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Edwards says Lynch a top-five back

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 17, 2012 at 3:02 pm with 64 Comments »
August 17, 2012 3:02 pm
Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch. (AP file photo)

Seattle Seahawks receiver Braylon Edwards said he gained more respect for Marshawn Lynch after getting an up-close look at the dynamic runner during practice the past two weeks.

Lynch has become the Rodney Dangerfield of running backs in the NFL. Even though he led the league in rushing over the final eight weeks of last year, and finished with a career-high 1,204 rushing yards and 12 touchdowns on the ground in 2011, he still was a Pro Bowl alternate and late addition because of injuries.

And look at any list of the top running backs in the league, and Lynch’s name is strangely omitted.

Edwards said he knew that Lynch was one of the better runners in the league. But that status was elevated watching him ply his trade every day in training camp.

“I’ve played with a lot of guys,” Edwards said. “I’ve played with soon-to-be Hall of Famers. I’ve played with a lot of good running backs, but I haven’t seen too many people – in fact nobody – put it together like Marshawn.

“I didn’t really too much follow him until I got here. And now I’m just watching what he can do as a full package, and he’s special.”

Edwards should know. He played with one of the top runners currently in the game in Frank Gore last year in San Francisco. Edwards also played with future Hall of Famer LaDainian Tomlinson while with the New York Jets, and bruising runner Jamal Lewis while in Cleveland.

So is Lynch a top-five back?

“Oh definitely,” Lynch said. “He just hasn’t had that exposure. But now people kind of are looking for him. The playoffs two years ago is what set if off, then last year he followed it up. And now people are looking for him to do it, and I think he’s definitely going to give him a show.”

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  1. Posts like this just get me all the more fired up for the regular season. Can’t wait!

  2. Seahawks2620 says:

    Interesting quote from Rice in regards to Flynn.

    “He knows what’s going on, knows the playbook and can make unbelievable throws down field. So it’s going to be interesting to see what happens this year.”

    And yes, he was in fact referring to Flynn. That is good to hear, assuming Flynn isn’t just trying to say the right things.

  3. Soggybuc says:

    Efflynnciency FTW!

  4. Those two are going to make sweet music together this year! Please stay healthy!

  5. ChrisHolmes says:

    Flynn can get the ball downfield just fine. The thing is – he’s smart. He understands coverage schemes and he’s not going to force what the defense isn’t going to give him. And better yet, he’s not going to stand there with a mental block and take a sack because of it.

    You watch guys like Tavaris when the defense does something he doesn’t understand (which seems like most snaps) – he’s confused and can’t make a quick decision. Subsequently he holds on to the ball way too long, can’t progress to the next receiver, and can’t get the ball to an outlet receiver, so he takes off and runs or takes a sack.

    You’re not going to see that with Flynn. He’ll make a fast decision and an accurate pass. It might be to a RB out of the backfield a lot of the time, but that’s the correct throw against those coverages.

    The trick will be, with Flynn’s quick decision making and knowledge of defenses, he will have to make defenses pay when they DO give him the downfield throw. We didn’t see that in the first pre-season game, but that’s one half of one pre-season game against a defense that was intent on not giving up a big play.

    I’m excited to see what Flynn can do in the regular season once our WR situation shakes out and he knows exactly who he’s going to be throwing to. And also to see what the OC can do with mismatches. I mean, for years I’ve felt like Seattle was at a serious disadvantage when it came to CREATING mismatches against a defense. Holmgren got us to a Superbowl because his offense created open recievers based on scheme. So our inferior receivers could make plays with a QB smart enough to know what to do with the ball. PC’s offense is much more predicated on individuals winning matchup battles. And to do that, we need superior talent to win those battles. I love our WR core, I just want to see which guys actually get kept for the full season. I mean, Rice, Edwards, TO, Baldwin, Winslow, etc… We have guys who can win battles now.

  6. SaigonSun says:

    I wish we could keep more than 53 on the roster.

