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Carroll: Wilson will start season opener

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 26, 2012 at 7:18 pm with 95 Comments »
August 26, 2012 7:20 pm
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (3) stiff arms Denver Broncos defensive back Rafael Bush (36) in the second half of an NFL football preseason game, Saturday, Aug. 18, 2012, in Denver. (AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

In a conversation with Seattle-area reporters Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll announced that quarterback Russell Wilson will start the last preseason game this week and will be the team’s starting quarterback for the season opener at Arizona.

Carroll said that Wilson had won the job by his play during the preseason, along with his consistent effort during practice.

“He’s earned this job,” Carroll said. “It was a legitimate competition like we said from the beginning.”

“He is so prepared he just does not seem like a first year player,” Carroll went on. “He seems like he’s been around.”

Although Carroll said that Wilson earned the job, he acknowledged that Matt Flynn’s elbow injury, along with the uncertainty of the free agent signee’s availability for this week factored into his decision.

Carroll said that Flynn’s injury has been determined that it’s not a tendon injury, but an inflammation of muscle. Carrol said that Flynn did not throw today, but that the team will try to get him going in practice on Monday in an attempt to get him ready for Thursday’s game at Oakland.

Carroll said that Flynn was scheduled to play in the third quarter against Kansas City, but couldn’t go because of the sore elbow.

“I think it makes the decision clear,” Carroll said. “I think Russell has totally earned it with his play. Unfortunately for Matt, he has been unable to respond.”

Carroll also confirmed that the Seahawks are in the process of finishing a deal that would send quarterback Tarvaris Jackson to Buffalo for an undisclosed pick.

“It’s not complete yet,” Carroll said. “There’s still a little more paperwork to do.”

“He deserves a chance to be playing,” Carroll said about Jackson moving on. “And so Buffalo came after him. I hope it’s a good thing for him. He did a great job for us.”

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  1. And so a New Era begins…:)

  2. Carroll and Schneider should just concentrate on hitting homers in the draft each year and skip Free Agency. They aren’t too bad as traders either.

    The players they draft have been remarkable. The players they spent a ton of money on in FA (Rice, Gallery, Miller, Flynn, etc) have been unremarkable to put it kindly. Just the signing bonuses to those 4 vs their contributions vs the entire contracts of guys like Sherman, Wilson is crazy.

  3. I meant to say “Guaranteed money” rather than “signing bonuses.” Most of those big contracts seem to actually be 2 year deals in disguise.

  4. The right choice. #3.

  5. Lets get Ready to Tussle with Russell, but if he gets hurt, we’re still going to Win with Flynn!

  6. Exciting times. Go get em Russ!

  7. Well i’m sorry to hear this news. It has been obvious from the begining that PC wanted RW. The Offence Flynn ran didn’t do his talent any justice. Going back and looking at the games they both played the difference in the plays and targets is remarkable. Man this is heartbreaking.

  8. With the cuts and trade we must be quite a bit under the cap? Anyone know these figures. The roster is loaded and the picks keep coming. Any big Free agent wide outs next year.?

  9. This isn’t about Matt Flynn losing the job…this is about Russell Wilson not being denied….

    The kid is truly special.

  10. I love this kid, and he is going to make us all lose our voices. GO SEAHAWKS!

  11. Big Blew I completely disagree… I think Flynn was the choice from the beginning… Its just RW coming in and blowing away everyone.

  12. RDPoulsbo says:

    I’m glad we now have a starter. Should have been set before this week but it’s all good now. Time for the team to rally around Wilson and get this season started!

  13. Seahawks2620 says:

    Not really. Greg Jennings and Dwayne Bowe. Not sure I would want either with there injury history. I would rather draft Robert woods out of USC. I know one wants to hear about next year or the draft, I was just sayin. Haha

  14. Pete Carroll did want Wilson to win it from the beginning but he did give Flynn the most chances of all 3 QBs to win the job.

    Carroll shelled out $10m to Flynn – he didn’t want to see that go down the drain. Now it pretty much has.

  15. Unless Wilson gets hurt and Flynn wins a bunch of games (which he’ll do if he plays).

  16. Dukeshire says:

    How did Flynn get more chances to early the job than anyone else? He didn’t.

