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Wilson ready for CenturyLink debut; Hawks may have jumped the gun on Owens suiting up for training camp

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 9, 2012 at 2:03 pm with 49 Comments »
August 9, 2012 2:04 pm

The way Russell Wilson commands the huddle and his on-field presence are old hat now.

However, what’s been more noticeable the past few days in watching the rookie quarterback sling the ball around is how much more accurate he is, particularly on go routes and passes over the middle of the field.

Seahawks quarterbacks coach Carl Smith said that Wilson has improved on his pass protection calls and information that he provides in the huddle. But he also confirmed that Wilson has been more accurate throwing the ball down the field.

“He’s progressed on throws,” Smith said. “He’s better on up balls and seam balls than he was when he got here. He wasn’t on any one of those in spring ball. And he is now, and he hit them today. So I’m really happy with him.”

And we saw that today, with Wilson hitting Braylon Edwards in stride on a go route from Wilson.

“Overall, he’s progressed big time,” Smith said. “He’s taken big leaps, and it’s from his work ethic. He just stays on it and he loves it.”

Wilson said he’s ready to take the next step on Saturday against Tennessee.

“I’ve definitely really picked up my game a lot,” Wilson said. “I think I’ve improved every day – that’s my goal. Every time I wake up in the morning it’s just be great today.

“And I definitely think I’ve grown, and learned the system really well. I feel confident with the protections, calls and everything. And just throwing the ball to the receivers – that’s the thing that I’ve noticed – just making the connections to the receivers that much more because I’ve thrown a 1,000 more balls to those guys now.”

Owens update
Terrell Owens once again flashed in practice today, making a couple nice catches on throws from Wilson. The first was on a corner route while lining up in a slot. Wilson put the ball right on Owens, who was blanketed by Jeremy Lane.

Owens also made a nice grab on a fade ball for a touchdown against Marcus Trufant on another nice throw by Wilson.

“Terrell made a great catch,” Wilson said. “He came down with the football and that’s the main thing – touchdown.”

However, the team did confirmed today an earlier report that Owens did suit up in shoulder pads a day earlier than he was supposed to, according to the new collective bargaining agreement.

According to the CBA, players have a 3-day acclimation period during the preseason. Day 1 is for the physical and meetings. Day 2 and 3 the player may participate, but only in helmet and shells or a padded shirt. Day 4 and for the rest of camp is in full pads.

I’ve been told the league is looking into the matter.

Rice gets some team reps
Sidney Rice pleaded enough with head coach Pete Carroll so that he was allowed to get some team reps in 7-on-7 and team drills today. Rice still wore the a red jersey, which means he did not participate in any contact today.

But Rice ran some routes during team drills – even a wide receiver screen – and looked fast running after the catch. However, he did drop a pass over the middle of the defense.

Moffitt goes down
Seahawks offensive lineman John Moffitt suffered an apparent injury to his left arm in the early portion of practice during blocking drills. I did not see the injury occur, but Curtis Crabtree of KJR did, and apparently Moffitt was in some pain.

Deuce Lutui replaced Moffitt at right guard with the first unit offensive line.

Injury update
DL Alan Branch (leg), WR Doug Baldwin (hamstring), WR Ricardo Lockette (hamstring) and LB Matt McCoy (knee) did not practice. TE Cameron Morrah (uknown) and CB Brandon Browner (unknown) were new additions to the injured list. Phillips Adams ran at cornerback with the first unit with Browner out. LB Jameson Konz (shoulder) returned to practice, but on a limited basis. TE Kellen Winslow (knee) also returned to practice. TE Cooper Helfet switched from No. 43 to No. 84.

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  1. FleaFlicker says:

    Hope that Moffitt injury isn’t serious enough to impact his season. Speaking of the season….53 hours and counting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What I saw at the VMAC – 9 Aug, Tuesday

    Today’s practice was all about 3rd down. D started out with pass rush drills, O started with 7-on-7 pitch and catch. Then they practiced drives, all in 3rd down alignments. All four QBs got series, with Jackson and Portis getting less reps than Flynn and Wilson. Flynn looks in control and ready to start. Wilson likely got the most reps of all the QBs and he looked sharp too. One could easily think this QB competition is shaking out early, of course its Flynn and Wilson getting ready to play Saturday. Hot damn that’s going to be fun to watch.

    D was in nickel all practice long. 1st nickel D was Irvin-Jones-McDonald-Clemons on the line, Wright and Hill at LB, and joining the starting DBs were Roy Lewis as the 3rd S, Trufant as the 3rd CB. The 2nd team nickel D had Wagner and Toomer at LB with Law and Allen rushing from DE.

