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Carroll pleased with QB play

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 11, 2012 at 11:47 pm with 24 Comments »
August 11, 2012 11:47 pm

Matt Flynn didn’t have as many big plays as he would have liked, but ran the offense efficiently and took what the defense gave him.

Rookie Russell Wilson created some big plays with his arm and his feet, but probably had the most bone-headed miscue, throwing an interception on first down in the red zone.

But overall, Seattle head coach Pete Carroll said he was pleased with the performance of his quarterbacks in his team’s 27-17 win over Tennessee.

“The thing that was good about these guys is that they were very calm,” Carroll said. “They were very poised about it. It didn’t bother them at all in handling what was going on. The speed of the game was not big deal. They were really easy to communicate with, exactly as we would have hoped.”

Flynn completed 11 of 13 passes for 71 yards. But Flynn also was intercepted by Tennessee linebacker Colin McCarthy while trying to thread a pass over the middle Ben Obomanu in the second quarter, was sacked twice and fumbled a shotgun snap.

“This was the first preseason game,” Flynn said. “You’re going to get a lot of base defenses. We’re running our base offense, and they played a lot of Cover-2, which takes a lot of stuff down the field away. That was more of just trying to take what they give me and not try to force anything.”

Rookie Russell Wilson replaced Flynn to open the second half, and promptly marched the Seahawks down the field on a 5-play, 73-yard drive capped by a 37-yard touchdown pass to a tightly covered Braylon Edwards. The eight-year veteran outmuscled Tennessee cornerback Tommie Campbell for the ball in the end zone, putting Seattle up 17-3.

Playing against Tennessee’s backups, Wilson flashed impressive arm strength and nimble feet, finishing 12 of 16 for 124 yards and a touchdown in the second half.

Wilson darted around for 59 yards on three carries, including a 32-yard touchdown run on a bootleg to close out the scoring.

“When he gets on the field, he doesn’t hold anything back,” Edwards said about Wilson. “He’s not nervous. He’s not scared to make his mistakes. And he’s not scared to go out there and actually have words of leadership. So I’m very impressed with him thus far.”

But Wilson also threw an ugly interception to Tennessee linebacker Zac Diles while trying to lob a pass to tight end Sean McGrath in the end zone.

Incumbent starter Tarvaris Jackson did not play. Carroll would not say if Jackson will play next week in Denver, or what the play is for the quarterback rotation against the Broncos.

“I’m anxious to watch the film, study it up and get a plan in place for next week, which I don’t have for you right now,” Carroll said.

Carroll said that tight end Zach Miller suffered a concussion and linebacker Malcolm Smith injured his hamstring.

The Seahawks have Sunday and Monday off, and return to practice again on Tuesday

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  1. FleaFlicker says:

    Both positives and negatives in the QB play tonight. Probably going to be a couple more weeks before the #1 emerges.

    Not pleased to hear about Miller’s concussion. He took a hell of a whallop and still held onto the ball. Let’s just hope he’s up to speed before real games start. Watching McCoy’s perpetual case of “dropsies” doesn’t make me feel good about the depth at that position.

    And the punt return TD…let’s just get all the mistakes out of the way in the preseason, boys. Can’t be doing that when it matters.

  2. The hammy injury doesn’t bode well for Malcolm Smith – the way Morgan and Toomer played coupled with Smith’s past injuries could spell the end for a guy I had pretty high hopes for.

    Miller’s injury is even more concerning. As I saw him slow getting up I knew it was a concussion, but I thought it was helmet to helmet. On replay you can see that his head isn’t contacted by the defender, so it had to come from the turf (which is worse because to me that means he gets these things pretty easily).

    FleaFlicker – That PR doesn’t bother me… most of the guys on that punt unit were somewhere around 3rd-4th string guys who are unlikely to end up on the 53-man roster, besides with the new CBA rules on practice contact its tough to practice coverage units at full speed.

  3. Wagner played very solid. I was a bit surprised he was in for so much of the 2nd half.

    Irvin was pedestrian at best. I just didn;t see the high revin’ motor I was expecting. It actually looked to me like he took a couple plays off when he stood up in place rather than bring a rush or drop back. Maybe it was designed but he didn’t wow me at all.

    Flynn and Russel both looked really good. Both in command and both played smart for thje most part. I’m really excited to see them both.