  17. RhewChuryll says:

    Does Pete Carroll actually have a hand in how much a player gets paid? Or is that the job of John Schneider?

    I’m glad they finally nailed down who the starter is, now we can start fine tuning the roster and get ready to roll over Arizona.

  18. RDPoulsbo says:

    Talk about next year’s draft when it’s time. In the meantime, this year is just about upon us. Talking about drafts during the season are for fans of teams that are losers.

  19. BobbyK…STOP talking about R Dub getting hurt and hyping your Flynn crap.

    You used to be a respected blogger…now? Not so much.

    Geez, what a waste.

  20. Pabs – don’t know we can actually say that $ has gone down the drain. It’s a long season. :)

    All – this is pretty exciting. There weren’t a whole lot of people predicting this was going to happen at the start of camp. Now it has.

  21. owenbytheway says:

    Let’s see if all those Flynnies hijacking threads for the past three weeks and gonna step up and gum some corn.

  22. Dukeshire says:

    Having said that, I’m excited to see Wilson under center. He really played better than I expected, certainly this early.

  23. grantruby says:

    Thursday’s game is versus Oakland, not “at Oakland.”

  24. Flynn played the entire first half of the first 2 games. If he had a strong performance in the first game, it would have been his job – no question. There would have been no door open for Wilson.

    Then when Flynn underwhelmed in his first game, Carroll gave him one more shot in the second game. Carroll gave Flynn the opportunity that was meant for Wilson. He underwhelmed again which opened the door for Wilson.

    Somehow Flynn gets a sore elbow and can not even play that third game. That’s all on Flynn.

  25. Pabs: “Pete Carroll did want Wilson to win it from the beginning but he did give Flynn the most chances of all 3 QBs to win the job.”

    Truth about PC/RW, BS about MF, Game 2 was a setup to see if TO had anything left. He failed to catch a ball and MF took the fall.

    The “competition” was loaded from the start.

  26. RhewChuryll says:

    From a personal stand point, when we got Flynn, I was happy. Anything but Tarvaris, even though he should get a attaboy for playing through the injuries instead of a quick kick in the rear on his way to Buffalo.

    Now, when we got Wilson, I was skeptical, not because of the kids talent, but the way the Hawks have handled drafted QB’s in the past. Rick Mirer still leaves me shaking my head and drowning my woes in cheap beer.

    No matter what way the hawks would have gone, Matt or Wilson, I would stick by them tooth and nail. Now, with the decision to start Wilson is done, I’m feeling pretty damn special as a Hawk fan, but keeping it HUMBLE till there’s something to crow about!! GO HAWKS!!!!

  27. needs to get the Wilson jerseys ready for us to order! What’s wrong with them? I’m antsy. I want to have mine on when drafting (fantasy) in a little over a week! Actually, I’m going to wear a (Seahawks) sweatshirt and when we get to the point in the draft where I take Russell… I want to simply take off the sweatshirt and let everyone see the Wilson jersey, as in “that’s my pick.” lol

    I have the #4 pick (but gonna try to trade down), so he may very well back-up Brees or Rodgers, but I still want him!

  28. Seahawks2620 says:

    Most of you guys are annoying as can be. Talking about people being “respectful bloggers” and what have you. It’s a blog guys, can we please just enjoy the season? I swear, if I didn’t know this was a Seahawks blog I would think I was reading a rams blog. They have reasons to bicker and whine about there misfortunes. The “feud” that some of you have against each other is ridiculous and a waste of time. Just enjoy the team, we all obviously love the hell out of these hawks. Just let the egos go.

  29. DangeRuss era begins, we will be the Best in the West. Or Beast in the West.
    I do feel MF is an upgrade over TJ as a backup, but not sure it’s wise to pay him so much if he doesn’t end up playing much. I don’t think PC/JS intended it to be this way. They wanted Flynn to come in and put a stranglehold on the job, but it never happened, and the rook just kept coming on stronger and stronger. I trust they know what they are doing. Haven’t been this excited for a Hawk season since 2005! Just got that good old feeling about this year.

  30. I’m just excited to see how much this offense can click when we know how good the defense is. Preferences aside, I’m glad to see someone stepped up and seized the job; it’s better than picking out a QB that manages to be less mediocre than the other.

