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Morning links: Official practice squad released

Post by Eric Williams on Sep. 2, 2012 at 9:06 am with 100 Comments »
September 2, 2012 9:50 am

We never received a release from the team, but here’s the official practice squad list according to the team’s reporter, Clare Farnsworth.

Fifth-round draft choice linebacker Korey Toomer, receiver Ricardo Lockette, quarterback Josh Portis, linebacker Allen Bradford, tight end John Sean McGrath, safety DeShawn Shead and offensive lineman Rishaw Johnson all were part of the team’s 90-man roster for training camp.

Seattle still has one spot open on the practice squad.

Dan Pompei writing for the National Football Post writes that Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson keeps a diary of every practice on an excel spreadsheet. Pompei also writes that there are not as many good offensive linemen as in years past.

Peter Schrager of Fox Sports explains why young quarterbacks don’t need caddies anymore.

Doug Farrar of Yahoo Sports writes that fit in the offense was not the reason Seattle released Kellen Winslow.

Anwar Richardson of reports that the Detroit Lions are adding Kris Durham to the team’s practice squad.

Pete Prisco of CBS Sports lists Russell Okung, Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman as part of his all-NFC West Division team.

Don Banks of Sports Illustrated predicts that Seattle will compete with San Francisco for an NFC West crown, settling for a Wild Card slot.

None of ESPN’s experts predicts Seattle to finish first in the NFC West.

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  1. yellaman says:

    This Winslow issue doesn’t make since if its a miney issue. If the team had too much money tied up in the TE position it should ask miller for to restructure. Also if his health was an issye then don’t make the trade because they knew about before they acquired him

  2. Dukeshire says:

    If Winslow were simply a financial issue, Ud then expect to see another team grab him fairly soon.

    I can’t believe their first game is only a week away now. I’m so jacked up!

  3. I assume that no news is good news with respect to Tate? That play didn’t look good, but I’m hoping he’s fine. I remember one time Kenny Easley hyperextended a knee on a Mondaynight football game (I think – Raiders) and he played the next week! I thought for sure he was done for the season. That dude was a warrior.

  4. Ewalters7354 says:

    Hey Eric,who is John McGrath? lol

  5. Skavage says:

    Barring an injury issue, I don’t see how the KW cut was anything BUT money. Even on the open market if he doesn’t pass through waivers his new team would have to pick up his salary, including the guaranteed portion for being on a roster week one.

    I think by sometime tonight we’ll have a much clearer picture. He’ll pass through waivers and then an open negotiation from another team will turn into a signing. In either case it will be for less money. Sadly though I highly doubt it will be for us, otherwise it would be done already.

    It would be rather interesting though if he ends up signing elsewhere for less than we would have given him. Based on his history I could see that happening.

  6. Duke, you made a good comment the last thread about the team’s (or Pete Carroll’s) tolerance for b.s. and diva’s and injury risks being proportional to the level of talent on their roster. I think that’s right. I think Winslow’s attitude must of played into this decision. And/or his knees are worse than anyone let on. We’ve seen Pete cut guys loose before because they didn’t have the “all-in” attitude, and now Pete has options on his roster.

    I was pissed at this cut, but also I never expected Winslow’s knees to survive 16 games, so I always thought the TE playing behind Winslow was going to be very important to team too, and I was really disappointed that Cameron Morrah couldn’t go this year.

    Looks like the guy now getting his big chance will be Anthony McCoy. I’m expecting McCoy to have a break-out year. His emergence probably has a lot to do with Pete cutting Winslow loose.

  7. raymaines says:

    I just read the Doug Farrar article about KW2 and it didn’t make sense. I don’t mean I disagree with it, it didn’t make logical sense. Maybe poor editing or proof reading.

  8. Ewalters7354 says:

    I agree with yellaman if it was any TE I would ask to take a pay cut it would be Zach Miller.Don’t get me wrong he is a good player but there is no way in hell I would pay him 6 million this year.Especially being that so far all he has brought to the team is blocking.I need to see tds for that type of money bud.

  9. McCoy could be the blocking TE and Miller getting more targets. Once upon a time Cable threw to him quite a bit.

    Right now in FF I am very leery of any player with a history of concussions. Notably I take that approach in keeper leagues. I won’t draft Jennings in a keeper league because he thinks he’s had two concussions and the medical staff says it’s three. Seems Jennings can’t remember the one he had prior to this last (third) one. Thats a medical red flag from a long term investment standpoint regardless of if it’s FF or real football.

    So having used a FF argument about the “head” I think I would take the same angle on players with “wheel” issues that show limitations such as Winslow. That said, I would have no problem asking for cash back from either Winslow or Miller.

    Also some people are skipping over the apparent interest reported in DJ Ware before TBay took him. What was that about?

  10. I haven’t watched Evan Moore but after starting to check him out a bit I’m looking forward to seeing what he an do. He’s essentially was playing a ‘big slot receiver TE’ role for Cleveland, had 4+ catches multiple games and a great yards per catch avg.

    Also, he’s another USFA from Stanford, he was a Sr when Baldwin was a Fr and now they may share some some snaps in our offense and duel slot receivers.

