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Carroll on Wilson: “This is what we had hoped to see.”

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August 25, 2012 12:54 pm
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson throws the ball during the second half of an NFL preseason football game in Kansas City, Mo., Friday, Aug. 24, 2012. (AP Photo/Ed Zurga)

Pete Carroll had a hard time hiding a smile while talking to reporters about rookie quarterback Russell Wilson’s performance in a 44-14 win over Kansas City Friday evening.

And why not? Carroll cracked the door for Wilson to compete for the quarterback job, and he basically kicked it down and slammed the door shut on Matt Flynn and anyone else who thought they had a shot with his performance against the Chiefs.

Wilson was impressive in his first NFL start, finishing 13 of 19 for 185 yards and two touchdown passes.

Wilson also was sacked twice, but totaled 58 rushing yards and finished with an impressive 134.8 passer rating.

After putting up numbers against reserves in the first two games, Wilson proved that he can do the same thing against a starting NFL defense.

Through three games, Wilson is 35 of 52 (67.3 percent) for 464 yards. He’s averaged 8.9 yards per completion, has thrown for five touchdowns and just one interception. And he’s rushed 10 times for 150 yards and a touchdown.

He’s been sacked three times, holding onto the ball when facing the blitz inside the red zone.

But in a short amount of time, Wilson has emerged into that playmaker Seattle was looking for at the quarterback position.

“Honestly, this is what we had hoped to see,” Carroll said. “We wanted to see if he could just go do it again effectively and play well. And he was very comfortable in the pocket. He had good protection for the most part. He took off (running) when he needed to, and he did that really well

“He had run so much in the first two games – running meaning moving outside of the pocket – I wanted to see what would happen if he would just hold in there and do everything and read it all out. And he did exactly that. So it was a nice job by him.”

That said, with Wilson’s impressive performance and Matt Flynn unable to play because of a sore elbow, it appears the starting quarterback job is Wilson’s to lose.

Here are a couple reasons why it might be hard for Carroll not to start Wilson in the season opener against Arizona in two weeks.

He puts points on the board: The Seahawks scored on their first six drives against Kansas City – three field goals and three touchdowns. And on the seventh drive Wilson completed a 40-yard bomb to Terrell Owens and got his team in field goal position, but Steven Hauschka came up short on a 51-yard field goal. Wilson has put points on the board on 12 of 19 drives during preseason play, including eight touchdowns.

Flynn failed to lead Seattle to a touchdown in the first two preseason games.

He creates explosive plays: Offenses generally want to create at least four explosive plays a game because it makes it easier to score, rather than methodically moving the ball down the field. Most offensive coaches generally describe explosive plays as at least a 16-yard pass or a 12-yard run.

With Wilson running the show against Kansas City, the Seahawks had nine explosive plays. Further, with Wilson at quarterback, Seattle has had 16 explosive plays this preseason. Matt Flynn’s longest completion is a 14-yard pass play to Zach Miller, although Terrell Owens dropped a 46-yard pass for a touchdown, and Golden Tate would have had a 25-yard touchdown for a score against the Broncos had he came down in bounds in the back of the end zone.

He’s good during two-minute drills: Wilson led Seattle to a touchdown at the end of the first half against Kansas City, an 11-yard touchdown pass to Charly Martin, in his only opportunity to run a two-minute drill. Wilson was helped by two personal foul penalties on Kansas City linebacker Tamba Hali for roughing the passer. However, Wilson showed he can operate efficiently in those situations, something that has been a point of emphasis for the Seahawks after their struggles in those situations last year.

“The two-minute drill is huge for us because we’ve been practicing that every day,” Wilson said. “And we have to practice it more than any other NFL team. I mean it’s every day, probably two to three times a day at least, in different situations.

“You may have six different situations in the middle or at the end of practice where we’re really working on it. And going against our defense in two-minute situations is a tough challenge. And so it’s an area that you have to be very successful in to be successful in the National Football League. You see the top teams obviously in the past are great, and obviously the great quarterbacks are always great in two-minute. And so that’s something that I’m trying to continue to grow with, and continue to work on.”