  31. jchawks08 says:

    I was firmly in the Flynn camp. I reckon I’ll eat my portion of crow.
    Man did Wilson ever step up and take the startng job away. I give him all the credit in the world. That being said, I ain’t super excited for a rookie to lead this team, as I’ve mentioned more than once. This is a playoff team, only the most glass-is-half-empty ‘fans’/’experts’ would disagree. Rookies can really screw things up. Especially QB’s..
    Russell, I wish you luck in leading this team to 10+ wins!
    This defense we have will lead us all year long and hopefully set up lots of short fields for Russell and the ground and pound game.
    Speaking of, yea where was Chancellor on Friday?

  32. Pabs, I see you’re just the opposite of Booby. At least you don’t have a man-hate on anyone like he does but now we get to listen to you rant ad nauseam about RW and flush MF down the toilet.

  33. We’re a Seahawks family. What fun would it be if everyone got along? Real families always have those people they can’t stand. I can’t stand at least one person and some can’t stand me. And if someone doesn’t like it, I’m not sure why they keep reading it (and then commenting). That’s more realistic of a “normal” family, then all of us sitting around the campfire and singing happy songs, which rarely happen in real life.


  34. Matt Flynn flushed himself down the toilet. But at least he can buy the greatest toilets money can buy with his $10m for holding a clipboard.

  35. TomIPDX – I don’t have to hate anyone after the trade goes though! :)

    It’s a good/great day!!!

  36. jchawks08 says:

    I can just see pabuwal smirking smuggly as he types..

  37. pabs – Is Eldorado still going to have 12 TD catches for the Seahawks this season?

  38. RDPoulsbo says:

    joreb: I’m behind Wilson. He’s named the starter and I’m falling in line.

    It is a legitimate concern though that Wilson seems to want to be a running QB. I don’t trust those types of QBs because they get hurt a lot. T-Jack was one of those and got hurt running the ball. Vick is another. They get hit more, they get injured more. Hopefully, Wilson can become more of a pocket passer so he doesn’t get hammered because he’s not built to take those kind of hits.

  39. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – Didn’t you say, multiple times, Jackson was the odds on favorite to start the season?

  40. BobbyK – you should have made that bet like I should have requested Wilson in addition to Jackson (this was back when you thought Wilson was Senneca Wallace Part II).

  41. pabs – You’re right, all I knew of Wilson was that he was too short so I didn’t give him any consideration. Thankfully, Mr. Happy and Bo went out and got him. Kudos to you for being one of the few original Wilson believers.

  42. I love how so many people on the last few posts want to attack other posters and get pissy – when I am pretty sure all of us on here have hit on some opinions and missed on others!

    We have all been passionate about something – and posted stuff other people don’t like to read – so go back to the old stand by – if you don’t like what they post DON”T READ IT – Yes I know – pot/kettle – get over it!

  43. VNHLNFAN says:


  44. As good as we all think Wilson is, its been a dangerous place to try and get into Carroll’s head to figure out which way this was going to go.

  45. Dukeshire says:

    I tried to bet you straight up on that Owens TD total, and never heard back.

    Regardless, while I thought Flynn would be the opening day starter, Wilson earned it. Now here’s hoping I’m wrong about his ceiling.

  46. flyingdutchman says:

    The way Carroll runs camp is moronic.

  47. If RW keeps running then I doubt MF will be holding the clipboard for long. He showed poise Friday night and I was very glad to see it. Getting into Pete’s mind is a dangerous thing!

    The kid is a raw talent and obviously learns from his mistakes. Should be an exciting year (understatement!)

  48. montanamike2 says:

    I’m super stoked, I wanted Wilson as the starter and was afraid Pete was going to start Flynn again. 10 million is a lot for a backup, thank you lord it’s not my money. If anything happens to RW we have an excellent backup who can compete and maybe even get better over time. He might prove to be worth the money over the next 2 years as you never know what could happen, that said it seems obvious that although accurate Flynn doesn’t have a ton of arm strength, he’ll chip away ala west coast offence but he doesn’t make those 40 yard throws.

  49. Although R Dub may be close to the heights of Vick and Brees, I think he resembles Bree’s awareness and pocket presence more than Vick’s.