    He was signed to the Packers after the 2008 draft by John Schneider and Ted Thompson but was injured in preseason. Once again – Schneider brings in a guy he scouted and liked in the past.

    and, the dude looks to have some great hands:


    Also Durham signed to a PS with Detroit and I hope he stays right there. Should we need to sign a WR to the 53 from our PS, Durham from another PS is just an extension of ours in reality.

  12. If our O-Line can pass protect up to snuff then hopefully that frees up Miller to be running routes.

  13. lol. I meant “UDFA from Stanford”

  14. jawpeace says:

    I can see why K2 denied the salary cut. Here you are with knees that are aching/hurt all year long. And you go use them hard on game day risking further injury. But even with the bum knees you still produce a great number of catches. I wouldn’t want to play for any thing less than s certain amount. I mean if he is thinking life after the game he is going to be almost crippled by 50 something.

  15. Sparky12 says:

    Until Darrell Bevell quits using Zach Miller for his blocking skills only, it will be hard to see just what he can do. 6 mil is a high price tag for a blocking only TE. Still not a fan of Bevell, and I keep hoping the Hawks will find a new offensive coordinator. If the offense does not produce this year, I hope he gets the axe.

    And as far as ESPN’s “experts” not picking the Hawks to win the NFC West, WHO CARES! Those block-heads still think Seattle is the largest city in Alaska.

  16. I believe that the first 2 years of the Zach Miller contract are guaranteed. With that being said, there’s no way Miller would take a paycut THIS year. Nobody here would take a big paycut if they didn’t have to, especially with this year being guaranteed into your contract. I think it was the same type of thing with Sidney Rice (where the first 2 years are fully guaranteed).

  17. Alumni at Scout recently posted that K2’s knees were “way worse” than he let on them to be. You would think the medical staff would have known that but there is no way they could project KW protecting his knees more than expected. Perhaps Alumnis observations or “camp opinion” drove the reduction in price attempt.

  18. jawpeace says:

    Dan Pompei article was laughable leaving off Walter Jones from the list of great tackles. Jones, you could argue based on his stats was the best left tackle in the history of the game. And I know that is a big statement as some of the others were great. But Walter dominated. I remember many Hawk games were I would watch him as much as I could until he went off camera. He was like the Barry Sanders of line men so fun to watch.4

  19. While there have been some other LTs that were better run blockers (although Walt was still great at it), I don’t believe there were many (if any) who were as great in pass protection. The only bad game I can think of was against Osi in ’05. I know Ware got around him in ’08 but that was with Walt on one leg and was the last of his career. As great as Anthony Munoz was during his career, even he got owned a few times. One game against Chris Doleman comes to mind where Munoz looked like a high schooler trying to “block” him that game. If someone wants to say Walt wasn’t the best, I’m okay with that. But I do have a problem with people who say any LT was ever better than him.

  20. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    This move may make perfect financial sense from a salary cap rollover perspective for what their cap number will be for the 2013 season.

    Especially if PC / JS are making a calculation based on what they’ll need to have available next year to retain key players who are becoming free agents vs. the benefit of paying KW $3.5 mil this year and for a guy who the coaches expect may not even finish the season.

  21. chuck_easton says:

    Posted this in the last thread. Thought I’d put it here as well:

    Most likely Winslow’s knees were way worse than he was letting on. If that is indeed the case then this was a good move by both the team and Winslow.

    From the teams point of view you don’t want to give a guy 3.3 million guaranteed if your medical staff has concerns he won’t hold up the whole year.

    From Winslow’s standpoint why take a pay cut if you are honest with yourself and know any Sunday may be your last. Get what you can in guaranteed money.

    Now if Winslow doesn’t get any interest from another team Seattle can always bring him back after week one and now matter what the salary is( right up to the3.3million) it’s not fully guaranteed and is only week to week. It’s not about the money for Seattle. It’s getting production for the money.

  22. Yes, get Zach Miller the damn ball! The guy lit it up in OAK. He’s totally being wasted as a blocker. Go Hawks!

  23. Kris Durham was signed to the Vikings practice squad.

  24. montanamike2 says:

    I agree get Zach the ball. The multiple options with two TE sets allow MCcoy or Miller to block or catch. MCcoy must’ve taken a big step this year.

  25. chuck_easton says:

    Moore is also a pass catching TE. He’s not in Winslow’s league but he’s much cheaper. Looks like Miller and McCoy are going to be the two TE set a lot. If McCoy brings to the regular season what he showed in pre-season we will likely be asking Kellen who? By years end.

  26. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I wonder if Edwards has been paying close attention to the T.O. and Winslow stuff?

    I think Moore can surprise us. He’s coming from a lousy team with terrible QBs, however he did dislocate his hip at Stanford, and break his hand in Cleavland.

  27. GeorgiaHawk says:

    This is one of the main reasons,( other than his obvious talents), that I jumped on the Wilson band wagon early.
    Leadership and work ethic.

    I know Chuck would have jumped on early if he knew Wilson’s dad is a Lawyer. Lol.