He has support of the locker room: Seattle players continue to gush about Wilson’s confidence, his playmaking ability and his overall command of the offense.

It’s obvious that players in the locker room believe that Wilson has that “it” factor, and players want the best players out on the field who give them the best opportunity to win games.

“It’s just a feeling,” Seattle receiver Golden Tate said. “You get a feeling that someone is very, very special. You don’t know what it is, but you get that feeling. You get excited to see him get on the field, because you never know if he’s going to throw a perfect touchdown or juke a safety to extend a drive.

“So I’m always anxious to watch him.”

He’s healthy: Matt Flynn’s inability to play on Friday because of a sore elbow came as somewhat of a surprise. The Seahawks rested Flynn during the final two practices leading up to the Kansas City game because he had a sore arm. However, Flynn was expected to play on Friday.

But Carroll said that the team determined that Flynn couldn’t play after warming up before the game and experiencing too much pain in his elbow. Carroll said he does not know how severe Flynn’s injury is, and said that the team will further evaluate it to determine the extent of the LSU product’s injury. Carroll referred to Flynn’s elbow injury as a form of tendinitis. Whatever Flynn’s injury status is, if he can play against the Raiders, it makes it hard for him to start the season opener at Arizona. You can win the starting job from the sideline.

He does the little things: Something that continues to impress me about Wilson is his attention to detail and the subtle nuances of the game.

On Kellen Winslow’s 21-yard touchdown pass in the second quarter, Wilson said he saw that Kansas City’s defense wasn’t ready when he got to the line of scrimmage. So he got the offense set and quickly and called for the ball.

“We were going no huddle, but I recognized that they weren’t matched up right,” Wilson said. “And so I just kind of snuck up to the line real quick and called for the snap really quickly. And Kellen obviously knew he was going to be open, so I just got him the ball quickly.

“And Kellen’s such a tremendous football player. He’s got so much knowledge. We saw the same thing at the exact same time, so I kind of snuck up to the line and hurried it up a little bit.”

It’s those little things when you can take advantage of an unprepared defense that can help you win close games. And that’s not usually something you expect from a rookie who’s still trying to learn the offense.

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  1. tylerwyler says:

    “He does the little things: Something that continues to impress me about Wilson is his attention to detail and the subtle nuisances of the game.”

    Nuisances or nuances? Feel free to moderate this comment out. Thanks for the coverage, and cheers!

  2. tylerwyler says:

    Sorry for the nitpick… Seems the RW quote about Kellen Winslow is missing two words.

  3. jawpeace says:

    I was seeing a poll on the PI and Wilson had like 80% of the votes. Seems like the masses are finally coming around to what I and a few others saw; Wilson got the IT factor.
    If PC gives him the starting job, their of course will be rookie errors along the way. But I am willing to suffer those for his growth and development. I think Wilson is going to be a top five QB someday!

  4. psoundpowerhouse says:

    Does Nike have the Russell Wilson jerseys out yet?
    The last jersey I purchased was a Alexander.
    Time for another!

  5. If Wilson wins the starting job?What are they going to do with Flynn?He makes to much money for a back up this is going to gey messy.Last week when someone was kidding about trading Flynn not so nuts now AH.

  6. kurtthekraut says:

    What are they going to do with Flynn?? Umm sit him on the bench and tell him to be ready to backup the kid. Pretty simple. The money itself isnt an issue and Flynn taking his 10million dollars to play backup,..he shouldnt complain about that either. This was a competition from day 1 and all parties involved knew it. If you dont want the kid starting ahead of you, out play him. You havent so stay focused, prepare,..and be ready to be the best backup QB in the league for the seahawks. Look,..right now,..we have both a starter and backup that will be leaps and bounds better than we have had as starter for the last couple years. What a great situation to be in.