    Did you guys noticed how T-jack was the only one of the 4 QB’s to not huddle with the coaches between series. He was standing off by himself while the other three were gathered around looking at photos and discussing the situations.

  4. HawkfaninMT says:

    I was blacked out from the game…

    How did the starting OL look? Whatever there was of it anyhow

  5. Metrohawk says:

    My quick reflections. Both QB’s looked solid. Loved Flynn’s 9 minute plus drive. My star of the game: our starting OL. Opened big holes for Washington and Turbin and dominated a good Titan’s front four. Pass protection was excellent. Flynn’s one sack seemed to come because he didn’t go deep enough into the pocket. Loved seeing Sweezey playing with the ones in the second quarter and at both guard positions. Cable might have found a diamond in the rough. What worried me a little: where were our starting WR’s? Did Tate even play? And Obomanu was nowhere to be seen. I expected to hear more from Irvin. But Wagner was impressive. All over the field in pursuit and made plays. Compared to the highlights of the other preseason games, I couldn’t be more pleased with where we are as a team. Bring on the Broncos and Peyton Manning!

  6. Dukeshire says:

    The starting o line looked good. Very strong and quick. They routinely moved Tenn d line off the LOS.

    Malcolm Smith with another hammy? Good lord.

    Maragos was really active and is faster than I remember.

  7. Dukeshire says:

    I agree about Miller. If it’s a lingering issue and he’s not able to start the season, I would be in favor of McGrath being the third TE over McCoy. Hopefully it won’t come to that.

  8. Hammajamma says:

    Mike Morgan impressed. The pass rush did not.

    Toomer looks very fast. Very fast.

    Happy with both QB’s. Wilson obviously has playmaking ability neither Flynn nor Jackson possess, but Flynn knows what he wants to do with the ball and makes quick reads that move the chains. Both are going to excel in the play action game.

    It’ll be interesting to see what they do with Wilson when defenses start to counter the roll out packages they have for him.

  9. RDPoulsbo says:

    While I would have liked to have seen more from the pass rush, Tennessee was using a lot of 3 step drops. You’re just not going to get any pressure in those situations even if guys could come off the edge completely unblocked.

    I don’t think Wilson’s tape is going to look as good as his stats showed. He got away with at least 2 passes that should have been picked off if he were playing against a 1st team offense. The roll out and throw across the body and the TD pass to Edwards (who should have been called for offensive PI on the play) immediately come to mind. He gambled more and could get away with it given the level of competition he faced, but that’s not what PC preaches at QB.

  10. Dukeshire says:

    I mentioned this last night a couple times, but seeing Red at RDE was odd to me. Particularly seeing him at RDE in nickel. I’ll be curious if this is simply a preseason experiment or if this formation is something they intend to move forward with.

    Also interesting to me is that they seemed to run an over front in base and under nickel, which will make a lot more sense as Irvin sees the field more.

  11. Dukeshire says:

    RDPoulsbo – I agree with your assessment of Wilson.

    It was only one pre-season game, but I am a lot more comfortable with the 3-tech position after seeing Jones play well there, for the most part. On Johnson’s 11 yard run early, he and Clem got swallowed while over pursuing the counter. But aside from that, I was impressed.

  12. RDPoulsbo says:

    I did like Wilson’s mobility though. You were right Duke about him wanting out of the pocket too much, but overall I liked his ability to escape from trouble.

    The D-line switch is very interesting. I first thought that maybe they were trying to play even more like a 3-4, but perhaps it was to see how Clem would do on the other side of the ball. If it works out, they can bring Irvin in on passing downs on the weak side without having to worry about TEs helping out. It’s worth watching to see if they continue with the current setup.

  13. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Very impressed with the play of the O-line. Cable is making good things happen with that group.

  14. WiscCory says:

    Hate to bring this one up, however I thought the uniforms didn’t look that great.

    Edwards impressed, surprisingly.

    IMO, Flynn had alot to do with the Miller concussion.

    I wasn’t as impressed as others with Turbin. Thought his speed to the holes on wide runs was lackluster. Hopefully he and Irvin will come around with more experience.

    Did KJ Wright play?

  15. WiscCory says:

    Jeez, that whole post was pretty negative. The Hawks starting team overall played well. Nice start to the preseason!

  16. chuck_easton says:

    O-line looks good to go, both in pass protection and run blocking.

    Flynn looks good. He looked like he was in control of the game.

