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Carroll confirms Wilson will start vs. Chiefs: “It’s just exciting to watch this kid play.”

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August 21, 2012 3:22 pm

Pete Carroll talked for 25 minutes with reporters after practice. He confirmed earlier reports that rookie Russell Wilson will get his first NFL start against the Kansas City Chiefs on Friday.

“It’s just exciting to watch this kid play,” Carroll said. “And everybody that’s grown up watching him back at N.C. State and Wisconsin, we’re seeing the same thing that you saw. He’s carried the style of play from the college level to our level, at least in these first few preseason games. And we’re going to see what that means in Game 3.”

Carroll also said that initially the coaching staff had planned on starting Matt Flynn in the first game against Tennessee and Wilson against the Denver in the second game, but that he wanted to see Flynn for a second time against the starting defense to make a better evaluation on the free agent addition.

“It was totally a gut feeling,” Carroll said about the decision. “I thought let’s keep it the same and learn more. I thought we were making progress and moving along in a way that I didn’t want to change that. I thought we might be able to benefit from not doing it.”

Traditionally, teams have played their starters at least three quarters in the third preseason game as a primer for the regular season. However, Carroll said it’s possible that Seattle uses the final preseason game to continue the quarterback evaluation.

And once again, Carroll would not provide a firm date on when he planned on naming a starter for the team’s regular season opener at Arizona, saying it’s possible that he does not make the decision until the week heading into the Arizona game.

“I know that there is a traditional thought, a conventional wisdom about Game 3 and all of that,” Carroll said. “And I understand that. And we need to always be in tune with conventional wisdom. However, neither John (general manager John Schneider) nor I feel like we need to operate under that kind of guidance system, so we’re not. And we haven’t been since we got here.”

Carroll did say that Flynn’s statistics against the Broncos would have been much better had Terrell Owens hung onto his touchdown catch, and Golden Tate managed to get his two feet in bounds on his catch in the back of the end zone.

Carroll said that in his eyes Flynn got credit for making those plays.

Carroll would not say how much Wilson or Flynn will play against the Chiefs – only that Wilson will get the start.

Asked about what he likes about Wilson to give him this shot with the starters, Carroll had this to say.

“He’s an extremely impressive kid with a tremendous background, and he has not blinked here for a second,” Carroll said. “And he’s worked so hard to give himself this opportunity that I don’t know if I’m cheering for him as much as I’m glad he’s on our team. I’m glad he’s one of us, and he loves being with us.

“He’s a great competitor, and you know how much I love those guys. So we’ll see how he does. One way or another he’s going to help us, whether he’s starting or not. You’ve already seen why. He’s a nightmare for defensive coaches. He’s a nightmare the way he moves around. And he can do it all together in this short time that we’ve given him then he’ll have a chance to start. We’ll see.”

Wilson said since he first came out for the rookie minicamp in May that he’s been working for this opportunity, and now he has to make the most of it.

“I’ve just got to keep working,” Wilson said. “There’s a lot more to do, and I’ve just got to keep improving. That’s my main goal every day I wake up.”

Carroll also said that incumbent Tarvaris Jackson, who’s rumored to be on the trading block, is still part of the conversation for the starting quarterback job.

“I’m hoping that his work in practice will keep him sharp enough that he is still involved when we take in all the information on these other guys,” Carroll said. “And we’ll check it out after Week 3 and see what happens.”

Carroll said that despite the fact his team has not settled on a starting quarterback, he’s still believes the process Seattle has taken is the right path.

“I’m real confident that we’re doing the right thing,” Carroll said. “I don’t have any hesitation in this. And I understand that maybe not everybody else feels like that, and I really don’t care. It doesn’t matter to me”

Baldwin has surgery procedure on hamstring
Carroll said that receiver Doug Baldwin had a procedure done to clear up a hamstring issue, but should be ready to practice next week. However, Carroll said he’s uncertain if the team’s leading receiver from last year will play against Oakland.

Baldwin was expected to practice after missing the first two games beginning this week. Baldwin returned to practice last week, but was a late scratch for the Denver game. With Baldwin out, Deon Butler continues to get first team reps at slot with Baldwin out.

Rice a possibility for Kansas City?
Carroll did not rule out Sidney Rice playing in his first preseason game against the Chiefs. Rice was full go today, and took a decent whack from Earl Thomas on a catch across the middle of the field.

“I don’t know that yet, but he had a great day today,” Carroll said. “This was Sidney’s first full-speed, all out, one-on-ones and everything today. It was the first time he had a full-go day where we really cut him loose and let him do everything.

“And he got banged around, which is great. He made some good catches today. He looked very fast out there. And it’s exciting to see.”

Injury update
The Seahawks had 15 players watching practice today, including center Max Unger (calf), fullback Michael Robinson (toe), running back Marshawn Lynch (back), tight end Cameron Morrah (toe), John Moffitt (elbow), linebacker Allen Bradford (hip), cornerback Ron Parker (knee), defensive end Jason Jones (knee), cornerback Coye Francies (head), defensive lineman Pep Levingston (knee), linebacker Matt McCoy (knee) and defensive back Roy Lewis (unspecified). Cornerback Walter Thurmond (leg) and offensive lineman James Carpenter (knee) remain on the PUP list.

Some tidbits

* With LB Barrett Ruud being traded to New Orleans, Carroll confirmed that rookie Bobby Wagner is the team’s starting middle linebacker right now. However, Carroll said the team does have some concerns about the depth at the position.

“We’re a little concerned about that,” Carroll said. “At the linebacker spot right now there’s a number of guys who are not practicing. We’re very young and very athletic, but it’s not settled yet, the backup spots.”

Currently, Heath Farwell is running at middle linebacker with the second unit. But K.J. Wright gives the team some flexibility because he can move inside and play the middle.

* Terrell Owens showed some frustration today after not getting a pass interference call on a deep route from Matt Flynn against cornerback Byron Maxwell. Owens spent a good five minutes pleaded with the official that Maxwell pushed off after the play was over.

* Undrafted rookie free agent Cordarro Law returned to the field after suffering a high-ankle sprain last week. Law actually played some middle linebacker with the reserves today.

* Others who returned to practice include Ben Obomanu (neck), linebacker Mike Morgan (head), Zach Miller (head) and linebacker Malcolm Smith (hamstring).

Notes from practice
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  1. Anyone have a translator to tell me what Carroll is saying here?

  2. chuck_easton says:


    How dare Pete and John have their own schedule and not care about conventional practices.

    As much as I want to, I can’t stay mad at the guy. In Pete we trust.

    But come on there mr Happy, my old heart can’t take much more of this! And now you’re throwing TJack back into the conversation? I think you’re just messing with us now.

  3. Baldwin had “a procedure”. Ruh-ro.


  4. wallinator says:

    The Baldwin surgery is concerning……

  5. I do have one last thing regarding the matter regarding Pete’s decision

    Many will point out how detrimental this will be for our starter due to chemistry repetition and getting our QB better prepared..(gonna beat my perennial dead horse about attending practices)

    With the injuries and transactions to our TE/WR department there has been continual rotation between guys playing equally with ones and twos and different positions with the exception of Tate. The only steadfast positioning has really been offensive line who only really need to gel and communicate with each other.

    When it comes to reps, as it has been reported, both are at high level.

