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Seahawks 44, Chiefs 14 — And a diminutive man shall lead them …

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August 24, 2012 8:13 pm


"I am your god, follow me to the promised land." (AP photo)

1. So what were your impressions of Russell Wilson? And please try to limit your answers to less than 1,000 words.

2. Is there anyway Russell Wilson isn’t the opening game starter?

3. Knowing that Wilson is most likely your starter,  what does that do for your expectations for this season?

4. What do you do with Terrell Owens and Why? And who are the receivers you keep?

5. Has Golden Tate finally figured it out? Or is he still going to be a golden mess of inconsistency?

6. Besides Wilson, who else gets props for their play tonight?

Bonus question: What should we name  the cult Russell Wilson is building? Russellmaniacs?

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  1. I way okay with Flynn as the new starter, but we are a more dangerous team with RW at QB.

    He will be more difficult for defenses to game plan against, he has a stronger deep ball and dangerous legs. He’s the more exciting QB. We are now in great shape at QB. Let’s roll!

  2. sluggo42 says:

    point set match, done deal, what a beating!

  3. 1. The thought of having a good young quarterback to lead this team for a long time makes me happy.

    2. Flynn has two chances to start in week one and they are slim and none (and I think slim just left town).

    3. They do not change. Either way, we were going to go with an inexperienced player (with Flynn having the mental edge).

    4. I’d say he’s gone, but then he had those receptions in the 3rd quarter. I really don’t know who I’d keep after Rice, Tate, and Baldwin anymore.

    5. We won’t know until the regular season.

    6. I liked Turbin and ET.

    7. I don’t do extra credit :)

  4. sluggo42 says:

    He has the team behind him now, they want him to be their leader, it’s such a beautiful thing it’s hard not to shed a tear I’m so happy

  5. Not sure, but our credo will state firmly, “In Russ we trust.” Having a hard time tempering expectations at this point. Seems like an exponential growth. Not a fan of starting rookies game 1 classicly, but this kid seems to show all the signs that he is ready. I kinda felt like he would do well today, since he never showed us any slowing down of his progressing thus far. I guess I’m ready to put my trust in Russ.

  6. bird_spit says:

    7. The DangerRuss Squadders…

  7. 1. So what were your impressions of Russell Wilson?

    Didn’t get to see the whole game but pretty impressive for what I saw – seemed to read the defenses better than I would expect a rookie

    2. Is there anyway Russell Wilson isn’t the opening game starter?

    This is Pete Carroll – of course there is – but I would be surprised

    3. Knowing that Wilson is most likely your starter, what does that do for your expectations for this season?

    a little up and down – he will have games when some Def Coordinator comes up with a good plan for him and he will have to learn something new. I don’t care if he or Flynn starts I expect more than 8 wins

    4. What do you do with Terrell Owens and Why? And who are the receivers you keep?

    Cut TO – gets open but doesn’t make enough plays anymore – If we are going to have an inconsistent guy I want a younger guy and someone who doesn’t telegraph his plays off – or chip on his team mates which you have seen already

    5. Has Golden Tate finally figured it out? Or is he still going to be a golden mess of inconsistency?

    I don’t think he has figured it out but can still contribute to this team. He is clearly not the worst guy on the roster but he needs to steadily improve his consistency or expect to be on a hot seat in the near future –

    6. Besides Wilson, who else gets props for their play tonight?
    #43 played I thought very well on both sides of ST and had some get stops in his time on the defense! Clearly this guy wants a job

    no nickname but RusselManiacs would definitely work

  8. Soggybuc says:

    What can I say? this performance speaks for itself, and if TO is not on mondays cut list i’ll be fairly pissed off.

  9. 4. What do you do with Terrell Owens?
    – Tell him he is competing for the 7th WR slot. He’ll bitch and leave.

    5. Has Golden Tate finally figured it out? Or is he still going to be a golden mess of inconsistency?
    – Make him our full time punt returner and let real WRs play offense.

    6. Besides Wilson, who else gets props for their play tonight?
    – Turbin
    – Sweezy
    – McQuistan
    – Morgan
    – Knox
    – Law
    – Scruggs
    – Irvin
    – Wagner
    – Toomer
    – Martin
    – Sherman

  10. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    Lot of sloppy line play on offense. they got away with a lot of holding Okung atleast 3 times. wilson was damn impressive desrveses to start. pretty impressed with turbin as well.

  11. seahawksteven777 says:

    1. Very impressed. Very poised, made accurate throws aside from the one in the middle of the field, and lead the Seahawks down the field for points on nearly every possession.

    2. Not a chance. Wilson is the starter. Not much else to be said.

    3. Doesn’t do much to change my expectations but I do think Wilson as the starter gives us a more potent offense now than it likely would have with Flynn.

    4. Cut Owens. I’d say Rice, Tate, Baldwin, Edwards, and Obomanu are the ones to keep.

    5. I’m not sure to be honest but the punt return was nice.

    6. Robert Turbin.

  12. freedom_X says:

    1) Hope he plays this well in the regular season! I’ll have to watch the replay, but I think Wilson could still be a lot better seeing the whole field. I didn’t notice him looking off defenders much, but that’s not unexpected for a rookie.
    2) If they were undecided between Flynn and Wilson, this probably breaks the tie. It would be just like Carroll though to suddenly name Flynn the starter, against all fan expectations.
    3) 7-9. I think NFL defenses will scheme against him and push him into his weak spots – again, not unusual for a rookie. If the O-line can block that well for the run, make it 9-7. This all presume the defense is rock solid.
    4) I don’t think Terrell Owens makes the final cut. But if he’s running his routes well, getting open, getting deep, blocking – I might overlook his drops as rustiness and take a chance on the regular season. I’m no Owens fan but I don’t think he’s totally forgotten how to catch the ball. If the other stuff is going good, his hands will come back. But he sticks only if he’s outstanding everywhere else.
    5) Golden Tate is getting better. He’ll be a solid player. I don’t think he’ll magically explode into a star, as he still looks a bit inconsistent, but I think he’ll be able to produce as respectable #2 receiver. As I’ve said before, I’d like to see him handle the punt returns, as his shiftiness I think is more valuable than Washington’s straight-line speed.
    6) I also agree Turbin looked really good – if he gets a seam, he can accelerate into it. McCoy I think has sewed up the #3 TE spot, goodbye Morrah.

