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Tuesday practice report

Post by Dave Boling / The News Tribune on Aug. 28, 2012 at 3:47 pm with 86 Comments »
August 28, 2012 3:48 pm


Quarterback Matt Flynn returned to practice Tuesday after resting his tender right elbow on Monday. Flynn appeared to be a full strength and threw the ball in all sessions, with a highlight being a touchdown pass to Ricardo Lockette with a nice pass in twos vs. twos team.


As expected, Russell Wilson got all reps with the first unit and had another strong practice, showing another pass in his repertoire, rolling to his left and arcing a pass just over the fingertips of cornerback Richard Sherman into the hands of Sidney Rice on a 20-yard sideline route.


Wilson seems to be developing a nice rapport with receiver Charly Martin, hooking up several times, duplicating the connection that resulted in a touchdown against the Chiefs in Kansas City. The highlight of Martin’s practice was in one-on-ones when got enough separation on safety Earl Thomas with a double move to pull in a touchdown pass.


Had a good interview with Bruce Irvin after practice (will lead the TNT notebook). He’s a little frustrated at his lack of sacks, but feels he’s learning and was battling a little case of the nerves in the first two games. The third game, Irvin got a couple hurries and was close to a sack or two. D-Line coach Todd Wash points out that Irvin is actually doing much better as a 6-technique run-stopper than they had expected.


Marshawn Lynch (back) did not practice again, but at least he was on the field. Monday, he was said to be rehabbing inside headquarters. There appeared to be no other new injury developments.


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  1. Raise your hand if this is the most excited and anticipated Seahawk season you’ve ever had. Hell even more so than 2005.


  2. Boy, I like the vision of RW throwing deep passes to a healthy Rice–all year long!

  3. Dukeshire says:

    Dave – Is Wagner working at Mike in Nickle, with the 1s, at all? He played there a fair amount on Friday, at least with the second unit.

  4. Beachhawk says:

    2005 was pretty special. With that said. Both hands up!

  5. Southendzone says:

    Can the Hawks upgrade their medical staff this offseason? Why does every RB we sign to a 2nd contract come down with a health issue before they even play a game in the next season!

    I don’t think Marshawn’s psyche is anything like Shauna’s but still it’s disappointing to see him laid up when he should be a huge force in our offense

  6. wabubba67 says:

    My guess is that Lynch will be OK…it’s the precautionseason. I mean preseason.

  7. bbnate420 says:

    South, Tomlinson never played a down in the preseason during his best years in SD. Wait until Lynch misses real games to hit the panic button.

    I think there was much more excitement going into 2006 than 2005. 2005 was mostly unexpected to me. The 2004 season ended with a disappointing wildcard round playoff loss at home to the Rams. They didn’t make any big free agent moves in the off-season. A good draft and the team growing up led to a great season. In 2006, we were coming off the SB and, even though we had lost Hutch, they had acquired Peterson, Branch and, Burleson.

  8. “In 2006, we were coming off the SB and, even though we had lost Hutch, they had acquired Peterson, Branch and, Burleson.”

    Yep, I remember being pretty excited that off-season, and being happy that my team was such a player in free agency. Who knew then it was the beginning of the end for that era?

  9. Hands down, I’ve never been more excited. Not for our defense, not for our running game and definitely not for a QB that we drafted (not even Mirer who won Rookie of the year…I wanted the local guy…some dude named Bledsoe).

    In Vegas, the odds were over/under 7 games one and something like 50 to 1 odds that they’d win the Superbowl. I’m not thinking SB just yet, but wish I could go back in time now. I’m not sure where they’re at today, but if fantasy football mock drafts are any indicator, the rest of the world has NO IDEA about what’s going on up here in South Alaska and I love it.

    We should dominate Arizona and beat the the dysfunctional cowgirls in our home opener. I figure by the time the Pack come to town for MNF, they’ll be all over our cajones!

    11 days and counting…can’t wait!


  10. Nice to hear about the lack on injuries… we’re due to get lucky some year, right?

  11. Dukeshire says:

    We went through this with Lynch last season. Let’s breath easy, people.

  12. raymaines says:

    Why is RW so universally popular and Tim Tebow so polarizing? They are both really good guys that say and do all the right things, are strong in their faith, and are good leaders. QB skills aside, we would all love to live next door to RW and 50% of us would burn TT’s house down. How come that is?

  13. Dukeshire says:

    IMO, a big part of it is that Tebow really insists upon himself, and insists his belief upon others. Wilson strikes many as genuine. For me, a guy like Tebow is nearly impossible to root for, knowing his (what I consider) archaic, narrow, and exclusionary political beliefs.