    It just seems like he’s a real student of the game that relies more on film study than natural athletic ability.

    He has the same probability as any QB to get injured, but the difference is that he’s really quick and kind of thick for his height.

    Here’s to his health! I’m not sure if he’s had any significant injuries to this point and hope he never does.

    Our QB situation has improved. I too appreciate the warrior that Tjack was, but the other guys fit our scheme better and are better managers of this offense like a point guard would be.

    IMO Tjack is tough like McMillan (not much offense), Flynn is like Derek Fisher (has moments, mostly steady) and Wilson is like Chris Paul (can dish AND score often).

    At the end of the day, we should contend for the NFC West Title, home game in the playoffs and who knows beyond that.

    I couldn’t be happier at our prospects. I didn’t know Wilson at all before the draft (don’t watch a ton of college), but embraced him early once I witnessed the love JS and PC had for him.

    I really feel like Flynn had a legitimate chance to earn the position. TO didn’t help, but Flynn didn’t lead us to any TD’s that I can think of. No conspiracies, no plotting, no none of that stuff.

    R Dub won it, fair and square albeit in a fashion most nfl observers are not accustomed to.


  50. seahawksteven777 says:

    This was all about competition and the better guy won as it should be. That being said, we have a good backup in Flynn. Go Seahawks!

  51. montanamike2 says:

    PC credited Flynn with 2 td’s that were dropped but on the money, RW still flat won it out.

  52. I just hope that we can get away from the way we have been for the last 3-4 years. Put together a good game or 2 and then look like the worst team in football for a week

    Totally understand there will be growing pains with Wilson and/or Flynn but I hope they are growing pains and not – “I am going to make that pass even thought there are 2 guys all over my reciever” or “wait for it – wait for it – wait – oh damn”

  53. Sparky12 says:

    I started out firmly in the Matt Flynn camp. Liked his overall game and his laid-back, no worries approach to being the QB. And although Russell Wilson displayed amazing skills and maturity for a rookie, the conventional wisdom of sitting a rookie for his first year ( at the least ) would be the prudent decision. TJ’s lack of good decision making and poor reads made Flynn look very safe and secure.

    Then came Wilson’s spectacular plays and display of leadership beyond his years. I was still not sure as this is indeed pre-season where many newbies seem to shine, but fade during the season. Still felt Flynn would be best as the starter with Wilson learning some of the tricks Flynn brings from Green Bay.

    But as these last weeks unfolded, and as I read more and more of the comments expressed by his former coaches, team members, and fans from high school thru his Wisconsin days, this kids special qualities seemed to strong to ignore. They all saw greatness in his command of the game and his leadership qualities. Combined with his devotion to study for hours each and every play of his game sold me. This kid simply “has it” and I feel we at long last have our franchise QB

    And at least if Wilson does indeed get injured, we have an excellent back-up in Flynn, and theres something we have not had FOREVER!

    Go Hawks!

  54. “Big Blew I completely disagree… I think Flynn was the choice from the beginning… Its just RW coming in and blowing away everyone.”

    That’s what I think too. And I think it actually started in the first OTA’s where Wilson came in and immediately looked/played like he knew what he was doing. He’s just an uncommonly poised guy for a rookie in this league, and it’s been like that since day 1. I’m pretty sure the plan was to have Wilson compete, and Flynn take the starter’s gig, as of draft day, but Wilson outplayed his draft position.

    Pretty crazy we’ve got a rookie starting in QB, but Wilson’s confidence is infectious, I’m kind of feeling it too.

  55. HeinieHunter says:

    I’m just a Hawk fan but I’m smart enought to realize that PC and JS have forgotten more about the NFL than i’ll ever know.
    All the coach & GM wannabes on this blog need to get a firm grip on reality.

  56. btw, fantasy draft just ended. who else on here picked up the Seahawks D for their fantasy squad?

  57. I didn’t have a horse in this race, probably wanted Flynn to win just to keep things simple, but it was obvious Wilson made more plays and took less sacks. Wilson as the starter was the logical choice any neutral party could see coming.