    *Russell Wilson was not handed the Seahawks starting job. I’m told in July he often was the only football person at the Seahawks facility, as he showed up every day at 6:30 a.m. to watch tape. Wilson has a little Peyton Manning in him. In fact, he consulted with Manning before the draft, as well as Eli Manning, Drew Brees and Philip Rivers. Wilson also visited with Colts quarterback coach Clyde Christensen, who previously coached Peyton Manning. Christensen shared Peyton’s notes with Wilson, and they were similar to the kind of notes Wilson takes. Wilson keeps a diary of every practice on an Excel worksheet”

  28. Honestly, Winslow’s knees had me very concerned. We play against some extremely tough defenses this year, and I’d have to wonder if he’s even going to make it out of that AZ game in one piece, with his career still intact. He’s never really been a very rugged type of TE since he got to the NFL. I think we took a flier on him, and between his needing to be pampered, and concerns over how much we’d be paying him as opposed to how many games he’d give us, Schnieder and Carroll figured it was best to find another option.

    Is Zach Miller really THAT good of a pass catching TE? I know he put some good numbers up in Oakland, but those were some real bad teams without a lot of talent at the receiver spots. Miller became the default target in OAK simply because there was nobody else reliable enough to throw to. Miller really is an incredible blocker though – both in the run game and pass pro. He’s an all-around, very good TE. Parts of his game are elite level, but I am not convinced that he is so talented as a receiver that he deserves to have the offense run through him.

  29. boucherm says:

    I don’t see that Codarro Law was claimed by any other team, thought he would be one of the guys we most desired to get to the practice squad. Anybody know anything about his status?

  30. chuck_easton says:

    Law is now a FA and can sign with anyone, either to their PS or to the active roster. Seattle still has one spot open on our PS.

    Also, I was just doing a quick read of Seattle’s current active roster and it appears as if we have too many guys. I’d expect some sort of move shortly.

    Offense has 25 players. (not counting Moore who isn’t there yet.
    Defence has 27 players.
    Special teams 3 players.

    I know lawyers aren’t good at math, but that’s 55 players. When you count Moore that’s 56 players.

    Thurmond is listed on the roster but he’s on PUP so that takes us to 55.

    Barbre is also on the roster but is serving a suspension to start the year. That takes us to 54.

    Still one player too many.

  31. chuck_easton says:


    I figured it out. Matt McCoy is listed at LB but he’s on IR. Also the official team roster lists Konz and Morrah on IR so they were re-signed to IR.

  32. psmythe says:

    McCoy’s development may have more to do with KW’s release than it’s getting credit for.

  33. tchristensen says:

    I agree, can’t understand why Cordarro Law isn’t on the practice squad.

  34. I think the frustration with Zach MIller will go away soon.

    Schemes last year used the TE mainly as a blocker because our O line completely sucked at pass pro early in the season. Okung started the season with two gimpy ankles and ended the season on IR. Both Carpenter and Moffitt sucked at pass pro early on, and Giacomini and Gallery weren’t much better.

    By the end of the season, the O line was decent at pass protection and excellent supporting the run game, and now everyone seems to forget how bad they were for most of the season. That line ruined Miller’s chances to have a good season receiving, they ruined Jackson’s season at QB, they ruined Whitehurst’s chances to even continue his career here.

    We begin this year with a very different level of O line play. Cable’s schemes and Bevell’s play calling will be less constrained this year. I expect that Miller, McCoy, and Evans will share in a ton of TE receptions this year, and Miller will get his opportunities to shine.

  35. psmythe – yes, I’m sure that McCoy’s development as a receiver is part of the reason KW was seen as expendible. Also, Evan’s availability and how much Schneider wanted him.

    And I’m thinking this blog might be a happier place this year with no divas left on the team.

  36. pabuwal says:

    I think Miller is a very average pass catching TE.

    With the continued churn and burn of veterans, the Seahawks will only be able to attract 2 types of FAs:

    1). The kind no one else wants (Owens, Edwards, Mike Williams, etc)
    2). Average to above average players they have to vastly overpay for (Miller, Rice, Gallery and just about every other FA the Seahawks have signed under Carroll).

    The Seahawks have historically had trouble attracting FAs due to geography and at some point Veterans are going to be leery going to a churn and burn club unless the money is huge or they have nowhere else to go.

  37. bird_spit says:

    Pabs..I think FA attraction is more of an issue of the teams ability to regularly compete for a Super Bowl. Being the homer I am, our geography is fantastic, including the quick flight to fun in the sun when necessary.

    I think Pete Carrolls regime is the closest we have seen of building for the long term. Under holmy, they used FA regularly, with piss poor results. I’m more interested, and I believe the really good FAs out there, to see this team become a regular contender for the title. Then FAs can imagine themselves wearing a ring when they sign the contract.

    Go Hawks…this will be a growth year for them..can’t wait.

  38. bird_spit says:

    As they say, success breeds success..

  39. I’m surprised about Phillip Bates even more than Codarro Law as well. Bates seemed like he had a legitimate shot at making the team before we signed Edwards and Owens.

    I trust the staff that the Kellen Winslow/Evan Moore swap is in the best interest of the team, but it’s hard to wrap my head around.

  40. They used FA regularly and Regularly had to over pay to get decent guys although they were at the end of careers —

    The roster churning has slowed down – but it does concern me. They need to continue to draft well and treat key guys well so that Agents will be willing to bring other clients in as well.

