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Morning links: Reaction to Hawks 44-14 win

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 25, 2012 at 7:30 am with 40 Comments »
August 25, 2012 7:30 am
Seattle Seahawks defensive back Earl Thomas (29) runs for a touchdown after an interception during the second half of an NFL preseason football game against the Kansas City Chiefs in Kansas City, Mo., Friday, Aug. 24, 2012. (AP Photo/Ed Zurga)

Good Morning. I’m headed back to Tacoma and will post my thoughts on the quarterback situation a little later.

But for now, here’s a look at the reaction to Seattle’s 44-14 win over Kansas City, which gives the Seahawks a 3-0 record in exhibition play.

You can check out the box score and highlights here.

Here’s my game story. Golden Tate had this to say about Russell Wilson’s performance: “It’s exciting. We’re confident because if the defense covers well or has the right play called, this guy can tuck it and run. And he’ll start running and then throw it still across his body and make a completion. He’s just a very, very special player. And I’m excited to see him grow.”

And Terrell Owens flashed a glimpse of what we have seen in practice with a 40-yard catch in the second half, his first one in a Seahawks’ uniform.

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times notes that tight end Anthony McCoy has had a solid preseason.

Clare Farnsworth of writes that Russell Wilson came up big again.

Art Thiel of writes that Wilson is playing like an experienced veteran, not a 23-year-old rookie.

Gregg Rosenthal of doesn’t believe that Terrell Owens will make Seattle’s final roster.

The Senior Bowl sent out a watch list highlighting 309 top seniors and potential NFL draft prospects.

ESPN’s Mike Sando notes Russell Wilson’s efficiency in his evaluation of Seattle’s performance against the Chiefs.

Adam Schein of writes that Seattle is the NFL’s most fascinating team.

Doug Farrar of Yahoo Sports writes that Seattle appears to have found its starting quarterback in Russell Wilson.

710 ESPN Seattle’s Bob Stelton and Dave Grosby talk with ESPN analyst Tim Hasselbeck, who says that Russell Wilson’s height is a non-issue.

Morning links
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  1. Want to give a shout out to Sergei and the Seahawk fans who were at the Press Box in Missoula last night!

    Theres’s good reason to be excited here. I’ll take a nibble of my Crow sandwich now as it looks like RDub has won himself the job. I’ll choke down the rest at the end of the season(that’s my hope). We may also have the best backup QB in the league if that’s the way things play out. That’s a damn good thing too!

  2. ChrisHolmes says:

    All I’ve wanted is for this team to find itself a potential elite player at the most important position in all of sports.

    And it looks like, finally, we may actually have found him. Wilson looks like a potential franchise QB.


    I’m stunned. Excited. Elated.

    It’s good to be a Seahawks fan right now.

  3. FleaFlicker says:

    That was an amazing game last night. All around. Rush TD, Pass TD, Special Team TD, Defensive TD.

    Trying to remember that this is preseason, a time of year when even Charlie Whitehurst can look like a contender. But still, I can’t remember a season that had so much potential upside.

    I think Charly Martin took T.O.’s roster spot last night.

    Anybody catch that Cardinals game the other night? Offensively, that team is a dumpster fire. Starting LT was a guy from the practice squad. Just zero protection, spotty run-game. No QB can do well in that scenario. But file that one under “not our problem”. And hopefully file it under “opening week W”.

    Go Hawks!

  4. Hi guys,

    I’ve been enjoying your posts (except for you Russell Sprouts h8ters, jk :) here for many years now (since the Sando days) and wanted to thank you for allowing me to lurk in the cyber shadows. I thought I’d add a cool and easy to use tool for QB rating and let you know that RW posted a 135 last night. Mediocre but it’ll do…HA!

  5. Dukeshire says:

    Well, I don’t know if he’ll ever become the player some here feel he can, but from where I sit, I don’t see how Wilson isn’t the week 1 starter, after last night. I was especially glad to see in-pocket throws, and him not bail when there was trash at his feet. In short, the kid played very well.

    Irvin showed up last night too, which feels good. He pressured to outer pocket several times. I liked seeing the Irvin, Red, ‘Bane, Clem d line formation. I wasn’t sure that was something they would use moving forward, but we’ve seen it in each game so far, so I’d imagine that will be something we’ll see in nickel during the regular season.

    TO is done.

    Mike Morgan had his best game so far. That will make Carroll more comfortable about LB depth, now. And it was also fun to see Wagner at Mike in nickel. His development will be awesome to watch throughout the season.

    In short, let’s get the season going! They look ready.

  6. RW is unbelievable…and against a very good KC defense. I haven’t been this excited in years.

  7. HawkyHann says:

    Rus Wil is amazing

  8. I’d like Wilson to play the entire half on Thursday, with Rice, Baldwin, Owens and Edwards.

    As “bad” as Owens is, he’s already produced more than Tate this preseason. He’ll only get better as he re-adjusts to the speed of the game and regains his hand eye coordination.