  58. HeinieHunter says:

    EW – are you anticipating any team cutting interesting WR’s in the cutdown to 53? Someone the Hawks may want to add to the team? Anyone with salary or cap issues. Just curious, as you just know PCJS will be all watching players cut as they are so thorough on personnel issues.

  59. bird_spit says:

    I think John S just wanted a QB that he could look into the eyes of…

  60. If PC and JS had known how good Wilson would be, surely they would have pulled the trigger in the second round. Perhaps having Matt Flynn on board made it easier for them to wait. Actually the genius is in getting guys in the right spots in the draft and not reaching. Irvin was arguably a reach though. If they continue to draft this well, the Lombardi Trophy will be on its way to Seattle soon.

  61. At the very least, this season is going to be fun. We get to watch a bunch of young, hungry, talented players grow together with a young, hungry leader. It amazes me how many of these guys are someone else’s leftovers. Looks at how many of our top performers were either overlooked by others or downright written off by others in one fashion or another.

  62. grizindabox24 says:

    I agree that RW has played very well in the preseason, but I am not going to get to excited until we see how he plays over the first 2-3 weeks of the real season.

  63. grizindabox24 says:

    I am also not completely sold that the QB competition is over.

  64. The excitement on here is awesome. Please Pete, keep the Oakland game vanilla with just a series or two for Wilson. We all know how the nasty raiders like to injure the other team. Sorry for the jab Eric.

    Wilson is the man and I’m so pumped for him to start game one vs. Az. I’d hate to see him injured in a meaningless game. If flynn can’t go then have fun all game Josh Portis.

    Living down here in Arizona I here all their QB controversy and see their injuries and think the Seahawks could really just hit them in the head with a hammer with the squad we have right now (no injuries please).

    Man I can’t wait Go SEAHAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Wilson’s runs don’t look like the typical “running for his life” runs of other scrambling QB’s to me. He is quick to seize opportunities when they pop up and slide or go out of bounds in plenty of time. Better than being pancaked or driven into the ground behind the line. And the threat of his running has to drive defenses crazy. Christmas came early this year.

  66. chrisj122 says:

    I’m just glad Pete finally settled on a QB!

    Although I was in the Flynn camp, I’m very excited to know who the QB is. I’m 100% behind Wilson and can’t wait for the opener because I love my Hawks.

    I just hope when things get tough (at some point in the season it will) the rookie can stay poised and not lose his confidence.
    That’s my biggest fear.

  67. Also for all those who play the pigskin pickem, at least last year, do you remember the group name for the tribe bloggers in the espn ran pigskin pickem competition. I played last year and did alright. I’m trying to get some buddies at work to play along and want us all in the same group so we can you know talk smack and chart eachothers progress week to week.

    I hope i’m connecting with someone here. I think the name of the group was ‘win forever’ or ‘always compete’ but I tried both of those group names on the espn website and came up negative. For anyone in the same boat you know there are over 1800 groups on the espn site so finding it by luck is impossible. Again any help would be greatly appreciated.

  68. chrisj122 says:

    I just made a bet with a friend of mine. I say Wilson will have a better season then RGIII.

    Who agrees?

  69. When it all shakes out I think Wilson is going to have an awesome season and so are the Seahawks. I don’t think the Redskins have the squad the Seahawks have and Russell is going to look and great and have great numbers on a good team, whereas RGIII is going to have to be absolutely perfect on an average team to be comparable. Bottom line, Wilson wins this qb competition as well.

  70. raymaines says:

    My head says “Go Seahawks”. In Pete we trust. Let the winner play!

    But in my heart, I really wanted MF to win and be the best QB.

    I’m feeling so conflicted.

    Geoux Seahawks!!

  71. raymaines says:

    There is proof upon proof that I don’t have a clue about QB’s but I really don’t believe in RG3. RW has the better team, and plays in a weaker division so I totally expect he will have the statistically better year.

  72. Yo raymaines take it easy man,
    I think Pete has this situation on lock, spot on.
    If Russell flops, there you go, insert Flynn.

    All in All not a bad proposition

    Oh Yeah and Bye Bye T-Jack thanks for all the hard work and good luck
    in Buffalo (p.s. tweet beast mode about Buffalo city life;)

    Thanks again and may the the New Seahawk QBs lead us to more victories.