    There were no smokescreens as Pete said it would take the entire preseason to make a decision.

    Best statement I heard that sums up Pere, our team, and his philosophy – Everyone wants to see conventional….well, why start now?

  6. SaigonSun says:

    I was watching ESPN and our Seahawks, PC & JS got lotta love from Bill Polian and the Crew. I highly respect Mr.Polian ( if we didn’t have JS I would have been wishing for Polian for sure)and his comments are like music to my ears.
    Got to love our ‘Hawks !

  7. Sarcasticus says:

    Go Wilson! Save us from the LSU qb.

    Seriously, I am very interested to see how he will do with the first team offense AND the opposing team’s top defense. It seems as though nothing really gets to him. He is just so smooth. I want to see that happen with the 1’s.

    If Wilson ends up the starter, will Flynn restructure?

  8. Does anyone here NOT have a man-crush on RW? :)

    And I agree with Wallinator, the Baldwin hammy thing is concerning. That said I think Butler is a pretty darn good slot guy himself.

    Lastly…time to cut TO loose. If he’s busy whining to a ref at practice imagine what it’ll be come game time. I don’t think we need to deal with unsportsman-like penalties from a *cough* legend. These replacement refs would probably enjoy flagging TO for his mouth.

  9. grizindabox24 says:


  10. Saturday morning there is going to be some interesting conversations going on. I feel like some people think RW can do no wrong and is the second coming of Jesus, I just hope Pete isn’t one of them. I just don’t see it. I think he has the potential to be good and has made some good plays, but damn man, he hasn’t done anything that special or jaw dropping. I think some people are kickin’ it in fantasy land. Obviously, I’m in the Flynn camp right now, but I do think RW could eventually be our starter, I just think it is kind of ridiculous how some of the posters are already punching his ticket into stardom.

  11. Seahawks2620 says:

    A couple of things:

    – I’m ecstatic to here that Miller is practicing again.
    – Not worried about Baldwin, he is one of the hardest workers on the team, he will get back.
    – I don’t feel like hearing about the QB competition any longer, but of course it will persist.
    – He has stated that he doesn’t care, but the fact that Pete is willing to wait until the week leading up to the Arizona game really pisses me off. It’s a big decision but this is absurd and he needs to hurry the hell up.
    – Albeit just a couple of hits, hearing that rice has been taking them is exciting. Furthermore the possibility of him playing this Friday is even better. Hopefully he puts together a great and healthy season to shut up the Debbie downers.

    I am definitely looking forward to seeing Wilson Friday, but am definitely tempering my expectations. I would like to see a touch down or two, a pick wouldn’t be the end of the world, and most of all comfortability in the pocket. I know he can run, but he can’t do that on every down. Should be a good game.

  12. chuck_easton says:

    Well, the good news for me (and maybe the rest of you because I will have a few days cone of silence put over my head), is that we are going away to get my son PADI certified at the lake this weekend. I won’t have much time to post until Sunday evening.

    By then I should have already blown a gasket, had it surgically re-implanted, had my moment of the sky is falling and then come back to earth.

    It will be fun to watch Friday night.

    Look forward to catching up on what I expect will be the hundred’s if not thousands of postings when we get home Sunday night.

  13. SandpointHawk says:

    Glad to see the level headed @chuck_easton is back with us. You had me worried there for a bit friend.

    Pete knows the gamble he has taken. Always remember, since he decided to go his own way at USC he has been very good at what he does.

    As I’ve said before Que Sera Sera…

    I’m may be only a 12th man but I’m all in….

  14. yakimahawk says:

    Anyone have a translator to tell me what Carroll is saying here?

    From Carroll…“I don’t have any hesitation in this. And I understand that maybe not everybody else feels like that, and I really don’t care. It doesn’t matter to me”

    Let me translate for you…He does not give a $@#@$ what you or I or anyone else thinks…

    I for one am on board with this. I would rather have them swap back and forth now than into the season. PC/JS are seeing something in RW that is very, very special and extremely smart. We shall see on Friday!

  15. Seahawks2620 says:

    TruBlu- Agreed. The guy definitely has poise, and all of the little things that you could ever want. However, some people speak of him as if he has already solidified his spot in the Hall of Fame. Not trying to rain on anyone’s parade, not that anyone really cares about what I think. Just don’t want for everyones unrelentless love fest for Wilson to blind you of acknowledging that there was another QB bright in this offseason that is more than competent.

  16. GeorgiaHawk says:

    There’s a coach who’s for sure all that glitters is gold
    And he’s trying to find a franchise Quarterback
    then he gets here he knows, if the stores are all closed
    He can just go with Matt until he finds one
    Ooh, ooh, and he’s trying to find a franchise Quarterback

    There’s a sign on the wall but he wants to be sure
    ‘Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings.
    So he gives up a three and picks up Charlie
    Seems like Sometimes his moves make you wonder
    Ooh, it makes me wonder,
    Ooh, it makes me wonder.

    There’s a feeling I get when he let’s go the vet
    And my spirit is crying for leaving.
    In my thoughts I have seen rings of smoke through the trees,
    And the voices of those who stand looking.
    Ooh, it makes me wonder,
    Ooh, it really makes me wonder.

    And it’s whispered that soon Bevell will call the tune
    Then Jackson will lead us one season.
    And a new day will dawn for those who stand long
    And the fans will echo with laughter.

    If there’s a bustle in your hedgerow, don’t be alarmed now,
    It’s just a spring clean for the May queen.
    Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run
    There’s still time to change the road you’re on.
    And it makes me wonder.

    Your head is humming and it won’t go, in case you don’t know,
    And Carroll’s calling you to join him,
    Dear 12th man, can you hear the wind blow, and did you know
    Your qb play lies on the whispering wind.

    And as we wind on down the road
    They pick up Flynn to give us hope
    Then draft a player that is short
    Who shines white light and steals the show
    Now everything has turned to gold.
    And if you listen very hard
    The tune will come to you at last.
    When all is one and one is all
    To be a rock and not to roll.

    And he’s finally found his franchise Quarterback.

  17. Hear that people Petey Badger don’t give a Care.
    He’s doing it his way.

    Eric, Do you want this place to explode?
    First RW talk, Then Baldwin surgery/procedure and now you tell us TO is starting up?? Well played..

  18. SandpointHawk says:

    TO is TOast…

  19. freedom_X says:

    If Carroll had actually planned to start Wilson in game 2 of the preseason, then I’d feel better about his evaluation plan. Not sure about the “gut feeling” business, but having Wilson start game 2 would have been a sensible idea.

    Then Carroll should have made the decision by game 3 on who the starter would be. I would still wonder whether the real debate is potentially sacrificing another season by developing Wilson, or going with what he may see as a stop-gap in Flynn.

    That would be a true “gut feeling” decision, hard to quantify with logic. It depends on how secure Carroll is and how big the end payoff might be.

  20. LOL, Chuck!

    Just don’t miss the game Friday!

  21. Pete Carroll: 97-19 record at USC, 7 consecutive BCS bowls. Developed 25 first-team All Americans, developed 14 NFL players chosen in the first round, and developed 3 Heisman Trophy winners.

    Do whatever your gut tells ya to do, Pete.

  22. Flynn has started 2 games in the last 4 years. Wilson started about 45 games in the same time-frame. And it shows.

  23. Soggybuc says:

    yakima just stole my thunder!