  7. Seahawks2620 says:

    ChrisHolmes- Absolutely, I only posted the quote for all of the people who clammer and whine about how “boring he is” or how “weak his arm is”. Haha

    Sounds like his receivers know what he is capable of. I would much rather him make those check downs and keep the chains moving, rather than trying to force something and in turn resulting in an interception. It is just nice having two, what seem to be, competent QBs. Hopefully Flynn can in fact show us a little something something tomorrow evening.

  8. I haven’t been this excited to start a season since ’06.

  9. SandpointHawk says:

    The most important thing about Mr Flynn as stated by ChrisHolmes…
    The thing is – he’s smart

  10. raymaines says:

    If you make a profit on every transaction, sooner or later you’ll be rich.

    I hope MF continues to take what the defense gives him. I don’t really care if he ever throws down field if that’s the way things shake out.

  11. raymaines says:

    When Eric puts up a “Keys To The Game” thread I’m going to post a list of things I want to see and things I don’t want to see. I don’t know if this will make my list or not, but one of the things I really don’t want to see is MF throwing deep just to prove he can. That starts with a D, and that rhymes with T, and that stands for trouble. Trouble, right here in the Emerald City.

  12. bbnate420 says:

    I love Lynch as a player, but I don’t think I could call him a top 5 RB just yet. A top 5 runner? Probably. There are just players like Rice, MJD, McCoy, etc. that are more versatile. I hope I can call him a top 5 RB after 2012. With an improved o-line, I don’t think that 1,500-1,600 yards and 15+ TDs is out of reach.

  13. bird_spit says:

    BobbyK – Same here, but this time Hawks are looking up. 2006 was probably the more disappointing seasons as a fan. They were at a peak, and 2007 wasnt going to be much better. This team is the reverse of that. These guys are far from peaking, and they are very young. This PC/JS team is just getting started. I’m thinking empire – And this is the beginning.

  14. JazBadAzz says:

    Why doesn’t nike let us personalize our jersey’s? If anyone know anything please let me know! Thanks

  15. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Flynn is boring, Yaaaaawn, Fall asleep boring. So bored and tired I just can’t say anything else right now. Yaaaaawn. Lol. Just kidding BTW.

  16. Joe Montana had a boring arm too.


  17. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Nate, how dare you not call Lynch a top five back! I’m tired of you being so conservative.
    And I am tired of Chuck Easton being on the edge all the time. Always stirring up trouble.
    Why is Nate so passive and Chuck ready to fly off the handle? I don’t know.

    My man showed up! Late but who cares. I may be direct tving soon.

  18. Georgia – It’s after 9:00 p.m. (your time), what # beer are you on:)

  19. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Bobbyk- To be honest I was on this high gravity steel reserve. 8.1% . However after the first two the Directv installer showed up. So then I had to help him run the cable, dig the hole for the dish, and give him some tomatoes, bell peppers, and jalapeno peppers. Anything to keep him motivated. So I pretty much lost my high and I am starting over. Look out, lol.

  20. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I am soooo happy right now! the NFL ticket is here!

  21. GeorgiaHawk says:

    To all those that wonder why I drink, drank, drunk, a cheap beer, you would have to live in the southeast to understand.
    This is another reason why Dukeshire is a lucky SOB. For having some of the greatest beer around.

  22. bbnate420 says:

    Sorry, Georgia. I just try to separate what I want/hope for from what I think is the truth. I would take MJD, McCoy, Foster, Rice, and AP over him.

  23. bbnate420 says:

    Maybe Forte too.

  24. raymaines says:

    I disagree. I’m watching the Balt. vs. Detroit game and Ray Rice is good, but he’s a midget. MJD & Peterson aren’t healthy. Who could possibly be better in Tom Cable’s system than Lynch? I’m just talking off the top of my head without doing any actual research, but I wouldn’t trade ML for any of these guys.

  25. GeorgiaHawk says:

    bbnate420- I was kidding. You told me that I could start happy hour early on friday. Lol.

  26. bayareahawkfan says:

    Watching the Raiders get nothing on 2 straight running plays from 1st and goal at the 1, and then running an uber-predictable play action play that was blown up easily by the Tards, and I just have to say…

    …however much people are upset with D. Bevell, we should all be on our knees thanking the gods that Greg Knapp is no longer calling plays for our Hawks.

