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Report: Wilson to start on Friday, could earn starting QB job with strong showing vs. Chiefs

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 21, 2012 at 9:57 am with 224 Comments »
August 21, 2012 10:08 am

ESPN’s Adam Schefter has confirmed an earlier report by Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times that rookie quarterback Russell Wilson likely will make his first start this Friday against Kansas City.

Further, Chris Mortensen of ESPN is reporting that Wilson could earn the starting job with a strong showing against the Chiefs.

If true, once again Seattle head coach Pete Carroll goes against the grain in how you treat the quarterback position. I’ve pretty much been wrong this whole offseason in trying to predict what Carroll’s next move at the most important position of the field will be, other than I thought the team would draft Wilson.

I’ll have a report after practice once Carroll officially makes the announcement on who the starter is this week.

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  1. So we have a QB decision being made on giving a Rookie QB one half to prove himself?

    There’s always a first time for everything in the 30 years I’ve been following this team.

  2. Wow, what is going on, see last two post on last thread. This is getting scary. Hope Wilson blows up on the seen and looks crazy good out there, otherwise, I doubt either QB will be ready for opening day, unless Carrol is banking on what Flynn has done in the past. Yikes. Hope it’s not true.

  3. I will support Wilson if he wins the job – with 100% of all my fanatiscm. I can’t say the same for Pete.

    He has soo screwed the pooch on this whole thing it is crazy – Wilson should have 100% started last week and then a starter decision should have been made for this week and get ready to the win in the regular season.

    By doing the he is totally setting himself up to have a 5-7 win season since he didn’t give Wilson a chance to really get ready with the #1’s on a regular basis.

    I am still in the camp I want Wilson to sit and learn the NFL for a year (or until an injury) but I am totally intriuged by Wilson and want to see what he can do.

  4. yellaman says:

    Man I hope this workout and doesn’t hurt us come the regular season. What if RW struggles against KC? Do you go back to Flynn who will be even less prepared to start the regular season. Even if RW is great he is still a rookie going into the season but I’ll root for whoever is this teams QB

  5. I’m in that camp as well, if this is true, what the F was Pete thinkin’ last week.

  6. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Eric- You were right on the most important thing though.

  7. Dukeshire says:

    So it’s pretty clear that it’s now Wilson’s job to lose. But what if he plays indifferently? Does Carroll revert to Flynn to start the season? Then the bigger question is, how short of a leash would he be on? I hope either Wilson dominates or completely tanks so there will be no ambiguity who the true #1 is, because nothing derails a promising team like an in-season QB controversy.

  8. Duke – is anything really clear here? That was my point yesterday.

  9. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Relax everyone, we are playing Arizona the first game. If it has to drag out a little longer to find the right fit so be it.

  10. Dukeshire says:

    I agree with those who felt Wilson should have been evaluated with the 1s *last week*, then making a decision for the most important preseason game, the third, with better information. Carroll is not handling this appropriately, IMO. But, we’re here now.

  11. Has a 3rd round rookie QB ever started on opening day of their rookie season ever in the history of the NFL?

  12. Dukeshire says:

    pab – Regarding the QBs? Actually no, I can’t say I’m convinced about being clear on Wilson. It’s such an odd way to handle this.

  13. Soggybuc says:

    As it should be, we will know soon if RW can be a starter or needs to sit and learn. my guess is the later.

  14. Soggybuc says:

    The day anyone can figure out how Pete’s mind works will be the day we all understand why Snooki is popular.

  15. GeorgiaHawk says:

    xcman- You are right. remember the Titans did it that way but Locker laid an egg and they still chose him.
    Prepare to perhaps not know forsure even after this week. Crazy.

  16. wallinator says:

    This is fantastic news!!! Carroll hopefully will say something similar to the report around noon! DangeRuss is a winner and has done nothing to show the job shouldn’t be his! Let’s not start being negative and play the “what-if” game….Wilson has earned this shot and he has ice water in his veins and he will lock down the starting job Friday night!!! Now we’ll have a passing attack worth watching and a QB that can run….the year of the Rookie QB……4 rookie starters in 2012! crazy! Wilson is exciting and gives our passing attack an actual Attack!

  17. chuck_easton says:


    That is exactly what is going to happen.

    Wilson is being given 1 half to work with the 1st stringers. If he plays lights out and wows everybody he will likely be named the starter come week 1.

    If he struggles and looks every bit the rookie 3rd rounder he is (sorry but it’s a fact…he’s a rookie drafted in the 3rd round) then the team can go back to Flynn and give him two full weeks to work with the 1st string.

    I am in agreement with some of the posts, this is being handled completely wrong by Pete. This is probably the first time I’ve ever seriously questioned his decision making other than “I would have done this instead”.

    If this indeed was going to be the case, Wilson should have started last week and this week the starter should have been named.

    I know the problem is that Wilson has played his way into this opportunity, but the team as a whole is suffering.

    We now have to wait until Saturday or next Monday to find out who won the job.

    There is only one more pre-season game (that the starters usually don’t even play in) and then we are into regular season.

    This is a cluster regardless of which side of the QB Civil War you align yourself with.

    Now no matter which QB is finally the ‘chosen one’ he is going to have precious little time to prepare for the regular season.

  18. The scary thing Duke is that I believe that Carroll will carry this into the season? say Wilson “wins” the job and totally crashes and burns in the Arizona game – will he go with Flynn will he stay with Wilson – Hell he might even change guys at half time every game.

    On all things offense I don’t trust Pete yet. for one directly related reason and not directly related.

    1. Every QB (‘cept for maybe Tjack) that has ever played pro ball for Pete had a lower rating AFTER Pete took over as coach

    2. No NFL team Pete has ever coached had a better record than the year before – NONE. not one – if we get to 8 wins this year it will be the first in his career.

    If Defense won you championships then Baltimore would have WAY more than the 1 they have – Defense will get you to the playoffs be competitive but if you can’t play great offense in the playoffs you are done. I hope they figure this out SOON!

    7-9 is not ok 8-8 is still not acceptable. IMO if we are not in the play-offs. Petes security as a head coach should be a prevailing question

  19. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Who knows what will happen, but if Wilson does get it at least Flynn is probably the best backup in the NFL, and that’s great insurance to have if Wilson stumbles.

  20. Duke – in re: Wilson’s job to lose.

    I think Flynn is still marked for QB1. For Wilson to get the job I think he has to play absolutely lights out…. The same way he has essentially played against 2nd and 3rd team defense.

    LOL @ Georgia.. You’re right we essentially do have a 5th preseason game against AZ.

  21. “I am in agreement with some of the posts, this is being handled completely wrong by Pete. This is probably the first time I’ve ever seriously questioned his decision making other than “I would have done this instead”.”

    Same here. Only thing – we don’t know what PC is telling Flynn behind closed doors. And guys like Shefter and Mortenson are making educated guesses on PC’s mindset, they don’t really know anything.

    But yeah, to re-state, this is the first thing he’s done that, in my mind, is not the smart way to play it.

  22. I happen to think Pete may be jumping the gun a bit here and expecting too much from the rookie, and if he was going to give Wilson a first half in preseason, it should have been last week. Still…

    The Seahawks were / are going to win or lose their first few games based on the performance of the defense, offensive line, and running game. That was true before and now. It was true with Flynn, Wilson, or Jackson. The QB is likely to play conservative in any case and there might not be a big difference between the offense under Flynn or Wilson in these circumstances.

    And at least it ain’t boring following this team.

  23. If we wanted to see what the QBs “can do,” then Bevell should have called on Flynn to throw some passes in dumb running situations last week. Some of the conservative crap in the 1st half last week was idiotic if your main goal was to “gather information” on each of them (specifically Flynn in the first half). I don’t care if Flynn would have lit it up (I’d root for him) or flopped, but they could have “gathered more information” that way than playing conservative with Flynn and see Wilson light it up against the back-ups to which now they are in a stupid situation with potentially not having their starting QB start week 3 of the preseason. I wonder if Wilson is going to get the entire 1st half or if they will alternate or what? It’s not going to get dull around here, that’s for sure. I agree with the idea that I hope Wilson either dominates or looks like a rookie because I don’t want to hear about a QB controversy after every sack, incomplete pass or whatever during the season.

  24. “So it’s pretty clear that it’s now Wilson’s job to lose.”

    @duke — why do you say that? Could equally be explained by Carroll adhering to his ‘compete’ mantra, and an acknowledgement that RW’s strong play has earned him a chance to play with the 1’s. That’s different than him being in the pole position to start the regular season.

  25. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:


    This is one of the few training camp moves that has made sense to me. To me, it seems that Wilson has the best overall skill set compared to the other Q.B.’s currently on our roster. Moreover, because of all the criticism he’s received about his size, I believe he wants to succeed the most. Also, it seems evident that but for the fact he’s a rookie, Wilson is most likely a franchise Q.B.

    Wilson will make mistakes, but he has to learn. Better to have him learn now, then a year or two later. If he gets his reps in now, and his mistakes, in a couple, to a few, years I really believe he’ll be an elite Q.B. I’m optimistic that come Saturday morning Wilson will prove that he deserves to be the Seahawks starting Q.B. and thus end Seattle’s Q.B. controversy.

  26. flywhtguy23 says:

    How many games throughout the year does the offense play with all #1’s anyways? Our depth is impressive, but its impressive because #2 and #3 at the position can step in. The only variable is what defense your against in the preseason. Reps with #1’s is over-rated in my opinion. Flynn is a professional, he will be ready for AZ.

  27. Soggybuc says:

    Pete’s been doing things the “wrong way” since he got here. 330# lineman do not play DE, Frankenstein sized CFL players are not starting pro bowl caliber CB’s etc. etc.

  28. That’s not a good stat on Pete, man I hope Russel plays lights out on Friday or Pete anounces Flynn as the starter and these reports are wrong.

  29. dirtbiker_joey says:

    GeoriaHawk beat me to the punch. . . Game 1 is at Arizona, kind of like having a fifth preseason game.

  30. I don’t think that Wilson “skill set” is the best YET. I include – audibles/reading defenses/and other non stat things into the equation.

    I don’t think he reads defenses nearly as well as Flynn YET – he still moves out of the pocket a little too much.

    Yes – these are learnable traits that can be learned against our guys in Practice – Flynn did in GB.

    I have seen too many QB’s who get thrown in too early and get shell shocked and don’t end up being what they could be.

  31. Personally, here is how I would have made the QB decision:

    If you wanted to go 10-6 this year, you go with Tarvaris Jackson. But then he would go 10-6 every year with this type of talent and that’s all.