  24. bird_spit says:

    TruBlu – the difference, the IT thing, the wow factor can be boiled down to one test. With a free LB bearing down on both RW and Flynn, equal positions and game speed, when RW throws the completion in slow motion, you might be able to pour a glass of milk.

    Same exact situation, in slow motion with Flynn’s throw, in slow motion, you can brew a cup of coffee, light a cigar, read the first page of the sports section, then look up to see the receiver reaching behind him to make the catch.

    Thats all.

  25. Seahawks2620 says:

    I really don’t think TO is going anywhere before the season opener. A few drops after being out of the league for quite some time is not going to deter Pete from taking a good look at him. TO is 38 and was still blowin pass defenders Saturday! Arguing with a ref and dropping a few passes here and there is nothing new for TO. With our current corps, Pete and John would be foolish to let him walk. The guy still has a lot in the tank. I am fully aware of his past and pretty much everyone here seems to detest him, but the guy can play. He could potentially be the security blanket that we need for our two young QBs. Hate him or not, the man can still play. Pete knew exactly what he was getting when he brought in TO, and a few dropped passes and an argument with a replacement ref is not going to change anything.

  26. DanielleMND says:

    I just want the best QB to start Week 1.

  27. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    well said stevos. that said after ready 200 + posts i am ready for a beer.

  28. Seahawks2620 says:

    Bird_spirit- not trying to be Facetious, but it’s obviously not as simple as just looking at that one scenario. I understand what you are getting at though. Wilson simply has more ability in certain areas, physical more than anything else.

  29. Can anyone ever remember a more anticipated preseason game?

  30. Dukeshire says:

    So Carroll abandons his “plan” mid-way through the evaluation process to go with his gut…? Sounds about like the kind of discipline we’ve grown accustomed to seeing from him. He has been rotating QBs equally with the 1s since the first OTA and then, at the most critical moment, ditches what he planned. Well, as I said before, I hope Wilson either lights it up Friday or tanks miserably so the decision is clear, one way or another. Otherwise, we’ll be stuck in this indecisive mire when the regular season begins.

  31. bird_spit says:

    I am sort of hoping for a mud bowl in KC. Wilsons grip on the ball vs Flynn’s. Also the midwest drought could take a hit.

    Rewatch the is not just RW ability to escape the blitz, throw accurately on the run, but it is also the velocity of the ball. All of those things measured on Flynn would not measure up well. Flynn’s ability to read the defense, anticipate where the receiver will be, do not help him when the play is breaking down.

    I case you guys are wondering, put me squarely in the camp where RW is our #1, and Flynn is #2. I think TJ has a shot to make this team, and compete for the #2. Some of those throws to TO would have been made by TJ. A couple of those really left Flynn’s small hands wrong.

  32. bird_spit says:

    I discounted RWs running ability. He has some wheels, and a great bootleg. I discount it, because, I dont care to much for QBs running, but it really keeps the D honest.

  33. grizindabox24 says:

    bird_spit stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night

  34. gonefishin69690 says:

    Agree with DanielleMND,, and having too much talent for one position is ALWAYS much better than the alternative. I personally like the way PC is going about this. One of the most important aspects of the QB position is the ability to adapt, regardless of who’s on the field. As far as chemistry between receiver and QB, I believe there is more on the receiver than the QB. I am excited to watch the game Friday and see how this talented young kid holds up against a good defense.

  35. GeorgiaHawk…LMAO! We knew that was coming!

  36. bassnw,

    “Flynn has started 2 games in the last 4 years. Wilson started about 45 games in the same time-frame. And it shows.”

    Great point!

  37. At this point, I don’t want the best QB NOW to start, I want the QB that will be the best QB in 2, maybe even 3 years to start. Pete Carroll absolutely does not want to sacrifice one win now for 4 more wins in 1 year.

    In their 36 years, only twice have the Seahawks had a QB pass for over 3,000 yards with a QB Rating above 90 (Hasselbeck 2005 and 2007). That wreaks of either mediocrity or bad Quarterbacking.

    The NFL has bent the rules to an extent where the League is about dynamic passing games far more than strong running games and good defenses. Game Manager QBs are a dime a dozen and offer no value.

    Looking for QBs that give you the best chance to win today without an eye for the future is a sure way to fall into the mediocrity trap, which is where Carroll has spent his entire NFL Career (6 seasons, 47-49, always +/- 2 games from the .500 mark).

  38. I guess we can accept Mr. Happy for being great at USC or we can accept a guy that rarely ever has a winning record in the NFL. It depends on how you want to look at it.

    I liked his plan and can’t believe he went with his gut for game two and now we’re in this mess (although I think/hope it’ll work out fine). When you have to win in this league or you’ll get fired, I can see why you’d want to do it your way, but I agree with Duke too – perhaps this type of “discipline” is why his teams get penalized too much in the NFL, no matter which of the three coaching jobs he’s had.

    I wonder if the people who believe Wilson will win 5 Super Bowls and never throw an interception would trade him to Indianapolis for Andrew Luck and all of the Indy draft picks next year? I’m starting to wonder. lol

  39. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BobbyK- No. So why all this doom and gloom? And why would anyone want to see Wilson fall flat on his ass and call themselves a true Seahawks fan.
    Seems like those folks are just fans of their own stubborn opinions.

    I have been in the Wilsons camp, however I never wanted Flynn to play poor for any reason!

    I hope this is just going through the denial process, because if it isn’t I have lost some respect for some folks around here.

  40. Hammajamma says:

    I don’t see anything indecisive about this situation. Wilson is forcing the action with very solid play and a mobility skill set that Flynn doesn’t have. I’d be more disappointed in PC if he wasn’t willing to react to a rising player and stubbornly stuck to the “plan.”

    The best laid plans have several branches on the decision tree, and this seems like a logical “If/Then” path. I’m pretty calm about the whole thing. A pretty good QB is going to play one way or another.

  41. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BTW- I’m sure nighthawk would love to take you all in right now. Lol.

    And it’s funny to hear that this is all on Carroll. Wilson had nothing to do with this with his good play, and Flynn had nothinq to do with this with his average play.

    I know the denial process hasn’t been completed yet. Lol. I’m sure you will all come back around though.

  42. “Well, as I said before, I hope Wilson either lights it up Friday or tanks miserably so the decision is clear, one way or another.”

    Dude, really? How will Wilson tanking miserably help this team? Oh, because nobody will bitch about who should be QB? I’m pretty sure that players on this team are far more worried about their own security than they are who’s at QB. None of these guys are proven…at this point, Flynn is no Hasselbeck.

  43. Flynn won a National Championship in his only year of starting. Wilson did not in his years of starting. Both had a great team around them as seniors.

    It does suck that Flynn went to LSU though because they don’t produce nearly the NFL QBs like Wisconsin though (Elway, Marino, Bevell, Montana, etc.) Or something.

    Flynn has been in the NFL and even though he’s only had a couple of starts, he’s actually been in the NFL and even had to be prepared to to play in the Super Bowl. He wasn’t playing college teams like South Dakota and Northern Illinois. But if playing college teams like that is better than being groomed in the NFL, whatever. Even good competition like Michigan have most of their players/starters never play a down in the NFL.

