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Morning links: Is Jackson trade bait?

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 15, 2012 at 7:21 am with 66 Comments »
August 15, 2012 7:22 am
Seattle Seahawks quarterbacks Tarvaris Jackson (7) and Matt Flynn (15) are seen during warms up prior to the first half of an NFL football preseason game against the Tennessee Titans, Saturday, Aug. 11, 2012, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Stephen Brashear)

Jason LaCanfora CBS Sports reports that according to several league sources, the Seattle Seahawks intend to shop around Tarvaris Jackson looking for trades next week.

LaCanfora: Seattle isn’t exposing Tarvaris Jackson to preseason injury and many league sources expect him to be available to trade next week after the second preseason game. He will not play this week and didn’t play last week either, which allows him to be showcased for trade and also is insurance for Seattle in case Matt Flynn or Russell Wilson gets hurt.”

This report perhaps explains the way Pete Carroll is handling the quarterback competition, with Jackson not getting any reps in games. Jackson remains a good insurance policy for the team should Flynn or Wilson suffer an injury in Saturday’s game, and you can’t move Jackson if he’s damaged goods.

Still, not allowing Jackson to compete in games for the starting quarterback job – a player who finished 7-7 for you last year and played hurt – in my opinion is not a great way to handle the situation.

Here’s my story wrapping up Carroll’s comments on Matt Flynn getting his second straight start.

Bob Stelton and Dave Grosby of ESPN 710 Seattle talk with Matt Flynn in this audio link. Flynn appears genuinely surprised when they tell him that Carroll announced that he will start on Saturday.

Clare Farnsworth of writes that cornerback Phillip Adams was one of the stars of practice on Tuesday.

Ian Furness and Jason Puckett of KJR-AM talk with Russell Wilson in this audio link.

Alan Grant of the National Football Post writes about the Marshawn Lynch no one knows – soft spoken and reluctant to speak about his exploits on the field to the media.

Elliott Harrison of ranks Seattle No. 17 in his latest power rankings.

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  1. GeorgiaRay says:

    Regardless of historical footage on Jackson, it does seem a bit odd that they wouldn’t put him in for a quarter against 2nd/3rd team D’s and let him tear it up. Assuming the trading block is in his future, to maximize possible value.

  2. Macabrevity says:

    I would call him more ‘trade baggage’ and less ‘trade bait’ but there sure might be someone in dire need if there’s an injury at some point this pre-season. If Peyton goes down Saturday we could always compensate Mr. Ed with T-Jax after the game.

  3. What’s the most we could get for him? Is a 4th-rounder pushing it?

  4. jchawks08 says:

    HAH That’s funny macab!
    In reality, it’s a smart to not allow T-Jack to play. We (most) have said since drafting Wilson that there isn’t a place for Jackson on this team any longer. Well that day is now upon us. There certainly is a chance for a trade here. In the hard hitting NFL, QB’s go down darn near daily. Jackson appears to be completely healthy and should be able to add his lackluster QB play to any team desperate for veteran experience.
    Maybe we can pull off another Mirer for a 1st rounder (Really Chicago? WTH were you thinking?) trade. :D

  5. MadSweeney42 says:

    It may not be the best way to handle it if you look at it as if anyone thought that Jackson was going to be the guy in Seattle. But he was never in the plans past last season and he should know that already. You don’t sign a guy to a 2 year deal because you’re committed to him. The very obvious plan (IMO) was to build a team around the QB spot, put some tackling dummies in there in the meantime and then find and groom the QBoF. Jackson made some money and will get another job as a backup or injury replacement, but I just don’t see how it was anything less than completely obvious that he was a bookmark. Better to let him go free and have a chance to start somewhere else than to bury him on the depth chart here.

  6. If starting QB goes down with a major injury in preseason, Tjack will have trade value. If that doesn’t happen soon, he’ll be a great value pickup for some team after he’s released.

    He has no trade value until YET. But teams know he can win, they don’t need to see him in preseason. They saw him in October, throwing 3 TDs against Atlanta, in December leading his team to a 31 pt win over PHI, 30 pts over STL, and 38 pts over CHI. Any team in the NFL wants this guy on the bench as their #2.

    TJack would be a major upgrade to the #2 QB with any team that runs a bit of west coast offense like the Eagles, Raiders, Chiefs. He’ll be a #2 somewhere, but won’t be real trade bait unless some #1 QB goes down injured soon. At that point, I think he could garner a 5th or 4th round pick, depending how desperate that team is about their QB depth.