  7. For those that haven’t seen it, this Gruden QB Camp show from April shows why some of us were excited when we drafted RW.

  8. Seems like the masses are finally coming around to what I and a few others saw.

    I was the first to notice that he’s got the IT factor pal. I’m the e-winner! And I couldn’t WAIT to anonymously post my greatness online.

  9. Hammajamma says:

    No, actually it was me me me. Go back to the live draft chat, buddy. It’s all there. Even a mini debate with Duke. I’m the smartest. I’m the winner. Thank god for me.

  10. Palerydr says:

    If Wilson is named the starter then as many have posted there is the chance we will need a solid backup and certainly in my eyes Flynn could fill that roll and depending on the circumstances at the time might even Wally Pipp Wilson.

    Yes JoSCH you were right it looks like Wilson at 5′ 11″ 195 can “tilt the room” however he is far from “legendary” that’s gonna take 10 years of all pro football and a super Bowl win or 5 to reach that status. How about he have a winning record after his first 8 games this year I’d settle for that to start with. Also I believe Pabuwal was out front of you on Wilson however I’ll let you 2 settle that argument.

    TylerWyler no need to worry about spelling errors as most of us can figure out what’s being said. Besides that the most infamous of the grammer police, Cough Cough Dukeshire, has retired. I believe that coincided with his using an Iphone to make posts with but again I’ll leave that to others to debate. :)

  11. These were my thoughts late in the 2nd quarter of the Broncos game:

    I was mad about the QB “competition.” The Seahawks had already “named” Flynn the starter and I was upset (if you don’t believe me, go back to the game chat – I never wanted Flynn, or anyone, to win it that way!). Bevell was calling for stupid/dumb run plays in situations (3rd/4..3rd/6..) where Flynn should have been challenged to “win” this “competition.” They were not asking him to “win” the QB “competition” and it ticked me off. I never wanted Flynn to win it if they were simply going to give it to him. I called BS.

    Then Wilson comes along and kicks more butt in Denver in the 2nd half. And, then, he dominates on the road in KC (a place just as tough to play as Denver is). Last night, as already alluded to, Wilson was challenged and asked to stay in the pocket and things of that nature and dominated. He’s a stud and proved it.

    However, the thing that makes me “mad” about this “competition” is that Flynn was never asked to “win” the competition and I’m basing this on the plays that were called for him in his time as starting QB. If this were really a “competition,” which it was not (it was designed for Flynn to win and, as stated, that was BS), IMO, both players would have been asked to “win” it.

    Wilson won it and I’m jacked! But Flynn was never asked/challenged to “win” it. The playcalling in these games indicates that he was only asked not to lose it, which is crap b/c these games don’t count and now we’re at a point where one player won it and the other wasn’t allowed to win it.

    If anyone thinks this is bashing Wilson, then I’d like to go on record as saying that I think you’re dumber than a box of rocks (or T-Jack). Wilson took this opportunity and he played so well in all aspects of his game that there’s no way possible for any Seahawks fan to be upset. Further, for those of you with kids (and I have a 13 month old little guy), I am going to buy him a little Wilson jersey (and me, too). In no way would anyone ever buy themselves and their kid a jersey of someone they didn’t love.

    I still believe in Flynn. Big time. After the Tennessee “back-up,” I think we have the best back-up in the NFL (thanks to the person who pointed this out to me last night in the chat when I said Flynn was best… lol). If Wilson goes down (and I obviously hope he doesn’t for any reason), I firmly believe that the team will be just fine and will go just as far as Wilson would have taken them. That’s pretty special to have a “back-up” you can say that about.

    Whereas plenty of teams will have their season destroyed if their starter goes down, I am pleased to say we aren’t one of them!

    In a selfish way, I have always been #3 (in baseball from midgets through college through amateur). Dale Murphy is tied for my favorite athlete of all time (w/Kenny Easley) and have always wanted a #3 Seahawks jersey! The time is now!