    If Wilson does well on Friday and gets this job, you can bet I’m going to buy his jersey and he’ll become one of my favorite players in the NFL from the get-go. I’ll put all of my eggs in his basket and be jacked.

    For now, I’m sick of all the, seemingly, hatred for and against the Flynn/Wilson camps.

  44. montanamike2 says:

    I see this as this is Flynn’s job to lose unless Wilson plays lights out on friday. We just want to see where we are with him. I personaly think that he will and cause a good kind of contreversy, but if not We stay with the plan and start Flynn.

  45. “wonder if the people who believe Wilson will win 5 Super Bowls and never throw an interception”

    Nobody said Wilson will win 5 SBs…there is just a group of us who want to see what he looks like with the first team offense? How damn hard is this to understand?!

    If he knocks it out and beats out Flynn….good! If not, he can carry a clipboard and learn for awhile.

    What is the frickin’ problem?!

  46. When have I ever said that I hope Wilson falls on his face and sucks? I’m going to be rooting for him to dominate in his snaps and I’m going to root for Flynn to do the same in his (anything to get Jackson out of town asap – because I do hate him).

  47. Hawksince77 says:

    Might Flynn go down as the unluckiest QB in history?

    – first, he runs into JaMarcus Russell in college and has to wait a couple of years to start

    – then he gets drafted by the team with arguably the best NFL QB in the league (top 3 anyway)

    – and then he signs with the team that drafted Russell Wilson

    Man, that’s gotta suck.

  48. bird_spit says:

    No matter who the QB is for game 1, I can guarantee one thing, I will cuss him out when he is a bonehead, and cheer loudly when the team wins. I just want the best QB to play on every Sunday.

    Pete Carroll is who we thought he was..unconventional. You have to respect how quickly this team was able to be turned over, to be come one of the youngest teams from one of the oldest. It really has not lost a step from 2010. They never stopped turning over rocks to find a QB. HASS/CW/TJ/FLYNN/PORTIS/RW..they went after Manning. You cant fault them for lack of try. Please name a QB they could have if they would have drafted correctly or got in FA, and I bet there is a good story behind the decision; like OL priority, or skill set. They didnt chase Kolb with ridiculous money.

    Any way, in Pete we trust.

  49. Audible – settle down. It’s a figure of speech. Do you really think I’m dumb enough to think that others really think that way (he’ll never throw an interception)? Good lord.

  50. @bobbyK

    “When have I ever said that I hope Wilson falls on his face and sucks?”

    That came from Dukeshire, who has really changed in the past couple of years, sadly.

  51. BobbyK…do you have to exaggerate to make your point? If so, rethink your point.

  52. montanamike2 says:

    Amen to that bird-spit!
    If we had bit on Kolb it could have set us back several years, i’m sure glad i’m not a Card’s fan because they look like a team declining to the endless suckiness they formerly were.

  53. Gotcha. I was wondering b/c I’m probably one of the only ones that really truly doesn’t care which guy starts. I just want to be able to judge each guy fairly without the emotionalism of “rooting” for “our” guy.

  54. montanamike2 says:

    Quit being bullies guys.

  55. I was trying to be funny. My bad.

  56. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BobbyK- You say on one hand that you are sick of all the seemingly hatred for and against the Wilson/Flynn camps, however you start out your post by saying-

    “Flynn won a National Championship in his only year of starting. Wilson did not in his years of starting. Both had a great team around them as seniors.”

    “It does suck that Flynn went to LSU though because they don’t produce nearly the NFL QBs like Wisconsin though (Elway, Marino, Bevell, Montana, etc.) Or something.”
    “Flynn has been in the NFL and even though he’s only had a couple of starts, he’s actually been in the NFL and even had to be prepared to to play in the Super Bowl. He wasn’t playing college teams like South Dakota and Northern Illinois. But if playing college teams like that is better than being groomed in the NFL, whatever. Even good competition like Michigan have most of their players/starters never play a down in the NFL.”

    I haven’t seen many posts that have more hate for the Wilson camp than this one.
    The most contradictory post that I have seen in awhile. I know, your going through denial, so I will give you some time to heal.Lol.

  57. montanamike2 says:

    We all bleed blue.

  58. This maybe the start of something good. Hard not to like what is about to happen unless your name is Matt Flynn. This years draft is looking a little better than experts thought. I do not see Wilson Playing poorly unless he gets hurt.

  59. BobbyK,

    “I was wondering b/c I’m probably one of the only ones that really truly doesn’t care which guy starts.”

    You are one of the most impartial posters on this one, clearly. The main problem with you…

    For some reason, you’ve started to disappear from some of these threads…you must be busier at home or something. I for one really miss the analyses you used to do…which you’d post something on the state of our OLine..would be really interested here your at each position, starters and depth.

  60. Ooops…

    WISH you’d post something on the state of our OLine..would be really interested TO HEAR your ANALYSIS at each position, starters and depth.

  61. Georgia – I posted that to show that every argument doesn’t have to be in Wilson’s favor now, even though he may be the right man for the job. I’m not rooting against him, but there’s always two sides to every debate and it seems that you guys won’t accept that anyone other than Wilson could be the best bet for this team.

    If you could guarantee me that Wilson will become what you think he’ll become – then I’ll join forces (Star Wars reference) with you and the Wilson camp. But I don’t know. I still think Flynn can/will be great for the Hawks, too. Nobody knows what Wilson is bound for Pro Bowls, or the same for Flynn. We sure as heck like their potential, but that’s all it is right now, potential (and we’ve had guys in the past that had all the potential in the world, like Aaron Curry, who have turned out to be busts).

    As someone said earlier today, there are boring QBs who have won SBs and exciting QBs that haven’t. I don’t care who wins the job. All I want is someone who can lead us to Super Bowls.

  62. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BTW- If Carroll came out today and said that he was going with Flynn, don’t you think that I and many others would have been bombarded with ” see I told you so’s. So come on, nobody knows it all around here. Not me, not you, or the animals in the zoo.

  63. VNHLNFAN says:

    Pete Carroll: 97-19 record at USC, 7 consecutive BCS bowls. Developed 25 first-team All Americans, developed 14 NFL players chosen in the first round, and developed 3 Heisman Trophy winners.

    Do whatever your gut tells ya to do, Pete.

    Read more here:
    pretty much sums it up

  64. So what does watching one half of a Rookie QB making his first start tell anyone? He could look great or look terrible and it wouldn’t shed a whole lot of light on his future performance.

  65. VNHLNFAN says:

    When was the last time the QB position was this much fun? Did not see this coming at all. Thought for sure Flynn would start friday..oh well.
    I hope RW has a great game!

  66. At the end of the day, I just want the Hawks to win early and often.

    IMO, Wilson gives them the best chance over the long haul. It’s just MY opinion.

    If it’s Flynn, I’m in.

    If it’s Tjack, I’d be surprised at this point quite frankly, but nonetheless would be very supportive.

    Friday will be a great day, no matter what happens. We’ll have a sense of direction and can say everyone got their fair shot.

    I believe in this kid, believe in PC and JS and the entire Hawk staff as a whole. This sh*t is getting exciting.

    Is it Friday yet?


  67. pabuwal- how would you shed light on his future performance? Maybe we can look at tape of last two games and his college days?

  68. I mean, it’s pretty impossible not to like RW. He is one poised and confident mofo. He seems like a winner. You can see why the coaches are taken with the guy.

