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Morning links: Homecoming for Hasselbeck, Locker

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 10, 2012 at 7:38 am with 40 Comments »
August 10, 2012 7:38 am
Matt Hasselbeck and Jake Locker talk during the Tennessee Titans training camp last year. (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

Dave Boling of The News Tribune talks with Matt Hasselbeck and Jake Locker about their quarterback battle. The quarterback competition couldn’t have any better for the Tennessee Titans. After selecting University of Washington product Jake Locker No. 8 overall in the 2011 draft, the Titans promptly signed his mentor in free agency, bringing in Matt Hasselbeck.

The former Seattle Seahawks quarterback led the Titans to a 9-7 record and almost into the playoffs in his first season. And now both he and Locker are battling for the No. 1 job. But it’s not contentious. As you can imagine with two guys like Hasselbeck and Locker, both humble men who are strong in their faith, the two have become great friends over the past year.

“I have been just very fortunate to have him a part of my life … both as a player and a person,” Locker said. “He just has a lot of great advice on how to deal with stuff, how to handle things. That’s what’s great about it, and I think people might not realize that it goes beyond football.”

Locker and Hasselbeck return to Seattle when Tennessee takes on Seattle in the first exhibition game for both teams on Saturday.

In my story today, Seahawks quarterbacks coach Carl Smith says that rookie quarterback Russell Wilson has improved his accuracy. Smith: “He’s progressed on throws. He’s better on up balls and seam balls than he was when he got here. He wasn’t (accurate) on any one of those in spring ball. And he is now, and he hit them today. So I’m really happy with him.”

Clare Farnsworth of writes that linebacker Korey Toomer is starting to make plays in his Thursday practice report.

Jim Moore of ESPN 710 Seattle says he’s hoping for big things from Terrell Owens.

KJR’s Dave Mahler talks with Matt Flynn in this audio link.

ESPN 710 Seattle’s Brock Huard talks with NFL analyst Tim Ryan about his impressions of the Seahawks, specifically the team’s talented secondary, in this audio link.

Seahawks players get punk’d by Pete Carroll and Terrell Owens. Check out the video below.

The Seahawks’ brass might be following from a distance the progress of No. 18 overall selection Melvin Ingram, who looked impressive in his debut with the Chargers against Green Bay. Both Ingram and Quinton Coples were still on the board when Seattle selected Bruce Irvin at No. 15. Irvin has played well in practice so far.

Writing for Grantland, Chris Brown of Smart Football discusses the evolution of the hybrid defender.

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  1. HawkfaninMT says:

    I was noticing the abuse Ingram was putting on GB last night also. I was not in favor of drafting him per se, but man he looked good! That being said, I think that the GB starting LT was out last night, so there is that.

  2. By the time it’s all said and done, I’d rather have Irvin. Ingram may be good, but he looks like the type that could put on a few lbs and slow down quite a bit. Irvin looks like he’ll be chasing QB’s in a really fast manner for a long time to come. Coples will be a bust. The other guy that I thought we’d pick was Chandler Jones, but am very happy with Irvin (not knowing him at all going in) so far.


  3. The John Moffitt clip on the blog is hilarious. He’s becoming one of my favorites.

    Eric – How is that arm injury from yesterday – serious?

  4. jchawks08 says:

    Great video. Think it’s any fun being a player in the NFL?

  5. Stevos: I didn’t see the injury occur so I don’t want to speculate. We’ll talk to Carroll after practice, so we should no more about Moffitt’s condition this afternoon.

  6. If we didn’t have Flynn, …
    Thankfully, we do!

  7. I liked TO’s line that went something like: “He’s probably wearing #81 because of me.”

    What’s sad is that a third of those guys in the video won’t be around for the regular season. For some, it’s their last realistic shot at an NFL job.

    By the way, does anyone know why Antonio Bryant was cut? It seemed so abrupt. He got himself in shape, was signed and then got cut very soon.

  8. grizindabox24 says:

    Bryant was and injury issue, his hammy. Believe it was stated he received an injury settlement

  9. Thanks, grizindabox24. I get the feeling that Pete Carroll is different from Mike Holmgren in that he doesn’t get too attached too players or their situations. I think Pete would have sent Koren Robinson packing long before Holmy did. Holmy puts more of his heart into his decisions, perhaps to his team’s detriment. I like Pete, but I loved Holmgren. He didn’t have much success as a GM, but he’s a great coach and deserves to be in the HOF, in my opinion.

