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Morning links: Sweezy’s early success a surprise

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 14, 2012 at 8:03 am with 75 Comments »
August 14, 2012 8:03 am
Seattle Seahawks' J.R. Sweezy, left, blocks Julian Gray, right, during NFL football rookie minicamp, Friday, May 11, 2012, in Renton, Wash. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

In my story today, J.R. Sweezy becomes the latest project to bear fruit for the Seattle Seahawks.

The seventh round pick out of North Carolina State played defensive line in college, but converted to the offensive line for Seattle and has gotten occasional reps with the first unit at right guard, including in last Saturday’s game against Tennessee.

“I’m shocked, really,” Seattle offensive line coach Tom Cable said about Sweezy’s quick development. “I think he’s doing a fine job in terms of his learning. Every day it’s new for him, in terms of whatever he’s experiencing he’s never experienced before.

“He’s not the typical defensive lineman who played offensive and defensive line in high school. He was a linebacker and fullback kid in high school. So he’s never been an offensive lineman and never put his hand on the ground that way. So this has been his first time, and his transition so far, I would say he’s ahead of schedule. Now let’s see how far we can take it.”

Dave Boling of The News Tribune writes that while Matt Flynn was efficient in his performance against the Titans, Russell Wilson provided a little magic. Boling: “ Flynn would be expected to display a degree of command, having spent four seasons with the Packers and seen considerable exhibition season experience. But Wilson was stunningly unfazed by his first time on an NFL field. He was equally composed during his postgame interview. He faced the usual questions, although it may have been the first time since he was drafted in April that he faced microphones, and no one thought to ask him about his height.”

Clare Farnsworth of takes a look at what worked and what needs work in Seattle’s contest against Tennessee. The play of the starting defense and linebacker Heath Farwell were positive, while the two interceptions thrown by the quarterbacks and some yards after the catch are things the team can improve, according to Farnsworth.

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times writes that the initial success of J.R. Sweezy is the next in a succession of home run swings by the Seahawks’ personnel department, which is much different than the way Tim Ruskell went about his business.

ESPN 710 Seattle’s Dave Wyman gives high marks to rookie LB Bobby Wagner in this video link.

ESPN’s Mike Sando provides a comprehensive review of the Seahawks in this Camp Confidential.

Seahawks rookie tight end Cooper Helfet gets some love in his hometown paper after his first game as a pro.

KJR’s Dave Mahler talks with Hugh Millen about the Seahawks quarterback situation in this audio link.

KJR’s Mitch Levy and Hugh Millen talk with former Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck about his return to Seattle in this audio link.

ESPN 710 Seattle’s Brady Henderson provides an overview of Pete Carroll’s interview with Mike Salk and Jason Stiles.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that John Skelton is now the favorite to win the starting quarterback job in Arizona.

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  1. FleaFlicker says:

    E, great story on Sweezy. One thing that you touched on in your article that might be worth a column or feature on its own: development of defensive secondary.

    The players definitely deserve praise, but when you’ve got two 5th rounders (Chancellor / Sherman), a CFL re-tread (Browner), a slowing down veteran (Trufant), with one legit first rounder (Thomas) that become a fearsome fearsome backfield….there’s some coaching in there.

    And when you look up the defensive backfield coaching (Rocky Seto & Kris Richard, along with Ken Norton), it’s all imported from USC:

    I’d love to know a little more about Seto and Richard, from your angle.


  2. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Good story Eric!

    The FO are masters at finding diamonds in the rough.

    Do you think Bates will likely make the practice squad?

  3. Dukeshire says:

    Sando’s report is really thorough. One thing I did take exception to was his feeling that Wilson displayed good pocket presence, Saturday night. After re-watching the game, there were multiple times when he prematurely felt pressure. As I’ve said before, I would expect that to happen less and less the more time he get and the more comfortable he becomes. But right now he’s got something of a hair trigger. Developing into a pocket passer who has the ability to escape as he does, will not happen overnight, but is critical.

