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Seahawks 27, Titans 17: Postgame reader reaction blog

Post by Ryan Divish on Aug. 11, 2012 at 10:02 pm with 30 Comments »
August 11, 2012 10:02 pm
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The postgame read reaction blog is back and ready for your emotional venting, nonsensical ranting and logical thoughts. Remember this is the preseason so lets not overreact. Forget that, go crazy if you want to.

1. What did you think of Matt Flynn’s performance? Did you like the tempo and the accuracy? What didn’t you like?

2. What did you think of Russell Wilson’s performance? Did you like the playmaking and the improvisation? What didn’t you like?

3. The first-team defense didn’t play a lot, but what are your thoughts on the unit?

4. Which player surprised you the most in the first game, and why?

5. Which player disappointed you most, and why?

6. From what you saw in the first preseason game, what record will the Seahawks post in the regular season?

7. What do you want to see, or expect to see next week against the Broncos?

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  1. Flynn very good, very conservative. Wilson very good, still raw. Starting O-line impressive. Starting D-line and DBs ready to win football games.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    And here’s where I rarely comment for those very reasons, Ryan. Lol

  3. hawks4life says:

    Bruce looked like he had no one to shake hands with after the game

  4. bird_spit says:

    I noticed no jump shot passes, which I came to expect from tjack..

  5. 1. I thought Flynn played pretty good. Very accurate and made good decisions. Seems a bit too conservative though.
    2. I liked how Wilson kept plays alive with his feet and is very quick inside and outside of the pocket. Both QB’s were very accurate. Wilson’s INT was a rookie mistake, got a bit too jittery in my opinion.
    3. Defense looked stellar. Bobby Wagner looked impressive and so did Jeremy Lane. Excited about the Hawks D this year.
    4. Bobby Wagner surprised me the most of the group. He has a real good eye for the ball and can make good hits. Looks real quick too. Better at stopping the run than I thought.
    5. No one was really disappointing, but if I had to pick I’d go with Irvin. Although he wasn’t in much, I expected him to be in the QB’s face a lot more.
    6. I believe the Seahawks will win the division at 10-6. Could be because I’m stubborn, or smart. Or both.
    7. I’d like to see more of the 1st team offense, more shots down field, and Irvin and Clem pile up 5+ sacks :D.

  6. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    looked like the first preseason game. flynn looked better than i expected, i think with the receivers that were missing he looks great.
    wilson looked good time will tell. the D looked great good debth.

    next week i hope to se the startin O control things better. i want to see manning pick off a couple of times.

  7. bbnate420 says:

    1. Played fairly well. Yes. The Int.

    2. Played pretty well too. Yes. His inclination to bail from the pocket too early sometimes.

    3. Hard to tell, looked good from what little we saw.

    4. Edwards. Made a very nice catch. Goods hands aren’t exactly his MO.

    5. McCoy. Although him sucking is what I expect. Barron as well.

    6. 10-6 is my guess, has nothing to do with this game though really.

    7. More time from the starters. Owens and Baldwin playing. More catches for Tate. Some pass rush from Irvin. Flynn and RW, no TJack.

  8. VNHLNFAN says:

    I’d like to see Wilson start next week. Now I know why Pete hasn’t made a decision.

  9. HeinieHunter says:

    I want to see Wilson with the starters next week. Bad interception in the end zone but he flashed some very impressive talent. I’d like to see him play with top notch talent with and against him.

  10. iHateHarbaugh says:

    you could tell it was their first game tackling. for crying out loud Toomer did a great job putting himself in position to miss tackles. Turbin & running game overall impressed me. Flynn takes those sacks, Wilson doesn’t. Flynn looked sharp, Wilson looked sharp. I feel better now knowing that both are better than what we had last year. Starting defense is BAAAAAD boy!! #12thMan

  11. iHateHarbaugh says:

    Braylon nice grab. Haven’t had that since we were in the AFC

  12. Really excited about our season now. We definitely saw our top 2 QB’s tonite, but I’d hate to pick the better one.

  13. nidhighe says:

    1. I liked Flynn’s quick decision making. I thought he could have been more aggressive, though. But he was going against the Titans’ starting D without Rice, Baldwin, and Lynch.

