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Hawks projected 53-man roster for 2012

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 31, 2012 at 7:16 am with 123 Comments »
August 31, 2012 12:00 pm

Here’s my attempt to predict the Seattle Seahawks roster as the team cuts down to 53 players today. The deadline for roster cuts is 6 p.m. Pacific time.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

Quarterbacks (2):
Russell Wilson, Matt Flynn.
Comment: I went with two quarterbacks so I can pick up a roster spot at other positions.

Running backs (5): Tailbacks – Marshawn Lynch, Robert Turbin, Leon Washington, Kregg Lumpkin. Fullback – Michael Robinson.
Comment: Seattle only kept four here last year, but I like Lumpkin because he can play both fullback and tailback, and he also can play special teams.

Wide receivers (6): Sidney Rice, Golden Tate, Doug Baldwin, Braylon Edwards, Ben Obomanu, Charly Martin.
Comment: There’s certainly a possibility that Deon Butler sneaks on the roster here. But I went with Martin because I thought he was a little more consistent and a better special teams player. I think Kris Durham also will be a consideration, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he winds up on the roster.

Tight ends (3):
Zach Miller, Kellen Winslow, Anthony McCoy.
Comment: Sean McGrath could be a guy who sticks on the roster as fourth tight end, but for right not I’m going with three.

Offensive line (9): Russell Okung, Paul McQuistan, Max Unger, J.R. Sweezy, Breno Giacomini, John Moffitt, Frank Omiyale, Lemuel Jeanpierre, Rishaw Johnson.
Comment: OT Paul Fanaika could be a 10th guy you leave on here.

Total offense: 25

Defensive line (9):
Chris Clemons, Brandon Mebane, Alan Branch, Red Bryant, Jason Jones, Bruce Irvin, Clinton McDonald, Jaye Howard, Greg Scruggs.
Comment: Cordarro Law is another guy who could wind up here.

Linebackers (6): K.J. Wright, Leroy Hill, Bobby Wagner, Heath Farwell, Mike Morgan, Malcolm Smith.
Comment: I think this is an area where Seattle might troll the waiver wire to add more experience.

Defensive backs (10): Brandon Browner, Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, Marcus Trufant, Phillip Adams, Byron Maxwell, Jeron Johnson, Chris Maragos and Winston Guy.

Comment: Hard to leave off Jeremy Lane, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he somehow lands on the active roster.

Total defense: 25

Specialty (3): Jon Ryan, Steven Hauschka, Clint Gresham
Comment: This stays the same as last year, although Hauschka missed both field goal attempts outside of 50 yards during the preseason.

Practice squad: CB Jeremy Lane, WR Kris Durham, WR Jermaine Kearse, DE Cordarro Law, LB Kyle Knox, TE Sean McGrath, QB Josh Portis, RB Vai Taua.

PUP list: CB Walter Thurmond, OL James Carpenter.

Suspended list: OL Allen Barbre.

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  1. iHateHarbaugh says:

    wow good job Eric. I was hoping they go w/ 2 QBs like you assumed here, just because that’s 1 less good player we have to let go. Charly Martin has to stay & Durham has to go IMO. I would’ve definitely cut Lockette too, & I hope McGrath sticks but I can’t find a guy on your list I want to cut. This is awesome! The depth they’ve created in a couple years is REMARKABLE, how Schneider isn’t exec of the year is beyond me. Look @ this draft 1)Irvin, Wagner, Wilson, Turbin, Howard, Guy, Lane, Sweezy & Scruggs. Some “experts” were giving them an F or @ best a D!! Im so glad Pete & John are carving out their own lane that others will be soon to follow. The first ones to do it are always considered crazy. #12thMan

  2. sluggo42 says:

    WR position is difficult to pick at best. Lockett had a couple good catches last night, plus I think he is tough. Martin, Butler… hmmm

    Glad they let Irvin get some plays last night, that guy is going to add chaos to our rush, and getting a taste of QB blood last night will charge that vampire up!

  3. gonefishin69690 says:

    I would hate to be PC today. When was the last time any Seattle team had to cut so much talent?

  4. iHateHarbaugh says:

    Eric, what do you think about Leon possibly getting cut?