    I’ve been in the camp that it’s Flynn’s time, it’s Flynn’s turn – -b/c it just seems like the right time in his career to get this shot. It’s the most traditional way QB’s come into their own in this league.

    But I’ll cheer on either guy. In Pete We Trust is right. What else we gonna do?

  69. GeorgiaHawk says:

    joreb- Exactly the way I feel about this.

  70. Eric, I hope you’re getting a pay-per-post bonus today. :D

    Have we started a hate-fest for Ruskell yet? I want in!

  71. Man! It’s hard to get a word in edge-wise around here lately. Let’s see what RW does with the 1st string. Should be a fun game to watch no matter what. And stop slammin’ Matt…we have 2 quality quarterbacks – thank your lucky stars and may the best man win!

  72. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – If that were the case, Carroll wouldn’t be playing him Friday, for good or ill.

  73. raymaines says:

    Some random QB thoughts:

    1) They didn’t know they would be able to draft RW when they made an offer to MF. Now we have them both. Better to have and not need than to need and not have.

    2) TruBlu says: “I feel like some people think RW can do no wrong and is the second coming of Jesus, I just hope Pete isn’t one of them.” Too late buddy. PC has a full on man crush on RW.

    3) Ultimately I want the Seahawks to be the best they can be. I don’t know or have any investment in either of these guys, but I love to be right and hate to be wrong. I’ve been predicting MF would be the better QB for the team and now I find myself grasping for “facts” to help justify MF being the starter. Right now it looks like RW is ‘da man but I’m feeling conflicted as I REALLY want MF to win this competition and be the better QB. Why would I even care? Who in hell am I? I can’t rate QB’s. This is so stupid.

  74. shoehawks says:

    Complaining to the ref. during a practice? I wasn’t comfortable signing T.O. in the first place; and this just confirms what I think about him. He looked bloody awful in the preseason game (SIGNIFICANTLY contributing to Flynn’s numbers looking bad); and now he shows that his primadonna days are certainly not over. I would much rather have Ben Obamanu.

    As far as RW is concerned…of course I am pulling for him. I’m not sure if Pete is doing it right or not–but I don’t get paid for doing that. What I know is that this team gives a crap about how they play, competes hard, and never gives up. I can’t tell you how many times I screamed about how Mora’a teams did not have these qualities. GO PETE!

  75. yellaman says:

    Good luck RW but as far as PC this isn’t college where you have the top 5 recruits at each position. PC doesn’t have a clue how to make QB decisions. I respect PC & JS football decisions with respect to the roster but when it comes to getting a QB I don’t think they hsve a clue. I know I just a fan but if RW struggles in this game Friday then what? Go back to Flynn in the opener with no game reps with Rice or Baldwin? This move just shorten my tolerance for another losing season. If we don’t win at least 8 games ( I expect 10) then can we say coach on the hot seat in 2013.

  76. Lets Winn with Flynn!
    Lets Tussle with Russell!

    Either one works for me!

    I want Flynn because he’s ready and learned his trade. It’s now or never (I’m sure Georgia will turn that song into one with new lyrics). I believe he has a bright future in Seattle. He may not be flashy but I’d take non-flashy/athletic QBs that have won Super Bowls (Brady) over ultra physicals specimens who have not (Vick).

    I want Wilson because he’s younger and has a stronger arm, which means he can play a little later into his career. This will translate into him being a (potential) franchise QB for more years. My only worry here is that he could get thrown to the wolves too early and stunt his growth a bit. However, any team with a strong run game and a good defense (and a healthy Sidney Rice) can make life much easier on any QB.

    I think both players have “it” to be successful this season.

    However, both are still unknowns right now. There are no guarantees even with as much confidence as we have in either. While we feel good about the position, there’s no way of knowing who will be better. Each can give us hope though (which I had none of with respect to the QB position last year.

  77. chrisj122 says:

    This QB competition is getting real old.

    Wilson shouldn’t be in the conversation to start his first year, period! Wilson needs to sit back and learn bit more about how to be an NFL QB. Starting a rookie QB can sometimes cause more harm than good to, especially if his confidence gets shaken early.

    This is just taking valuable time from Flynn. This more then just losing starting time from 1 preseason game, he’s losing an entire week of reps with the 1st team.

    Pete stop screwing with the QB position!

  78. Stevos:

    Pete Carroll – NFL
    Jets – 6-10
    NE – 10-6
    Sea 7-9

    47-49 playoffs 2-3

    Hasn’t proven ANYTHING in the NFL yet (YET) – Never has he gotten better from one year to the next – Every one of his QB’s have been worse under him than the previous coach – I will doubt his offensive moves that are less traditional until he actually make some that actually pay off!

    On the WR front – I was on board with TO being on this squad when we signed him but in his game (which he shouldn’t need based on his experience and talent) and his antics at practice and sulking on the field at Denver – I have a gut feeling he will not be with the team come game 1- he may but at this point in time I am not getting a strong feeling he will be.

    also, based on injury issues with Rice I am hoping he sees very little time on Friday – get him a few reps and get him out of there!!!

  79. xcman, you posted this before and I didn’t comment, but you are wrong on both counts –

    1). Carroll improved the Seahawks from 5-11 to 7-9 his first year.
    2). Bledsoe had his highest career QB Rating in Carroll’s first year. Jackson did as well. Hasselbeck went from a 75 before Carroll to 73 with Carroll.

  80. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Hello darkness, my old friend
    I’ve come to talk with you again
    Because a vision softly creeping
    Left its seeds while I was sleeping
    And the vision that was planted in my brain
    Still remains
    That Wilson may be our Quarterback

    In restless dreams I walked alone
    Narrow streets of cobblestone
    ‘Neath the halo of a street lamp
    I turned my collar to the cold and damp
    When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light
    That split the night
    That Wilson may be our Quarterback.

    And in the naked light I saw
    Ten thousand people, maybe more
    People talking without speaking
    People hearing without listening
    People writing songs that voices never share
    And no one dared
    That Wilson could be our Quarterback.

    “Fools”, said I, “You do not know
    Wilson is the one that shows
    Hear my words that I might teach you
    Take my arms that I might reach you”
    But my words, like silent raindrops fell
    And echoed
    In the wells of silence

    And the people bowed and prayed
    To the neon Flynn they made
    And the sign flashed out its warning
    In the words that it was forming
    And the sign said, “The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls
    And tenement halls”
    That Wilson is our franchise Quarterback!

  81. Just enjoying the problem of having 2 good quarterbacks on the team. Matt and Russell are both smart, able to read defenses, well taught, and good leaders. I want the best QB to start, and trust Pete will do that. My hope is every fall that my home town team will do better, that we will be seen as a top team in the NFL. I know that Pete has a vision of what he wants this team to look like, and am excited to see what happens in the next few weeks. The defense will be improved, the running game will give the passing game opportunities, the line will be fine. I have my worries about the receivers, not who will be throwing them the ball. GO HAWKS!

  82. He didn’t coach 5-11

  83. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Don’t be sorry, we need Wilson! Lol.

  84. Tjack 2008 95.8

  85. and I will give you Bledsoes highest his first year that declined every year

  86. xcman: “Carroll Hasn’t proven ANYTHING in the NFL yet (YET)”

    Seriously dude? You look at the 2009 Seahawks and then look at the 2011 and 2012 Seahawks and you don’t think he’s proven he knows how to build and run a football team? I don’t believe any knowledgable Seahawks fan could believe that.