    If you wanted to go 7-9 this year, 10-6 next year and then 10-6 every year after that with this type of talent, then you go with Matt Flynn.

    If you wanted to go 7-9 this year, 13-3 next year and the Super Bowl the following year, then you go with Russell Wilson.

    Continuity in the passing game means a lot in this NFL. Starting over every year is a sure recipe for the next guy to bear the fruits of everything wonderful Carroll has put together.

  32. flywhtguy23 says:

    History is not on our side with RW: Of the 26 quarterbacks drafted in the 2nd or 3rd round between 2000-2008, only 2 have made Pro Bowls. Only 1 has won a Super Bowl, Drew Brees and he was actually drafted in the top 32 picks, just not in the first round because the league just had 31 teams at that time. Only 5 have thrown more than 1000 passes in the NFL. Only 4 have even thrown more touchdowns than interceptions in their career. Only 5 have a career completion percentage of 60% or higher (minimum 100 throws). Doesn’t include most recent drafts which include Pat White, Jimmy Clausen, Colt McCoy, Andy Dalton, Colin Kaepernick, and Ryan Mallett. Dalton is the only one worth consideration at this point.

  33. Without being homers, did the Seahawks have any right to beat the Ravens last season? Or did the wothless Redskins have any right to beat us? With that being said, even though I think we are far superior to Arizona right now, there’s no way we’re guaranteed to win that game, even if we think we should. It’s not a preseason game. It’s for real and the Seahawks have lost games they should have won and won games they should have lost. Unless we’re talking about giftwrapped games (like the ’11 Rams; twice), that’s why they play the games.

  34. yakimahawk says:

    You know what? None of us really know anything that is going on. And if RW is our starter and leads our offense to great things Pete will look like a genius. He is doing exactly what he said he was going to do,no different It’s that everyone on this blog had their own thoughts and made them Pete’s. We have 2 capable quaterbacks and with the new agreement it’s hard to get enough practice time to see everything. And no war is PC/JS going to rush because we are all inpatient. We HAVE NOT even had our staring receivers all in yet to get any timing. This will happen and it will be very good! Both of these quaterbacks are light years ahead of what we had last year and so is the team as a whole! BE POSITIVE

  35. Reading some of the comments here and in the past, do some people not realize that the 3rd preseason game is different from the rest of them? It’s basically the only one that simulates most closly to a regular season game, you should probably have your projected started in that one, it’s not the one were your like, “hey, let’s see what this guy can do.”

  36. RDPoulsbo says:

    This really is a poor way to handle the QB situation no matter who is named starter Week 1. This week is the dress rehearsal for the start of the season and they’re still messing around at QB. RW should have gotten his start last week so they could use this week to get ready. Next week will be worthless even if they use that game as a dress rehearsal because they’ll just be playing against fringe players. I wouldn’t be calling a divisional game away a 5th preseason game, even if it were the Rams. It’s just not good to be a week behind everyone else.

  37. Pabs – I can agree with everything you say except Tjack going 10-6 this year and only having Flynn and Wilson at 7-9. Clearly both are better than Tjack -But that is my opinion

  38. GeorgiaHawk says:

    If they would have just handed Flynn the starting position,( like some of you were so sure that it had already happened ), then how would that go in the locker room to all those players that have been preached to over and over again that this was a competition? Especially after they saw that Jackson really wasn’t in it after all.

    Carroll kind of painted himself in a corner on this one, so I think he did the best thing he could do to heal any possible trust issues ( about fair competition) with the team,imo.

    That and of course the fact that Wilson is playing great, and four other teams out there are starting rookie qbs this year.

    And I agree, this should have happened last week. And I said this last week when I said that the Titans were doing this competition thing the right way. So what happens? Locker lays an egg and gets the job anyway.Lol.

  39. chuck_easton says:

    Now I have to watch Friday night and seriously hope that Wilson totally sucks, or plays like he’s the second coming of Joe Montana.

    There can be nothing in between. Either he has to lay the biggest bomb since Hiroshima or he has to be HOF ready.

    That is the problem with this decision. Mediocre just opens everything up for more indecision.

    The Wilson supporters had better hope he is indeed everything you have said he is or we are playing with matches in a house made of tissue paper.

  40. yakimahawk says:

    “way” sorry

  41. “By doing the he is totally setting himself up to have a 5-7 win season since he didn’t give Wilson a chance to really get ready with the #1′s on a regular basis.”

    Not to pick on you…but what a typical comment from probably half the people on this blog. I think some of us watch far too much ESPN. = me that’s nonsensical…a couple of quarters of preseason football is not going to make or break the season at QB…That’s BS!

    We want to field the QB who is going to help us win the most games…there are still some unanswered questions…this makes sense.

  42. Arizona is equal to the Seahawks in talent. I have no idea why you guys think this is a cakewalk game.

    Matt Flynn has bombed so far. If Russell Wilson “bombs”, then Matt Flynn would have won the job by default, similar to Skelton of the Cardinals.

  43. xcman – continuity means a lot in the NFL when it comes to passing games. Most of my evaluation was based on continuity and what it meant.

    Carroll clearly doesn’t feel the same way about the importance of continuity of the passing game as I do.

  44. As much as I want Flynn to be the starter, I’m going to be rooting for Russell Wilson to do well in KC. I believe he can take this team far. I’d prefer that he sits on the bench for a year, but if Pete decides to put him in there and take his lumps, then I’m going to be rooting for him. Let’s focus on the positives guys:

    This year: Matt Flynn versus Russell Wilson
    Last year: Tjack versus Charlie.

    Talk about upgrading the position.

  45. wallinator says:

    Jon Gruden would build a team around Russell Wilson…..I know that Chuckie knows more about potential NFL greatness than we do, and he drools over DangeRuss!!! Roll the dice for once 12th Man! Let’s not be so vanilla (Flynn – the safe choice) & play the player with the best ability and upside! Wilson set all-time college records and has wowed the likes of Gruden & the Seahawks coaching staff. Wilson has done nothing to lead us to believe he’ll be anything but a success Friday night & beyond!

  46. This is actually the very first time that Pete has had the always compete come into the QB scenario.

    They brought in Whitehurst to challenge Hass – but they never put him in position to do that (and then found out he stunk)

    They brought in Tjack – to compete with CW – based on Petes own words on signing day – then a few days later named him the starter

    Everything this year up till now – showed Flynn getting the job – he didn’t get the words per se – but was getting more reps than the other guys leading up to the starts

  47. Gruden has also said good things about guys who turned out badly, too.

  48. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    xcman, you don’t believe he reads defenses, or audibles well, etc., based on what? Granted, he did make a bonehead throw that lead to an interception against Ten. in week 1. But I don’t think he made any such bonehead throws Saturday. Which leads me to my second point: I think you nailed it when you alluded to the learning aspect of playing the Q.B. position. Wilson does have a lot to learn, but he’s capable. With Senneca Wallace I remember reading that he basically had to be tutored to help with his learning. That’s not so with Wilson. Wilson seems an avid and intelligent learner, who will have no problems picking up the game. I think the biggest knock on Wilson is experience. But he will only get it by playing. So why waste time?

    As far as Arm strength and mobility goes, everyone knows that Wilson has Flynn beat. The only thing Flynn has on Wilson is experience. But that’s no excuse to start Flynn over Wilson. Andrew Luck, Ryan Tannehill, and Brandon Weedon are all rookie starting Q.B.s. Arguably, the only reason why most of them were drafted ahead of Wilson is because Wilson is a midget (lol). I think that Wilson has as good of a chance, if not better–considering he has a chip on his shoulder about his size, than any of them to be the best rookie Q.B. Also, I just have to have to say that to my knowledge Wilson hasn’t had a ball batted down yet; yet, Peyton Manning had a batted ball that lead to a defensive t.d. Makes you say hmmm. Maybe Mel Kiper doesn’t know everything.

  49. bbnate420 says:

    BobbyK, totally agree about the Arizona game. I believe that we have more talent and will be a better team this year. That said, do people remember that we split with them last year, both games decided by 3 points, and they had a better record than us even with Skelton starting 7 games? Saying that this game is a gimmie is pure delusion.

  50. chuck_easton says:


    That is the problem. What if Wilson comes out on Friday and plays similar or slightly worse than people view Flynn’s performance with the 1st stringers?

    Where do you go? This is a cluster fudge of epic proportions that may very well put the Seahawks back a full season. I have never considered this until this very moment but Pete may have just signed his termination papers on this one move. That is how important this decision is.

    Pete has gone all in. Wilson either has to come out and play like Tom Brady, Joe Montana, Payton Manning, and Dan Marino combined or we have a major problem on our hands.

    That is why I am rooting for Wilson to either screw the pooch entirely or be ready for Canton. There can be nothing in between. That is not fair to Wilson, Flynn, the team or the long suffering Seahawk fans.

    For the first time in his tenure I am about ready to call for Pete to be fired on this one desision alone.

  51. Why are so many people suggesting that this has been mishandled? For me, the proof is in the pudding. The only thing easy to assume with this regime, is that you shouldn’t assume anything.

    Why not let this all play out, see how the games go and THEN determine if PC has “screwed the pooch.” I’d prefer to have the QB that gives us the best chance to win–even if it goes against the grains of what people think is the “right way” to do things.

    Good grief, grab a beer and take a deep breath.

  52. “Pete’s been doing things the “wrong way” since he got here. 330# lineman do not play DE, Frankenstein sized CFL players are not starting pro bowl caliber CB’s etc. etc.”

    Hear, Hear, Soggybuc! Its amazing how much more we all know about football than Pete Carroll does. lol!

  53. Vanilla has won MULTIPLE NFL championships. Rodgers – vanilla. Brady – Vanilla Hell Manning – both of them – Vanilla. Big Ben – Vanilla – Brees – Vanilla

    Not running out of the pocket – Not exciting in their own athleticsm – what do they do? Read the defense – take what the defense gives them – fire a strike to the guy that has be best chance to get them positive yards.

    Vick – now there is “exciting” . . . oh wait he hasn’t gotten anywhere and can’t stay on the field. How many “exciting” qb’s have had long careers and won championships? I can think of 1 “running” QB who had won in the NFL- Steve Young

    I want a “Vanilla” guy who can rip apart a defense with his smarts and play calling (which we will struggle with for awhile with Bonehead calling the plays) a run here or there

  54. chuck_easton says:

    I’ve given Pete alot of leeway. I’ve looked and some of his moves and said, who knew?

    This is the first time I have ever seriously questioned his ability, and at the one postion that can literally ruin our season.

    If this bombs I will be leading the fire Pete parade. If it is another grand slam then I will tip my hat to him. It just reeks of desperation and I don’t understand it at all.