  7. Dukeshire says:

    I agree with Eric, that if Carroll is serious about a 3-way QB competition, he’d allow Jackson to get some snaps in games. So, it appears that Carroll has his guys in Flynn and Wilson, and considering that, it makes little sense to take snaps away from either of them, in preseason. Yes, I believe Seattle is either now actively shopping Jackson, or is open to offers. What can they get for him? Good question. A conditional 4th? I suppose it depends on how desperate a team is.

  8. If Vick were to go down in Philly, (not very unlikely) TJack could take over that team and win a lot of games.

  9. The real beauty of this thread is that we now have two (2), Count Em TWO! quarterbacks we really like.

    So regardless of whether you like TJack or blame him for everything that happened last year… our two new QBs (on top of a successfully rebuilt O line) can now change the whole discussion this year. What a relief…

  10. I’m not sure I agree that not giving TJ reps is somehow a mishandling of the QB situation. PC knows what he has in TJ, so why not give the other two all the reps–they both need them. I’m thankful that PC/JS have adopted a pragmatic approach, and have left behind any emotive bias.

  11. GeorgiaRay says:

    The comment is more why wouldn’t you give reps to a player you might be showcasing for a trade…Doesn’t need to be much, just enough to show he’s healed from the pec tear, can still run an offense, etc…

    Stevos, totally agree with the notion that there are 2 QB’s that the general consensus is positive….been a long time. Hass/Dilfer? (and I question whether TD was valid)

  12. Dukeshire says:

    There’s 7 years worth of tape on Jackson. “Showcasing” him now wouldn’t seem to outweigh the value of getting Flynn and Wilson time under center in games.

  13. Metrohawk says:

    If we really do intend to trade Jackson, bring him in during the beginning of the second quarter and let him play a series with a hybrid line of 1’s and 2’s. Let him shake off the rust and entice someone. Fortunately, I think Jackson has alot of character and professionalism and will not become a cancer. Give the guy credit for that. I still don’t see the rush to move him, though. I think he gives us a solid backup deep into the season. Interesting question: If Hawks make the playoffs with Flynn as starter and he goes down in week 16, do you feel comfortable with Wilson starting ( ala T.J. Yates) or do you want to have the veteran around? By the way, I think Wilson will be better than Yates, but there is still the experience issue.

  14. RDPoulsbo says:

    It’s far better to give as much live action to the new guys who will be in Seattle for the season than to take some away from a guy who won’t. A 4th is way too high given his salary. A 6th is more reasonable and a the QB injury has to be significant and with a team that doesn’t have a backup they have faith in. That really narrows down the possibilities.

  15. Agree with Duke, other teams don’t need new film on TJack film to know if they want him. Atlanta and Philadelphia got torched by Tjack last year, so they’d both know he’s better than any #2 QB they have. They don’t need to watch him in preseason.

    Funny, the radio morons in Seattle were going crazy over watching Tjack simply get reps with the first team in practice. The reason to give Tjack reps in practice is to have him ready in case Flynn goes down injured. If Flynn were to get injured, TJack would need to ready for opening day. A rookie and Portis can’t be the only guys ready to start.

  16. shoehawks says:

    Did you see Caleb Haney play for the Bears against the Broncos? They could definitely use Tjack.

  17. I think LaCanfora is blowing smoke up our asses and tickling plenty…..

    I think the only way we trade Jackson is if he requests to be traded. Which is the most likely scenario IF the trade goes down.

    I feel that he remains a more viable option to execute a single game plan over RW until RW proves otherwise therefore being a more capable back up,

  18. Metrohawk I posed that same exact question in the last thread. Good on you to bring it up again because it is an excellent question.

    Partial re-post explaining that I am not down on Wilson just thst he needs more time:

    “Call me crazy but if Flynn got us to the playoffs and got injured I would still be more comfortable with TJack executing a gameplan for one game rather than Wilson.