    2. Wilson looks like he can be a dynamic player. I’d like to see some Wildcat with him this season if he isn’t the starter.

    3. Our secondary is still the strength of the defense. Pass rush still concerns me.

    4. Two players. Leon Washington had some nice runs behind 4/5ths of our starting O-line. Bobby Wagner shows a lot of potential.

    5. Three players. Bruce Irvin, who was invisible. Anthony McCoy’s hands of stone. Zach Miller appearing to get his head dinged yet again.

    6. I think at least 9-7 or 10-6.

    7. I want to see our #1 offense with Rice, Baldwin, and Lynch, or at least Baldwin and Lynch, plus T.O.

  14. iHateHarbaugh says:

    I liked Jason Jones & Greg Scruggs too… Winston Guy as well as Mike Morgan

  15. 1. Flynn played ok, but too passive and conservatively. An upgrade over tjack still because I’d trust him more in a 2 min drill, but I don’t know by how much yet. He is used to playing with dynamic receivers, so it will help when Rice, Owens, and Baldwin are running with him.
    2. I like Russell Wilson’s playmaking ability. I know he played against 2nd string, but his dynamic style and quick release were in full effect tonight. I have a feeling he is the qb other teams would fear the most.
    3. Starting D looked fast, but pass rush is still lacking, even our blitzes didn’t get there most of the time.
    4. Russell Wilson no doubt. I always liked his potential and knew he had it in him, but he seems to be picking things up incredibly fast. He definitely has the highest ceiling of the 3.
    5. I expect our run D to be more stout, and CC and BI to create more havoc.
    6. I expect us to be In the 9-7 to 11-5 range, with a real chance at a wild card berth or division champ.
    7. I think we all want to see Wilson run with the 1st team against Broncos D, which is pretty tough.
    If we hand the keys to the rook, we need more proof he can get it done against the best.

  16. a. our starters were not quite ready for the season and neither were the titans.

    b. our backups beat up their backups.

    c. our coach got some stuff on film with the team in pads for a change,

    which is really what preseason games are all about.

  17. 1. Thought Flynn played very well- id he have a inc in the first 2 drives? His int was stupid, but also a good defensive play. When we stalled near the end zone – he had Miller WIDE open for a first down but he never turned around so Flynn didn’t throw it- ended in a sack.

    2. Wow – looked good to me. The TD pass to Edwards could have just as easily been an INT if Edwards didn’t clearly outplay a youngCB. He doe move a lot which an be good and bad IMO. guy is dynamic

    I think our OL play really hurt both guys at times- when switches were made it was very clear that there were adjustments in the level of play

    3. Wagner will start and fit right in- the DB’s are great and Jones IMO looks far more likely to make a difference than Irvin

    4. Lane and Wagner I though played real well tonight.

    5. Toomer and Irvin – really hoped Irvin would get some sort of pressure- got none that I saw. Toomer missed a lot of plays I thought he could/should have made

    6. Still no lue on record- wanna know who is playing QB and if Lynch is gonna miss games

  18. Good start. Good night of work. Our defense appears to lack depth, but much of that may simply be the result of 3rd and 4th stringers out there by the 4th qtr. But still, they need to learn to hold edge containment MUCH better.

  19. GeorgiaHawk says:

    It’s difficult to analize a game when you watch it on a live stream, but here it goes.

    1-I thought Matt played well enough for his first game. I would like him to open it up more, however I’m sure that will come when he gets his top WRs back and they start game planning more.

    2- Wilson played very well considering it’s his first game and he’s a rookie.
    Can’t wait to see him play with and against the starters.

    3-The first string defense will keep us in many games this year, imo.
    I don’t know about being so concerned yet with a lack of pass rush. Hasselbeck can get the ball out quick enough to avoid it, and the defense is saving it’s best for when the games count.

    4- I would have to say Washington. He ran very well. Edwards played well also.