    I haven’t seen Bruce Irvin’s pass rush knack yet, though he was active and put a lot of effort out. He hasn’t seemed to be able to shed the blocker yet though. Richard Sherman certainly seems to have an interesting technique before the snap (walks casually away from the receiver like he’s going for a cup of coffee.)

  13. Russell is so poised. I was flipping channels during commercials and saw a bunch of QB’s playing and it really hit home how good it seems like this young fella can be.

    I think T.O. makes the team. Unless he acts up during practice. He had a few drops, but they weren’t gimme’s–at least from what I remember. He made a nice adjustment on that deep ball, and hauled it in.

    WAY too early to hope that Tate has “figured it out”–in my humble opinion.

    Turbinator looked quite good tonight. Tough-ass runner with attitude.

  14. Soggybuc says:

    Xcman nailed it! If we have to have a moronic drop pron Diva on the team then i’d rather it be Tate than Terell, cut his hieney the moment the plane hit tarmac! no reason to wait till Monday.
    ( I know Tate is not drop pron but you get my point. I hope)

  15. Palerydr says:

    Well Wilson appears ready to start at QB in the NFL which puts me in the time to eat crow section of the stadium. He looked pretty darn good out there tonight.

    With a rookie starting at QB I’d be happy with 9-7

    Tate makes a great play but had at least 2 lazy plays he’s a conundrum wrapped inside a riddle.

    Bruce Urvin played pretty well on the plays I focused on him. He also showed when I wasn’t watching.

    Turbin and the Oline looked pretty good all night long.

  16. ChrisHolmes says:

    1. Dynamic. Explosive. Leader. Franchise.

    2. No. PC is a college coach who favors younger players. Wilson is the future and he’s playing very well. He’s not Blaine Gabbert. Play the kid.

    3. Tempers them a bit. Rookie mistakes will happen. But so will more explosive players. Makes me excited to be a Seahawks fan, knowing this kid will be our QB.

    4. Owens = cut. Keeping: Rice, Baldwin, Tate, Edwards, Butler, Obamanu.

    5. Inconsistency, but he’s growing up and learning. I think his upside – his potential – is still very high up. PC is the perfect coach to get this kid to where he needs to be.

    6. Didn’t get a chance to watch the whole game. DLine though. Nice agains the run.

    “Bonus question: What should we name the cult Russell Wilson is building? Russellmaniacs?”

    After Tom Hanks’ turn in “Castaway”, why not just “WILSON!!!!!!”

  17. ljarllrajl says:

    1. So what were your impressions of Russell Wilson? And please try to limit your answers to less than 1,000 words.

    Wilson was great. It’s a new era in Seattle at QB

    2. Is there anyway Russell Wilson isn’t the opening game starter?


    3. Knowing that Wilson is most likely your starter, what does that do for your expectations for this season?

    still 10-6

    4. What do you do with Terrell Owens and Why? And who are the receivers you keep?

    tough question. I think he’s as good as anyone other than Baldwin, Rice, and Edwards…but he doesn’t play special teams. Golden Tate showed why he should make the team with his punt return. I think we should keep Rice, Baldwin, Edwards, Tate, TO, Butler, Durham.

    5. Has Golden Tate finally figured it out? Or is he still going to be a golden mess of inconsistency?

    Golden Tate is Golden Tate. Bad route running, big playmaker.

    6. Besides Wilson, who else gets props for their play tonight?

    Skruggs and Turbin. Have to rewatch to get more info.

    Bonus question: What should we name the cult Russell Wilson is building? Russellmaniacs?

    Russellmania. Russellsprouts. Everyday I’m Russellin’.

  18. Soggybuc says:

    I tried to watch Irvin a bunch and he made an impact from the stand point of making Cassel step up and move, that alone is a win in of itself.

  19. Soggybuc says:

    Russellsprouts ??? OMG that is too funny and if not the official nickname it should at least the tag of his fan club.

  20. sluggo42 says:

    the Russell Sprouts.. instant classic…

  21. Ewalters7354 says:

    I personally think the Hawks should keep T.O. over Obo.The hell with what he can do on ST.Also,I have been extremely disappointed in Ricardo Lockett.Dude looked like he could’ve been a great split end and then reality hit.Golden Tate I think can fill Obo’s shoes on ST he’ll flash during the season but also disappears during games.A punt return to me doesn’t show that the light has came on.IMO

  22. sluggo42 says:

    I thought Irvin stayed engaged just a little too long, If he can disengage and turn in to the QB, he will cause havoc..

    I watched on that
    FirstRow link, it was great

    I don’t think we punted until the second half or something. Every pass was not much more than an easy wrist flick, His runs were epic… gaaaaaaaa.. More

    I just can;t decide on TO, for some reason, I think he makes it, and turns productive, with TO, Rice, and edwards, Tate, Butler, we are dangerous as all get out

  23. sluggo42 says:

    Oh, and the uni’s looked killer

    beatdown, all the way

  24. Mental edge Flynn … way !Wilson had mental edge before he was drafted.look up mental edge in the dictionary and you see his picture.breaking down Bruce tonight I was impressed his hustle and motor caused many other hawks to make big plays on defense!I also think LAW is a heck of football player! I can see him and Irvin being a force in the near future!MORGAN is a great linebacker incredible instinct for the game!pretty obvious hawks are a new team and a force to be recond with! My old friend harbough can kiss my ass!Bobby k and the rest of you bloggers are awesome keep up the good work I enjoy reading your stuff! Thank you

  25. funny that people are predicting 9-7. Really? We were 7-9 last year and lost 3 games by 3 points or less. Catch a couple passes that were dropped, and don’t let Whiteworst start a game, and we would have been 9-7 or 10-6 Last Year.