  4. owenbytheway says:

    Eric, can’t you just set a permanent QB controversy thread so your threads on other topics don’t get hijacked?

    And Drew Boylhart of The Huddle Report projected Sherman as having third round worthiness for his skills and Chancellor as a second rounder the year they came out. But, he’s often a contrarian.

    This year he had Irvin as a 4th, Wagner as a 4th, and Wilson as a 5th, with no other draftees listed.

    Just when I thought The Schneid was following Boylhart.

  5. Hammajamma says:

    I think Sando is on target in his observations. Many times routes are supposed to break free at a certain time and if a safety is breaking over the top, why wait in the pocket for nothing to happen? I think it’s early to start hanging tendencies on Wilson.

    My big concern right now is Miller. Really want to see the two TE weapon available this season.

  6. Dukeshire says:

    What do you mean by “break free”” If there is a clean pocket, a QB has to allow the routes to develop, and work his way through progressions.

  7. IMO Flynn was signed to compete with Tjack. He was the Best Available Free Agent QB at the time. Had RW not played Saturday night and was not drafted, we’d all be pretty excited for Flynn’s accuracy and command.

    When they drafted Wilson after signing Flynn, all bets were off. Logically speaking, I think the chances for Wilson’s short term and long term success are predicated on how soon he starts. He still needs to prove himself this weekend (and hopefully will get the start), but IF he does have another terrific outing, he must be the Opening Day starter. I understand that there will be bumps and bruises, but from what I can tell, his resiliency is fierce and he’ll make adjustments along the way.

    I want him to be our franchise QB. I want him to start day 1. I have a sneaky suspicion (based on PC’s bromance with him) that will be the case.

    I can only hope.


  8. Hammajamma says:

    I mean clear a zone or get separation without backside help. If your point is that he’s not waiting for his check downs because he’s antsy, I didn’t really see that. If its not there, you can move defenders with your feet. More than bailing out early in a strong pocket, I saw a guy who didn’t see the routes developing before his alarm went off and he moved into space. Better stated, I didn’t necessarily see an unsettled pocket presence. Room to grow? Absolutely agree with you.

  9. We’re having a lot of back-and-forth on the QB situation, but one thing I’m sure we can all agree on is that Russell Wilson shows a TON of promise, is very exciting to watch, and that third-round pick was very well spent. Does anyone disagree with that?

    Where we differ is whether he should start this season. I believe the Seahawks have more to lose than gain by making him the starter. Not only will they be hurting their playoff chances, they might also hurt his development. He can learn a lot by sitting and watching, like Aaron Rodgers did. Even the great Joe Montana, who was also a third-round pick, did not start until his second year. I’d like to see what Flynn can do, at least for the first few games of the season. If he fails — and I don’t believe he will — then we can turn to DangeRuss. Let’s not let our love for Wilson affect our evaluation of Flynn.

  10. rramstad says:

    I am SO happy we don’t have a “John Skelton” on our roster. I have more confidence in each and every one of our QBs, even Portis, than I would for Skelton… he is awful!

  11. A comment from a Packers fan on Sando’s post:

    “I’m a Packers fan and have been checking out the Seahawks page as much as my Packers. I’m excited about your future at the QB position. With Matt Flynn, you have a very smart guy who plays similar to a Chad Pennington, but with a better arm. I think with continued play, and good playmakers around him (which the Hawks seem to have), he can be a very good QB for you guys. As for Wilson (I’m also a Badgers fan), I think the sky is the limit! He is lightning in a bottle, and know that my Packers were also very interested in him. I think he can be a star in this league. He’s intelligent, has a plus arm, can throw from all angles, and can run and scramble like the wind.”

  12. FleaFlicker says:

    Hey guys, let’s just be thankful for the QB performance we have.