    Wilson should have started last week or Flynn should already be named the starter. I could have accepted either of those. If Wilson did start last week and played a strong game there would be nobody on here that would be in disagreement with him being named the starter for this week and the upcoming season.

  55. flywhtguy23 says:

    The biggest upgrade at QB is the intangibles. Both of our options at QB have remarkable intangibles. This alone allows for this decision in PRESEASON to mean far less than anyone here understands.

  56. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    Chuck, I think you’re being overly dramatic. If Wilson plays mediocre then they have film and still another week of preseason to sort things out. As long as a starter is named the day after the final preseason game I think we’ll be fine. After all, we play Arizona in week 1. Whether it’s Flynn, or Wilson, as screwed up as Arizona is, I just don’t believe they can beat us in week 1.

  57. So Wilson can read an NFL defense as well as someone who has already been in the NFL for 4+ years now (a few weeks into his first training camp)? Good lord. I guarantee you that every 5th year QB in the history of the world would tell you they are so much better/smarter at analyzing NFL defenses in their 5th seasons, then they were during their 1st training camp.

    I want Wilson to take this job and knock it out of the park on Friday and never look back. I think his ceiling is higher, but I’m going to support one of those two no matter who is under center week one but I’m not going to blindlessly say things that can’t be true just because some people want them to be true. Yeah, right, I’m sure Wilson knows more about NFL defenses than a guy playing with and under Aaron Rodgers for four years, who has prepared for a Super Bowl, thrown for 480 yards in a real NFL game, etc. lol

  58. Donn2390 says:

    I can’t imagine how Pete has suceeded so well in the past when, according to all the coaches in here, he doesn’t have a clue. He must just be very lucky.!
    Why not keep quiet and not look so foolish and let the coaching staff make the decisions. They spend many hours a week with the guys, and many more hours in the film room. They are so far aheqs of even the brightest blogger in here, there is no comparison.
    Sit back and enjoy the ride. Flap your jaws when Pete fails, in the mean time, support everyting he does if you’re a true fan.
    All of you who have coached a professional team, and made 7 mill a year doing so, will be allowed to comment.. all the rest are just talking bar room BS…

  59. This is great news. It was a true competition after all and Pete is staying true to his Mantra. If Wilson gets the job it will be because he earned it.

    His college stats are comparable to Luck and RGIII and he appears to be comparably ready to start based on the small sample set we have. Can’t wait to see how he does.

    My biggest impressions from the last game was ball placement and making something out of nothing. Time after time almost every throw was put where only a receiver could make a play on the ball (would have to be a great catch in many cases) and the defender could not. Impressive. Also ability to keep drives alive via things like the throw while falling down and rushes were something we haven’t seen much of in SEA.

  60. “If we wanted to see what the QBs “can do,” then Bevell should have called on Flynn to throw some passes in dumb running situations last week.”

    Nah. This isn’t about seeing what Flynn can do. Don’t listen to what Pete Carroll says, just watch what he does.

    The quarterback competition is in its final stage:

    1) After two weeks of training camp, Carroll knew what Jackson could do after being given an offseason to get healthy. Carroll saw enough.

    2) After two more weeks of preseason, Carroll saw enough to know what Flynn can do after settling in with this offense. Carroll saw enough to know that Flynn can do things he hoped Jackson could do last year: manage games, control the ball, and not make mistakes. Flynn didn’t show him anything extra to get excited about.

    3) After these weeks of watching Wilson learn quickly and improve quickly from raw rookie to playmaker, Carroll wants to make sure he sees enough to know how close Wilson is to being ready. He hasn’t given him the starting job, yet, but there is no question that Coach sees in Wilson a guy who potentially can do more to win than Jackson or Flynn can.

  61. I love how people keep saying – hey we only play Arizona game 1 –

    NEWSFLASH – last time we played THEY BEAT US!

  62. Dukeshire says:

    pdway – Because typically the third preseason game is when team’s play their starters as closely as a regular season game, into the 3rd quarter. Moreover, how does Carroll justify sitting Wilson should he tear it up? But honestly, just a feeling…

  63. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    Well said Stevos.

  64. bird_spit says:

    This is not just a test of Wilson for a #1, it is also a test of Wilson the backup. The season is full of adversity, and the #2 will be #1 almost for certain during the season. This is a great way to do it, IMO.

    If Wilson kicks ass, then who is complaining?

    If he does, I (the GM of the future) would put TJ and Flynn on the block, and see which gets better value..(just to continue the prev thread, and because its absurd to think about 2013 per many)

  65. I see from many of the comments why Holmgren was so popular …play it safe, look at history, do it like it’s always been done. With either QB the defense is sound and our running game is great. The receivers are unknown and have no rapport with either QB yet. If RW does’t light it up in the fist half –which I think he will– then it is Flynn’s job. Unless Flynn can’t put up RW numbers against the scrubs.

  66. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    amen stevos

  67. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Chuck and everyone else on the Flynn start bandwagon, Don’t you think Flynn had a chance to put this thing away these last two weeks? Now you say you hope Wilson either Plays lights out or Tanks. I say if Wilson just plays about the same way that Flynn played these last two weeks he should get the job.
    This is a rookie now, and Flynn has been in The NFL for awhile. If they play even give it to the rookie.

    And there is just as much pressure on Flynn to play well with the backups, imo.

  68. chuck_easton says:


    Not being overly dramatic at all. Wilson has earned a chance to play with the 1st stringers. Nobody disagrees with that.

    The problem is the 3rd pre-season game is where the team has all its starters in place. The starters all play the 1st half and the beginning of the second half to get the feel of coming back out of the locker room and continuing the game.

    By doing this the Seahawks have now said that ‘we have no clue, what we are doing and we don’t know who our starting QB is going to be.”

    This late into pre-season is not the time to be doing this.

    This decision can very well ruin everything or it can lead to great things. I don’t like the all or nothing approach. Football is a game of continuity. You can’t have questions like this going unanswered this long into pre-season.

    Unfortunately it is Wilson that is going to bear the pressure. He either has to go out and be a superstar or we have a problem.

    Mediocre performance from Wilson would be the absolute worst thing that can happen on Friday. Because that means we are going into the final week of pre-season with still no clue.

    Yes, this is a major screw up and I am very concerned about the stability of this team for 2012. Pete may be building a winner. He may also not be around to coach them when they win. This is the type of move that gets coaches fired.

  69. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    They didn’t really beat us. O.k. lol they did, but Pete wasn’t trying–i.e., he benched Lynch to see what Forsett and Washington could do. He tested other 2nd and 3rd stringers too, at starters expenses. All that is to say that I don’t believe that game was as much about winning as it was about seeing who was worth keeping.

  70. Ewalters7354 says:

    I love Russell Wilson but I absolutely hate how Pete is handling this situation.How can this offense ever grow with all this swapping thats going on?

  71. Wilson is being given this chance because Flynn has bombed in his 2 chances to seize the job. He could have taken the job and made it all his. He was handed the opportunity to do so.

    Where I disagree with Carroll is judging a Rookie QB after 1 half as a starter. I think its silly. I also think that Flynn was never going to look good UNLESS he received the bulk of the snaps in camp. He’s just not good enough otherwise.

    And when it was clear Flynn was NOT distinguishing himself from any of the other QBs weeks ago, Carroll should have made the starter’s decision right there – enabling whichever QB he chose to build rapport and continuity with the rest of the offense. Russell is a rookie and Flynn is a limited QB whose only chance to be successful is to build continuity with the rest of the players.

    So now, Carroll has lost several valuable weeks, has learned nothing new and put both QBs at a disadvantage for the start of the season.

  72. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Vanilla has won MULTIPLE NFL championships. Rodgers – vanilla. Brady – Vanilla Hell Manning – both of them – Vanilla. Big Ben – Vanilla – Brees – Vanilla.

    xcman- Did you start happy hour already? There is nothing Vanilla about these players but their skin color.

    You can do better than that.

  73. I think that may be overstating things just a bit, pabuwal. Flynn didn’t bomb. He already proved himself an upgrade over Jackson.

    Many people have suggested that Carroll ultimately will be judged on two thing over the course of his 5-year contract: did he find his winning QB and make the team a true contender. Pete Carroll is in the third year of this rebuild. He doesn’t simply want an upgrade over Tarvaris Jackson, he wants to start training his playoff-winning QB ASAP. I think he’s decided Flynn is probably not that guy, and Carroll isn’t one to settle.

  74. HeinieHunter says:

    I think RW earned this start by playing better than anyone expected against reserves. I still think its Flynns job to lose unless Wilson just plays lights out. If he falters, and I think that he will (rookie) and Flynn does well in the second half against
    some reserves then he will be named starter and a major QB contoversy is avoided. Naming a guy starter for the first half of a preseason game is hardly anointing him as the seasons starter and savior of the franchise. Bottom line is that Wilson has iplayed well and Flynn’s play has not slammed the door shut on him…..yet.
    With our defense and running game I don’t think the QB has to carry the load for us to win our first game.

  75. anyone else think this Friday’s game will be the most-watched preseason game in Seahawks history?

  76. abqhwkfn says:

    So why would one mediocore performance from RW be any worse then the 2 weve gotten so far from Flynn..? I dont understand why anybody is suprised by this. unless you dont understand the concept of competition. Im all for it. Rw has earned it. Flynn didnt do enough to keep the rookie off his tail.

  77. Stevos,

    Best post from this and the last thread!

    Enjoy this guys….because we could very well be watching something really epic unfolding here.

  78. Soggybuc says:

    I agree with xcman( Duh!, i just got your moniker. sorry man i’m really dense sometimes) Wilson is good now, he will be great. just not yet.

  79. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    Chuck, we haven’t had all the starters in place yet, and I doubt we will Friday. I’d be shocked if Rice plays before week 1. Lynch might get a few more carries, but he’s not going to play for any significant amount of time on Friday. Will Baldwin play Friday? If he does, how many snaps do you think he’ll get? Will Miller and Winslow both be on the field together before week 1? I don’t think all of our starters will see the field at once before week 1. It sucks, but it’s just the way it goes.

    What’s wrong with giving Wilson the last two starts of the preseason, and then naming a starter based on film if there isn’t a decisive winner? It would still give Flynn (if it is Flynn) a solid week of practice with the numbers #1’s. Moreover, because, presumably, he would have played in the second half of the last two preseason games, it’s not like Flynn will be rusty.

    I think that Pete is going about this the right way. Essentially, the Q.B. battle is down to two. As early as Friday a starter could be named. If not, and the starter isn’t named until after the final preseason game, the starter will have a solid 7 days of practice with the no. 1’s to get ready for the first regular season game.

