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Report: T-Jack head to Buffalo

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 26, 2012 at 4:33 pm with 78 Comments »
August 26, 2012 4:33 pm

Ian Rapoport of is reporting that the Seattle Seahawks are working out a trade that would send Tarvaris Jackson to the Buffalo Bills.

Jackson played for the first time during exhibition play on Friday against Kansas City, as the Seahawks appeared to want to make sure to keep him healthy.

Mike Florio of is reporting that Jackson’s $4 million salary is a sticking point in facilitating the trade.

Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports previously reported that Jackson was willing to re-negotiate his salary to help the Seahawks make a trade.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    Vince Young can’t be happy right about now. Talk about a fall.

  2. seahawk44 says:

    Thank you T Jack for keeping the QB seat warm last season while the team grew up and into the contender they will be for years to come.

    Thank you to the Seahawks for not trading him to the Cards.

  3. freedom_X says:

    I do believe once the contract is restructured, then the trade will be executed. I think that’s the holdup.

    I would say that Jackson clearly had some trade value across the league. Seattle’s been shopping him for a couple weeks, and if there were absolutely no interest, teams would have waited for him to be waived. Of course, if the pick were something like a conditional 7th rounder, that’s a close to zero trade value as you can get.

  4. FleaFlicker says:

    Regardless of our negative opinions on his ability to play the position, T-Jack did everything asked of him as a Seahawk. Guy is just not cut out to be a starter in the league. Otherwise, a good man.

    I wish him luck and hope he finds a successful landing spot in Buffalo.

  5. freedom_X says:

    I personally felt Jackson did a decent job, and wasn’t the disaster that some people make him out to be. The team would have been 5-11 or 4-12 under Whitehurst, IMHO. Jackson manfully took a terrific beating behind one of the worst pass-blocking O-lines ever (especially in the 1st half of the season) and fought on.

    Hasselbeck would have been in IR within the 1st 3 games, if they had kept him, even if he did the veteran checkdown Charlie routine. Some of those pass rush holes were awful to behold.

  6. Thanks for the tough play last year, TJack. It was a difficult situation made harder by injuries that you overcame. I am one grateful ‘Hawk fan that thanks you for last year’s play. Good luck with the Bills.

  7. Dukeshire says:

    There’s no doubt about the sentiments, here. Jackson is a tough SOB and for good or ill, played his ass off for this team. His play was frustrating to no end, at times, but he gave what he had. Good luck behind the Amish Rifle in Buffalo.

  8. JazBadAzz says:

    Jackson will be missed by a lot of the guys in the lockerroom, much respect to him!
    SO glad we didn’t draft Decastro, how’s that working out?

  9. Good for him. People will miss him. Who cares if he sucks and sucked? lol

  10. PugetHawk says:

    Any idea why Chancellor didn’t play Friday? Also, anyone know when the NFL will make its decision on when Lynch will be punished? Is he going to start in two weeks?

    T-Jack wasn’t great or even good, but he sure did grind through pain last year and seemed to be a good teammate. Glad he is going somewhere that he has a better chance to start.

  11. Sparky12 says:

    The guy has class. His treatment during the so-called 3-way QB competition was a bit under-handed, but hey, it’s a big boy league. Like Dukeshire said, he is a tough SOB that gave it his best.

    Good luck to him in Buffalo, and a good parting gift would be a very large snow shovel!

  12. Dukeshire says:

    Lynch won’t be suspended before the season, if at all. Especially since his not guilty plea. I don’t think anything will come of this until after the season.

  13. As much as I screamed when T-jack held the ball too long, I give him top scores as a professional and as a person.

    On another note, do you suppose this means we might see VY or Thigpen in Arizona before long?

    Oh, and welcome back to the fray Duke. I read someone here that you “retired”. Nice to see you un-retire. Does this mean we can call you Brett now? :)

  14. For sure TJack was a tough son of a gun and did what was asked. I can only wish well for the guy.

    Do me a favor Bobby K don’t troll the shit out of this thread too.. Leave your excessive billigerent postings to the other one.

  15. Dukeshire says:

    Skavage – Not a chance. I went camping yesterday and got back a bit ago. No service up there. Not getting rid of me just yet.

  16. GeorgiaHawk says:

    JazBadAzz- How do you know the locker room will miss Jackson? I think their happy to have Wilson, and thankful to finally have good qb play.

    BTW-Nice jab on DeCastro. Hit a man when he is down.Lol. If you are old enough to remember Hutch was injured early in his career and went on to still be a hall of fame guard.
    DeCastro will be fine in the long run. Nice try though.

  17. Report: T-Jack head to Buffalo

    Body to remain in Seattle.

  18. raymaines says:

    Best years to remain in Minnesota.