  12. Oops. Here’s the link to the Gruden show.

  13. I noticed that Pete and Bevell took away the bootlegs and roll outs. The offense wasn’t tailored to Wilson’s strength which initially struck me as odd in that they were setting him up for failure almost. If Wilson struggled then that eliminates the QB competition. Well he shined… And that also may have ended the QB controversy…

  14. raymaines says:

    A winning record after eight games sounds good to me too. AZ., StL., & Carolina would be three, leaving Dallas, GB, NE, SF, and Detroit. If I could pick I’d take GB on a Monday night and SF, but Dallas and Detroit sounds more likely.

  15. KD – I noticed that, too (Wilson was almost set up to fail). It was the opposite of Flynn the week before (where he was set up to not lose it).


    How can you not love the kid?

    As I said above, Wilson was challenged and he hit a home run. Flynn wasn’t challenged (actually, he received an intentional walk) and told to hand the ball off in stupid situations so he couldn’t lose it.

    I have been consistent with this… if the “competition” was close, you go with the kid due to upside. I’m fine with Wilson (acutally, JACKED), but I do feel bad for Flynn. If any of you put yourself in his situation, it must suck (not to be given a chance to win the competition).

    If Stevo is correct (for the record, I hope you’re wrong and Wilson plays 16 games), Flynn will be playing this year anyways b/c no matter what, the starting QB will get hurt and the back-up will play… so here we go!!!

  16. Wilson’s Crew, or Russell’s Huddle are a couple more names for Divish to brandish towards #3’s fan base. Ooh, lots of things ryhme with #3. (continue to come up with names folks) Russell Sprouts is a great funny nickname, but not sure that should be a lasting name… or could the name of a section of fans in the stands.

    Let’s stop with all the I told you so’s, and welcome everyone to the fold. That’s the point of a judging a competition: for one side to win you over. I’m pretty sure this kid is in the midst of winning us all over. He’s done nothing but impress the entire time. So let’s all have some fun on the run, cause we all bleed sea blue and neon green. Heheh :)

  17. OCHawkFan says:

    That elbow tendinitis Flynn has on his throwing arm is bad news for a QB. Basically the only cure is icing and rest. It was most likely never detected before because he only played one year at LSU and has been a backup his whole NFL career.
    I was pretty firmly in the Flynn camp at the beginning of the year, but after RW’s performance and Flynn’s injury, Im switching over to Team Wilson! The kid is legit and will only get better with more reps. He’s making throws I’ve never seen a Hawks QB make. I’m jacked to watch the kid play!

  18. Absolutely Bobby K –

    The worst thing would have been to see him put up a mediocre performance. I.e a stat line of 11-25 1td and 1int…

    So what if Pete continues his unconventionality and plays Flynn against the raiders and he throws 4tds?! Which he is obviously capable of.

  19. freedom_X says:

    I don’t believe the preseason games are the primary factor determining the starter. I’d say it’s about 30% of the decision. If Wilson is named the starter, it’s because the other body of work (practices, film and study room, potential) have led Carroll to pick him.

    The games are just final validation under more realistic conditions. If Wilson had had a mediocre game, it shouldn’t have materially affected the decision if Carroll was already leaning Wilson’s way. That’s why there was never any doubt that Whitehurst was going to be the backup.

    It’s just too easy for someone to have a mediocre game once in a while. To base a decision solely on one game is folly. On that token, Flynn was not screwed out of a fair chance. The team has to work on other things besides the QB, and that’s why they worked on the running game, and tried to see if Terrell Owens had anything left.

    If they felt they needed to know more about Flynn in various situations, they would have called the plays for him. This is my evidence for asserting that the games are only a lesser part of the QB selection process.

  20. All players who have ever played in the NFL have said there are three different types of “game speeds.” There’s one in the pre-season. Then it jumps up in the regular season (in which Flynn has played really well, twice), and then another level in the play-offs (of which Flynn has prepped twice and then again in preparation for the Super Bowl).