    This year:
    Start at 9-7
    + 1 for Improved O line and running game to start the season,
    +1 for Improved QB accuracy and fewer INTs,
    = 11-win team competing for division title.

  26. seahawk44 says:

    Second that. Uniforms did look good. They should wear the grey pants all season long and mix up all three jerseys.

  27. seahawk44 says:

    Russell Wilson. The future is now! He really brings an extra dimension to this team with his running ability, but he also makes some really good throws downfield and gives his receivers a chance to go make a play on the ball. Sure, he will make some inevitable mistakes as a rookie, but the positives he brings (including having the trust of his teammates) outweighs the learning curve. People, the Seahawks had 44 points on the board before another QB had a snap for Seattle & with the KC starters on the field. I realize that 14 of those points were scored on D & ST, but the team really seemed to function as a working unit in all phases tonight. I only fear that Wilson’s style of play is prone to taking many hits on the body that could lead to injury. Therefore, you need to have a top 5 NFL backup QB (Flynn) on your roster in case that happens. But, no matter what, the Seahawk QB situation is in much better shape than it has been in many years. DangeRuss = ROY possibility!

  28. mojjonation says:

    Start Wilson

    Cut TO

    Please no nicknames that involve the word “Russ”. Quite frankly I don’t want Tim Ruskell and his ghosts effing this up.

    Props to all except TO. Because he is TO.

    Beast Mode and Hulk Smash. That’s our running game.

    After watching what the Titans did to ‘Zona we gonna hurt somebody come week one.

  29. seahawkfan82 says:

    1. Russell Wilson looked great for obvious reasons. I like his attitude, and he is very well spoken. Something that concerns me is that he is sometimes quick to leave the pocket, which could eventually prove problematic during the regular season when defenses gameplan to stop him.

    2. It is possible that Wilson is not the opening starter. I think his chances of winning the job are 75-25 in his favor. I could see this competition continuing throughout this week and the week 4 preseason game, and somehow going to Flynn, although I think it is most likely that Wilson is named the opening day starter in the next couple days.

    3. If Wilson is the starter, it does not change my expectations for this team – playoffs.

    4. I keep Terrell Owens if he plays well next week. The receivers I keep are: Rice, Edwards, Owens, Baldwin, Tate, and Butler, with Martin (#14) going to the practice squad (and perhaps Lockette).

    5. I think Tate will have an OK year and show some progress, but still be somewhat inconsistent.

    6. Robert Turbin, Charly Martin, Greg Scruggs.

    Bonus. “Jumping the Gun.” For those who are crazy about him and think he’s a sure thing as our next Pro Bowl QB, this name would be appropriate. He’s doing great and I’m impressed, but let’s not get our expectations up too high too fast… Russell Sprouts isn’t too bad either.

  30. freedom_X says:

    On paper, Seattle’s schedule looks tougher than last year. Two of Seattle wins were by small margins.

    If the Rams and Cardinals get a bit better, then Seattle has to get a lot better just to stay even. Erratic QB play is the X-factor. If a rookie makes rookie mistakes, then there go a couple of those wins.

    The front-loaded schedule is the problem. We could absorb many losses early to those top teams while Wilson learns. Then Seattle might come on with a bang against weaker competition and a QB that’s learned a lot, but perhaps not in time to be any better than .500 +- a game or so.

    My hope is that he has some rookie magic that will overcome his mistakes (like the big runs or the crazy throw he had last week when he was being tackled, but landed perfectly for a 1st down.) But a smaller guy running, the defense is going to try to really punish him physically. I hope he makes sure he slides or goes out of bounds.

  31. IMO TO brings NOTHING to this team that Rice, Edwards, Baldwin bring – The all catch better – get open just as well and are better team players again IMO

    Tate doesn’t replace Obo in any way shape or form on ST since they would be doing different things – IMO Obo needs to watch out for Charlie Martin!!!

  32. Hawksince77 says:

    Just a couple of quick comments:

    1 – this is Russell Wilson’s first professional start. Compare that to any other NFL QB’s first professional start, both in terms of stats and a thorough eye-test. I seriously doubt you find many (if any) that are better.

    2 – about the possibility of injury. Note how Wilson protects himself, both in the pocket and on the run. He rarely takes a hard hit (after watching all his NFL snaps and hundreds of his college ones, I don’t recall one). On his runs, he’s not the least bit reckless, ala Vick. He isn’t trying to do everything, or squeak out every possible yard. On both his long runs today, he could have turned it inside for more, but takes it easy out of bounds. Very very smart. Let your RB take the big hits.

  33. Please cut TO Monday morning.

    why was Matt in street clothes? Really? The guy looked like he was ready to start a fight with anybody. I’d be pissed too! Geeze, Pete…what the heck was that all about?

  34. raymaines says:

    KC is a really good club and the ‘Hawks just kicked their butts.

    The Hawks play Dallas, NE and GB at home. SF really isn’t that good. Who else? Seattle goes at least 10-6 and wins the division.

  35. seahawk44 says:

    Terrell Owens. Very tough spot. He has not made the most of his opportunities in the preseason, for sure. But, I believe that small sample size of TO seen in the 2 preseason games is not a fair sample size. He has shown that he is a player the defense can’t ignore, because he still has the speed and agility to get past defenders. His problem seems to be a little mental (maybe fearing a hard hit after so many years)(or the pressure of needing to compete for a roster spot) But I think he can get past the mental and make some plays. On the 1st touchdown pass to Winslow, TO helped draw defenders away from the TE on that route. And he did make one good deep catch. The problem Owens will have the most in making the team is how do you cut Braylon Edwards after the plays he has been making….Hell, Charley Martin for that matter. I think TO could make the team, but probably will not.

