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  1. At this point, there’s no rookie QB I’d trade Wilson for except Luck. That’s a pretty huge compliment for the little guy!

  2. I’d like to make one comment about Wilson.

    He seems to have great awareness.

    In interviews, he has what appears to well practiced smile. He is also aware of his language and everything he says is positive. He also has responses ready to go for criticism such as “my height doesn’t define my skill set”. People say “he wins you over”. That’s because he has practiced it. And that is a very good thing for a QB. In his dialogue you hear “preparation” over and over. One of Manning’s secrets to success is unbelievable preparation in all facets of the game (including where the QB study room is located etc.).

    The other thing I keep hearing him say is “visualization” over and over. And visualization is one method of preparation. If he has went over the plays and situations hundreds or thousands of times in his mind already, it’s much easier to do the real thing in a relaxed, confident, way. If you follow Phil Jackson’s methods, as well as Jordan’s and other’s application of them (, or even Bruce Lee, this is a huge part of how they could be confident and perform at such a high level in even the most stressful times.

    Even as Wilson’s foot was stepping out of bounds on his long run, he turned backwards as if to check if the offense was lining up correctly. He wasn’t congratulating himself or anything. Just tremendously aware of the moment. It almost seems like on some of his throws that it is too easy, like he isn’t trying that hard. No stress, just a nice simple throw and catch. This is a very good sign. This guy strikes me as one who works unbelievably hard in preparation, including visualization. One has to have the physical and mental skills to make it to the NFL but this willingess to prepare and drive to be great is one of the things that separates the good from the great IMO. It sure looks at this early stage that Wilson has both of those traits.

  3. Our TE’s look great. McCoy showed some great ability in that video clip. Sweezy absolutely mauled a few folks as well.

    Their ability to evaluate talent is really remarkable. I hope the JS PC duo remains in tact for a long, long time and on their terms. I also hope that we can hold on to Gus Bradly for a while (would love to PC have a long run and him to be the heir apparent).

    I wonder if the Wolf Greys can only be worn on the road or does the home team get to choose?

    I’m also curious as to what position other teams are looking to poach from us when cuts start to be made. My guess is RB and CB/S.

  4. Just watched the first half of Andrew Luck vs Robert Griffin III.

    Both looked good, with very mature skills for rookies. But I saw nothing there that makes me want either of those QBs more than Russell Wilson. He’s showing all the football smarts, readiness, and skills as Luck or RGII – and possibly better passing accuracy than either of them.

  5. edstang45 says:

    After all the comments about PC making supposedely making a mess of this QB competition, being so unorthodoxed, not following the accepted routine of allotting time for the next starter, making a mistake doing this and dang is he stupid for doing that!! We have now gone from having a backup as our starter, and having no depth when he got hurt, to having two Guys, who can start and I believe be a big improvement for years to come. I think both guys will allow us to win with great defense and an excellent run game. I see two QB;s who at the very least can manage this offense, Seems like maybe PC knows what he doing.
    afterall eh!!!
    I saw a very exciting QB last night with big play ability and he has only One start in a preseason game, This guy looks totally relaxed and so smooth, some of his passes were a bit off but after next years draft maybe we will get him that guy that can go get it like Stafford has, or like thatguy we passed on (Kolb) has. WE have a Excellent Defense,a very nice O-line, nice running game, and the QB position looks like its fixed so we are very close to being back on top for a long time….GO HAWKS…..Nice Jpob PC

  6. sluggo42 says:

    “this is what we hoped to see”

    no kidding?

    I remember last year at this time more or less and I was so depressed each week, getting the crap beaten out of us, but this year is the total opposite. I am so pumped, and down here is SoCal with all these stupid Raider/Cowboy gangbangers always talking crap, I can’t wait for next week specificlaly, and proudly wearing all my Hawk gear outnumbered 20-1 it will be wonderful.

    But, since all the gangbangers and bandwagoneers too, I expect to have lots of company and new best friends as this season moves along.

    This kid is the total package and we are so happy he is on board!
    Sorry Matty, but you might as well go find your clipboard again. But, I still dig you, and am confident that you could lead us to the halloed ground too, but you once again are just in the wrong place at the right time.

    But, look at it this way, you have the easiest millionaires job on the planet. You don’t even need to get sweaty!, So go drive your badassed mercedes and pour yourself a big glass of front row Russ and enjoy it from up close and personal. You can’t buy a better seat then that baby!!


  7. joreb, I agree with you about giving props to Schneider and Carroll for their ability to scout talent in assembling this team. We’ve seen so many good examples of great scouting. Seeing Wilson emerge is another great example.