    I don’t know what I’d do if I were Mr. Happy. As stated, I think he set this thing up for Flynn to “not lose,” and now he’s forced (in a good way) to give this thing to the stud kid. That’s okay, but what do you do in game four? I say you challenge Flynn to throw the ball downfield and “win” the “competition.”

    However, I believe it’s too late so he should do what he did to Wilson last night and set him up to (almost) fail so everyone will see that there’s one clear cut starter. But what does he do if Flynn comes through with flying colors (which I believe he could) and pulls a regular season Lions game out of his behind? Does he rotate starters? He’s unconventional so you never know!

    freedom_x… I think they set things up a certain way b/c they thought Flynn would be the starter. I assume he would shine most in film (due to being in the NFL for 4+ years) and early in practice. It’s just that now they have asked him not to lose it (b/c they predetermined he would start, or not lose it) and now they have a good “problem” in that Wilson grabbed the job by the neck and did some type of special karate chop to ensure it’s his.

  21. Flynn wasn’t screwed out of anything. They ran the same offense with Flynn as with Jackson and as with Wilson. They haven’t run the ball any different than they did with Flynn, Jackson or Wilson.

    And when the opportunities were there, Flynn didn’t try to “win” anything because he just isn’t good enough. He knows this and limits himself to what he does well, which isn’t enough to look good playing QB in the NFL. You can only get so far throwing the short dumpoff/slant/shallow cross or deep lob.

    The bottom line – Flynn just isn’t good enough to elevate this team, look like a quality QB and beat out Russell Wilson. Its not like this is a surprise to any of the NFL teams out there.

    Given this elbow problem, it wouldn’t surprise me to see him go on IR and never suit up for the Seahawks again.

  22. More RW wordplay: How about “R-dub’s Hub” or “R-dub’s Club”. Pretty soon someone in the group of the stands is going to come up with an R-Dubstep song. You U-dub Huskie fans should know some good wordplay for this one.

    A very fair point BobbyK. They didn’t seem to cut loose with the play calling for Flynn much, but he did seem to check down on his reads a few times when he could have been more aggressive on his own accord. Which is what you are supposed to do most of the time. Flynn threw some very nice long balls as well… very stoked on him as a backup(top two in the league!). Hope the elbow thing isn’t lingering.

  23. “grabbed the job by the neck and did some type of special karate chop to ensure it’s his.”

    Hahha… nice one. Made me laugh out loud. Gonna have to give you are cheers at R-Dub’s Pub.

  24. pabs – are you saying Flynn couldn’t convert those 3rd/4, 3rd/6 situations b/c he didn’t have the arm strength? lol And don’t compare him to Jackson… b/c Jackson played it that way in the regular season when the games counted (and the schedule was easy). In case you didn’t know, this is the pre-season and you want to see what guys can do in games that don’t count.

    For a guy who thinks/knows he’s smarter than almost everyone, you have your fair share of stupid comments, too (Lynch, Chancellor, and Browner all suck according to you in previous posts, and Colin Cole is/was more important than either Mebane/Bryant, etc.). Don’t get me wrong (b/c I’ve had my fair share of stupid posts, too), you’re pretty dang smart (one of the smartest people on the blog, IMO), but please don’t try to pretend you’re smarter than everyone b/c you nailed this one (which, to your credit, I think you did).

  25. Pabuwal, Why do you not like QB’s named Matt?

  26. “Flynn didn’t try to “win” anything because he just isn’t good enough. He knows this and limits himself to what he does well, which isn’t enough to look good playing QB in the NFL.”

    Yeah. I guess his two NFL starts must have been pretty bad (especially going against two teams that made the play-offs that year).

    I will give you credit — I never thought a person (Seahawks fan) could hate another Seahawk player, as you hate Flynn, as much as I despised Jackson last year.

  27. I make a few comments early last year about Marshawn Lynch not being a smart runner, not finding the right hole and somehow I said he “sucks.” He admitted as much when he credited Cable’s system for making him a better runner.