    Pass rush drills to start practice were focused on inside pass rush, with Jones, McDonald, Allen, and Howard all looking hard to handle. Bruce Irvin did not shine in these inside drills, getting locked up by the tackle or guard and unable to use the speed he uses from the edge.

    O line: I heard Moffitt went down injured but I didn’t see it. Deuce Lutui replaced him and worked at RG in place of Moffitt all practice and during pass rush drills. Lutui looks every bit a starting G, I never noticed him getting beat. The 2nd O line was Omiyale-Barbre-Jeanpierre-Sweezy-Barron. Sweezy was getting a lot of work, mostly at RG and some at LG also with the ST line. After practice, McQuistan and Sweezy stayed on the field as McQ was coaching Sweezy on techniques.

    The offense opened in a 2-TE package (Miller and KW2). TE Helfet got a lot of targets with the 2nd team. Robert Turbin was at RB and at H-Back in some alignments, and showed good hands and good quickness; he looks every bit a third down back. Washington also had his share of targets on passes out of the backfield.

    T.O. was mostly at split end this practice with the 2nd O from what I saw. He didn’t get many targets. Rice at flanker with 1st O, and got his share of targets. Baldwin on the sidelines. Tate and Edwards both worked at split end. Durham dropped the only pass I saw thrown to him, a deep ball, and I’m now concerned this kid hasn’t shown the hands he showed last year.

    Watching our DBs working against T.O., its easy to see another reason T.O. is here, and why Braylon Edwards is here. Even if T.O. can’t make the team (and I think he will) T.O. will be a huge contribution to practice. Think about what Browner and Sherman need to do in September, pressing Larry Fitzgerald, Randy Moss, Dez Bryant, Miles Austin, Jordy Nelson. etc. Who do they have to practice against in Seattle? Lockette, Durham, Tate, Rice wearing a red jersey. None of those guys have the physicality needed to give Sherm or BB a good workout on their press coverage. Going hard against T.O. will help get our CBs ready for Randy Moss.

    That’s all I got, amigos.

  3. umm, or maybe its 9 Aug, Thursday.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    Thanks Stevo. TO over at X today… he is versatile.

    Here’s hoping Moffitt’s injury isn’t serious.

  5. hawkfan777 says:

    Nice job Stevos!

  6. chrisj122 says:

    The last thing we need is another season of revolving O.L. guys due to injury after injury. I know injuries are part of the game, but come on can’t we catch a break.

  7. Seahawks2620 says:

    There is way to much speculation in regards to Rice. Let’s just see how it plays out. I genuinely think that T.O. Has zero effect on whether Rice is going to be ready or not. As Duke alluded to, Terrell whether anyone likes it or not, is one of the best receivers ever. He will be just fine flip flopping between end and X. I know everyone is excited as hell, which is why we are deciphering every single thing that can be potentially broken down. Haha

    Football is almost here! Let’s just wait and see how the first game, albeit a pre season game, plays out. I don’t think pre season games have mattered this much around here in a longggg time. Only a couPle of days folks! Bring on the titans!

  8. HonHawksLSB says:

    If you really want to get excited listen to the Matt Flynn interview replay coming up in the next few minutes on Sirius/XM NFL Radio. Dude is the real deal and he is going to light it up on Saturday. I now truly believe Aaron Rodgers’s statement that Flynn is a top 15 QB is 100% accurate. On the low end that puts him around the Matt Schaub range which I will take all day everyday!

  9. Wondering what effect the practicing TO with pads on are going to have with this team? I am sure the NFL will have something to say after their investigation. I am sure TO wanted to practice with pads, so why would they hold the Seahawks responsible??? This is CRAZY in my opinion!

  10. chrisj122 says:

    If the Seahawks broke any rules of the new CBA they are totally responsible. Just like any employer, if they sign a contract it is their responsibility to make sure their employees follow what was agreed to. Regardless of how minor or silly the rule is.

    It has to be this way or employers can put presure on employees to go against rules that were agreed to in a contract. Then employers could just use the arguement that it was the employees choice to break any rules that were agreed upon.

    When small changes are made in new contracts these type of things will happen until everyone on both sides get adjusted to the new changes.

  11. Flynncredible, T.O. annoys the hell out of me and it pains me to have to root for him, but I will, you got Flynn slingin’ the ball around to Rice, Edwards, Winslow, Baldwin, Tate, Miller, and Washington(hopefully). Even with all the question marks, I’m pretty damn excited. Plus our D, I got a special feeling about this season. Hawks for life.