    Wilson is what he is, raw budding potential that has a chance to be our QBOTF. I understand more and more rookie QBs are coming NFL ready but starting a rookie out there before he is ready can STILL be detrimental to their growth. Is our line solid enough in pass protection to where we won’t turn this kid into a gun shy, scramble for your life, run out of bounds Seneca? Do we have enough consistant weapons around him to where he can build a repore and timing with his receivers or are we going to have a turnstile of bodies coming through? I’m sorry but the only Reciever I see our next QB growing with is Baldwin, maybe Golden if he can translate practice performance into gameday production. How long will kellen Winslow be here? Is this a concussion pattern with Miller? Need I say more about Sidney rice? Bottom line is do you want RW to learn the NFL QB game in this environment or do you want him to learn it in a more controlled setting by going through his reads and progressions on film. Dissecting NFL defenses an nuances in the film room and with guidance rather than on the fly. Something that Matt Flynn had a chance to already do in his few years at Greenbay. Matt Flynn has essentially reached his learning potential. Let’s afford that same chance to Wilson. We already know he has the physical tools to play, we already know he has the discipline, work ethic and drive to be something great. A raw Russel Wilson is dangerous and exciting. Let’s see what a learned and developed Russel Wilson is capable of.”

  19. bbnate420 says:

    It could be worse, it could be where we have to lose someone, like the M’s are in!

  20. It could be worse… We could be the cardinals.

  21. PFT is also reporting

    I guess where there is smoke there is fire…

    Tickle tickle ouch…..

  22. bulldog80 says:

    Smart to not give TJ any reps. Why waste the time in a dead end effort? We will be EXTREMELY lucky to get a 7th for him. I’ll be very surprised if anyone is interested in trading at all. I still laugh at how some in here actually think he can play.

  23. bbnate420 says:

    I would take a 7t or 6th rounder for TJack from Phil or Buff. Anyone not in our division really. I think he’s a pretty good backup. but I think we need to go with Flynn and DangeRuss. If we go with Danger Mouse, he will probably struggle for at least a few games, if not for half or more of 2012. He will most likely have to adjust regardless whether he starts in 2012 or 2013. I’d rather let him work it out in 2012, and be ready to go in 2013. He may even be ready to lead this team far by the end of 2012. The rest of the team seems set. We’ll see!

  24. I think TJack would have trade value if he agrees to a new contract (less than $4 million per year) with his new team. He would be in the Top Ten among backup QBs, so why wouldn’t a team give up a conditional draft pick for him?

  25. Finally, I was waiting all morning for someone to gloat about how stupid other people are. Thanks bulldog.

  26. Matt Flynn: “Stuff slows down for me during games.”

    That’s why he’s going to be a good QB.

  27. FleaFlicker says:

    Let’s rewind a few months, to the pre-draft. You sign Flynn, you have TJ. It’s all good.

    But then everybody in the NFL takes a pass on Wilson and he falls into our lap. New dynamic. Can Wilson prove himself to be a reliable back-up? From early indications, yes. Don’t see this is as poor or unfair conduct by PC. Just an unlucky situation for Jackson. He’s a professional. He’s being compensated quite well. He will be fine. And to to echo some earlier comments, he’s a better #2 QB than most that are out there.

    Without our good luck of nabbing Wilson in the draft, I think this would have been a relatively straight forward offseason/preseason of getting Flynn ready to start. I support PC road testing both QBs thoroughly. Remember, there was a point in time when Whitehurst had potential. But until you get a guy on the field with a first team defense trying to knock his helmet off….you just can’t make a complete assessment. There’s still no guarantee on either new QB. But we do know where TJ’s ceiling is. And it’s not that high.

  28. I feel really bad for Jackson, but dude just isnt good enough-he isnt consistently accurate. And yep, we’ve all seen enough of him. The guy just cannot operate a red-zone offense worth a darn.

    Still, he’s a fine backup and a good teammate and a tough guy. He’s got value. It sucks that Carrol and company are hanging him out to dry like this; Im sure Jackson just wants to get cut/traded ASAP so he can get started with learning a new offense and being part of a new team. For him, this situation STINKS!

    And fair/unfair, we cant give reps to Jackson in games without seriously hurting Flynn; he needs all the preseason reps he can get.

    The only way they cut Jackson or trade him is if they still really like Portis and are pretty sure he wont make it to the PS. Sorry Bobbyk, but its true! LOL!

    Profootballtalk is a rumor site, and a Jackson trade is still only a rumor; it wouldnt surprise me if Jacksons agent is spreading the rumor trying to get his client another job where he can at least be number 2.

  29. Soggybuc says:

    It has always been a 3 QB race, it was everyone other than Pete who assumed Jackson was part of it.
    Reality is the race has been between Flynn, Wilson and Portis.