  5. Palerydr says:

    I think they go with 4 TE as Winslow can split out wide in a pinch. That means keep McGrath and Martin to the practice squad.

    To be PS eligible you have to have less than 3 years in the league and not be active for 6 games in a season so I believe that makes Portis eligible.

    I also got the answer to a ? I had awhile back if a player is placed on IR they can be activated before the season ends. This applies to just 1 player for the entire season however. So if you have say 13 guys placed on IR you can bring back 1 and only 1 of those 13 before the season ends. This is new for the CBA this year.

  6. bbnate420 says:

    PC/JS have until Monday. Still, I don’t envy them. I think Portis makes it as the 3rd QB, and Korey Toomer makes it!

  7. Palerydr says:

    I wonder how many players won’t clear waivers to make the practice squad as teams poach them from us.

  8. iHateHarbaugh says:

    I’m actually glad Russell missed Kellen on that throw, now he has a mistake he can obsess over. Can’t wait to see how we look after a week to gameplan & actually open up our offensive & defensive playbooks. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH IM SOOO PUMPED!!!!!

  9. beavercleaver says:

    IMHO Obomanu couldn’t get seperation from the 2 and 3 defense and looked slow on the reverse. I think he’s a surprise cut and they keep Butler or Lockette over him. They keep Martin he looked good on special teams too. They’ll be able to keep an extra WR if they have to PUP Tent err…Tate.

  10. yankinta says:

    Completely agree. Josh Portis future is not here in Seattle. He’s really far away, in terms of his skills level to become a starting QB one day….

  11. Palerydr says:

    Or they could just trade Tate and keep Martin or Butler. Also I wonder why in the last CBA they didn’t lobby for 2 more active roster spots 1 for offense and defense?

  12. yankinta says:

    I’d take Dion Butler over Ben Obomanu, any day….

  13. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Good point-iHateHarbaugh.

  14. fatbellieddragon says:

    I’ll support whatever they decide. The Seahawks have given up 44 points this pre season, first in the NFL. They have scored 122 points, also first in the NFL. A 78 point differential.
    That is truly scary when you host teams with Super Bowl aspirations.

  15. GTEylander says:

    That must’ve been a really difficult cut down for you Eric. It seems to have taken you all night. I was expecting it after the game last night though like yesterday’s post indicated. Technically I guess this is after the game. By my count you will be wrong on at least 8 of your expected cuts. You need to step it up!

  16. Palerydr says:

    So you gonna enlighten us to your predictions GT or take the low road and tell us after the fact?

  17. tchristensen says:

    IMO, the Hawks have enough special teams players now that I would not be surprised if Obomanu is released
    Has he made any plays this preseason?

  18. Dukeshire says:

    Eric – I can’t disagree with much of anything here. Nice job.

  19. DreadHawks says:

    I was pretty disappointed in Portis last night. I seem to remember him being better last year. Tough call on WRs and RBs. I like Taua a wee bit more than Lumpkin. He seems to be a harder runner. I’m hoping Martin makes the squad, if he wasn’t catching the pass was blocking for who ever did. Trust in JS/PC! I’m sure there will be a couple of more cuts as other teams make theirs.

  20. Ewalters7354 says:

    God that WR position looks terrible in terms of depth.Yikes!

  21. madpunter88 says:

    Tate’s injury last night certainly helps Leon Washington as there is more value in his ability to return punts with Tate out. Like someone said above, Obomanu’s looked so slow on that reverse last night – which was magnified by the Raiders running something similar to a reverse on the next drive in which the RB beat the defense entirely with his speed. I think he is more vulnerable (not because of that alone, of course, but because of other options at WR). Those were two I thought would be very vulnerable but hard to argue with the choices above.

    The Seahawks are deep.

    P.S. when was the last time the Seahawks ran a reverse / end-around or any sort of WR running play that actually worked?

  22. GTEylander says:

    Obomanu, Omiyale, Harwell, Maragos & Trufant will not make it. Toomer, Butler, Portis & McGrath will. Martin is borderline with possibly Durham in his place. Low road is preferable but cowardice is not.

  23. HawkyHann says:

    Obomanu should get cut. Keep Butler.

  24. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I think WR is another area where Seattle might troll the waiver wire to add more talent.