  12. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thanks Stevos. How did Sweezy look to you? And did you get a chance to see how Bates did?

  13. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Oh I can’t wait for Sept 16th. After getting smacked around by Dallas the last two times I am soooo ready for this one!

  14. CALLED IT ( on the TO practicing early) !!! This is 2 CBA violations – I guess we are going to lead the league in Penalties again! No wonder the players get a bunch of Penalties so do the coaches!!

  15. 2620 – you’re absolutely right about too much speculation. Me included, I’m sure. But don’t expect us to stop. Its preseason, baby! We are undefeated!!

    Georgia, all I can really say about Sweezy is they are giving the kid plenty of snaps and he looks like he’s working hard out there. Seeing him working after practice with McQuistan was good to see too.

  16. bird_spit says:

    The TO too early in pads is just another case of the man holding the man down…union contracts suck until they don’t. I hope the league has some leniency.

  17. Last time they were docked practice time – at this point in time that would make me MAD – The offense needs all the reps they can get!

  18. Watching the GB vs SD game in 3D! Kinda interesting!!

  19. GB turning the ball over twice already! also got a ILB hauled off the field. That is what you hate about pre-season!

  20. RDPoulsbo says:

    You’re right about the overanalizing everything. At this point, it’s all we really have until Saturday when it will increase exponentially, then exponentially again after the 2nd preseason game before things start to really solidify before the 3rd. It really feels like football is here!

  21. I’m with you Georgia, Browner smashin’ Dez Bryant, Sherman bangin’ on whoever their 3rd guy is because you know Miles Austin will be out (kinda our version of Rice), Hill and Chancalor poundin’ Murray for losses, and Clemons and Irving giving Romo PTSD. You know that mother F er will set an NFL record for picks. It will be a beautiful thing. Dude that stadium is going to be shacking like a mother, uh, I can’t wait.

  22. Seahawks2620 says:

    I would never expect for it to stop. Haha everyone is too jacked for that. There are many things that everyone can look forward to seeing this year. It hasn’t been like that in a while. We actually have a few corps’ on this team that are established. Can’t wait guys. My top three things or people to watch in game number would have to be:

    1. Flynn (that’s obvious as can be)

    2. Tate – From all that I have gathered thus far, he isn’t about the occasional “wow factor” play any longer. He has an entirely different demeanor about him, and I am very excited to see how it translates to live action.

    3. Irvin- A tough call between Irvin and the offensive line for me, but I was unable to attend any practices due to being stationed in Dover. Needless to say, I am pretty ecstatic about finally being able to witness the speed that everyone continues to rave about.

  23. Flynn to Tate!
    Flynn to Rice!
    bobbyk to New Orleans.

  24. TomlPDX says:

    Stevos, thanks for the report! Wish I could go to a practice.

    Chris, we need OLine depth…I think we got it. Injuries will happen and we are now prepared for them. I hope Deuce wins the position! :)

    I like the thought that TO brings good practice for our cover guys…didn’t think about.

    I’m a TO non-fan…but if he has really found the humble hat and is here to make things right then I’m glad he’s here. If not…Adios TO!

  25. Seahawks2620 says:

    Does anyone have a link to a podcast of flynns interview earlier today?

  26. BobbyK, you got traded to new orleans? I didn’t even know fans could get traded…

  27. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thanks Stevos. Wish I could be there.

    TruBlu-Can’t wait to see Romo go against the best secondary in the NFL, with the 12th man behind them. It’s going to be sweet.

    BTW- I am so exited to see this upcoming Seahawks game, for many reasons.
    1st to see Flynn and Wilson, 2nd to see Irvin and our d-line, 3rd to see the rest of our rookies.
    Also to see Hasselbeck, Hutch, Locker, and Babineaux, who had one of the greatest Seahawk plays of all time against one of the most overrated qbs of all time.

  28. TomlPDX says:

    When I saw Flynn against NE so many years ago I thought…we need this dude. I was so jacked when we signed him. I personally think he has IT…time will tell of course but he sees the field and knows how to play it. And to hear about RW’s work ethic and constant study tells me that he will be a force to be reckoned with.

    Looking pretty good, fellow Seahawk diehards!!! We are going to be a team to be respected! (sorry for all the exclamation points, happy hour ya know!)

  29. TomlPDX says:

    Georgia, I feel the same.

    Is this game televised? I hope I can watch it.

  30. GeorgiaHawk says:


  31. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I’m thinking about driving to Tennessee to watch this game. About a 90 minute drive.
    I have to make some calls first and see if the Chattanooga area will be televising it live.