  10. Dukeshire says:

    Stevos – Moffitt has been one of mine too, since the SR Bowl last year. He’s got a classic o lineman sense of humor.

    That video is actually pretty funny.

  11. Dukeshire says:

    Canfan – Beyond the injury, he wasn’t really in great shape, from what I read. What I mean by that is, game shape, or at least conditioned enough to compete practice in, practice out. I imagine they simply didn’t see enough upside in him to allow him to get into that shape. The as grizindabox24 said, the hamstring issue further slowed him.

  12. Duke, I’m just surprised that they signed him to a contract in the first place. I think when he worked out with them before, they told him that if he gets into shape, they’d sign him. So he worked out for them, at the same time that Edwards did, and they signed Bryant. It was only a few days later that they signed Edwards. I remember Edwards saying that they kept a promise to Bryant and he was fine with that.

  13. Moffitt is not at the VMAC today and is getting an MRI. Could be a Rotator.

  14. As reported by Alumni56.

  15. With Matt coming to town tomorrow got me thinking.Should he be put up in the Ring of honor?And when he retires,I think we should let him retire as a seahawk.

  16. Dukeshire says:

    I think he’s a definite Ring of Honor inductee, when the time comes. As far as him retiring as a Seahawk, that would require him to sign one of those silly one day contracts, like many do.

  17. Matt equals Ring of Honor!

  18. How many QBs have QBd the Hawks to a Super Bowl? I love Matt

  19. Minor elbow surgery to remove “Loose particles” for Moffit. Out 2-3 weeks from what I saw on Rotoworld.

  20. chuck_easton says:


    I do treat information from Alumni56 with a little more deference than other bloggers as he portrays himself as a former player with regular access.

    I’d love to know who the ‘man behind the moniker’ is, but he was spot on in his comments about Mike Williams long before the Williams cut was officially announced so it sounds as if he does have some access to VMAC.

    Problem is, if the team knew an insider was posting and tweeting information about the inner workings he’d be invited to no longer be present or at least to no longer provide information such as the status of Moffitt.

    If it is a rotator injury that could be anything from minor to full blown season ending surgery.

    Good thing it appears that there is more than enough depth to step in for him.

  21. bird_spit says:

    Wait, Hass sucks, and was totally overrated, per many of the commenters. I’d love to see Eric toss in one of those surveys to ask that very question. Should Hass 1) be on the ring of honor 2) should hass retire a hawk.

    My vote: 1) yes 2) I dont care

    Next should Hutch, quite arguably the best guard to have ever played for the Hawks have the same vote:
    My vote: 1) no 2) hell no

    Shawn Alexander?
    Hmmm..hard one. I am hoping Marshawn can make all of us forget everything we ever thought of Alexander.

    I guess, my thinking is Ring of Honor should be reserved for the best of the hawks, but they better have wanted to play for the hawks. SA wanted to play for SA. Hutch wanted to eat the poison pill. Hass and Walter Jones, defined the hawks of the 00’s.

  22. Hasselhoff is my fave Hawk.. BobbyE a close 2nd..
    Loved the passing combo.
    Heartbreak when my two fave Hawks let us down vs The Rams in the playoffs dropping the TD. (2004)

  23. After Easley, Matt is my favorite Hawk of all time!

  24. I hope Moffitt okay.

    That said, G might be the deepest position on this team. Along with QB. Hard to believe, incredible, but true. How far we have come.

  25. He’s going to be fine, Rotoworld I believe had it up first and Lizz Matthews has already confirmed it was an elbow operation to remove some loose particles. Similar to getting your knee scoped, it’s a 2 to 3 week recovery time.

  26. Dukeshire says:

    Easley is my favorite too. After that it’s Matt, Largent and Strong, in no particular order.

  27. There should be no question of Hass being in the Ring of Honor. Total DUH! move. And I would be PISSED if he retired as anything but a Seahawk. I really like Matt, and he’s my second favorite Hawk qb behind Kreig.