    His record as a young NFL coach more than 10 years ago has no bearing on who he is now. His record at USC says much more about his skills at 60. Young Coach Bill Belichick used to get his ass handed to him every week.

    Ahh well, its a silly argument. Fact is, Pete Carroll has shown great football instincts time and again throughout his career. Second-guessing him on this decision is a fools errand. None of us here has 1/10th the football mind he has.

  87. Carroll improved the team in his first year which was your point in your first post. And Jackson had only 149 attempts in 2008 which means he was not “qualified” to be listed on the League Leader list. The implication there is the sample size is too small to adequately compare that performance to a year where he was “qualified.”

    Jackson’s QB Rating was higher last year than his career at Minnesota so that’s the improvement you said Carroll hasn’t delivered.

  88. Bledsoe was declining to the point he lasted only one more year with the Patriots. The point would have more validity if Belichick had resurrected Bledsoe’s career, but instead they went 5-13 together. And then with Brady it took something like the next 60 games to register the same 13 losses.

  89. Georgia – GREAT LINK

  90. this one’s for Georgia…

    Torn between two QBs, feelin’ like a fool
Lovin’ both of you is breakin’ all the rules

    Torn between two QBs, feelin’ like a fool

    Lovin’ you both is breakin’ all the rules

    You mustn’t think you’ve failed me, Matt

    Just because there’s someone else

    Russell’s the first QB I drafted here

    And all the things I wanted 
I swear they’re coming true

    But no one else can have the part of me I gave to you

    Torn between two QBs, feelin’ like a fool
Lovin’ both of you is breakin’ all the rules

    Torn between two QBs, feelin’ like a fool

    Starting Wilson Friday night is breakin’ all the rules

    I couldn’t really blame you Matt, if you turned and walked away
But I’m working a trade for TJack, so I’m asking you to stay

    Torn between two QBs, feelin’ like a fool
I know starting Wilson in game number three is breakin’ all the rules

  91. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Carroll packed his bags last night
    Zero hour nine a.m.
    And he’s gonna be high as a kite by then
    He misses Hasselbeck much and he will miss Flynn too
    It’s lonely without a franchise qb
    On such a timeless flight

    And I think it’s gonna be a long long time
    Till we find another qb like Wilson again
    He’s not the man some think he is on this blog
    Oh no no no he’s a rocket man
    Rocket man burning out his fuse around here alone

    1st games aren’t the way you start your rookies
    In fact it’s cold as hell
    And there’s no one there to help him to do well
    And all this tradition he don’t understand
    It’s just his job five days a week
    A rocket man, a rocket man

    And I think it’s gonna be a long long time…

  92. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Stevos- Love it!

  93. Donn2390 says:

    One of the reasons Pete was so successful at USC, is the best athletes went there because Pete’s motto was “Play the best Man” Freshmen went there because they knew they could start if they were good enough.
    No different here, they best man gets the job, but he also has to keep it. It won’t be easy for whomever gets the nod to start.
    The last freshman QB that Pete was so excited about was Matt Barkley. The guy knows QB’s…

  94. bird_spit says:

    Wilson, I’m sorry. Wilson!


  95. Lets Winn with Flynn!
    Lets Tussle with Russell!

    Either one works for me!

    I want Flynn because he’s ready and learned his trade. It’s now or never (I’m sure Georgia will turn that song into one with new lyrics). I believe he has a bright future in Seattle. He may not be flashy but I’d take non-flashy/athletic QBs that have won Super Bowls (Brady) over ultra physicals specimens who have not (Vick).

    I want Wilson because he’s younger and has a stronger arm, which means he can play a little later into his career. This will translate into him being a (potential) franchise QB for more years. My only worry here is that he could get thrown to the wolves too early and stunt his growth a bit. However, any team with a strong run game and a good defense (and a healthy Sidney Rice) can make life much easier on any QB.

    I think both players have “it” to be successful this season.

    However, both are still unknowns right now. There are no guarantees even with as much confidence as we have in either. While we feel good about the position, there’s no way of knowing who will be better. Each can give us hope though (which I had none of with respect to the QB position last year.

    I know compete didn’t name a starting QB until late at USC in ’04, but this is the NFL. That year his team didn’t have to play a ranked team for over a month after the start of the season. It’s a little different and a lot harder in the NFL when you’re playing the likes of Green Bay early in the season.

  96. Stevos – College record and Pro records are 2 mutually exclusive things – too much evidence out of many coaches to show – many failure many do fine in both.

    But until he can consistantly WIN at this level he is still in the prove it to me mode with me.

    I think he has done a GREAT job with the defense – but that fact alone should get us to .500 or better NOT 7-9. To get anywhere in the playoffs with JUST a good defense. You have to have a better than average offense to go with that defense. We don’t have that – Yes we have a decent run game now – but we are still at 7-9.

    I am pulling for them to be 10 wins or better this year – but IMO – he is putting us back – offensively. I will be pulling for whoever wins the job out of Wilson/Flynn – I still personally feel that Flynn will be better for this season BUT I could have my mind changed with the start – which also IMO should have been last week.

    The only thing I really disagree with Pabs on is that TJack is anything better than an average QB – I think BOTH guys will be better than he was last year whoever wins the job I think it will be very easy to see. He is a great guy – but then I am sure most of the guys on this blog are great guys and some are leaders in their jobs – doesn’t mean we could QB an NFL team to the playoffs (ok – I guess 2 things you don’t think Flynn can play at all)

  97. argue it however you like. I stand by what I said.

    Pete Carroll has EARNED the right to go with his GUT on this one. If he doesn’t have good football instincts, no one does.

  98. I know nobody asked, but let me break down our QB situation as a synopsis.
    When PC got here MH was established but old and injury prone and also a little more careless with the ball taking risks than what Pete wanted from a quarterback.
    PC traded for CW because he wanted a mobile QB with good arm strength.
    He didn’t pan out. Evidence – Cleveland game. Also Bengals game 1st half.
    PC signed TJ last year due to shortened season, no training camp and Bevell as OC.
    TJ was also not the answer ESP at the end of games, but he played hurt so they couldn’t replace him outright
    unless it was a future hall of famer like P Manning. Similar to the Bronco’s situation but substitute the fans’ love for Tebow with team’s respect and admiration for TJack’s toughness.
    They went after Manning but got rejected like they were an ugly fat chick chasing the prom king, and settled for the next best free agent option to keep the competition lively, which was MF.
    Draft day rolls around, and after drafting for need, 1. speedy pass rushing end, 2. Mike LB, 3. RW is still available.
    By all accounts, Wilson grades out as 1st rd talent except for his height.
    PC wants a mobile QB w/ a strong arm. Petey and JS are smitten.
    Wilson performs on the field the way they thought he would.
    My point is RW is what Pete wanted from the QB position all along.
    If Wilson does well on Friday, he makes the Seahawks much more DangeRuss than the other guys.

  99. All Pete is doing is giving RW a run with the big dawgs to see how well he does. I’ll bet that Matt has a great outing in the 2nd half too. I still fully expect Matt will start against AZ unless he gets hurt. I’m looking forward to the game to see how RW does. I hope he kicks butt!