  27. bbnate420 says:

    I don’t care if Rice is a midget. He produces year in and year out. He catches the ball much better than Lynch. Again, I’m not trying to hate on Lynch. He’s just not as versatile as some of these other RBs. And even if Lynch was the best RB for Cable’s system, that’s not the same thing as being the best RB in the league. McFadden is very well suited for Cable’s system. Problem is, he’s always hurt. MJD is holding out, not injured. AP has already come off the PUP list. I’m assuming he will make a full recovery. Like I said, I expect Lynch to put up big numbers with the improved o-line and may slide into the top 5. He has to rush for a decent amount more yards than a Rice, McCoy, etc. since he doesn’t factor into the passing game like they do.

  28. bbnate420 says:

    Amen, bayareahawkfan. He was GOD AWFUL!

  29. bayareahawkfan says:

    Omg Kevin Kolb is looking terrible. I think he’s not long for the starting competition. Shades of David Carr, he basically just knelt in the endzone and took a safety.

    Another reason to give thanks: our front office was very interested K. Kolb 2 years ago, but refused to overpay.

    Bullet? Dodged.

  30. bbnate420 says:

    Gotta feel bad for the Tards. AHHHHHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA. :-)

  31. raymaines says:

    To be semi serious for a nano second: I have a serious respect for anybody that has ever played an actual NFL game, and therefore a serious disrespect for rookies and dumb-flock bloggers, such as myself, so I tend to believe Braylon Edwards when he says ML is a top five back.

    I get that all players have been taught to say the PC kind of thing and BE is now a Seahawk, but I still respect his opinion.

  32. bsinnitt says:

    I’m with raymaines, I wouldn’t trade Lynch for any other back in the league right now. AP is the only one in a class of his own and he’s coming off a knee injury. Sure, some of the other guys may be more of a receiving threat but Lynch seems to have adequate hands and nitpicking beyond that is like complaining that a Ferrari doesn’t have enough trunk space. I would also say that I don’t think that our young O line would have turned the corner as quickly without Lynch’s wolverine like running style rubbing off on their run blocking attitudes.

  33. VNHLNFAN says:

    Lynch is an awesome top 5 back indeed! But watch out for #22..

  34. I’ve been excited for the wolf gray jerseys to come out, and they are availble now. Just wanted to holla in case anyone else was waiting on those as well. :)

  35. Dukeshire says:

    Marshawn is one of the better receiving backs (so far as a feature back goes) in the league. Is he Ray Rice? No. But nor is he asked to be. The argument is a non sequitur, IMO.

  36. bsinnitt says:

    I’m looking forward to watching Breno tomorrow against Denver’s DEs to see how much his pass pro has hopefully improved from last year. Also looking forward to watching Scruggs. He looked good last week, very versatile. Hopefully he’ll keep it up and be another Schneider late round gem.

  37. bbnate420 says:

    Where was I complaining about Lynch? There is no such thing as an objective ranking of the top 5 RBs. Just opinions. If you want to believe Edwards’, knock yourself out. I don’t think Lynch is quite there yet. I think it’s pretty funny that a month ago half of the people on here wanted to lynch Lynch and was one of his biggest defenders.

    How is receiving ability being part of the evaluation of a RB a non sequitur? Unless you don’t know what a non sequitur is.

  38. bsinnitt says:

    If Flynn ends up being the starter, and last week is any indication, we’ll probably see a lot more throws to the backs this year which would favor a large increase in Lynch’s receiving yards as well as Leon and Turbin’s. So, he may not have to out rush the other backs to put up more all purpose yards. Time will tell, but to this point we haven’t targeted him on the check downs all that often. Hopefully the pass pro will be good enough that the backs can release on outlets for check downs rather than staying in to block all the time.

  39. bbnate420 says:

    Receiving stats in 2011: Lynch, 28 212 7.6 26 1 in 15 games

    MJD, 43 374 8.7 48 3 in 16 games

    Foster, 53 617 11.6 78 2 in 13 games

    Rice, 76 704 9.3 52 3 in 16 games

    Forte, 52 490 9.4 56 1 in 12 games

    McCoy, 48 315 6.6 26 3 in 15 games, 78 for 592 in 2010

  40. bbnate420 says:

    *I was one of his biggest defenders.

