, former 2 sport standout at Stanford (basketball and football) fits the mold of power forwards converting to TE’s. Tall, fast, great hand and an ability to jump. More like Jimmy Graham, less like Gronk.

    I think inside the redzone, he’ll be a match-up nightmare. If he stays healthy, I kind of get the feeling he’ll lead all TE’s in receptions, yardage and TD’s. It’s just a matter of time for him to learn the variances between the WCO he had in Cleveland and here.

    Side note: It looks like Schnieder originally was a part of the decision to bring him into Packers camp before the Browns claimed him. Wouldn’t be the first time we’ve been to the well and so far, so good. (Breno, Bigby, Lumpkin…oh yeah, some guy named Flynn).

    Keep a close eye on Moore fantasy geeks. Typically speaking a TE is a rookie QBs best friend. If you have any room on your roster, stash this guy, then wait and see!

    GO HAWKS!!

  32. sluggo42 says:

    I agree, Edwards is a huge upgrade over Tate, Big Ed, Big Bid, Zippy Baldwin, Big Mcoy/Moore

    Daneja will have some serious targets

  33. chuck_easton says:

    Seattle has no DL on their practice squad. They have 2 WR’s, 2 LB’s, 2 OL, 1 QB and 1 DB.

    My guess it that speaks loads to the team being satisfied with the depth on the DL and there just wasn’t room to keep Law around.

    He’s not picked up by anybody else yet so it would appear he might be this year’s camp darling that we all just KNOW we can’t let go or someone will claim him, and then he goes unclaimed. Maybe he isn’t ready yet?

  34. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I said after they picked up Moore that he would be just as good of value to the team at this stage of his career as Winslow.
    Now after reading some more about Winslow and Freeman from last year I am so glad this Diva is off the team.

    The reason Winslow has so many receptions the past few years is because ,(like Owens) he demands to be thrown to alot more.

    This is from the NFC South Blog last year-

    “Although Winslow leads the team with 47 receptions and is second with 476 receiving yards, it wouldn’t be a stretch to call his connection with Freeman horrible. Winslow has been targeted 78 times. When throwing to Winslow, Freeman’s NFL passer rating is a dismal 48.9. Winslow has caught two touchdown passes. But seven of Freeman’s 15 interceptions have come on passes intended for Winslow.”

  35. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Another Winslow attitude moment.

    BTW- From reading Bucs and Browns fans reactions to him being released, there was overwhelmingly no surprise at all. More like he deserved it.

  36. ruminator1 says:

    has the football contest started?

  37. montanamike2 says:

    After the initial shock of releasing Winslow i’m warming to Moore.
    I thought his high salary didn’t match his health status and PC/JS know what they’re doing, so i came to the conclusion this is another castaway that can flourish with our system. I really believe we’ll see a lot of Miller/McCoy 2 TE sets, so many options. Sunday can’t get here soon enough for me.

  38. montanamike2 says:

    Wilson makes stone hands turn into gorilla glue.

  39. iHateHarbaugh says:

    I just picked up Tate AND Edwards for my fantasy team so I’m covered either way lol…

  40. Dukeshire says:

    The only Seahawks I ended up with last night was the defense / ST and Turbin, thankfully. I had many more on deck. lol

  41. We’re down to only 1 diva on the roster now and he’s a gimp.

  42. sluggo42 says:

    I think Tate should be worried about a fellah named Kearse. Didn’t Kearse pretty much dominate at the Dub?

  43. GeorgiaHawk says:

    sluggo42- I don’t know about dominate but I do know he dropped alot of balls there. That’s probably why he didn’t get no love on draft day.

  44. sluggo42 says:

    Down here in SoCal I didn’t get to see his career, but the games I did see, It always seemed that he was making a lot of big plays…
    So he was a dropper? Don’t want any of that…

  45. HawkfaninMT says:

    Nike has their customized jerseys up! Let the flood for Russell Wilson 3 commence!

  46. grizindabox24 says:

    Eric Edholm ‏@Eric_Edholm
    Source: C-OG Tommie Draheim, priority FA (decent $) who was cut by #Packers, set to sign today with #Seahawks practice squad.
    Retweeted by Brian McIntyre

  47. bbnate420 says:

    The knock on Kearse was always drops. Has a lot of talent. Many projected him as a 2nd-3rd round pick before a disappointing senior season.

    Duke, did you see this?

    “Although Carroll has said that Carpenter will move to guard this year, offensive line coach Tom Cable said he’s more concerned about getting last year’s first round pick ready to play than finding a specific position for him on the field.”

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