  80. I agree with Bobby & Cornutt.
    It seems that they have been conservative with the play calling for Flynn & they open the playbook more for Wilson in the 2nd half..

    What else is Petey supposed to do? Flynn has looked mild & RW has looked dynamic so far. He has to honor his ‘always compete’ mantra. I think he’s going to see how RW does this week and treat the 4th pre-season game as the dress rehearsal. Full steam ahead & no letting up on getting these guys ready for the real games.. Whoever is named the starter can get 2 weeks of all the reps getting ready for AZ.

    On the other hand, Has RW officially been named the starter yet or is it all conjecture from sportswriters? Are we just getting worked up over nothing?

  81. Stevos – I have no idea how Flynn has proven he is better than Jackson. All of his numbers are worse and the team’s offensive scoring has been pitiful. He has had a great running game and great field position.

    I keep hearing from the Seahawks fans he’s an upgrade, but it can’t be from anything he’s done his short time at Seattle. There must be a lot of assumptions on what he can do based on the stats be put up at GB.

  82. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “The problem is the 3rd pre-season game is where the team has all its starters in place. The starters all play the 1st half and the beginning of the second half to get the feel of coming back out of the locker room and continuing the game.”

    Chuck- I don’t see a problem with it if Pete picks Wilson because Wilson will have started the third game like the other starters in the NFL.
    The problem that I see here is you just can’t except the fact yet that Wilson might be our starter.

  83. wallinator says:

    Pete isn’t just judging DangeRuss on 1 half with the starters….he’s been evaluating him from the tapes he watched of Wilson at Wisconsin and N.C. State. Pete has watched and evaluated Wilson since the first mini-camp after the draft. Come on people, back off the ledge….this isn’t a knee-jerk reaction. Not having a final decision by week 3 of the pre-season is not the end of the world. One week of a few extra reps is not going to catapult us to 16-0. @XCMan – Those QB’s you mentioned are not vanilla. Rodgers? Manning(s)? Brady? Those guys are the best of the best in the NFL. Vanilla is good but not great. 10 years of Hasselbeck….Vanilla….good but not great. It’s time to be great!!! Be Bold! Yes, Arizona beat us once last year…..whoopee, that was last season! Do you not think this is a better Seahawk team with a great mentality? They will take back the NFC West and Arizona is not getting in this D’s way! & Russell Wilson will help get us there!!!!!

  84. sluggo42 says:

    Since when is it cast in stone that the 3rd preseason game HAS to be a mock real game. Just because a lot of teams have done it for a long time doesn’t mean that every team HAS to do that.

    I think Flynn is great, and I think Pete thinks he is too. But RW has shown in two preseason games that he has the “HOLY SMOKES” factor, and Pete sees it in practice every day, as does the rest of the team. He HAS to give his Ferrari a test run before the real race begins. It’s PRESEASON! If RW lights it up then wow, look what we have here, and let history begin recording a fantastic era of Hawk football. If he sputters with decision making and defense reading, then Flynn starts. Safe and sound,and we win games anyways because we have a kickass team. It’s a win win situation, and Giving RW a week with the first team won’t hurt Flynn one bit, and then we will truely and finally know who relly should be the starter. Then we go “all-in” with that person knowing we have a solid back-up as well. We can’t lose.

    WAY better then the tards top to bottom. We will roll the tards I guarentee that. They won’t be able to stop the run game and Wilson/Flynn will shread them through the air.

    Here are the keys and reasons for this:

    Ball control with an unstoppable rushing attack. The tards will be forced to stack the box and the WR’s and KWII will slice and dice – this will create favorable time of possession

    Bone crushing defense, will let the dogs loose, blitz packages, Irvin, Jones, DB’s, this will create more 3 and outs, and turnovers- THis too will create favorable time of possession.

    The offense will score more often because they will have the ball more often, and they have a better running game then most other teams that allows the passing game to succeed.

    With EITHER qb playing, Hawks will beat the tards:

    38 – 13

  85. Carlsonkid says:

    Audible is right ; just because the talking heads say you must prepare your starters in the 3rd preseason game for the start of the regular season doesn’t mean that’s the only way that can be successful . Pete said from the beginning this is an open competition , and thus far Wilson has clearly outplayed Flynn . Last year there were no OTA’s or minicamps and Tarvaris was named the starter strictly on the merits of his familiarity with the offense Bevel runs . I don’t see anyone here screaming for T-Jack to start . You field the best player on your team and go from there .. I believe most of us correctly assumed it was Fynn’s job to lose ; if Wilson comes out on Friday and lights it up that’s what will haves happened

  86. Vanilla was stated as a style of play – they are all pocket passers – pretty Vanilla as a style of play

  87. “I think RW earned this start by playing better than anyone expected against reserves. I still think its Flynns job to lose unless Wilson just plays lights out. If he falters, and I think that he will (rookie) and Flynn does well in the second half against
    some reserves then he will be named starter and a major QB contoversy is avoided.”

    Right, I still think this is basically the case. I disagree that Flynn has blown anything; and it is more that RW has played above expectations for a 3rd round pick. I am still hung up that PC is doing this in the third pre-season game, which, as others have accurately pointed out, is the dress rehearsal game for the regulard season. Why not give RW the first 3 quarters in game 4? But, yeah, Pete isn’t always a by-the-book guy. I’m not as up in arms as Chuck_E, but I get where he’s coming from. PC/JS have been very sharp guys in turning around this team so far, and this move feels like a mistake to me.

  88. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “anyone else think this Friday’s game will be the most-watched preseason game in Seahawks history?”

    So true Stevos.

    All these pre-season games are like regular season games to me. So much at stake!

  89. freedom_X says:

    I don’t see Flynn as having bombed at all. But, if the QB decision really does come down to a single pre-season game (#3) then Pete Carroll has reinforced that he doesn’t know what to do about the QB position.

    Rookie QB’s are more prepared to play well than ever before (I used to be solidly in the “sit rookie QB’s for a year camp”) but as many have said, Seattle’s probably looking at 7-9 at best if they start the rookie.

    Can Carroll afford to have another losing season? He either had better be rock-solid secure in his position (possible) or he’ll regret not getting a QB in year 1 or 2 of his regime. Perhaps the Whitehurst mistake may be bigger than Carroll realized.

    Carroll should have been able to “gather” all the information he needs to make a decision by now. There’s no way the decision should hinge on 2 1/2 quarters of game play.

  90. HeinieHunter says:

    Stevos……Said it perfectly. Carol knows what he has with TJack and Flynn but Wilson is a wild card. I’ve read over and over that if Wilson were taller he would have went early in the first round. I think Pete wants to see how good this kid is and how quick he can pick it up against top talent. PC/JS do thing differently than most of the other teams in the league. To think they haven’t deeply reviewed all these possibilities is crazy.

  91. Soggybuc says:

    I hope everyone realizes that no matter what happens at QB the Beastinator is going to see the majority of plays on offense.

  92. wallinator says:

    @XC – ok, but wouldn’t we take any of the QB’s you listed over Flynn? I realize that Flynn has more time in an NFL system, and has played more pre-season games, and started 2 regular season games……but from what I’ve seen so far, he just doesn’t get me excited, & I feel that Wilson gives our offense something that Flynn doesn’t. Now, if I see Flynn light it up and win games in the regular season…..great, but if I’m making the call today, Wilson gives us a better chance to be great, after a few years of bad, preceded by too many years of just good enough.

  93. ohiohawkfan says:

    I think everyone is putting way too much stock in this one preseason game. Wilson deserves his shot. He earned it based on his play thus far. Both Flynn and Wilson will be ready by the first game. May the best man win. I will support them 100%.

  94. GeorgiaHawk says:

    xcman- If you really read my post right you would understand that I was talking about style.

    Vanilla to me is a QB that doesn’t have the tools that the great ones have.

    Strong arm. Good runner or good at moving in the pocket, Tall, big, strong, and clutch.

    So how can you compare Flynn to these guys is beyond me. Lol.

  95. bbnate420 says:

    Cornutt: Jesus man, don’t you know this blog is no place for measured, reasonable, or logical thought. ;-)

    RW must be in the running for the #1 spot. I really don’t think he’d start game 3 if he wasn’t. My guess is that he must play well to nab the starting spot. If he is just okay, I think PC goes with the guy with more experience, i.e. Flynn. If RW plays badly, he can still give Flynn some time versus the #1s by putting him in at the end of the 2nd or beginning of the 3rd.

    Some people act like because there is no recent history of a 3rd round QB starting from day one and having success that it couldn’t POSSIBLY happen. Things never happen until they do! No 6th round QB had won 3 SBs until Brady did it. RW was only a 3rd rounder because of his height. We will find out if it matters or not. I trust whatever PC chooses, but I have been saying for months that they should go with RW if they firmly believe that he is the QBOTF and he is ready to not embarrass himself out there. I would rather have RW play and put up worse numbers than Flynn would’ve in 2012, not substantially worse, if he’s going to be starting in 2013. He will have a learning curve on the field no matter how long he sits. I’d rather have him ready to roll next year rather than holding the rest of the team back, which should be even better than it is now. If they’re not completely sold, then you roll with Flynn and see how he does. If he takes the job and rolls with it, you have your decision.

  96. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:


    how have they been conservative with Flynn? Remember Flynn talking that cover 2 nonsense about how no one was open deep? Moreover, he had his chances Saturday, but between T.O.’s drops and miscommunication with T.O. (and a bad throw, or two), he didn’t make any big plays. Maybe Flynn is too scared to make mistakes. Regardless, I don’t believe that Wilson would have attempted that T.D. throw to Braylon Edwards that Wilson made, or otherwise taken the chances the Wilson has. Wilson seems to be more of a risk taker, big play type of Q.B. While Flynn is a safe, conservative, Q.B.

  97. Soggybuc says:

    I also think we may be in danger of getting E in trouble for having his blog consume 90% of the TNT’s bandwidth for the last week.

  98. I am not saying Wilson couldn’t be that guy either – I am saying I want to WIN and WIN NOW!

    I want PC and Bevell to prove to me that they can actually put together and offense and use it effectively. ( I still totally have my doubts here)
    Heck I take a totally unproven Jim Zorn as a Off Coordinator over Bevell right now.

    IMO if the team is not 9-7 or better this year Carroll needs to be told win now or lose your job. They have turned over the roster and these are HIS guys – he has to win!!