    After the Charlie Whiteworst debacle, I heard lots of comments about how perhaps Schneider didn’t know how to scout the QB position, or Carroll being a defense coach and not knowing how to coach a QB. I think these guys have both taken a step this preseason to put those comments to rest. Fact is, they hit on both their QB recruits this year. Flynn is good, accurate, smart, and will give us solid starts if he’s called on. Wilson is special, mature beyond his years, unconventionally short but unconventionally suited to lead a football team with his arm, legs, and head.

    Schneider and Carroll were right about both of these guys, and Carroll knew how to get the best out of both of them through competition until the rightful leader emerged. I think everyone can stop questioning whether our front office knows how to find their QB of the future.

  8. Ok. so after re-watching last week’s game and this week’s game, and now watching these replays I’m a little bothered by one thing with RW. I’ve yet to see him throw a dig route to the left. In fact very few passes to the left. I counted 7 last night and only 2 completed, one being the bubble screen to T.O. and one being the flat route to McCoy. The deep one to Edwards was a good toss, but not a timing route really. In fact nothing that required good timing except the one to Tate that was a hair late and we luckily got the PI flag our way.

    That last QB we had that couldn’ through a dig route (or any timing route) to the left, also wore #3. I hope to hell RW can, I know he’s got the arm strength. But this is pretty much the only thing I haven’t seen him do yet. (Other than maybe audible down to a hot route based on a read.)

    I have all three games on my DVR so if someone has seen him through a good out route, dig route, or such to the right, please share. I’d like to go look it over. I’m especially interested in his footwork and accuracy on a dig route left. Something requiring strength, accuracy and timing.

  9. Soggybuc says:

    One nice part of that play to McCoy was after the one fancy hurdle to avoid the guy going in low was when the had cornered he just lowered his head and powered into them gaining an extra 2 or 3 yards.
    How many times you see a guy try and get fancy in spot like that and fumble or lose a yard or two. smart football on McCoy’s part.

  10. Interesting perspective Soggy, as I was screaming at the TV on that play because I thought (and still think) McCoy should have gone out of bounds insteadt of cutting it back up for the extra couple yards. At the time we were under a minute to go and had no time outs. The field position was secondary to the time left on the clock in that situation.

  11. I wanted Flynn to be the starter and Wilson to sit on the bench for a year, but after watching Wilson against KC, I think Wilson earned his way into the starting job. He’s just too good. I hope he stays in the pocket more — the runs are exciting, but I don’t want him to get hurt. I just get the feeling that Wilson is going to make several of the WRs/TEs look better than they are — sort of how Tom Brady does. Maybe in a few years, everyone will say that the Seahawks got the best QB in the draft. Part of me feels bad for Flynn, but at least he got his millions and will probably get a shot on another team soon.

  12. And after the trouncing the Seahawks put on KC, you have to believe that they’re going to be in the thick of the playoff race this year — with either QB at the helm.

  13. ChrisHolmes says:

    That’s the thing about a great QB – he elevates the play of those around him. And that’s what I see with Wilson.

  14. MikePDX, good post.

    Russell does look in command on the field, and is working all the time to improve. I think Matt is a good quarterback, I just think Russell is better, and will be starting against Arizona.

  15. Stop the blog… Stevos said that Wilson is better than Luck so it must be true!!! Nevermind the part about one having a great team (in our opinion) and one [Luck] inheriting a team that sucks. Stevos has said so!!!

  16. I bet that my batting average as a MLB player would be better if I had faced a crappy #5 pitcher everyday instead of a guy like King Felix… oh, wait, nevermind, (almost) nobody around here is smart enough to take that kind of thing into consideration (that you’re better if you face talent that sucks vs. good talent). LMAO.

    Instead of me hitting .089 as a “real” player, I’d have “hit” .011 as a guy going against King Felix everyday. lol

  17. Cmon Bobby K you have had many opinions on this blog that could be considered to be “Tin Foil Hat” crazy, Stevos obviously got a little carried away with the Luck comparison but if you look at what the two have done last year and so far in this pre-season they are very comparable. I am not saying that Wilson is or will be a “Franchise QB” what ever the hell that means but what is true is his teammates believe in him. It is very obvious in the body language when he plays and also in what players such as Tate and TJack and others have said about him. He acts like a pro and the game is not to much for him his preparation is excellent and he will only get better. And remember, Gruden was very impressed with Wilson and said on draft day that Flynn and Tjack better be wary of him because if he got the job it would be his. Very prophetic don’t you think?