    5- I don’t remember Tate stepping up, especially with Rice, Baldwin and Owens out. I Didn’t hear Irvins name called much either.
    However I did watch the game after a party on live stream until 1am and I’m going on memory here so I could be off on my analysis. Perhaps way off. Lol.

    6- 10-6 If the special teams play better then they did last night.

    7- I would like to see Wilson start, and Manning sacked and intercepted.

  20. GeorgiaHawk says:


  21. To me, Flynn was unimpressive, hesitant, slow, and weak-armed. I dont see the he demonstrated much potential in this offense. Have I mentioned before that I think Darrel Bevell is an overly-conservative idiot? Well, I do. WORST red-zone offense since Greg Knapp’s. And Knapp had no talent to work with.

    Flynn barely managed to throw downfield, despite facing base defenses much of the time. However, it would be nice to see him play with Rice and Owens and Baldwin to get a true picture of what he can do.

    I did like his managing the game, but his checkdowns were waaay too slow–I saw his checkdown guy get open while his hot-read was blanketed, and Flynn took too long staring his first guy down…by the time Flynn checked down, it was like he was telegraphing his intentions and the defense adjusted. Not particularly fluid–in fact, it reminded me a lot of Charlie Whitehurst.

    Im not giving up on Flynn, but I didnt think he played well. He played like a backup. And damn, he’s slow…

    I believe Carrol wants/hopes for Wilson to take the job anyway. And Russel Wilson looks like he has FAR bigger upside in this offense–or any other–than Flynn. He made rookie mistakes, and had passes batted down, but his mistakes are correctable (terrible throw in the endzone to McGrath) and his athleticism is second to none.

    I really loved how he seems to be aware of what the receivers are going to be doing downfield as he scrambles–he scrambles to find time to throw downfield, rather than in a panic like other qb’s. He was great at completing passes on the run, checked down in a hurry when needed, and wasnt afraid to put the ball into tight windows downfield.

    Wilson isnt ready to start the regular season, but if he keeps playing like that, he will be in the conversation and has a good shot at taking over midseason if someone else gets the gig come seasons beginning.

    Gonna be interesting to see who starts and who relieves next week.

    And yeah, its only the first preseason game, which is usually a total slop-fest. I was probably too hard on Flynn. I just expected a little more downfield stuff, and more yards per attempt. I didnt expect his completion percentage to be so high though.

    And of course, Wilson was going up against backups, rookies and scrubs while Flynn was up against the studs. So I am aware that the game needs a filter.

  22. First team D looked very good. I still want to see more pressure on the qb, and Chancellor is still a liability covering fast TE’s and WR’s, especially on crossing routes. But Damn, he can play the run!

    I was bummed by Flynn’s performance, I expected better but perhaps too much considering it was the first game…

    I liked DE Scruggs, and thought he put up the best surprise performance. He was fast and strong, and looks like a total package guy at DE. And Knox looked huge and tough; I liked that he played so hard and fast and didnt let mistakes carry over; he made a mistake, then the next play played his assignment perfectly and made a great tackle, knifing through a block to take out the runner by his ankles..

    I have no idea what our record will be, especially since A) our qb situation is still a mystery and b) Darrel Bevell is who we thought he was; an overly conservative red zone mental midget. I hate THAT guy! (Gru’s voice from Despicable Me)..

    Next week I want to see Flynn more decisive and throwing to WR’s, I want to see Baldwin and Owens doing well, and Tate actually catch some passes 10 yards downfield. I want to see a pass rush, Irvin get his first sack, and Jason Jones putting pressure on…

    I want to see improvement. And last, but most important, I want to see signs that our first play in the red zone wont be a run every damned time…I want to see signs that our red zone offense wont consist entirely of three run plays and three pass plays the entire year…

    Is Gil Haskell still breathing?! Paging Doctor Haskell, our red-zone offense is in a coma….

  23. psoundpowerhouse says:

    Crap, it’s the uniforms that I ‘m having a problem with. Way too busy. Too much going on. I want to see a “flat grey” helmet with pants and jerseys.
    We look like a Arena team.