  19. Dukeshire says:

    Skavage – I’m not sure why palerydr said that. I went camping yesterday and didn’t have service, but I’m not going anywhere, for good or ill. lol

  20. montanamike2 says:

    I was pulling my hair out when we drafted Irvin instead of Decastro, then i checked him out on the net and crossed my fingers.

  21. boucherm says:

    Nice one, Ray

  22. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Jackson is one tough but lucky dude. Thanks to Carroll he made more in one year than he should have made in his whole career. Whitehurst was also lucky.

  23. I’d love to suck at my job and make $4 million in a year. I’d also let anyone tear my pec and guarantee that I wouldn’t complain if I could make that kind of dough.

  24. Soggybuc says:

    LOL, Duke has it right. Enjoy your Fitzpatrick, Young and Jackson era Buffalo.

  25. If we get more than a 7th it is a win.

  26. So watching NYJ-Car play – Kuechly and Coples are playing well – and Our braintrust liked Irvin better – Can’t wait :)

    It’s also still a “report”

  27. GeorgiaHawk says:

    If you really want an experts opinion on the the qb situation with the Seahawks just ask Rang. Lol.

  28. JazBadAzz says:

    I know because I pay attention to what the players were saying all year.
    Decastro ain’t shit, we have Sweezy thats looking like he could be the best RG in the draft this year…7th rd!

  29. GeorgiaHawk says:

    wigman- If we get anything it’s a win. In fact if we don’t get anything it’s a 4 million dollar win.

  30. GeorgiaHawk says:

    JazBadAzz- Have you been paying attention about what they are saying about Wilson? I haven’t heard these kind things said about Jackson.

    You’re right about Sweezy and wrong about DeCastro.

  31. JazBadAzz says:

    I talking about the things they said about the man since last year. How he helped the younger guys developed, and mentored other guys through tough problems. Im not going to dig things up to prove a point, sorry, go find them yourself if you don’t believe me. Better yet,just scroll through some of the guys twitter post and see what they say.

  32. jawpeace says:

    Well my biggest question early on in this QB battle was what are they going to do with Portis? Now I know they will keep him as the third QB. If Flynn’s elbow is still hurting by Thursday, I expect we will get to see Portis doing more than making a hand off, and taking a knee. Now Portis is no longer the future we can continue to develop him and then trade him to some team.

  33. Good luck to TJack in Buffalo. A tough son of a gun and he played his heart out for us. Every Seahawks player I ever heard talk about TJack lauded the leadership and toughness he brought to the team last season.

    TJack played 10 games last year with an injury that usually ends a QBs season. Those who enjoy bashing Tjack should note that Matt Flynn was too sore to play after only two preseason games in a row, and Flynn has never played two regular season games in a row. Meanwhile Russell Wilson has not yet survived a single NFL game. I hope he ends up being half as tough at TJack.

  34. GeorgiaHawk says:

    JazBadAzz- If you are talking about unrelated things to football the players can continue to talk with Jackson whether he is with the team or not.
    I’m talking about the related things to football and the success of the team.

  35. Wilson – starter

    Flynn – backup

    Portis – practice squad, where he should be safe since no team knows enough about him to risk adding him to their 53 man roster.

    So, for all the hand-wringing about Pete Carroll taking too long with QB decisions, I think he’s now wrapped this thing up right on schedule.

  36. freedom_X says:

    According to John Clayton, Wilson has been named the starter, but will play in the last preseason game. I suppose most of the remaining time will go to Portis.

  37. Here it is on

    Damn. Go Hawks. Most interesting season for our guys in years.

    Now, time for my fantasy draft. . ..

  38. Guys liked TO too – but he couldn’t help this team – Don’t think guys liked Lofa? How about Hass? I am sure there were guys who liked them and their leadership when they left BUT Ultimately they couldn’t help this team anymore and they moved on. It’s the business side of Pro Football.

  39. bird_spit says:

    TJ deserves every fans respect for what he was able to accomplish last year with that pitiful line. I hope he gets his opportunity in Buf. It would be cooler yet if he starts this year against the Hawks. I know RW is a much better QB, but I agree with the sentiment that TJ is the toughest SOB on the hawks last year.

  40. They won’t put Portis on the PS – they didn’t last year why would they this year?

  41. RW OFFICIALLY NAMED WEEK ONE STARTER! (Sorry for the caps…too excited!)

  42. How would you like to be in NY – No Td’s yet this entire pre-Season – crazy

  43. HeinieHunter says:

    Hawks name Wilson starting QB. Hardly a surprise after Fridays game. I have a little sympathy for Flynn, as he probably though early that the job was his but he was told even before signing that it was a competition. If Russell goes down Flynn is the man. I don’t know if any QB can play every game. We need a strong backup, and he is a very strong backup.
    How far this team has come in a very short time. Pete & John, kudos!

