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Morning links: Carroll says Flynn played solid

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 21, 2012 at 7:42 am with 82 Comments »
August 21, 2012 7:42 am
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Flynn (15) looks to pass as Denver Broncos' Von Miller (58) blocks Seahawks' Breno Giacomini, right, in the first half of an NFL football preseason game on Saturday, Aug. 18, 2012, in Denver. (AP Photo/Joe Mahoney)

Brady Henderson of ESPN 710 Seattle provides a wrap-up of Pete Carroll’s appearance with Brock Huard and Mike Salk on the radio yesterday.

Carroll said Flynn’s performance against the Broncos was better than it appeared. The Seahawks changed their practice schedule this week, with the workout beginning at 10:15 this morning, so we should have an announcement by Carroll on who starts against Kansas City this week after practice.

Practices are closed to the public because training camp is over, so reporters are no longer allowed to provide updates via twitter during practice.

Carroll: He had two touchdown-opportunity throws that were there, and I think he was 6 for 13, so that makes him 8 for 13 with two touchdowns in the first half. That would have been a fantastic start. So we have to be very clear-minded and not emotional and work our way through the film, and we did, and I think he did a nice job under the circumstances. There were a couple opportunities in there that he would like to have back – that’s how that goes. I think he played a solid game and we would have loved to cash in on those two touchdowns.”

Veteran George Hickman, one of six known living Tuskegee Airman living in Seattle, gets ready to raise the 12th Man Flag before the beginning of the NFL football game against the Ravens as part of the Seattle Seahawks NFL salute to service for military veterans on Veterans Day weekend, Sunday, Nov. 13, 2011, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

Phoung Le of the Associated Press reports that George Hickman, an original Tuskegee Airman and longtime usher for the Seahawks and the Huskies, died at the age of 88 years old on Monday. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Hickman and sharing a few moments with him throughout my time on the Seahawks’ beat. He always brought a smile to my face and will be missed.

Dave Boling of The News Tribune wrote a feature on Hickman’s life as a Tuskegee Airman last year, which you can check out here.

Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune writes that the Bears have signed former Seahawks fifth round pick Mark LeGree to boost the team’s depth at safety.

Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. has four Seattle players in his annual list of the top 200 players in the NFL. Chris Clemons comes in at No. 105, Earl Thomas at No. 120, Marshawn Lynch at No. 134 and Red Bryant at No. 194. You must be an ESPN Insider to view this.

Clare Farnsworth of writes that the defense and the running game were bright spots for Seattle against the Broncos, while penalties cropped up as an issue again.

ESPN’s Mike Sando notes that both Russell Wilson and Matt Flynn have received more snaps in games than their NFC West counterparts.

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times writes that there were “multiple indications” after players concluded meetings on Monday that Russell Wilson will get the start against Kansas City. Pete Carroll should make the announcement after this morning’s practice.

KJR’s Ian Furness and Hugh Millen discuss the improvement of the offensive line and quarterback battle in this audio link.

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  1. OregonHawk says:

    The big news …. Maybe
    1. RW Starts – Highly likely
    2. Trade Golden Tate – Maybe
    3. Trade T. Jackson – Maybe so

  2. OregonHawk says:

    I wonder if Golden Tate’s talent would work better in a different system?

  3. If Wilson gets the start this week, Carrol will be seriously be setting the position back bigtime. Flynn needs to get as much reps as posible before the season starts. This is starting to get ridiculous if this is the case.

  4. bird_spit says:

    Or maybe Hawks trade Flynn for 2nd RD pick, and start RW with TJ as backup.

    Id like to think AZ might even part with a #1, but JS instead gets a #2,#5 from them, because he already knows he cant pick 1st rounders, and is genius at later rounds.

  5. I don’t think the Seahawks can afford to trade a WR as talented as Golden Tate — unless another team offers a second-round pick or better.