    6 WRs: Rice, Baldwin, Edwards, Tate, Butler, (TO or Obo)
    Phantom injuries for PUP: Lockette, Martin or Durham
    Try to sneak onto practice squad: Kearse, Bates

  36. What more can you say? The guy has come in, acted the right way, said all the right things, and performed above my highest expectations on the field. I agree w/the other comments, beyond all the physical attributes he brings, I’m amazed at how poised he is for a rookie QB in his first game against the first-teamers. Even when he runs out of the pocket and down the field, it always seems like he is under control. A real playmaker at QB? Man, what a huge difference it could make to this team.

    Re TO, no reason to keep him. And Carroll has shown us a dozen times in his two short years that he’s coldly pragmatic when it comes to who stays and who goes. Good for Braylon for coming in and making plays, he’s played his way onto the roster.

  37. TO still has the body, and (I guess) he still has some speed – but his hands have been a problem for years now. We don’t need guys dropping the ball, we all remember from a few years ago how much that sets an offense back.

  38. the lack of football knowledge based on the comments i have seen so far is amazing. i would without a question keep T.O. When we signed him All i was worried about was if he could still run. In limited action in 2 games he got behind the defense twice. Hes a 14 veteran, his hands will come good again. No other receiver on this roster can get the separation he can get on deep balls and that includes Rice

  39. “Hes a 14 veteran, his hands will come good again”

    Why? Because most 38 y.o. receivers’ hands get better with time? His hands have been an issue the past several seasons. There’s a reason he’s not still with Dallas, or Buffalo, or Cincinnati — if he was still great, teams would overlook his attitude issues. We’re desperate at WR, so we brought him in to kick the tires. So far, he hasn’t given us a reason to keep him.

  40. PugetHawk says:

    Where was BamBam tonight? Maybe I missed why he wasn’t out there.

    Don’t think we can start Flynn now. First mistake he makes will have the fans chanting for Wilson.

    Turbin was impressive, followed by Winslow, Okung, Morgan, Wagner, Earl Thomas, and Sweezy.

    Receivers should be: Rice, Tate, Baldwin, Edwards, Owens, and Butler. Maybe we will get someone else off waivers though. I loathe Owens like everyone else but he is better than some of these other young guys at this point.

  41. 1. Dynamic. Savvy. Explosive. The future.
    2. Hell no. PC may be unconventional, but not stupid.
    3. 10-6 to 12-4, The defense will still carry us to the dance.
    4. Keep TO. He is much more of a threat with RW as our QB.
    Considering the health of our 1 & 2, we need 7 wideouts.
    5. I don’t think so, unfortunately. Tate had nice punt returns way back in his rookie year 2010.
    6. Turbin looks like he can step up just in case Beast is hit for a few games
    7. 2 DangeRuss Crew. ROYs R Us. Wilson 4 President.
    Seattle’s Best QB. Seattle ‘Ball Mafia. Wilson’s Fine Leather.

  42. 1. Poised. He’ll have some lessons to learn but I’d like to see him start because I think he’s a young, strong leader that fits very, very well with the culture and attitude of this team.

    2. Hard to say with Pete but again, I hope he is.

    3. I don;t know that I have ANY expectations. Lots of hope, but expectations? Improvement over last year mostly.

    4. T.O. should be let go. Someone else commented that if we’re going to have someone that is inconsistent let it be a younger guy with more potential.

    5. Tate just seems to have that WR “attitude”. I doubt it will ever change, so we take the good with the bad and hope for more good than bad.

    6. I’m concerned with Okung’s pass protection tonight. He seemed a step slow. But big props to the special teams.

    7. Only one that fits imo… The Russell Athletics. :)

  43. PugetHawk says:

    When was the last time Seahawk fans were this excited about a young quarterback?

    Wilson looks like a star in the making for a 3rd round rookie. I am normally not so quick to jump on the bandwagon when it comes to Seahawk quarterbacks but it feels right for the first time in franchise history.

  44. My cynicism tells me he’s too good to be true. One of the hallmarks of the NFL is adjusting…so teams will assuredly figure out how best to limit what he can do once they’ve acquired enough tape to predict how best to minimize the effectiveness of his patterns and performance traits.

    But, nonetheless, I’ve never felt so good as I can remember to simply watch in awe tonight as he over and over again does what my left brain tells me he shouldn’t be doing now without “paying his dues” for a much longer period of time, like months and years.

    So when the bubble bursts and he’s brought back to earth as a more ordinary mortal, I’ll be sad…but also still hopeful that he’ll rather rapidly figure out how to overcome all that too…and simply become the best quarterback we’ve probably ever had…in my 36 years of watching this team’s history unfold.

    Here’s to you Russell, may your continue to surprise all of us doubting Thomases and just become the best field leader we’ve ever seen or had here…keep it up, and we’ll show up, that’s for sure!

  45. I dont know if Pete will start himo or not. How can you predict Pete? One thing for sure he is the best rookie QB the hawks have ever had.

  46. Owens and Edwards are the only explosive players on this team. Golden Tate is a massive liability. Even Rice (who I like) had a critical drop in the game after a long layoff.

    Owens hand eye coordination will be completely back in a few weeks and those drops will turn into catches and big plays. It would be a huge mistake to cut him.

    I was one of the charter members (maybe the only one) of the Russell Wilson fan club before the draft, during the draft and after the draft. All Rookie QBs have their ups and downs with the hope of future greatness. I know how hot and cold this board can be when it comes to that kind of thing.

  47. so duke- if you were to keep only two players from the last two years drafts
    one of them would still be Moffit? Right now i would keep Sweezy over Moffit.