  14. freedom_X says:

    Because there’s no cult of Russell Wilson yet. If Flynn had gotten the starting job, and someone was willing to pay for a billboard demanding Wilson as the starter, then you’d know the hype was as great for Wilson as it was for Tebow. It isn’t by a long, long shot.

    The anti-Tebow camp is largely a counter-reaction to the fanatical devotion of the pro-Tebow camp.

    Finally, Tebow clearly lacks certain skills fundamental to a productive QB (throwing motion, accuracy, ability to read a defense, unable to adapt to a different scheme.) Wilson has all of those skills plus the positive traits of Tebow (mobility, leadership, character, toughness.)

    The only question about Wilson is (again) the height, but he looks like he has all the skills of a productive NFL QB, unlike Tebow.

  15. chuck_easton says:


    Maybe because Tebow is a terrible QB who appears to push his religious beliefs to the point of being obnoxious?

    Hey, the guy wants to be spiritual that’s great, but I don’t need to hear about his lord and savior in every interview. I also don’t need to see the tebowing every time he does his job. I can’t tolerate an athlete that uses the it was the will of my savior that I did good line. Does that mean every time he throws a pick it is because his savior is mad at him?

    Wilson may be a spiritual person, but he always talks about being a professional and wanting to get better. He doesn’t turn every interview into a gospel revival like Tebow does.

  16. Dukeshire…If I hadn’t known you were from Portland, your last comment would be proof of it. You would not root for a QB because of his politics? And then consider HIM narrow-minded?

  17. Anymore nuggets about who is going to play RG in the opener (and beyond) between Moffitt and Sweezy?

  18. Sparky12 says:

    Whow! PHXHawk You sound a bit narrow-minded yourself with your Portland comment. So people from Portland are somehow all narrow-minded nats? Give me a break! Practice what you preach!

  19. princeaden says:

    On that note, it looks to me like Carpenter is going to be in for a good fight for a starting spot at Guard when he gets healthy, considering Sweezy’s ascension.

  20. freedom_X says:

    I definitely have a perception of Tebow not earning his notoriety. Not necessarily entirely his making.

    He was drafted in the 1st round, which was a total shock. This automatically places high expectations. And unlike most controversial picks, there were very, very few people who thought Tebow was valued as a 1st rounder. (Picks like Bruce Irvin, you usually hear some rumors that other teams actually were interested in the guy as a 1st rounder.) Not so for Tebow.

    If Wilson had been drafted in the 1st round, our expectations, high as they are, would be even higher. Underpromising and overdelivering is always received better than the reverse.

    Then, Tebow really didn’t earn his job through sparkling preseason play and practices. He basically got the job because the Tebow fanatics kept demanding that he play, and Denver had nothing to lose by throwing him in there. I do believe a big element was appeasing an upset fan base, and they weren’t going anywhere with their other QB’s anyway.

    To Tebow’s credit, they started winning like crazy, though how much of that was due to Tebow and how much was due to the surging defense is debatable. The QB always gets too much credit when the team wins and too much blame when it loses. But you could say he rode the backs of the defense, yet got all the credit. More unearned praise.

    Then of course, there is the counter-reaction to people who dislike a goody-two shoes or think that type of person is a tool. I’m not so worked up about that because I haven’t seen any signs of hypocrisy. If a person really lives the way they talk, so be it.

    But of course most people who go on and on about that type of stuff are far from the perfection they like to press on people, and eventually they slip up. In so far as Tebow has not slipped up or shown that he’s a two-faced hypocrite, I am actually impressed by this.

  21. Not biting on the religious and political bait. Not even going to even bemuse the idea of comparing those two quarterbacks as they are entirely different. Tebow is basically being groomed as a halfback/fullback by the sideshow Jets. Not a relevant QB unless they bring back the Wing-T.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing the Seahawks look up the orthopaedic/training specialists in Phoenix that helped to miraculously clear up Shaquille O’Neal’s back problems when he went to play for the Phoenix Suns. He went from looking done to playing another 3 years or so. Apparently they applied some very new and ingenuitive procedures. They even revived the always injured Grant Hill’s career and helped Steve Nash play at a high level through back troubles. Back spasms sounds like it should be very correctable. It just so happens that it’s our first stop of the year in Phoenix.

  22. yakimahawk says:

    Colin Cowherd (Who BTW is from Seattle) usally poo-poo’s the Hawks and today he do not depart from his usual ways saying the Hawks would go
    7-9…I had the phone in my hand ready to call the show. From what I see, the Seahawks have more top to bottom talent than any Hawks team I have seen in years. I wonder what Cowherd sees and I dont? Maybe I am just a homer…

  23. Soggybuc says:

    Chuck, Good comments! and very correct. this coming from a life long Gator fan and huge Tebow fan. Jack Youngblood bounced me on his knee after practice, my sister was Steve Spurrier’s baby sitter when he played there. my Father worked for Dr. Cade, co inventor of Gatorade. hell I walked past the stadium every morning on my way to High School. and even I get a little tired of Tim’s constant religiosity.