    I’m firmly in the “Start Flynn” camp, but after watching the second half of last week’s game (I hadn’t before), I’m also in the “This Kid is Very Special” camp. As others have said, I don’t think the Seahawks have ever had a rookie QB with so much talent. He’s the type of talent that you build an offense around. He’s going to give us lots of excitement over the next decade (as long as he stays healthy). I still think Flynn is going to be a very good QB and should start this year, but perhaps after this year (unless he’s absolutely outstanding), the Seahawks will have to look for a trading partner. I also think that if Flynn is the starter this year (which I hope), Pete should not hesitate to pull Flynn and insert Wilson if Flynn isn’t playing well in any particular game.

  6. Tell me more TruBlu that you know as opposed to Pete. Setting back the franchise because you prefer Flynn? Gimme a break pal.

  7. Soggybuc says:

    Pete’s comment shows that TO was supposed to pull a stop at the 1 yard line for a back shoulder throw. the throw was there but TO ran the wrong route.
    Duke or someone who DVR’d the game. could you please look at the yardage those 2 TD throws would have added to the total.

    R.I.P. Mr. Hickman you represent what thankless sacrifice so many made for their country.

  8. I’m with you BirdSpit…wouldn’t be surprised if Flynn gets moved.

  9. On a side note, my GM told me the Hawks traded Wilson for a couple of #1’s to Philly. I just about had a heart attack.

  10. sluggo42 says:

    Where did you hear anything about trading GTate? I personally and un-educatedly think that wouldn’t happen. I think this is his year to break out

    Flynn did play well. Good enough to start the season without worry.

    But that darn Wilson is doing so many cool things, one can’t help but wonder if he could march the starters down the field against a first team defense.

    To me, it’s worth the gamble to see. You already know Flynn will be ok, it RW is the second coming of Joe Montana with better lags and a cannon, we should find out.

    I am personally fine with Flynn, but it’s kind of like having a shelby cobra in the garage, and just driving your Lexus ES350. You know your 350 will get you there in comfort, but driving that Cobra will be exhillerating (sp?)

  11. GeorgiaHawk says:

    TruBlu- Flynn has had more 1st team reps than any qb in the NFC west this pre season.

  12. Singularitarian says:

    If Wilson doesnt get the start then Pete’s competition is a joke. You can’t count Flynn’s throw to Tate a td. Flynn has been out played thus far. Plain and simple. He threw 2 passes that should have been picked off. He was less accurate, less safe, and less effective. He can’t scramble like Wilson. Wilson played a flawless half of safe effective football and made Plays, Flynn did neither. He’s a rookie yet is outplaying a vet, to me there is no question

  13. GeorgiaHawk says:

    joreb- I wouldn’t doubt that there are offers on the table right now for Wilson.
    Nice to have surplus talent.

  14. I could not see them up and trading Flynn. Give me some reasons why you think this? That just sounds absurd to me

  15. FleaFlicker says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again: at some point we are going to NEED that #2 QB, likely as a starter for a couple games.

    There is merit to the argument that the #1 guy needs to be the focus, but there is also a lot of benefit from keeping both of these dudes in the hunt. It’s been six seasons since one QB started every game. However it shakes out for the starting job, I think PC is managing the situation correctly.

  16. Seeing what Wilson and Flynn can do, moving Flynn would not be my ideal choice. I have defended Tjack’s toughness for a long time but plain and simple, the other two are better suited here.

    With that said, I could see Flynn being moved IF the price was right. He has a reasonable contract but it’s still way more than the other two. He’s still young (especially given how much he’s played) is confident and seems to be a good game manager. IF someone really needed a QB, wasn’t in our division (preferably not in our conference) and was willing to give up a, oh I don’t know, 1st or 2nd rounder…I’m not so sure Pete and John wouldn’t pull the trigger.

    I doubt it’ll happen, but if Vick keeps getting hurt I wouldn’t be surprised if the Eagles come a calling.

    Still, for the record…I’d prefer to keep Wilson (to start) and Flynn to back up. I’m just saying…

  17. bird_spit says:

    There is huge value in a #1 QB, and it’s obvious the expected #1 ( insurance from another year of mediocre QB play, can’t out play the rookie. Hawks would be in a low or no risk situation ( or maybe equal risk) if they had RW and TJ vs Flynn and TJ. Why not get maximum value for Flynn now, vs the potential benched Flynn by season end.