  30. Wilson’s highlights in one half are more impressive than any Charlie Whitehurst highlights I’ve seen. What a difference between the two. Part of me wishes the Seahawks had just Flynn or Wilson, not both, but of course there are no guarantees that both (or even one) will turn into a great QB.

  31. Scooter is the real plan and was all along. Flynn may upset that plan and seems to be doing so at this point. TJack was annointed LY due to the CBA and had no competition anyway so Pete gave him the opportunity to go for it TY, true to his mantra. Now it appears the posturing is just for return value.

    So what!

    If you want fair, go south to Puyallup, this is the NFL.

  32. bbnate420 says:

    I still want CBJ!!!!!!!!!!! Right, HawkyHann?????????? Let’s go!!!!!! CBJ to the rescue!!!!!!!!

  33. chuck_easton says:

    Right off the top of my head I can name several teams that could use Jackson as a reliable #2 potential #1. I’ll rank them as I see them, but my opinion and a couple of bucks will get you a small coffee at starbucks.

    1. Jax – Gabbert is the starter…need I say more?
    2. Arizona – In division but they are desperate. Maybe a three way trade where we send Jackson to some other team and they send a QB to Arizona.
    3. Chicago – If Cutler goes down they have nothing.
    4. San Diego – Their #2 is Whitehurst. We know how this will end.
    5. Philly – Vick is one run away from another multi-game injury.
    6. Dallas – who exactly IS the backup behind Romo?
    7. GB – we took their backup, they can have ours.
    8. Detroit – I know this is blasphamy around here, but did you all see how NOT ready for the NFL Kellen Moore is?

  34. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I’m not so sure there was a race to begin with. After what Carroll said yesterday it sounds like he just wanted Flynn pushed a bit.

    I don’t think that goes well with the other qbs that thought there really was a competition.

    Equal competition means giving them equal time with the starters in preseason.

    The Titans are doing it the right way giving Hasselbeck the first quarter and Locker the second quarter, then switching them for the second game.
    This is almost as silly as saying last year that all rookies have to compete and then hand Carpenter the RT job on a silver platter.

    It’s a tough situation though for Carroll because I think he realizes he made a mistake signing Jackson, ( much like with Whitehurst ),and now he is trying to ease out of it with out ruffling up too many Seahawk feathers. And it’s all coming to a head here soon.

    I’m sure Jackson can see the writing on the wall so, imo Carroll needs to end this thing soon, like after this next game before he loses some respect with the players.

  35. grizindabox24 says:

    Plain and simple, if someone is willing to give the Hawks something for TJax (difficult to think anything more than a 7th is possible), he will be gone. If not, I think he will be in Seattle all year. I do not believe they will cut him.

  36. bulldog80 says:

    Not gloating JoSCh, just lamenting. Fact is, TJ will be released before the season starts.

  37. Dukeshire says:

    Dallas has Kyle Orton so they’re not going to be interested, but decent list regardless.

  38. HeinieHunter says:

    There will be QB injuries this year and sitting on TJack may be shrewd card playing. His value will go up when teams lose the number one to injury and have inexperience at the number two. Just dumping him because we don’t like his play doesn’t make sense to me. Keep him around and see how the eary season progresses. PC/JS have proven to be cagey poker players, who knows what they may pull of of this deal.

  39. Dukeshire says:

    Why does Carroll realize he made a mistake with Jackson? There is no evidence to suggest anything other than he viewed Jackson as an interim QB and not a long range fixture there. Had he believed Jackson would settle the position for years to come, then perhaps. But that doesn’t seem to be the case now, nor did it when they signed him to only a 2 year deal.

  40. grizindabox24 says:

    I don’t think they made a mistake signing TJax, and I am sure PC does not see it that way either.

  41. seahawk44 says:

    I’m wondering if anyone thinks TJack will be the starting QB for the Seahawks this season?
    Case: 1. These reports are just rumors. 2. PC has stated numerous times that he is still in the race. 3. RW is still a raw rookie. 4. What if Flynn lays a big egg in Denver?
    I personally believe Flynn will start, bit TJack offers the team a more experienced backup than RW at this point and probably has more value in Seattles offense than anywhere else.BTW

  42. seahawk44 says:

    I still think Wilson is the future of the Seahawks though.

  43. grizindabox24 says:

    I see no way TJax starts unless there are injuries. Even if Flynn struggles in Denver, I think he is their guy going into the season and if he falters, they will go to Wilson looking towards the future and not to TJax.