    I made one point after the Steelers 24-0 loss about Chancellor being a poor, stiff open field tackler and somehow I said he “sucks.” And he is a poor, open field tackler. The brilliance of Earl Thomas covers it up.

    And both points were made predominantly within a small span of time after the Seahawks got blown out 24-0 by the Steelers so there was some anger there. Yet, you have found the need to seize on those.

    If you are going to go back and critique my opinions, at least present them accurately and in the correct context.

    You, on the other hand have written countless (hundreds of posts), about how DeCastro will be a 10x Pro Bowler (does he even deserve to start??), how Flynn was the future and was basically the Messiah. You called Wilson Senneca Wallace several times early on and kept insisting the Seahawks were going to go 1-15 last year and “suck for Luck” beacuse Jackson was “the worst QB in the world.” You even bought your kid a jersey of Flynn. Who buys their kid the jersey of the backup QB? Someone who is in love with the player and not the skills – that’s who.

    And these aren’t points you made once or twice or in anger. You said them enough times that you actually thought these things. I’m not going to bring up things you, I, Georigia or Duke have said once or twice. With our volume of posts, its easy to find something silly we have all said.

    Now that Flynn has shown what it is, you are blaming everything but the player. Just like you give all the credit for Jackson’s efforts to everyone else but Jackson. And somehow, you think last year was an “easy” schedule. Just like it was never Matt Hasselbeck’s fault anything went wrong.

    If you haven’t realized, except for guys like Mack Strong, Walter Jones, Kennedy, Largent, Brian Blades, I really don’t care about players either way. Those are the only guys I will NEVER say anything bad about, never throw under the bus and always wish they were still playing. They are lifetime Seahawks from the beginning to the end. Started their career with the Seahawks and ended it with the Seahawks.

    I don’t find a guy I “hate” or “love” and just ride that forever. The only jersey I have ever owned was Cortez Kennedy. I own plenty of Seahawks shirts and I root for the teams.

    If a player who I thought was good, starts to “suck”, then I say get rid of him. I was actually a big Hasselbeck fan until 2008, then I realized it was over.

  28. And despite all that, BobbyK is my favorite poster to read, to respond to and a very smart, fun Seahawks fan. If he stopped posting, I’d probably cut down my posting a huge amount as well.

  29. Actually, you can go back, and you said that more than “once” about Lynch, Chancellor, Browner, etc. lol

    So you must have been angry more than one time. lol

    And you were a broken record about Colin Cole being more important than Mebane or Big Red. lol

    Hey, like I said, you’re smart, but you’re not an elitist. I like to think I know/like the Hawks too, but won’t say I haven’t ever been wrong about a decision either.

    Nobody is perfect, me and you included… or anyone on this blog… I’m glad you’re back (after the Breno incident) and I hope you don’t go away (again)…

  30. damn you, pabs, screw you (I’m kidding)… I wanted the “last” word…

    Lets win a Super Bowl with Russell Wilson!!!

  31. I have the number 3 pick in my FF draft. Who do I take? I’m thinking of taking Ray Rice. He’s a pretty good player, I’m a huge fan having followed him for the past 7 years.

  32. Depends the scoring system and # of teams in the league… I am at #4 in a 12 team league and am leading to whoever hasn’t been taken b/w Foster, Rice, McCoy, Rodgers… but I want to trade down to get Lynch [or Brees] (and a better #2) later in the 1st.

  33. Russell Wilson is the starting QB in Seattle for the foreseeable future. Flynn had a shot, which is all he was promised. He came up short. There is nothing to debate. The best player will lead this team- Russell. This gonna be fun!

  34. twocolorcrayon says:

    Chancellor is a poor open field tackler? What? Lol…

  35. It’s not considered an open field tackle when you have your teammates on either side of the ball carrier.

  36. bbnate420 says:

    “Knowing” that RW was gonna be the starter doesn’t mean anything. I don’t think that anyone really believed TJack was in it. That means it was a 50/50 proposition. Hardly makes anyone Kreskin! All you had to do was go out on a limb and pretend like you knew what was going to happen. I can guess the outcome of a coin flip a lot too! Woo hoo. If you were wrong, just add it to the long list of idiotic posts. Resigned to the trash bin of this blog.