    Part of it is look at the top Offensive draft picks and even the 1st/2nd rounders they have drafted: Other than Thomas who can you say has been a solid pick – If Okung can play 15 or 16 games this season you can add him to that list. but they have to be able to draft in the top 2 rounds like they do later OR IMO – start trading those #1’s for guys like Wallace and do it now

  99. shorty10 says:

    You can’t blame PC for this decision. It’s been forced by Russell Wilson. I don’t think this kid will be denied. If he does start week 1 against AZ it will only be exciting as hell.

  100. Soggybuc says:

    Displaced says “Wilson seems to be more of a risk taker, big play type of Q.B. While Flynn is a safe, conservative, Q.B.”

    Pete has stated publicly he prefers the Later to the former, it’s what got Hass in trouble with both Holmy and Pete.

  101. I’m so glad that Carroll is evaluating both QBs this way because it’s not a trivial matter to replace a starting QB once someone is in place.

    The organization is going to make a real commitment to the player who wins this job.

    Worried about continuity? How about let’s use another game to make sure we get it right the first time, so we aren’t faced with a disruption down the road…or worse.

    To me, the worst case is that Flynn is given the job, and does enough to keep the job, but not enough to help put us over the top.

  102. Yes you can because clearly Wilson played well enough in the first preseason game to get a chance – most of us even said that –

    I was totally shocked that Wilson didn’t start for Denver – for 2 reasons

    1. He played very well in game 1
    2. Would have totally been consistent with what they were doing with reps – competition and gathering information

  103. Dukeshire says:

    You can absolutely blame Carroll for how this is being handled, unless you think it’s being handled correctly.

  104. Over 100 comments in less that 2 hours – nice job guys :)

  105. bbnate420 says:

    TruBlu: No recent history of 3rd rounders starting from day one, but Fran Tarkenton did. Dan Fouts also played 10 games as a rookie, out of 14. Neither played especially great at first, but they were alright if put into the context of the NFL of that time. Not the passing league it is today. Danny White was a 3rd rounder. So was Schaub. The best 3rd round QB of all time is one Mr. Joe Montana.

    BTW, Johnny Unitas was a 9th round pick and Bart Starr a 17th.

  106. “IMO if the team is not 9-7 or better this year Carroll needs to be told win now or lose your job. They have turned over the roster and these are HIS guys – he has to win!!”

    I think hiring Carroll was THE single biggest key in getting this team turned around – and they’d be crazy to fire him. People on here are saying things like, ‘he’s screwed up in fixing the QB position’ as if it’s a snap of the fingers fix.

    I’m not totally on board w/this move of starting a new QB in the 3rd pre-season game, but I’m still very happy w/the direction he’s taken this team, and agree with just about every other move he and Schneider have made.

  107. bbnate420: Lmao! My bad, I’ll try to apply myself and become more reactionary and hysterical! ;)

    Btw-totally agree with your sentiment. “Some people act like because there is no recent history of a 3rd round QB starting from day one and having success that it couldn’t POSSIBLY happen.” To some, the earth will always be flat…

  108. rramstad says:

    Yeah, I’m with a couple earlier posters. There’s no reason why the 3rd has to be X and the 4th has to be Y and blah blah… in particular, with the new CBA, there’s a LOT less contact in training camp, so I could see an argument being made that it would be a GOOD thing to play your starters a bit more in the 4th game than you might otherwise.

    I could totally see Wilson playing well and then getting the start for the 4th and actually playing two or three series in it OR Wilson doesn’t play all that great and Flynn gets the start for the 4th and actually plays two or three series in it… with the appropriate guy starting week 1 of the regular season.

    Just because other teams only put out their starters for like one series in the 4th game and/or even totally rest certain key guys, well, we don’t have to follow that blueprint.

    PC and JS are willing to do some things differently — as an example, I think they did a great job with the expanded 90 man roster, stockpiling draft picks so they could have quality depth by moving down when some would have them move up. That’s a long term systemic change for the NFL that I think they got absolutely right, the first time.

    The new CBA is similar in that it changes things, a lot, and a really good team will realize “hey, we need more contact, let’s play the starters more” while others keep doing what they always did because it’s what they did… not for any real reason, just because that’s how it’s done…

    As far as second guessing, if Flynn had shown more improvement from game one to game two, he would have started game three. Flynn didn’t really show any improvement — he certainly missed a few throws, and had some read issues — so that opened the door to Wilson starting, and of course Wilson looked great in game two.

    It’s easy to look at the whole thing in hindsight and say Wilson should have started game two, but we did in fact get some valuable data by having Flynn start two. I’d also claim that this particular route (Flynn, Flynn, Wilson) is the only way that Wilson could have possibly won the QB competition in a convincing fashion… if he does it, it’ll be pretty unprecedented.

  109. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Good post nate!

  110. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Good post Audible!

  111. I agree with the sentiment that this APPEARS to be a cluster f and we really have no idea what Pete is thinking. However, let’s realize that none of the decisions PC/JS have made, from drafts to the abnormally high number of transactions, to the roster, has resembled orthodox ways of running a franchise, nor have they been influenced by conventional wisdom at all. We trust that they have some sort of combination of logic and gut instincts based on years of football experience, but we don’t ever know for sure.
    I say it’s pretty clear, if RW blows us away, he starts and it will be good because everyone can agree that his ceiling is higher. If he struggles, we make Flynn #1 for the beginning of the season, with the understanding that the position and all that determines it is always in flux and reviewed with every additional game, situation and information. Let’s also remember that if Russel Wilson ends up being as dynamic as we think he is, he will only have a couple years on this cheap 3rd round rookie contract before we will have to pony up. How much we have to give him depends on his play and the demand dictacted by the FA QB market. So if Pete was planning on starting Wilson sooner rather than later based on what he is seeing from the QB position, let’s get the DangeRuss era started ASAP!
    Also, if Wilson starts, would you rather pay more for Flynn as backup or have TJack at $4 mil? This one’s gonna be controversial for sure.

  112. This is why Paul Allen hired all of you because you know everything. Sometime people do things there way he has had success his whole life just back up and enjoy the ride can’t say it don’t look exciting. you miss all the fun judging the coach just kick back enjoy the ride

  113. orbeavhawk says:

    What a difference ONE Year makes with a great GM and Head Coach and scouts etc……….we enter training camp, you might say, QB RICH. Not only did they sign a “proven” veteran NFL backup BUT a “shrimp” from Wisconsin dropped in their lap in round 3………Thank God, they knew that the “midget” just might be something special———WOW! Has he ever turned out to be something SPECIAL with that capitol “IT” factor.
    We can criticize Pete till the cows come home……..BUT this much does not change……..they have brought us in 2 VERY GOOD QB’s…….but this fan beleives from watching and reading about RW and his life and study habits if he does not get seriously injured in any way – he will be our biggest find ever – a real and EXCITING Franchise QB that will take us to the Promised Land!


  114. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Good post rramstad!

  115. HawkyHann says:

    YES!!! Finally some very exciting news at the QB position. Everytime we watch Wilson, he impresses everyone, big time.

    Love it!!!

  116. grizindabox24 says:

    My gut feeling is that RW struggles on Friday.

  117. bbnate420 says:

    Thanks, Georgia.

    For anyone tired of the QB debate, I am to some degree, all you have to see is the 100+ comments in 2 hours. The QB-centric threads will continue.

    I agree, rramstad. I think whoever gets the starting nod will play a lot more than 1 series in the final preseason game. I would guess that they go the whole first half. Then the #2 plays most of the 2nd and Portis possibly mops up.

  118. jchawks08 says:

    Reading all these threads and comments has been a great reminder why I prefer to watch the Hawks alone! No insanely asinine assumptions/comments/concerns/questioning from overly caffeinated/drunked/drugged Seahawk fans!!!
    As I stand firmly in Flynn’s court, I can’t wait to see what Wilson can do vs KC’s mostly 1’s. Maybe the better QB win. My only concern is the fact that not a lot of teams have ever had any success (playoffs) with a rookie QB starting. In PC/JS I trust.

  119. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I can’t keep up with all this posting! Some are coming out of man caves I’ve never seen before.

  120. grizindabox24 says:

    Where is Divs chin when you need them?

  121. bbnate420 says:

    I don’t think there’s much of a chance that PC is fired after this season unless they completely collapse and go like 2-14. 2013 is the year he needs to win or be on the hot seat IMO.

  122. chuck_easton says:


    I think you are mis reading me. I have no problem at all if Wilson is the starter. I have no problem if Flynn is the starter.

    I have a big problem that we are three weeks away from regular season and the team apparently has no clue who will be playing the most important position on the team.

    If Pete comes out today and says ” we’ve decided that Wilson is the future and the future begins now regardless of what happens this week” I’m totally on board. That is not the case. We are being told that Wilson will get the start and then the team will evaluate.

    So what if Wilson is mediocre and Flynn plays lights out with the second and third stringers?

    That is the problem. This is being handled in the worst way and I have serious concerns about this season.

  123. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Helpful hints to those that put all their marbles on one qb. Always have a backup plan. And if all else fails you still have happy hour!

  124. bbnate420 says:

    Chuck, just a feeling, but if RW just plays mediocre on Friday then I think Flynn takes the #1 position to start the year.

  125. bird_spit says:

    If Hawks are behind and its the 2 min offense. Which would you want Flynn’s style or RW? I cant answer that. I would like to point out, 2012 isnt the end all.. We really want to see a team prepared to out perform for the long run. If you have magic in the bottle, you would want to develop it in 2012, and prepare for 2013 and beyond. I’d want to see what the kid has against the ones. If nothing else, it is great experience for 2013, when it will matter. I dont discount 2012 (ok I do), but this team does not look playoff bound right now. One more year, and the kid may be the answer.

    Pete has said in the past his offense would be WCO, and he likes the play action. RW seems like the right guy to deliver with accuracy on the run. I think PC is doing the right thing..maybe not for 2012, but for 2013.

  126. This is what you call a HIGH QUALITY problem, guys! Enjoy it =)

  127. GeorgiaHawk says:

    So Chuck, would if we lose our first game because it took an extra week to find out for sure who will be our long term qb. It’s better than not being sure.
    Besides I will take Wilson or Flynn with shorter preparation over what Arizona has now any day.

    And after the first Game teams only have one week (for the most part) to prepare for the next 15 games.
    I don’t think in the grand scheme of things that this team will suffer too much if they don’t do this third game the traditional way.

  128. HawkyHann says:

    jchawks08- you should review your comment about rookie qbs. Some have had winning games in recent years.

  129. HawkFromDay1 says:

    Trade Matt Flynn for Charlie Whitehurst prices

  130. HawkyHann says:

    Won playoff games.

  131. “but this team does not look playoff bound right now.”