  41. bbnate420 says:

    Hopefully McCoy keeps it up and doesn’t return to being as butter-fingered as he has been in the past. He is a very good blocker, and he may facilitate the move of Miller to more of a KW-type role in 2012.

    Add Miller to the long line of horrible scouting reports by pabuwal. I guess when the team asks you to block most of the time that nullifies a good rookie year and 3 years of being a very good pass catcher????? He averaged 756 yards receiving in the 3 years prior to 2011. That’s about the same as KW the last 3 years, but everyone seems to think he is an excellent receiving tight end, as do I. I wonder what the difference is?

    Not sure that the knee issues are clearly a big part of the release, as some here now seem convinced. That it played a role along with his salary seems probable. I just don’t think they were surprised by his knees supposedly being worse than expected. Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t players have to pass a physical before the trade is finalized? I am 99 % sure they do. If so, they should have had a very good idea of the shape of his knees. Maybe they were just convinced that he would restructure his contract when they made the trade? No loss, they don’t lose a pick now that he isn’t on the roster for week 1. I guess people here have added amateur orthopedist to their hobby of amateur coach/GM. ;-)

    I’m not as bummed about this move after the initial shock wore off. This is contingent on McCoy taking his development into the regular season. McCoy can take over the role of inline blocker at the very least, and Miller is a very good pass catching TE IMO. A McCoy/Miller two TE set may even be a little more deceptive as they both are complete tight ends, assuming McCoy doesn’t revert.

  42. The teams that are perennial contenders have two things in common (at least). #1 is a franchise QB (very hard to find). #2 is continually drafting well. I’ll use New England and Pittsburgh as examples. Free agency/trades are used primarily to patch holes or address a specific need rather than as foundation building moves. From a position of strength/depth you can hunt for bargains with an occasional swing for the fences.

    Seattle seems to have drafted pretty damn well in the last 3 years and as for the franchise QB… To Be Determined.

  43. Yeah. The franchise QB is to be determined, but I sure as heck like the potential for either of our top two to take the job and run with it for a long time. I’m not going to go all crazy and say that I wouldn’t take the Indy QB situation over ours, but I do like ours more than half of all the other teams.

    McCoy worries me. The easy ones that he drops drives me nuts. I hope he’s able to take the next step this year.

  44. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BobbyK- There is no top two, Only one, and that one is Wilson. Make no mistake about it, it is Wilsons now and for a long time. You seem to still be in denial about it,lol.
    Flynn will be a career backup here only,however he could be a #1 somewhere else if we deal him down the road.

  45. montanamike2 says:

    Either way were set at our worst position of need.

  46. DreadHawks says:

    It’s not Millers hands that worry me, it’s those conclusions and the daim bramage caused by those conclusions.How many of those can a guys melon handle? What’s he had 3 already??

  47. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “Guess it’s over, BobbyK
    Sorry that it had to end this way
    No reason to pretend
    We knew it had to end some day, this way”

    Yes, it’s over, the competition is done
    What’s the use of tryin’ to hang on?
    Somewhere Flynn lost the key
    So little left for him to be and it’s clear to see”

    “Too much, too little, too late for Flynn to try again
    Too much, too little, too late, cause Wilson is the man.
    Now that the FO has ended something that we knew”

    “It’s over
    Oh, it was over”

    “Too much, too little, for Flynn to try again
    Too much, too little, too late, cause Wilson is the man.
    Too much, too little, too late, we knew it had to end

    “And, it’s over
    It’s over”

    “Yes, it’s over,and some are down
    Pitty all their bridges tumbled down

    “Whatever chance you try, just face it why deny It’s over
    (It’s over)
    BobbyK It’s over”

    “Too much, too little, too late for Flynn to try again
    Too much, too little, too late, Flynn’s backing up again
    Too much, too little, too late, we knew it had to end”

    “And it’s over
    And it’s over”
    It’s over
    And it’s over”

    “Too much, too little, too late cause Wilson is the man
    Too much, too little, too late, let’s end it being friends.”

  48. I sure as hell don’t want anything to happen to Wilson but if something did happen, we’re not one of those teams who would have their season destroyed by it like some other teams. Just because I like our back-up QB (not more than our starter), I’m not sure why it’s so f’n personal.

  49. chuck_easton says:


    I have to disagree with you. Wilson is the starter for now. He hasn’t proved he is TE franchise QB. Not saying e won’t do it but it is you and not Bobbyk who is the delusional one.

    You continue to talk as I’d Wilson is already a pro bowler, sure fire HOFer and multi Superbowl winner. He’s not. He’s a very talented rookie that hasn’t proven a thing in the NFL. YET.

    I’m pulling for him, but I agree with BobbyK that we are lucky to have 2 starter quality QBs. Wilson better not get too comfortable because Flynn is more than capable of taking hold of the starting spot and not giving it back.

    Let’s wait and see how Wilson. Performs over a couple of regular season games before we start fitting him for his yellow jacket and having him sit for his bust shall we?