    But watching Edwards and Owens, its great to see explosive WRs who can make defenses pay for cheating up on the running game.

    Tate is QB killer. How many more QBs must die at his hands?

  9. Ewalters7354 says:

    Pabs,I completely agree with everything you said…If the Hawks keep six WR I don’t see anyway T.O. doesn’t make the team.He’s always dropped balls but he’s definitely good for at least 8 tds.I’ll take that.

  10. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Above everything else this is what I have liked most from Wilson since he got here.

    I can’t wait to see him and Baldwin work their Double (It factor) this year.

    “It’s never easy,” Wilson concluded. “All the work we put in, in terms of getting there early and leaving late — it’s a lot of work .You’ve really got to be dedicated to it, and you have to be. Our team is really dedicated right now — everybody’s loving it, and everybody’s intense. Everybody’s really caring about what we need to do to be successful.”

  11. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BTW- I was wrong about Tate. Not so much from a recieving viewpoint at this stage, but to his overall value to the team. He’s a play maker! So we got to keep him.
    And I think he could possibly thrive down the road with the right qb like Wilson.

  12. Aaargh! I was in Missoula last weekend and couldnt find the game, this weekend I was in Helena and couldnt find the game! Ah, what a game to miss, too!

    Damn work to hell! And durn Montana for making it so hard to see thier two closest NFL teams. What gives?

  13. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I wonder what Kelly and Baseless will say this week after blasting Carroll for starting Wilson over Flynn.

  14. I’d like to see a breakdown, but I don’t think the offense has scored any TDs with Tate on the field. Maybe its not the QB lol.

  15. How about Leon’s block that defined “ass over tea kettle” and turned the defender into a pinwheel!

    Earlier this week one of the self-proclaimed experts on here want blah – blah on my post regarding how Wilson has been starting football games for the last 4 years while Flynn has “prepared” to play NFL football.

    Case Closed, Game, Set, Match. Wilson is prepared, mentally and physically, to be the franchise QB for this team.

  16. SandpointHawk says:

    Montana and Idaho are Rocky Mountain states. For years (broadcast TV era) the only game in town was the Bronco’s or 49ers. There are still a lot of Bronco and 49er fans in these parts. In many areas you could only receive one ‘over the air’ channel. Even today this pattern has carried over with what game the NFL assigns to these areas…I myself am lucky since I’m in the Spokane TV market. I have friends that live 30 miles away that are still assigned the rocky mountain market game.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    Tate hasn’t “killed” any QBs. To expand on that hyperbolic metaphore, Tate hasn’t yet played with any QBs whose performances (let alone careers, which “killer” implies) were irreversibly hurt by playing with him. That said, he still appears to be a middling receiver on a fairly weak unit who gives the same inconsistent effort he did the day they drafted him.

    As for Owens, he has 1 catch for 40 yards and another for .5 (including 3 drops). I’d hardly say that he’s produced more than Tate so far (3 for 27). Regardless, I’m not sure that game speed is an issue when it comes to him putting the ball on the ground. At 38, if he’s now having issues with hand / eye coordination, he’s unlikely to regain it. IMO, the sooner they part ways with Owens, the better. (Carroll didn’t look too excited when Owens was barking in his ear, about whatever, on the sideline last night.)

    Edwards has played well, and it great to see. He, Baldwin, are a solid trio. It drops off significantly from there. Butler maybe…? We’ll see how it continue to play out.

  18. Dukeshire says:

    Despite the differences in how we choose to express it, pabuwal and I do agree in our feelings on Tate: he’s not a good receiver.

  19. FleaFlicker says:

    I think TaterTot’s punt return makes Obo a bit more expendable. And maybe even gets Owens past the 53 man cut-down after all.

    But I agree with Duke. Not a buyer on Terrell Owens stock.

  20. And there you have it. Wilson is the Hawks starter. There is no competition anymore. Russell Wilson looks better than not only Flynn, but even Jake Locker at this point – not to mention Gabbert, Ponder, Weeden, and a slew of other young QBs. His performance was spectacular last night. Took what was given and carved up KC’s D. Great accuracy and presence like a seasoned vet. I look forward to watching him take the league by storm. Luck? RGIII? Nope, DangeRuss for rookie of the year! If he guides SEA the playoffs it will be one of the greatest stories in the NFL this year.

    The DangeRuss Era just began. Can’t wait to see him take on Rodgers, Brady, and Romo in the first 4 weeks. What measuring sticks! Go Hawks!!