    I mean seriously, look at the stats from these clowns:
    Brees, D: 1 of 4 attempts for 4 yds, no scores
    Manning, E: 4 of 8 attempts for 60 yds, no scores
    Manning, P: 4 of 7 attempts for 40 yds, no scores and INT
    Rogers, A: 2 of 8 attempts for 16 yds, no scores and INT

    OK, being a bit sarcastic, but hope you get my point. We’ve only gotten a glimpse of Flynn and Wilson. Remember that Hasselbeck had more INTs than TDs his first season here? Waaaay to early to be declaring busts or HOF’ers. QB question won’t be answered until November, me thinks.

  13. Miller, KWIII & any receiver not named Baldwin concern me. Personnel wise, if we are healthy we could run a poor man’s version of New England’s passing game with a better running game. Duke I’m glad you watched the game twice because that makes up for me not being able to watch once. Keep up all the good reports guys. Much appreciated by those unable to view things firsthand.

    Dammit I’m excited for this season!

  14. “Sky is the limit”
    “Lightning in a bottle”
    “Scramble like the wind.”

    Any more metaphors?

  15. seahawk44 says:

    Thank you FleaFlicker, fans making judgements on what these guys can actually do for the team after such a small sample in vanilla preseason is absurd. Pete will do what is best because he is witnessing the most.

  16. Dukeshire says:

    Hammajamma – “…I saw a guy who didn’t see the routes developing before his alarm went off” That’s my point, the “alarm” is far to quick to go off, at this point. He’s not yet giving time for the routes to develop before evacuating the pocket.

  17. “fans making judgements on what these guys can actually do for the team after such a small sample in vanilla preseason is absurd”

    If only there were some way to NOT read fan judgments…

  18. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I hear Locker was named the starter for Tennessee this week. Anyone hear if/when Carroll has/will name his starter for this week?

  19. RDPoulsbo says:

    …but health concerns at receiver are the real concern. Look at who’s inactive during the practice reports and you see a list of WRs on there. It’s not just Rice and the red jersey, but Baldwin, Durham, Lockette along with health questions with KWIII and Miller’s concussion. No one would be worried if they showed some durability, but early indications are they’re continuing to be a group of guys hanging around the infirmary this year.

  20. Hammajamma says:

    Duke — understood. Ive seen several comments on this blog about prematurely bailing out with a tendancy to move right, etc. To my eye, the majority of evidence doesn’t show that. His college film shows him standing in pretty strong, and I heard some analysis this morning that he’s showing plenty of patience in the pocket during drills. Sure, that’s easier when you know you’re not going to get hit….

    One final thing on this point. NFL pockets collapse incredibly fast. How many sacks did Flynn take compared to Wilson. Maybe this is ultimately a “choose your poison” discussion

  21. psoundpowerhouse says:

    I think Wilson is gonna be our starting QB before the season is over.

  22. psoundpowerhouse says:

    Maybe, even by week #1.

  23. GeorgiaHawk says:

    How about – “Big hands man that can” Canfan. Lol.

    Speaking of big hands, It will be interesting to see just how much better ball control advantage wilson will have. We all know what small hands will do to a qb.

  24. Dukeshire says:

    Hammajamma – And I believe much of what we saw Saturday is a result of not being comfortable yet. As I’ve said, as the game slows down for him, I’d expect to see him display more patience in the pocket. But it will take time.

  25. SandpointHawk says:

    Training camp is on until 11:15 today…

  26. Wilson is just magical.

  27. Hammajamma says:

    Duke — agreed. What I want to see from Flynn this week is simply this: no sacks. I’m comfortable with a guy who moves the chains and avoids negative plays. This D is going to keep the team in a lot of games.

  28. Awesome…. Limited number of busses for training camp today…. Thus I will be missing half of it….

    Great job BING.

  29. osoviejo says:

    I thought about Wilson while watching Pryor yesterday against the Cowboys. He bounced around and out of the pocket like a pinball, seemingly at random. I didn’t think Wilson was premature in his pocket shifts or breaks, but at least when he made a move it was in the correct direction and led to a positive play.