  25. RDPoulsbo says:

    Still don’t know why anyone likes Portis. This is the guy who lost a QB competition to Tebow and transferred because of it. Still, he’s just a 3rd stringer. As long as he can run the scout offense then I don’t care. No one’s going to pick him off waivers so just go with 2 QBs.

    I disagree about cutting Obo. He’s a gunner who can pin the ball inside the 5. I wouldn’t expect him to play much on offense, but think about how great that ST value is with our D and the other team backed up against the Hawk Nest.

    No one cabin deny that Charley Martin has played well. Butler could be worth a conditional 7th this weekend. I think Seattle could get 2 or 3 of those from other teams not wanting to play the waiver wire.

  26. ruminator1 says:

    I would let Washington, Trufant, and Obo go. Keep McGrath, Butler, and either Taua (my preference partly because he will be taken otherwise) or Lane (I think he can make it to practice squad) .
    I like Leon but his skills are duplicated, Trufant has lost his edge and is frequently lost.
    Would like Law and Bates on practice squad.

  27. Excellent job here Eric. Except for one point.

    Lumpkin vs. Taua –

    If you take into consideration ALL preseason games Taua’s versatility far outweighs Lumpkin. Lumpkin had 5 snaps at fullback vs. Taua +30. Taua has shown an excellent grasp of this running scheme and has been consistantly showing his ability to block… This is a system that will produce for anyone who can run it properly as Vai showed us stepping in to run in this final preseason game.

    How much will Lumpkin actually run behind Lynch, Washington and Turbin? Vai Taua has much more to offer slotting in as Michael Robinsons immediate back up.

  28. montanamike2 says:

    I have to agree with HawksKD that we have to find a spot for Taua.

  29. iHateHarbaugh: I don’t believe Leon will get cut. He’s a valuable person on special teams, a good change-of-pace back and also is good in the locker room.

    HawksKD: I took Lumpkin over Taua because I do not know the status of Taua’s injury (PCL strain), and I think Lumpkin is a better special teams player.

  30. What a great roster, and based on a lot more inside knowledge than the rest of us have. Thanks, Eric.

    What I would change… just based on guys I’ve watched and am rooting for:

    2 QBs
    I like it. Keeping only 2 QBs allows an extra S on the roster, and Carroll’s D schemes make good use of extra safeties.

    5 CBs + 5 S
    I like it, though its more than the kept last year. Keeping only 2 QBs allows an extra S. Good move. But I think Lane has taken Maxwell’s job. And Trufant could be a surprise cut if they want both Maxwell and Lane.

    Looks right, but I think 4 TEs is a possibility, in which case the best pass-catching TE is needed as a backup to Winslow. Personally, I’ve seen Helfet make more plays in practice than McGrath.

    I don’t buy the idea that Korey Toomer will be cut and not even make the Practice Squad. He’s too athletically gifted to not keep and develop.

    I think Butler makes the team, and I think either Obomanu or Martin makes the team. Rooting for Martin.

  31. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I can’t believe Rob Rang works with these clowns. They can’t even get Lynch’s age right.

  32. GeorgiaHawk says:

    That block on Berry, (against KC)all but sealed his spot on the 53 man roster,imo.

  33. I really like the idea of two QBs. I’d take some unemployed 10-15 year free agent veteran on one week of on the job training in a real game than Portis (if something happened to both Wilson and Flynn). I went to bed (it was starting to close in on midnight here) as Portis took over and from all indications – it was pretty ugly?

    There’s a good football player (whoever it is, as we all like our depth) who will get cut if we keep Portis (and I don’t know of anyone who thinks he’s good).

  34. SandpointHawk says:

    Georgia, that was written over a month ago. A lot has changed…though not Lynch’s age…

  35. What I would find interesting – who is the ST coach pulling for? Which guy is he fighting for in the coaches meetings

    How hard is he pulling for Obo, or Martin, Farwell etc.

  36. SandpointHawk says:

    Well Portis did look good in that one game last year but we were comparing him to two totally different (talent wise) QB’s than we have now. He looked like crap last night. I know he hasn’t had many reps this summer but he still looked like crap.

  37. Willywonka says:

    If the best judge of a teams talent is what happens to the guys they cut, we will soon know what we can expect. As a life long suffering Seattle fan, I haven’t been this optimistic in years.