  50. montanamike2 says:

    The 2 best qb’s in the NFC WEST, Flynn to me has proven that he’s at least as good as Alex Smith based on just 2 games! He has it all except for the weak arm on the longball. Now comes in a rookie that has already broken NCAA records and has that special it and throws the longball really well, he studies and responds like Peyton Manning did in his 2nd year! Where is the ceiling for this guy? Like i said , either way we’re gonna kick ass. Can you imagine how good the offense is going to be by going against our D in practice.

  51. “Most likely Winslow’s knees were way worse than he was letting on. If that is indeed the case then this was a good move by both the team and Winslow.”

    Then it makes some sense to me. But what about his stats the past couple years? 70+ catches just last year. On a team w/out a ton of receiving options for a young QB, I’m scratching my head at why we’d drop an experienced passcatching TE, who has been very productive the last several years.

  52. Dukeshire says:

    Not to pile on, but well said Chuck.

  53. The whole musical parody thing is getting really old. Once, funny. twice humorous…but come on…

    And the personal attack stuff…we all love the Hawks, can’t we just cheer them on without the bashing?

  54. Carson–Seattle may have wanted Bates on the PS, but the Raiders took him off waivers and put him on the active squad. He’s been stolen, not thrown away.

    What I cant understand is Javon Kearse not on the PS. Seriously, WTF?!

    Wierder than losing KW!

  55. bbnate420 says:

    I don’t think Javon Kearse is PS eligible. Jermaine Kearse is. :-)

    I don’t see where Georgia personally attacked BobbyK. I don’t think he’s right, but he hardly attacked him.

    Anyone else picture Unknown Hinson when they read Georgia’s songs?

    P.S. If you don’t know who he is you can look him up on YT or just Google him. Does the voice of Early Cyler in the show Squidbillies as well.

  56. bbnate420 says:

    *Early Cuyler

  57. HeinieHunter says:

    I have yet to see Flynn do anything that makes me believe he can uproot Wilson. I will say he doesn’t make mistakes but he passes are short and he doesn’t take shots downfield much. Dink, dink, dink.

  58. bbnate420 says:

    Weren’t you a CBJ fan, Heinie?

  59. SandpointHawk says:

    Need a good laugh? Giants to start Sean Locklear at left tackle against DeMarcus Ware…

  60. bbnate420 says:

    I think I see the future. I see, I see Martellus Bennett spending a lot of time next to the LT.

  61. bbnate420 says:

    Chris Polk and Kellen Moore made 53 man rosters, BTW.

  62. Seahawks2620 says:

    Here Is a great read, touching on the camaraderie of the “Legion of Boom”.

  63. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Wow, How did it suddenly become again a two man race for qb?
    The same ones of course that said I was delusional when I said that Wilson was the better qb and should be our starting qb when the season started.

    “Blasphemy I say! How dare him”! those are personal attacks I say, personal attacks! How dare he say the same thing as the FO, that wilson is better! How dare he! This is our blog and what we say’s goes! anyone disagrees then their delusional and personally attacking us. And I’m getting tired of those silly song parodies too. However if you continue to make them to what is agreeable to what we think then it’s all fine”. Lol.

    I ,(like the FO) believes that our team is in good hands with Wilson, for now and well into the future. Oh, and the locker room does too.

    I’m not surpised though by some that don’t get it or don’t want to get it. At least their consistent.(Wrong)! But consistent with their views.

  64. chuck_easton says:


    It’s not a two QB race. Wilson is the starter. His play earned that right. Flynn didn’t lose the job. Not a bad problem to have.

    The issue with you is you talk as if Wilson is already an elite top five NFL QB. Fact is we don’t know how he will play when it counts. We all have our hopes. But he hasn’t proven anything yet.

    Wilson could turn out to be great. He could also prove to be a rookie that shows he has a lot of learning to do.

    If he shows the latter the team is ok because Flynn could step in.

    That’s not a QB competition. That is a reality. If the starter fails we have a very capable guy right behind him.

    If Flynn had been named the starter I’d be saying the same thing that if he failed we’d be ok because Wilson would be ready to step in.

    Please just get off Wilson’s jock until he actually proves it in games that count.

    Right now Wilson’s official NFL stats are 0 games played 0 games started 0 passing yards 0 TDs 0 interceptions and a win/ loss record of 0/0.

    Doesn’t sound like a franchise QB to me. Sounds like an unknown that we all hope will grow into a franchise QB.

    Unless you reveal that you have a 1980’s Delorean with a flux capacitor installed you also do not know how Wilson will perform. You are hopeful as we all are. You just continue to talk as if it is a fate de comple.

  65. Seahawks2620 says:

    I am ok with people claiming that Wilson looks like a good to great prospect. What is annoying as hell, is how you guys are consistently on his jock, and speak of him as if he can do no wrong. Who knows if he blows out his knee or tears his rotator cuff. NO one knows. Wilson looks very legit, but the unwavering “Wilson is god” so to speak, is soooooo very old. We get it, you like Wilson and that’s phenomenal. Like I said if he stays healthy he definitely has the tools to be our QB for a long time. All I am saying is that, if he goes down, Flynn is more that capable of also assuming the starting role and running with it, regardless of whether or not he simply “dinks and dunks” as many have stated. Taking what the defense gives you may be boring for the fans, but it still gets the job done at the end of the day. When it’s all said and done. I am very happy that Wilson is bein given this “opportunity” to take the job and run for the next ten to fifteen years. He is absolutely deserving of it, and offers so much play making ability.