    Totally disagree…

    1. We have a bruising defense.
    2. Good offensive line, and strong running game.
    3. Potential for a kick-ass passing attack, with improved QB play, almost a given, and especially with healthy rice or either Edwards or Owens stepping up.

  132. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Yea, didn’t Divs Chin say that Flynn would for sure be the starter?

  133. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Already the NFL will set a record with four rookie qbs starting this year.
    Will it be five? Stay tuned.

  134. chuck_easton says:

    Wilson had better play lights out on Friday then never look back. That is really the only way this ends well.

  135. NisquallyHawk says:

    Let face it, this has been an unusual off season from the draft to this point. RW defies football conventional dynamics. We can not measure his heart, his desire to be a top flight QB. I know there are enough well schooled posters on this blog, which have seen football players defy the odds, due to their height, build, or some other factor. This time it is at QB, and our team. So this process will be unconventional as we settled on who will be our #1 QB for us. In the end I believe we will select the right #1 QB. I know at this point I will give the Hawks brain trust some slack, due to the unconventional QB they selected, and is being most effective at this point in the preseason. I remember an undersize MLB selected, and he did well. We are Hawks, bold and fearless. Let us be bold, and fearless no matter what course we choose. We are Hawks!

  136. Pft, there’s lots of ways this can end well–but that’s certainly one of them…

  137. IF Russell leads us to (show me your) TDs and doesn’t turn the ball over more too much, gives us a lead at half time, this debate is over. Period.

  138. It hasn’t just appeared that Russell Wilson is putting up big numbers during the preseason; the Seahawks’ rookie quarterback has indeed compiled some statistics that rank among the best in the NFL.
    He is tied for the league lead in TD passes (three); tied for 10th in rushing yards (92), third-best among QBs behind the Ravens’ Tyrod Taylor (111) and 49ers’ Colin Kaepernick (104); ninth in passer rating (110.5); and 11th in fourth-quarter passer rating (112.8) and third-down passer rating (121.8).

    Funny how all the stat leaders are playing vs 2nd half scrubs..

  139. “That is really the only way this ends well.”

    Some of the most level-headed guys on here are getting all worked up…kinda funny.

    There are many scenarios where this ends well…I wouldn’t bet against RW.

  140. jchawks08 says:

    HawkyHann, Yes, I’m aware there has been some success, but not much. I mean the odds are stacked against this team if Wilson is our starter. Could he buck those odds? Absolutlely. I don’t have the numbers but a relatively educated guess says that most (80%? Is that too low?) teams with rookie QB’s don’t make the playoffs. That’s not OK with me as I firmly believe this is a playoff team.

  141. For those guys that cry foul that the started is not officially named for the 3rd preseason game:

    1) Flynn and Wilson have already got more pre-season game snaps than a normal starter would.

    2) There are no rules in the NFL that say “thou shalt have your starting QB play most of the 3rd preseason game and then sit the 4th game”. That is convention. Pete often defied convention, so let it play out. How many coaches would have started an undrafted free agent at wide receiver? How many times in history has it happened? It’s unconventional but it worked and IMO Baldwin is now an offensive leader. IMO we can’t keep scolding Carroll and Schneider for being unconventional. If the results are poor, sure judge them on that, but don’t judge based on not following convention.

    3) Pre-season is before the season, a chance to see what you have. Let’s see what we have in Wilson. The potential benefit is worth the very minor negatives (again they already have more snaps than normal starters).

  142. chuck_easton says:


    And if he doesn’t?

  143. montanamike2 says:

    Russell Wilson = steal of the draft!
    Giorgiahawk i saw your question on the other post but i paint all morning while i still can in the morning before it heats up. No i’m not that close to your friend, i’m in Bozeman. Montana’s so huge with hardly any people.
    On another note i’m sorry for Ivan the gorilla dying today, i used to go to B&I just to see him, i felt so bad for him in his prison cell without ever being guilty of anything besides not being human. So glad he could finish his life in Atlanta with other gorillas.

  144. montanamike2 says:


  145. I don’t really have a horse in this race — as a Seahawks fan it’s weird to have what looks like two great options — I’m happy with either one. Personally, I would have swapped the order last week and made a call today on who would start week 1. But what do I know?

    I am concerned that even giving Wilson the start, we’re not going to see the really key bit — how he reads an in-season D where the opposing team is actually running something beyond the vanilla stuff you see in preseason and playing like the game means something. It seems every preseason there is the “man, the backup looked hella better than the starter” effect.

    With all the comments here, I wonder what the blog would be like if Pete is punking us and announces after practice that Flynn is the guy… :)


  146. grizindabox24 says:

    Bozeman sucks

  147. chuck_easton says:


    Help me out here. What other scenario other than Wilson knocking it out of the park ends well?

    1. Wilson plays average and Flynn plays spectacular in the 2nd half…QB controversy. Those aren’t good for teams as eventually the players end up taking sides.

    2. Wilson stinks as a number 1 and Flynn looks like he has the past two games…where do we go from here?

    3. Wilson completely bombs, Flynn looks good. We go back to Flynn who the team has pretty much just told, we like you but the pretty girl in the corner looks better. Now we have a starting QB with confidence issues.

    4. Wilson stinks but we decide to go with him anyway and let him grow. There goes a promising 2012. Let’s all start planning for 2013.

    Nope, the only option I see working now is Wilson has to come out and prove he’s the real deal.

    I blame Pete for putting the team in this position and I’ve been one of the biggest Pete cheerleaders since his hire.

  148. yankinta says:

    This is what I hope will happen:

    1. Wilson will be our Starting QB for now and future.
    2. Renegotiate T-Jack contract to $1 Mil a year for the next 2 years.
    3. Trade Flynn for next year’s first round pick.

  149. freedom_X says:

    Carroll should have already figured out who his starter is by now. Unless all his QB options stink, that is. One more game of data shouldn’t be the difference maker.

    That goes for any decision that one has had months to deliberate, so forget about this “out of the box” thinking line. If it’s this close, he might as well flip a coin and admit he doesn’t know.

  150. grizindabox24 says:

    Weird as this sounds, probably easier to deal TJax than Flynn…not saying that the Hawks would deal Flynn

  151. Dukeshire says:

    yankinta – You had me going with the first two, then I got to the punch line. Good one.

  152. Chuck…it depends on what Flynn does too!

    Everyone is talking about the ‘scrubs’ that Wilson has had to play with. Let’s see what Flynn does with the other crew.

    My money is on Wilson. He just has something different than any other QB I can remember in Hawk history (I’m 40).

    I’m really excited for his opportunity. Friday can’t get here fast enough.


  153. olyfan63 says:

    Unbelievable the amount of outright hysteria, by reactive impulsive fools second-guessing Carroll on every aspect of the QB’s.

    Carroll is doing exactly what he said he would do. Wilson turned it into a competition with his lights-out performances with and against the second stringers, and Flynn left the door open with his lukewarm performances against the first stringers.
    Carroll could not be true to his word if he didn’t start Wilson this next game. Wilson has earned the right to show what he can do against #1’s.

    Oh, and Flynn has MORE reps with and against first teamers than most other QB’s at this point. Playing a full half of both games does that. Flynn will have had adequate reps if he winds up being the #1. Wilson needs to be evaluated with and against first teamers to see if he should be the guy. Why make it more complicated than that? On top of that, even if Flynn is #1 at season start, very likely he will be hurt at some point and Wilson will have to play. Why not get Wilson some reps with the first teamers so we know what we have and he is exposed to that? And YES, Wilson CAN win the job. It’s a COMPETITION. That’s what Carroll said he was going to do. Both these QBs are big boys and can handle little setbacks. We KNOW that FLYNN will be ready if called on; he was READY both times he was called on to step in for Aaron Rogers. We need to help make sure Wilson is ready too, whether he’s #1 or #2.

  154. GeorgiaHawk says:

    twillis- Or if Jacksons the guy.

  155. You Montana guys know a good place to watch the game in Helena? Im gonna be there Friday, and Ive had a hard time finding a place that has preseason games in previous years.

    I dont know why Carrol didnt just start Wilson last week, except yeah, it took Wilson this long to convince coach to give him a shot. Its a weird decision but look:

    1) Starting your starters and running them through the third quarter is what USUALLY happens in the third preseason game, but itsnt written in stone.

    2) The fourth preseason game is usually a last-chance game for scrubs to make the team. Carrol looks to be planning to use that game as a dress-rehearsal for his starters. So what if thats the way that game usually goes; since when does Carrol do things normally? WHAT IF Carrol uses the fourth game as a full-game tune-up for the regular season? That would eliminate the supposed loss of reps for the eventual starter, be it Wilson or Flynn. And thats what I think he’s gonna do.

    The more game-ready qb will win the job, unless Wilson makes ridiculous strides and is super-close, then he wins.

    This is exactly what he said; a real competition between the two qb’s. Yeah, I would have liked to see Flynn work with Rice and Baldwin and not feed so many balls to Owens, but still; Flynn has had two halves, now with Wilsons play its time to see what he can do in a half or two.

  156. Chuck,

    There are 4 potential outcomes, and for the sake of clarity, I won’t include the possible middle ground.

    1. Flynn wins the gig and plays well and we win a lot of games.
    2. Flynn wins the gig and plays poorly and we lose a lot of games.
    3. Wilson wins the gig and plays well and we win a lot of games.
    4. Wilson wins the gig and plays poorly and we lose a lot of games.

    That’s at least two scenarios that could yield positive outcomes.

  157. ryanryan says:

    now this is what i call a football blog – goodness.

    the ONLY thing we know (if it is announced) is that pete wants to see RW play with the ones.


    conventional wisdom does not apply to pete…so while reading all of your posts about ‘the way he is handling’ this situation is entertaining, i am not in the least bit concerned.

    hell, our #1 receivers aren’t even playing – so there’s not really any continuity being established regardless of which half either of them play.

    pete is having fun – i like that…i would bet he wants this decision to be hard as hell, thats the exciting part of putting a team together. attrition – a good football team, does not make.

    we are all wringing our hands and i bet he’s having a ball.

  158. “Help me out here. What other scenario other than Wilson knocking it out of the park ends well?”

    “1. Wilson plays average and Flynn plays spectacular in the 2nd half…QB controversy. Those aren’t good for teams as eventually the players end up taking sides.”

    Flynn wins the job, RW has to wait another year to show what he’s got, and Flynn starts the season…problem solved.

    “2. Wilson stinks as a number 1 and Flynn looks like he has the past two games…where do we go from here?”

    We have a solid QB in Flynn…Wilson needs more time. Big deal. Problem solved.