  44. So with Wilson the starter and Tjack 90% out the door – Portis has 2 seasons (length of Flynn contract – right?) to figure out how to be a number 2 guy – since pretty sure Flynn will walk.

    Or to our advantage some QB starved team over pays for him at the end of the season

  45. I’m sure some of the guys cut today are better people than some of the ones still on the roster. If you aren’t good or overpaid vs. your production (14 TD vs. 18 turnovers @ $4 million/season) you don’t deserve to be on the team. Good riddance! Let the dynasty begin!

  46. Congrats R Dub! Congrats JS and PC and a very special find.


  47. It will be an interesting season for sure!!!!

  48. raymaines says:

    So, we went from a $4M back up to a $10M backup. Cool!!

    I didn’t want (and haven’t changed my mind) the Seahawks to be on Hard Knocks, but my oh my, wouldn’t they have been interesting! If nothing else, there would be 99 extra guys on this blog taking cheap shots at the Brain Trust and most of the good posters here wouldn’t be here. I like being in SE Alaska.

  49. Sparky12 says:

    Wow! I think Harbaugh has just found out Pete’s “deal”. One hell of a good deal! Go Hawks!

  50. XCMAN – Re: Portis

    – Pretty sure they never signed Portis to our practice swuad because they locked him up on our roster last year ;)

  51. raymaines says:

    A “q”, a “q”. My kingdom for a “q”.

  52. DanielleMND says:

    I feel a little bad for Flynn. He could be a competent starter. But no one expected Wilson to develop so quickly and look so good.

  53. bird_spit says:

    I just hope they don’t try to limit what RW can do…hawks have a young gunslinger. I hope they never break that guys spirit..let him play. Hawks will literally kick some ass this year, you can just feel it. I’ve never been more jacked for a season to start. The team has a lot of the pieces and decent depth. I’ll predict 10 win minimum on the backs of this hardened defense, run game, and the young gunslinger.

    Pete needs to change the motto from “Always Compete” to “Just Kill It”.

  54. Bobby….

    Is your redundant shitstorm posting against Tavaris a way to deflect from the fact that your posterboy Flynn who was to be the savior for the hawks will now be exactly what TJack was destined to become? An over paid back up….

    In your ignorant statement about being overpaid vs. production… What should we now do with flynn…

    If he remains back up for the rest of the year what would his “pay to production ratio be?”

  55. bird_spit says:

    It’s tebow time…

  56. Great point. How about that $10M back up? I’m happy to have him and ain’t worried about the money, but all those folks that cited $4M as too expensive as a back up, seriously…what can you say now?

    Is there another back up QB making that kind of dough?

    I don’t think so.

  57. bird_spit says:

    You guys have to agree, Flynn will make RW better…better in a way TJack could never do.

  58. Sparky, LOL! I can’t wait until Oct 18th for another installment of the ” what’s your deal” rivalry to continue.
    Hopefully we hammer Harbaugh’s Whiners until kingdom come, and give them a raw “deal”.

  59. so was Portis on the 45-man active roster for more than 8 Sundays last year? If not, he’s still eligible for practice squad.

    Keeping 3 QBs on a 53 man roster is becoming less common these days, with the third QB often placed on practice squad. That wasn’t true a few years back when practice squads were smaller.

    I see no reason to keep Portis on the 53 this year unless there are concerns about Flynn’s health.

  60. Seriously Bobby, give it a rest with TJack. I detest someone like smiley Shaun a lot more, someone with far more talent that didn’t run hard and gave up on his teammates letting them down. TJack played to the best of his limited abilities, even when injured, and stayed classy throughout this whole “competition”. What he did last year should be in Seahawk’s lore as one of the gutsiest, most courageous performances. He deserves much respect and I wish him luck in the future, in Buffalo or wherever it may be.

  61. @HawksKD – thanks for making my point for me and stating the obvious

    and for you and Joreb – if the brain trust want to spend 4 mill on one guy and spend 10 mill on another they can – so there you have it. I would be willing to guess that when they signed Flynn they expected him to be the starter – Hell going into the Denver game they expected him to be the starter. Wilson just changed their mind. So they decided he would be better to keep than Jackson.

  62. raymaines says:

    I’m looking at the schedule.

    We should beat AZ,
    Dallas, hey why not,
    GB on a Monday night at home, could happen.
    St Lewis, please…
    Carolina, maybe.

    Lets all lift our paper cups and toast ‘Da Man, RW!!

    Oops, then comes Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and the NE Pats and reality sets in. Five and one ain’t bad though.

    Four and two wouldn’t be too bad and 3-3 wouldn’t send me to the Narrows Bridge.

    Go Hawks

  63. bird_spit says:

    CCVI doubt about it. Smiley Alexander, MR I’m-all-about-me, can be put in that forgettable group…not TJack.. As much as Imbashed the guy, I never lost respect fr what he did while enduring the injuries, and that crappy line. You never heard TJ throwing anyone under the bus. All he did was try to make them all better.