  21. I was impressed with Wilson last night, but I am still nervious about a rookie starting at QB for us this year. Yes he looked good and didn’t make many mistakes, but I still think it’s silly to anoint the QB of the future or call him elite. Remember this is still preseason. Let’s wait a few game into the season and see where he and the Hawks are then. Even though RW did look good, I still think Flynn would be a safer bet for this season, obviously, Pete see’s things a little different. Like most everyone though, no matter who starts, I’ll be rooting for them to succeed and take us to the promise land. Go Hawks.

  22. Sparky12 says:

    I agree fully with Dukeshire and Pabuwal on Tate-r-tot! He still seems better an stealing maple bars than running routes. He was also was letting up on his return and damn near was caught from behind. Time to cut our losses and send him packing.

    With the caveat that it was indeed a pre-season game, I sure liked RW’s improved pocket presence in the KC game. This kid is a gamer. Looking more and more that we may finally have a franchise QB, at lleast in the making.

    Think we should make TO one of this Mondays cuts. Keep one of our kids instead.

  23. 2 underwhelming players that I’ve been hard on really showed up. Yes I’ve already watched first 3 quarters twice it’s hard to focus on anyone but RWilson while the game is going…….Color me excited.

    Bruce Irvin did some really nice things this game. He got some great push and looks to have improved his hand placement. He didn’t seem to get locked and swallowed like he did in previous games.He flashed some good speed and showed some great discipline sealing his edge on runs. A few times he was slow to engage the RB from that edge, but I would much rather him disciplined at this stage.

    JR Sweezy – Ok buddy I see what the hype is. The guy was a mauler this game and got some great punch off the snap. He had a few good cut blocks but when he whiffs he does it hard and it’s difficult not to laugh. The guy looks like superman preparing for flight. The Most impressive improvement I saw from him was identifying where he needed to provide help in pass pro which is essential for either guard. One play in particular he assisted Unger in locking up his man while watching Breno lose a step on the DE. He disengaged and plowed the DE in violent fashion. I can imagine that no DE is gonna want to get double teamed by these two goons. (I say that as affectionately as Mora Jrs dirt bag comments). When not cut blocking Sweezy needs to learn how to finish the block away from the run and not into the lane but otherwise impressive performance.

    Did McCoy solve his concentration issue? He’s catching the ball much better

    Good to see Sidney in the mix. How long does he last?

    Gregg Scruggs got some immediate reps with the first team and showed you why I’ve been crowing all season long about this guy. I would be absolutely shocked at this point if he did not make the team. Not sure if he got nicked up during the game because he wasn’t in much in fact not at all with the second or third team where he was truly dominant in previous games.

    The wide reciever roulette is driving me absolutely INSANE. Heres my crack a it.

    1. Rice
    2. Baldwin
    3. Tate
    4. Butler
    5. Edwards
    Sure this looks thin but it allows us to keep an extra RB (which we are talent heavy) and also an extra TE (which we are thin considering injury history).

    Extra RB? How about Vai Tua who has looked very very impressive blocking the last two games. I know we see a lot of Lumpkin and Sutton getting chunks and scoring points but remember Tua was recruited as a running back last year…. It just so happens he is excelling at FB where he has gotten his primary action..

    Lastly Wilson will talked about endlessly here so all I have to say is Pete painted himself into a corner…. How do you not start Wilson? They did not make it easy on him. They didn’t implement any bootlegs or roll outs from what I recall. They almost forced him to throw from a designed pocket that they would typically implement for someone like Flynn. Well he again did not fail to impress.

  24. psoundpowerhouse says:

    Wilson the week #1 starter! WTF! no way!
    Everyone must be crazy.

  25. Wilson sucks! Start T-Jack! He has more experience!

    1st string – T-Jack
    2nd string – Portis
    3rd string – Flynn
    Trade Wilson and a 1st round pick to the Cardinals for Dockett!

    If you think I’m serious, you need help! Please contact your local shrink!

  26. psoundpowerhouse says:

    So I wonder what all the “moron- analysts” think of Carroll and Scheiders third round selection of Russell Wilson now?
    Mayock and some others on the “network” were very critical of the pick.
    Espn as well.

  27. bird_spit says:

    Regardless that RW impressed, it maybe already a done deal if Flynn has some issue with his throwing arm beyond normal fatigue. I don’t think you want your starter to have issues like his during the regular season.

    Can you imagine if Seahawks had just tjack and Flynn?

    It could become an issue as our number two. TJack might be here to stay…stay tuned.

  28. psoundpowerhouse says:

    Spell check! Schneider :)

  29. Palerydr says:

    I see Edwards run nothing but go routes isn’t that easy to defend just by putting a safety over the top? Why not run some skinny post as well? I saw Duke comment last night that he hasn’t been asked to run these routes anybody know why they wouldn’t?

  30. raymaines says:

    bassnw: How about Leon’s block that defined “ass over tea kettle” and turned the defender into a pinwheel!