  24. yakimahawk says:

    “usually” sorry

  25. You guys understand anything about southern baptists? If you do, you’ll understand Tebow-mania.

    I’m from Portland and as open minded as they come. Don’t believe in religion, politics or anything else that will “define” who you are.

    read a few articles about the attitude of the team about RW. It is exciting. Think about it, all these guys are young and now that we’ve drafted a young, killer QB for them to rally around, it will add that extra “it” factor when it comes to tough games and winning through adversity. This team will be a real, honest to (southern baptist, bible-thumping, kick yer ass if you don’t believe) God team with a real leader and they will rally around each other for the unforeseeable future. This is exciting!!!! Really exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go SEAHAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (ok, I just defined myself as a diehard Seahawk fan)

  26. Colin Cowherd picked the Lambs as his surprise playoff team. At that point, I’d heard enough and flipped to a different sports station.

  27. Dave Boling says:

    Just finished doing the notebook for the paper. Interesting interview with Bruce Irvin and d-line coach Todd Wash. Irvin has heard criticism over his lack of sacks. He said he’s responding by working hard. He said he had an issue with nerves the first two games and improved a great deal in the third. Wash agreed, saying he’s happy with his progress and believes Irvin has been thinking so much about contain responsibilities, etc., that he hasn’t just “cut loose” on the field. That seems a fair assessment.

    Concerns about Lynch: Sure. Absolutely. Back injuries are tough to deal with, especially for running backs, although he healed up quickly last season when it tightened on him, and he finished as one of the best backs in the league. Mitigating concerns, however, is the play of Robert Turbin. Turbin has show more of a burst than I think anybody expected. Important to note, too, that Carroll said that Turbin graded out at about 100 percent on his pass protection against K.C.

    Excitement over the team? Oh, yeah, I sense that. I can feel it on the sidelines at practice. And I think a big part of that is Russell Wilson. They know better than anybody that they’ve got a good defense and rushing attack. Wilson has them all thinking there’s no limit now. That 32-yard run against the Chiefs when the play looked dead … yeah, if this kid can do that now and again, he’s going to be a defensive coordinator’s nightmare. The pass he completed today to Rice, over Sherman (as noted in the post), was an amazing example of throwing on the run and delivering it with accuracy and delicate touch. Not a lot of guys can to do that.

    The Wilson vs. Tebow issue? Wilson is obviously a much better passer. He can’t run with the power of Tebow. Nobody can question Tebow’s competitiveness and leadership. But those are two areas that are Wilson’s strengths, too.

    The right guard question: I think Moffitt is destined to be the backup guard/center. I think Sweezy has won these guys over completely. I watched him closely in the K.C. game and I don’t recall a young offensive lineman being so impressive a run blocker so quickly since Hutch got to town. Sweezy is crazy athletic, and he has such a perfect demeanor, he knocks somebody down and he immediately is on the look for somebody else to hit. He will make mistakes with the inevitable x-stunts and delayed blitzes, but he is going to catch on quickly … and bruise a lot of defenders as he learns.

  28. Bobby and Princeaden, glad to see someone blogging about Seahawks players and not Tebow. Thank you. Never has so much attention been been given to such an average pro football player.

    Guard. Yes, offensive guard. What amazing stories we now have on this team. Sweezy, Moffitt, McQuistan, and at some point maybe Carpenter. Half the league would give their left nut to have the kind of O line depth we have now. This was the weakest position on the Seahawks when Schneider and Carroll got here, and now its one of the deepest. Awesome rebuild of this team.

    I can’t believe that Sweezy will be starting once Moffitt is healthy, but that’s a competition to watch. It won’t speak well of Moffitt if he can’t win his job back from a raw rookie.

  29. Dave – thanks for the awesome update!

  30. Sparky12 says:

    Cowherd has had it in for the Hawks for as long as I can remember. Gives them “no love”. Combine that with his East Coast employer (ESPN) and it leaves little doubt for his narrow understanding of where the Seahawks really are this year in talent and motivation. Besides, his time in Seattle was short and not exactly the height of his career.

  31. Rams as surprise playoff team? Hahaha hahahaha Bahahahahahaha

  32. We sure need to have a real ball game where it counts, real soon, the way we’re all frothing at the mouth about this and that. Only somebody pretty uninformed about the NFL would not be excited with some of what we’ve all seen so far. But, funny thing, each year when the games finally get real again, and things inevitably happen that sober as well as juice us up, it all develops a different flavor from then on. Yeah, Russell’s obviously real special, and our D hits fast and hard, but lots of stuff is going to level the hype in our minds now and start to stitch a different tune soon. I just hope this team is steady and not up and down, like we’ve seen all too much of over the years IMO. But the juice is real good now; and let’s keep it going…all, season, long–into and beyond December, finally, once again.