  18. Watching jforce play for the Texans -hope he does well

  19. dvaldez – all of us (who post too much… lol) have said plenty of things (wright and wrong)… I agree. Before all of us go Gruden crazy like he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread (and I do like him and think he’s a better coach than who we have, even though I’m very comfortable now w/Mr. Happy), lets not forget that he drafted guys like Cadillac Williams and Gaines Adams in the top five (busts – sorry for the Adams reference, but they did trade him for a 2nd rounder a few years later which makes him a “bust”).

  20. I never said he was greatest thing since sliced bread or do I give a damn who gruden drafted. The point is that it appears that the team believes in Wilson. I also noticed in the 4th quarter Flynn appeared to be sulking and talking to Durham on the sidelines- his body language sucked and it spoke volumes- we do not want a QB contorversy here but Wilson so far has beaten Flynn out.

  21. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Funny- Last night on the the live game chat after Wilsons first td I said the competition was over. Dukeshire said that GeorgiaHawk said it so it must be true. Lol. Sounds a bit like Bobbyk on Stevos.

    So far Wilson has played better then all the other Rookies, including Luck.
    Just another jab at Wilson. When will this nonsense stop?

    Luck will be good imo. But he like Wilson needs to play in some real games for awhile. We couldn’t go wrong with either though.

    Bobbyk, you have been up Flynns A$$ for some time now. Don’t you think it’s time to get out? Lol.

  22. Seahawks2620 says:

    I think my fAvorite thing about Wilson, and it may seem stupid, is the way he throws the ball. It is just so effortless, and appears to just explode out of his hand. Most QBs around the league have to put there entire body into a throw, and he looks like he just flicks his wrist and the ball gets to the WR very quickly. Haha

  23. PEARLJAM23 says:

    At this stage, I would rather have Wilson over Luck.

  24. raymaines says:

    I was looking for a place to buy a custom Nike jersey and didn’t find one, but found a list of 1159 words I can’t have printed on my NFL jersey:

  25. I’m with you Stevos all the way bro. I like RW better for our team and what we’re trying to do, than anyone else, and wouldn’t trade him for any other rookie QB at this point. You know what? There is no such thing as a sure thing in the NFL. Even if someone has the physical skills and mental makeup, they could go into a bad situation or get hit with injuries and not realize their potential. Why the hell did all the qbs who flopped go so high in the draft? The list of busts is long indeed. From Rick Mirer to David Carr to Tim Couch, Akili Smith, Matt Leinart, Jamarcus Russell recently. Problem was, they didn’t have the drive to succeed. You have to have a relentless passion, an ambition to be the best, and we can not measure someone’s heart quantitatively or go inside someone’s head. All signs point to us getting a born winner and natural leader in RW, and we’ve been missing that for some time. Hass had leadership skills, but his physical skills were diminishing. I like Russell Wilson, love his attitude and what he brings to the table, and the chip on his shoulder from being the ” short guy” underdog all the time. I wonder if he wears the #3 to remind himself which round he got drafted to keep himself focused and hungry.

  26. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Seahawks2620- Didn’t Wilson have the biggest hands at the combine? The sky is the limit for this kid,imo.

    Brees is what, one inch taller and he has the record for most passing yards in a season.

    Wilson could be our qb for the next ten to fifteen years. If he developes into a top 5 or ten qb we could be in the playoff hunt for around the next 15 years.
    With that plus our D, and the 12th man we could be in for a wild fun ride!

  27. raymaines says:

    Are you guys kidding? Are you really saying if the Colts called you and wanted to trade Luck for Wilson straight up you’d decline the offer?

  28. Whitney Mercilus is playing pretty darn well for Houston so far, like 3 sacks for the pre-season. Little more polish than Irvin right now but sure gives you an idea of what he might be able to do with a little time and coaching!!

  29. 2620, did u see how hard P Manning was hurling the ball? And it still floated on him kind of wobbly many times.
    It’s all about the compact, efficient motion, similar to a power slugger’s compact home run swing in baseball. He also has a high release point over the top, so that negates the height issue in terms of getting his passes batted down.

  30. GeorgiaHawk says:

    CCVI- I agree with you and also I agree with you agreeing with Stevos.

  31. montanamike2 says:

    I almost agree with Stevos, I see Luck as the real deal for the long hall, but after that there’s nobody i want more. I think we “stole” an elite qb in the third. Yipppeeee we have an excellent franchise QB!