  38. So on they are debating who is in line to draft Barkley at #1 next year – more than 1 guy is listing Arizona and one has STL.

    Thought it was interesting!!

  39. GeorgiaHawk says:

    SandpointHawk- More the reason why they are clowns,imo. writing a preview before the pre season is over.

  40. Soggybuc says:

    Seneca also released in Cleveland.

  41. Isiah Stanback released by the Giants. But no injury designation noted, so it looks like he made it through a preseason without landing on the IR.

  42. PugetHawk says:

    Obomanu and Butler should get cut. They are not any better then Lockette, Durham, or Wilson and they have had years to get better and prove themselves. Time to draft a receiver with the 32nd pick overall in April. Provided the World doesn’t come to an end in December.

  43. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Chris Polk has made it with the Eagles. At least for now anyways.

  44. Re: Josh Portis –

    First off, very very poor showing by Portis. His play seemed eerily similar to Seneca Wallace.

    But let me throw a knife into your hatred cake and defend the guy for a second. Josh Portis is solely a developmental guy. He has a spectacular arm and i will re-iterate throws the “prettiest ball” of the bunch. He struggles with consistant placement and as with any developmental guy needs to learn how to make the proper decisions under fire.

    This training camp Josh Portis was the kid in school that didn’t get to go to recess. If Josh Portis threw more than 10 passes in one single practice it was because he pulled a reciever to the side for a favor. This was the nature of the beast (3 headed QB competition). The guy hasn’t seen any live action for over a year. His chances to develop learn and slow the game down were greatly reduced from some to minimal to sometimes none. Fast forward to a 4 days before this game and 3 practices, make that two with an included walk through. There is no better definition of being thrown into the fire. The results are what you would expect from a second year QB3. Without any practice. Put him against a bunch of young hungry lions fighting for scraps of a sparse meal. You get a gunshy, under developed, young man running for his life….literally.

    Perhaps Josh played his way off this roster. Perhaps this was another calculated move to lower Portis’ “value” (to anyone tracking him last year) and stash him to the PS. It DOES free up a roster spot.

    I think Portis is a potential long term back up in this league. He can throw well on the move and has a strong arm..similar to Wilson. If he can be a long term back up, all you people who want Flynn traded now have a usable commodity in Portis…

  45. Eric just read your reaponse to Lumpkin vs. Taua –

    Thanks for the response! I had no idea to the injury. Awesome job you do BTW.

  46. Charlie Martin making the 53? LOL. We’ll see about that one. He made a few tough catches, but I’m just not seeing him right now as anything other than practice squad material.

    Chris Maragos is another guy I don’t expect to see on the 53. He offers nothing out of the ordinary. Not exceptionally tall or incredibly fast. He’s a good teamer, I guess.

    Maxwell has me thinking he might get cut too. I am not seeing a lot of progression in him as a DB. He still looks a bit like a rookie when it comes to playing an actual position. I do see him showing up quite a bit on special teams though. He at least has size, speed and what would appear to be a higher ceiling than guys like Adams or Maragos.

  47. Can’t see keeping Leon Washington at age 30. I think Obo’s time is over also. Portis looked horrible, I guess with two good QB’s on his team this year he looks really bad, whereas last year with TJack and Whitehurst we were so excited to see Portis in the 4th quarter.

  48. Unfortunately Portis looked no better last night than last year. He should be released.

    I would add Tate and Butler. Tate is perpetually landing out of bounds because he simply can not get enough separation. Butler short armed that pass last night because he’s afraid of taking a hit. There is no place for either on this team.

    Has the Offense scored 1 TD with Tate as the primary SE on a drive? I don’t think so. Flynn lost the Tate handcuff last night and he was able to produce a bit of something.

    As long as Carroll keeps insisting on stuffing the Tate draft choice down the QB’s throats, the offense will sputter. Carroll plays favorites with high draft choices and big contracts.

  49. Chris Maragos is “not fast”? You need to watch him run sometime. He’s lightning. We don’t have a real backup to ET without him. And I think he could become a real leader on special teams leader this year. Still, competition with Johnson and Guy is a tough spot for him.