    It was certainly effective, but I didn’t like that he went for the KC guys knees the way he did. I’d be all kinds of mad if I were a KC fan.

  31. ruminator1 says:

    i do not think T.O. is done. He dropped one last night; the other was not catchable. He made one great catch. He gets open. He was deceptive. He blocked. The reaction from the other players suggest he is not the pariah others make him mout to be. I have no idea what he was yapping to PC about but if Duke is right and he was bitching that does not auger well for his longevity with the Hawks. But we don’t know. I think it was obvious the PC didn’t like what he was hearing.

    I think having T.O. on this team with Edwards and Winslow and Rice and Baldwin and Butler changes the game–all are threats. If you do not expect the play of a 25-30 yr old out of T.O., then what you get is someone who is a threat, requires coverage and can sometime make an outstanding catch. In the short run, that is pretty good. So to announce that “T.O. is done” is ridiculous. You may not like him (I don’t) and he surely is not what he was, but he can still play and contribute. Is he a cancer? Not yet, but maybe. But “done?”


  32. psoundpowerhouse – click the below links, watch the video of Wilson being selected with Mayock’s commentary. He was very complimentary and thought he could be a starter one day.

    Also, and other than Kiper, the guys on ESPN gushed about him

    There are definitely plenty of skeptics outside of this blog that reside on the east coast. Any idea who you think you were actually talking about?

  33. It says something that everyone on this blog has come together on Wilson. There are so many things to like about this team. I’ve always wondered what it was like for fans of teams that generally have it together, i.e, you could tune in on game day and have a fairly good expectation of your team playing well, and in all probability winning. Except for 2005, it’s always been a pit of the stomach anxiety with the Hawks, hoping for the lucky break, hoping they won’t screw up. Last night I saw a whole team with confidence, justifiable confidence. It’s a new feeling.

    I’m wondering if Charlie Martin might be this year’s Doug Baldwin. They seem to be playing him a lot, and he’s making all the plays, catching TDs and blocking for TDs, no matter who the qb is.

    Also, wasn’t it Toomer that put the hit on Cassel when he threw the INT to ET?

  34. Charly Martin is intriguing. Googled him and couldn’t find a whole bunch. Did find one thing on him and Tyrell Sutton, courtesy of Field Gulls.

    Not too many people have mentioned him as a 6th WR. If T.O. is indeed reverting back to his old self and so much is being said that Obo needs to remain b/c of his ST talents, I say split the two and go with Charly.

    T.O. can definitely still blow the top off of defenses, but attitude is just as important. Maybe Martin is what they (the coaches and front office) were hoping to get out of Durham.

    Plus, Charly Martin was born in Walla Walla, WA. I mean, how bad could it be to go local!


  35. And I can’t get enough of R-Dub with Gruden

    If you haven’t seen this yet, please, please, please do yourself a favor and watch it.

    At Wisconsin last year, R-Dub lost 3 games. 2 on Hail Mary’s and one in the Rose Bowl where the clock ran out. Could you imagine if he’d won them? Where would they have drafted him then?

    #3 doesn’t lose often…at least not to this point.

    So freakin’ excited it’s ridiculous. I gotta get a life.



  36. VNHLNFAN says:

    sure glad i bought my seahawk 49ers tickets for dec 23..totally fired up now!

  37. Newborough says:

    I’m not ready to write off Owens just yet. For those that still call him a locker room cancer, just note the reaction from his teammates on the sideline when he pulled in the 40 yarder. However, if Dukeshire is right about his old habits re-surfacing, he could have written his own express ticket out of town, since Pete has a proven low tolerance for out-of-line reclamation projects.

    I torn between keeping TO, or running with just 5 WRs in the final 53 and keeping a 4th TE (McGrath), given the importance of the position to the running game, the receiving abilities of Winslow and the injury histories of Miller and McCoy, plus Winslows knee condition.

    Another possibility, instead of TO as the 6 WR, is a back-up FB, in case Robinsons toe is a season-long issue, as is often the case with toe injuries. Either way I don’t want to see TO cut already on Monday, he’s still one of the top four route runners on the current roster.

  38. bignasty says:

    Through 3 games, RW has the highest QB rating in the NFL,never mind his rushing contribution. Add to that the fact that his leadership seems to elevate the play of those around him (I love watching him bark in the huddle,) and it becomes clear that the future is now.

    As for TO, someone here finally touched on something I have been thinking all the way along: hand-eye coordination and reaction speed diminish with age. All the conditioning in the world can’t change it. TO can get open, but his pass-catching ability is in inevitable decline.

  39. Sarcasticus says:

    For those who missed the game (like me), my dvr is set to record it on the NFL network (I think Sunday night). So just look for the replay. I cannot wait for the season to start so I can have my NFL Sunday Ticket.

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