  100. I hope they both kick butt so we know we have a decent QB situation for the first time in a LONG time

  101. raymaines says:

    JS & PC’s UN-conventional wisdom has put the defense firmly in the NFL top tier and has significantly improved the offense. His handling of the QB situation is still a question mark, but lets wait until the end of October to make final judgments.

    Can you imagine how the national media would spin an 8-0 Seahawk start? ESPN would be sending a gold plated Hummer to take PC directly to Canton.

  102. Also, due to the uncertain health and unproven nature of our wr corps, a mobile qb that can scramble and make things happen may be a lot more important right now than what we think. If our offense is running smoothly as it should, with all of our starters ready to go and precision timing routes run to perfection, someone like Flynn can Read and React, really pick apart the defense from the pocket. With things being the way they are, RW may be asked to play some playground ball and that takes the importance of a wr’s skill set out of the equation more. And the O line may be more of a question mark than we think. I realize Dumerville is good, but Okung was hanging on for dear life for awhile there, looking very overmatched. And even though I believe JS hit a homer with JR, the fact Sweezy is getting reps w our 1st team can be construed as our line not being as good as we think. A mobile QB like Wilson neutralizes a line’s weaknesses.

  103. Dave – More Eagles for you… And, really, nobody should take this seriuosly, as this has become a pretty emotional topic… sometimes things have to fit for a “song.”

    Petey’s Hawks didn’t seem to find out early
    How not to open QB competition with just a smile
    A Peyton old man
    And he wouldn’t have to worry
    He’ll fly to Denver and meet Manning in sytle

    Late that night a big old plane gets lonely
    I guess every form of refuge has its price
    And it breaks his heart to think his love is
    Only given to Tarvaris whose production is cold as ice

    So he tells Schneider he can’t wait for the drafting
    Or of another QB named Matt to bring to town
    But he knows where he’s goin’ as he’s recruitin’
    He is ready for the Flynnsanity side of town

    On the other side of town Russell Wilson is waiting
    with fiery eyes and dreams no one could steal
    He drives on through the night anticipating
    ‘Cause he makes him feel the way he used to feel

    Russell rushes to practice field,
    They play catch together
    He whispers that it’s only for awhile
    He swears that soon he’ll be comin’ back forever
    He pulls away and leaves him with a smile

    Pete gets up and knows he has to pick one
    And stares out at the stars up in the sky
    Another night in KC, it’s gonna be a long one
    He draws the plays and knows Matt and Russell will try

    He wonders how it ever got this crazy
    He thinks about Palmer and Leinert he knew in school
    Did he get tired or are his QB evaluations a little shady?
    He’s so far gone he feels just like a tool

    My, oh my, you sure know how to arrange things
    You set it up so well, so carefully
    Ain’t it funny how watching Wilson seemed to change things
    You’re still the same ol’ Pete you used to be

  104. Lets just play the games – is it Sunday yet (Friday in this case)

  105. No Matter which QB you are rooting for
    1 missed block by the O line and we may be looking at whoever comes in 2nd in this competition as the starter

  106. DangeRuss,
    NFC West is scared of us.
    NFC West is scared of us.

  107. MoSeahawk12 says:

    So I’ve read most of the comments over the past few weeks and as lifelong Seahawks fan I gotta say…..hang in there everyone. I’ve watched this team win and lose bigger in the late 70’s. I watched Curt Warner run better than anyone and then blow out his knee start of the season and an undrafted QB named Krieg pass for Marino type of yards and get us to the playoffs. The 90’s were painful during the Behring years as the team lost by large amounts. I was in Dallas in 1992 the day we started Dan McQuire and that was the worst game I’ve ever seen. We never made it to midfield and went through 4 QB’s that day. Dallas was just on the cusp of being the Superbowl team they became and we were barely better than practice dummies. Loved Cortez during it all though…don’t tell him we were tackling dummies. 2000’s we were good and then ok and then good and then great. The Superbowl year was incredible as was the year after that we lost to the Bears in a playoff game we should have had. We got very old after that and didn’t really have it from 2006-2009 as far as young talent and being competitive. We lost big during those years….the kind of loses we put on teams during our NFC championship run. Pete and John come in in 2010 and started over. We added massive youth and made mistakes. We played faster than I’ve seen in years. We still lost games by wide margins but were starting to be fun to watch. The playoff game against the Saints was one of my favorite all time experiences as we were the biggest underdog in playoff history against the defending Superbowl champs. Oh and we were 7-9 that year, might have read something about it. 2011 we still lost games but not by very much. The scores were much closer and we actually had opportunities to improve on the 7-9 record we ended up with. Let’s call it the fourth quarter, why we are even talking about Matt Flynn and Russel Wilson season. The point. Finally!! We are in better shape at quarterback than we have been, well ever. Even during our Superbowl run it was all Matt passing and then handing off to Shaun. Flynn has looked great in games and clearly understands what we are trying to do. If anybody thought he was going to be the second coming of Aaron Rodgers, you guys don’t really follow football. He is smart, makes quick decisions and gets the ball were it needs to go. The arm strength comments are way off base as he proved by delivering a perfect strike to TO in the endzone, some 50 yards in the air. We need those type of passes 4-5 times a game. He can deliver. The fact that Pete and John drafted Russel Wilson this year is incredible for us. This guy is going to win a lot of games for us, this year, next year and well into the future. He starts we win and will lose some. He sits and we will win games with Flynn. We are set at QB. Set!! Enjoy that. I’ve read way too many comments regarding the sky falling and Pete needing to get fired and all this other nonsense. We haven’t been this close in a long time and Pete and John have guided us there. What did Holmgren do the last three years?, Mora? Please…..the game moved beyond them and we needed fresh blood with fresh eyes. WE have that now and should be excited to be Seahawk fans and watch this incredible talented team. I hear way too much bitching and whining from “fans” that massively overreact to everything that isn’t exactly what they think or post on these sites. If being a Seahawks fan is that awful that you complain about everything, root for another team. There are 31 others to choose from. I’m not talking about blind loyalty and agree with everything the team, coach, GM does, but let’s get past preseason before we throw in the towel. I guarantee the guys on the field won’t. The guys running this team have lifetimes more experience and perspective then all of us combined. If they feel Flynn or Wilson is right, it’s a hell of a lot better than last year. We will win 10+ games this season. Enjoy the team. Enjoy the season. Get behind the quarterbacks and don’t waste time hoping one will suck and the other will light it up. They both have the tools to win lots of games for us. I haven’t been this excited to be a Seahawk fan in years. Sorry for the looooong post. Just worn out from all the drama from “fans”.

  108. trout_hound says:

    Great post, Mo. I too have been a Hawk fan since day 1 Zorn to Largent. I’m excited about this season, whomever starts. Flynn to Rice, Wilson to Baldwin. Heck, I’m even excited to have T.O. if he produces. We have no choice but to trust in Pete. No matter what, our D and run game should keep us in games. I think Pete’s comment about RW being a nightmare for defensive coordinators may be the thing that tips the scale in Pete’s mind. I also like the fact that it hasn’t been five years since he played consistently. The dude is exciting and thinks he can do anything. That’s what you want – Michael Jordan confidence in your most important player. Flynn offers a safe bet, a Matt H type that can make throws and is smart but hopefully doesn’t throw as many boneheaded INT’s. I’d be fine with him playing while RW sits a year and learns to read defenses. The big question is, if its only a matter of time before RW starts, why wait? It reminds me of the year the Chargers had both Brees and Rivers. Tough choice, and they didnt really know what they had in either when they made the decision to go with Rivers because he was more of a prototype QB. While he’s been decent, I bet they wish they would have kept Brees. Like Rivers, Flynn would be a decent starter and a great backup. Wilson is a lot like Brees, but QB’s get hurt, especially running ones, and its a team sport. I’m glad we have them both. Whoever starts is going to do their best and have my 100 support (well, maybe not T-Jack).