    Chris Maragos Pro Day:

  50. This is the fourth preseason game, and someone is talking about a veteran receiver short-arming a pass over the middle out of fear of incoming contact? As a fan, I’d be fairly critical of Deon to see him pull something like that in a regular game, with a real W on the line, but in the 4th game of preseason? I honestly could care less, in fact, I’d rather him protect himself from getting hurt instead of laying it all out there for a meaningless pass. That is something for the Charlie Martin’s and the Ricardo Lockette’s of the NFL world.

    Now as for Tate, I am quickly losing patience with. Cutting him now seems a bit of a knee-jerk reaction, but I could see it happening. I’d like to see what he could do this season, provided he has a season and isn’t injured.

    If Carroll plays favorites with “high draft choices and big contracts”, then why is he going with a 3rd round draft choice at QB, over a veteran that was given a big contract in the offseason?

  51. gonefishin69690 says:

    Hawkskd, I like your ink on Portis. It’s is hard to get a good eval on this guy, with no reps, and the defense blitzing nearly every play last night. Gotta give a little credit to the Raiders Defense last night.

  52. Apparently, Wilson had to far exceed Flynn to win the job which isn’t really a true QB competition. Flynn also had 2 shots to impress and Wilson had 1. Jackson had 0. The competition was tilted to begin with and it speaks highly of Wilson he still stepped up. I think that’s one of the reasons this board loves him so much.

    Butler is on the bubble. Any player on the bubble has to lay it on the line in their last chance. It’s not like I was talking about Rice or Baldwin.

    And how else to explain Tate?

  53. Stevos,

    Maragos was clocked at 4.49 and 4.5 in the 40, from what I’ve read. That is about average to just slightly above in terms of speed when you’re talking NFL DB’s. He’s good on ST, but there are a lot of backup safeties in this league who are excellent ST performers.

    Jeron Johnson could back up Earl if he went down. My guess is that’s who Pete would turn to in such an evcent, even if Maragos was on the same roster.

    Maragos had a pretty solid preseason. That was good to see. Maybe he’s got more of a lock on a roster spot than I realize, but I’m just not feeling it. We’re going to carry 5 safeties just to accommodate Maragos?

  54. Soggybuc says:

    That Middle backer was coming free on almost every play last night when Portis was in. all was in for was to run out the clock, you can’t blame him for blockers who are going to be on today’s cut list.

  55. pab,

    You’re looking at this all wrong with Butler. He’s been in this league long enough to get away with something like that. I’ve seen Butler many times, fearlessly give up his body to make catches. He’s taken some big hits at times too. Were he a rookie, or even a second year player, I could see where you’re coming from.

    He is on the bubble to be sure, but he’ll be playing somewhere this year. I like the dimension of speed he offers, especially now that we have a QB that can get the ball down field.

  56. Sekolah – Johnson ran a 4.53 at the combine, Maragos ran a 4.47 at his pro day, ET has run a 4.37. Its probably a stretch for us to talk about anyone really “replacing” ET, but either of these guys is a decent backup. Both were making some good special teams plays in preseason, and I think Maragos is an excellent candidate for replacing Obomanu as gunner.

    If they only keep 4 safeties then one of these two guys probably gets cut. Johnson and Maragos were both on the roster last year, and yet the team went out and drafted a big hard-hitting safety in Winston Guy to back-up Kam, so that makes me think Guy is probably not going to get cut. But we’ll soon find out…

  57. HeinieHunter says:

    I was surprised that they didn’t feature the WR’s more last night. I guess they know who they want to keep and who hey want to cut? Any thoughts?

  58. What’s BobbyK’s tagline on Butler, something like “Slowest Fast Guy”?

  59. From what I understand, by the 4th preseason game they already have the WRs slotted down to the last slot, and the decision on who wins that last job probably has more to do with special teams play than anything else. Same with Safeties and LBs. Guys I saw really working on special teams included Chris Margos, Jeron Johnson, and Malcom Smith. And, did anyone notice Obomanu stand out on special teams in the preseason? I didn’t and I think he may be gone.

  60. Yes, pabs, Butler was one of the slowest fast players I had ever seen. However, he’s done a great job of getting much quicker in and out of his cuts. If I weighed 500 pounds, you’d probably be right in saying I was one of the fattest people you’d ever seen. But if I lose 300 pounds, you wouldn’t say that about me anymore. Butler has clearly gotten quicker in/out of his breaks and isn’t the same player he was. I don’t know if he’s going to make the team or not, but he’s clearly improved.