    Wilson is exciting. He made some great plays, but also made some bonehead rookie mistakes. He will be a good QB.

    From what I saw Flynn starts the season but Wilson is nipping at his heels and could very well be the Franchise QB we’ve all been hoping for.

    The D is scary fast. DBs showed last year wasn’t a fluke. The LBs are all over the field. We didn’t see much of the pass rush, but They did enough to force a few turnovers.

  17. steffonator says:

    All I can say is that with this “stupid” new cba, A head coach should have a gut feeling who his starting quarterback is and go with him. All this mental gymnastics by Pete and company might bite us, make a darn decision and lets go. I guess if Matt had Wilson’s arm and legs there would be no decision to make. Other than that I was not highly impressed with either guy, lots of “wishful” hoping by us fans.

  18. Soggybuc says:

    Wilson looked like someone who could use a couple years of seasoning behind a capable vet.
    Flynn looked every bit like he spent a couple of years learning the pro game sitting behind a capable vet.

  19. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Mabey they should bring Hasselbeck back. After all he did throw our first TD of the season. Lol.

    Really though, Wilson has a calmness and command that is rare to see in a rookie qb, imo. Nipping at Flynns heels for sure.

  20. Hammajamma says:

    On Wilson I’m less interested in stats than the eye test. While he was one INT short, he looked poised and accurate. Obviously has a plus arm and I liked the way he kept his eyes downfield and extended a few plays a tick or two before checking down. His legs bring another dimension, which really helped Cam Newton last year.

    We’ll see how fast he corrects his mistakes. I was less concerned about the end zone INT (don’t think he’ll short arm that throw again) than the one he had dropped, but Flynn threw one into coverage as well. I thought he showed some polish for a rookie.

    I liked Flynn’s play. He took the early short stuff and was decisive and efficient, which is a relief after a year of TJ If McCoy makes that 3rd down catch Flynn has a chance to improve his stat line. Feeling good about the position.

    Locker I thought looked like a grown man out there. And who the hell is that McCarthey dude? The Titans may be pretty good this year.

  21. Georgia, that’s just bad on so many levels!!! Ha Ha!

    On a more serious note, I didn’t think RW looked calm. He looked good and made some excellent plays but I thought he got out of the pocket too many times and did it in such a way that the good D’s will spank him for it. From what little I know about RW, he will learn from this, mix it up on those scrambles and be a little more patient in pocket.

    I love Matt H but he had a bad night. He’s going to be in our ring of honor so even though he is playing for the enemy right now he is still M1. Jake looked good against our 2nd stringers as did their 3rd stringer. :)

  22. ljarllrajl says:

    Miller’s concussion was definitely on Flynn. I don’t remember if Flynn was flushed out of the pocket or if it was a designed bootleg but either way that situation is not ideal to Flynn’s skill set…but never the less it was a completion for a 1st down.

    The punt return TD is going to be a great learning tool in the film room. I’m actually glad it happened.

    Starting O-line looked very strong, except for Lutui. Lutui is Robert Gallery 2.0, I don’t think he’ll make the team. Okung and McQuistan look great on the left side. I’m calling JR Sweezy starting RG by next season, I think he has IT.

    Durham passes the eye test to me. He has size, speed, runs good routes, and is a pretty good blocker. If he can learn to get lower coming out of his breaks and catch the ball more consistently, he might have 1000 yd receiving potential.

    Jeremy Lane reminds me of Cortland Finnegan, he’s this nasty little player out there grabbing and punching people. I like him. Trufant looked good playing slot corner which is promising.

    Not much more I can say about the starting defense, these guys don’t give the offense anything easy. Very disciplined.

  23. nidhighe says:

    “Miller’s concussion was definitely on Flynn.”

    Still, Miller gets concussions entirely too easily, which has to be a concern.


  24. to be fair in this QB competition Wilson should start next game against a pretty good “D” in Denver and see how RW does -v- first line “D”. RW did what he should have done -v- 2nd and 3rd stringers -v- Titans, time to test the young rookie to see if he truely is ready for prime time. 72% passing, 33 TD’s and 4 INT’s, 379 passes straight passes w/out INT last season, arguably a better season than Luck or RG3, w/ that and what RW has done to this point should have earned him opportunity to start next game. In the end Pete just might decide to go w/ Flynn and his experience given the money invested in Flynn, dunno and we’ll hafta wait and see otherwise all conjecture on our part.

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