  66. seahawk44 says:

    Helfet & Taua were put on a waived/injured list. Can somebody explain that status to me? Are they still part of the team?

  67. chuck_easton says:


    The short answer is no. They were waived with an injury.

    The long answer is if they clear waivers the team can bring them back on IR as they have appeared to do with Morrah and Konz who now have quietly shown up on the teams roster as reserved/ injured

  68. montanamike2 says:

    I really want Tuau back as his blocking at fb was good and he provides quality depth at rb. The dinks and dunks is on the money and he can do it excellent, no worries there. I’m riding the RW bandwagon until he proves me wrong, like PC said this is no ordinary rookie. I’ve never seen a rookie qb who gets it and implements it so fast. I think he’ll be special and i’m on record for saying it, if i’m wrong i’ll eat my crow like a man. I know that you guys are all rooting for him to suceed and need some NFL proof, we all want to win and as of now RW hasn’t proven anything in the big man’s league, but damn he made it look too easy. My 2 cents.

  69. chuck_easton says:


    That’s my position. I’m incredibly hopeful for Wilson’s potential to succeed. He appears to have something special.

    But I recall a few decades back when there was a huge debate. Manning/Leaf Leaf/Manning who should go first, who should go second? Which QB had the better potential? We now know how that turned out. One went on to NFL greatness, the ther crashed and burned.

    We all want Wilson to be Manning, but at this point he could just as easily be Leaf when the pressure, spotlights, and expectations are turned up to full temperature.

    Let’s just give the kid a chance to be whatever he’s going to be before we pt the call into Canton asking when we can view his display.

  70. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Typical responses-

    Chuck- Show me one post where I said Wilson is elite top five?
    The problem I see with you and some others here is that you are too quick to disqualify the positve things that Wilson has done. To say he has done nothing yet is pure rubbish! He didn’t get the starting job handed to him like some other rookies did. He earned it. And he beat out a quality qb to earn the starting spot.
    But of course he’s done nothing hasn’t he? See what I mean by disqualifing the positive things he has done.
    I wouldn’t bet against him if I were you.

    Now you say let’s see how he does in the next two games. How did you come up with that formula?

    He just may not do that well in the next two games. does that mean then to you he is a bust? LOl.
    Remember he is a rookie. I would be surprised if he did poorly in the first two games but so what if he did? He’s not on a short leash. He will only get better,imo.
    Now if he does well in the first two games is your formula going to change, and you’ll say that the defenses haven’t caught up to him yet so we can’t make anymore judgements until he has played a full year?
    And if he does well this year what will you say then? He may have a shophmore slump in his second year so we really can’t judge him by his first year. Lol.

  71. montanamike2 says:

    I agree Chuck, that’s good reasoning. BTW Leaf got arrested this spring not too far from here so i see the irony. I think we’ve had good drafts these last few years but this was our best one.

  72. montanamike2 says:

    GeorgiaHawk this is a good argument to have, it sure beats the Jackson/Whitehurst argument last year. New team, young blood, bigger, faster and i sure hope MCcoy steps up.

  73. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Chuck- How could you even compare Wilson to Leaf is beyond me.
    That’s even more ridiculous than comparing him to Wallace.
    Mabey you just haven’t done much research on Wilson. Perhaps that’s why you were so surprised that he did much better than Flynn in pre season.

  74. Dukeshire says:

    Georgia – “BobbyK- There is no top two, Only one, and that one is Wilson. Make no mistake about it, it is Wilsons now and for a long time.”

    It’s comments like that, to a position that was never taken, that strike some as irrational. Quite frankly, you have a pattern of hyperbole when it comes to Wilson, and unload it on anyone who says something that you consider criticism of him. That particular statement for example, implies he is the franchise QB and with that comes pro bowls, etc… Understand, everyone here, whether they think Wilson will be a HOFer or end up on the bench by season’s end, are rooting and pulling for him now, regardless. We’re all on board, even the skeptics. So there’s no need for the imagined “anti-Wilson” camp you are defending him from. Cool…?

  75. GTEylander says:


    It must be amazing to always be correct. What’s it like to always have the correct zinger?

    And while you are at it can you please tell me if Sweezy makes the HOF too?

    Seriously bro, do you not understand that you didn’t draft RW. Nor did you recruit him to Wisconsin or even NC State. You didn’t convince him to attend the Collegiate School and you’re not his daddy. You have no reason to be so over the top about him and anti-Flynn becauise of it. Russell might end up amazing, I sure hope so, but Flynn is an amazing luxury to have right now. 2 starting quarterbacks feels pretty good to most of us.

  76. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Why is OK to say good or great things about RG111 and Luck who were handed the keys to the car, however it is not OK, ( by some around here ), to say good or great things about Wilson who worked and payed for the car?