    If Flynn were stock, and I had RW on margin, I’d sell Flynn stock.

  18. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Singularitarian- Hold on. I think Flynn will do fine as our starting qb.
    I know I sound sometimes like a Flynn hater but I’m not. I was just as happy as everyone else when we signed him. I even wrote the mighty Flynn song,lol.
    It’s just that Wilson is lightning in a bottle and I hate to see it wasted.
    And I am sure that Carroll has looked around the NFL lately to see four other teams starting rookie qbs this year.
    Bottom line is I hope this all works out best for the team, and not just for the 1st game.

    But I do agree, so far the competition thing for the qbs is a joke.

  19. It shouldn’t surprise me some of the things that come up on this board, but this does. Completely disagree with this and do not see it happening. Can’t believe you’d be content with a rookie QB and TJACK as the back up. Not that i dont believe in RW, but as a rookie, you never know what will happen, and if TJ has to go back in as back up, hello to last year all over again. This is just absurd, and i hope you two are the only ones that come up with this BS

  20. Dukeshire says:

    They’re not trading Flynn. Good lord people…

  21. RDPoulsbo says:

    Rumors of trading Flynn or Wilson on the eve of the regular season are nothing short of ridiculous. The only thing I can think of are they are circulated by the Mel Kiper types of the world who love drafts more than actual football. Only they can be excited about unloading weapons just before the start of the season for a day in April.

    Same goes with Tate. Why would Seattle deal away a starter given how bad the WR depth and injury issues with that whole group? No, there’s not going to be some blockbuster trade at this point in the season. It’s all trading to fill in depth at this point.

  22. Thank you Duke and RDP. wow, some people are ridiculous

  23. grizindabox24 says:

    This entire QB issue, and how it has been handled, has been ridiculous.

  24. Good post Georgia. I harass you for being the Wilson cheerleading section. lol. But “lightning in a bottle” is right! Love Wilson and still am tickled that we drafted him. I just want to see him get ample time to be ready.

    So… if Wilson starts the 3rd preseason game, and then Flynn is given the opening day start… how long will we have to hear what an idiot Coach is for not giving Flynn all the reps throughout preseason?

  25. trade rumors? lol. Probably just Pete Carroll hyping his twitter feed.

  26. bird_spit says:

    Look, it would be a new wrinkle to this already long toothed discussion of these QBs. Right now, conservatively, the hawks probably have top 10 QB groups. When was the last time that occurred in the past two decades? A whole generation of Seahawks, and never was the last time. So why not play your cards at the time of most value. Buy low, sell high, just like the Rudd trade.

  27. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Dukeshire- Why do you have to come in and ruin the party with common sense! How dare you! Lol.

  28. Great some more billigerent posting…

    Absolutely ZERO indication we trade Tate OR Flynn…. We can stop talking about that now.(Rolls eyes)

  29. grizindabox24 says:

    Georgia, I believe part of what Tru meant by lack of first team reps also relates to practice time. You would be hard pressed to find another NFC West team that has been giving as many first team reps in practice to 2 guys, let alone 3, so far.

  30. RDPoulsbo says:

    I’ve been long in the Flynn camp, but I’ve always said Wilson should get a year to learn and have them battle it out in a true QB competition next year.

    I just see this whole QB competition as nothing more than going through the motions before naming Flynn the starter. It has ceased to interest me a while ago. O-line and WR are much more intriguing to me. Or at least consternation with the WRs.

  31. During Petes interview he talked a lot about fighting conventional wisdom.

    Could he start Wilson for 2-3 series to “gather more information” on how he handles starters then regulate Flynn to play for the remainder of the starter sets? Then plugging Wilson back in?

    It’s the most unconventional thing I can think of that makes SOME sense…..

  32. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “So… if Wilson starts the 3rd preseason game, and then Flynn is given the opening day start… how long will we have to hear what an idiot Coach is for not giving Flynn all the reps throughout preseason?”

    You won’t hear it from me Stevos. Once Carroll makes his choice I’m all in.