  44. HeinieHunter says:

    Amazing. The Hawks have three QB’s that could start the season regardless of how anyone feels about each of them. I love PC/JS and the way they are building this team. I will be seriously thrilled if this team has a breakout season and all the morons around the country start jumping on the bandwagon and declaring PC/JS geniuses, especially after all the draft criticism.

  45. Georgia – I do think there was a competition. But, I think it was effectively over and Flynn won right after the staff digested the TEN film.

    Near as I can tell not having any inside info, the staff seemed to bend over backwards to split reps fairly in OTAs and the first weeks of camp. Going into the TEN game, I suspect the practice film showed Tjack was still Tjack, Flynn looked ready to take the #1 job from Tjack, and Wilson was very interesting. So, for TEN they play Flynn to confirm and play Wilson to see if he has come far enough along to potentially be #2 (basically, to figure out if they really need to keep Tjack around as #2). The whole “already have lots of film on Tjack” makes sense to me — a snap with Flynn/Wilson is going to be worth more in terms of evaluation than a snap with Tjack.

    Coming out of TEN, I imagine they have decided that they don’t want to rush Wilson in this year — so, at DEN maximize Flynn’s reps with the starters since he is the guy for ’12. If Tjack really is out (seems likely), I can see the “let’s not take a chance with getting him hurt” keeping him on the sideline. And besides, you want to get Wilson game reps anyway if he’s going to be #2.



  46. And to pile on, I think 2013 could be really interesting with Flynn playing for a long-term extension and Wilson pushing to start. It sure feels good to have two serious options at QB going forward. Can’t remember the last time I was “jacked and pumped” about both the #1 and #2 on the roster.


  47. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I think it would be counter productive to keep Jackson if he continues to sulk on the bench like last game.

  48. GeorgiaHawk says:

    For those that think PC didn’t make a mistake signing Jackson, do you think the same way about Whitehurst?

    PC never said that he viewed Jackson as an interim qb. He did say several times that Jackson would surprise folks however.

    And if your just going by his contract to suggest evidence there was than you could pretty much say that about all the qbs. None of them have huge contracts. And none of them have proven that they are anymore than a bridge to another qb.
    I do think however that Flynn or Wilson have a much better chance.

    In other words I don’t believe for one minute that coaches,( who want to last long ), look for qbs to be a bridge or interim. That’s a dangerous way to coach, imo.
    That’s like blowing games to get a higher draft pick. I don’t think PC is about all that.
    I think that PC really thought they had something in Jackson. Or at least enough of something that could manage his team like he had at USC.
    I think he finally realized that he was wrong. That this was the NFL and not USC. He needed something better and he went out and got em.

    Coaches do make mistakes from time to time. Carroll and crew are good about correcting them fast. And that’s one thing I really like about the FO.

  49. bbnate420 says:

    Georgia, there’s a HUGE difference between the acquisition of CBJ and TJack. They signed TJack for the same money, 2 years and 8 mil, but they didn’t trade a 3rd and switch 2nds like they did for CBJ. The deal they signed TJack to wasn’t a major commitment at all. They believed it was the best they could do at the time. I still agree actually. I know you would’ve rather they kept Hasselbeck or drafted Dalton, but they both would’ve struggled mightily at the beginning of last year IMO. I think Hass would’ve been injured early and Dalton would’ve had to wait until the end of the year to play. If not, Dalton may have become shell shocked behind our horrible line at the beginning of the year.

  50. Soggybuc says:

    I have never seen a coach say “this guy is only mediocre and won’t be with us long, but he was the best choice out of the pile of garbage to pick through.”
    Of course pete was going to talk him up, coaches are the biggest PC smooch fest talkers there are. despite what they really think or feel.
    2010 was Derek Anderson or CBJ to back up Matt for a season. Love Matt but a 36yo QB is not the answer on a team going young.
    2011 it was way overpay for Kolb or grab Jackson who knew the playbook in a lock shortened timeframe and just run with it(literally and figuretivly)
    2012 Grab the most promising FA for a modest price and draft a stud. PC/JS where looking for the QBOF from day one they just never panicked and reached like Wisenhunt and the Jags did.

  51. grizindabox24 says:

    I do not think rolling the dice with Charlie was bad, but I do think that giving up a 3rd for him was a bad decision.