  77. GTEylander says:

    It’s your anti-Flynn stance that makes you such an easy target Georgia. Strange you can’t comprehend that. Truth is that I agree with you about Wilson, but you can’t seem to support anyone else’s positivity about Flynn, makes you seem bitter and small minded.

  78. Dukeshire says:

    That argument is a non-sequitur. That is, you are the only one making it.

  79. GTEylander says:

    You mean you don’t agree. You speak for everyone here?

  80. chuck_easton says:


    Take off the ” I love Wilson’ t-shirt for just a second.

    I use the Manning/ Leaf example as it is the one time where two rookie QB’s came into the league at the same time, with the same high expectations, and there was a heated debate at the time that the Colts had made a mistake and should have gone with Leaf because he was sure to be thebetterQB of the two. Manning took his potential to the top ( even though his rookie season was 1-15 with more interceptions than TDs ). Leaf, um didn’t exactly handle the pressure very well.

    I honestly don’t expect Wilson to be the extreme of either. I certainly hope he’s closer to manning than Leaf, but at this time we don’t know.

    I’ve been a Seahawk fan the entire existence of the Franchise. I remember when we got Zorn. Nobody expected anything. He turned out to be the first very good Seattle QB. I remember going to a pre-season game and seeing a young kid out of Milton college wearing #17 do mop up duty and I turned to my sister and said ” that Kreig guy is going to have a pretty decent career here”, I remember Hasslebeck’s first season here when the fans were chanting for Dilfer and actually cheered in one pre-season game when Hasselbeck hurt his knee and had to be replaced by Dilfer.

    I also remember a slew of 1st round QBs who were destined to be the savior and star QB of the franchise for decades that didn’t pan out.

    So excuse me if I don’t have a picture of Wilson on my bedroom wall with hearts drawn all over it like you do.

    I’ve been around this team long enough to know to take a wait and see attitude. The three best QBs Seattle has had didn’t start out so well while every sure thing fizzled. I’m not ready just yet to send a marriage proposal to Wilson, but I’m sure I’d have to get in line behind you if I ever did.

    I want Wilson to be one of the best QBs in Seattle history. But I wanted that for McGuire, Stauffer, Millen, gelbaugh, freisz, and a host of other ‘saviors’. I’m behind Wilson because the team has chosen him to be the leader. I want him to succeed. As long as PC sends him out there to start I will cheer him on. I’m just not ready to build a statue of him in my back yard. But feel free to do so.

  81. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    chuck, the manning/leaf was not a debate on arm, ability it was on mental stability in the end. lets face it leaf was a immature child with no ability to apply himself to the job at hand. manning ended up succeding because he was smart dedicated and new how to apply himself to be successful. i see in no way how you could put wilson even in the discussion with the possibility of being leaf.

    that said we then go to the franchise QB comment. is Luck a franchise QB?RG3? that is what they were drafted for, until they prove they are not a franchise QB they are. so why is wilson any different. if he was 2 inches taller he would have went top 10 in the draft. payton manning struggled his rookie year so did just about every franchise QB in history few exceptions.

    that said if the players around him step up and the D plays to potential this could easily be a 11 win team. it could also be a 6 win because of wilsons strugles D doesnt play to potential. how many of you will crap all over the team if that happens? listen we have a rookie QB and a damn good back up QB if wilson strugles how many will call for flynn? too damn many fare weather fans on this blog. i may not agree with everything the FO does but i believe they do know what they are doing. have a little faith and enjoy the ride.

    oh and i expect wilson to be the best QB seattle ever had. does not mean it will happen but i am all in with this kid until he proves otherwise.

  82. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Dukeshire- Who’s the one making things up? Good question.
    To quote you from many times past. ” If you don’t like my comments don’t read them”.

    You wouldn’t even have an issue here if Flynn was starting.

    BTW- You are quick to pile on others, however I have never seen you challenge BokkyK once directly for his relentless bashing of Jackson and others, ( that would get just about anyone else kicked off this blog). But you are so quick to defend him. Why? Conflict of interest?

  83. If its this hard for a bunch of hardcore fans to ride through a quarterback competition, just imagine how hard this is for Flynn and Wilson. They still need to keep competing with each other, and with themselves, while working side by side for the good of the team. I can only imagine what a struggle Flynn must be going through right now after working 4 years in the league to get to this point.

  84. GeorgiaHawk says:

    That’s Bobbyk. Sorry about that.

  85. Everybody here roots for favorites. Nothing wrong with that. But disrespecting players (other than the divas or jerks) should be called out, in my opinion.

    I think everybody here knows we are fortunate to have two quality QBs. But assuming we “know” either one will be a success is a stretch. Neither of these guys has ever played two pro football games in a row. Neither has ever made it through a string of pro games without injury. We don’t know if either of these guys can take hits from players like Dockett or Willis. I love Wilson so far, but we really don’t know how much of a “rookie” he will be at times. Maybe we should just see what happens before we start the “we found our franchise qb victory dance”.

  86. chuck_easton says:

    Actually Georgia,

    I’ve gotten into heated disagreements with both Duke and BobbuK, as well as just about every other person on here at one time or another. I’ve been wrong, I’ve been right, but at the end of the day the passion about Seahawk football so we still ended up friends.