  32. So raymaines, can you tell me why Tom Brady got drafted in the 6th round? Or why Romo wasn’t drafted at all?
    I think Luck will be a good QB, but many people thought the same about J Russell. It’s all a freaking crapshoot at some point. We’re just saying we really like Russell Wilson, we’re all in, supporting him as the leader of the Seahwks so why would we trade him for Luck who is also unproven? I would bet money that John Schneider had him rated as high as Luck, or close to him, and maybe higher than Griffin. And we all know by now what kind of scouting acumen he has. We shall see a few years down the road, and if he turns out to be a dud, you can gloat all you want.
    I’ll still be around.

  33. montanamike2 says:

    WE now have the best QB’s in the NFC WEST.

  34. GeorgiaHawk says:

    At this stage Yes raymaines and so would Carroll. Wilsons won this locker room hands down so why would the FO now trade Wilson for another rookie qb that hasn’t produced as well so far. Chemistry means alot when it comes to winning SuperBowls, imo.

    Remember Manning only won one SuperBowl in his career, and some could argue that Sanders was a bigger reason for that happening.

    So why trade Wilson for Luck when Wilson is playing better and has the locker room behind him?
    Also how many national championships does Luck have compared to Carroll?
    In other words you don’t have to have the best qb in the NFL to win SuperBowls. Just the best qb that fits your team. Just look at the Stealers for example.

  35. valdez – sorry about the “sliced” bread stuff. I have a “sense of humor” here that didn’t translate well. I didn’t mean it badly (as you took it). And, yes, he has beaten Flynn out. There’s no question about it.

    Georgia – weren’t you saying you’d trade a million #1 picks for Luck a few months ago? Now you wouldn’t trade him for Wilson? LOL. And just b/c I think Flynn is still good (call me when Wilson has a 480 yards, 6 TD passing game in an NFL game [not pre-season] w/o his #1 and 4 WR) that doesn’t diminish the fact that I really like/love Wilson (and, no, I don’t think Flynn will ever do that again… and I’d take Wilson over him, too). I’m starting to worry, Georgia, but I think you like the fact that Wilson has big hands for other reasons (joke… yes, you have been on his bandwagon and I give you credit for that). – not intended to be a slap, but a joke…

  36. Also how many national championships does Luck have compared to Carroll?

    QB vs coach – not a fair comparison IMO – but whatever

    I would take Luck or Wilson and be happy with it!

    just jump 14 days from now and lets plays some frikken ball!!!!

  37. montanamike2 says:
    Aug. 25, 2012 at 9:14 pm WE now have the best QB’s in the NFC WEST.

    Yes. Yes we do. I like Sam Bradford, but I really like our guys (and I have been a Bradford supporter for awhile).

    There’s no way Fat Albert (JaFatusRus… can’t type the rest) was good after his first two NFL pre-season starts, not like Luck has clearly been.

    And why the hell are we painting people in a corner? Shouldn’t we be jacked that we have a potential franchise QB?

    Maybe I should be tarred and feathered for saying that Jerry Rice was better than Steve Largent?

    All I know is that Wilson is going to be a franchise QB for a long time and he may very well win more Super Bowls than Andrew Luck! But to say, at this point, you’d rather have him over Luck is crazy… oh, wait, the Seahawks are a great team and the Colts suck… and when Wilson wins more games as a rookie than Luck (which he will), we’re going to have people talk about how he’s better b/c “he” won more games. Those are the same people who will say that Derek Jeter would have the same amount of rings had he played his career with the Mariners or Padres. lol

    The whole national championship thing was directed at the people a few months back at people (no, not you Georgia) who were irrational about why Wilson was better than Flynn. I have no problem with arguments about any player over any player if they are well founded. However, we’ve had some unbelievably stupid comments about how Flynn couldn’t be better than Wilson b/c he played at LSU. Well, these clowns never realized that (until now, IMO) Wisconsin has never had any ‘luck’ at that position either. Or we’ve had people talk about how Wilson was a ‘winner (which I believe he is),’ but Flynn wasn’t (when one won a ntl championship, and the other didn’t).

    obtw – Luck has as many national championships in his last 3 years as Pete Carroll had in his final 3 years at USC. lol

  38. seatowntp says:

    Just to add to the mancrush. . .

    Jon Gruden speaking immediately after the Seahawks drafted RW: “If I were Matt Flynn and Tavaris Jackson, I’d be leery of this kid, because if you give him a chance, if you give him a chance and look past the 5’11” or the 5’10 1/2” whatever it is, if you give this kid a legitimate chance to win the job, he’ll win it!” Gruden is a prophet!