  52. ChrisHolmes says:

    Agree with the folks here saying that Pete has NOT mishandled the Jackson situation. Also agree with the folks who are basically saying “he is what he is”. I like Duke’s comment about “showcasing” Jackson – exactly right – we have seven years of film on the guy. He’s not going to improve. He is what he is – which is a pretty bad NFL level QB.

    A 3-way competition for QB at the NFL level is pretty dumb when you think about it. Too few reps for your team leader to take to get ready for the season, and two of those guys in the competition are new to the team. Whoever is going to lead needs the snaps. It’s the most important position – the guy who is going to lead your team needs the reps. And I think that’s what Pete saw as he got into this training camp. 3-Way competition sounds fine on paper, but the reality is you’re killing their practice snaps.

    I know people here laud Jackson for his toughness last season, but he’s just a very poor QB and he’s hit his ceiling. I’m glad Flynn is getting the start. I hope it works out.

  53. RDPoulsbo says:

    I always and still do believe trading for CBJ was a good move even though I thought he would ultimately stink. New regime = new QB and in 2010, the Hawks needed a LT in the worst way (Locklear at LT, really?!?). It was a pure PR move that kept fans at bay while they got a guy to protect a QB in Okung. I certainly didn’t want them drafting a QB only to get the Sam Bradford treatment. Besides, the QBs in 2010 sucked. Remember people creaming their pants here for Clausen? Tebow? Yeah, I know people want to wipe those ideas from their minds.

  54. SandpointHawk says:

    Soggy gets best line of the day….I have never seen a coach say “this guy is only mediocre and won’t be with us long, but he was the best choice out of the pile of garbage to pick through.”

  55. PopTacoma says:

    If I were T-Jack and wasn’t getting play time, I would WANT to be traded. Not that I’m overly impressed with T-Jack.

  56. bbnate420 says:

    I second that for Soggy! Hit the effin nail on the head! :-)

  57. raymaines says:

    After reading SandPoint Hawks Salary Cap link, I think TJ is gone for sure and Obo will be cut as well. I’m predicting TO and Edwards will both stick and special teams will suffer for it.

    Unless the ‘Hawks go with only two QB’s and JOSH (not Clinton :~( ) Portis is cut too, then Obo stays. Lockette won’t pass wavers so he either makes the 53 man roster or he’s gone.

  58. Every year we say – this guy or that guy won’t pass waivers – I am not sure Lockette will automatically get picked up but I think he would.

  59. raymaines says:

    True that, but I think Lockette has too much speed to not interest somebody.

    The cut down from 90 to 80 is Aug 28th, after the third pre-season game, and the cut down to 53 is Sept 2nd, after game #4. I’ll be interested to see who the Seahawks add to the roster each of those cuts.

    I’m not sure about the first cut down, but players added after the second cut down have to go to the active roster, so it would almost be like trading TJack (if they cut him) for the new player.

  60. In the team store they have multiple racks of Flynn jerseys – they either know something or they are going to take a pick hit!

  61. nighthawk2 says:

    First off, who would want this stiff? Especially at $4 million this year. They’ll wait until he’s cut, and he will be, and then sign him when someone gets the inevitable injury (Vick, Romo, Kolb, Schaub,Hasselbeck). I just don’t know why they wasted all that time giving him a 3rd of the reps.

  62. 1. nighthawk
    2. nighthawk strikes back (previous post)

    Can’t wait for more… but I agree, I don’t know who would trade anything of value for him at this stage of the game (unless anyone wants to overpay for a top 35-40 QB that sucks in the grand scheme of things if your goal is the Super Bowl).

  63. Southendzone says:

    Was this ever a true 3 way competition as it proclaimed by PC? It seems that TJ did not get a fair shake. Not giving TJ any playing time in the preseason to me means 1 of 2 things

    1) In practice the other 2 proved they were markedly better than him
    2) There never was a real 3 way competition, and as many people said after the signing of Flynn, his contract essentially guaranteed him the starting role.

    I feel like #2 is more likely, and if it’s true it makes him seem insincere and unfair to a player who I think is highly regarded by his teammates. TJ may not be a fan favorite, but I think his teammates really like him.

  64. SkeleTony says:

    I see #1 as most probably true Southend’. I would add that it was a combination of what Russel did ‘in practice’ combined with the (sort of)surprise of getting him in the draft and landing Flynn and his performance thus far that really spelled the end for T-Jax. I do believe this was a real 3-way competition and that Carrol truly did like T-Jax but that Tavaris just did not have ‘it’ as a starter.

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