    HawksKD – I respect your sticking up for Portis, but I want the name of a player you’d cut for him (that should make the roster, but won’t if they keep Portis). It’s easy to say why one player should be kept, but if you’re going to go there, I’d like to know who it’s at the expense of if it’s going to be a well rounded argument. I could give you 55-60 guys that should legitimately make the team.

  61. pabs – Is Eldorado still going to have 12 TDs for the Hawks this year?

  62. former seahawks cut early:

    John Kasay cut by NO
    Steve Vallos cut by PHI
    Jay Richardson cut by NYJ
    Seneca Wallance cut by CLE
    Deion Branch cut by NE
    EJ Wilson cut by TB

  63. I see Owens on a team with Flynn as the QB, DeCastro as the Pro Bowl Guard and Oher as the Pro Bowl LT.

    Oh wait, all three of those players looked like crap at their positions before getting moved or hurt. Possibly 3 of the most hyped players on this board.

  64. Bobby – I’m speaking for Portis to the practice squad and only keeping 2 QBs on the roster.

  65. Soggybuc says: has Kris Durham listed as Hawks first cut

  66. Singularitarian says:

    Seriously I feel like everybody bashing Portis does not think. He literally has had no time in practice and no time to develope ANY chemistry or even keep his skill level up to snuff. He really didn’t look THAT bad, he threw a couple of nice throws, but he didn’t handle the massive pressure they were throwing his was all that well, which is understandable. I felt like he looked to tuck the ball and run too quick but he hasn’t had any time to shake the rust off. That bodes well for him making the practice squad and I would be all for that, as he did not look like a qb who could come in and play if needed, and will more than likely make the practice squad un swooped. That being said I feel like he, when given a little time, would make a great back up in this league, he is definitely a gamer

  67. Singularitarian says:

    I will take Portis right now starting over clipboard jesus, Probably would rather see him with the week 1 start over Jackson to be honest, not cause he’d play better week 1 but because I think he’d be alright once the rust was shaken off

  68. seahawk44 says:

    I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this yet, but T-Jack’s stats for Buffalo game yesterday were 0 for 1 with 1 INT. one pass, one pick.

  69. Who really cares how Portis looked? Kid is irrelevant, in every possible way. It speaks to the passion of the Hawk Fan that he’s even discussed here, I guess. Go Hawks! Cannot wait to see becomes of thu squad!

  70. seahawk44 says:

    too bad about Durham ….but the writing was on the wall after injuries derailed his progress. maybe he makes it back on the practice squad. as a 4th round pick, it would seem that he would be given at least one more season to improve, and he did show flashes as a rookie.

  71. Stevos,

    Maragos has some speed. True enough. 40 times aside, have you seen much of a difference between he and Johnson in terms of speed on the actual playing field? I can’t say I have, but I would think you’re probably right about Maragos’ potential to be our gunner on teams.

    I wonder about his toughness though. He put a good lick on one of the K.C. receivers last weekend. The pass ended up being incomplete as a result. That impressed me. But he also sat out of last night’s game because of a tender shoulder. Is he tough enough to play for Carroll?

  72. just about everyone left on the bubble right now is a playmaker who has been competing hard, that’s what I know. this is light-years ahead of where we were in terms of competition under Mora and Ruskell, or the last years of Holmgren. Tough to see any of these hard working young ballers get cut. But these last guys we’re talking about won’t be dressing for the opening game anyway.

  73. chuck_easton says:

    As it appears the news of the cut of Durham is likely official, that’s one down and 21 to go.

    I wouldn’t at all be suprised to find Durham on the PS come tomorrow evening.

  74. Kris Durham is a perfect example of “Too little, too late”

    I like Erics roster. It shows that the heart of our special teams lies in our depth at DB. A bunch of young fast hungry players who can tackle.

    Speaking of the opposite, I absolutely loved seeing Turbin gunning down punt coverage attempting to make a really smart play.

  75. Dukeshire says:

    Well pabuwal, you get credit for hyping Owens.