    “3. Wilson completely bombs, Flynn looks good. We go back to Flynn who the team has pretty much just told, we like you but the pretty girl in the corner looks better. Now we have a starting QB with confidence issues.”

    If his confidence is that fragile, we may as well find out now. More likely, Miss Louisiana kisses away the boo boo, and he picks up where he left off. Only difference is he has felt what it’s like to look over his shoulder.

    Wilson is a rookie and needs more time. We have a solid QB in Flynn…life is good in Seahawks Nation!

    “4. Wilson stinks but we decide to go with him anyway and let him grow. There goes a promising 2012. Let’s all start planning for 2013.”

    C’mon. Wilson won’t stink…but if he did, Flynn would get the job.

  159. This announcement caused me to sign up for the preseason live streaming from

    Maybe if enough displaced fans use it the NFL will someday offer streaming for regular season games…

    Full disclosure, if you sign up using that link I’ll get a $10 gift card. I will only spend gift cards on beer and Sriracha.

  160. ryanryan says:

    by the way, it would be stupid to NOT use all four games to make this decision if he felt it was warranted by the competition…who cares what everybody else does. the wr’s and qb’s positions will likely take all four games.

  161. bird_spit says:

    It would be really funny if WIlson bombs, Flynn is good, and T-Jack wins the job. It will go nuclear on here.

  162. tazzmann says:

    yellman you sir are a tool when did you last coach a nfl team ?

  163. Pete painted himself in the corner is trying to paint himself back out. He is only starting Wilson cause he has to at this point to prevent a fan riot. If Wilson is so-so Friday, Pete goes back to his preferred choice which has been Flynn all along. He can sell that story to the public OK. But this has not been handled well at all by PC.

  164. GeorgiaHawk says:

    olyfan63- Good stuff except for the, “Unbelievable the amount of outright hysteria, by reactive impulsive fools second-guessing Carroll on every aspect of the QBs part.”

    Why is this so unbelieveable? It is football we are talking about here. Not golf. If we all didn’t get riled up for one reason or another from time to time, or act like fools we wouldn’t be the 12 man. We would be like the Braves fans down here.

    oly- Football is a reactive sport with unbelievable amounts of outright hysteria watched by reactive sometimes impulsive fools like me. Go to a game sometime and check it out. It might then be believable. Lol.

  165. yankinta says:

    Dukeshire, I really mean it…. I’ve been wishing that scenario would happen since day one (when we drafted RW in the 3rd round).

    We could get about 6th or 7th pick for T-Jack but we could get 1st or 2nd round pick for Flynn. Don’t you think??

  166. Pete is not motivated by public opinion. Look at their track record. They have been beaten up a million times publicly and they consistently say, we don’t care what anybody else thinks, we are doing it the way we know how to do it.

  167. If some team wanted Flynn so badly (to give up a #1 or #2), why in the world would they not have signed him in the first place and still pay him the money they weren’t willing to pay him a few months ago?

  168. I would just like to say I told you so.

  169. freedom_X says:

    Who would give a 1st or 2nd round pick for Flynn when they could have signed him for nothing in the offseason? Flynn would have to play well for a season before he had anything close to top-pick value in a trade.

    4 magical months of Pete Carroll coaching did not make Flynn a more valuable candidate than he was in February.

    Now, if there’s a team desperate for a QB that also has a clueless, desperate front office, we might get a mid-round pick for Flynn. But I can’t think of one.

  170. freedom_X says:

    Pete Carroll’s one clear shortcoming is that he hasn’t yet made a good QB decision. (unless you count playing Hasselbeck over Whitehurst.) I wouldn’t say that decision needed any particular brilliance. This is why I’m questioning him a lot on this topic.

  171. grizindabox24 says:

    yankinta,,nope, highly doubt Flynn is worth anything near a second

  172. ljarllrajl says:

    I like the decision.

    Most teams use week 3 for a dress rehearsal and week 4 for guys trying to make the team and earn jobs while the starters just sit.

    Well, here we have 2 QB’s trying to earn a starting job. Let them play it out this week and make next week our tune up game for the winner of the job.

    Problem solved.

  173. bbnate420 says:

    No, we couldn’t get a 1st or 2nd right now for Flynn IMO.

  174. bird_spit says:

    BobbyK – Your probably right, but if (big if) RW knocks the snot out of KC, we dont need Flynn. We have a good backup in TJ, who knows the system, and is a known game manager. What will Flynn be like if he loses the #1 position? If the theoretical happens, why not get value for one of these guys. Hell settle for a 3rd and 6th, or 4th and 5th. Take highest bidder.. Everytime I replay those 1st halves, I dont see the huge upgrade you all see. It looks like TJ with out the zip, and maybe more tosses to the second read.

    I’m all for being wrong, and many of you will have a different opinion, but if RW holds his own, I’d be looking for a trading partner.

  175. can’t wait to see him get a true NFL welcome.

  176. bbnate420 says:

    freedom_x, never count out E Dub’s Raiders! Palmer should prove to be a bust by about mid-season. :-O

  177. grizindabox24 says:

    What team would be in a position to trade for Flynn? His contract is pretty high for a backup.

  178. bird_spit says:

    “What team would be in a position to trade for Flynn?”
    You’re making my point. Nothing is any value unless you have a buyer. If Flynn has no street value, why would we hawks fans be all excited about him? What is RWs value on the street? My bet is its a lot higher than Flynn’s value.

  179. jchawks08 says:

    Any thoughts of T-Jack still being on this team come week 1 should probably cease. Is it not painfully obvious that his services are no longer required? We’ve got 3 QB’s already. To recap: Flynn, Wilson, Portis. You choose the order.
    It’s only a matter of time before T-Jack is shown the doors either via trade, or by outright release. SHould be within the next day or so.
    And LMMFAO at the trade Flynn scenarios. No disrepect, and I know most of us are losing our $hit over this QB stuff, but get it together people!!!! :D

  180. Hawksince77 says:

    Before you watch Wilson on Friday, you might want to take a look at how RGIII did in his last start. Also as an interesting point of comparison, look at Ryan Mallett last night.

    In the first case, RGIII looked utterly out of place, like you would expect a rookie. In the second case, Mallett made some nice plays, but some bonehead throws as well, including one that hit the defender in the back. He didn’t look all that composed in the pocket, nor particularly decisive.

    Mallett’s an interesting case because many of us hoped he would be drafted by Seattle two years ago, but instead fell to the third round. It was during those discussions that I came to understand PC’s prototpye for a QB (hint: Mallett wasn’t it).

    Anyway, if Wilson remains as quick in his reads, as decisive with his throws, as accurate as he has been, and making good decisions beyond his years, all of us (as Seahawk fans) should be thrilled. I can’t wait to see him operated behind a decent offensive line (something he didn’t have in his past two outings) and with the support of a good run game (something lacking against the Titans, but good last week). With decent protection, I expect to see less scrambling and more throws down the field.

    If Flynn plays in the second half with the 2/3s, he better hope he gets better protection than Wilson has enjoyed. If he doesn’t, he will struggle mightily…

  181. montanamike2 says:

    STTBM I don’t know of a good sports bar in Helena but i’ll drive to watch the game and have a beer if televised. I think there might be a couple other hawks fans in the area too.

  182. Hawksince77 says:


    Flynn’s contract is guaranteed $2/mil a year for the next two years. That is less than Seattle paid CW as a back-up, and not unreasonable in any case.

    I don’t know if Seattle would trade Flynn, but if they would, you can be sure that Green Bay would be all over that. Check out their current situation at the number two spot: dismal, trust me.

  183. montanamike2 says:

    I think there’s a lot of need for a qb all over the league if not for backup. I hope mr. happy gets a pick for TJ instead of outright releasing him.

  184. montanamike2 says:

    Oh yeah Griz, i don’t blame you for not likeing our bobcats but Bozeman rules! Anyways i’m getting concerned about both our colleges and the increasing amount of rapes going on. It’s never been this bad before.

  185. yankinta says:

    If Kevin Kolb was worth a Pro-Bowl CB and a 2nd round pick, why wouldn’t Flynn be worth 2nd pick?

    No one was willing to sing Flynn cuz they thought they could get a QB they want in the draft or were comfortable with the QB in the roster at the time. I bet you Arizona would definitely offer a 2nd round pick for sure. Look at what they have. They could be a playoff team with a decent QB like Flynn. But I’m not saying our FO would trade with a division rival….

  186. jchawks08 says:

    Arizona would be the last team to offer a 2nd round pick for Flynn. Dude, they got creamed on the Kolb trade. If they could, they would most definately rewind the clock and never make that deal.

  187. bird_spit says:

    I’m not saying PC/JS should listen to me and trade Flynn either, but really these 2 QBS value could be determined by market forces. Of course the market is really small (no not a slight on Russ). I think Pete will take the conservative road, and keep them both. But I dont think its nuts to consider the possibilities. TJ is a capable backup, so they have plenty of options.

  188. “Stevos – I have no idea how Flynn has proven he is better than Jackson. All of his numbers are worse and the team’s offensive scoring has been pitiful. He has had a great running game and great field position.”

    Pabuwal – I suppose Pete Carroll might agree with you. Flynn may not have proven himself much of an upgrade over Jackson.

    From what I saw at 5 practices, I thought Flynn did look a little better than Jackson. I went to camp expecting that after Jackson had the offseason to fully heal, work on his footwork, and workout with his favorite WRs, he should have been able to walk into camp on week 1 and blow the new QBs away. I was almost expecting it. But he didn’t do it. He looked good, but Flynn also looked good in week 1 and two of camp, and Flynn looked a bit quicker and more accurate. Jackson’s deep ball is better, but so is Wilson’s. So, bottom line, I think Jackson had his shot this July and August and he failed to really step up. Flynn showed just enough to present an upgrade. That’s my take. I still think Jackson can succeed given the right situation.

  189. grizindabox24 says:

    yankinta, the debacle of Kolb is exactly why no one would give a second for Flynn.

  190. “If Kevin Kolb was worth a Pro-Bowl CB and a 2nd round pick, why wouldn’t Flynn be worth 2nd pick?”

    lol! If only 31 NFL teams were run by the dolts who run the Cardinals, then we could trade all our backups for pro-bowlers!

  191. About Tjack from another blog:
    Yesterday, the calls were all offers and counter offers. Minny, Green Bay, Arizona, Miami, and New York Jets all are in (Dire) need of assistance right now at the QB position, and they’re reading the writting on the wall that their #2’s are not up to snuff, should their #1’s get injured. Seattle can afford to pay Jackson, so it’s really no skin off their nose now to wait for decent compensation.