  39. I will say this about Pete Carroll and John Schneider… I have always thought I was smarter and would have been a better GM than anyone we’ve had since the mid-80s. I used to stay up late at night as a 9-10-11-12 year old (especially during summer vacation) and would map out realistic trades (not Seneca Wallace for a 1st rounder, lol) and things of that nature with respect to the draft/depth chart (I’m now late 30s). Even when Holmgren took over I questioned some of his moves. This is the first time EVER that I can sit back and think that the people in charge are a heck of a lot smarter than me (Sherman, Wilson, Wright, Browner, etc.). Don’t get me wrong, I know for a fact that every GM we’ve ever had has been a lot “smarter” than me, but this is the first time I have felt that the guys in charge are getting the job done the way it’s supposed to be done (and better, overall, than I’d have done it). And it’s fun! I told my wife a few months ago that being a Seahawks fan is less stressful because I don’t have to worry so much about the “experts” screwing up the team. Yes, I have worried too much about the team in the past in that way (and, yes, I’m a loser for that). The only thing I’m worried about these days are the penalties and Mr. Happy’s track record with them in the NFL. lol

  40. Stevos – just giving you a hard time earlier… and you didn’t take the bait. Darn. Why do you have to be so rational and a better man than me? lol

  41. It’s time to “Tussle with Russell.”

    I have to admit that 1 year and 1 month ago I was mad at my wife… we agreed to name our son Luke (my Dad wanted to name me Luke and my Mom said no, so they settled on it being the middle name). However, we hadn’t agreed on the middle name. I wanted “Skywalker.” Yes. I’m a Star Wars geek, too. But she insisted on “Russell” due to the recent passing of her Grandfather whose name was that and then, that was that (who also served in the Pacific during WWII, which I have huge respect for). And, now, I couldn’t be happier that his middle name is the same as a man that will now lead the Seahawks to a Super Bowl WIN!!! Git-er-done!!!

  42. Yo Bobby, funny. Maybe naming your kid Russell was a good omen. And I would have definitely gone mano-a-mano with you had I seen you trying to take me down earlier. Truth is, half the time if I look back and read what I wrote I don’t always agree with myself anyway.

    Its so early and we’ve seen Wilson in such limited situations so far that truth is we don’t really know what we have yet in this kid. Or in this team. But is this the best preseason we’ve had in a long time, or what?

    I mean, is this the most hopeful we have been about the Seahawks in a Long Freakin Time, or what?!

    Damn, I’m liking the Pete Carroll Era.

  43. Great article on about the offensive rookies.

  44. Yeah, its looking like our draft this year was excellent, once again. Only this year all the drafted rookies won’t make the team. not because the draft was weaker, because the team is stronger. Last year, guys like Jaye Howard, Korey Toomer, Lane, and Guy would have definitely made the team. This year, the competition is tougher.

    And I still can’t believe our 7th round draft picks, Sweezy and Scruggs. On draft day I looked at those guys and thought both seemed like reaches. Now they are two of the best performing rookies on the team. Three years in a row of good drafts, top to bottom. I think Schneider and his crew are way ahead of most scouting staffs around the league. Some tough cuts may be coming Monday.

  45. “I think Schneider and his crew are way ahead of most scouting staffs around the league.” I think so, too.

  46. seatowntp says:

    BobbyK, As you know, your wife is a saint!

  47. bbnate420 says:

    Whose wife isn’t????????????????

  48. bbnate420 says:

    The swings on this blog are both crazy and believable, if that makes any sense. I understand that blogs like this are prone to overreaction both ways, but let’s just wait it out. It seems like PC/JS have built a formidable defense for sure. The offense still has something to prove. I will definitely say that I have more hope for this season than any other since 2007. And in 2007, it was an aging team. This is a young, and hopefully, up and coming team. If RW can become a top 10 QB by 2013, I have little doubt that we will be a SB contender for many years to come. That’s counting on Lady Luck not kicking us in the teeth as well. This team will be exciting, if nothing else IMO.

  49. bbnate420 says:

    BTW, GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. montanamike2 says:

    The talent evaluation from this team is unheard of, there is no doubt they built this team the way they wanted, they inherited a bad team and made a contender in only a couple years. I wonder if we choose all studs or just get the best out of them with our coaching? I tend to think it’s a little bit of both. I remember only 1-2 players taken in the draft even made the cut. It takes a lot of moxy to draft a DT and turn him into a guard or turn another DT into a beast at DE. I hope we make some trades with our cast offs for more late round gems.

  51. oops… “ditto!” to “Go Hawks!” Not that I don’t agree with the 6:23 post (I do).