    And by the way,I came up with that line about Butler. A little credit please… Lol

  76. Dukeshire says:

    I get a kick out of those who call for Washington to get released. He’s still one of the best returners in the league. And on a team that featured a guy who still can’t manage to run up and into the coverage, but rather opts for the rookie move of sideline to sideline, his value is made that much more.

    (BTW, that’s Tate I’m referring to. Just cut an be done with him.)

  77. ChrisHolmes says:

    “Who really cares how Portis looked? Kid is irrelevant, in every possible way.”

    I agree.

    What this team has needed dearly, for a long time now, is a franchise QB. And we have one. Finally, at long last, it looks like we have a legit franchise QB.

    If Portis had franchise potential he’d have done exactly what Wilson did already – take the job by force.

    Portis doesn’t look like anything special to me. He’s just another 3rd stringer who is never going to amount to anything in this league. He’ll be on the practice squad, and next season Seattle will spend a late round pick on another project and Portis will be gone like so many others. That’s the NFL.

  78. chuck_easton says:

    Seattle times now saying Butler is also out at WR

  79. pabs – you send Eric a check for $500 and I’ll do the same. I’ll bet you DeCastro makes a Pro Bowl. Put your money where your mouth is.

  80. From making 10 Pro Bowls to making 1 Pro Bowl huh?

  81. Butler cut. Charly Martin still in.

  82. Dukeshire says:

    How many times is pab going to get called out before he takes one of these bets?

    Butler actually played pretty well this preseason, overall, but then, that was when Flynn was under center. Ultimately that’s good news or Tate.

  83. When I declined the “Oher at LT makes multiple Pro Bowls over several years” bet that BobbyK offered offered a few years back, I told him I only make bets that can be settled within the next football season.

    I’d do a DeCastro making the Pro Bowl (as a starter) bet if we chose a particular year, but that clearly won’t be this year.

  84. Dukeshire says:

    Fair enough. But you’ve passed multiple this off season that could have been settled this season. No matter…

  85. That’s true. Some would have been winners, some would have been losers.

  86. Ewalters7354 says:

    Butler and Durham being out come as no surprise to me.Durham absolutely sucks and Butler flashed here and there.Oh how I would love to see Golden Tate traded!I’m so tired of people saying it takes at least 3 years to come into their own which I believe is absolute bull.I seen on Twitter last nite not long before the game this guy was watching college football and rooting for Vandy.That just confirmed to me that his head is not into the game.I just am fed up.

  87. Nfllatestnews says:

    I think that the hawks have a good chance to win the west and even the NFC and I wrote why that is and why its a good bet on my site so come check it out and enjoy!!

  88. Soggybuc says:

    What?, rooting for Vandy to knock off Spurrier and the “Gamecocks” makes me like him even more!
    The 3 year thing is something you hear from coaches, not every guy can be an AJ Green plenty of cases for guys needing a year or 3 to really get going. it’s as silly as calling Irvin a bust afetr 4 pre season games.

  89. It’s great having a roster so full of players that seem humble, hard working, constantly improving & producing, etc. That’s why Tate stands out. He’s not doing those things. Whether it’s because he was a 2nd round pick and gets a free pass this season or that he shows just enough promise to hang on to a roster spot I cannot say but his days here are numbered without showing dramatic improvement this season. WR has moved to the front of the line in the need department for Seattle. Don’t get comfortable Golden.

  90. Ewalters7354 says:

    Soggy,I agree about Irvin.But Tate to me seems to not have any desire to get better.He is a playmaker I give him that.But during games I never see that come to life on a consistent basis.Maybe better QB play will do him some good.We’ll see…

  91. raymaines says:

    I’m totally good with GT. Totally done with Obo.

    Go Hawks

  92. Soggybuc says:

    True that Ewalt, you almost have to discount last year because of the quarterback.

  93. Times says Korey Toomer to be cut.

    Hope he lands on the practice squad.

  94. As Arnold says….. ‘its not a toomer’

  95. Soggybuc says:

    35 minutes to the deadline, hope a full list is coming soon.