  24. STTBM- I think you are a little to harsh on Flynn- while I agree that I would have liked to see more- there wasn’t much more available. Guys weren’t getting open, he gave them chances and then found the short open spot to get it to. Considering that our likely top 3 WR’s were out I liked what I saw.

    The only 2 plays I would criticize we’re 1-the int and 2- the sack in the red zone. I think his ONLY play was to run up the middle. But I am sure his time in GB has taught him not to do that !

    I did like what I saw from Wilson but I still think I want him as the back up for a season or 2 then let him explode. the throw to Edwards for the TD was great

    I did find it interesting we didn’t see Edwards making any plays first half- or remember him being on the field- I would have liked to see if he could play well against the 1’s.

    And I thought that tjack looked great holding a clip board

  25. “flat gray”. All around so we can look like washed out dog crap- like WSU when they wear ALL gray.

    But I would like to see the gray alternates – especially the pants since I think b.lue on blue makes them look fat ans slow

  26. I dont like the green on the shoulders, and I REALLY hate seeing a nike swoosh instead of a Seahawk emblem there; what are we, the Seattle Nike’s or the Seattle Seahawks?! Or worse, the Nike Seahawks?!

  27. ljarllrajl says:

    1. What did you think of Matt Flynn’s performance? Did you like the tempo and the accuracy? What didn’t you like?

    * Flynn was poised, crafty, and accurate. The ball moved down the field with him at QB.

    2. What did you think of Russell Wilson’s performance? Did you like the playmaking and the improvisation? What didn’t you like?

    * He looked like a smart and accurate Seneca Wallace. Both these guys are big upgrades over what we had last season at QB.

    3. The first-team defense didn’t play a lot, but what are your thoughts on the unit?

    * They looked good. I don’t see one weak spot out there. Jason Jones looked really good. Wagner was as advertised, using his hands really well to shed blocks.

    4. Which player surprised you the most in the first game, and why?

    * JR Sweezy. My new man crush. David DeCastro is a poorman’s JR Sweezy. He might be a pro bowl caliber player if he can perfect his technique.

    5. Which player disappointed you most, and why?

    * Deuce Lutui is Robert Gallery 2.0 and Byron Maxwell I don’t think is a good cover guy and might be better suited to play safety.

    6. From what you saw in the first preseason game, what record will the Seahawks post in the regular season?

    * 10-6. I’m satisfied with the overall team depth and the defense looks as it was billed to be.

    7. What do you want to see, or expect to see next week against the Broncos?

    * Better pass rush. T.O. showing he’s still a play maker and making it impossible for the coaching staff not to make him a week #1 starter.

  28. ljar, what’s the bash on Deuce? Every time I looked his way he had his D-man standing up and stymied. I must have missed something…I thought he looked ok.

  29. 1. What did you think of Matt Flynn’s performance? Did you like the tempo and the accuracy? What didn’t you like?

    Flynn played a solid half of football. He moved the offense, took what the defense gave him, delivered the ball accurately and on time (which means he made his reads and progressions well), and commanded the offense. From his interview on the sideline, it sounded like the INT was a miscommunication between he and the receiver.

    2. What did you think of Russell Wilson’s performance? Did you like the playmaking and the improvisation? What didn’t you like?

    I liked the accuracy, especially on the move. A couple of times he moved from the pocket too quickly, but for his first game I am pretty happy. Vanilla defense, easy reads, but it’s a good start. I see him being the backup this year.

    3. The first-team defense didn’t play a lot, but what are your thoughts on the unit?

    Physical and aggressive. I love it.

    4. Which player surprised you the most in the first game, and why?

    I was really happy with Wagner. Good closing speed, reads the play well, good instincts.

    5. Which player disappointed you most, and why?

    McCoy. He simply cannot consistently catch the football.

    6. From what you saw in the first preseason game, what record will the Seahawks post in the regular season?

    10-6, NFC wild card. The thing about a really good defense is that it travels well. If we can play top-5 D and run the ball effectively, we have a shot to take back the Division from SF.

    7. What do you want to see, or expect to see next week against the Broncos?

    Extend the #1 defense’s reps, get Wilson a series or two against #1’s, and improve on special teams.

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