  48. I have said from the beginning that whoever they decide they need to go with that guy. Period. for like 6-8 weeks – if there is some reason you need to bench him a the end of a game – he still starts the next week.

    Pabs – you were on the bandwagon early – I have to say I didn’t think he would be ready, but he sure looks like it now! there will be ups and downs but boy he can play.

  49. Finally, I can comment. Having Russell Wilson on the field is the first time I’ve been confident in the quarterback position and our offense since I started following the team in 1977. Even at the height of the Holmgren-Hasselbeck era in 2005, there was always the lurking feeling that something was going to screw up, that this “fine-tuned” offense wasn’t going to start. I don’t get that feeling watching Wilson. He is in command. Wilson has IT, and we fans are a little dazed because we’ve never had a quarterback who has IT. I know it sounds like I’m drinking the Kool Aid, but as the old ad had it “Kool Aid, Kool Aid – tastes great…”

  50. I agree with abe3000 about TO. Getting that kind of separation is important. He should stay.

  51. Sure RW will have his growing pains and make some rookie mistakes due to sheer lack of experience, but he will more than make up for it with football IQ and god given playmaking ability. I don’t think he will screw up any of the winnable games. Rather, we may end up blowing some teams out whereas with Flynn our defense would have to score a few to have a few laughers. I thought 9-11 wins with Flynn. I think 10-12 wins w/ Wilson.

  52. So we all get the weekend to see if there will be any surprise cuts!!

    What time on Monday are the cuts?

  53. Russell the MUSCLE!!!

  54. Hey pabuwal Give me your address I’ll send you a medal!!! Give me a break!

  55. Soggybuc says:

    I hope BobbyK is doing allright, had to be hard to see Tavaris taking snaps with the 3’s tonight.

  56. VNHLNFAN says:

    Good job Pete!

  57. You mean that 3-5 for 1 yard performance for tonight

  58. Game, set and match. Say hello to Mr. Wilson…your Hawks Opening Day starter.

    The over the shoulder catch Owens had was sick. I say keep him.

    Turbin is fantastic…can’t believe he lasted until the 4th round.

    This team is awesome. We’re gonna kick some serious ass this year.


  59. bsinnitt says:

    Wow, lots of young talent across the board. More late round talent in Sweezy and Scruggs. Hats off to Pete and John. Buckle up 12th man, wild ride in front of us this year.

  60. Pabuwal, as I recall there were a few here who wanted the Seahawks to draft Wilson, and one of those was Eric Williams. So you weren’t alone there – but it was a darn good call.

    I loved watching Wilson during his senior season, yet I somehow never believed Carroll would draft him. I got caught up in the talk about “prototypical” height, etc. before the draft and bought into the idea he was a great college football player who might never be a great pro. So glad to see now in hindsight that talk was so wrong. I’m sure glad that greater football minds sometimes know when to ignore the conventional wisdom and see the real potential in a guy like Wilson.

  61. Soggybuc says:

    Wilson will get the Press an attention but the pick of Turbin looks to be the equal.

  62. Atleast for today all is good in HAWKLAND!AMEN!!!

  63. looks like Irvin is shaping up – Wagner works and Wilson playing great – what is there to complain about so far

  64. oh and I forgot Turbin!!

  65. Anyone know where you can find dropped pass stats for past years in the NFL?

  66. Soggybuc says:

    Can the Brusselnatormode take us to the Superbowl? stay tuned.

  67. Where did this guy go-

    DEC. 13, 2011 AT 2:28 PM
    People shouldn’t over look Russell Wilson in the secound round for the Hawks.

  68. yellaman says:

    While I would like to see Flynn start that day has unfortunately passed. RW is the hawks #1QB for AZ. I just hope this doesn’t effect my aspiration for us to be a superbowl contender. Flynn not being able to even play is very disappointing. RW should be our starter. TO is a numbers casualty and I’m still not sold on Tate but he will make the roster. My hope is this team wins 10 games but we’ll see.

  69. jarred767 says:

    So much excitement on these boards, I feel like I have pinch myself cause it just doesn’t seem real. If Pete doesn’t make him the starter, this place might blow up.

    And about that, what to do with Flynn…. What an odd conundrum there…

  70. Russell and the Hustlers.

    Awesome game and awesome times folks,

    Giddy as it gets for the regular season. Go Seahawks!

  71. jchawks08 says:

    Here we go again with Tate. Thanks Divish for setting up the audience with that Tate question. I watched the game. Did I miss all of his dropped passes and awful route running? Jesus, I must have. All I saw was a solid catch and run for a few extra tough yards with two guys draped all over him. Along with a Punt Return TD where he gave absolute complete maximum effort. What more do you guys want from this guy?
    And Yea, Russell Wilson. Wow. Just wow. Is there room on the bandwagon for me? I’d like to formally come aboard. I’m not a fan of rookie QB’s starting for what looks to be a for sure playoff team. This guy definately has IT, as others have said. What an amazing athlete.

  72. trout_hound says:

    RW is the real dog deal. Any mistakes he makes, he’ll find a way to learn from and get better. If we can protect him, he will flourish. If he’s this dynamic now, what might he be like in a year or two if he stays healthy? The guy is a gamer. Watching T-jack a the end really made it clear how good Wilson is. I do feel sorry for Flynn, but he’ll be a great back up, and his number will get called someday.
    T.O. should stay. I was impressed with how much better he knew the offense this week. None of those drops tonight were gimme throws. He can still stretch the field. I also watched him throw some nice blocks.
    That was a great punt return by Tate. He still needs work as a WR. Not sure if he’ll figure it out this year.
    Morgan stood out, as well as Turbin. And that undrafted RB on the Chiefs that gouged us in the fourth quarter. If he gets put on the practice squad, we should snatch him up.