    BTW, RW has still done NOTHING in a REAL game. Don’t get me wrong, I am excited about the kid and think he clearly should be the starter. But let’s come back to reality. He’s far from being an elite QB yet. There were people that thought that Kordell Stewart had that “it” factor. A lot of people still think Tebow does. I know it’s not popular, but let’s just relax and not go all bipolar from week to week. RW won’t be the second coming when he has a good game, and he won’t be a terrible midget when he inevitably has a bad game.

    I don’t understand? Surely with all that football knowledge it seems like pabuwal would be making millions of dollars running a NFL franchise by now?

  37. twocolorcrayon says:

    You mean the ones chasing ball carrier from behind?

  38. bbnate420 says:

    Yeah, but that’s because you were watching with your eyes, twocolorcrayon. Pabuwal must’ve had his head in the sand while he watched it.

  39. bbnate420 says:

    He only had Sherman chasing the RB from behind the RB off to the right. I guess that counts as teammates on both sides of him?

  40. And I guess you think if the RB cuts towards Sherman, Sherman won’t catch him from behind.

    Of course he will, especially given that the RB wasn’t moving at full speed and was slightly off balance.

  41. SandpointHawk says:

    Pabuwal and Bobby, let’s make nice. I enjoy both of you and appreciate the different views. However that said we old timers need to come together once in a while. As to Wilson I will give Pab’s the credit for turning me on to him, I was looking at some kid out of Boise State. I don’t follow the Big 10 conference much, but that is an Ohio State issue and very personal having been forced to attend that rat hole back in Woody’s day. When JS started gushing his ’tilt the room’ crap I took notice of Mr Wilson. I will admit I didn’t expect a third but I did expect a forth round draft pick for Wilson. At this point I would have been happy if they took him in the first. Because, look at the numbers, had he been a few inches taller he would have gone in the top 10 in this years draft….

  42. bbnate420 says:

    No, Sherman wouldn’t have caught him probably. The RB was running already and Sherman had pretty much just turned towards the RB as he passed Sherman. He wouldn’t have had time to accelerate and catch the RB unless Kam slowed him down. And he did a lot more than that.

    Believe whatever you want. I know you won’t admit that you were wrong even with video evidence. You should’ve just said that Kam made a nice tackle that play but misses them other times. There is some truth to that. He does miss open field tackles sometimes when his technique breaks down. So does pretty much every other defensive player in the NFL. I wouldn’t call him a poor open field tackler.

  43. Dan Marino would suck in the option. Long live Tommie Frazier!

  44. Sarcasticus says:

    Flynn is a “game manager” and Wilson is a “game winner.” Look at their history. I think either one can be successful on this team with a good defense and running game; however, I would prefer the higher ceiling of Wilson over Flynn.

  45. Umm… Okay… When is Wilson going to go throw for 480 yards and 6 TDs in an NFL game? I guess those “game managers” suck?

  46. All this talk about Flynn not being given a fair chance to ‘win’ the competition in the Denver game is nonsense. The competition happens in camp, in practices, even in the film room, as much as it happens on the preseason playing field. Coach has been watching both Flynn and Wilson against the Seahawks #1 defense day in and day out for well over a month. That’s where Wilson won the starting job, and that’s why he was given the start at KC.

    I can understand anyone feeling a bit sorry for Flynn to lose out on this starting job after working so hard for so long, but that’s football. Wilson won this competition fairly, and he was going to win the competition no matter how it was set up. I think we can see now that Pete Carroll was seeing this all along and just needed to create a competitive environment and let this play out.

    One guy clearly took every opportunity to win the starting job. I’m glad it happened by the third preseason game. Right on time. Turns out Pete Carroll knows what he’s doing after all, eh?