    At the end of the day that is how this is going to end up with you. We are all Seahawk fans. The funny thing is we are arguing about how great and how soon Wilson can possibly be and that is getting quite heated. With the exception of a very few ( Mr.Blew for example) nobody wants Wilson to fail. If we do that we are rooting for the Seahawks to fail. I haven’t invested 36 years of my life and the last 15 years of my son’ life turning him to the way of the Hawk to now suddenly start rooting for Seattle to fail.

    I’m just happy Seattle has two QBs that can start. Wilson has earned the right to go first. If he does what we hope there won’t be a need for Flynn to have to step in. But it is peace of mind that Flynn is there and ready to go just in case.

  87. GeorgiaHawk says:

    GTEylander- Anti Flynn? No way! I’m just anti Flynn lover comments that put ( for some odd reason ) Flynn on equal ground as Wilson. To continue to do so is a jab at our starting qb to me.
    And I will continue to stand up for that.

  88. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    stevos, couldnt agree more. my point is wilson has everything to be a franchise QB except 2-3 inches in height. all i am saying is everyone should jump on the band wagon and enjoy the ride. if it takes wilson 2 years to get to “great” it takes two years. i am just hoping in the short term he plays well enough to get us in the playoffs.

  89. chuck_easton says:


    Why is it so bad if Wilson and Flynn are on equal footing in people’s eyes? You love Wilson and that’s great. But it is you that has made comments to the effect that Flynn is. Career backup that can’t come close to the greatness of Wilson.

    We are all just saying Wilson has earned the chance to start. But it’s great to know Flynn is right there if things don’t go well.

    Unless that is you are hoping that if Wilson doesn’t meet your high expectations that Flynn sucks even worse just so you can be right? But you wouldn’t do that at the expense of Seattle losingq, would you? I mean you are a fan of the Seattle Seahawks and not the Seattle Wilson’s, right?

  90. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Chuck-I’ve never seen the heated part (Lol) but I agree with everything else you say.

    I am very happy to have Flynn, and he had a great game against the Raiders which I stated after the game.
    I don’t feel that 500lb rock on my back like last year when we had little hope at qb.

  91. GTEylander says:

    Taking anything that anyone says in the comments section personally is why you are in the middle. Anyone here who still wants Flynn to start has a prejudice against Wilson for being a rookie or believes that money determines pedigree. So attack those flaws by pointing out the inaccuracies instead of protecting Wilson. That’s the O-line’s job anyway.

  92. chuck_easton says:

    And the o-line appears poised to do just that. Along with opening up holes big enough for Lynch to drive his strato liner van through. Just as long as Lunch hasn’t had a few that is.

    Oh, and on a side note my son came home from back to school shopping the other day and excitedly showed me the new official Seahaeks baseball cap he had bought. Not to be outdone by this bandwagon fan of mine I went out yesterday and bought my own hat along with an official Tee with the new logo on the front and LYNCH and the new 24 design on the back. That will show the young upstart. I did break down and buy him the same shirt as I can’t afford an escalation in the Seahawks apparell war.

  93. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Chuck- This is what I posted before on this thread-

    “Flynn will be a career backup here only,however he could be a #1 somewhere else if we deal him down the road.”

    I only said that I thought Flynn would be a Career backup here. Not anywhere else.

    So how do you come to the conclusion that I think that Flynn will always be a career back up and that I want him to fail to prove I’m right?

    The fact of the matter is they are not equal,( ask the FO if you don’t believe me) so yes I take offense to that. Whats wrong with that?

  94. chuck_easton says:

    Nothing is wrong with you taking offense Georgia! I’d be concerned if you didn’t. Just expect the backlash and hold firm. It’s your turn in the crosshairs. We’ve all been there on one issue or another. It’s a right of passage. It means you are now officially a regular! :)

  95. GTEylander says:

    Seems to be a pointless debate. Too often. Guess I’ll just stick to comments on sites where insights are lobbed back and forth instead of personality clashes. Still interested in Eric’s insights, but no more scrolling past his words.

  96. chuck_easton says:


    Actually I’d recommend sticking around. The personal attacks are few and far between. We’ve all learned a lot on here. We have the expert insider information from Eric and Dave and the TNT crew. But we also have some of the best and most informed fans I have seen anywhere.

    Duke is an Xs and Os guy that can’t be matched. I’m a rules guy. We have several people on here ( Stevos, slave and others that have been religious at going to every open camp session and have provided us with info that we couldn’t have gotten anywhere.

    I’ve tried reading other sites such as the times but I find the comments uninformed, negative, and impossible to even respond to. Here even when we have the occasional heated debate it is still educated and informed.

  97. Dukeshire says:

    Georgia – I’ve said basically the same thing to you about your Wilson support, before. I’m sure you know that to be true. And if Flynn were starting and the situation were reversed, my position would be exactly the same. All I’m saying is that you are letting your passion cloud how you are reading and interpreting others’ posted regarding Wilson.

    As for Bobby, you may not be reading closely enough because I have called him out. Not just for Jackson either. I was one of the first to ask him to tone down the Hutch rhetoric.

  98. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Dukeshire- I hear you.

    Well we got 100 posts out of this thread so it can’t all be bad. Lol.

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