    Now if he sticks with his choice after he plays terrible over and over again and we keep losing I will be the first to call Carroll an idiot coach. Lol.

  33. “I’m with you BirdSpit…wouldn’t be surprised if Flynn gets moved.”

    If Wilson gets the start on Friday, and knocks it out of the park, I think the FO would have to consider trade offers for Flynn.

    I think they’d wait until game 4, Wilson’s 2nd start, and wait until another team is desperate enough to offer a #1, and later picks for Flynn…

    TJack is one of the better back-ups, so why keep Flynn and Wilson if Wilson is clearly the better QB? Plus, T-Jack is apparently willing to restructure his contract.

    They can save some cap room, grab some additional pics for next year, pre-empt any sort of QB controversy…it all does make a certain amount of sense, and even though the Duke of Seahawks Insider disagrees.

  34. We’ve got the QB who set the all-time single game yardage and TD pass records for the Green Bay Packers in 2011. We’ve got the QB who led the entire NCAA in quarterback rating in 2011.

    Flynn is a guy who has proven he can kill with his weapons whereas Wilson has proven that he IS a weapon. I’m stoked to have both on this team!

    Throw in Baldwin and Rice and let’s have some fun.

  35. GeorgiaHawk says:

    grizindabox24- Your right. I agree with that.

  36. Ewalters7354 says:

    If Pete starts Wilson this week I think that could absolutely kill the offense in terms of developing chemistry as a whole.Matt Flynn has done absolutely nothing to lose the job IMO.Preaseason stats are so overratted.

  37. I am just waiting for 2pm Seattle time to roll around because then it is happy hour in Georgia and the songs will start rolling in. Those are the most entertaining thing on this blog since the whole RW vs. MF thing started.

  38. Is that picture of Flynn with Von Miller “blocking” Breno just as confusing tonne as it is everyone else or is it just to early for my brain to be working….

    I need coffee..

  39. LOL….I think Eric needs coffee!

  40. RDPoulsbo says:

    Just noticed this in the caption: “…Denver Broncos’ Von Miller (58) blocks Seahawks’ Breno Giacomini…”

    Funny because Breno wasn’t doing much blocking Saturday.

  41. GeorgiaHawk says:

    OK, How many of you would rather be debating whether Jackson or Whitehurst should start game one?

  42. bird_spit says:


    Since most of the posts basically say the same thing over and over, why not entertain the value issue? If RW is the QB of the future, and Flynn isnt blowing the doors down with his play, it is probably just as likely that FLynn could suck or be a good game manager. RW could get run over by a truck, but his chip on his shoulder wont be going away. That kid has the arm strength of TJ, and the eventual brain of Flynn. I rewatch both of those preseason games, and its obvious to me he has huge upside.

    They picked up Flynn as insurance. They can now get rid of the insurance, since its pretty obvious they did well in the draft.

    I like Flynn, and think he is #1 material. But that kid has all of the right stuff. He even has a chip on his shoulder because of his size. Its a chip that wont go away over time. Even if he becomes a Doug Flute, I’d take Doug Flute’s best games over what I have seen of Flynns preseason. Flynn needs to step up, period.

  43. grizindabox24 says:

    My gut feeling, if RW does indeed get the start, you will see him doing a lot of running.

  44. RDPoulsbo says:

    I’ve mentioned this before, but Flynn vs. 1s is not the same as Wilson vs. 3s. This has happened many a times in preseasons past, but I’ve seen people pumping CBJ and even Teel to be starters just because they could beat up on a bunch of scrubs who will never make an NFL roster. Wilson is by far better than CBJ or Teel, but it’s still not even close to an apples to apples comparison.

    The other thing is we’re seeing preseason games where everyone’s playing vanilla base offense and defense. What we’re not seeing on TV is actual apples to apples comparisons the coaching staff sees in practice where they are using actual offensive and defensive schemes being installed for the regular season.

  45. “My gut feeling, if RW does indeed get the start, you will see him doing a lot of running.”

    If that’s the case, Flynn would be eating a lot of turf. In either case, the cause would be major breakdowns on the OLine, which I don’t see happening.