  33. Yeah, thanks a lot for the update Dave. Here’s a link about the Suns miracle working with injuries, in case you wanted to pose a question to Pete before their visit to Phoenix. It focuses on their training staff but does make mention of physical therapist. I’d sure like to see Beastmode be full strength for most of the year.

  34. DanielleMND says:

    “Why is RW so universally popular and Tim Tebow so polarizing?”

    The real question should be why is there a cult of Tebow, who isn’t that good of a pro QB? I’d take T-Jack over Tebow any day, at least as a passer.

  35. DanielleMND says:

    As for Colin Cowherd, he’s a know nothing. Seriously, he’s the dude who blamed Sean Taylor for his own murder and told mourning Redskins fans to grow up.

  36. Yes. Thanks Dave. I really like your in-depth answering of various questions. It is very much appreciated.

    To add another – does Malcolm Smith look 100% and back at all practices? I had such high hopes for him this year in being a very good (albeit in a non-Pro Bowl type of expectation) player, but he seems knicked too often. Just wondering if he’s been looking good/healthy in practice(s) lately? Thanks.

    Other – needs to hurry up and get their Wilson jerseys ready for order! Me and a little 1 year old need ours soon!

  37. Dave Boling says:

    I have the same feeling about Malcolm Smith as I had for Dexter Davis … very fast, very athletic, but so rarely healthy. I guess it’s easy to be suspicious once it seems to be a problem.

  38. brewinlew says:

    Reading this blog is amazing…no sooner do we get over one “quarterback controversy” when we’re on to a new one. And this time, the “other guy” isn’t even a Seahawk! I can hardly wait to find out who we compare RW with next week! :-)

    Great insights Dave! Thanks so much.

  39. Malcom Smith or Korey Toomer? does only 1 make the team? I have to think that’s Toomer’s job to take.

    Maragos, Johnson, Guy? which 2 make the team? Maragos is ETs backup, Guy is Kam’s backup, but Johnson is biggest playmaker?

    Adams, Lane, Maxwell?

    Obomanu or Charly Martin?

    Sweezy or Moffitt?

    For all these guys, Thursday’s game is huge. So much for inconsequential boring preseason games.

  40. raymaines says:

    yakimahawk wonders “what Cowherd sees and I dont?”

    ah, Dallas, GB, NE, Carolina, AZ & SF twice each, Detroit, and da Bears.

    and for the record, I’d take RW over TT every single time for the rest of time. This wasn’t meant to in any way be a QB controversy question, just wondering what it is about Tebow that triggers such strong conflicting emotional opinions.

  41. Everyone needs to calm down and face reality. KC is in trouble, if the Rams could tear ‘em up, they can’t be that good. A couple of missed passes in the first half, and terrible officiating is all that separated the Hawks from being behind at halftime. Come on people look a little closer at the game replay. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got “2 HANDS” up, in excitement and anticipation, and I’ll be down right giddy if we are contending for a wild card spot going into the end of the season at 9-7.

  42. Soggybuc says:

    It’s all BS! there is a reason you play the game! 32 teams start out 0-0 and it’s put up or shut up! soon enough we’ll know who the pretenders and the contenders are!
    Any given Sunday my friends, Any given Sunday!

  43. ruminator1 says:

    Finally I discover why it is that I sometimes disagree with The Duke —he ‘s from Portland (which must explain why I sometimes also agree with him) . GAD.
    I am politically very liberal and not religious, yet on some levels I like Tebow. I do not like to have religion or politics shoved in my face, but I kind of like this guy and several games last year he looked real dangerous on the field. On the other hand there were times I was sooooo glad he was not a hawk. And that is a judgement almost entirely on what I think of his football skills.
    Wilson? I have no idea about his religious beliefs –whatever they are they do not intrude on his football skills or on my appretiation of those skills

  44. True, True, Soggy!

    Any Given Sunday.
    (by the way, Best Football Movie, ever.)

  45. If Tebow was a Hawk, he would do the one thing that cannot be denied, COMPETE. Another oddball misfit who would rather die than not give it his all. PC would love him. Next years backup to RW?