  73. princeaden says:

    Anyone suggesting that Wilson is the 2nd coming of Seneca Wallace, just does not fully understand the depth of Wilson. I truly believe that Wilson is special now and will continue to become even more special as he develops. He is a Drew Brees with Vick’s ability to escape pressure and advance the ball. This is very exciting times for the Seahawks and we as LONG TIME fans deserve this. Who knew ? Oh, I guess it was John Schnieder.

  74. You know Im so glad the new regime isn’t playing favorites or worried about loyalty. That doesn’t work in the NFL. I know we all get locked into the microcosm a majority of the time but lets step back and look at the macrocosm for this team in recent years. Remember Mora and the end of the Holmgren era to where this team is now. Hell yes buddy. What an awesome transformation and I can only see positive things on the horizon. Go Seahawks.

  75. Welcome to the Pete Carroll “system”. The more you thought you knew about football, the more crazy it will drive you. But you can’t deny the results. Pete Carroll knows how to find and develop winning football players, and make a winning team of them. As chaotic as he may seem, he is a master at this.

    Now, let’s hang on for one wild ride of a season.

  76. I have made like 7 posts- sometimes I hate WordPress!

  77. I want to see what carrol does with the WR – only position where I think there will be surprises – although Lewis getting cut caught me off guard

  78. Macabrevity says:

    Pabs – I liked the comments to open the thread, PC/JS need to stick to UDFA’s and drafting, and enough high dollar FA’s already. I don’t want to even know which WR’s will be FA’s next season. Forget about it, let’s nab a stud wideout in the 7th round with our TJax pick next draft!

    Guys, I am so stoked for this team now that it looks like we have our QB of the future. A little worried about salary restructuring though. We can’t have our back-up out-earning our starter for longer than a single season.

  79. jawpeace says:

    Well it was indeed an open competition for the starting gig. Money be damned it is about skills. The only falseness in the competition was that it was really a two way battle, between Flynn and Wilson. T. Jack was not really in the battle. I guess theoretically if both Flynn and Wilson would have laid a giant turd then Jackson could have won the job. But that was not going to happen.
    I see Wilson as 1a and Flynn as 1b. Good to know we have an awesome back up in case Wilson gets hurt and misses some time. We do have a high price back up who is making more than the starter; but it is comforting and worth having a great backup who could be starting on some other teams.

  80. seahawk44 says:

    Wilson/Flynn …. it is a good situation at QB this season. I really can’t understand why anyone would be complaining when the 1-2 QBs on the team are better than they have been in many years. If the rookie struggles, Flynn will be ready.

    22 more cuts to come by next week.

  81. Now let’s see the WR’s step up. It looks like Wilson throws a very catchable ball.

  82. surelyyoujest says:

    Hopefully the different QB camps (Flynn vs Wilson) start chillin’ and get behind Russell. Do you guys remember how the offense looked last year at this time ? O-line was just plain bad, T-Jack looked lost, no running game….etc. It was bad. The offense that I watched on Friday night was not even close to the one that started last year…..head and shoulders beyond, with a rookie at the helm.

    RW is not a running QB. He only ran twice all game on Friday, and both times was not touched. He won’t become a Mike Vick, as he’s too smart for that. He will bolt for yardage when forced to, but that’s not going to be his first choice. And for those comparing RW to Seneca Wallace….please. Do you remember what Seneca looked like in his first camp ? Come on.

    Russell will have his ups and downs, but I believe he’ll be very successful in his first year. Go Hawks!

  83. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    I’m so happy that Wilson is the starter. He’s going to make dumb mistakes this season, but better he makes them now, learns from them, and doesn’t make them again. We have a franchise QB that will lead this team for the next decade. I’m so excited, and my expectations are so high!

    I believe we’ll see the post season this year, due to the fact that a lot of the difficult games we play–i.e., Green Bay, The Jets, New England, are at home. I believe Seattle will steal 1, or two, of those games. But realistically I know we are not in Superbowl contention yet. But who knows, we use a first round pick on a receiver, and add some depth, and with Wilson no longer a rookie, I expect us to be in contention 2-3 seasons.