    While most discussions of Wilson the last few days have applied the qualifying “played with backups” discount, it’s not at all clear to me where that particular “advantage” was manifest. It certainly wasn’t in pass protection. Wilson was pressured far more than Flynn–the difference being that when Flynn was pressured he responded by taking sacks.

    Now, I’m not making a case for Wilson to be named the starter. That’s not going to happen. But I don’t think the gap between Wilson and Flynn provides much of a view.

    I don’t believe this quarterback competition has ever been about who starts. Carroll needs to know if he can trust Wilson sufficiently to make him the backup and go into the season without any real experience at quarterback. Can they keep Portis and save $4M? It’s a risky move even if Wilson looks great in preseason. If he stumbles, the answer is clear.

    I expect Wilson and Flynn to swap roles this week to conclude that evaluation.

  30. The Sweezy story is pretty remarkable, it would be awesome to have an O lineman that wants to punsih people. Dude must of been a beast at fullback. Could be awesome watchin him block for Lynch.

  31. I am pretty amazed at all the comments on Wilson being magical, amazing, incredible, HOF’er, Franchise QB, etc. I didn’t see that in the game. I’ve watche dit 3 time snow. He was pretty good for a rookie but that’s it. If he is THAT great why did he not get drafted sooner? I don’t have any love for Wilson or Flynn yet. Hearing all these opinons as if they are fact regarding a kid who hasn’t even played a full game, let alone gone against a GREAT defense as if he was the second coming of Manning/Brees/Brady is very confusing. All of you commenters who are saying he has “IT” and should be the opening day starter have completely lost your credibility and proves that after reading this blog for the past 5 years you really don’t have a clue what you are talking about and are only going off emotions for “your guy” to be the QB. I wish success for whoever is QB but to say Flynn sucked and is mediocre in 1/2 of preseason football against the “1’s” and Wilson is INCREDIBLE after going against 3’s,/4’s is baffling to me. He didn’t show me anything more special than Flynn. What I saw was a preseason game that meant nothing and didn’t show a whole lot. YET…

  32. For the one or 2 team drills they showed on the Live Feed today, they had Jackson working with the first unit, whatever that means. Its like trying to guess who Pete Carroll is going to take with a number 1 draft pick.

  33. osoviejo, I think you nailed it with, if anything, Carrol is trying to see if he can trust Wilson as the back-up. Think about it, having a rookie back-up can be risky, but we staight got guys calling him to start. To me, that’s crazy.

  34. I was joking when I made that magical comment, I’m all in for Flynn.

  35. I have a feeling most of you who love Wilson are the same guys who wish Hasselbeck was still here and probably had mad love for Clipboard Haysoos….whatever…sorry, I am cranky today…mean no harm to anyone as I love all the comments. just a little tired of the mind-numbing non-stop QB talk but then again what else is there to have this much passion about this early in the year? catch22 i suppose. rock on, go hawks. yeah Flynn, yeah Wilson, Yeah Defense….

  36. chuck_easton says:

    I love the fact that we have a legitimate QB competition. I don’t consider it a QB controversy because I honestly feel that if RW or Flynn were named the starter the majority of the posters on this site will be happy. I say majority because there is a small contingent that are either in the Flynn or nothing and the Wilson or we’re doomed camps.

    My gut feeling says Flynn wins the starting job week one only because of what I see as the team goals for this season. The team as a whole is poised to take a major step forward in performance. The one area that is a wildcard is QB.

    With Flynn you get a competent game manager type of QB that isn’t going to do anything to lose you the game. He has the command to make the necessary throws, make the correct reads at the line, and won’t try to do ‘too much’. Flynn will let the run game and the D be the stars and he will just ensure that when needed he will make the correct decisions.