    I still think the Hass and Alexander bashing is classless and stupid. Alexander went out with a whimper, and that has been discussed ad nauseum, but he gave us six years of top-5 RB highlights. For six years, he was amazing. And no, it wasnt just the line. Every great back has had a good line in front of them, most of them had great lines. Alexander had one year with a great line, 2005, and would EASILY have run for 2,000 yards if he hadnt been pulled from games and we hadnt been protecting large leads with conservative offense in the fourth quarter. While any back could have run for 1,000 with that line, only a truly special player could do what he did.

    Alexander likely wont make the HOF, but thats due to losing his speed due to the dreaded Lis Franc injury and then wussing out. He just needed one or two more fine seasons and he’d have been a lock.

    Hass should be considered for future HOF. He may not get in, but he should definitely be in the conversation. If the Ref’s hadnt worn black and gold in 2005, he’d be in like Flynn…I think its utterly stupid winning a super bowl puts merely good qb’s in, and some truly great players dont get in due to never winning the big game. Last I checked, its a team sport, and until the salary cap, people like Jed York could spend 5-10 times what Seattle did (it was Mob laundered money anyway) and buy championships…Those things should be considered as well, and they arent.

  28. Im sure glad we signed Lutui and Barron this year! Even with injuries, I have faith in the line, which hasnt been the case since 2005. And we even have legitimate third string depth, counting Lem JeanPierre, the quick-study miracle Sweezy, and guys like Omiyale et al…

    Its not Seattle circa 2005, but its the best we’ve had since…and IM pretty damned stoked!

    God, I hope I can find the game tomorrow! I’ll be in Helena, MT, and its pretty hard to find a bar with NFL network there during preseason!

  29. Macabrevity says:

    Good call BobbyK.

  30. bird_spit says:

    I knew my SA comment would bring the SA lovers out. It’s fun from a nostalgia point of view, cause I remember those incredibly long threads on SA here.

    SA has to be one of the more polarizing figures for the fans of all time (hawks all time). He was good enough in every way to lead the NFL back then. His nose for the end zone was incredible.
    I still say, I’m hoping Marshawn will break every record of SAs and make us all forget about him. One question, did SA ever cause an earthquake in Seattle? No, no he didnt.

    (all in fun dude, dont panic if I am making fun of SA; I was a huge fan back then.)

  31. Hammajamma says:


    My thoughts exactly. He was “Stabbed in the back,” took the money, then layed down. His MVP gets him in the ring, but with tepid applause.

  32. SandpointHawk says:

    How soon we forget Walter! Yes Walter, Hass and Kenny E.

  33. SandpointHawk says:

    How soon I forgot Tez, what a stud, kept me sane for years. How can I pick a favorite? How about I do my favorite player at each position ever?

  34. raymaines says:

    A guy that has a chance to be my next favorite Seahawk is Breno Giacomini. Quirky personality, funny, great interview. If he locks down the right tackle spot for the next ten years I’ll be his number 1 fan.

  35. My favorite Hawk was always Largent, but with his retarded politics and some other stuff, the luster wore off somewhat. Not that he wasnt a great guy, he was; Im just not sure I can claim he’s my all-time Fav Hawk.

    John L. Williams would be on my short-list, along with Bobby Engram…Easley and Jacob Green, its a long list and I dont think I can name a fav…

    I can tell you my least Favorite is Futch…

  36. Matt, ‘Tez, Walter, Largent, Mack Strong, and Bobby E are some of my favorites. But that’s the past.

    These days I am really growing to love Marshawn, Big Red, Kam, Earl, and Sherm. And that’s who is playing tomorrow night. So that’s what’s important.

  37. Glad to see someone mentioned Mr. Green. I’m also a Zorn fan…and of course Largent…politics has nothing to do with it, the man was awesome!

  38. Dave Brown has always been one of my favorites!!! First game I ever went to with my grandfather, may he rest in peace, Brown had a GREAT game – ever since then I always rooted for him!

  39. bbnate420 says:

    SA has to be in the Ring of Honor. Plenty has been said about his running style, repeated ad nauseum, but his numbers are undeniable. He was the MVP on a SB team!

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