  96. Ewalters7354 says:

    Hey Eric,I think you should start a blog called The Tate Debate lol..I’m just in a good mood.Hurricane Isaac finally passed and after 3 long days with no power I get to go back home!I’ll drink to that :)

  97. Soggybuc says:

    Good to hear Ewalt, hope your home fared well. the only people who scoff at Hurricanes are people who never went through one

  98. Ewalters7354 says:

    Soggy,thanks bro.Also,you are absolutely right on that comment.People who live in areas they don’t have to deal with these things should be grateful.Those hurricanes are no joke.To make matters worse the storm hit on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.My home fared well this time but there are a BUNCH of folks who lost their homes.Now we are watching 3 more systems that are headed to the Gulf of Mexico.I can only pray we get spared.

  99. jawpeace says:

    We got blasted by the critics for taking Durham when we did. Hey they finally got one right. I guess if you criticize almost every pick sooner or later you might actually be right about one.

    Also Portis showed us last night why he was not even in the three man battle. Us fans got to see him look good in one game last year. PC and SN saw him every week and they knew what we now know. Plus it seems Hawk fans have a strange love infatuation with Sea Hawks third stringers. ALa Mike Teel.

  100. raymaines says:

    Did you guys see Bruce Irvin on Special teams? That guy is fast!! Really fast. And he’s 6’3″ tall and weighs 250 pounds with long arms. Damn!

  101. raymaines says:

    I’m thinking that J-Portis gets cut, and sometime AFTER week one the ‘Hawks sign a ten year veteran to be the third QB.

  102. Mike Teel? No way, I was totally in the David Greene camp!

  103. Dukeshire says:

    Ewalter – Glad to hear you’re in good shape again. What an awful situation.

  104. raymaines says:

    Cleveland cut S-Wallace. Do you want him back?

  105. Soggybuc says:

    Ewalt remember it’s all about your roof. I lived in the St. Lucie area of Fla. that got hit with 3 in a one year span and the homes that fared well were the ones with newer roofs.
    Anyone who think it’s just some wind has no clue. I watched a 45 foot Palm tree blown so hard it’s top touched the ground multiple times. neat thing was it never blew over.

  106. We could still see a trade or two.

  107. “The deadline for roster cuts is 6 p.m. Pacific time.”

    OK, where are the final cuts? (& I don’t mean the Pink Floyd album!)

  108. Soggybuc says:

    No kidding, been waiting all day for the full list, doesn’t pete realize he’s pissing me off!

  109. beavercleaver says:

    Lockette out, Maragos in according to the Times.

  110. Soggybuc says:

    Not onlt that but he’s made E spend the whole day pretending to be “working”.

  111. raymaines says:

    Seahawks Cuts: Wide receiver Deon Butler reportedly on his way out
    By John Breech |

    The Seahawks have reportedly cut ties with WR Deon Butler, their 2009 third-round draft pick. more…

    Tags: Deon Butler, Korey Toomer, Kris Durham, Paul Fanaika, Cuts, NFL cuts, Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Seahawks, NFL

  112. chuck_easton says:

    Lockette tweeted he’s cut. Maragos tweeted he’s on the team.

  113. DreadHawks says:

    I’m gonna go out on a limb and say Butler ends up in the NFC West,perhaps a 9er

  114. Ewalters7354 says:

    Duke,thanks bro.Soggy,yea man its crazy.There is a highway down here in New Orleans with every single power line and light pole blown down.What a sight.But that’s just a chance we take year in and out living on the hold coast.

  115. Soggybuc says:

    They are going to carry 5 safeties this year, Winston will make it because he’s an Angry Hornet.

  116. Ewalters7354 says:

    Typo I meant golf coast*

  117. The cuts:
    DB Philip Adams, DE Pierre Allen, LB Allen Bradford, WR Deon Butler, WR Kris Durham, OL Paul Fanaika, TE Cooper Helfet, OL Rishaw Johnson, WR Jermaine Kearse, LB Kyle Knox, DE Cordarro Law, WR Ricardo Lockett, TE Sean McGrath, OL Kris O’Dowd, QB Josh Portis, DB DeShawn Shead, LB Korey Toomer, RB Vai Taua, WR Lavasier Tuinei.

  118. GTEylander was wrong on every pick. He needs to step it up

  119. pabs – give me a 7 year window. You claim he sucks. If you think he sucks, that means you think he’ll NEVER be any good. Lets do it. Unless you’re chicken, which I know in this case, you must be. That’s okay, b/c you like to spout off w/o knowing any better. lol

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