  46. No need to play the 2012 season. I have already predetermined the outcome!

    AFC Play-Offs

    #5 Steelers 21
    #4 Ravens 24

    #6 Colts 24
    #3 Texans 45

    #4 Ravens 20
    #1 Broncos 23 (OT)

    #3 Texans 24
    #2 Patriots 31

    #2 Patriots 27
    #1 Broncos 30

    NFC Play-Offs

    #5 Falcons 13
    #4 Giants 27

    #6 Lions 20
    #3 Seahawks 27

    #4 Giants 27 (OT)
    #1 Packers 24

    #3 Seahawks 28
    #2 Saints 27

    #4 Giants 17
    #3 Seahawks 19

    Super Bowl

    Seahawks 27
    Broncos 24

  47. If Tebow were a Seahawk with the roster we have now he would have been “shipped” just like T-Jack. Why pay good money for a 3rd string QB?

  48. Sarcasticus says:

    Tebow went to Florida. I will never root for him.

    I will root to watch this over and over again.

  49. raymaines says:

    Just a guess here, but I’m thinking RW doesn’t end his interviews with “Geoux ‘Hawks”

    I’m a little worried about his Sushi habit and there’s the ketchup on a Brat thing, but other than that how can you not love this guy?

    Go ‘Hawks

  50. bobby, finally! We agree on something!!

  51. wabubba67 says:

    Stevos….North Dallas Forty.

  52. raymaines says:

    and BobbyK, I love your playoff rankings. I’d do a Tebow in a public place if the Seahawks had an off week, a home game, and then beat both Mannings on the way to a SuperBowl trophy. Dare To Dream.

  53. The Sweezy story is awesome to read too – what a great find. Got to hand it to our front office these days.

    Injury question – – what causes back spasms, and what do you do to get rid of them, is it just rest? I’ve never known.

  54. WiscCory says:

    So, a little reality check for those living in Seattle. Why are many “experts” picking the Seahawks to be a 7 win team? Because they see:

    – rookie QB starting
    – late round DE turned Guard on the starting O line
    – question marks at WR
    – Star RB with back issues
    – rookie starting middle LB
    – Some of the key offseason vet signings are no longer on the team (Ruud, Lutui, TO)
    – Oh, and lest not forget that SF has a solid D – returning all starters – and is capable of sweeping the division.

    However, for those living in Seattle (and us displaced fans), we’re close enough to the team, we hear opinions on the radio, we read super hyped updates about practice. We know how well the O-line is playing. We’re able to feel the hype around Wilson. We know that Rice and Winslow have rock solid hands. We know that this draft class seems to be something special, whereas some of those signed free agents just weren’t making plays.

    I’m so stoked, adn can’t wait to see this team play a meaningful game. I honestly believe the Hawks could become the darlings of the NFL. The team that sneaks up on most of the country. Those of us who know this team more than just what’s on a piece of paper, know there’s something brewing here.

    Young? Yes. But oh so hungry and dangerous. Look out America, here come the 2012 Hawks built by PC and JS.

    One last thing, at the conclusion of Wilson’s interview on the NFL Network today, he shouts “Go Hawks!” Rock on dude – what a perfect fit. What isn’t there to like about this guy?!?

  55. bbnate420 says:

    Nice post, Sarcasticus. Tebow is a nice guy and means well. That said, he can’t hit water from a boat and his constant religious jibber-jabber is annoying. You love Jesus. We got it. Now keep it to yourself.

    I think we should be a playoff team, but I think some people here are going overboard with their expectations. I foresee a large number of Chicken Littles littering this blog if the Hawks lose to Arizona. Not sure why every one seems to think it’s inevitable that we will crush them. I can’t stand the bipolar nature of some posters here. SB bound after a few wins, and the worst team in history after a bad loss. It’s been that way since I’ve been here though.

  56. bbnate420 says:

    Dave or anyone else, so does that leave Moffitt and Carpenter competing for the LG spot in 2013?

  57. osoviejo says:

    So is McQuistan better than Moffitt? Has Moffitt’s ceiling already been established? I love the 7th-round success story, but would like to see some promise from our other 75th overall pick from Wisconsin.

    I don’t know what causes back spasms, but I can tell you I experienced my first one at a trim, healthy and active age 25, while sitting in a chair reading a book. It seemed then and now to be totally random. The worst part isn’t the muscle, it’s the nerves it squeezes. I couldn’t move without great pain. Didn’t leave the chair for a couple of hours. Took about 10 days to completely dissipate. After that, it would happen two or three times a year for years, but has gradually lessened in severity.

    Hopefully, competent treatment can help mitigate the issue with Lynch, but I have no idea how you stop them from happening.

  58. Dukeshire says:

    Thanks for the great update, Dave.

    I’ve got to believe Toomer is in over Smith, by plenty, and I’d be very surprised to see them both on the 53.

  59. Did you happen to catch R Dub on NFL Access?

    See what he had to say at the end of the video? You guessed it.

    GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  60. @bbnate420

    According to what’s been written, a healthy Carp would be competing with McQuistan for the LG spot with Moffitt battling Sweezy for the RG spot.