  41. bbnate420 says:

    I think Lynch is a pretty good receiver for a RB, but not in the same league as those other guys. Hopefully I’m wrong and he gets 500 yards and TDs this year.

  42. bsinnitt says:

    Yep, time will tell. Hopefully our o line will continue to show improvement and our QB (presumably Flynn) will spread the ball around so that everyone gets plenty of opportunities. Although, with the way our defense is shaping up, 20 pts and 0 or 1 turnover on offense should win us a lot of games.

  43. Anyone see how Billick predicted Seattle to get 3rd since we don’t have the QB situation all figured out?!?! Course he said the same about Arizona but picked them to beat us.

    “Jeff Fischer will have the Rams moving in the right direction – they have a QB to build around”

  44. bsinnitt says:

    No worries xcman, it will make it that much more fun to listen to him back track after we thump AZ in the first game.

  45. nate – how dare you criticize a Seahawk, or simply not say he’s the best in the NFL! lol

    If I were on any other team blog and explained my reasons for hating T-Jack, others would laugh and not care and, mostly, agree. But since he’s a Hawk, for many people, how dare I hate him. But when he’s gone, the “he sucked” mob will come out even more.

    I agree about Rice. I’d take him over Lynch. But I’d take Lynch over Rice if he had a better OL (but I’m talking about “all things equal”). So many variables that most never take into consideration. I mean, I’d take some guy that most “experts” say is a top 8-10 QB over Brady if Brady played in that Jax “offense” and the 8-10 guy played with 6-7 Pro Bowlers on offense.

  46. And, yes, I do remember you having his back some months ago. Just like a few of us (not many) said he was good after the first month last year (and blamed most of it on the “help” around him).

  47. HeinieHunter says:

    Billick is typical of the national media. When you say Seattle all they mention is the three quarterbacks. Duh! Don’t these guys actually read up on teams or do they just repeat what they hear on ESPN? I’m hoping we are a surprise team in the NFL and make these morons look like idiots they are. Whew, I feel a lot better now!

  48. The “stoopid” thing about Billick is that he covered a bunch of Seahawk games last year, so you’d think he would know better!

  49. Wow, Some of you can take a feel good article like this one and totally F it up.. I hope Lynch becomes on of the top RUNNING backs in the league this year.. Also, Do you think that these TV ‘experts’ say much more than the writers and producers of the show prepare for them?

  50. Macabrevity says:

    xcman – don’t ya just love how everybody agrees that Sam Bradford is the cream of the crop in the NFC West? Based on what exactly? A decent rookie year? The Rams are going to take a while, and while I respect Fischer, it’s not a given that the Rams will suddenly be better. Our QB situation is better than Arizona for sure, and I’ve never been a big Alex Smith believer. Bradford may or may not take that next step, it remains to be seen. For all anyone knows, we could have the two best QBs in the West on our roster this very moment.

  51. GeorgiaHawk says:

    This will be a fun game to watch for me. The qbs will have better weapons to work with, and the rookies will be more settled down.

    It also will be interesting how the qbs respond to the mile high crowd. Especially Flynn, having to go against Denvers #1 Defense.

    And also seeing our top rated secondary going against Manning.

    Can’t wait!

  52. GeorgiaHawk says:

    It appears that the Titans qb battle is still up in the air after Locker laid an egg last night.

    4 of 11, 21 yards and a pick. Ouch!!!

    Look at some of the comments after this story. “Put the old man in”.
    “yeah, put the old man in”. ” The old man has a few more good years”

  53. I don’t think Marshawn is a top 5 back, and I’m a huge fan of his. Top 10 back for sure just based on stats. It’s funny to see some in the national media rate Ryan Matthews over him before last season. They are totally clueless. While he doesn’t have the receiving capabilities of a Mccoy or Rice, he has brute power, explosiveness and drive like no other. But I think that’s why some in the media don’t give him credit, they just think he rams it in there and chugs ahead up his OL’s backs for a few extra yards. In other words he doesn’t get style points and to the media I guess it matters a whole lot.
    The only backs I would rather have instead of Marshawn are AP and Shady McCoy. They are also the only two backs that are more exciting to watch than Lynch. I absolutely love his beastly running style.
    It’s not very pretty, but that’s how Pete likes it, smash mouth, and it gets the job done. And thats what we really need especially in the playoffs. We never had that before, with Smiley Alexander laying down on every play.