  46. Dukeshire says:

    bird_spit – If there was little interest in Flynn (relatively) as a free agent, what makes you think now teams would be willing to give up a player(s) or draft picks for him now? Then there is the small matter he’s going to be Seattle’s starting QB for the foreseeable future. I direct you to Carroll’s comments in Eric’s above opening thread. As far as entertaining the “value issue”, he’s more valuable to Seattle than elsewhere. He’s just not getting traded, despite the nonsensical ramblings here.

  47. ryanryan says:

    flynn has won the job in the film room and practice field. what he HASN’T done is lose it during the games.

    i think it’s that simple.

    if baldwin and/or rice play, you start flynn – otherwise it won’t matter a whole lot in my mind.

  48. For one thing, Flynn has looked solid in both of his outings…I think the additional film on him, with a completely different set of weapons, adds to his potential trade value. The question marks with Flynn coming in is that he had the best weapons in the NFL in Green Bay, and played against weaker opponents in meaningless games.

    Since both Flynn, and Wilson*, appear to be starting caliber NFL QBs, in a market with a huge demand at that position, one of these guys is going to get traded (by next year at the latest).

    *Assuming Wilson performs well with the 1st unit.

    IF they allow Wilson to compete, as Carroll says they are doing, and he continues to outshine Flynn…there’s not reason to keep Flynn around when we have T-Jack to back up Wilson.

  49. Soggybuc says:

    The best thing about Pete naming the regular starter will be the end of this endless QB debate!

  50. grizindabox24 says:

    Audible, will have more to do with RW being slower to recognize and find the open guy than anything the oline does. He missed several open receivers and ran with the ball in both games so far. I see it being even more apparent going against KC first team.

  51. “If Pete starts Wilson this week I think that could absolutely kill the offense in terms of developing chemistry as a whole.Matt Flynn has done absolutely nothing to lose the job IMO.Preaseason stats are so overratted.”

    Agree with that. Time to start setting the roles for the regular season, no role being more important than QB. Flynn should start this next game. Would love to see Mr. Rice get out on the field too.

  52. Soggybuc says:

    You people are so silly, all the talk early was how this team can not go with TJ as starter and ever get anywhere so Pete MUST ADDRESS THE QB SITUATION!
    So Pete goes out and gets two great QB’s to supplant TJ and now you guys want to start trading them away? good lord!

  53. ryanryan says:

    i just don’t see them trading either player until either the last year of their respective deals.

  54. RDPoulsbo says:

    Audible, what team is going to trade for a QB to start in 2 weeks with no time in their system? Maybe a FO looking to be fired, but the vast majority would like to keep their jobs. Those kinds of deals happen in February and March, when they have an offseason to learn the playbook and build a rapport with their new team. That kind of trade now only sets an offense up for failure.

  55. ryanryan says:

    @Soggy – right? both are completely unproven in the league. makes for some comedy relief, however. what are we possibly going to get for either one of them that we need more than THEIR SERVICE TO US?

  56. FleaFlicker says:

    Let’s not forget there’s a guy named Kevin Kolb that had a couple electric games in his first two NFL starts….

    Not saying Flynn and Kolb are the same. Just saying that we have to temper our enthusiasm a bit. For both MF and RW. Nothing is settled until we see some legitimate performance in the regular season.

  57. Sucks to hear Davis got cut, but he’s ALWAYS injured. Perhpas they put him on IR? Something tells me Konz is next…Ruud traded for even a seventh is a great deal, he wasnt likely to make the team now with several young guys doing well, and Farwell showing he’s a surprisingly good MLB. Now we can keep a young guy like Toomer without risking him over the waiver wire and hoping to stash him on the PS.

    And its great for Ruud–he gets to go where he’s badly needed and perhaps resurrect his career, instead of scratching just to make our team. And he went to a team with Super Bowl aspirations. So at least he wasnt traded to the Rams or something…

    And Donny Lisowski is back! Hell yeah! Go Montana! I like that kid, and hope he hangs on for at least a PS position!