  109. HeinieHunter says:

    Wilson COULD BE the QB I’ve been waiting for since the first game of the franchise. Zorn drove defenses crazy with his ability to run, Kraig had some great passing days, Hass took us to a Superbowl. Moon was a HF guy but at the end of his career. I’ve seen major disappointments (disasters) at QB in Stouffer, McGuire, & Mirer.
    Flynn looks solid but Wilson has shown flashes of talent that make you dream of having a franchise QB. The odds say when he faces first string players and more intricate defenses he will join the mortals and need a year or two of seasoning. Until that happens, probably in the first half on Friday, let me bask in my optimism a just little longer.

  110. SandpointHawk says:

    Thanks for posting MoSeahawk12, I believe you’ve said what a lot of us feel.

  111. seahawk44 says:

    “Carroll also said that incumbent Tarvaris Jackson, who’s rumored to be on the trading block, is still part of the conversation for the starting quarterback job.”

    What would this blog become if Wilson plays like a rookie on Friday and Flynn struggles against reserves then PC names TJack the starter for the season?

    That would be such a terrible scenario for the fans of this team!

    Go DangeRussWilson !!! Take this opportunity and never look back! Surprise everyone by becoming the rookie of the year in 2012!

  112. If Wilson plays well enough to win the job from Flynn then I think he can win ROY!! We can hope -

  113. bobramsdall says:

    I have been reading this blog a long time….most of you believe you know more than the FO and the Coach. You do not! Get on the Hawks bandwagon and quit crying for God’s sake. Did you not see the throw RW made in the grasp for a first down? I thought he got sacked until Moon made the statement about the throw and the replay.

    I really like what you have to say and I find most of you with some football knowledge, most of you know more about the players than I do. I am a Hawk Fan, I will root for the team. Not one player as we all know team is more than one!

    Thank you for your insight and sometimes funny posts.

  114. ryanryan says:

    this should lighten the mood…at least we aren’t going through this:

    the verbiage in the link itself (without reading the article) gave me goosebumps…YIKES

  115. GeorgiaHawk says:

    You know that this blog is really alive when Chuck loses it. Lol.
    And one thing I like about Football is you don’t always have to be an Xs and Os person to know what a special player is when you see him.

    When I was younger watching the Seahawks one day my sister,( who didn’t know anything about football), said to me, “who is that #80 out there? He’s the best player on the field. He’s always in the right place at the right time.”
    Ill never forget that.
    Now that’s the way I felt about Baldwin last year, and Wilson this year.
    They just get it! And I think that’s what the it factor means to me.

  116. montanamike2 says:

    Damn! I woke up and it still isn’t friday.
    I hope this game is televised. I can’t figure on Manning and Russll Wilson being pushed out of the way so we can see some lame game all the way until the end of a blowout. I dvr’d the replay on Sunday night and watched it monday. That was the pre-game of the season, the nfl wants us to pay for pre-season games online! Is this how you attract fans?

  117. NYHawkFan says:

    Interesting insight into Pete’s thinking/evaluation of the QB’s when he said that he regarded Flynn’s passes to TO and Tate as TD’s.
    If Wilson gets to play with Rice in the game,

  118. NYHawkFan says:

    *Hmmm, don’t know why it posted before I was finished. Wilson may have a leg up if he gets to play with Rice in the game. A couple of long passes to Rice would go a long way to making him the starter. Hope they both play well, it’s good for the team overall to have two great QB’s in which either one is a competent (or better) starter.

  119. montanamike2 says:

    I think Steve Kelly is an a##hole. He drove away many superstars from Seattle.

  120. Seahawks2620 says:

    This has gotten absurd. This blog has become too argumentative. I don’t care what you say, most of the people who claim that they will be “all in” and support whom ever is chosen is a load of crap. Most of you guys have a secret bias for one or the other when you sign off of your computer and turn it in for the night. It’s ridiculous. The bickering between everyone has been tiresome for what seems to be forever. Wilson is a great talent as is Flynn. No one on this damn blog has any ground to make factual statements in regards to how these QBs could potentially turn out. You just can’t. So stop trying and just wait to see what happens! Please.

  121. montanamike2 says:

    I’m sticking with the PC/JS plan: whomever wins is who i’ll support, it’s good to finally have some depth at the most important position.

  122. montanamike2 says:

    I have to go paint my house, see you later. Good talking this morning.

  123. NYHawkFan says:

    Ah the sweet smell of irony is in the air. Interesting that some complain about others bloggers with passion because the original poster was passionate about the Seahawks and the QB controversy.

  124. Hammajamma says:

    A little Seahawk haiku this morning:

    Pete’s QB logic
    Is beyond casual fans
    Such a pioneer

  125. GeorgiaHawk says:


  126. I think I speak for many if not most RW supporters when I say that I actually like Flynn. And I still supported Tarvaris even when his flaws were evident, because first and foremost I’m a Seahawk fan. We are just really excited about Russell Wilson, because we feel like we have world class talent at QB for the first time in a long time. If he struggles against the Chiefs, I’m totally ok with Flynn starting. But something tells me we will see more of RW sooner rather than later. And I too have followed the Hawks from way back. I enjoyed the golden years with Largent, saw Hass mature before my eyes, and cussed out the refs during SB XL. Now after some rebuilding it appears we have a legitimate playoff contender.
    It’s not wrong to have some hope, is it?

  127. Palerydr says:

    If we had an established QB then we’d be arguing and hand wringing about somebody else. My guess is Bruce Irvin.

  128. sluggo42 says:

    What a waste of time to read all this blather, I could have read the first and last post and been the same… So many experts…. just like me I guess.

    Fact is, this is the best Hawk team we have had on the field in years. I remember our superbowl year when early on we didn’t think we were all that great, and there was much angst about how tough our schedule was, but then we started just beating those “tough” teams, one after another, right to the end when we beat the Stealers (I don’t acknowledge the scoreboard in that game)

    Kick-butt running game, Matty, and a decent D. We had who at WR? Burleson? JJ?

    Now we have a NASTY “D”, and NASTY run game, and Matty. (OR RW – either way is good) Now we have Baldwin, Rice, KWII, Tate, and so on.

    I see us going 13-3 or 12-4 at worst. Our team is going to be really, really good no matter if it’s RW or Matty at the helm. comPete isn’t on a short leash either… I swear, I think if we were Cleveland or something some of you guys would have committed suicide already…

  129. steffonator says:

    What say in the future we trade all our 1st round picks for 3rd 4th and 5th rounders, seems thats where we do our best…Wake-up already, why don’t we keep “competing” into 8th game of the season then we might know for sure who the team will be. Great coaches “know” early on who’s in.

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