  54. Georgia, Hass will be my all time favorite QB no matter what. Well, unless Flynn gets us a ring or two.
    It wasn’t just his skills as a QB, it was his sharp wit, smart ass sense of humor, and what a stand up guy he was and all the things he did for the Seattle community. I hope he comes back here as a QB coach or something after he retires.

  55. GeorgiaRay says:


    Good work on the high gravity last night (bloody’s for me), and congrats on the ticket! NFLN isn’t showing the ‘hawks tonight (tomorrow replay, super late)…Where have you been watching them online?

  56. bayareahawkfan says:

    I’m looking forward to watching tonight’s game live or slightly delayed (have a weekly dinner date with the wife) via the NFL preseason live package online. I haven’t lived in Seattle for more than ten years, so I never get to see local feeds of games, and it’s nice to see something live for once (the regular season package is replay only, the live bandwidth is apparently used for streaming live games to people located outside the states).

    Adding to which, they’ve finally released a slick iPad app that allows me to follow stats and scores from all the games, while streaming live, clear HD video of whatever game I’ve chosen to the television.

    The future, gentlemen.

    That’s how I was watching the Raiders-Cards game last night.

  57. Bay, I haven’t lived in the PNW for awhile either. Could you give me some more info on that iPad app?

  58. GeorgiaHawk says:

    CCVI- I agree with you on Hass. One of my favorites of alltime.

    GeorgiaRay. Here is a link below.

  59. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Something that I want to pass on regarding Directv. If you have many trees around your place don’t assume that you won’t get a good enough signal. Especially if a service man comes out and tells you that you won’t
    Last year a guy came out told me that I had to install a very tall pole to get over the trees. So I believed him and decided not to do it.

    This year I decided to try it again and perhaps install a long pole in if needed, so a different guy comes out and tells me that they won’t put the dish on a tall pole. He said I would have to cut down two tall trees to get the line of sight, (which is 6 degrees either way from the 45 degree angle to the south west), I said how about I just cut some branches down behind us hanging down over us so we can back the dish up and get the angle that we need. He looked at me and said, “Do you know how to read a compass?” Smart A$$! So I told him I wanted a second opinion.

    A few days later his Supervisor comes out and says to me, “if you cut some of the branches out behind you we can move the dish back and have plenty line of sight without having any trees cut down.”
    So now I’m up and running.

    BTW- His supervisor showed me a neat little trick to approximately get a 45 degree angle. In a standing position face southwest and lift your right arm up until the inside ball of your shoulder touches your ear socket while keeping your arm straight, and that’s about 45 degrees.

  60. bayareahawkfan says:

    CCVI – Georgia just posted a link to the package on’s site. The app is free, but requires a subscription to the preseason package (about $20.00 if I recall). I’m on an iPhone at the moment do I can’t get the link, but if you search for “NFL Preseason” on the app store you should find it – it’s an official app.

    At any rate, my hope is that at some point they see how many people partake of games this way, and can use that as leverage in the next tv negotiations to break the stranglehold broadcast tv has had on live feeds of the games, so that at some point the NFL Replay package becomes the NFL Ticket which doesn’t require Direct TV.

    I suspect another big part of why they don’t do that yet has to do with bandwidth…but I’ll keep dreaming :).

  61. Thank you kind sir.

  62. bayareahawkfan says:

    This is what I was referring to last night, with respect to Kolb basically taking a knee in the end zone under pressure:

    I think he’s had some bad luck there, but again, thank goodness our front office set a price and wouldn’t go to the crazy price Philly got AZ to pay.

    Fitz really put the fear of god in that organization after that year with Derek Anderson and Max Hall, when his next contract was coming up.

  63. NYHawkFan says:

    Bayareahawkfan What’s the name of the iPad app for NFL stats? Thanks!

  64. bbnate420 says:

    GeorgiaRay, you can watch it at Not as good as, but it’s free.

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