  73. This could be something else folks. I don’t know how excited to get until after the season officially starts, however like a lot of us on this blog i’m stoked. I honestly think we can be a double digit win team this year and that this could be the start of many good years to come in Seattle and with Seahawk fans. Please, let it be!

  74. jchawks08 – so you didn’t watch Tate drop a punt deep in our own end of the field? And you didn’t watch Tate struggling to get open at split end?

    I think Tate is a great playmaker with his legs as a punt returner or H-back. But last year, Coach couldn’t trust him not to fumble as a punt returner. And we don’t use an H-back all that much in our offense. Tate would make a decent slot receiver, but Baldwin and Butler are both better at that position. He’s definitely not a Split End. So what’s his position?

    Keeping Tate on the roster seems like a huge luxury to me. Keeping Tate means throwing another WR or TE off the team to keep a guy who makes 2 plays a game, plus a couple of dumb mistakes. He’s beyond frustrating.

    If I had my way:

    5 WRs
    (Lockette to practice squad)

    And 4 TEs
    Morrah (needed when Winslow can’t go)

  75. Jon Gruden talking about Russell Wilson on Draft Day: “If I were Matt Flynn and Tarvaris Jackson, I’d be leery of this kid…. If you give him a legitimate chance of winning the starting job, he will win it.”

    Gotta hand it to Gruden for calling this one.

  76. Macabrevity says:

    1. We sure have been benefiting from PI calls keeping drives alive, but RW is definitely more exciting than Pop Gun Flynn.

    2. Yes, I know it’s a dated philosophy, but I still like even a potential playoff caliber rookie QB to do clipboard work their first season.

    3. My expectations are a good playoff run, but no super bowl. Is it worth it then if our starting QB has to hold out his sophomore season because he’s making far less than his backup?

    4. T.O. is done thanks as much to Braylon as to T.O. playing himself out of it. I’d keep Rice, Baldwin (no-brainers), Braylon, Golden Taint, Someone else (not sure), and Charly Martin, why not?

    5. Golden will be effective at times, but expectations are minimal.

    6. Sherman is such a stud.

    Bonus question: How about “The ‘you better hustle your muscle if you wanna tussle with Russel-ites”

  77. 1. So what were your impressions of Russell Wilson?

    I was impressed by the relationship he has with his team mates. I like his ability to run.

    2. Is there anyway Russell Wilson isn’t the opening game starter?

    No. He is the future in Seattle. Start him now.

    3. Knowing that Wilson is most likely your starter, what does that do for your expectations for this season?

    My expectations have increased. When RW plays, we score. More points equal more wins. 10-6.

    4. What do you do with Terrell Owens and Why? And who are the receivers you keep?

    I think TO is just rusty and needs more time. Sign him. I think TO thrives on and needs media attention. Give it to him and he will perform better.

    I’d keep Rice, Baldwin, Edwards, Butler, and TO. The others can go to the practice squad

    5. Has Golden Tate finally figured it out? Or is he still going to be a golden mess of inconsistency?

    No. He will always be inconsistent. Trade him.

    6. Besides Wilson, who else gets props for their play tonight?

    Turbin, Irvin, Thomas, Sherman

  78. crunchmeister says:

    Wilson… wow! I liked the idea of Flynn “managing” us into the playoffs. Clearly, Wilson has to play. Imagine if they can put up 24, 27 a game.

    But man, Pete’s D! Can’t wait to see them fly around in AZ week one!

  79. The 2 biggest questions. Start RW next week vs the Raiders, If he does well = You have to start him.

    TO will come thru. Play him next week too. If he performs or shows promise – keep him..

  80. Outside of the obvious one here, my god Sweezy, and Turbin looked great out there.

    The maturation of Sweezy given the little time he has had is unheard of.

    Turbin ran with power, vision, and quickness today. (Didn’t watch him as closely as far as blocking assignments go so feel free to follow up.

    I’m exited to see a lot more out of Skruggs, Toomer, Lane and Law. Really, the vast majority of the defense played well but those three stick out at me.

  81. Those four that is

  82. Charles Martin,,,,oh why not!

  83. psoundpowerhouse says:

    ahem…..hey hey!

  84. From Sando’s blog: NFL teams have until 4 p.m. ET Monday to reach the 75-man roster limit from the current 90 allowable players.

  85. Where are you Dukeshire? Can’t remember the last time you didn’t make it to a blog. I guess R Dub didn’t bomb…huh?

    My BobbyK…you certainly are singing a different tune. And yet still, Flynn is more mentally tough? You need a mental adjustment my friend. 3rd game, on the road in Arrowhead against the ones and Flynn is still more mentally tough. You’re impossible

    FreedomX…there is so much to say, why waste a breath? Ok, you’re ridiculous.

    Where’s Chuck? Our favorite attorney.

    It’s funny how many of our big time bloggers (I’m sure that there is quite a few I’m leaving out) and fingers have become so paralyzed. C’mon folks…would love to hear what you have to say now.

    R Dub is legit. I’m sure he’ll make some boneheaded plays along the way that will bring all the doubters back out, but hear me out.

    Now, I didn’t get to watch the game but swear that in the 1st half, R Dub lead us to score on every possession…is that correct?

    No punts. No turnovers. Just points. I had hoped for 2 tds and a FG. What he did blew away my expectations.

    Truth is…for R Dub to have THAT much success, much of the credit must go to Pete’s defense. Those guys are playing lights out. I play fantasy and many of the mocks (until now) have the 49ers going first. If the Hawks aren’t a top 5, top 3 defense, I’d be shocked and you’ll be missing out on a great defense to cheer for. Don’t wait to draft those guys.

    PC and JS are right on schedule. 3rd year is when the real expectations begin. Barring injury, this is a strong playoff team, with a great chance to win their division and get a couple of home games. IF that happens, we very well could be Superbowl bound.