    You really don’t want to get hurt on this team as it has become increasingly difficult to win your job back.

  61. Soggybuc says:

    Cant hit water from a boat?, maybe you need to talk to the Steeler secondary about that?
    That’s the crazy thing about Tebow. despite the fact every metric invented say’s he sucks and should never get a first down much less a preseason win. he tends to pull it out his dark place.

  62. Would like to see more discussion on the WR’s. Martin seemed to be considered something of an afterthought but he appears to be working hard, both catching and blocking. Tuinei looks quietly interesting.
    RW has to have targets.

  63. Soggybuc says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Martin sticking at all, kids made plays and that is what Pete wants.

  64. Macabrevity says:

    Who cares about Cowherd? It’s Michelle Beadle that makes me watch Sports Nation!!!!

    Yeah, the guard situation is nice. I’m rooting for Sweezy, and honestly don’t see Carp ever contributing to this team. Anything could happen, but I think he’ll end up moving on.

  65. Macabrevity says:

    Correction: ‘was’

    Guess she’s off the show now… bummer.

  66. There will always be haters and lovers. TT is a great story about a man who has succeeded despite all odds. And he have only two abilities, will power and leadership. If he say he is gay, or thanks his team, family, it is OK, but if he thanks to god then it isnt. I thought that at least you in America are liberal.
    Problem are in people that put him higher then life, and i didnt hear him do or say anything about that. He only do what other NFL player are doing.

  67. mquinn73 says:

    Somebody pump the brakes before this thing starts to lose control.

    I know this is a forum inhabited by die-hard ‘hawks fans but even allowing for that, I’m surprised by how many people on here are overly optimistic about the curent state of the team.

    Time for a reality check:

    1. We have a third-round rookie QB starting the season for us. Despite what hawk fans will say, Wilson’s lack of height in the pro game will be an issue (how much of an issue is unknown). Even if he turns out to be a better-than-average rookie starter, there will still be LOTS of mistakes from no.3.
    2. Not only that, but our back-up QB is almost entirely unproven in the league. 2 starts does not make you a proven veteran. If Wilson doesn’t perform well enough(or gets injured), we still have a high degree of uncertainty surrounding Flynn. Where is this team’s experience at the most important position on the field?
    3. Our OL still has a very patched-up look and feel to it. Okung is quality, but injury prone. He needs to demonstrate that he can play 16 consecutive games in this league. If he can’t do that, then this offense is in trouble. Both our guards are serious question marks in my opinion. McQuistan is a career back-up until he was forced into our line-up last season. Sweezy? He might make it but it is asking a hell of alot for a rookie to learn a completely new postion and start in the NFL. It just does not happen.
    4. Potential suspension of Marshawn Lynch. Enough said.
    5. Sidney Rice has to stay healthy otherwise we are relying on Doug Baldwin repeating the performance of his rookie year. Say what you like about TJack (and may of you have….) but he did develop a productive relationship with Baldwin. Will Wilson be able to replicate that?
    6. Can Bevell develop a gameplan to get Zach Miller and Winslow involved more often? That will be difficult if the TE is required to stay in and block as Miller often had to do last season. I don’t see anything more than 50 receptions coming from this group.
    7. Pass-rush. Still missing in action as far as I’m concerned. Will Irvin make it (looks undersized for this league)? Will Clemons play as well as last season now that he’s got his new contract?
    8. Linebacker: a rookie starting in the middle. Can Wagner play as well as Lofa did in his first season? He’ll need to because he has less talent around him (Lofa had Hill, who has regressed since then, and Peterson).
    9. Secondary: we have some real nice talent back there but I’m not entirely convinced about Browner and Kam. Browner plays ball-hawk football. That’s high risk in this league. Maybe he’ll return a few picks for TDs but I guarantee you that smart QBs and OCs will find a way to make him bite and burn him for big yards this season. Alot of Kam’s weaknesses get papered over by the brilliance of ET.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not all doom-and-gloom, and I do think that this team has got an outside shot to make the playoffs. We are in a division with very little depth and I don’t expect the Harbaugh magic to work as well in his second season.

    But overall, I reckon the ‘hawks are an 8-8 team this season, with something tangible to build on. However, when I read comments on this site about the team having depth and quality comparable with anyone else in the league, or that this is a no.1 ranked defence, I can’t help but think that those people are in for a BIG disappointment…

  68. One day closer to @Arizona!

  69. ruminator1 says:

    So far Irvin reminds me a little of Nick Reed (still playing in NFL I think) –over pursues, but does provide pressure. Still seems a reach.