  84. bird_spit says:

    I think it unbelievable that there is any argument at all on QB. There is plenty of time for that in the regular season. Flynn’s arm is not holding out. For consistency, Pete makes the logical choice to go with the healthy arm. Sit back and enjoy.. Russell will make plenty of bonehead decisions, as would have Flynn. When you finally grasp that fact the Flynn is paid 10 million to be our new clipboard Jesus, with a contract you could not trade at all, then it’s easier sleep at night. Flynn needs to become Turbins pal in the weight room.

  85. GeorgiaHawk says:

    For those that are kind of down on the FO starting a rookie and perhaps decreasing our odds of winning a SuperBowl this year, remember it took Hasselbeck a few years to help get us there. So Flynn was certainly no guarantee to do any better than that.

    I think our best shot to win a SuperBowl this year and beyond lies in the hands of Wilson.
    Flynn is good enough though to get another shot somewhere in the NFL.Imo. It will be interesting to see how long Flynn will be willing to sit.

  86. montanamike2 says:

    Good morning
    I slept well last night.
    I think we re write history as no one particular player has all the tools and talent RW does. He’s kind of like Brees height wise, but Brees took a few years to get to where RW is now. He scrambles like Vick but looks to extend the play downfield when running, and unlike Tjack he throws the ball away instead of taking the loss or force a turnover. We played P Manning in Denver with TO and still can’t get on a pre season game?????? Meanwhile we’re stuck watching blowouts of the Cards and Rams. I want to watch Thursday nights game badly AAARRRGGGGG!

  87. bird_spit says:

    Mm2, you have not seen that game yet? Get ready to have a grin you can’t stop. RW was the puppet master, and the KC defense gets played. It was awesome, and gets better the second and third time you watched it.

    After watching the AZ game, and parts of the rams and SF game, I like our chances this season. Clem is going to have his day in Az..Irvin likely gets his first taste of NFL QB in the regular season.

    The OAK game…I hope no potential starter plays. Our team needs to be healthy going into AZ.

  88. montanamike2 says:

    I agree bird-spit, we shouldn’t play the starters too much. We’ve already proved our dominance in Defense and have to evaluate before the 2nd cuts. I think we’ll see Lockette, Durham and other bubble players.

  89. montanamike2 says:

    Plus whoever we think could contribute from other teams cuts.
    These guys make blue chippers from cast aways.

  90. iHateHarbaugh says:

    OMG BigBlew lmao… It’s gonna be ok buddy, just start watching a little more football & you’ll see why Matt Flynn is an ideal backup & why Russell Wilson is… i don’t wanna even say it. Let’s go with dynamic. #12thMan #RussellManiaXII

  91. sluggo42 says:

    Flynn will play the entire Raider game, with Portis going 4th quarter maybe. And MF will do well I think, altho he will be throwing to the 2’s-3’s fighing for their life.

    # reasons RW won the job

    1) he won training camp
    2) he won preseason game stats

    It’s not so much Pete making the decision, the whole team picked him.

  92. jawpeace says:

    LOL GeorgiaHawk, that is what all the critics of Wilson will be saying after this season.

  93. mojjonation says:

    If there is any truth to the rumor that Wilson was the Chosen One all along, then that goes against PC’s “compete” mantra. If there was any truth to the rumor that Flynn was the “Chosen One” all along, then no matter how well Wilson played, Flynn would have been named game 1 starter. Although both do seem ridiculous, I do believe it was Flynn’s job to lose, which he didn’t. Wilson came in and wowed everyone with what he brough to the table. Is there any chance that this “tired arm/elbow” issue with Flynn was hidden during training camp and preseason and they wanted to see if he could play through it. I know the offenses and defenses are vanilla, but there was essentially no deep balls thrown by Flynn. He resembled Checkdown Jesus on a lot of his plays. Unless Flynn was in constant pain or had an issue throwing a higher arching ball due to a hidden injury, then there is no reason Wilson shouldn’t be the starter. Even if Flynns injury is real, you can’t have him running the number one offense on a hobbled ar. Wilson simply came in and beat Flynn out for the number one job. I have to admit it is nice having arguably the best one two punch at QB in football. No one else has a number 2 as good as Flynn. Let’s just hope this elbow thing isn’t more of a problem than what we already don’t know about.

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