  192. Most teams were optimistic about their QB’s a couple weeks ago. Reality and injuries could make a real difference in their opinions now and in the near future, making our surplus player real desirable to salvage their season.

  193. grizindabox24 says:

    birdspit, comparing the possible trade value of Flynn with the possible trade value of RW is like comparing apples and pineapples. Also, Flynn does have value, but it would most likely be at an all time low if the Hawks look to deal him in the next 2 weeks.

  194. grizindabox24 says:

    77, it has been official for a couple hours.

  195. bird_spit says:

    grizinabox – Its better than a sulking ex-#2 with a #1.5 contract as our backup. All I am saying is, if there is a trading partner, you need to be open to ideas.

  196. montanamike2-The times Ive tried to watch preseason games in Helena, its been hit or miss: either its on NFL network, local TV, or its only available on Sunday Ticket Preseason, which no bar in that town has. Lame!

    I have only met a couple Hawk fans in Helena, so it would be awesome to meet anyone even remotely Hawk-friendly! Hopefully the game will be on regular TV, then it will be available everywhere!

    Depending on the availability of the game, I might be willing to travel a little more as well. For some reason Im stoked for this preseason and dont want to miss any more games! (last I was in Missoula and no one had the game….)

  197. yankinta says:

    PHXHawk, Thank you. Nicely put. People just don’t get it. lol

    Matt Flynn has shown enough to be worth next year’s 1st round or 2nd pick, TODAY or in the next 2 weeks, for a desperate buyer, doesn’t have to be dumb, just have to be desperate enough.

    Plus no one has to offer Kevin Kolb money to Flynn, which is also another huge plus for us. They don’t have to commit, they can wait and see how well he can play….

  198. grizindabox24 says:

    birdspit, I think no matter what the Hawks will have a sulking #2

  199. mocarob – thanks for that.

    Now let’s see Schneider work yet another good deal for the team, and maybe we’ll forgive him for that Whiteworst debacle.

  200. grizindabox24 says:

    yankinta, no way any gives a #1 or #2 for Flynn. If he were available for trade, I can not see anything better than a conditional later pick, that would top out as a 5 based on performance.

  201. yankinta says:

    grizindabox24, please read my previous comment about someone trading their 2nd round pick and Pro-Bowl Corner for Kevin Kolb, while paying have 30 plus million in guaranteed money… :))

  202. HawkyHann says:

    jchawks08-if Sanchez and Flacco were each able to win 2 playoff games, I’m confident it can be repeated. The formula is there- solid defense, running game, and special teams(although ours sucks really bad right now…hoping just preseason issues).

    Yes, past hitory stats aren’t favorable but that’s OK. I mean Sanchez did it, so it can be done.

  203. Wow, do any of you complainers work for the NFL or Seahawks? Hmmm, Pete does! I’ll stick with him before I’ll believe anything you guys have to say!

  204. yankinta says:

    bonesan, where’s that like button?? I wanna hit the like button for your comment. :)

  205. grizindabox24 says:

    yankinta, lets flip the equation…if the Hawks had a need for a QB, would you have them trade a #1 or #2 for Flynn? Assume he was just beaten out by a third round draft choice for say Arizona.

  206. Ugh more talk of trading Flynn right now with people actually trying to make sense?!

    I’ll be checking out for a bit……………

  207. SkeleTony says:

    soggybuc, that is aburd to the highest degree. Our secondary is the most feared in the NFL right now and it is partly because of their being so big. They can reach farther to bat down passes or get a hold of a lucky, fleeing WR who does happen to catch one and body slam them!

  208. SkeleTony says:


  209. yankinta says:

    grizindabox24, lol. great point. how desperate am I? If I had RW, I wouldn’t be desperate at all.

    But If I’m Arizona, then I’d be very desperate because I know with a decent QB, my team with be a playoff contender. Look at my WR’s and Running back and Defense. I got everything except a decent QB.

    If I am Miami, my pride would get in the way but I’d be desperate too. Ryan T. got nothing and I’m throwing him to the wolves, cuz David G. got hurt.

    If I’m Jaugars, really? that QB can’t play. I’d be desperate enough, of course…

  210. ruminator1 says:

    This might seem nitpicking, but I disagree with those who say Wilson earned the chance to play with the 1’s. What he did was play very well, for the most part, with the 2’s and 3’s. I say for the most part because some have questioned whether his play, as sensational as it was, wasn’t partly forced because he could not see open receivers (Hugh Millen argued this for one). Regardless, I think Wilson’s performances have forced PC into a “need to know” status. Just how good is Wilson? How will he fare against #1 defenses (for example a #1 tight end when he is scrambling). I think PC would be negligent if he failed to find out. So i agree with those who see Flynn as perhaps still #1 QB unless Wilson astounds.

    That having been said, at what point should he have arranged this test? Some say last week. I don’t think so, partly because Flynn needs the experience, here, with this team. But for sure after game 2. However, I would argue that 2nd quarter with the 1’s would be better, again partly because I don’t think the final Flynn status is determined.

    I am rooting for Wilson to be successful. Who doesn’t? But the way PC has done this, it seems clear that at this point he is saying Wilson has earned #1, albeit perhaps only for a short while. What is the message to Flynn? And what if, as several have pointed out, Wilson gives only an ok or a mediocre performance?

    I want to raise another issue here. PC talks almost scientific talk when he describes his selection process. He carefully weighs the evidence and then makes a logical decision. Study, films, statistics etc all enter in. But in the end, someone makes a decision. And I want to suggest that when it comes to personnel decisions, PC is emotional and impulsive. Hence his giving players 2nd and 3rd chances, and in my opinion, hence his first round draft choices. Irvin MAY work out (but really, he may not) and Carpenter? (book not in but what is in at leasts calls the choice into question). I give PC credit for being able to make hard decisions later. Then he is firm and calculating.

    Finally, i was amused by someone suggesting on last night’s telecast that Kolb come back to Philly.

  211. yellaman says:

    For all the bloggers who say RW is ready just remember he is a rookie, 3rd round QB who hasn’t played against a NFL 1st string talented defense. In the first 2 preseason games, he has played against 2,3,and 4th level talent. If he fails in this game then can you go back to Flynn to start the season knowing he hasn’t been given the reps to be successful? Now that RW is starting game 3 of preseason, he technically is the #1 QB on this team so if he plays well he has to go to AZ in week 1 and beat a team that I don’t care if they suck can beat us(any given sunday) PC is setting this team up for failure because QB is the number 1 position on the football field tha you don’t “F@#K” with. You don’t make emotional decisions at this position just ask Mike Holgrem. PC got wowed by RW in a game with Denver’s 3/4th string talent on the field. RW should have started against Denver and then we would have an idea about who should start. Another problem I have is the coaching didn’t do Flynn any favors in him having to placate to TO and throw to him when it was obvious he wasn’t ready to play. Flynn might be the starter at some point but at what cost another lost (losing season). This is PC 3rd season and I commend him for upgrading the talent on this team but time is running out on providing us a winner. Seattle hasn’t had a winning record in 5 years (2007) We’ve only been to 1 superbowl, and another AFC chapionship game. I’m tired and fustrated that we can’t find a consistent winning formula. Look around the league, all the the teams that are great are because of coaching staffs and great QB play. I hope this works out but I’m not looking forward to another sub .500 season

  212. Many of you are much more knowledgeable football fans than I will ever be. That being said, there is more emotion than logic being displayed in many of these posts.
    These players are professionals, if one week of the PRE-season affects the entire season, something is drastically wrong, (short of injuries, obviously).
    As in the past, the chicken little syndrome is running rampant already. Before, it was TJack is the worst QB in the NFL, now that the team has 2 possible upgrades at the position, it is that PC will pick the wrong one and ruin everything, forever.
    I have no preferences as far as who gets the starting job. Those putting down RW for his draft position are conveniently forgetting his on-field performance, which equaled or exceeded other higher picks. His only “minus” is his height.
    MF has more professional experience, obviously, but until similar game performances exist, the 2 QB’s cannot be compared accurately. This move by PC is not going to throw the entire season as so many here imply. None of us have a guaranteed 100% accurate crystal ball seeing into the future.
    Relax and enjoy the game.

  213. cheers, akmac61!

    I’m going to enjoy the heck out of Friday’s game.

    Remember three years ago when Jim Mora coached our team?

    Yeah, neither do I! ;-)

  214. montanamike2 says:

    Mora had me at hello and lost me the first game when he threw the kicker under the bus.
    O wow things could have turned out bad right now.

  215. montanamike2 says:

    And what’s this we need dirtbags on the team when they already had Leroy Hill?

  216. bird_spit says:

    Mora..the day he was named secondary coach, asst H/C I didnt just puke a little in my mouth. I knew that was all on Buzzkill, and it wouldnt end well. I lived in ATL when Mora was coach. He sucked then, and sucked when he got here, sucks now. Please dont bring back the memories.

  217. It’s amazing. Have you people even watched a game? How can you be opposed to allowing Wilson the chance to rise or fall? All he has done throughout his career, is prove the critics wrong and all he has done this preseason, is make the second halves of games watchable.

    He is human, but he is a unique human. This kid is extraordinary. I have seen every snap of his college and pro career. Nothing against Flynn, but he came in like a backup and Russell came in and immediately took ownership.

    The players and coaches, all took notice. You will hear all about it, once the season begins.

  218. raymaines says:

    OK, I admit it. I haven’t read any of the 223 posts on this thread, But I’ll bet dollars against donuts I know what they say.

    (Are you old enough to remember when Dollars were more valuable than Donuts?)

    The only thing I might be able to add is that the Arizona game is starting to look more and more like a glorified fifth pre-season game for the Seahawks. If you think Kolb looked skiterish last week, just wait until you see the Az. middle line backer in the third quarter with ML coming at him one more time.

  219. Pete always tells us what’s going on but nobody seems to listen. If TO grabs that pass, Flynn is the man. But he didn’t and Flynn hasn’t had a TD since Green Bay. Pete knows he needs mobility at the QB position because his O line is not that good in pass pro. Yes it’s better than the start of last season, but Giac has plenty of room for improvement and Carp may not prove to be the answer anywhere on the line.
    The new CBA dictated less contact so I wouldn’t be surprised to see more teams treat the preseason differently this year with regard to game 4. One thing is for sure, this is Pete’s team and he’s got some very interesting methods. Good times Hawk fans!

  220. I remember when donuts were worth far less than a buck…does that make me old? Oh well, Im allready lame so its all good!

    Jim Mora is a filthy phrase–kinda like FU….lets ban it from the blog! ;)

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