  58. And hey, by helping the Saints out like we helped out Cincy by giving them Jennings (I feel guilty even saying that, but they WERE desperate. And we still made out like bandits, as McDonald is really stepping up), perhaps we buy some friendship coin with thier front office, and the next time we get thin at a position they will return favor and trade us a needed guy on the cheap…

  59. chuck_easton says:

    At this point I am resigned to RW getting the start on Friday.

    Pete doesn’t strike me as the ‘what if’ kind of guy.

    IF RW plays on Friday and plays lights out as many hope, then Pete and the Duke have a big decision to make.

    If RW plays and doesn’t wow everyone and looks very much the rookie he is, then Flynn still has two weeks to run with the 1ns prior to the season starting.

    I don’t have an issue with either scenario.

  60. Russell Wilson to start. He won’t look back fellas. He’s for real.

  61. Soggybuc says:

    Very true Flea but the difference is John and Pete are no Wisenhunt and what ever Bidwell butt kisser is serving as GM for the cards these days. the “Wiz” made his SB run with Dennis Greene’s personel, since then he’s batting about a .110
    Pete so far seems to be batting in the .400 range when it comes to finding good Football players.

  62. RDPoulsbo says:

    STTBM: No need to feel guilty. Remember giving Denver a 5th for Colbert a few years ago? I actually suspect, it’s a 5th/6th conditional pick depending on playing time considering he was a starter last year. I think he would have made the team, but not bad for a guy they put no investment into.

  63. Adam Shefter reporting that Wilson will start Friday. Can’t say I agree with this call by PC, mainly b/c I want the team to start building some continuity going into game 1, but I do get why they feel that RW has earned it.

    I just really hate QB controversies, they’re pretty much always a sign of an unsuccessful team/season, so I want a definitive call on this by season’s start.

  64. “Maybe a FO looking to be fired”

    Desperate times call for desperate measures…really, it’s that simple. Remember Carson Palmer to Oakland? Midseason trades happen all the time.

    A lot of teams are one injury away from desperate times at QB. Most GMs do want to keep their jobs…that’s why they would trade away picks for a QB who can help them win now.

  65. ChrisHolmes says:

    “They’re not trading Flynn. Good lord people…”

    That goodness for Duke.

    Seriously, things are getting absurd around this board. People, calm down.

    We’re finally in a good situation with the QB position. Embrace it! Enjoy it!

    I think Flynn is going to be better than some of you are seeing by the time the real bullets are flying, when the game plan is installed each week, when he gets all the 1st team reps, etc.

    As for Wilson – no doubt the kid has something special inside. But there’s no need to throw him to the wolves immediately. Let him sit and watch and learn. He’ll only be better because of it.

    I can’t remember being this excited for a season in quite a while…

  66. Hawksince77 says:

    Just to add fuel to the possibility of trading Flynn, there is one team that would love to have him right now: Green Bay. He is worth far more to the Packers as a back up QB than he is in Seattle.

    And TJack is worth more as a back up in Seattle than anywhere else in the league.

    If Wilson wins the starting job, how happy would Flynn be as the back up? He might even demand a trade, who knows?

    As TJack has already indicated his willingness to re-structure his contract, and he already has the respect of the team and knows the system as well as anyone, and could come off the bench if needed with minimum prep, there is some logic to trading Flynn to GB and keeping TJack as Seattle’s back-up.

    (BTW, I was banned from Field Gulls for bringing up this possibility some time ago.)

  67. Dukeshire says:

    Well I have to say, that if Wilson lights it up Saturday I don’t see how they’d be able to back to Flynn. I’m surprised here.

  68. princeaden says:

    Come’on Duke, We’re just trying to start a rumor. Work with

  69. What I was referring to besides the practice reps, was actually game planning for an oppenents defense like an actual game, which is usually done in the 3rd preseason game because thats what the other team is going to do against us, so this would be the start that would be most important when trying to get a feel for the regular season and start building the rapport needed. If Flynn is going to be the opening day starter, it would be utterly stupid not to start him this week.