  70. Dukeshire says:

    Marasim – “… despite all odds”? He comes from a well off family and has led a privileged life. He’s gifted athletically, as anyone who saw him at the combine can attest. So I’m not sure what odds he’s had to overcome. Moreover, I don’t see any other NFL players on television talking about taking away a woman’s right to choose or defunding Planned Parenthood. I certainly don’t begrudge his right to express his views and Im sure there are many players who them. But neither do I have to support of cheer for him. In short, the guy strikes me as an arrogant horse’s ass. (This is the last Ill talk about this, it can be such a polarizing topic. Sorry.)

  71. Sparky12 says:

    Tebow is a typical religious fanatic that attempts to force his over-the-top marrow minded views on anyone he can. I cannot stand those in his position who pull that BS. If he elects to live his life like that- fine, but keep it to yourself and button up the pie whole. That or quit football and become a preacher!

  72. Sparky12 says:

    Oops! Narrow minded, pie-hole.

  73. Ok. I am officially aboard the Russ Bus…..Let’s roll.

  74. Being gifted athletically dont make you QB. Look at TJ. And TT have slow trowing motion, holding ball low, bad pocket presence and field vision. Actually, he have good arm and adequate precision, and that is all. And he manage to win games. For me, that is despite all odds.
    And about right to choose, well i dont know what he said, but if it is about abortion, he almost die at birth if i remember good. So he has his opinion. But all this wouldnt mean anything if there are no TT lowers that make him an ikon. Anything that he say will last one week at most.

  75. Palerydr says:

    If people lived by just a few of the 10 commandments everyone’s lives would be a little better.

    Thou shalt not steal, kill, commit adultery, bear false witness, covet thy neighbors wife and Honor your Mom and Dad.

    I myself don’t see this as narrow minded you are free to choose how you represent yourself. TT doesn’t do that the way you want bummer so your response is to tear the guy down. Look in the mirror and I’m sure you’ll find you yourself aren’t all that pretty either.

  76. OK. I am in no way a religious person as far as organzized religion. I think it is something that is a personal issue and should be kept between the person and whomever they choose to believe in. Me for having never been to church a day in my life nor having ever read the bible know that I just want to live as good as I can, be a good person to those around me and try to do good things for others if/when I can. No book or belief system needed for that. WIth that being said I hope God, Jesus, Buddah, Allah, The Great Spirit, Zeus, and all other deities are on the ‘Hawks side this year….wait? I thought this was a football blog….oh well…a few more weeks and we’ll be talking about how great the Hawks looked against the dumb Arizona Chickens…”I say, I say, I say Boy, You Seahawks sure whooped us..” Foghorn Cardinal Horn. HA! Suck it AZ….

  77. mcquinn73

    I like your doom-and-gloom reality check. Mostly because I like to see someone overcome the urge to cheer in a vacuum. But let’s look at a few of these…

    1. We have a third-round rookie QB starting. there will still be LOTS of mistakes.
    (I’ll give you that one, even though we are in better shape at QB than anytime since Matt got injured in 2008.)

2. our back-up QB is almost entirely unproven
    (Flynn is ‘lightly tested’, and likely the best #2 in the NFL.)

    3. Our OL still has a very patched-up look and feel to it.
    (Our O line has a SYSTEM feel to it. When a guy goes down, Cable plugs in the next guy and the line doesn’t miss a beat. This is a proven scheme coached by the best in football and IT WORKS. Every O lineman has bought-in and looks ready.)

    4. Potential suspension of Marshawn Lynch.
    (Can’t happen until 2013)

    5. Sidney Rice has to stay healthy otherwise we are relying on Doug Baldwin repeating the performance of his rookie year.
    (Agreed. We are depending on those two things and more, including Golden Tate developing route and release skills and Edwards regaining his once-high potential. This is the team’s weak unit.)

6. Can Bevell develop a gameplan to get Zach Miller and Winslow involved more often?
    (Bevell calls the plays, but Cable built this offense and the TE opportunities are predicated on the O line schemes and execution, and this is working. Wilson will be difficult to blitz since he’s so quick and mobile, which means TEs need not stay in to block often. Kellen Winslow has never failed to produce throughout his career.)

    7. Pass-rush. Still missing in action as far as I’m concerned.
    (Interior pass rush is the biggest upgrade on the D this year. Jones is the biggest addition, and Irvin only need help bother blockers while Jones and Clem get to the QB. Also Wagner and Toomer are the fastest LBs we’ve had in years and will be threats to blitz.

    8. Linebacker: a rookie starting in the middle. Can Wagner play as well as Lofa did in his first season?
    (Before joining the Seahawks, Lofa has 25 college starts and 202 tackles. Wagner started over 40 games and had 445 tackles. To improve on last year, Wagner simply needs to be as good at hawthorne, and Wagner is much faster.)