    All the draft picks this year look pretty darn good. They’re hitting on about 75% of their picks.

    As far as WRs go, my guys would be: Rice, Baldwin, Edwards, Butler, Tate and yes TO. Charley Martin I don’t know enough about and he could slip in there, but if TO continues to complain, it’d be a shame and yet he’d have to get cut.

    Obo for special teams? I’m sorry, no way. Let Tate take his place. Personally, I just don’t think Tate is ready to start. He can return some punts (I’d prefer Washington) and play some WR, but other than bubble screens and fade routes, I’m just not convinced.

    I feel like I’m repeating myself. Enough said for now.


  86. bird_spit says:

    Much as I love the leadership, and play of RW, I would caution that Kansas City Chiefs suck. Rams pounded them last week. I hate rookie QBs, but RW is our best option.

  87. Read that Matt possibly has tendinitis. That sucks! If anyone has ever had that it takes a while to get better and makes it really difficult to grip anything.

    From the comment I saw on this post I have a question for Eric. If a player isn’t active for a game is he allowed to participate (work with the players, record plays, talk with the coaching staff, etc) or are they only allowed to be spectators?

  88. confucious says:

    What about keeping lumpkin or opening a roster spot and letting washington go. He is not a zone block runner and kickoff returns are ill advised or non existant.

  89. I’m jacked that they are winning on the road. That’s huge!. The Chiefs must be terrible. Again it’s preseason this ain’t real yet. So If Wilson is the starter what do you do with Flynn? Trade him to who. I’m certain he isn’t wanting to be a back up. He”s done that in Green bay. What can we get for him? So here are our QB wilson,Jackson,Portis. That doesn’t strike fear in anyone. What a mess PC has created. Listening to PC gush you would think wilson is RC3 or Luck.

  90. chuck_easton says:


    I’m at the lake with family.

    No need to gloat. Wilson did what he had to do he played lights out.

    I feel bad for Flynn, as he did nothing to lose the job, but the kid clearly outplayed him.

    Let the Wilson decade begin. I’m in!!!

  91. joereb – Where did I say Flynn was more mentally tough? That is a lie. I said he was/is more mentally ready. He’s been in the NFL for 4+ years now and has gone through 5 training camps with one of the best organizations you could be at and learn from. Just because we all love Wilson, that doesn’t mean he’s automatically smarter with respect to the NFL than a guy who has been playing in college over someone who has now been in the NFL for over 4 years. While one was playing in college, the other was learning from Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers and has even prepared for a Super Bowl. I’m not sure how playing against South Dakota or Northwestern makes you more mentally prepared for the NFL than the guy who has already been in the league.

    With that being said, Wilson has hit a home run and has shown us that his time is now. He’s going to have growing pains but he’s the real deal and he simply needs to gain this NFL experience to become great. All other tools are there. He’s smart, he’s a leader, he’s going to be fine and as soon as the Pro Shop starts selling #3 jerseys, I’m going to get mine!

    I’ll admit that I never even really thought twice about him due to his height. I knew he was great for Wisconsin last year, but didn’t think/care beyond that b/c those short QBs never get a shot, so why should he? When you have the brains, guts, character, etc. of this little guy, there’s always exceptions to the rule and I’m on board the Wilson Express.

  92. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thanks, Chuck and BobbyK.

    This ones for those that continued to take jabs at Wilson from the day he was drafted all the way up to last nights game.

  93. pabs – you mean this guy in referencing the Sweezy pick? lol

    JazBadAzz says:
    April 28, 2012 at 3:34 pm How in the hell did they figure to put a defensive player that wasn’t even good at his own position, then move him to a position that he doesn’t even play and expect him to be good. I need more background on this guy as a player because this pick doesn’t add up.

  94. montanamike2 says:

    Where do i send all the crow meat to the biased east coast experts?

  95. Big blew, I think Wilson will be better than RG3 and Luck, how about them apples?
    RW has a better D that keeps giving him the ball and gives him more drives = more chances to score = better stats
    He’ll also have a better record than the other rookies because our D won’t let other teams score much on us = wins
    I watched the Alamo Bowl, and I thought Keith Price actually outplayed Griffin. But I digress.
    Flynn’s tired arm / elbow tendinitis is troublesome. With someone with no track record for durability, you can not really give him the benefit of the doubt. I suspect we may have bought a lemon on this one.
    I liked him until now, but now I think we have to trade him, and it’s not just because of his elbow issues.
    Hold on, and just hear me out, I have good reasoning for this.
    1. Flynn has not played a full season in 4 years, his last one @ LSU. He hasn’t had to throw this much in a long time and nobody knows how his arm will hold up. Remember the 1st day of training camp, PC made RW throw all day, and he had no issues.
    2. I don’t think many on the team are impressed with Flynn if you ask behind closed doors or off the record.
    Pete is showing he rewards his young players, and Flynn hasn’t accomplished anything yet. It fits better with PC/JS
    Philosophy to have even their starting QB come up with other studs like Thomas and get paid after they earn it.

    3. If Wilson is our future, it will cause tension pretty soon when his backup makes ten times as much as he does.
    We have to get TJack to restructure his deal to maybe $2 mil a yr. and be our backup.

  96. CCVI – I have been thinking about that recently, Wilson being better than guys like RGIII, Tannenhill, Weeden, etc. if he gets the starting job (which appears to be the case). I wouldn’t take him over Luck though. No way. But I think he’s going to win more than Luck this year because the Seahawks are so much better/talented than a majority of what they have in Indy. Regardless, it’s an exciting time to be a Seahawks fan! Even if Flynn would have started, I’d still be jacked! The fact that we have two QBs I believe is wonderful. Where some teams are one injury away from their QB to having their season destroyed, we will be fine either way. I expect to win the West no matter what and let the chips fall where they may in the play-offs!