  70. This is ridiculous even entertaining the question o Trading Flynn RIGHT NOW AS IN TODAY. This is the absurdity we were addressing. What added value does Flynn have beyond what he did in GB? When we “recruited” him the market on his value was set. He gains no addition from his pre-season experience other than providing he can execute a game plan and take care of the ball. Remind yourself what we gave up to sign Flynn and you’ll get the best idea of his “MARKET VALUE” . Now try to add in the fact that a team will have to give us something in return. Now that you have that on your back burner lets play the game of “throwing stupid ideas out there”.

    Say we dub Wilson our starter (and remember we playing with the thought that this trade is going down right now, not at the end of the year, RIGHT NOW) and we trade Flynn. Well, you are slotting your starter who hasn’t played one minute or second against an NFL 1st string defense and putting your ENTIRE FRANCHISE on that decision. Wilson is your starter and Flynn is traded for (let’s be generous) a 5th round pick. What does the franchise do if Wilson fails? Go back to the TJack and start at square one? Maybe behind square one because how happy is TJack being named the back up to someone who won a QB competition that he wasn’t part of.

    Pull your head out slowly to avoid injury.

  71. Also on this whole Flynn hasn’t shown anything mantra, has it ever occurred to anyone that they may be confident in Flynn’s ablility so the were play calling to see what the others are capable of doing like T.O. and other receivers and try doing different stuff with the line. Who knows what Carrol and company are looking at during these games and what they are play calling for. Again, this is why the 3rd game is crucial because the most likely won’t be doing that like in the first two and actually be implimenting game like scenerios and planning.

  72. RDPoulsbo says:

    Audible: Are you really going to use a senile Al Davis in his last days of life as your example of a starting QB trade midseason? Again, for a FO that’s not looking to be fired, why would they trade a 1st or 2nd to bring Flynn into a no-win situation when they can do the very same for T-Jack for at most a 6th, limp through the season, get a high draft pick and draft a guy like Barkley?

  73. Dukeshire says:

    Lol. Sorry princeadon.

  74. Nobody is saying he’s going to be traded today. If, however, Wilson wins the job, I think it’s really likely Flynn will be traded to a team who loses their QB this season.

  75. Seahawks2620 says:

    Well, best of luck to Wilson. I won’t be surprised if he looks solid, but I also won’t be surprised if he looks flustered. I’m just ready for the conclusion of this QB controversy. The only thing that has irritated me about the QB crap is the Wilson fan base vs. Flynn fan base. Other than that I have pretty much been fine. I just want the guy who will lead us to the most victories.

  76. “why would they trade a 1st or 2nd to bring Flynn into a no-win situation when they can do the very same for T-Jack for at most a 6th, limp through the season, get a high draft pick and draft a guy like Barkley?”

    How do you know it’s a no-win situation? There are 31 other teams…could be a team with legit playoff aspirations.

    We limped through last year with T-Jack, didn’t make the playoffs, and still didn’t get a high enough draft pick to get a guy like Barkley

    This FO is like our ball hawking defense when it comes to acquiring draft picks…and they’ll listen to any offer. This is a plausible scenario.

  77. RDPoulsbo says:

    I just don’t get the logic here. No matter how desperate a team is for a QB, at this point forward they will bring in a journeyman to get through the year rather than give up a high value draft pick The Texans did the very same last year by promoting the guys already in their system and backfilling the #2 and #3 in the thick of a playoff run, knowing they’d get their guys back this year. 1st round picks are used to lay the foundation for the future, not for stop-gap measures. Flynn’s trade value even if they were entertaining the idea is at it’s lowest right now. If there’s a time if any when they’d entertain the idea, it would be after the season when there would be multiple teams potentially vying for his services to drive up trade value.

  78. tazzmann says:

    pete carrol is a tool

  79. PC may be an unconventional coach, but you sir, are the tool

  80. Hawksince77–Wow, banned from Field Gulls for discussing a trade possibility?! I knew I hated that blog, even if they finally got rid of John whatshisbutt (or he left, whatever), the guy who regularly banned anyone who disagreed with his off-base conclusions…

    I personally would laugh my butt off if we traded Flynn back to GB and kept T-Jack, but I think T-Jack has had it up to here with Seattles staff and wants out no matter what.

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