    9. Secondary: we have some real nice talent back there but I’m not entirely convinced about Browner and Kam.
    (For real? Both Kam and BB support the defensive scheme perfectly. Neither need be an all-pro, just do their jobs and the D works. Bonus -both are huge impact playmakers.)

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not all doom-and-gloom,
    (yeah, I think maybe you are.)

    I reckon the ‘hawks are an 8-8 team this season,
    (I reckon they were very nearly 9-7 last year, but the we lost the final two games by 2 and 3 points when the 2nd and 3rd string WRs let the team down, and we lost to Cleveland in the Whiteworst Debacle 3-6. In other words, 2 more TDs and 1 FG and this would have been a 10 win team last year. Now, we are much stronger and deeper and healthier. Take heart.)

  78. Dukeshire says:

    I like the effort to temper some of this enthusiasm too, but I agree with Stevos’ post. Ultimately, there is a legitimate reason to be really excited about the 2012 Seahawks.

  79. sluggo42 says:


    What a realist! How dare you speak about the realist views that all to well could happen? Logically explain our season to a probably 8 and 8 scenario?

    This is Christmas eve time in Hawksville, and we are going to go 16-0 with no problem.

    We are going to beat AZ 38-10 (This I actually believe)
    Our Defense hasn’t shown any preseason looks that will actually happen like special blitz and stunting packages.

    RW is the real deal and his height will NOT be an issue, and he was a 3rd round pick only because other GM’s are stupid.

    Our O-line will open freeway lanes for Beast and Nator

    KWII, Baldwin, Rice, Edwards, Miller… If that isn’t a rediculous recieving crew I don’t know who’s is better?!

    Top 3 Defense…

    Did I mention RW ?

    This team is better overall than the 2005 team. In 05, we faced what was supposed to be an insurmountable schedule too. Just because we face some teams that USED to be tough, doesn’t mean they are STILL tough. We will CRUSH these other teams

    Right now, TODAY, this team is better than anyone else, and to believe that is my right as a native Seattlite, My right, as well as my duty as a 100% lifelong Hawk fan. There is no other possibility.

  80. Lofa didn’t have Peterson in his rookie year, it was D.D. Lewis.

  81. mquinn73 says:

    Stevos & Sluggo –

    Good counter arguments.

    I hope your predictons are closer to the truth than my “reality check”. I don’t mean to rain on the parade, but sometimes I have to stop myself from viewing everything Seahawk related thru rose-tinted lenses.

    I’m excited about the season ahead, but then again I reckon 90% of all fans are excited about their team’s chances regardless of what has happened. It’s in our nature as fans to look at our team in the best possible light…. at least until reality slaps us in the face with a wet towel.

    Hope springs eternal when you are 0-0….

  82. If you don’t expect great things from the team you root for, why the hell are you a fan? Get pumped people, a new day dawns in Seattle and the nation is asleep. Nobody is taking Hawks and that’s perfect. As a NYC-based Hawk Fan, I cannot emphasize enough just how much I look forward to watching the Hawks roll the New Jersey Jets when they come to town. Go Hawks!

  83. Good rally & riff: mquinn73, stevos & sluggo. I’m mostly with stevos and dukeshire, but a little “reality” is probably appropriate now too…until we’ve actually seen a few more games to get a bit more of a pattern idea about this plainly interesting team. But injuries, oh so unpredictable, and so important…unless you have enough counter-depth, character, and coaching too I’d guess.

  84. bbnate420 says:

    Only 2 of the ten commandments relate to modern laws, so don’t bring that BS in here. The rest are primarily about obeying authority.

    Marasim, Tebow is a blowhard. That’s why people don’t like him. Curry and Forsett both have strong faith and constantly tweet about it, but they don’t mention it and try to cram it down the publics’ throats EVERY INTERVIEW. Save the proselytizing for events not directly related to your football team. And you’re pretty ignorant if you think that it would be okay for him to talk about being gay every interview. Please name me ONE male that has been openly gay in an American team sport while they were still playing.

    Soggy, obviously the couldn’t hit water from a boat comment was an exaggeration, but the due cannot even complete 50 % of his passes. Are you going to tell me that isn’t historically TERRIBLE???????

  85. I didnt say that it will be ok for him to talk about being gay. I sad that there are people who will think that is great if some player say he is gay and repeat that. Same goes for faith, family, having fun with porn star… And there are people who dont think. Problem is in people who think they are right and others are wrong.

  86. Thanks for the link to the Wilson interview, joreb. It’s hard not to love Wilson. He’s not just talented and hard-working, but also has a great personality. Like Hasselbeck once did, he’s going to win over a lot of fans very soon. If Wilson is the face of this franchise for the next decade, I certainly won’t complain. (Yes, I was in the “In with Flynn” camp before, but I’m sitting in the “Russ Bus” now.)

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