    Wilson, on the other hand, has shown that he appears to have a world of potential. He’s either boom or bust. He’ll make the spectacular play but he will also make the rookie mistake that can only be corrected with time and experience. Wilson gives the team a QB that COULD go right to the top, or COULD lose games due to mistakes make through inexperience, wrong decisions, or trying to do too much and be the hero.

    This year’s team doesn’t need a hero QB that can go wild at any time but can also just as easily kill momentum with a careless decision. This 2012 team is built to have a QB that is going to do just enough to be efficient but knows when to step aside and let the rest of the team do their job.

    That is why I believe Flynn starts as the #1 QB. Wilson has shown the potential to be a Franchise QB and be the QB of the next decade. What he hasn’t shown is that he can do it consistantly, again for obvious reasons. He’s only been an NFL QB for a few weeks and has played 1/2 of an NFL game.

    If the team decides to roll the dice with Wilson, I’ll be happy, but I won’t have a moment during the season where I can just sit back and relax when the Seahawks are on offense. I was literally holding my breath every time Wilson took a snap Saturday.

  37. Hammajamma says:

    Actually I do wish Hasselbeck was here. He’d excel in this offense and would be grooming Wilson as his replacement instead of Locker. There would be little QB debate.

    BTW, did anyone notice how often they ran play action on Sat? I like how they are building the O. Nothing gimmicky, just like having an unstoppable pick and roll. You see it coming but still can’t do anything about it. That’s why Turbin and two viable tight ends is so critical.

  38. How’s this for confusing … Just got here and TJack is playing with the first team.

  39. I saw that on the few plays they showed on the Live Feed – and that was 20 minutes ago. Is he still taking snaps with the first team? Does he start on Saturday?

  40. Hammajamma says:

    Can someone tell me what is up with Flynn’s helmet? He looks like an alien with that thing…

  41. Dukeshire says:

    They did run a lot of play action, and I love it. I also noticed that on two occasions (once each with Flynn and Wilson) the RB was lined up in the wrong spot leading to “broken” plays. Play action is such a great tool when you can run the ball like Seattle can, if executed correctly.

  42. I said it once, I will say it again: Flynn didnt play that well–he played safe and put up only 3 points. Like T-Jack, he was indecisive, and even when he completed passes to his checkdowns, it was obvious to me that he was a split second late checking down every time. If youre gonna checkdown, get it to the guy BEFORE the defense recovers and is all over them–give them a chance at YAC! And he NEVER once fit a ball into a tight window, on time; most of his throws were a split-second late.

    Wouldnt surprise me one bit to see the three-headed monster continue in practice this week, or for Jackson to get the start next week, followed by Wilson the week after, then Carrol naming his starter and playing them the fourth game. If that happens, Jackson will be the starter barring a miracle and/or meltdown…

    I wont like it, but it wouldnt surprise me. I still think Carrol REALLY wants Wilson to win the job. I dont think he’s thrilled with Flynn at all.

    And there’s no way IMO Jackson should be working with the starters. Getting an accurate read on Flynn’s starter potential takes more than one half of the first preseason game, so all this does is take away reps from Wilson/Flynn and slow the gelling of the offense…

    What a circus! No wonder we brought TO in, he will fit like a glove!

  43. HawkyHann says:

    Rus Wil deserves the start this week. Lets see him vs Denver. If he can play there…he can play anywhere. There have been games lost there during my lifetime.

  44. I cant believe Boling is falling all over Wilson. Guess its been that long since we had a qb that was exciting and good enough so that mediocre didnt look like Everest…

    Wilson had a good day, minus the one awful brain-fart thow on the pick. He wasnt perfect, and he aint no Andrew Luck, but he showed lots of potential…still, Im not ready to annoint him the starter. Early days yet, three more preseason games to go…

    How the heck does Luck throw for 180 yards with a WR corps that makes ours look all-pro?! Dude may be better than I gave him credit for…

    I just hope Flynn or Wilson gets the starting job and keeps it, playing well. Im tired of bad to mediocre qb play.