  52. At this point, there is NO rookie I would trade R Dub for…

    He’s done nothing but shine, is ours and didn’t require a 1st round pick. By saying you’d trade Wilson for Luck, what do you say about the inclusion of Irvin and Wagner?

    It my mind, there is no doubt. PC and JS win again!


  53. bbnate420 says:

    Remember when Numbskull drafted for us? You would be lucky to get ONE player most years. I’ll give him 2005. Other than that, it seemed pathetic to me. I could be suffering from horrible amnesia?

  54. montanamike2 says:

    It’s nice to see Turbin “hulking up” too.

  55. bbnate420 says:

    I’m going 2 the GB Monday night game. Hawks fans, SHOW UP!!!!!!!!!! We will need all the help we can get, probably! Give our D the advantage they deserve!

  56. montanamike2 says:

    I’m a bit disapointed in Winston Guy but impressed by J Johnson.

  57. chuck_easton says:


    It’s great that you are so sold and so happy with Wilson, but a little perspective here. IF the Colts called today and offered a straight up trade Wilson for Luck you don’t think our FO would jump at that without even a second of time to consider it?

    Luck already looks like a five year vet. There is a reason he went first overall. Put him on this team with the surrounding talent and he’d be unstoppable. He’s taking a team of very little talent and making them look good.

    Yes we got a steal with Wilson if he were three or four inches taller he very likely could have been the second player drafted this year. He already looks better than Bob Griffin who looks every bit the lost rookie in Washington.

    BUT Wilson is still a rookie. He’s going to have growing pains. Once Defensive coordinators start specifically scheming to play him he’s going to struggle. Are we going to turn against him the first game he doesn’t lead the team to points on every first half drive? Are we going to scream for TJack or Flynn the first two game losing streak we have this year? Because I guarantee those are going to happen.

    Russell is a smart, talented kid who is making the most of his talents. But he alone doesn’t suddenly make Seattle a lock for the playoffs and a Superbowl contender. He is just a talented rookie who is an improvement at a position that needed it.

    If we are going to go with a rookie, and it looks like we are, then we as fans better be ready for the growing pains. Because they are coming.

    The idea of starting a rookie means you have to be prepared to stick with him no matter what.

    There is a reason only one rookie QB has ever led his team to a Superbowl win. We all remember who that guy was because it was the one time our team was in the game. And even that year the winning team won in spite of the rookie QB who had one of the lowest QB ratings of any Superbowl winning QB ever.

    Wilson will be good and possibly great. But let’s not start fitting him for his HOF jacket and start counting our lombardi trophies just yet.

    He’s still a rookie.

  58. bbnate420 says:

    montanamike, I have liked Turbin since before the draft, not bragging. He didn’t look that great the first 2 weeks of preseason except for the fact that he showed versatility. I was very encouraged by his play versus KC. He showed the will to break tackles as well.

  59. montanamike2 says:

    I want to make at least one game this year, i’ve never seen a live football game of any kind. I wouldn’t go see the MSU Bobcats if you gave me the tickets. There’s been a running joke here that the Bobcats were once beat badly by the high school team.

  60. montanamike2 says:

    bbnate420 Turbin does seem to get better every game huh.

  61. Actually, the Rapist was in his second year when they “beat” us (but I get the point).

  62. montanamike2 says:

    Bobby don’t you ever sleep man?

  63. bbnate420 says:

    Chuck, are you copying me?

    Just joking, don’t flip your lid. I think you’re completely right. I want RW starting, but he won’t look like a star every week of the regular season. That you can count on. If he does, then we hit a once in a generation jackpot. I won’t count on that. I still would bet he will be ready take the Hawks to the SB in 2013-2014!

  64. The best thing about starting an experienced rookie/starter is that they are set up for success. We have a dominant running game and defense. A young QB can’t ask for anything more than that (well, maybe Jerry Rice and John Taylor). I think the Hawks are kind of set up like the ’04 Steelers with their run game and defense, like that year ‘burgh went 15-1 in the Rapist’s first season (lost in the play-offs though).

  65. bbnate420 says:

    I can’t think of the rookie SB winning QB???????????

  66. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BobbyK- You are right! 6 months ago I would have traded Two full round drafts for Luck and the chance to have potentially a great franchise qb.
    Luck will be that good, imo, ( so glad he is in the AFC )

    I didn’t know a Dam thing about Wilson at that time. ( Shows how much I know when it comes to scouting, lol )

    And I’m really not an Xs and Os guy either. I just more or less go by my gut feeling from observing games and how players carry themselves, and how other teamates respond to them.
    That’s why it didn’t take me long to warm up to Wilson. I just think he will be better for this team regardless if Luck is overall a better qb.
    I thought the same way about Locker two years ago. I was just hoping then that the FO would have moved down to pick him up and retain Hasselbeck.
    Now I don’t care about that because I think Wilson will be as good if not better.