  97. Bobby K…you’re splitting hairs with tough vs prepared. By your rationale, and to use some of your favorite methods…sarcasm, why don’t we rush out to sign Jim Sorgi?

    Oh that’s right, he didn’t go to LSU and win a championship.

    Maybe you could complain about not playing vs the 1’s.
    Maybe you could complain that Flynn didn’t have Rice to throw to.
    Maybe you could complain that he doesn’t have enough game experience.
    Maybe you could complain that he didn’t play behind Aaron Rodgers.

    ugh, quit whining. glad to see you’re finally on the bandwagon.

    all together now…



    P.S. I still love you man!

  98. Continued

    4. Despite what he says, MF does not want to back up RW. He tolerated backing up Rodgers because he’s all pro and superbowl MVP, but just a rookie with promise? Something tells me he will not buy in and he will not be willing to restructure his contract. After all, this was his big payday so far in his career.
    5. We can not have a backup who is injury prone. Because if something happens to Flynn we start Portis and now we’re in full defcon 5, disaster alert. Our season could get out of hand quickly. Granted, TJ has been injured, but he played through it. He’s a tough sob. Flynn has a sore elbow and can’t throw to fight for his job? Something’s rotten in Denmark, and it will come out in due time. Do you think his teammates respect him for that, when they know TJ played with a torn pec?
    6. But not least important, we get to save $5 mil or so, to spend on Thomas, Chancellor, and JJ. After all, our D is the heart of the team and the biggest reason if they have a successful season.
    Ok that’s it for now. Sorry BobbyK, there were some scenarios in there that you probably don’t want to envision.

  99. montanamike2 says:

    I don’t think Bobby is singing a new song, he just wanted someone instead of tjack. We forgot to give love to Jerod Johnson, Kam didn’t play last night because Pete wanted to evaluate him and Winston Guy.

  100. montanamike2 says:

    Also i love all the opposing players being carted off the field in our first 3 pre season games. Teams will dread playing our Defense.

  101. Oh yeah…the uni’s looked good again. Can’t wait to see Gray on Gray!

  102. BobbyK – to me, nailing the QB position is 10x more important than nailing the Guard Position which I feel is the LEAST important position in the NFL.

    And there is a huge dropoff between Flynn and Wilson. Flynn just isn’t that good of a QB – there was a reason Holmgren didn’t pursue him, why Philbin minimally pursued him and why Carroll only gave him a contract slightly higher than Jackson.

    NFL Teams were fooled by Kolb and Cassell but apparently they learned their lesson when it came to Flynn.

    Regarding the rookie QBs – clearly Luck is the safest. I feel RG3 has huge boom and bust potential (which will it be – I don’t know), Wheeden will be the biggest bust and Tannehill is going to have some huge ups and downs. But its an exciting Rookie class to see all of those Rookie starters on opening day.

  103. chuck_easton says:

    Loved the unis last night. It’s the closest we’ve gome to the classics. The grey pants had me thinking I was back in the 80s again. But then I looked in the mirror this morning and my hair is still gone. :(

  104. And with Flynn, I’m wondering if this elbow problem is big (as elbow problems can be) and we see him on IR. He must have exhausted his arm throwing that 50 yard pass that Owens dropped last week.

  105. Newborough says:

    1. Can you say QBOTF ? September 2012 is in the future.

    2. With the mercurial Pete Carroll calling it, who knows? But my guess is 65% chance at this stage, getting higher if Flynn can’t practice this week either.

    3. 10-6 with 11-5 as the over.

    4. TO should make the roster, along with Rice, Baldwin, Edwards, Tate and Butler. Bates and Lockette to the PS.

    5. Still more of a playmaker than a polished receiver in my book, not sure if he’ll ever look truly polished.

    6. Above those you expect to show a lot, like Sherman, Mebane and Thomas, I’d single out Turbin, Knox on ST, Irvin for his motor, Wagner for a solid game and Morgan in the nickel and ST

    Not really into cool nicknames, but the use of DangeRuss usually brings a smile to my face :-)

  106. HeinieHunter says:

    Russell Wilson. WOW! He sure looks like the total package so far. Start him!
    Too many guys played well to singled them all out, it’s looking like PCJS “picked the other teams pockets” in the draft.
    TO – can still get deep, don’t cut him this early.
    Tate – can make me crazy but you have to keep him – not consistent but explosive.
    Flynn – cut the kid some slack! If you expect to have great year you need two QB’s – RW took two late hits last night alone.
    PCJS – You guys are freaking amazing. This team is LOADED with talent. Our defense kills it and now the offense is starting to look scarey good!

  107. I can’t believe you people are already dissin’ on Flynn. RW had a great game – which is what we all wanted to happen. Flynn isn’t lousy QB, he’s a good one and I’m glad he is on our team. I’ll bet it was Pete that made Matt sit, not Matt…so lighten up already.

    RW went out and proved he could play with the big dawgs last night and that makes our team so much better. I hope he just keeps getting better and if he starts then that’s cool!!!

    As I’ve said in the past, we have 2 quality QBs on our team now, when was the last time that happened!

  108. pabs – using that analogy then, does that mean Wilson sucks because every team in the NFL passed on him a few times?

    I don’t see a big difference between Flynn and Wilson. I’m happy it’s either one. It’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it.

    As long as I never have to watch Jackson again, I’m okay with it.

  109. orbeavhawk says:

    Lynch = BEAST
    Turbin = Son of a BEAST {Hee Hee]


    PS – Thank YOU Lord for RW and enabling him to become a SeaHawk and now a Leader of SeaHawks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. mojjonation says:

    R DUbs followers…in honor of everybodies biggest knock on him and what he is going to do to the teams of the NFC West…6 Feet Under

  111. mojjonation says:

    Maybe JS can call Miami and offer up a trade for TJ or even Flynn. Oh lord would that be funny.

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