  45. PS Darrel Bevell sucks. All that money and talent on offense and he still seems to be the reicarnation of Ground Chuck. Except Knox could run a red-zone offense…

  46. What happens to this board if Carroll names Jackson the starter for Saturday, has Wilson play the second half and then Flynn sits this game?

  47. Pabs–We’ll all blow a gasket LOL! This is gonna be one weird roller-coaster season–I dont think the wackiness stops week one of the regular season!

    At least we have some hope with Flynn and Wilson, right?! Lots better than where we were last year or the year before!

    And hell yeah I wish we’d kept Hasselbeck, but I never liked Clipboard Jesus.

  48. bird_spit says:


  49. As per it appears the QB rotation will be the exact same this Saturday as it was for the first game.

  50. Apparently Jackson got a lot of Reps with the first team today, so it can’t be for no reason.

  51. The word is Mayhem. And the Grammar Nazi apologises for returning–back to your dungeon!

    Im glad to hear Flynn and Wilson will play, and Jackson will sit. Its been my opinion and many others that Jackson isnt improving and is who we thought he was. Let preseason show if Flynn can be an upgrade, or if Wilson is even more of an upgrade…

    Carrol wants to get something in trade if Jackson gets beat out, and doesnt want Jackson being rusty if Flynn tanks and Wilson isnt ready…

  52. bird_spit says:

    Meh! to the grammar nazi..

  53. Correction, was John Boyle via Twitter, it was just posted on Rotoworld is all.

  54. bbnate420 says:

    How the f do Collie and Reggie Wayne make our WRs look like all-pros???????????? Especially with TO, Rice, Winslow, Baldwin and Lockette out????????? That doesn’t make any sense.

  55. Donald Brown took a 5 yard pass and ran 80 yards with it so that certainly helped Luck. But he played well overall, albeit against the team that will most likely draft number 1 overall this year.

  56. bird_spit says:

    Pete would probably like to see Flynn with the actual starting WR group. Per Boyle via Twitter, Rice didnt have the red jersey today. It would be cool to see Lynch as well…

    I still cant get over how well the D looked early Saturday. Maybe they want to see how the real O looks?

  57. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “How the heck does Luck throw for 180 yards with a WR corps that makes ours look all-pro?!”

    STTBM- He was playing the Rams.

  58. chuck_easton says:

    I refuse to believe anything posted about upcoming QB rotations until I hear it directly from Pete Carroll.

    Even then I will have to take whatever Pete says and run it through a Pete Carroll to English translation program to decipher what it is he was saying.

  59. bbnate420 says:

    From E. Williams twitter: QB rotation will be the same Saturday, Flynn with starters and then RW. Supposedly played TJack with starters today to keep him sharp. Rice not wearing red jersey. Baldwin, Lockette, and Ruud back practicing.

    All awesome news as far as I’m concerned. 8)

  60. Seahawkfan78 says:

    I must be blind… I don’t see how Flynn played so bad and Wilson played so great like everyone keeps saying. Flynn was running a vanilla offense against a their starting D. Wilson was playing against 3rd and 4th string D. He should look better with that competition. Flynn’s average per play wasn’t great but he had a 84% (11/13 if I remember right) completion rate. That average is enough to get a first down every two plays. Isn’t that we want ultimately, to move the chains and get our offense on the field to give our D a break. The other team’s offense can’t score if they aren’t on the field.

  61. Seahawkfan78 says:

    keep our O on the field not get our O on the field

  62. RDPoulsbo says:

    I’m kind of disappointed that RW isn’t going to play with the 1s. Looks like there will be no apples to apples comparison. It’s Flynn’s job to lose and they’re just going through the motions. I’ll be more interested in seeing if they can generate some pass rush and knock Manning around a little bit. He’s one of the hardest QBs to get to in the league, so if they can get to him, they can get to anyone.