  67. montana – I’ve been up with a little guy (who will soon have a #3 jersey, when available) a good chunk of the night and when he’s been sleeping, I’ve been partially on the blog waiting for him to cough/get up again.

  68. bbnate420 says:

    If the Hawks keep SidRice healthy and draft another stud WR in the 2013 off-season, this team WILL be reckoned with!

  69. montanamike2 says:

    I think all the WR’s like RW not leading them into big hits, if he’s our QB i think Rice stays healthy or at least healthier.

  70. chuck_easton says:

    Not copying you bbnate. But good to know we can agree on things. Makes the times we disagree much more fun to argue.

    I just get the sense a few people on here are setting the bar way too high for this kid. If we go with a rookie we’d better be ok with the bad games. It won’t be all sunshine, rainbows and lollipops.

  71. montanamike2 says:

    I can handle growimg pains for a franchise QB. I also don’t believe PC is on the hot seat like some imply, mainly creative experts.

  72. montanamike2 says:

    I could deal with growing pains from our franchise qb.

  73. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Who was it that said this will go down as one of the worst drafts in Seahawk history?

    We could have 5 or 6 rookies not only making this team but also making significant contributions this year.

    This very well could go down as one of the greatest Seahawk drafts of all time.

  74. chuck_easton says:

    Actually I was thinking about Ben Rothlisberger, but he was in his second year when the steelers beat us. He’s the youngest Superbowl winning QB and that 2005 game he had a terrible QB rating.

    The only QB that was technically a rookie to win the Superbowl was Kurt Warner with the Cards. He was listed as a rookie officially but he had already been a starting QB in NF L Europe, in the Arena league, and had time on NFL practice squads prior to that season.

  75. bbnate420 says:

    I agree, Chuck! I don’t purposely try to disagree with you. When I read a post I disagree with, it just motivates a response from me. It probably has to do with an unresolved propensity towards argumentative discourse. A number of people have told me to go into law, as I love to argue points of view/fact. I genuinely think you’re one of the more level-headed posters on here. Discounting your descent into the abyss after RW was named the PS week 3 starter. I still have said the same as you, and I agree. He will have struggles this year, almost undoubtedly. If we are going with him, which I think we should, we have to be ready to take some growing pains in 2012. I think we would’ve had some even if Flynn had started all of 2012.

  76. bbnate420 says:

    Good one, Chuck!

  77. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Chuck- The way I look at this is Wilson’s the one setting the bar high. I’m just along for the ride.

    Sure he is going to have his ups and downs, they all do.

  78. sluggo42 says:


    Chuck – buzzkill – Easton

    Here bud, have a glass of “front-row Russ”…mmmmmm, tastes like kool-aid don’t ya think?

  79. confucious says:

    “Setting the bar high” I’m with Chuck, Kansas City in the preseason is hardly the definition of a high bar. RW shined but let’s wait and see. It was good to see him stay in the pocket and still be effective. My concern with all of the roll outs and impromptu running is the injuries, al a Micheal Vick.

  80. confucious says:

    How many holds did our oline get away with? Go replacement refs!

  81. Palerydr says:

    I also agree with Chuck/Nate a rookie will have some bad games in the NFL it will happen. I’m no fan of an undersized QB but if he can consistently make plays that lead to wins then lets go I’m in.

    NightHawk said this was the worst draft ever if memory serves correctly.

  82. Chuck, was Kurt Warner a “born again” rookie when he won the Superbowl with the Cards? My memory is a little hazy on that one. jk

    It is amazing how quickly John and Pete have accomplished a complete tear-down followed by a solid foundation and now a “complete” team. What I mean by complete is that health withstanding and with a little seasoning you could argue that every position has been addressed. Sure there are weaknesses but all of the major red flags (QB, pass rush) going into the offseason were shored up. I fully agree with BobbyK regarding being able to get a sound sleep at night knowing that our decision making is in such good hands. I also had many GM delusions growing up and continuing on until last year. It’s felt good to retire.

    Most of the “fixture” teams have a very good/great QB at the helm that they can lock up as the talent around them inevetably comes and goes. If RWIII is that guy then the Seahawks have hit it out of the park. Things are coming together. Superbowl XLVIII(2014) champs!

  83. hawkdawg says:

    Impressive tape. Not perfect by any means, but if this is what you do in your first start as a rookie, you’ve got quite a future, young man.