  64. CCVI – Seahawk’s lore as one of the gutsiest, most courageous performances

    Wouldn’t go that far but yes he played hurt and so did other guys last year – (Hawthorne – had no legs) and in previous years – Lofa played hurt a number of years.

    Not an uncommon feat in the NFL.

    I would love for Jackson to get a fair shot somewhere – he is a good guy, I do like what he did for us but lets not make this out to be something that isn’t going on in every NFL team with someone every year

  65. bird_spit says:

    Imbashed..thanks apple

  66. “You guys have to agree, Flynn will make RW better…better in a way TJack could never do.”

    No, I don’t see that. Its not like we are talking about savvy old Matt Hasselbeck willingly coaching-up Jake Locker at the end of his career. Wilson and Flynn were/are competing for the same job, Wilson won, and as of Friday night Flynn looked pissed as hell. I would expect Flynn to keep trying to compete with Wilson.

    Mat Flynn has started 15 regular season college and pro games in his life. Russell Wilson will soon have more stating experience than Flynn has, and Flynn will be Wilson’s understudy.

  67. @ray – Dallas, hey why not,

    They are the most overrated team in just about every season!!! talented team for the most part but choke it off somewhere every year – well for like the last decade, give or take

    I count it as a win in Seattle!!!!!

  68. Stevos – thats why I think he will help Wilson – he will be pushing for the Job!! Always compete I think the saying goes.

    Don’t think Wilson is giving this one back – but if he gets hurt/sick – whatever – totally don’t mind Flynn coming in and trying to say – “I would like this job” with his play.

    Good for both guys and the team if you ask me

  69. May the Force be with you TJack. Just not when you’re playing us.

  70. Dukeshire says:

    Skavage – Not retired. Lol. Not sure where that came from.

  71. Stevos – I would expect Flynn to keep trying to compete with Wilson.

    That is exactly how he will help Wilson get better! Always Compete is the phrase right? Going into the Denver game it looked like Flynn was given the job – Wilson came and took it.

    If somehow Wilson misses a game (I hope not) I want Flynn to come in and play like “I wanna take this job”

    Good for both players to play better – good for the Seahawks to have 2 guys they clearly like

  72. raymaines says:

    I really was looking at the schedule a few minutes ago.

    I’m a big time optimist to be sure, but I’m thinking the ‘Hawks could go 12-4, win the division, and have a bye week heading into the play offs. None of these games are absolutely unwinnable, 16-0 could happen.

    It just feels so good to be this happy at the start of the season. Sixteen weeks from now I want the Seahawks to be two games ahead of the 49’ers and looking forward to beating the snot out out of the Giants at home.

  73. XCMan no problem! I couldn’t tell if you were saying he wasn’t worth keeping on our practice squad.

    Glad to see we have the same view!

    Stevos great point on the necessity of 3QBs…
    I think Pete did an excellent job of “hiding” Portis’ arm this preseason to sneak him over to our practice squad if this was the case. Portis could be very valuable to keep close to the vest especially if Flynn becomes disgruntled and demands his way out.

  74. jaybrank says:

    HawksKD, you are spot on. T-Jack came in during the middle of training camp last year and put up over 3,000 yards behind a swiss cheese O-line while playing hurt. Pretty good value for $4M. Now, we get to watch Flynn wear a cap, chew tobacco, and hold a clipboard for $10M. RW as the starter is the right call.

  75. bird_spit says:

    SteveO..are you saying competition from Flynn in practice won’t make Russell better? The one up man ship will keep him on his toes. TJack wasn’t really competitive, as much as you have to respect TJ.

  76. bbnate420 says:

    Duke, I think he’s referring to a post where someone said that you used to be the grammar police but had retired?

    TJack was well worth the 4 mil if for no other reason that he saved us from being subjected to the pathetic sight of Clipboard Busto for 16 games! :-)

    BobbyK is just mad that he was wrong about no one trading for TJack. Apparently NFL executives don’t agree with your hyperbolic take on TJack.

    2 draft picks for Ruud and TJack. Not bad at all. Especially with how PC/JS draft in the later rounds.

    Who cares if Flynn is being paid 10 mil, actually 8 for 2012, to be the backup? RW is being paid MUCH less than most starters. So it’s not like we have too much money tied up in the QB position. PC/JS gave themselves more than one option. They didn’t know if they could draft a QB they liked for sure. That was very smart. RW just flat out won the job. We may still need Flynn, BTW. It’s a long season.

    I don’t think that Portis is practice squad eligible. It’s not 8 games anymore, Stevos. It’s 5. Not sure if he has to be on the 45 or just on the 53 for the games to count.

  77. Thanks TJack. Best of luck to you in Buffalo.
    Hope you never saw the rantings of your haters here.

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