    My comment last week holds as true as ever. Everything was speculation from us posters up to that point until the 1st preseason game when speculation will only increase exponentially, then exponentially after the 2nd game. It’ll finally settle down by the 3rd game when the 1s have their dress rehearsal for the season.

  63. here’s the link…flynn to start

    bummer. really wanted to see wilson, but it is only fair that Flynn gets a shot with more of our starting weapons…I guess.

  64. I’m glad Flynn is getting the start again. I just don’t get the lovefest with RW. Wilson shows potential because he’s been a winner and looks to have great composure, but come on, the dude needs to sit at least a year, then let him compete for real. Let Flynn get most of the rep’s in with the one’s so he can start building up his rapport with everyone so when the season starts he can make some noise in the league. With our D, we have a chance to do something special, definatley not the time to get cute with a rookie starter, maybe next year.

  65. Since I don’t live in the NW & NFL Network wont show the Denver game until Sun 8pm – How good is the streaming of games on
    Is there lots of buffering? Stutters etc? Is it good quality?
    Are there any other ways to see it?

  66. RDPoulsbo says:

    mocarob: I bought the NFL Preseason Live this year and it is great quality. Even better is after the game, you can bring up the list of plays, click on the one you want see and watch it.

    I’d have a friend back home install a Slingbox for me, but I’m hoping to move back soon so I won’t need one.

  67. Agree with Chuck E’s take on Flynn/Wilson. Perfectly happy if they give Flynn another pre-season start this weekend. I still think it’s his job to lose, and nitpicking on this board aside, I think he played a solid half for his first game with the Hawks.

    Wilson isn’t going anywhere – and his time may well come, but it doesn’t need to be opening day of this year.

  68. trout_hound says:

    I have the NFL preseason pass, and watched the game last week on 24 hour delay since it was blacked out. HD quality, it was great. Granted, it wasn’t the live feed though. Only once did the quality crap out for about 30 seconds.

    From what Pete said about Flynn vs Wilson, it sounds like once Wilson learns to read NFL defenses, he may be in the mix more. I wonder if Pete expects him to figure that out by the end of preseason? I wouldn’t count Wilson out. On the other hand, it seems to still be a Flynn vs T-Jack race, and Pete still isn’t convinced Flynn is a better option. At least he’s giving him an opportunity. I don’t think I could take another year of T-Jack getting blindsided by blitzes.

    Last thought: Here’s to hoping B.I.’s first NFL sack will be a Peyton implosion.

  69. SandpointHawk says:

    Starting to see a pattern here as Klm008 would say….

  70. Sparky12 says:

    chuck_easton- Agree with your detailed summation on Flynn vs Wilson as the starter. Well stated! Flynn should start and Wilson can watch and learn this year some of the finer points Flynn brings from his GB training.

    I would like to see Flynn start the first half again this week in Denver, with Doug Baldwin back in, and Lynch running for a few plays. If Flynn under performs, then put Wilson in first in KC. This might indeed be a year when the starting QB will need to play in the last pre-season game to gain more experience at the helm.

  71. bbnate420 says:

    mocarob, either just google first row sports or go to the site They have all the games I believe, even the regular season ones. Not in HD though, I think. Also, explorer doesn’t work well with it. Use firefox or safari.

  72. Thanks for the advice on watching the games. Don’t really want to shell out another $15-20 on the preseason tho. I’ll stick with for the live stream.

  73. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Chuck- I was follwing this qb Competition with the premise that this would an equal competition. I had a hunch that this could have been predetermined to begin with, however now that Carroll has shown his hand I am fine with Flynn starting.
    We are going to need both qbs down the road anyways. This is just so much better then last year when we had little hope.

  74. I want to know – What are the odds that Sweezy is a #2 at RG or maybe even start if Moffit doesn’t recover as quickly as they think?

  75. Collie is always hurt, and really a slot reciever. Wayne is aging and losing his speed, though still a good WR. After that, they have nothing. But yeah, the Lambs would make any WR Corps look awesome…

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