    The only thing that disturbs me about this tape, actually, is watching Okung get beaten on the edge, repeatedly, by Hall. Dumervil did it to him the previous week, too. By his third year, Jones wasn’t getting beaten that much in a season, let alone 5 quarters worth of games.

    Not saying Okung can’t get better–I trust that he will. But this talk about him being a constant Pro Bowler is definitely premature, in my view.

    Sigh. Yet another reminder of just how good Walter was, and how lucky we were to have him.

  84. The replacement refs have got to go!

  85. “NightHawk said this was the worst draft ever if memory serves correctly.”

    that’s true – i remember that as well. NightHawk tends to disappear when things are looking up, only to re-appear with a sneer at any moment of despair.

  86. As often stated here, PC’s teams rely on defense, running game, and a QB that merely doesn’t make mistakes. That is why his USC QB’s, while drafted high, are disappointing in the NFL. But we now have a QB that not only will make few mistakes (IMO) but will take advantage of any situation that comes up. Looks good to me.

  87. Kurt Warner won a super bowl with St Louis around 2001 before he was with the Cards.

  88. iHateHarbaugh says:

    Does Wilson throw the sought after “catchable ball?” LOL Just seems to me that guys who can’t normally catch passes like McCoy are finding the ball in their mitts. GOD I hope Pete just says it on Monday or Tuesday so we can move on to putting the whiners back where they’ve been since we joined “their” division, the effing bottom… #12thMan #RussellMania

  89. Chuck…man…you gotta open your eyes bro.

    Where have I ever said anything about R Dub winning the Superbowl AND going to the HOF? Answer: NEVER

    My point was simple. I wouldn’t trade our 3 draft picks for Andrew Luck. I may not even trade R Dub right now straight up, because he fits our team quite nicely. That can be debated.

    Quit getting so butt hurt for riding the Flynn thing so long. I have been pretty consistent in my posts. I try to refrain from saying stupid things. rather, I enjoy holding other blabber mouths accountable.

    My hope is 10-6. Unlike some that have suggest that we Suck for Luck, I am on the other side that suggests to play your ass off, win as often as possible and draft where ever the chips fall.

    Look dude, seriously…go back and read my posts. I quite frankly don’t go back and quote people verbatim, but I know mostly what I’ve said.

    Of the QB’s we have, R Dub is the most electrifying. he seems poised, smart, has a cannon of an arm, quick, fluid aware and way mature beyond his 23 years of age.

    Carroll and Schneider were flat out giddy when they drafted him. They didn’t give a rats ass about what many of the ‘experts’ were saying about him, let alone the many hacks that reside here.

    Andrew Luck is going to be an awesome pro. RGIII I’m not sold on (yet), but R Dub is ours and I couldn’t be happier about it. Plus Irvin and Wagner will help our already incredible defense so when you put it all together it’s a no brainer.

    Ask Pete and John if they’d rather have Luck over those three.


  90. I like Bobby’s comment up there about the Seahawks being set up this year for the QB to succeed. I’ve believed this for months now.

    Normally I’m pretty old school about rookie QBs. I don’t ever like to see them pushed to start. That’s why I wasn’t on the RW bandwagon early. I like savvy vets at QB. That said, RW has forced his way to the front of the line.

    And, this team is set up for nearly any QB to succeed. Even a rookie. This is why I kept saying throughout camp that I would be okay with Flynn or Wilson or even TJack starting at QB. With TJack at the helm, I see a 10+ win team here. With Flynn starting, maybe a few less mistakes and an extra win or so. With Wilson leading, who knows? Wilson will probably give us a few extra rookie mistakes that lose games, and also a few stunning plays that win games.

    This team will have a defense that will stifle and intimidate, a ground game that will wear opponents down, a short passing game hard to defend… and if Wilson can contribute a few explosive big plays while minimizing rookie mistakes? damn. I don’t think Wilson needs to be the savior; the QB here is set up for success, and Flynn will be a solid replacement if we need him.

    The only remaining concerns I have now about this team are the WR group. Very happy with Baldwin and Butler at slot WR. I love Rice, but can he stay healthy. After that, guys need to step up, and I’m not seeing enough from the rest of them. If anything holds this team back, its likely to be this group.

  91. WR I think will make us all gray by the end of the year. I think the will be every bit of inconsistent as whoever the QB is.

    Can they stay healthy
    Will they be chirping on the QB – to throw ME the ball
    Can they make the catches when needed
    Will they run the correct routes

    Are among the many questions I have about this group

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