  32. Carrol tv posted a new video with their new teammate.


  33. GeorgiaHawk says:

    TremR- That was funny stuff. I don’t think T.O. will be getting his #81 though.
    It makes me feel proud for this young team that players like Tate, Browner, and Baldwin won’t back down for T.O.

    The machine is bigger than it’s parts.

  34. pabuwal says:

    Georgia – the game will be on NFL Network Live at 10 PM ET. If you don’t have NFLN but have $20, will be streaming every preseason game live. I might shell out the $20 even though I have NFLN because games 2-4 will be delayed by several days which will be too long to wait.

  35. bird_spit says:

    That video was good.. Back not to long ago, TO could have dropped 81k for 81. Seems like a good price. Hope that’s not a peek at the future..

  36. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thanks pabs.

  37. seahawk44 says:

    Where is Michael Robinson? Nobody ever reports on him. Is he playing?

  38. jawpeace says:

    Another asinine rule in the CBA. The whole purpose is to protect the player. One do shells or full pads protect the player better? I think the answer is obvious. Two leave it up to the player to decide if he wants to go shells as he gets back on the field or if he feels ready for pads. It is not that hard.
    It seems the last CBA contract was written in a hurry and has a lot of idiotic things the union wrote for the players. Are actually things a lot of players don’t like. If the Hawks get some penalty, I will be TO. And that is TICKED OFF, not TO the player.

  39. Last I looked, the Super Bowl is played in New Orleans this year.

  40. Dayum they got Tate pretty good with that one. I can just imagine him nervously laughing while squirming in his seat thinking he may have to give it up after all.

  41. OC, he wanted a team full of dirtbags so he had to show them how to be one first. Well, at least he has one giant dirtbag on his team. I hope he’s happy.

  42. question for Eric –

    (or anyone else who has been to lots of training camps)

    Isn’t it unusual to have practices in shorts with minimal contact all the way up to the first preseason game? I thought we always had some full contact practices in full pads before the first preseason game?

  43. jzulaski says:

    “I got a feelin'” (sung to the tune of the same name from The Black Eyed Peas:

    I got a 2005 kind of feeling. Back in 2005, early on, for some reason that season just felt different. Even when we got off to a slow start. And as the season wore on, that feeling got stronger and stronger. It felt like I KNEW we couldn’t lose.

    I KNEW during the game against the Eagles that we were going to kick butt even when all the sport pundits talking before the game said we were going to get our asses handed to us.

    I KNEW during the Giants game that we were going to win (little did I know that my heart would be in my throat by the end of that game). ;-)

    Pete and John have put together a many-headed monster of a team this year and, it looks to me like they’re coming together as a real TEAM. I think that that is what gives me that feeling.

    I know it is way too early to get this excited about our chances but, I can’t help it.

    GO HAWKS! Let’s get this season started (sung to the tune of the song “Let’s get this party Started” from PINK):


  44. jzulaski, I’ve got that feeling too. This team, on paper at least, appears to have fewer weaknesses than the ’05 team (though the OL doesn’t have two future HOFers and the QB isn’t a Pro Bowler). I believe this team is going to be in the playoffs, barring injuries. I think if Irvin, Clemons and Jones can mount a consistent pass rush, the defense could be Top Five. If that happens and we get decent quarterbacking from Flynn and great running from Marshawn, then we might be dreaming of the Super Bowl very soon. Wait a minute — you and BobbyK are already dreaming.’s Bucky Brooks said that the Seahawks’ might have the very best secondary in the NFL. What’s amazing is that the secondary was assembled in the last two years, with two fifth round picks and a former CFLer, as well as Earl.

  45. Stevos: The new CBA limits how much contact players can have during training camp. That’s the reason we’re not seeing regular two-a-day practices, and limited hitting during practice. Some of the old Seattle players I’ve talked to are concerned that the players will not be in “hitting shape” when the regular season begins because they have hit so little during camp. Something to watch for when the season starts.

  46. jchawks08 says:

    Funny to me that Pete continues to push the limits of the rules. Guess he doesn’t have to worry about losing scholarships or bowl games in the NFL, but still. Rack enough of these infractions up and there could be draft picks taken away. Toe the line, Petey!
    That being said, do whatever you need to do to win games. If you ain’t cheatin’ you ain’t tryin’. Within reason of course.

  47. Thanks Eric.

    I for one am concerned they’ll be hitting opponents Saturday night after so little contact with each other. Put on some football pants and pads on these guys and get them ready to hit!

  48. psoundpowerhouse says:

    I hope this years defense plays better than the 2005 defense!

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