  47. orbeavhawk says:

    “the Russeller!”

  48. wallinator says:

    Haven’t ya’ll figured it out yet??….Russell Wilson doesn’t fail at anything, anywhere, anytime! Failure is not an option for him, nor in his vocabulary!

  49. Seahawks2620 says:

    I know the whole “this is a business” hoopla crap, but I still feel very badly if he isn’t named the starter. I’m not saying he deserves it per say, but it just sucks. The guy is talented enough to start somewhere in this league. It would not be right to keep him on this team. Keep Jackson as your backup and trade Flynn if you aren’t going to start him.

  50. Everybody meets their ceiling,,,,everybody!

    The questions remain. The competition is not over. When the top DC’s get enough film on either one of them and show the rest of the NFL how to shut them down we shall see who is the guy and who is not. If that guy has an OC thats a cut above the DC’s he faces the the true QBOTF will emerge.

  51. THe Seahawks are danger-RUSS!.

    Check out what inprises Russell Wilson in this story of him and his dad.
    Read more here:

  52. Funny everyone referencing the Wilson HATERS – I don’t remember anyone saying they 1. Wouldn’t support Wilson or 2. That he was terrible – (go ahead and find the quotes I won’t care if you do – Not going to waste my time on this issue)

    90% of the complaints – mine included – were 1. He should have started week 2 and had he won it then more time to get ready for the season but PC went about it in a more unconventional way -the Process still bothers me since I still think that PC under values QB reps – the outcome I don’t care if it is Flynn or Wilson. I will support either and will be excited to do so.

    I did feel Flynn would be “more prepared” to start the season than Wilson – I actually still slightly feel that way but Wilson is proving he is able to overcome those short comings quickly –

    It will be interesting to see what they do from here on out for a few reasons
    1. Going into the Denver game it appeared all but done and Flynn was the starter
    2. Coming out of the KC game it appears they are going to switch directions and go with Wilson.

    3. So what to do with Flynn/Tjack – they showed they would rather have Flynn for the last 3 weeks so if you now keep Tjack whats that show to the team? also Tjack is only signed for this year – if you keep him is he going to walk for a potential shot (ya, ya I know your thoughts here) at starting or will he resign to be a back up. If he walks you are looking all over again next off season.

    I am all for a QB group of Wilson/Flynn/Portis and if on the off chance one of those guys draws some good trade value then great!!! Isn’t that how GB has reloaded for a number of years?

    Also – still say that whoever they decide to go with they stay with him for 6-8 games.

  53. As far a TO goes – I don’t understand why everyone is soo in love with him – yes he has gotten open sometimes but he has missed on more opportunities than he has caught! IF he were a younger guy everyone would be all over him.

    He has already chipped on Wilson in practice – (was posted on here long ago by Eric or Dave) Was in Carrolls face last night.

    Talk about QB killer in Tate- TO has thrown his QB under the bus in SF, Dallas, Philly – (but would cry to defend him) Can’t remember about Cincy.

    I do disagree with a few of the posters – I don’t think he has a spot on this team. They might decide they want him but I don’t see it at this point in time – I highly doubt he would be first round cut so we should see him another week.

    Right I would put our WR:

    Tate (not sold but I think they keep him)
    Martin (for ST – instead of Obo – but will contribute more in the passing game)

    If they decide they want another WR or RB I think the decision is between Tua (or however you spell it ) since he has been excellent blocking/running/ and ST. Obo – for being able to play all the WR spots and cover/Block on ST very well.

  54. Oddly, Carroll and Schneider seem to be quite good at football, their chosen profession. Perhaps better at it than draft experts, brilliant fan analysts or several of the sportswriters. They have picked up on more than one or two excellent athletes that others not only missed, but indicated that both head coach and GM were not aware of what a terrible mistake they were making. So I will continue to trust their judgement as I am not able to be on the inside looking out. Regarding TO, Flynn, Wilson and other players I will have to assume that they will do better than I at managing the team. So far they have done so.

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